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Principles of New Beginnings

2018-08-26 | 🔗
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Coming up, on the butter state like these but love or like you, call for pickup.
The equal driver. You gotta, be friend going up to your friend. At the same time you gotta be prepared and building back your family, you gotta be praying building got married. You gotta be plan, like yourself, I don't know who I'm talking to, but I'll give you some principles, because god is about to give me the hi everyone. Thank you so much for watching the potters, pets and pets record jake's comment in spite of, what you have been through had good new god, grant beginning, but in order to experience guy three that you must admit to him,
changing your thoughts and had even though, why am I right it will show us how, in this message the principle of a new beginning, the culture where they came and they worship and serve god, and they had a little at dollar tree a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit, Of all mixed up together, but when God Samuel surrounded ready to do the great big, though the great beat down, comes when the Phyllis times come against the children of Israel. Battles will break down culture. when you get into a battle, when you get a battle that beach down to the ground, it will make you change. Let me bring this alight where you can get it, you might have Somebody who's addicted in your family.
No matter how much you want them to get off drugs, you could not make them get off drugs. You could not make, Lazy people go to work, you could not make I'll, be people shut up. God knows exactly where, to allow the battle to break out to bring you to appoint. Did you say ideal you surrender, my sister must adjust constancy How the buggy? Yes. So he knew the fellow stance and the children of Israel. All we're not scared. The fillets that we're gonna the mouth The children of Israel got excited, they started shouting, the police were afraid when they heard the two original shell, but Russia is not a victory. Shell. It was a shout of perception that it they brought the covenant down like this
always done, but just three of the arc of a covenant bout that god would be on their side. Then a primary youve got over their culture. I to use god over their culture. There are some of you that really serve the lord, but you can't The church, because to give you a hook up, because it really gets a light. So you think your budget is the ark of the covenant down here. I'll get the victory. If I just go to church I'll, get the victory, I'm not going to survey monday tuesday, Wednesday, thursday friday, but I just go, give him a little better, a little bit of Jesus and make it all right. I'd say a little: Jesus that make it right. So where'd you go probably a little bit of Jesus, make it all right and they said at the shop. understand who are afraid, but they want they wouldn't fight.
so the enemy might be afraid when you shot, but better, maybe wanted to hear them anyway, and over thirty thousand, been thirty thousand thirty thousand. Thirty thousand is, if we put out chairs and feel this church of three times that be thirty thousand people. Imagine that many people bid in the valley s a bit there s a terrible, be down thirty thousand women law, sir husbands. Ventnor sounds thirty thousand families, women to grief and mourning and their eli is waiting at home to get the praise report. One man is about to come back and tell you what happened
Lastly, I hear the noise in the valley: what's got all they told laugh, thirty thousand people die and he lab was sitting on a strong signal of strong thirty thousand people that unease through it and they say de la yours, both yourself on the day I met had hurt real bay, but he sat through it they stole the art of the government When I talk about the day had stalled or of the covenant, the bible, he fell backwards. plainclothesmen, because for the public to the part. That was what they were telling all that was always brought them to the presence of god. Was gone backwards broke his neck
now. The way he fell is properly. He fell back. and broke his neck. It is It two things have happened in Israel. You have to go back serve me. What used to be Oh He fell backwards. Is that now has a daughter of law or pretty ass, his wife who was pregnant? when she it was the thirty thousand people were there. The arc of a covenant was gone. calls for the board for labour. Labour
With the labour pretty much toilet at birth to a baby, but she never got to celebrate because when the baby was being born, the the maid said. Don't worry, you have birthed a child, a male child, but she didn't respond. She had birth to baby and Name him about take about means. The glory of the lord has departed. The glory of the lord has defined And out of this woman come living child. Just ass god says I'm gonna bring new life, of a deer place, but everything is this: happily her body, I've been in Israel? I got to kill out something So that a new beginning star,
your life. Do you know what I'm saying to you It named the child ichabod. The glory of the lord has departed. Isn't that funny? to bring like father death god to bring? why bother gotta bring life? chaos, god to bring life. Could please if you fall back? will have to change the way. You think, god do amazing things in your life. If you go back to serve at like you, proposals to change the way you think. If you go back and serve the way you should guard do you pay be stubborn? I just got likely the button. What about you? I call. I will not be your driver, but if you go back
Save the way you think you can have a new beginning, tough, three people, so you can have a new beginning, but you gotta was tat the great big there you gotta go Great big there he got a breach of you say: yes, they got a beach about two, you stop be stubborn and rebecca has to be done. Well, yes, I'm an addict. He has the beach about. You say: yes, I beat my wife, we had to be it, though, until you admit, I'm a con artist, and this is not working in my life. Why do we keep though unassailable they expected, result a little charged with big everything's gonna, be all right. You are sitting in the quiet, but europe. the low price book I.
