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The. god put your greatest miracle and your greatest mess, the you gotta sweat in the dry place. The lord told me to tell you your god. As far as you could go, the guy said I want you to sweat. Equity bureau sweat the water to put your back into it. The arab, who is the king of israel has not wholly followed the lord.
He's been better than his father. Ahab he's torn down the the the splashes to bail and he's torn down the high places, but he has not wholly followed the lord. We also feel that the king of Judah. We would also bad because Gerasa fred had the hooker. has already had a relationship with Jobs are private. Wait till I got a trouble to call long. Johannsen had an alarming always like John. Has a fat knew. What a true word for god would jostle friend had been a prey and made his way. Please allow it hooked up with somebody who had favor. He knows that he cannot go gets a K. A boy by himself gives the king of eager these three change strategy as to how they can be the king, a boy by themselves.
But as a team, they, the freedom,
the lord told me to tell you you've gone as far as you can go by yourself. Laughing come on the you've gone as far as you can go by yourself. God is going to put you in a circle. That's going to stretch. You may not be people who always agree with you, but god is going to use them to catapult you into the next dimension. These three groups of people weren't even the same of people but god's going to bring you to a place where somebody's going to put their heads what he prophesied was going to happen in your life, somebody to open up a door. The lord said, if you don't explain your relationship, you're, going to get defeated, worthy promise, you a bitter adult, know who I'm talking to, but I know I'm talking to somebody. Let me apologize to all the people. This message don't fit, because this is a prophetic word for somebody who's trying to think like a key and not like a pauper. If I'm talking to you, I want you to open. Your mouth makes a noise at the bad intel about building the more expensive the building for approval are not building for you to like me, are not building, so you know ahead of me, build it for expansion. I know you do understand that, because you feel the depression but are building for expressive, and you know what forgetting those things which are retriggered oakley, which are before I press toward the mark of the other call it abroad a crazy. I don't even call what I used to call a problem is not a problem. What was the problem has become a normal, because I have learned how to spread the way over a pay raise, even though I'm afraid I knew I'd. Rather, let you in and get the victory then play by myself be defeated. Hillary palpable somebody to who am I talking to place the.
Drew Horum retreating over Israel. horum, has decided we're gonna go by the way the wilderness. I read through the wilderness, as is the more the more bites are gonna kill us. You know you always got that freedom. I feel sorry for you.
you ain't, gonna make it out of this. You should stay where you are you it or play where it will say. You always got that three in that same ballot, to buy a soda for those trying to get you to come down off the wall. You're not supposed to be up there. You can't do that. You can't have this, you can't have the other. I remember when I first moved to Dallas. We will look at a house in a particular neighborhood and a friend of mine, told me said: oh uk buy in that neighborhood. They don't allow us in that neighborhood. I said they may not. Allow us, but they go. Allow me about is how the slap somebody will be the first one, the break a rule breaking through a wall break through a barrier to be the first one peter go. What my grandma did go, what my momma did go, what my sister did go, what my go to another method first have to learn how to dress, to learn how to walk, may not know who to call who is alive. I dunno who allowed you to meet him today that he cannot preach this out here in the wilderness and places blah any time. God is going to get ready to really see what the problem is. You have to go through a dry place. If there's anybody here, who has been a dry place is because you getting close to the promised land when the children of Israel were going to the promised land, they had to go to a place dry places aside, that you're getting close to the milk and honey when you're, tired and your weary frustrated- and you have what you want, and you know what city is because God's gonna fill the world, it is God's got you in the wilderness. You are closer to the promised land. Then you have a beer before so, while draw with his carnal self, was trying to tell him that they were going to be defeated by the more bites. Johansson Pratt said. Is there a prophet in Israel? This is why you gotta have a great man of god. I gotta have a great man, a woman, a god. I have no deadbeat man or woman or god, because when I need a word for god, I need a word from god. I'd need a god need a word from god on Sunday. That gets me ready for Monday. I need a word for god. That makes me drop. My notepad and then praise god I need a word from God- shows me which go. I need to walk the call. Imagine a ladder came out the door and found your hormone levels went back here.
Is it because. I will deal with you. I will deal with you. you been serbian veil Your mama sir battle, That is real. you led rebound around. I would leave a deal with you. You got your hearts are fed with.
