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Delayed Gratification

2022-04-17 | 🔗
Delayed Gratification is when you acknowledge the value in something and act patiently to receive it. If you wait on God, He will elevate you! To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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The. Jesus knew that the road to success was struggle at all. The way up was tat patients huh strategy, because gratification, Jesus excepted process and he knew tat the pain in his life right now. It not only gave us that
on his life and his life. Peter was only tough when Jesus was looking theatre, painter whose status is only a result of his relationship with Jesus is now warming himself by the fire of who looks like the winter. Some of you, soul. Jesus got what you wanted, but you don't want what you got. The faith is not the victory of faith is proven. There are some things that god takes you through that you have to face. It alone delayed gratification, the fries that the disciples
to see him loose. all over the world. at twelve lol. They brought him into the temple and he was up against the doctors and the scholars he was. He outsmarted all of them at twelve. Why they ever did was when, when his mother told him they ran out aloud. He took one turned it into why the wine could not resist the word for the world, It said turn the wind and the water old bay. All they had ever seen him do. I swear. but this was. He was. It was not unusual to see him go part to pray you after one, apart to pray, even after
the five thousand he went into the mountains to pray, having came back walking on the water, and it was fine and it was good, but this was different. This was a different kind of prey. This was a stressful agonizing tormenting this one a prayer that maybe one company. Because when you delay, gratification and your suffering. You want friends if miss. Three enjoy company. But there are some places it god is taking you that you can take the only body with. no matter how much they love you no matter how much they like. There are some things that god take you through that you have to face it alone. You're, afraid of them all at whether the labour room with my wife and I was in the room with her but when they say posts they weren't talking to me.
when they put ourselves as a bit of a pc out of me, I didn't believe that. Truth of the matter is, I told everybody we were having a baby. But when I saw them, do what they do as it now. We have no baby. you baby bravely. Because some things nobody can do for you Peter James John, have gone into the garden of yosemite the place oppressing the place where all The olive trees were kept. The place only where you could get the oil was to crush the olive. It is ironic that Jesus comes into a crush place. Getting ready to be transferred from one element into another. Crushing is always standing in the way.
I wish I had some crush people in here,
I wish, I had a few people who have gone through some crushing times. I was as people who had lost a friend or lost a house or lost a spouse or went through something that crush you and you didn't know whether you could take it or you didn't know whether you could make it and you wondered where was god in the middle of your situation? I get tired of people always act like you're on top about it. Every now, and then I got orders of value your life, where god orders the value of your life. You've got to be prepared to walk through the valley of the shadow a bit and know that I'm going to walk through it, I'm not going to stay in it, but I gotta walk through it, because the ballet comes to teach me. God teaches at the shadows: god teaches that the darkness god speaks of the night with God said: let there be light. He said it in the dark. Some of the greatest words you will ever get from god will not come from your successes. They will come from your failures in the darkest moments of your life. That's where the faith stands up, a dog that I don't need, faith for victory and the faith. What I had to move to, where.
Sleep peter. He said you shut up and pray. Let's see temptation the temptation to fluctuate the temptation to be unstable. The temptation to basle ii is broken back player, but Pray, they were sleeping and the more you sleep, the less you pray because you are like me and valor. You should have been praying to enter into to taste. The temptation is to offer a quick solution to a long process.
The temptation is the short cut, the strategy. The task is to look for an easy way out. Peter was sleep so when Jesus comes out. From the garden I guess submitted as soon as he walks out of god and the guy get. Seventy is not a big places about biggest effort this days, maybe a little More with olive trees all over the place, Jesus it's been back in the inner sanctum of the guard biggest seventy way past, where he is People were you can't be a leader if you can't go past people. Jesus walks out of the garden
lives imputed. James John, come out phrase poor and as soon as they come out of a guy. Here comes a really. A marvellous covered, whereas nice bob has come Can you, the other terror with people, Not only assembled a mob with weapons ladders Calling your name Jesus and then then then then Jesus does something. That's utterly amazing is not mentioned a matter. so that is mentioned in the gospel of Saint John. He said I speak Emily,
they all rail backward. big he had they all fell back was he's letting us know that he did not succumb to the power of the mob. He submitted to the prayer of with the fog. This is accurate and handle the whole bob Swallow you up knock you off your feet, bury you in earth trout join us, Weren't you couldn't catch rep. Allow myself to be shackled because stronger than me, I've been shackled because I'm strong whether shackled. Abstract with no strong with no threads, Strong would roll of strong
no mother, strong, with no covered a strong. If you, let me have strong give this day of straw. The cuss me out, I'm strong. If you allow me, I'm strong, if you spit in my face, that's free and he they all prayer backwards and all have pray and have sleeping peter.
