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Moving From Carnality

2019-07-21 | 🔗
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on the butter state is natural natural is not your wife is not your husband. The reason you are not happy is not because you're single, it's not because you don't have enough money. The reason you are not happy is a drama feel with all that clutter all the time you are mentally or emotionally constipated that side of yourself, with no one to talk to nobody to open up to that place, to release the you that your joy is not for. You have made peace, the high I'm past record, Jake's coleman and every now and again you may be sitting in your house. Wondering have you been forgotten, you have not been forgotten.
as a matter of fact, you have been specifically considered for today The reason why you are sitting here is because god has a special word just for you there, wherever you are in life, be it down or be it at bay it hard or be it easy guy as a wages for you understand that religion does not constitute relationship. You can have religion and not have relationship with god. Are you understand what I'm saying that's because we are three dimensional, because we are three dimensional everything we have two under I am not about ourselves and we have to understand that whatever you feed will grow, it will develop if you, if you're feeding, all of this
fleshly, carnal, sensual stuff. At again, I'm not just talking about moors, because some of you have got a good report that some of you built, but but some of you gotta get a grip on it, but you are I bought a census every day with negative information. I guess you heard about so, and so I guess you heard about this, you know they get ready to take the car yet also so pregnant. You know this is about to happen the downsides of the job so and so's after your position. You just collected all the information store and all of that stuff in your mind and then wonder why you have no peace. Could you please.
You spend way more time with these portals open, feeding your mom, that kind of stuff you do in prayer and praise and worship in the presence of god. Feeding your mind, spiritual stuff, so for the big quarterly minded, is that the reason you're not happy is not your age? Is natural mulch is not your wife is not your husband. The reason you are not happy is not because they're single is because you don't have enough money. The reason you are not happy if the drama is feel with all that clutter all the time you are mentally or emotionally constipated locked up down inside of yourself with no vip, don't want to talk to nobody to open up to that place to release it. That is building up a view, thats why your joy is not, for you have made peace. You need to talk all of that stuff out of jail as long as your business. Whatever you do within a fire will be for me or my house. We will serve the.
the challenge is is to be built up is to build up their spirit party and I'm afraid that we don't do that much. We don't do that much because when it comes to building yourself up in the spirit those those spit Muscles are often very underdeveloped. The tv vex her father, Your sensual muscles the radio exercise of your central muscles. What you read is exercised in essential muscles. What people are saying to you is exercising yourself central muzzle, but when it comes to your spiritual muscles you you could be a weekly. and I'm I'm too how to know your weekly. When you're in the wars of service. You kind go along with it. But you really don't get into it. It's not that you disagree with what they're saying, but
You don't really connect with it either. if not the georgians cries, but you don't seem to get out of it. What other? people seem to get out of it, though you, the idea of it you get bored with it quickly, because your spiritual muscles, underdeveloped I'll give you another fact. Put you call, you did all tat. I pray you pray about. Thirty seconds is not even a minute and you become aware of urban. These are heard Oh, you know I got to trade facetious, see this. That's your man trying to turn you back to the carnal things and move away from a spear because spiritually you're under developed. Pressure is born Only to praise exciting is one something in your senses is in trouble
then you pray hard, because you are more in the business of building up that that essential that you are praying for the joy of praying, because you don't really enjoy praying to a god. You cannot see when you can get on the phone and talk to somebody you can hear and interact with somebody. You can see I get on twitter. You spend more time on facebook than you do in prayer with your little forty friends in your box. You enjoy talking to them more than you enjoyed talking to god, and it's not that you don't love god that not that you're, not a christian, but the reason you don't enjoy. It is because you are suffering from spiritual malnutrition and your spiritual reality is not built up, and you only do it out of religious duty and have to do the religious duty. You won't do it lol because you don't enjoy the okay and obey. This is what he gave me to have a baby, giving something better than the one. I want you to go to to think. It's hebrews the hebrews hebrew five, forty,
gotta believer that I want to show you a couple of things, but strongly belong to them that are of full age. What is even more fully than men all people it. It means that the strong me you have to give to those that are spiritually, mature. Ok and it defines it in a minute strong make belong to them that our full. I wish lord What my strong meat, there's more revelation limit. And it has more liberty in it. the strong or you are the less restraint- is needed.
