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2018-10-14 | 🔗
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new parties tent lot about yourself stay where you are satisfied. Report waterway, read the right stuff played the right way to get rid of family has brought about a breakthrough in the welcome to the protestants and plaster cords eggs common. Today we
by giving you a glimpse of woman. Thou art lose two thousand and three. to preach the methods, cod Listen in some places a place of conflict are going to you. When you leave this place, there's gonna be one voice telling you to go ahead and another voice telling you. How dare you think you can leave this area? You can not get out in the back of our it's a haunting fear that, because of the method, we made or the age we're at or what we didn't get when we were younger, we didn't finish school or we weren't loved properly or we we are not or we are not disease free or whatever little secret. You've got on yourself, there's always some little voice telling you why you not get out, you must day in this area as long as each day in this area, you don't have no trouble, you don't have
people always stay within this area. Live in these all stand, you will have no trouble, once you are exposed to something else. It becomes difficult to stay where you used to stay, the army comes to moab and she crawls out seed at word and why some folks take it. Some phones do the opposite it is true that was, but I'm stay back here in the family,
Sure you don't want to pay. What do some people around? You were exposed to the side city that you weren't supposed to. They are not, but I hear what you out of it, because I have limited them five: five themselves, whereby they like the sound of it. They like that, but are not willing to pay the price for the reality, that what unites us go road is tell ya, say you want to talk to people Who are you? what you want. Ouch allowed a laptop about really lacking here. Do you really? Is that all you want? Why don't we change that? Why don't we say we don't want to pay
the effects of a vehicle offered stuff to people that data take them. That's the wrong place touch us. As I tell ya,
Just go back home smoke, free some words border, but adult I've told you what this you'll stay with this. You are happy about what you look like. You don't want a body also stay where you are about your son in law tablets, people who want a try is goin town, one point: witted somebody's gotta get it. We got history.
As one of the freebie you're in a bursting place. Number. One is a in place. number. Two is why So this was offering reimbursement, but if I had to cancel my flight I get is Because all the principle that all overtook them, although the told them you get new praise no worship and a new revolutionary waited to women's minister in all wonderful stuff that we're offered to you and you came What are the moab it? Ain't gonna mean nothing at all. It doesn't mean anything at all, because then you become secretly, suicidal silent the press, everyone, I understand how you could have all please and rank. He is a grand given kids Lou husband located Cousin boyfriend, life, wife, degree, doctorate, clare,. car garage equipment, as still be miserable.
but they don't see was in. You is bigger than what's around. You when watch you is bigger than what's around you. Some is gonna have to burst. What makes suas and bread because something the issue is bigger than what's around you and it'll make it burst, and so I'm will tell you how to keep from bursting important to this. is exemplified so powerfully in the book roof second thing that you lead about turn into one mcgovern told the weather, but to the men, are indigenous worryin about this is general. Is truth. the second thing you must do, and this is what most people get stuck where they because you are stuck in what you were born in and even though you're frustrated by yourself, sabotaging because some of it than you.
So, even though you think above then, you have habits that are conducive to it. Can cannot talk about this so you worn out, but you don't get out. The way out About one in some way,. And you re at all levels and get all the tapes and got all equipment allister, but there's you got your metabolism on your lifestyle. You have a debt of car driver yoda, and so, even though you keep trying Spending money on I've got all material, but it never become a reality in your life. Could she can't break the pattern? strong you back to the place. You have the devour, but the pattern of big enough to be able to say this loud. You get there I do not move wait. A minute.
Nobody would remove the absolute put about fact that my group would like that. move ahead, I'm celebrations collapse so happy because I walked away. Then I think hold says they have a right to take the lead. I thought I'd love to hear it come up from by rail and all the top of my bad Maybe it's funny. Our struggle is just a sign of things that cannot be so easily see How do you get a system.
