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2022-04-24 | 🔗
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on the butter, stag was will apology was feverish. I was almost out of stock recovery would be written. Agreement was always all received. It was important that is rather killed him, because the romans did not want to kill Jesus. It was only when the high priest gave crucified come on come on over into the field and the cuban finnish toy. This balls, I got rid of his flesh. His young tender flesh, skin
Nothing was ever found the clown group or liberal its mouth. And received his: that killed him and god didn't stop it. The hid his body and god didn't stop at the crown open up his mouth to receive the blood of the person who had god's favor and god didn't stop it. The. Calm down there, he said he, Of course,. The clouds.
If god asks you a question, don't be too quick to put your hands on it, let your backbone slip and tell god what's going on because god already knows what's going on, he is, he is omnipresent and he is this it. He is all knowing he knows in the beginning. So what god wants about us? What's up star parade the. where is your brother.
Where is your brother is compared to what he asked his father? Where are DA and the curse continues and the questions are almost the same player his brother. He not plead the fifth. I will not answer up onto the grounds that it may incriminate me. Let me see if that works.
And then god says now listening can I think that I have listened. He is about frequency. There are sounds in Israel right now that you cannot hear, but they exist. The reason you can hear them. He said your ear canal. Your ear drum doesnt operate on a frequency that lives at sea The ability on that level I could blow a dog whistle in this room and you would never hear the sound, but every dog would start barking. Because I'm blowing on a frequency, the uk Not here, doesn't
that it doesn't exist to all of my previous freedoms. The fact that you cannot hear the gulf does not make the illegitimate, like somebody shall listen. God says to listen. Listen to build! You hear that. I hear the sound of that. Brothers frog up to me,
out of the car. Even the ground can't stop me from hearing it. I hear the sound of the brothers, but I hear the sound of injustice. The it is nice to know that god hears the sound of injustice, because sometimes our courtrooms do not hear the sound of injustice, but god said I've got to ear the sound of injustice, whether it's on the sidewalk or where this crime are proud of the ground. God says I hear the sound of it.
It's just, I fear the sound of the brothers blood crying up out of the ground. Somebody must be praying for me because of Bora preach. The strength of fear, fear fear, fear something here. Something hear something and I'm not gonna. Stop till I fix it. I fear something nothing was done in darkness will not bring it to life. I hear the sound of injustice. I hear the sound of that brother's blood. I hear the crying weeping mother, the street. I hear the sound of grab bag filling back, hear the sound of police brutality. I hear the sound of batmobile, the court room, the.
Precisely because it god could geared got it won't get away clean, got it there. It will get away clean. God can hear it. You can cover it up, but god, given you about it, but not to do it. You fancy a totally forgotten said. I I hear the sound of trademark martens blood crying. I hear the sound of it. I hear the sound of injustice because has done this curse with a will. Is there.
And you curse the you succeeded, but you lost the one budget gone paid for the every person who's ever been victimized in any kind of way. Do not ever think that the perpetrator will get away clean. The rapist may have got away with rape god. I, the abuser, may have gotten away with their bills, but god said, I fear, they'll never get away clean, the back room or the office and molested, but god said I hear the sound of it just the loss of job because he wouldn't play with the balls. God said I hear the
The american weekly their purse, with the curse, the never be totally free their purse with a curse. There's no needed, you be a bitter, and I agree that set and tried to get even old europe does a man will fix for you hear the sign of it. What would you do? People wall? Not a word to you, because, above all save you judge yourself. You have no need to be all you, stubborn people. That would member apology, your was man will apology was my cell was almost team is I was almost top of myself. I was stuck.
So what I m doing is giving you. A three dimensional look at this text. Because I m showing you the text from able I to and from pain perspective and from is persuade from spreading perspective Approval of the house is to us. He has q. Her hope. Resolving herself from guilt. Because not only did he kill her son, he killed what.
It might have been her save. Can you imagine, will wither came at all that It was. It's not just as you lost. She lost her redemption. She was trying to fix that. who's there. One might well be big. These cursed. She just lose one, she lost two and worst of all, he kill what she had. Have you ever had something cute, but you.