You need the praise to, but I blurted Why do we but we could add a little bit of god to a whole lot of mess and everything will be all right. You got the nerve to say, you're disappointed because god is not working for you I get the break down and you're going to keep losing bar bar bar stuff into your soul, says daft. If you have ever been to the great
now it is a humbly experience. The reason I told you to know that they water out water, because when you ve been through a great big now it will make you pull out what water it'll make you humble yourself, lay prostrate you, god prostrate before they can say here when the white thing that's the right thing goes down stop stop privately? A teacher become the student I know you don't like towards at low you'd. Like though, you too much the law, let me tell you what counts, What do you plan your free? You was spread around and set out in this regard. so you're gonna have to do something to give you. God had
the treaties? We have shut up, to teach what why all the time We say the brain, do you love me you put the beat that
shut up like a brother? If you can wait for the big down? One of the things I like about this is that it defies any category as it relates to a black woman round. Women, white women, young women, older women, will all fan some reflection at the master plan of themselves. Don't come if you are a woman full of excuses, because this leave you with no excuse, you ve got the burning and you get the anointing, but you know have the structure, and so many many times you locked out twenty you anymore, wandering in the wilderness for forty years, when you gotta go to the promised land in a year, and you had an opportunity to sit with somebody who did it and they showed you how to avoid some of the pitfalls and the delays that are said. But there are some of us at all ages who have family listings. Very few of us were ever get an opportunity to sit in the room with somebody who's master bad place. In the first place, you in the fight for the great turn around
now, you wouldn't listen yeah. And so now when, when, when we read the texts, Samuel is now telling them how to have a new beginning. He you get some cleaning up to do. You've got to get rid of those idol gods. Those idle gas you've got to get rid of them. You you can't be halt between this, and then you get you got either. You would say out of order, is banning these, but you won't get either. You is a new way, at the like the way. That sounds no right. All the teachers in the robot who either you is, are you and if you can't come in, you need to call all the way and if you can't get it together, you need to get it together. You need to put away your idle
and listen. They asked aunt em pre they fastened. I want you to see the contrasts before they didn't They didn't pray, baden, put away their idle gods, they didn't They thought they go get god when they need it. They then ass gods? They fight the pillow stance. They just thought they would you, this they are humble there are laid out before their past. there are problems they are seeking gods face The israelites were afraid last when they got beat. They were so. The philistines war free this time. The
israelites are afraid and the philistines and confident mammal system and its rock your world. All fear is not bad. We preach a lot against free or, above all, fear is not bad for us, the fear of the lord. Is the beginning, a whistle. all fears. Not bad fear makes you cautious, there's a reason gave us a spirit of fear. It warns us is this so the danger. It makes Prepare yourself better to be When the competent majuba studied further tests would you a frigid on flight? You study, while other people go out to play, A certain amount of beer is a good thing. You you wanted in the car, you just don't want to drive a car, you What you don't want, the spirit of fear there's a difference we thus, God had given of the
the spirit of fear, but he has given us fear a pile of flight. As a result of fear this time the israelites were afraid is totally different. What people from the people shout hey, say? Well, we gotta eat too up to date, yeah we got each other. No none of that was going on after they got to burn thirty thousand bodies and the priests have fallen backwards and broke his neck, and his daughter in law is gone
And the labor she was in so much stress, her water broke and the baby came out and the baby came out and the mom or dad Ichabod and all of a sudden. These people are not so sure that they know as much as they thought they knew, and this is where god wanted to where you are humble enough and they went out there before they prayed and they took water, and they pointed out on the ground and said god. We are poured out like water. The thing about water, a case then we are base we are, is low, is weakened with acting on training. we're going to this challenge
