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Eagles Make Love in the Air

2018-01-07 | 🔗
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You'll, find that you are much broader, that you're much deeper, that you have more going for you than you think it's a wonderful opportunity to be able to speak to like minded leaders who are all attempting to do the right thing and do and do it well, so we can go to our congregation and be full so that we can give them more make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen. coming
on the pattern tat. This is what people who are ready to mount down, not thou, not thou, not that we like eagles. He looked at you in search of a widely why you said: you'd love. What what do you want to? Do? You haven't readings in the name of Jesus Christ, arching up so happy about the. Do you excited about gods, grace or we're alive? I'm ready to take twenty eight people on how about you.
one of the ways that we can take. Twenty eight team in one I've been taking my church and the country under see the world through a deeper understanding of bringing god into your life, your vision in your business and allow him to be a part of your affairs and allow him to take you out of there a box into your purpose of destiny. This series is powerful, its life changing the messages. eagles make love in the air it. We gotta be a powerful metaphor to help. You understand the level well, the height that you need to bring your vision and bring your life this year to experience God has for you so that you can sore in every area of your life. Let's go to the word up as a afforded twenty eight to thirty one in here. What the spirit of the lord saying to the church, encampments, alabaster sky,
with glazing cloud, suspended nothing but air itself. legal sore in blustering win to heights beyond human gaze, to explore the intimacy of covenant, relationship. There was bolstering whims all around them. They go into it Those doves soar Two talent connected hold each other in the win, and this. Pow down through the gaily whim with love but the sum piercing peekaboo Their wings there member of the air eagles, make love. Cardinals cannot do it. How could not understand it. hey, jays cannot reach it. The eagles on a plane beyond
their ability to flap this the eagles area of romance. It is the place of conception, eagle. see there nah www heads of romantic nights, The. Oh you, poor warriors and everything. even new church mothers. Try, but look all david spiritual might not be having them right now, but there was a time glory. Regardless of you, have some flashbacks every now and then Those but nobody gets forty thousand feet there with the whip. Blue and do your hair and the sun digging through your arms there in an embrace of intimacy, you found couldn't activity to the point. The conception.
Was achieved with nothing but win and air and light alabaster to bear skin. As you experience the opulence of intimacy. The. Talk, like a writer donor, I. They so lucky I'm getting ready to do a new thing and you. And I've got a striven you to bring took place you and I can see. This is not about me. Coming down to you
I have already done that I came down so that you could come up to meet me in there this rapturous moment of intimacy. does not have to be delayed for ask apology. It does not have to wait to the ends of the age. This is a place where the lord meets his own. It is a place where the bridegroom connects with the Debra What did you say. As she said in her bed chamber looking out the window, she said behold my beloved come up to me skipping across the board His overly Love. Heard him say boys do the lattice of the window.
It challenge me he says, rise up my beloved and come away because if you are going to be my lover eagles make love in the air. What stops us from meeting god on the turf that he's on is that we are always caught up in this. Systems of this world. So the first point I want to give you today is: you cannot sore into you clear your hair. Clearing your head is the first step of getting on the level that you need to be on to do what got out his call you to do.
When I say clear, I'm talking about all the contaminants, they keep you stuck on the ground, things that way down the human soul, stopping being creative, stop you, From being in inventing new things are being innovative, you cannot be innovative and depressed. So we ve got to delete some depression because depression the process. God is saying rise up, depression, is saying, stay down there a up there for you, you don't belong there. Deserve to be up there, too young to all you're too rich. You too poor to black to why you're too brow
play down. The devil is alive. Something has got to get off this morning as if something has got to get all something that has got to go and get his bags and get on this flight, because god is getting ready to take you into a dimension that you have never gone before and you've got to let it go the go up in the air with the master or do you Stay on the ground and played your baggage.