Reached in and got his sword and cut off K, office, nephews servants here watch this he cut off his ear of all things to cut off. He cut off his ear and Jesus stoops down and puts it back on again, because how can he ever get back?
Or if he can't hear the other wants to cut off your ear, he'll do anything to keep you from hearing what thus saith the lord. You didn't hear what I'm saying you don't hear, what I'm saying they enemies after your ear. That's, why he's a crazy girlfriend to cut off your ear? Her advice is cutting off your ear. Your associations are cutting off your ear. Your so called friends are cutting off your ear. Anything that stops you from being able to hear is cutting off your ear, but Jesus stooped down and put it back on again Thank you at the hearing,
by the word of love. I interrupt this broadcasts for just a moment to challenge you to tell you that these have been the most challenging time for the body of crises that we have seen in my life tat these very important now, more than ever that the voice of the lord be carried through the word of god. I need your help, your support. I need you to so, not just what I need you to plant. Not just look. I need you to engage us so that we can stand in the gap and make up the hand and do what is unique to our ministry, the things that only we can do, but we cannot do them without you, so be it parliament will be joining in with me. It's so onto this medicine is good ground. It is ground that has been well tested out administering for forty five years. If you ve got good seed, I've got good ground and we can have a good harvest at the world leads us right now like it is
everything before so. I want you to stop watching and start soy and watch. Your life is planned to the kingdom of god Jesus said unto her. I am the resurrection and the life he that believeth in me, though, he were dead yet shall he live. Celebrate with us the resurrection of our lord in savior Jesus Christ of albanos elsewhere, we are grids, was Jesus, joy of excited and delighted to have this opportunity to share with you seasons greetings as we celebrate the death, the bear and the reservation about Lord Jesus Christ. Now more than ever, the potter touch proudly wants to reach out to you and say resurrect.
We ve heard of deaths, we raised burials deaths of dreams and passively goes to this. Is the seas do like the lilies and rough seas Stated so get you. What I'm trying to teach in the text? I say this about gloves. I didn't recognize Jesus. Move? He had always been a winner. and you can always eurobonds. Little follow you when you went in. nice lose where, where where's thomas. When I go. Why you sit over there would.
Julius you count moment where to go over. The disciples didn't know is what I'm trying to teach it s, a great wins. You can do great loss. This is where we come temper ass. The tax Jesus knew tat. The only way up was tat. Jesus move that the road to success was struggle. Jesus knew that there was no way to get the oil out of all of us to crush it. Jesus accepted the process and he knew tat. The pain in his
life right now did not gain the promise that was on his life. In fact,. this. She aided the promise that was in his like. There was no way for him to be lord of all above the earth under the earth and in the earth without going to all three dimensions: I so he rebuked peter from trying to save them just as much as he rebuked peter for cutting off the man's ear and Ben Peter denied him and here's the kicker Jesus still kept fooling with Peter
Not if you have got in the way about this, and if you had denied me and made friends with my enemies and denied me three times seem like to me, that would be a sign of bee. You you and me we finish. When you see me who goes way that way, we questions, so we got under way. I nodded each other stay out of my face. Jesus invites peter. To preach the inaugural address, A day This is for every man, woman, boy and girl who's ever
a mobile Judas alone, thomas a low peter and then tat does. God is through with you. That does not mean the god is through with you, The reason they did all of that is for the first time, following Jesus. They had to learn, delayed gratification. The woman with initial blood was healed immediately. The man, with the withered hand, was healed immediately, the man who was sick, compulsory, was healed immediately you pay such a case where they were he'll immediately. As this was raised from the dead immediately the war
There was turned to wide immediately. This is the first time that they saw Jesus in shackle do you know what it would feel like to see your leader, your father in chains paid. Did not understand, delayed gratification. They did not understand that the rust bucket got the house They did not understand The saving open up the door and we don't seem to understand that the best promises often come out of the longest delays.