When the kids are little, you go to bed at six o'clock. When you get older, you go to bed at eight o'clock. When you get older, you go to bed at eleven o'clock when they get the surveys. You all know where they go to bed, the only embarrassing gaffes. You know you don't call your grandkids and say it's ten o'clock, it's time for you to go to bed because with maturity, comes liberty, bondage freedom, because you have set the pattern when they were children when they get older, you release them from the pattern because maturity brings about liberty. You couldn't do that liberty to a child. You don't give that liberty, young mothers, you don't give that liberty to a three year old, stay up all night, because you up all night, you lonely and you need somebody to talk to little willingness to go to bed. The.
strongly belong to them that our food aid, those who, by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. Those they have used. So that's good news. Exercise by using it reason you're not a drawing. It is because you don't use it. Is this guy working out the muscles ugo use, give you the most pay. very much. What we do want some. I guess I'm just a little bit waste will through pownall. Wait. Don't like it. I love that
let me walk around all mobile anytime, you use in some, you don't normally use. It cries out against it So if you want to develop it, you have to use it I want to show you why it's important for you, to develop this, and just going to church does not ensure it, because you can go to church and be a spectator and not really be a participator, and you don't get what other people get out of it, because you're not really putting into it. And you don't know how to put into it is not too hateful or rebellious or fighting god. You don't know how to open up to it, because, first of all, you are not in touch with yourself,
people who are in touch with them. Sales can make the transition into this more easily because they are in touch with them sales. If you are not in touch with yourself, it becomes difficult for you to put make spiritually, because nobody feeding you do the avenues that you are customs are being fair and that's why you're bored. so you to stand up to the prey service. I see you a baseline, announcing law hammers, I
you would be released in this place. People started more we'll do the most really got in touch with them started really blessing. Our goal in purpose in life, underprice, is to love and to help one another and that's the bishop of gps. Together, we can touch la helping the hurting, encouraging the hopeless feeding, the hungry and so much
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We're going to have a good time and we're going to replace the gospel of John chapter four. It always amazed me and I'm trying to teach law, but it always amazed me how Jesus meets this woman at the well and they have this weird conversation. This is like the weirdest conversation he saddam as well as careful water. She comes down to the whale to get water He s the woman who leads water for water, see the interest to decide what she's going to give him water about them. Well, she's trying to decide whether to give water. He says if removal hours you be asked me for water.
I mean this is like a weird conversation to me: And I barely argued water is dubious. Is this a reed, we're gonna wanna that you will never thirst again, the woman who was about to give him some water drops of water pleasant. So give me this water that our first bob. May the one I have brought. to the nobody gets agree. And then my time about religion. A more and this woman, this woman, this woman, this one the trees stops and wage obey me down at the well first of all, she's a woman so badly a man and woman. Why respected as leaders of biblical day, the wait all day for a woman? a woman who had five husbands. Looking woman, negative woman, there's one of her husbands,
The Bible introduces hard to us as as come down to the well. We get water. What gives the bible, tell us about the five hundred of the water. This is, firstly, woman she's,
firstly, in the natural she? Firstly, the spirit, she's thirsty and hurry bolsa she's thirsty too hard? We seek its coming down to the will. Is there to gotta play we all they had sat with sick. It's going to these man, it's actually trying to find somebody that can satisfy her purse to five husbands, because she is firstly, this missing out of her life as you cannot find it and see about search woman. She worships in the mountain. She goes to service at the mouth of what one thing that is consistent about this woman is a person why my sisters, that makes a moment thirsty women make somalis that there are still affected every area of life she's. Firstly, romantically she's, thirsty, spiritually, cease thirsty match really. Every area of life there is report cases of the same pattern. Whatever you are in this area, you are in that area. You are in that area. You are that area. Visa said. If I give you this water, I could six halls.
Carbon. Now we know the answers more morning, I'm just going to teach a little bit is ok and she says this is this. Is this? Is the clue to her secret torment? Give me this water that our thirst not neither come here to drink? You know what she said, I'm so tired of being thirsty, I'm so tired of being disappointed. I'm so tired of not having my needs met, I'm so tired of living, my life in
oh I'm so tired of not been ratified in any area of my life, I'm tired, I'm tired of the cycle of going and come and go and come and go and come in. I met somebody. I lost somebody. I got somebody, I don't have somebody. I think he likes me. No, he doesn't. I'm tired of the cycle. Give me this water that at first but the thirsting his torment put this woman. The first thing is torment and all of this happens. Man, and neither she nor Jesus, have taken a break. Top all day, Water had never drink The world is there, the water. Is there the thirst? Is there any never put up to their lives?