That might be the most painful death about hello. This is principally be jigsaw, of course, and reaching out to you and challenging you and speaking to you, Creating an opportunity. I have learned over the years that if you have good seed of background, you cannot a harmless but Do you believe that, now that the potter starts, good ground. Alex I want to appeal to you to put your good, see good growled. Allow me to touch it agree with you during this turbulent time for an increase for saturation array, for harvest abundance that exceeds your expectations. It's all possible. The hands of the public
so so now to the party had expected fabulous. The plan one sixty Bill like you, building in for. Be my age while you, your age and you'll, get there So I want you to be throwing money at your future, manage your prayers. The money you throw your past events over dollar bill backwards is ninety is eighty is seventeen sixty interests is eaten it up dead, ways, eats up dollars
big, the same dollar, though it forward, and it is a growing it's one, ten, it's one, fifty is one. Seventy is one eighty, so investing increasing the prescience. I don't care if it's just the dollar when you throw something forward, This is our plan believe it is a plan to be able to take care of myself number three. It says to anybody around I'm goin for more the battle the death of one for the death of what I expected the bed. What I thought, Of what
what. Whom I well to kill me. what I was planning for what I was open for at the way I thought my life was gonna work. I'd be further along this path. Now I thought I'd have more than I do, but now I thought I'd be a general straight street back now What what do you do with life? Is q. What you for what you would dream about? What was expected to play What I am.
It would have been dictated to kill what would have given me self esteem. He killed my plan that fits that it clear what I had there's, not a person in this room who has not been to the cemetery with the idea who has stood over the graveyard of what you hope for. who has committed to the ground? What you imagine would have happened, a long live the jew. What excuse. What he'll kill my plan. Kill my hope. Kill mass transit.
Is to lose. To move one above, what might as well be jail as bad enough. to kill what. The mail. to fix. The A big spin, It would have turned out the way. I thought.
It is only what we get over in the book of hebrews that we learn. That stated has not triumphed in this story. It is when we get to the book of peoples that we begin to rio mass able head to die. There you go to die because he has a type of Christ. that evil death catapults us.
From the shadow into the reality is starts with able offer an up lambs and it is with able being offered up himself that my sister is the gospel one sort paragraph god revealed to us everything that would happen over the next several thousand years.
The blood of bullocks with goats would only be a shadow of what god was going to do with the man that the blood that was painted on the door pollster the believer with a shadow of the redemptive power of the blood of Jesus. It is here that god reveals that the lamb is only a substitute for the man. It is here that god reveals that the lamb is just standing in the stead of a man that the lamb is a man and that the man is on the I'm going to say that again, because I don't think they heard it that the lamb is a man and that the man is a lamb. It started in the book of genesis, the exhibit visit the mistake. The lamb is a man and a man laughs. Oh, if I could sing I was saying worthy, is the lamb now behold the press, lamb of god behold now behold the.
What. it's just
it is the death of your strategy, but it is the death of your destiny strategy. Is not blood strategy, never lost control of the situation. What he was father, he said the sailor was so the sea there was never meant to be. The wall then see the sad. The woman you sobering. Foreplay is maybe somebody called things, and he so say his people from there.
How many reminds I've got things that somebody tell that to happen? The way was suppose that laws whatever was supposed to whatever was supposed to be with you. I don't listen. Why don't listen to steal? My god, my god that was not out of the whole business law, has not one hundred radical people who don't tell what nobody who had gone tat you from having and will control you ve. Given you moved, you receive the mission to the blue teaching inconvenient devotional book me miss rider, were you gifted ninety dollars would discover you weren't rice with three method series reason with greece. Entity Jake's revealing book from the cleanest binnacle alone will listen to the play, teaching and emotional. For you give to one hundred twenty five dollars more. You received the favoured by god. Prayer backs includes as well, especially oil from Israel. In addition to everything else, you see here, let's call or click to reserve a bundle today.
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