The hostile crowd had the favor of god. Let me tell you: what's going to get you at the table, they may have the money they may have the land. They may have the title, but you've got the favor of god, the favor of god. You got a favourite god. You got the favor of god, you got the favor of god, you got the favor of god, stop feeling sorry for yourself pitiful. You got the for god. You might not know mama, but you got the favor of god. You might not had no panic, but you got the favor of god. You might not agree, but you got the flavor of god. You might not own a pause, but you got the favor of god. The holy ghost make some noise up at the last spot job, but I didn't need my paper. I lost my car, but I didn't lose my favor, I may have lost my husband, but I still got the favor of god, new york by johansson. That makes up the never have. We need your support more vitally than we do right now, because we are on the move. For god, and if you have not been on the move forgot, I want to challenge you to get busy and get on the move. Doing what god created you to do whatever feel urea god planet you there for a reason to be the salt they're. All ministry is not about pulpits all ministries, not about singing in the choir all ministries, not about clap your hands. Third, whatever you're doing to help live change for the bus sprint, the people you are in the ministry, everybody who's got a ministry stand about your free.
The article everybody yeah, we are labourers together with god in Christ, Jesus. How many of you are believing god to bless your ministry, whatever it is it restoring hair is putting on makeup is still a ministry. The people who operate business out of the emotions would never be successful, so Weary of well maybe that's about emotional, maybe this tired, so, maybe let me go in another way. it is about a feeling like a motion and is brought about by exhaustion. That means I'm not doing it right at me that too much weight on me. I need to divide the responsibility. I found out that too much stress that mean that should go forward it just me
more structure. so because that this, stage, has been built to hold a certain amount away now We actually can drive a car out of this stage, but we got a more structured. So if, if it does starts bidding it doesn't mean that it will hold the car. It means that we have to put more structure up under it. Always gonna cries if your weary in well doing, you may need more structure the thing I'll give you one more dip. the only way to its ban. How much pain you can take is to be exposed to. Sometimes we get weary because we're not used to where we are at our ability to have longevity has to Spain. no
have. I ever walked away from some, because I was tired. Do you know about what my love I bid you be so tired will cross. but when the bell rings at this model, when the bell rings come I'll swing as The moment they say it here. He is, welcome to the tv jake show up so glad miss. go right in what you do, which is discipline, overfished, Ok, and you don't want your feelings. Everybody has feelings. Have deep feelings I don't want them driving. opera. The minstrels. Play music market
Play music or whoever player pipe is abusing yes, yes, yes, yes, when I see the play music, I was civil Juba. First, because what you crazy
extremists, it provokes a prophetic utterance, but then the flow with the room and even though Elijah was a prophet- he still beat it at anointed minstrel, because when the minstrel is anointed, it releases so word of god to flow. It's like water break it in the womb of a woman. A god opens up with a word that you couldn't get before, because my water just broke snaps about a ton of the water just broke the watch. This watch this watch this when he says that this is important. This is the most important part of the text are just now a point.
The more you big teachers in your browser Nah disabled tat, big I've already firstly about. I dry I've already You won't me it. Why don't you, Just
why don't you just open up the ditch? Why do you want me to dig? God said I want you to have sweat equity because they're, beautiful sweat, you won't take care of this. I want you to put your back into it. I want you to put your sweat into it. I want you to experience an effort in the world. I want to see callous adult you're, pretty good at what you're having a best friend, so that you won't let the devil type. Your no way prove you wanted to cost you something. I'm not santa claus coming down the chimney. Give you something that you don't have to sweat. Equity day he had taken out, get out, get out, get out, get out, get out. Take it out they get out, get out, get out get out my question. My problem was.