that you were born and raised in top lack, sell that look like dress like feel like they like When will we start like you? It comes out of you causes where you came from, and this number two you gotta A sponsor? You can't do this divisive when god comes to. He will always come in the form of someone you will not get to the next level by yourself. Hear me when I tell you whether you are going from agriculture to politics. From politics to religion. Any time you jump a bridge from one world into another, you
made a sponsor ruth needed, a sponsor and a sponsor is somebody who comes into your world. Doesn't in your world, thinks differently. Different people have different meant polity, different context, different systems, but for some reason something about life, pushes them into your world, because god heard your brain. God. Here's your pray. You will always have a sponsor to come. You, oh god, Some so exciting may also be gradual. I have heard your prayers and I have heard your cry so he should,
poses pooled our marriage drill pharoah met, my people go moses had come into their environment, he was up them, but he was not like them. He was educated like an egyptian, but he was a hebrew by blood. He was close enough to care, but not close enough to be trap. In the same system, by way of moses had never been asleep, and you cannot free people when you are bound fine, showing that bear tat. Over and over twelve the barber you'll see we're gonna use sponsors over and over and corporate amerika. You will see we're, All sponsors over and over and society and lively, will see where people use sponsors nobody gets, thereby them sales doktor feel would not be doktor feel without Oprah. Dr Oz,
what we thought to all without Oprah somebody introduces the apc and NBC and CBS somebody wanted to Larry king. I said this is feel you need to meet phil. Somebody wanted to talk to us we're getting ready the programme will be so somebody has to meet, you speak for you. Take you into the mix rail. Tell the vets! Well, you all! I don't know what I'm saying is that it does not come as a sponsor and amounts to the next level. you ok. The next level is the top block you,
of data about. So that's why John the baptist spend a vivid saw it never looked out exactly how the love of god would take away the sailor, the whirl of marriage, great big dad when sponsored and called it. I come from
Bagram, where they priest and holiness, are hailed, and I couldn't seem to get it right. Bishop jakes told on the concept of what grace really was I'd, never heard it taught that way and if somebody can teach with that kind of we in behind their words and have that kind of compassion for the sheet. I want to be a part of I served in Iraq in operation iraqi freedom. One of the messages I just remember playing that day and night, even when bombs will drop at night. I feel shake I'd. Have that in my ear that kept me from going over the age. If you will, I was just getting out of the military and an old friend asked Having visited J, J mother, no,
And upon that I said, I'm going to go and visit bishop jakes and the intent was to visit one time and say I came and this many years later, I'm here thought he was for people, and I was like I'm gonna come back again, so I kept coming back. Jesus went for a job, he got close enough. People got back from where he was exposed to somebody who was going to the next level and he wasn't trying to put on airs. He wasn't talking about. You should hear me, some of them. I am aware this place. Mom arrogance and humility he comes humbly, he does not make any name for himself is John who points your mouth is John. Who knows when you are ready.
If John, who knows when you in is John who points you up, it's ransom says. The time is now is ruth they only who says to rules, that's one translation may only who says to Ruth Google over there. Sponsor will show you where to put your efforts samson was led by a sponsor a little boy led him to the pillars, showed him where to put its aims, to bring the whole thing down. I don't care how mighty you are. Somebody has to lead the way to put your efforts. The reason you have not been effective, if not for the lack of efforts, but you have been putting your hands in the wrong spot and what else
Also. Does it show you where to put your efforts in order to be effective and you have to submit that's why I teach on submission you have to submit to somebody. You cannot walk around and I don't trust nobody adults admit to nobody. I got to run you through my tests and you ran away your sponsor and you're going to die in moab. Your silly self. in love with your ways, you loved your ways over your opportunity and you're. Spawned forgot tat and you dad in my lab. For your sponsor leave their oars come and get out of organic just some estate right now write that down above the sponsors, monsters comes out. Many the already know that there's a spy, so in your life right now, when she comes into bethlehem. Her sponsor, Points out for of the goal: she is
the barley season over here. What season is it is abolishing them over here, and she says, go in and glean in the fields. This is where to put your efforts. You got this going on. You've got that going on, but this tour you need to put your effort. You work hard on your first laziness but you're losing your husband. You work hard on your husband, but but your daughter you about a loser. This is where, to put your efforts, a small shows you where to put your efforts cause you Be sincere surely wrong. So she says this is where you globally, to get for your private premier go Common to a new field and assume you're ready to be approved. this is more than that
What was wonderful over, there will sounds stupid. Don't let this motivation and all this stuff. You're here this we make, you underestimate a new place because It's not the same, you haven't appreciation for what you're looking at you mess it up. So she showed where to put our hands. She brought it to the spot ship. She she identified the spot she sinner into the field, and once you have identified your sponsor, you have to be willing to align your efforts in alignment with where you goin necks and she put her over in a corner of the field, and I'm really four point. Three somebody's eight point: three
point three: this is a stage where you are now in the corner of the world who want to live in oh my god, so you're there and you're over in the corner. Now you used to be him up front in your world without lad chemical, you are the top ranking fails and when you walked in the room, everybody say hell, the chief overhear william. Will you so get your, but over in the corner and point three is work your way out of the corner.
I said work your way out of the corner. Don't bomb your way out the schmooze, your way out, don't that's your way, Don't play games your way work Your way out of the corner. Reason, I tell you to work. Your way out of the corner is because movement should be a process and not an event if it's a suddenly the truck your weight to the front europe. But even here about a mess up the front or the french guiana mess you up, you have to work your way up, because what you learn the working process prepares you poor you're going, and if I give it to you, clean. You won't handle it when I give it to you, so you have to your way out of the corner, I don't know who?
