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Coming of the parties to set the desperate worry if you want to enjoy the sea, that of your life, the raven- I don't know, what's going on your back out of always have you up at the bottom of my work.
I don't know I've got some web tell a welcome through the platter stage. I am past record. Jake's coleman. Have you ever attended woman that lose? If not, you are enforced a tree, we are throwing it back to two thousand and ten when The father breach the message: cod flashpoint, take the lead
the drug war paul down to the river and Lydia was to be baptize. There was water and Lydia was about to ass. The startling thing is what she said when she came up out of the water she said to the apostle Paul. She says you must stay house don't overlooked that. You must stay in my house now, although she, in all likelihood was a woman of substance, don't picture the houses of today because nobody lived mansion. In the bible due to the fact that she had a house at all. the fact that she was doin. Ok, an end Somebody comes stay in your house is a sacrifice, but maybe
They are beginning to understand that god has blessed her to be able to make a sacrifice. Sometimes god bless you that you, what other people do and the blessing he gave through you. He didn't in time for it to get stuck clue. You Maybe he bless libya to build. A house show that when Paul
so the river he would have played Oregon with what I'm saying the because her invitation was what turn the city upside down. She asked Paul to come stay in our house and evidently he was resistant to it because the bible says she had to persuade him. It took a little work would need, and eventually he said, okay it'll kill As you know how you can be when you want to get some done, prima one requests color cornmill call themselves rule over this house recently about roma. Should you weren't?
There have a channel set up, let's go to Lydia's house, we eat lydia's food and sleep at Lydia's bed, and now we've got a place to stay because Lydia's heart has opened up. The gospel has a place to stay As has good made, but just for tests say, has your hard opened up, because until your heart opens up the ghost, none them have a place to stay. That's why you I can't see it and that's why you can understand it and that's why you make fun of it, because when the gospel passes by your doors are closed, If you have opened up, the last vote will come in at the bottom says that he left her house in everyday made the journey. over to fill a path to go down.
To the river to pray, we'll go down to the river to pray and he would pray and the women would hear pray and he would teach and teach as long as there was daylight, and then he would get up and make this journey back. over to Lydia's house to spend the night at Lydia's house and he was able to stay in macedonia because Lydia opened up her house. Some annoying things will not. by in certain places, because you won't open your heart to do what got told you to do. You know you are flame keepers. You keep the flame burning. Yes, yes, yes, you prim the wig and keep the fight
burning. I'm talking to the wise, not the foolish, the why the wise one take it the flag burning, because you said yes to guard the gospel have a place to stay anyway, as it was going back and forth from lydia's house down to the river bank, a woman, a poor woman, a slave women. came up behind him is to follow and followed him, and she was saying. Surely these men are shit most car, god claire.
To you, the way of salvation and he did say nothin. He went on down to the river to pray, pray minister to the woman. He came back and in the thing about it is first of all. This is important. This is a point to learn about life. It's. Never the destination is the things that happened along. Do you busy, praying about where you goin I understand your mission happens the way it is neither
point a more at point b, but somewhere between here and there, that god really wants to use you, so it is made at the prying place. Know as many as house, but somewhere along the way pulses, this woman is and this when I was young preacher confusedly, because this woman was saying the right thing. They were sent by the most target. To declare We are salvage she was saying the right thing. But for the wrong reasons, people come into your life and the talk but not walking the walk with you, because I know what to say
if you disarm what spirit warm preaching to but but will know what to say a wild with you, but still got to pry so that you can see. What's For the latter, affairs, but this one and when the witch. We have the spirit of defamation. But a woman of witchcraft? She wasn't me for what she wasn't me a woman, and I wanted to preach about this little evil woman, because I wanted to warn you that evil people
so my stop people smile when they need to haters befriend view when they need to add I got a war. Do you have to be built by an enemy sometime? The person yeah Sisters we we have, we have about cod on this predicament here We have a polar circumstance here. The polar this point is to women represent the live to which god could go. On one hand you have a media who is rich and in trouble.
other hand you have this nameless poor woman who is in trouble, but the same blood that deliberate mary. Rates has backed this woman, who is possessed with spirit paul bill, and said, and I told him to limit but sector worrying following haunting, you
hanging over europe, this rapid, your sleep walnuts arrests, were to enjoy the sea that of your life, the raven. What's you all tat? One body takes europe? What's your name? I don't know. What's going on you, I don't know, what's been facing you,
was don't letting you was on your nerves. I don't know up at the moment, but one this puts up on the web I come from background where they priest. I wholly mister hale and I can't seem to get around this jake's talk on the concept of what grace really was. I've never heard talk that way. And if somebody can teach with that candle, we in behind the words in other countries passion for the sheep, I won't be reported. I served in Iraq in operation iraqi freedom. One of the messages I just remember playing.
day and night, even when drop at night, not and shake I'd, had it in my ear that kept me from. Going over the aids. If you will, I was just could not a military and an old friend asked. having visited jake's, yet no And upon that I said, I'm going to go and visit bishop jakes, and the answer was too visit one time and say again and these many years later, he thought he is for people who, like, I will come back and he kept coming back. This letter was significant, but Mary. I got that pass and nothing change. But when this law acts, facts. That say,
something wrong rare at work, bad, if you can read it, it sounds your life and breaks loose, it's a sign that the threat of you, because to see What I'm trying to tell you, let me check you if I'm in the right place. well my sister that everytime you get ready to do. Some Y all hail breaks
stand by sister who just raised say flashpoint, that's why they may not want you to be free. Just a woman you're points will deliver. You sat at one o clock that this law woman would be a flash point. The. no woman got say mother lab, but The poor woman got deliver Schuman, flashpoint. There is a system attached to her dysfunction.