In fact, when the conversation is over this woman water pots, He said the cyclist blanket. I have to come back here. Looking for the same old stuff anymore, found what I needed it. I'm outta here at the breaking of her pouch, is an indication that you cannot expect me to come back to the same place with the same lead. Looking for the same gratification ever did the cycle is broken, see whom the sub has set free is the hogar. how hallelujah. See what this point is to be called
My group is that doesn't work above inside of it So you gotta keep coming back again and again and again to me: that's what I'm forty years old tell me this one. Fifty seven gave me this one, tired hard problem. Oh I'm, tired of search, I'm tired of open
It's hard to believe that a woman get tired of believing they either get grumpy and start complaining or they shut it off like mad and say I don't want it any way. You like you do want it. You just don't know where to get it. So it's a weird conversation and I won't show you is one loophole. She says in verse. Twenty our fathers worshipped in this mountain and you see that in Jerusalem is a place where men ought to worship. Jesus saith unto her woman believe me the hour cometh when he come neither in this mountain nor yet at jerusalem to worship, the father now listen to what this is and I'm going to read it in the ntt version. You people, worship what you
well not know you, people watch what you do not know. We worship what we know because salvation is from the Jews, but a time is coming and now is here when the true worshippers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth, Jesus just gave you a three point outlet, you worship what you do not know. One group of people worship what they don't know they they they they just don't know what they're doing they don't know what they're worshiping but they're worshipers. Okay, they just don't know what they worship your people, worship in the mountains. They know not what this is false worship. This is flawed worship. This is this is worship that is based on a inner need to worship, but you're worshipping
falsely and wrongly and ineffectively, and yet it is video tradition for years. You can be committed for years and you can be sincere and be sincerely well done Mainly by tell you that, just because you're sincere major right, you say you your people are sincerely wrong. He says People are right salvation of the Jews, we know what we watch now is it, but here we wash up what we know we watch what we know. You watch what you know not we watch what we know. We was what we know. We worship what we know, but this out at either we worship what we know, but that's not it either. We was what we know what we understand, but that's not it either we watch what we perceive, but that's not it either. We watch based see that
wash up a lot of tangible bringing goats built, gloves and peace, offering the way was an oath six o clock. The stoppage six o clock here go ahead. We can't move it with all of this within the physical realm of what we know we watch what we know is it, but the outcome of and now is that they that worship him most worship him in spirit and, in truth, worshipping. The third category is more beyond knowledge of this where we lose the reason you don't enjoy. It is because everything you do is based on what you know now pursue an environment where you have. worship. Beyond what you know and you are uncomfortable with it. Put somebody in the room you could talk to you talk right, do if I put some energy, If you could understand you would respond right now, but anything that requires a jubilee. Viktor, you go beyond what you know leaves you impotent to perform.
Jesus at the outcome of the values that that the true worshippers must worship, the father in spirit and in truth,. When was the last time you did anything that exercise your senses and spirit. That's why you're spirit is weak that's. Why you're spirit? Is we that's? Why you're spirit is we will The last that you enjoy being alone. up your own spirit.
Tv off radio? All nobody come, then nobody talks will have. You was the last time you were constable without the physical, the visible, the tangible detachable. Your muscles are weakened the spirit they have not been exercised by reason of use and you don't enjoy it. That's why you gotta turn some noise on you, gotta have a tv go and all tat. You gonna call somebody on the phone. You they contact in the body realm, because your spirit is so uncomfortable that you don't want to go beyond what you know. Did you not know that from if I can get beyond your ugly irrigate mouth gave that you are not alone ever at any time. We do not know usa sent up your biceps than just base if right, they look like just stand under basis that come here and you come here and you come here and in and become a very clear and in an ok, she's staying here about so much of what has become of you. Don't want some just watch I'll start moving all around or just move at all around it.
She thinks she's in the house by herself. She does not know
the angel, the more fear him? She does not know the sea of in the presence of angels at all times. This is never been alone, but she's never been herself, but she never had to deal with anything but her. So she demanded that the aims of washed over whilst they were with which we got up in the morning the car with rick whither. They stopped us abandon. The comment that I thought to the test cycle for evil sea does not know that the spirit will, but because she could not see them not smell them. Tat they know. Is the seed takes me to be real outside then them, then they saw these two open so that she can see that she's got around her self just about
the I thought you. Ah, the time when we need a word. God is there to answer it, and I am so glad he was able to answer you today. I hope they if you take this word and you allow it to penetrate your heart and mind and that you allow it to impart your spirit that you may move forward in the things that god has caused you to move forward in. Remember I am fighting with you, I'm fighting for you and we get the victory Get their dredgers strongholds today with forever free for the most, but if you ever get loose or committed to years to get loose to you get to the ministry of any amount, you will receive. Bishop jakes liberating theories forever free on four cds and his phone is free. Indeed bookmark. How do we learn to manage what is managing us before it destroys us and when, It is one hundred and ten dollars more, we will add, is cool summertime back three hundred and sixty five day, devotional healy,
blessing and freedom as well as bishops book Letty go is closer to us. Is that we are coming closer to him. You must be our guide desires for you to live forever, free all the placid, while all the while they are even candid visitors are mine, a call to order you digital, demonstrating a company. arms anymore. I come they anymore. I could feel my anymore. I can feel anything anymore. They they can't move your finger and I'm looking at the doktor and his she's the moment. Oh my god, I'm really pile last for real. This is happening to me. How do you persevere with the face with it?
the when you're, when you're in a you're in the wheelchair, you feel so little when it takes all your gut just to stay in the midst of pressure or memory house, you say you want to try to stand up and hold the device in there pulling minutes. One two three and I get up. I feel like this giant. I feel so tall. Why does the phrase come as data from that point on? I knew I could get out of this now. This is not going to be in my story. I'm gonna come about. It is god who take lunch then turned to power Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life Look the to next time on the part.
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