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I Did Not Say it Would Be Easy

2018-07-08 | 🔗
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On the parties to talk to face to face the media, you old man said I might give you ten minutes, but I will be with you. I warmly welcome this report, rather brilliant, saying about good about this when the people markets- I do what most when I say everybody. I want to take this opportunity to offer a special apology,
Ology, based on all the ministers around the country and around the world, told you that life was going to be easy. It is love Always it is not always convenient, it is not always comfortable. It it's not always as accessible as you would like for it to be that's why I'm gonna share this message. With the messages cough, I didn't say it would please. Just one chapter was first one through six: are you Harry the word of the lord and a society that the children of Israel, we're living in the land was very important. They did have paper body like we have today, largely they bordered either did Graham alive or dead, greenstone, the land, the group or they the group or praise day, the group or brain,
It is out of the land please don't believe it I came out of a lamb or a graze on the land. If it didn't come out of the land and it didn't graze on the land, you had nothing to barter with no matter. How would we see you here. if you had no soil. The seeds meant nothing at all. See Without soil, what level of potential without soil. let's see if you have no place to go, please come and talk to somebody. Some of us have seen. but no soil. Some of us are sheep, but we no place degrees. Eventually, I don't care how strong the sheep is. If there's gotta grazing place it
become a guy place. I do not want to be, Homeless, destitute and when I travel internationally have a good time spent a whole tail food. Do one of our work to the country to do. There is a certain age, star, half. In another country, The moment the plane lands back in america there's a certain feeling of relief them back on my turf is stressful, emotionally and mentally to be away from home. Some people are not a homeless exactly The homeless, spiritually. Some the homeless, emotionally.
Spiritually homeless, you don't know who you are, you don't know what you believe. You don't know where you stand everything. Everybody says it sounds good to gravity to it. Emotionally homeless, it's what you have all kinds of love to give and know where to get these people Was there Four hundred, years in egypt, They have spent the last thirty years in the world. Witness. thirty years, two hundred of which they weren't bondage. The first thirty years they were not about it. They were welcome until a favourable rose up, who knew Joseph sleep, You started out a guest and ended up a slave. Can you imagine
Slavery that lasted for, ten generations. The taste of freedom was No, I'm fine, remember what it was like to be free, Try to remember what it was like to be home, Friday morning, whatever customs they had a all, I bid german english down, egypt, moves movies tell pharoah my people go. Last without telling your freedom also, did that too Is not easy to be free, be free, Number glory got that is likely to be free and is another thing to be free.
We are in the pursuit of that freedom. Pharoah is gone. Ok, they are free. But they have spent forty years. Free the. Ouch. He perceived view he's here, Sure god he delivered the favourable. With the person who was dependent on that, I'm sure of finishing the mission. I feel very good coach in the midst of uncertainty,.
This is paid. Maybe this is this. It's. The chaser she became so strong that they wept for over a month, the whole nation, sobbing and crying. I would not work Oh him, not who in the world will take us the rest of the way he could do. Miracles like moses. Well, I like to love and. joshua.
Joshua, Josh,. Joshua is only good moses. He was all as an assistant. We accepted the rumours of associate. Josh. Joshua do no magic. Tell you down and then suddenly moses, the jobs we need training. Do it to us. had to pick it back up. Didn't turn about the. Where you go you go down to the river and get some to drink. This is a tough factor.
Lived and others in the wilderness about it said that look tat god, gale tat. You will know. CBS is down around the corner. What do you do when you don't measure up to the eu being compared. Is to measure up to another man's miracles. god says to Joshua. Joshua this. So be with you. But god must work. This war is not working for me.
I didn't say I was gonna, do do you want with moses. I said I would be with you shut up shop. I said I was with you as our work with both did not call. You could be a cheap copies of the original. Moses. your mother, Moses,.
This allows the tank to face to face. I will not be meeting you on the mountain. I will not set a man on fire. I will not give you ten took my image, but I will bring with you the only thing I promise you. I will be with you. You you're gifts, Alex resources. As I was Moses, I will not make you moses junior.
Until you develop an appreciation for you, you never discover. What do you do. I'm excited, because I see women today shattering ceilings going into new areas, but after their going in with education, but education is totally different from entering
a master class set you in the room with the woman who did it before it sets you in the room with trailblazers it lets. You see how they think. It's one thing to tweak what I said, but it's another thing to understand why I said it the greatest thing that a person can give you is about the what but the why the women today are faced with opportunities. A door has flung open in the heavenlies that has allowed them to do things that historically they've never been able to do before, but without master classes and mentoring and training. Your gift will carry you for your training will not allow you to stay the the fight he was. You almost got.
