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Momma Don't Look Back

2019-05-12 | 🔗
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Coming on the pattern tat. She turns a calamity mobile took me what woman is like could exist, but it wouldn't leave aside issue what's up in that way about patents that family. Thank you so much for joining us and ass. The cortex comment. Today's message is for those of you who have endured and overcome its cobb mamma dont, let out of luke,
after several listing envy flat, The unsung. when you start talking about great mothers lugging, she is the mother of all creation. The mother of all creation, and yet not one time in the new testament. Does Jesus ask us to remember eve. Sarah is a mother for the nation of Israel. Who is an old woman, became pragmatic, gave birth and produced a child? All aids. after her heart places. I'm not one time. That's a long asked us to remember tat one not one Rachel gives birth, even while she is dying. She's, giving life
and they are to death before this chile thing or could call more temperature. She pushed out a key. And yet the lord, not one can ask us. To remember her. Did you hear what I'm saying to you, but in our text today of all the women from us too, to ruth Today, mail me woman, at the woman at the woman after woman at the woman who did amazing things about one time. This Jesus ask us to remember any of them, but in our text today of all women in the bible, the Jesus says we should pay attention to
of all the women who performed miracles in a drive nails into the heads of cleans and received their children raised from the dead of all the women in the bible whose issues are blood ses who got healed and delivered by the power of god who had their songs raised from the dead of all the women in the bible. The one the woman. Jesus says we ought to remember. in the old testament to remember blots, wife, He asked us to remember a woman who has wrongly.
Search all you want to dig all you want to open up all of your lexicons and all your commentaries. You cannot find lots of wife's name, and yet this nameless woman Jesus has told us pay attention to her. Remember That's why I'm not even go get your name. So it's not important that you understand her name. You ve got to understand her gay. Remember lots, wife is. Properly, that from a text that deals with ask apology, It talks about when the son a man shall appear. If you're on the roof. Top Don't go down to get your pocketbook out. The house.
otherwise what god is ready to take you forward the deem anything behind you to be so valuable that you miss the opportunity trying to deal with that which is behind you have the courage to go somewhere. You've never gotten before. Do something you've never done before and don't think anything about yesterday, so valuable that you mess up today. But this is the day that the lord has made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it and he says to us: if you seek to save your life, you will lose it. But if you lose your life, you will find it He's us is telling us to be losers, not winners
And all the time with a play, make me whether the law, the signal. I don't want to make you a winner. I want to make you a loser. If you are a loser, you will always be a winner. if you lose your life, you will find it, but if you, if you, you will lose it, he said. women is losing losing his wedding so for every woman in the room, whose ever felt like a loser.
For every woman in the world who ever felt like, I don't have what it takes to deal with what I gotta deal with in the situation that I'm here for every woman who ever looked at a situation that looked at your challenge, said I'm a loser as a mother and I'm a loser as a wife and I'm a loser as a daughter. Welcome welcome! Welcome losers. You are all winners, Three. And who's ever to lose his life so funded, and Jesus delivers this admonition. This admonition this this warning this this this this crystallized moment where he takes us back in time. The Love a dissertation about what he's going to do at the end. He takes us back to what he did at the beginning and says: remember: lots wife,. we don't know for sure who lots wife is
I don't know where she came from. We don't know whether he married her while he was in sodom and Gomorrah, or whether she was a part of the entourage that came with him. But we know that she significant another Jesus wanted us to remember her packing Everything getting ready to go leaving the familiar. As the lord told me to preach this because. We will always call you out of your comfort zone. Cause you to leave the familiar for the unfamiliar We will always take you to your scary, place. put your unfamiliar places, but no one and all I told you about the time you got good at something that always change. He means for you to be off center and out of balance, and if there's one thing women have is to be an off center and out of balance. That's why they ask so many questions because they want to be sued.