There is a system attach to her dysfunction. there the whole system around and check this out, the whole system around her that needs her to be dysfunctional There is a system around her that benefits from her dysfunction. I will says that her masters we're getting rich. From her dysfunction very is an economic impact at tat to her dysfunction. Somebody needs to be messed up.
but because of its well they. Use her you'll still amiable so wants is what is what. Her masters that may because they couldn't user anymore, when a woman gets loosed I mean least in call every That was her dysfunction, begins to fall apart, because she is not the same woman That seals see by one and the same paul's soon I live in the same house.
She's, not to say woman minimal, not decide woman, animal watches. What so? What happens? Is her masters go after Paul and they snatch govern this naturally apostle and bring him from the masters they bring him to the marketplace marketplace tat s? What that, like, I want to the masters, bring him to the marketplace, delivering this one, It has now brought him centre stage in the city of philippa, though starts out by the river bank outside the city with she got delivered. Got brings home from the background to the forefront Masters bring him into the marketplace beef.
Or the magistrates They love him. And they say that Paul and Silas are teaching customs then, Try to roman law Evidence just mouth the people, a marketplace here it and they get angry at start. Paul and Silas over what I. Sire has started watch out. When I saw you start people, Will become engaged in a flame? true, by you.
I believe that what find somebody who believe they will you Now you they want. perceptions about to go even value when it becomes popular through paypal, So sociologists have a term for when we gain rage breaks out, people will get in the regional start fighting they don't even know what the fighting about and so all of us that these men, who had never even met pole, started fighting over something that these men, the masters of the witch, said, and they took pole and the magistrates turned him over to the people and the people got together with the magistrates and they stripped him and Silas in the marketplace, and they be
then in the marketplace mouth. When I read it in the king James, they said they beat them. Severely. But when I read it in another translation, it said they beat them with rocks or with keynes. Now, if you admit it, And somebody beat you with a public rights, the flesh being true to death. If just why you're hurting you beaten and bloody,
I am a lacerated that you've got out mob beating to ban magda with chains, and they don't even know why they're beating them and they beat them, Clearly, when a middle eastern culture says that a footing is severe. You understand what I'm saying, because they, conversely stomach for that type of punishment. When these it's a, it is severe. Suddenly, I begin to realise that the paul and Silas we're doin all the preacher and the present not the pole and Silas that are lying on the floor. By mob kick and punched teeth, not out of their head and then paying
I now understand when the magistrates put them in jail, Why the jailer had to put their feet in the stocks because they were baden so badly? They couldn't loaf. Rated tattered and torn bloody beaten to a pulp. They couldn't even put their feet in the stocks. The jailer had to put their feet in the stocks
Hoddan move and the pain is that at all, because they were trying to help some by some of you are in not because of you, but of can you help will you make up your mind? You were gonna help somebody you got all they hit list of hell and the more effective view. the EU will be because you know think somebody that ETA may wants to keep cool preach intuitive. Why do I keep goin to what I'm going through,
The stated going crazy it by why my dear that's all I get my three steps back. They cover you recover what you do the land in the stocks. Stocks that they were too weak to get in themselves but even if they had open them, they couldn't have walked out of the bloody and pay whipped most unconscious. Man, a quantum leap me, everything is quiet. No the jail at all, Third, it all.
I made some miss me. I in the jail, at all, fifty quiet over it. Now Jail at all levels breast us whether they want at all but at eleven simply. Genocide setback but then again both I've gotta, stop a minute and praise god for some noise in the prison, you may not be out yeah
That's right! That's
what a word from our bishop, it's very important as a believer not to become consumed with war blessings instead be consumed with how god is using you to be a blessing. God bless you so that they would spill over to somebody else whose life would be transformed. Some will give their life to price, not commit suicide, get off drugs and live with hope. You are a flash point, a trigger that god is using to reset the trajectory of someone's life, find people that vat is leading you too and decide to be the flashpoint you were created to be before when we go, I want to say thank you to our global partners system members your giving allows us to spread the gospel around the world. We want to reach even more people. So, if you are not yet partner. We need your help. Simply takes the letters gps to the number two. Ninety five zero along
with any given amount or go to tv J partners that boy god bless you
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Today's message was may wonderful, versatile, great message. I think everybody Men, the me service was amazing, the annoying there I feel rejuvenated actual revive development whenever living, my god, how did you everything was really alive? Standing for my family, the cyprus today was ass. Bishop is always also breathless with probable mercury about where you are. where to You may I got such a lesson: I thought it eva bishop. Today's message was truly transformative. Today's methods was ass, a lonely off it was just a blessing for my life. This is my first time here had departed house and
I had a word just for me today,. feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life will afford this. Next time on the pakistani The.
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