I talk to? I don't know why god gave me this, but the law said you could not in meeting without delivering this message, because you have already. You have already been in boy. You have already been in your bursting place. You have all We identified your sponsor, you already know exactly where you're trying to go in front. You are there, but true so far back up in that corner that the devil says you here, you ain't gonna never be met in the mail. Nobody know you, they don't ask you to say nato as you to do to mail, never call you! You should have stayed over to where you are full. Don't go back to moab. You are over here in Bethlehem. I'd rather be a goalkeeper in the house of the lord to dwell in the pit set a wicked stay in that corridor at work. Your way out that somebody should work your way out. The she started work in
She started working in a corner and when you work at a horn, I will give you the liability of working in a corner when you worked on in the corner if careful. You will think the whole world is the corner. You work in. You will have to decide on gotta be a master at your corner, or is your corner transportation? old, till the next level of living, and if all you All the good work, the corner for god's sake, work the coroner, but the way you what herself out of the corner, if what you develop, respect for what other people, blue because you can go further than you think. That's why you ve got a work. Your way out of the corner cause, if you take your poor, think itself
Give you a center space position. You will take that quota mentality. The centre of this event and destroy this event, because you got a corner mentality centre opportunity, so you're gonna work your way out of the corner now. This is why people stuck in a corner: they have cornered churches, they have corner marriages, they have businesses, they have corn opportunities because they think they're corner is the world. ever you think you're corners whirl whenever you think, stuff, like the way we preach us only way to preach. frigid requires open, if you d find good ministry That's what you are exposed to it is
because you have to find your porn or as the world. That's why you need to go something somewhere. This totally foreign to you. I gonna ask me gossamer totally different: the more bruges everything they got all blue jeans there, but they lay back in school and we offer sweating licences stuff I gotta heals all we were four people pay when we would all people that were down in the whole place, sixty thousand people for ass will you excellent mother form. You enlarge your own. Things have become, prohibition can become tradition. Shout we can become true. Silas can become provision. Anthems can become provision. Bob think the vehicle that
you spoke tradition cannot become a new tradition, Because don't know what I'm saying so, you need to get out of your corner mammal mammals that get off the corner, get off to the corner, get off the corner. You need to go someplace where you're out of your element. What you could pick up a drink back home like an air, sink your teeth into something real big for you back your butter and drag it back home. The title of this debate picture: you didn't pay all of this money to go home empty handed. You want to break something back home, and so I actually something we can do our houses. So we can add. Oh, oh, I see I drag it back home because you are working yourself out of the corner and the more you get out of a corner, the the bigger the view. The more experience as you have that just
so far you like to come to the centre, because everyone Might take a step, I learned something I didn't know before understanding something that I didn't understand before and by the time I get to where I'm trying to go. I will be ready for where I'm trying to go best way. Black folks need to wash it
with rifles and white folks meet worship with black folks, martinez led to mix in white and black folks about the need to get around some method it. So I have a message for me to get around pentecostal pentecost before me to learn something from the charismatic folk, so we don't terry all night, while we re talking about somebody saw that we could get a holding us before four o clock in the morning. We could get a bright, though without a way tat. I could be a nurse I gotta work etc, target about it, the holy ghost without being in the study at six a m.
Last year. For that timely, worried. We had that little voice and negative unity in the back of our minds. Questions whether we can do what god has caused us to do. That is one We then to connect with someone that its further, along than you, asked god to sing you, someone that knows more and has come this more in your area of calling then humbly serve them and glean from them. Don't have any ulterior motive and don't ask for any short cuts, be diligent, be loyal and inducing than god will elevate you before we go. I want to thank our global partners system members. Your partnership allows us to carry the gospel around the world. People are being saved and lives are being change. You helped to make that happen. If you're
Yet a partner text, the letters gps and any giving them out to the number two eight nine five zero. You can also be passed at treaty J partners that boy thank you and guidelines.
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Today's message was a wonderful, such a great message. I think everybody needed the world to me. Service was amazing and the anointing was there. I feel rejuvenated. I feel revive. I went to another level in my thoughts and my how'd, you do everything was really a life changing for my family. The service today was awesome. Bishop is always also the most credible think about where you are and the people that are around the choices that you make. I got such a blessing out of the world photo day from bishop. Today's message was truly transformative. Today's message was absolutely awesome. It was just a blast into my life. This is my first time here at the party house, and I had a word just for me today. The.
Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life will afford to sing next time on the pakistan The.
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