Where we going. How long are we going to be there? Where are we going to stay? Do they know that I'm coming? What am I supposed to wear? What am I going to if we go out to eat? Where are we going to eat? Do you have enough gas in the car? Have you checked the spare tire put on somebody women? You know I'm telling the truth. You always want to know every thing before you go, but you gotta walk by faith, not bafta. before the brimstone beginning to fall on the city and before began to engulf the town to men and attractive, backed up to the house and started loading up everything.
as she and she didn't have time to take it because he had to leave real quick and she had to follow a lot from the familiar to the unfamiliar. To the scary place and is hard for me, what you're still connected. I also think it starts going down the road and we leave it. familiar and he's going until the familiar and she's she's she's with him, but she's, not with a half way out of the city before they could even get to the mountain top. God was going to take them to before they could discover that kingdoms and nations would come out of it.
that, much of the middle east would be a result of their relationship before she could discover who she really was as a woman, because she felt that the sum total of her worth was in her past and not in her future, because she thought that the good old days were the best days before she got to find out that god was taking her to a higher place and that god will always take you to something better. He would not take it or something later before she ever got to find out who she really was that a woman. Before she realized at the best of your life is not accomplish when you're forty.
Before you realize that, god has something for your fifties at your sixties and seventies and the eighties that would blow your mind if you're, not careful, you'll, give up on trying to be what you used to be the last twelve to a size. A thoughts like you did the best with just a little bit. The reason we don't have many prayer models is because models appear to be sexy. The fella is trying to get her goo. The obama was trying to get her the target. I would not go like this. The customers at mama don't look back the
If you're still angry with me, although what your daddy did and how he did, love you and how he didn't stay with you and now you can't stand man based on race on somebody, who's gone or dead,. Mamma do but. If you're still trying to prove something somebody who's, not even a parting of reality, mama. Don't look back, you have to understand that god's sakes
Rest, alas, let me draw your you have to understand that god save the best be amazing anybody is young, is probable has its advantages? how's. That
food is slow cooks, the three things everybody means in order to survive if food, shelter and clean water, but for some bowls can be hard to combat the global partner system. Initiative was created to help us reach every nation. Do our international humanitarian out leads maghreb care? We provide food clothing, clean water and medicine to areas around the world, visit tv, J partners downward to become a part of our global partners system, weathers The loss of a love, one or sickness, or the loss of a job, and he it's no question going through that. Nobody, even those that you're going through you, can go to secret crutches. You wonder where is god, whereas love? What is my life all about you just go? You go
fall apart inside. And all of it is because he's trying to squeeze something out of this more important than what he is bruising To get the sound of a bundle of the life of the tremendous round, a visa fees that maybe I just want to look one less time back and where they came from. Maybe it was the council that they couldn't get him the trouble, and maybe it was a house that she was sure she would ever have a given. Maybe it was a playground that she left the backyard for the kids. Maybe it was the fence around the house, but this mama with two girls. Turned away from what was in front of her to look back. What was behind her, a moment. She turned to look back. To turn to a of salt.
She is only one and all the scriptures that turn to a pillar of salt. She turned and until a pillar of salt. Looking much turned into a pillar of salt and it's funny that she would turn into a pillar of salt, because black salt Let's all her presence was important. Like saw her presence was holding the family together. Because I'm good mama holes the family together what fault she was a preservative.
The only reason are probably made it to everything that we went through aside from God is that a good woman laughs preserves the family. Even if you have to explain the kids to bed- and you have to lay down at night and explain that it didn't kiss. A woman is like, so she keeps the thing from spoiling. She makes it work when it's not working. She takes a part time job and stretches money. That's not even there see that murmur and complain she does what she has to do to make asap, get some food stamps or coupons to go to is when you get to the one woman laughs.
a good woman to break cornbread. Even what we don't have built. The woman take a good man in a bad situation and make him feel like superman, even though he lost his job. The. When a man murdered a good woman. He forget sometimes that his wife calls her mama, because it makes me want to cuddle up under her, because the woman is a shelter in your life. A good woman is like the good woman is like sight, because the house makes it a better place. Turns a whole city turns a house into a home the crisis into an opportunity, the calamity into a moment for us to believe that a woman is like salt. The could exist, but it wouldn't be the same if he wasn't sprinkled up at that place. The woman at the bottom, the.
A woman is like south, because she's up, if you're a fire and over the years, she'll take a wild child and purify a good woman is like salt she's, a purifier and you sprinkle her on something she'll take a man and turn him into a husband. Laughs sees light soul. Tastes better when she doesn't like. So she cleans up mrs situations.