It's not for the chickens. This is not for the sis is not for the geese. This is forty goals. This is for eco systems, for those, this is for people who are ready to mount up down, not thou, not down not the basis of my wings like eagles eagles, how other over their holy for evil, meaning because we're getting ready to soar such people and tell him we're didn't ready to soar. We're getting ready to we're getting ready to so my business is getting ready to get rid of the ministry is getting rid of it. Just getting rid of change. Do must strive, for I have something to look forward to that which is to that which has been made in these latter years will be mass soaring. If you're gonna saw number two, you need mental stimulation.
you need to avoid conversations. situations and circumstances that A deterrent, to your mental stimulation. They flung letters: they were They were sailing Tarsus. They had sailed to tarshish many times before. They knew that the boat was strong enough to take them into tarzan should head before it. I am able to go to tar, since it must be that they had something on board that needed to go. There, urged and searched and search till they found Jonah and said you have got to go so that we can continue your jonah. You always search for your shoulder when
believe you are supposed to finish your ports. When you find yourself in a storm that doesn't make sense plan your jonah get rid of your jonah you'll, get rid of your problem. Mental stimulation makes everything that rads was me has to be gone in. My direction was on the boat that was gone in one direction when he was supposed to be going somewhere else, mental stimulation- maybe I've gotta- be able to have everything in sync. That's go on my way what you're talking about. you become what you talk about. The com, what you talk about the com. What you talk about you, what you talk about, you become what you talk about, you become what you talk about, you become what you talk about. You talk about
said, michel lined up in tears. You become what you talk about. You need to find people magazines Programmes that stimulate conversations that ray For your interest. The bible said he and habits the worthy habits in hebrew. Please sit down The praises of Israel.
Have you ever gotten, the conversation got to talk about it and all of a sudden, you felt his presence come upon the talk where eagles fly to change the conversation, you're rehearsing the same problem over and over and over again. Why did the Torah is that right is not there at the ball? You talk about the ball, the eagles back away, but if you start talking the language that will come through your apartment in your living room in your house, your job because eagles make love the mayor. The Hey we've got a special treat for you today by company td. Jakes films is coming together with lifetime. To present to you
far its powerful. This life changing the edge with it Story play by Toby braxton. Take a look the aim of times purpose just to surrender so everybody I want you to check out this powerful power fulfilled its little bill lifetime Jegu, where the twenty seventh, you would not want to miss the faith of the fire, like you like time, for this great opportunity for church three is
married to a dreamer. I was excited when he or she first started talking about the dreams. But they ve been talking about it along. And while they talk about their brains, I'm struggling to pay these bills helped are married. To a brain. I'm wondering how companies dreams. Coming together, I want to tell you what stops dreams. From coming together in order for dream to happen there. To be agreement. So if you don't be married to a dreamer, you gotta learn how to bring If you don't learn how to dream, you will either Their wings
the bitter because they never got your support. Or you will escalate to the level of the dream and help meet the gap. Between the brain and the fulfilled. are there any dreamers amounts see. What I want I want to do is get you to the point that you begin to understand that A dream has to engulf you. it s a gulf. It has to give him the kids. It's got get the kids It's gotta get in your spouse to europe, Everybody is saying the same thing: you don't what makes a football game a break Well is now growing quarterback.
Is not great lamb, and this is not a great cheerleaders is not a great crowd of football game would become boring. An endless and monotonous not because of the team or the two leader of the crown What makes the game important is the clock. Three. He was archer.
Has no plot the recent some people were taught a word with you is that you keep talking about some. That has no. You need to put a lot of you talk to do today.
I don't wanna be plucked deployable. Women are looking at the clock, lots of everyday sab two in two weeks: pregnant women workers, so we'll tell you when the baby is covered is not enough to know that the baby is covered. The weather was when the baby is coming. That's why you're the suffering at this present moment, because the clock reminds me then travel ways madly that we may have thought about it then Peter Rugg way ways.
We are talking about a global problem and the son of god sent for the son of god, simple, the sub. Nobody wants to believe in such a way tat. I heard about your dreams, never become.
This is my fourth point is a danger of ambiguity. The danger of ambiguity, the danger. Of not be specific. The danger of setting goals that no better. Things that you set for yourself, better, Ambiguous Frustration. You run in a restaurant, and you say we want to give better customer service this year. What Me. How do we know what we got there? anytime, you have a goal that is. ambiguous. You will never feel successful. Instead, it will be our goal is to make sure that twenty five percent of, Customer satisfaction cards come back positive. Now I want to fly it maggie.