When you study about the valley was actually a drive river basin. It's water used to be the. And I say more Well, what used to be, why did you Just restore it to what it used to be, he said tell my people, I am not going to restore because of restore I'll just bring you back to where you was so. I want you to be a glitch in the ballot, because what I got for you is more than what you ever had before at what you do. It's bad. Your capacity
What I'm saying, watches can or cannot over whether preacher, teach or holler oscar I stand by my here by god. But why you would lay on the floor got was expressing your capacity While you was walking boudoirs, god was expressing your capacity. What god was given you. No, it's a new places, gobbles expanding your capacity. Expressing your relationships. spare your capacity, you you go problem murmured exhausted, but what use
Exhaust don't exhaust your board because your capacity has hurled to another dimension apple deeper than that. What used to direct me toward middelburg? If you won't use that moment, you will have to use something better than what you're used to use, because what used to sit me home crying to send me home cry. They're, a boy who about preacher to this place, expand your capacity. If I had, the teacher teach you that god always responds to our capacity. that's what it means when he says that under the third reich, Shelby feel he said. What brings you to the level of your capacity if you're not a hungry for much. I will give you much that's what What is a man about from habit the bible set according to their hunger gods, the man he don't want you to wasted. He wants you to have the capacity to receive The next level that's why you are not be jealous when I
well blows and you get five loaves, because god gave you what you could handle. talking about hungry people. This whole thing started, we ve got really capacity with god form Adam, The first of the earth he created capacity he created, with laws so that what are you a blow at him? He would have some people got field.
capacity with the woman was about to die. The bible essentially told her the ball vessels, and as long as there was capacity, the oil flowed when they ran out of capacity to all stop flawed. When god made the tabernacle, he filled it with furniture where he made the holy of holies. He filled it with chlorine. When he made the day of pentecost, he filled it with the holy ghosts. Wherever there is capacity, god will feel- and I just want to know- is there any capacity up in this place? Is there any capacity in this place? Does anybody have any room left? I know you'll bless, but if you've got the capacity to go to the next level, lip your hands and open your mouth at a hallmark holiday in your living room, your house to picture the if you've got capacity, get away from the pope, but don't have capacity, cause I'll, try to drag you down to their level and make you satisfied with what they're satisfied with you've got to go up a little higher and find somebody who's got capacity on your level who understands your appetite, who under spiritual, drive the spanish off hunger, because what you get around somebody who's got your capacity or a bar. They can offer you something that other people can offer you. You have been running around with people that split braided you because they didn't have low capacity. All they could do was power from you, but you need to get in a bigger room so that you could go to some place that they preach. They fill you up with a peach state college student. Overflow. Look desperately for somebody that that capacity to go to the next level, because the lord told me that he's getting ready to expand somebody can you handle it the type of lad I can handle later shot out. My packet handler shot out about britain, the pocket I could handle it up at a holla. I couldn't handle it ready to go, pull out ready to receive it ready for it to happen. God said: take it you're probably expand the capacity but cut up not going to an encore to an old miracle
the river what it used to, because it only delicate it used to be it could draw a puglia. God said big picture in your growler or object regular good. Now, when the glittered brightly. I thought, maybe god would let it rain and printed up, but there he says this will not be natural This will be supernatural. Watch. This watch this watch this. We know. The proper said there will be no win. There were people.
you will see a common europe. Why why coms start again we know when there will be no rain you're just going to look up and water is going to start filling up the more you pick, the more I'm going to feel the more you open up the ball and going to feel. I feel a prosthetic utterance come into this place. Maybe it's one lad. Maybe it's in another country, maybe it's at another city who are preaching to pursue a holiday trip on the main I'm going to in a dry place? Want me Sweat rob place you,
what in the right place without would sweat. Because you wish for conquers, you think you deserve it, and I will come because you think it's supposed to happen is not even Cobb, because you got a better word god, Watch your mouth breeze watch your shovel. But trot back into it,
well, this is going to be bigger than you thought. It was going to go deeper than you have appeared before this river has never been the street you're going to do ground you're going to new territory. I created a river, but you won't have to dig a ditch, because what god is getting ready to kill has never been done before. You won't have to dig ditches in my river bed because god said there will be no. When that will be the rain. There were people, sad you're, just got to look up, there's got to be water everywhere: primo water, water, everywhere water, everywhere, water about christmas, water, beverage, waterway filled with water fed. A lot of you have lotto draw you get to praise him like you, love the water. That's about to break loose in my life. All go. Have a lot later awarded all doors, don't have those but all doors, dual axis, something that you were locked out. Probably poor, revelation to your resolutions in twenty twenty three. Will you give them any more experience, god in a new way, with audio a bishop t D, jakes, powerful message, a dual of expansion, and I want you to be careful. The door is always the door, it might be a poster, it might be the job it might be an opportunity, because when Jesus says I am the door gives me the word. Roy and all the playful access to the next dimension plus get a new word from god. Every month of the year, with a twenty twenty three surrounded by favorite calendar, the point of about the guide guides your path to doing, embrace the opportunity to step through each call or click. Today,.
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