We no longer under estimate in me and going in the battle and as a goin as a goin out there to fight their afraid, but they go in there for it, but the gone forever the going the fruit, but the woman. She that's the thing about fear. You have to feel the fear and do it anyway, I'm afraid, but I'm going I'm a threat, but I'm gone, I'm afraid. But I'm gone, I dunno how it's going to go, but I'm going to take you. I don't know who can win but we're going to fight today. And ass they were born out the battle they will tell it. Samuel ceased not to pray for us sees not to pray. for us. Don't do like elan. Just wait for us, see not to pray for us. samuel text, sucking alone. Because samuel knows that they have said without the shedding of blood there,
No remission of sin The bible says that a judge them at miss bond We took a sucking, lamb and offered up burn offering before god and he prayed in the smoke. sad about diversity. He prayed in the smoke, the bible says: your prayers have gone up before god as sweet smelling, say, look, look The two amendments goin patrol Israel are going to fight and Cod is interceding for them. Use your shoot, you'll, see, faith and works, faith and works faith at once. You can't have all paid and no works. You can't just pray about it and do nothing. The lab is what has wicked us for years.
We got so much prayer and no action is you got all kind of prayer and no action who can to stay at home and pray for What do you think? I'm like a ring, no avail and come to the house. I'd love for you to coming into. that did you there, but what Without going back they're either. So constantly people have a new beginning. This time, you've got to use everything. You've got to use everything, you've got to be praying and watching you've, you gotta be praying and fighting you gotta be praying and going after it. You gotta be praying
we feel that your life, you gotta, be prayin going up to your brain, but the thing tat you gotta be created and gilded back your family, you gotta be prayer. Builded got married, you gotta be plan. Let yourself, I don't know who I'm talking to but I'd try the principles, because god is about to give you a new beginning in your life, just custom built to a beat down. That means you're not going to have a great turn around. I said just cut a bit what's that. somebody out of sight made now, in fact, Lotta turn around after we have to teach. place. I don't have the bag because if I get the prize you locked up,
I want the right people I don't want. My planet was right. I want some people, But why does but want to charge full of good intentions, People have a bit about the wrong stupid, who are self righteous holier than thou. I was I have been around the block
some crazy things thought you out a stop to it. have a out of all the people that really know how to price the amount I have shot the ad. Now we get on your nerves, and I know you see cause we keep jumping up, now we're harlan we clap, don't take all of that, but I do have one.
Tell you what I know what it takes me a case. I have the bad ones on it too much because when it's time to be sick of god, I read through two bucks. When I picked up the.
I want to buy one rusty saturday, just so simple. because she understood that this is a spiritual fight? You can't do that. But make to the house, but you're not gonna, get up what's inside back, don't be afraid just turn around right, quick,
large numbers of a bright turn around read that there is a rule that sport has breached you right now. You ll find out where you pay today, when you allow guidelines would not only what's been broken, but he will go ahead and a brave. What has been working phil allows us to rethink. and he will change your life in a way that will hear my I want take another moment and thank our global partners. Your fate
giving allowed the bishop thicken thing, sharing the that's. What wonder air around the world if you're today and you're not have partner, we ask for your support. Thanks to the letter, gps and any given, wait: nine, five, zero. You can also call one eight hundred bishop food and speak to our partner. Had god bless you
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It was a son and at that point that was all about.
The I think, one of the powerful things they exploded. The whole woman that I was number one model number to a mailman. The I'm just amazed at how this conference brings so many women together, she's from Atlanta he's from new york and we became sisters instantly change, transform the.
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