Why to it? No, I have miserable results. Some of will set goals for yourself that were so ambiguous. You have never succeeded, not because you can't succeed, but you've always walked in ambiguity. I want to be a better person. What does that mean that what the danger Of ambiguity: I go a little bit further governments. point you: gotta have a vested interests. You can't have an interest. That's not rest is put everything into your dream three won't put anything in the EU. I'm gonna do it as soon as I get it. We invest.
You mean you want me to invest where you have. Wouldn't be stupid?. to risk my money. Well, you don't risk yours. if you believe image you gotta, go first. If you impress you gotta, have a vested interest you're going to have something in you that you put it on the lie. We've got got ready to redeem us. He didn't just give us lip service. I wish somebody would battle So do the to your lord have mercy database got somebody to do. Somebody is about these people Gabby. What's gonna say everybody appear to have a they have just won't. Do me of Over I have a clause for them. You just want to just go places because they are the best, are real but are worried about it.
I need some investors, no he's tripped himself. It says of his royal deity. Wrapped himself
Human flesh, tat walking down to forty two generations low comment: the ball you about the book to the wheel. Oh god, I'm not ask anybody to invest in my brain I'll. Do it myself at the bible, says she's got before the clause that, despite the shame of the clause, he looked before further joy that was set before I said it's worth, it would sacrifice, there's gotta be worth it. He looked at you and said you are what you have said. You were worth. It removed a jew inside you, a wife. So why are you said, you'd love what? Then, when God said you are what you weren't repressive day. Do you talk about it in this house.
So you worth it
The position preach that message: the house open up the business go ahead, get married. Have children live your life, explore your future, go after your dreams, you're worth it. How do you know I'm worth it wasn't because of what was paid for you look at how much he paid for you, god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not the refunding your blessing? Why you take them back what he bought for you? Why are you living beneath your privilege? Why are you laying on the ground when he's calling you with the water cancer, didn't kill you thats? Why? The time I've got to stop? There has been a real joy to share the word of war with europe. I believe in god I'm praying for and with and about
Your vision, as I lift up my that we can Into our destiny experience all that god has rose, really focus this year on building up our entrepreneurs and building up our pastors and leaders and causing them to really stand tall. Didn't Can we just write the book sword to write a book? I want to start a movement. I want to start a revolution. I want to get us talking about how we can fulfil guts purpose and fulfil guts vision and have the finance and the wherewithal to do all that. God has called on to do because they ve got to do it in the earth. He's gonna. Do it through you. Let me invite you to join me. At our pastors leadership conferences, your past it's leaders, entrepreneurs, business people, I've got a spot for you if you're a person of faith- and you feel out of place- you don't quite fit anywhere. You've got to be
That really matches with the secular, the video sacred, and they would you get with the spirits of people. You understand this bridge reality, but there too, slow and lack of days ago come on there's a new generation of people rising up there who are ready to do exploits of the name of the lord and they're. All gonna beat the april seventeenth through the twenty first at our international pessimism leadership conference join me there for more information check. Your screen and I'll see you in dallas.
he's guide telling you it's time to leave the nest and saw something good. The goddess hatching fathers circumstances around. When you give to the mainstream guineas dies, you will receive Bishop Jake's message acting greatness on cd, as well as our fresh vision for two thousand eighteen calendar. You gotta go just got a class of some websites. You give to seventy five dollars. You received the life altering who is easy, resume bishop Jake's, bookstore and fresh vision for two thousand eighteen calendar amount of time to get up to venture awaits you take that leap of faith and solar today they will bring you to another level and your charge in your minister. You have gone as far as you can go, oh what you're right! Something has got to shift. It was alive changing. I came here looking for something from god and I found it got to give a virgin garbage. All disappointment is controlled by expectation. What I have learned- and here I can take back right- am I gonna bring something of the sort of like every sector for ship? This is a place where leaders give reloaded rejuvenated refocused, darwin's, oration I'll, make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has installed for you in twenty eighty.
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the potter stout the. you'll find that you are much broader, that you're much deeper, that you have more going for you than you think it's a wonderful opportunity to be able to speak to like minded leaders who are all attempting to do the right thing and do and do it well, so we can go to our congregation before so that we can give them more make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen.
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