And the reason, the reason I'm fleeting this message is that the lord told me to tell you you ve, been delayed. but not the more told me to tell you. I don't know what it's what he's talking about, but you know what he's talking about told me to tell you
still gone to the god, told me to tell you the spree and not laughing god, told me to tell you that he has not forgotten what he'd promise you and, even though it looks like everything is going contradictory to what he showed you, god said it's just delayed gratification and he told me to tell you that after you suffer a while, he established to make you perfect, and he told me to tell you that nothing that you suffered will be great anything that he promise you that he's still going to bring it to prayers. It may not look like it all week long. It may not look at while you're hanging from the walls. It may not look like it while they laugh, you will be great, but early sunday morning, god said I will not lie to you. When I get ready to snatch you up, I'm going to snatch you up so fast. It's going to blow your mind. I just want to know who I'm talking to. I want to know who this word is all I want to find somebody who's been on. The whole a long time and you've been waiting a long time and you've been delayed alone time. You wonder, had god forgotten you and you wonder what god will remember you and you thought, maybe god changed his mind. The lord sent me to preach this message to let you know I didn't change my mind is just a ratification. God said after you've suffered a while, I'm going to raise you up at establishing, I don't care how many stones they roll in front of you. When I get ready to get you up I'll, raise you burma power, our race obama goes, you don't have to play a trick. You don't have to do a scheme. You have to play a game godsend. When I get ready to raise you, you don't have to flirt with the soldiers. You don't have to make a deal with rome. When I get ready to raise you I'll, raise you up I'll, raise you baba power, outrage obama, go read I'll, raise you batman strip, because what I have spoken I have spoken and what I have said. I have said- and I swear- I swear- god set us where god said I swear to god. I swear, I swear, I'm go to blush, I swear, I'm gonna, give it thirty seconds of the I swear. I swear. I swear. I swear, I swear I'm going to bless. It might look bad right now, but god bless this world is for you. If you've been going through the pain you will do, it is that night. You've cried for the bulbous front like give it up got fit. I swear I'm going to bring you out. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life when they put you in jail, goodness and mercy with jail with you? Would they will beat your back? The birthday was there with you when they put you in the grave goodness and mercy? Was there with you that god said I always assign to angels goodness to the world you're right that the left side and the lord be with you. I got you. I got you covered when it's all over I'm going to bring you out without bringing you out, you're better, be more grateful because you suffered void, crack toy that you waited on it, you're not going to be like the other people who got ever get upset. When I bring you out you're going to give me the parade, the parade cause you're going to do if it had not been for the lord, that was on the bus that would have been swallowed up, but thanks be to god who gave me the victory. I wonder if I could people have this rule, one hundred people on the internet that what you got you know, god gave it to the girl that got open. You know, god opened it for you. I want you to testify that god will keep his word above. You worry about abusive relationships. Have you had to flee for your life? Some of you have been beat of your period. Shale celebrated review at last, the last guy, but god do it. He brought you up the hill from Heaven and walk in triumph for your gift of any amount, you'll receive them, listen to the blank teaching and companion devotional booklet, the gifted ninety dollars or more discovery. You are in Christ, with three methods: series reason with Christ and t d jakes revealing book from the cross to pentecost, along with it, listen to the teaching and emotional for you get to one hundred and twenty five dollars more you'll receive the favourite by god, prayer, packs and cards, as well as special anointing oil from Israel. In addition to everything else, you see here the call or click to reserve your bundle today.
Where should the spirit of generosity? There was never a bad time to be good. The executive producer of t d jakes, the only street corner. Don't love him love what he can catch. Eric Benet is the life that you deserve ray mccoy, the food always taste. The bad company corrupts good character. The premiere Saturday April, twenty third eight on lifetime,
It is at the end of an era after more than two decades woman that are loose will take its final curtain. Call in atlanta, georgia rally your assistance, your aunt, your mother's join us for the homecoming celebration of a lifetime, whether you knew the woman, the moose or you've been with us since the very beginning. This is a historic combination of sisterhood september, twenty second, through the twenty fourth in atlanta ga register. Today, at w tl dot, org. Here's today's take away the priest delayed breadfruit. Sometimes you have to wrestle fort sumter. The way forward, every one of you who have lost something. Sometimes you have to lose to win. Let's take away the message
Jesus was bad, losing he could whipped up of soldiers. He became a baby, process and ultimately, he rose from the table. and so will you.
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the part of the. The.
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