They ran about I'm so sorry, I love and I love it, so you wouldn't find yet we ve got commission soon, over in the text you got over and over again, troll very courageous, be very courageous piece of good courage, bees and puts a silly God knows that's what you're going to do. It's not our strength,
you'll stay so help me free just take this border. Is instruments to got to have instruments for this fight is not draw. Our strength is not by might know about power, so you gotta have the inner inner that inner that this illustrates that level. The hot water strip be out in front of them and our creeps from a chair strip, the city to take a liquid and people ticket that inner strength. That, when I do what I'm going to do as I can, but I'm not gonna stop doing to my ability. The strong, strong,
Joshua as the second man, I would just use for physical strength. But as a leader, You gotta have inner strength. You gotta define amorrhites, hit types of genocide, severe sites. You got off the phone, watches. Gotta define your inner insecurity that you're not as good as most you gotta define the fact that the people who are leading don't we, Do you like they did to moses so you got disagreement with the people. You leading disagreement with the people you're fighting
this agreement with the person is so you will have to be strong. We will have to be strong. You'll have to resist all fear and resist and resist their murmuring. They set about this with the boys have run up against, are not good about this when the people murmur again, since I became do what both at the same level. In other words about this, I know Tom the bottle the signal time to collapse, the same old time the give up. Why? Because the children have come to women. You know that point.
in delivery. Where there is no turning back, what's this, I've been talking to the meal on the tops of adult women, what somebody altering the surge in the last two years. You didn't hear this policy The pressures on the train to wear my wife, birth dexter. This is as it was, with the birth Of your saw show I will it be with your ministry. That's really got pregnant with dexter, She was so big She was
this serious. This is how seat belts we kept chicken for twins. Even the doktor kept second twins, because of how big She got when she first debate. he was almost twenty two inches long. In level.
eleven pounds to else watches common system because, above all understand the disability tend to ladys watches consists of prophetic. This is some god did in our minister. Cease should have a sea sex, it would have been to see sexy. She had natural job or wait. Watches is sets limits. This was freed up.
But she was too late and they said no mistakes. It's too late now, for the time has come and we give you produce saw its rules. While I want you to understand that this is a bit, you don't get it do you know what I want. I want in the stirrups. Her drawers got so big. The blood vessels in her drawers start, but there was no black sea had to pass, will see. She waited all celebrate us, but the baby was so big it not to pelvis boards on a joint what she had to apply in all. Do what god put in you gotta tell you what we would be easy, then what is her mothers on one side and I'm only over.
And all we can do. Its trotted conference. How a push It's you,
turning to the pain of this moment if you can stand up in the stirrups and sat silent, but this single besides your visit, this conflict, the war daily. This word to give to you.
told me to tell you say it would be. I told you, I will be with you. I told you that no man will be able to withstand you all the days of your life. I told you that everywhere your feet try to land. I told you that nobody be able to withstand. I told you that I would blush. I told you that, as I was with Moses, so should I be with you, but I did tell you. It would be ace
If you gotta find it all, you need to release it in the south and make up your mind will stop feeling sorry for yourself. You will stop. You will stop being depressive stopping the skirt that whatever it takes to do what you gotta do to do. What you do, you will put you drink it. Mobile epidural is too late for never do maybe is about to break this time. The same day. Everyone versatile. This is about tat, god, didn t it would be easy, but he said he would be with you. I want you to get your mind. What got put in your heart for your life, for your family, for your ministry, for your future, for your career squeeze, it presents a million. This would not be like anything you Emily and must not be like anything. You ever did you ever made before this. We like you, can use you can use for reference squeeze amount of reach into. It might be somebody over the internet. It might be somebody streaming online, but I do know that russia is gonna, be deliverance. There's gonna be a release. You have you gotta. Do you do you know? Why are you there every day when they do for joining later, they solve the people, try to obtain greatness, but imitating others only to find that what work for them,
Certainly work for you don't be a cheap copy of a great original discover, Oh god has uniquely design. You have developed your own unique voice. You have detractors, sayers every original stars out as about cares, but he who began a good work in you will perfect it be original that god is calling you to be, and he will use you like. No one else, I want to quickly, sir, how god is using people just like. To our global partners. Systems partners helped us broadcast this message into your home too. and two homes around the world, would you join the tea and help us reach more people for Jesus Christ? It's really easy, just text the letters gene. yes and any giving about two to five zero we can also visit us acting J pardoned,
dot. Org, thank you and god richly bless.
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