She drops out bacteria and says devil get out of my house. Mamma will play at two o clock in the morning. While everybody sleep, I have opened the door and sweet the devil. How have you pay today, woman step into a stake in hospital? Where a man, you may see some momentum with that. She gave up big. Presence of salt. so become a pillar of salt
Forgive the salt has lost its safe. What good is it if you are not going to be present in the moment? What if you're, not gonna, be with me right now,. What good are you if you can't go home with me before you ring with me? What are you? Your presence? Is Salts, your salter's last saver. You go from the presence of salt to a pillar of salt. With lots, wife looked back. The family brought. All they survive without, or they made it to the mountain top without her, but with
her salty presence in that marriage lot got drunk. And roll over down with his daughters, He rolled over to us. She used to be The but without her present. venus carnal as he was. He went back without her. And both her daughters got rate without her brother father without her and produce My and Amman, without her. And those children produced a country
without dollar, three Without her. She was looking at a city and got countries In her. I just came to tell you, mammals. If we have needed good mom, Before we sure do need a man if, if we ever needed mama before
we sure do need a mile. I want to talk to the old woman whose ankles are swollen and your back is hurting and you went from a size ten to assess twenty four and you've got heart troubles and palpitations and you're on medication, and you can't move like you used to and you can't stand as long as it used to stand and you can't serve like you used to serve. I want to tell you that your presence is important,
I want to tell you I want to tell you I want to tell you that we need to even if you don't put, even if you don't work, even if you can't go to school, even if the king do what you used to do. Even if you can't leave the business or run the company, we need. Your presence. I want to tell you big mama, oh mamma, gray, hit mamma has come about mama down at her peace on the cover ball spot mamma. I want to tell you you look good to us, you don't want you look so good to us. You know why you look so good to us, because we can trust.
And because you know the very worst about us and still believe the very best of us and because when all hell is breaking loose, you will pray us out of stuff keep your mouth shut, don't let the devil, talk you into a nursing home or talk you into alzheimer's or make you think that, because you can't wear a bathing suit, you're, not a beautiful woman, your beautiful woman girl, you are absolutely gorgeous the mama, the mama! Don't look back, because if you look back somebody's going to spoil without your wisdom and school without warning and spoil without your life, mama, don't look back because you're, the one who prays us out at dinner: food you're, the one who drives bad aids out of arsons the mama, don't look back, because when we made a mess on ourselves just like he used to clean us up. When we were three months old, we can come and sit at your kitchen table and you wake the smell of what we did offer was the in this world, where you can't trust nobody.
In this world, where everybody betrays everybody- and you can't even tell your freedoms from your enemies means. Mamma, we need, we may do pray for us until we can pretty far sales. We need you to fly out to god to weaken craft ourselves mamma, we need you, Whatever it takes to stay alive, to keep your heart leading to keep you goin to keep your man going to keep your thoughts clear stay with us. Mommy, remember lots wife, because you are the only thing that can, Is everything together and you are the only thing that add seasoning to the things we have to go out and get? You are salt mama? You keep us from spoiling mama.
You are preservative. you make the case that a speaker starts speaking again: they're still your sister best. Still your brother shut, your mouth go back in the house and talk to them. The evidently evidently there's some kind of devil coming from some kind of direction. Trying to make you think that you're not important and that you're not significant that you that you're not vitally essential. Even though your kids may have got more degrees than you, you still got more wisdom in them. We need
it was our friendship serving as the word of god, as only he can Satan does not want you to apply. This meant this through your life, because he knows a word like this. What demolish stronghold Feel your life with the presence of god. I pray that ignore the negativity this strikes. And the naysayers that will come against you and that you to turn in your spirit, to do everything that the lord confirmed in your heart today. Some of you have, Ask how you can support this minister. In partner with my father, in a special way, we had says the thing for you, the global partners, There is a network of believers from around the world that support the ministry and receive special gaps in this camp and exclusive opportunities sick.
This. You can join today by citing the letters gps and any given amounts to a nine five zero. You can also visit as online tv J partner. Is that all
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Do you need a break case? I got just the word. Crews. Are we cruise and get ready we're going to have a good fab and we're going to be blessed? Oh yeah, I'm ready for a getaway. The cubs
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