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When you look back over your life, you see things more clearly. Some say hindsight is 20/20. If we look at our situation with the correct set of eyes, things may not be as bad as they appear. To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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If you do what others have not done, you will go where others have not been, but if you say and you later and you think that the world, those yourself and you I think that you can write in all your beautiful face said your gifted whatever it is. You are informed, awakening hard work pays off If you do, you will never get paid Coming up on the pattern tat, I was good. I was gifted I was anointed and it.
While people walk out of your life until you that just like your daddy and you ain't never been left it and you know they allow but don't fight, but because you don't mean for them to see when the right one comes along, they'll see. Welcome to the partners touch. My name is pastor. Ontario green today is a great day to be thankful. when you look back over your life, you see things more clearly. Some say that hindsight is twenty: twenty, in today's message. Bishop will show us that if we Look at our situation with the correct set of ass things may not Be as bad as they, if you take a look at this
Well, if this ever gonna be justice, You wonder where is hamburger. You know when you judge anything in isolation. You don't, have appreciation You understand so I'm. Of making some biscuits wonder, you know For some reason, I decided to taste the baking powder. And the people who less and have tried that's that. It's amassed stuff, put in the mouth and the master mess. And if you served at anybody, they want to choke.
but if you mix it with flour, shortly. Oblivion, just write, it gets a waterfall. and found little rumour just so. It gets, though real pliable. It turned into the best. Could put it in your mouth? The reason Didn't tastes good as break about access to justice in isolation
That all things work, the women really get it because they, if you ever made a biscuit, you gotta work that Chris go into that blow. It'll just go in and you've got to work and that's the way god works in your life. He has to work all things together for the good of them that love the lord, because if you've, tasted and isolated. So why is gone. Limits, don't work Why does this go off I prefer a job where, where was how can I humble myself up under the hand of god, where is god when I needed him.
This woman has finally have a baby. Like the time, what right does what it would be a good time to have a baby. See this happen to have a baby at a time when the euro was crippled. You don't like you have overlooked by business, and the economy goes back sometimes is see peripheral circumstances. that controls the reflex. see this happen, I had a a baby orally. She went ahead of this problem. Let us see what they had this problem, but at the time she happened is baby is easy, but this baby, the baby to me my ass, for come into this mess born into a big old mess that wasn't one trying to get pregnant at a time that favour was killing babies.
Is this all happen that god was bring of babies while favouring was killing babies and moses was born in between bring them kill? It. Turkey will have you, I was tempted to something that was the best of times and the worst of all. At the same time, it was out of control. It wasn't your fault, Is that why I said it wasn't my fault. I didn't do nothing wrong. I didn't go out on what I was supposed to do and still apply myself from Asu for the situation. How did I get in this way is banned.
So the bible says, since he had maybe. As you couldn't controller pharoah number one. She hid the baby. I want to talk to you about the hands that hit me. the hands that hit me. I was good and he hid me. I was gifted and I mean I was annoying it and it hit me. I was called to preach and he hit me. I belonged to a church that only taught I think, I've taught bible class in the church.
time and seven years gives a better. You was a blessing, limited momentum. I was annoying and I was gifted. I was thirty and I was repair and I was preaching in the shower and in the woods and over the hill. Nobody was around Nobody will call me: nobody pays any attention bob, I thought earlier. We love and in fact I was clean out about And pull on saturdays and shampoo under rule on saturdays robinson, I tell you this is a fight dissipated jake's over in the baptism, pull scrub. It hit me.
Can you imagine having a baby we're not talking about a brick house like what you live with? live their lives of all Let us leave it. A big house compared to wear moses, live hand. The baby animal meals, Slain scanty, probably under border something uncomfortable, dark, dank nowhere condition No soft place to leave you here. He hid me said piquet city. Have you ever been hit men and uncomfortable place? Not not reflective of your worth not being applied for your ideas and your creativity hit me.
Have you ever see a woman who wanted to be a good wife and she was prepared to be a good wife and everybody got married, but her. He hit me, I've never want for company. You should have been running. The people who was one of them had to come to you, and I ask you questions big. The pay. You got no credit today. Certain any hit me Have you ever been invisible in your house? You see me. The oils you'll see me. You'll, see me.
You don't see my pain. We all see me. You won't wait. As we see me, you, sir. Causing you see me. I simply wish to. while in the bible sue me. You see me. I'm your wife, I'm your husband. I was there for you. When oglethorpe was gone, you chase people and serve other people better than you know me.
See me: have you ever thought that maybe he hid in your own house. Three was shocked We shout about the hand of god and the god, and all that, oh my god, that god isn't that you me this this gift that has nothing to do with the hand So you could sing the balloon such a thing like that. Six figure a strip club gifted is gift. What are you doing? What you give one picture.
What are you doing, what you just did a goodly and you're still hidden. Do you know the god's hands had uncomfortable, followed, mother uncomfortable for the baby, the stage of being a hypnotism com? but necessary. It depends so some it depends on how you reflect on it. You could reflect on it say is uncomfortable that you believe in. Or you could recognise that when you hit you d protected. Then he did let you get in the circle.
He didn't let them people like you, he let you be rejected. He let you lose that job over there. He let the person walk out of your life over here, the godhead you because he was protecting you. If only in reflection that you say you know what it was good for me. The it was good for me that out of a flipped, the pillow toronto, canada, I'm so excited to have the opportunity to be able to share all the things that I believe are necessary to help you to go to the next dimension. In spite of the turbulence of our times, we can still use it to become the wind beneath our wings, starting a business starting a vision starting a not for profit. I've got a word for you. We shall mount up on wings like eagles. We shall run and not be weary. We shall walk and not come on meet me. Canada, see you in toronto, less sore,
without the god may have answer here present. You don't recognize it because you been praying and your business says. Harvests and you're gonna say see your businesses, airplane and your god says: bicycles, take the shop and build the plane. The people who don't feel grateful because you you're hidden under board and slaves Darkness, coal is uncomfortable and you Winners in your arms in his shoulders because you have to take place, it keeps saying I'm better than this in your right through goodly child One should understand that he hid their heads to protect That is, protection means that you don't get credit.
Then you don't get recognized ass. Then you don't get appreciated that you'll get validated. You, don't get acknowledge that you don't get referred and you don't get the business and you don't get the deal because he hit. and god sister you humble yourself. Humble yourself, while doors clothes in your face. Humble yourself, while loans won't come through in humble yourself, while people walk out of your life until you ain't nothing, just like your daddy and you hang on, never be left it and you know they allow the don't fight back. Because you don't mean for them to see you. when the right one comes along, they'll see, oh god. I want to sell their wonder. Why won't come to see you?
Almost all other than the one I wanted to base is a man of peace or as a motor. You let me go as this is areas in particular,. looking illegal for I'm not sure. Is that what you say anything? Let me let me know I said I'll know when I see one is right. You know it until then stay hidden. halves of god had them. thing I want to talk about, is women. Child could no longer be hidden three months. There is a point for greatness, hidden I get breezes overtime. All my friends call me say you have me, please. One time you put me on the map,
So if I could put you on a mob guy. What I could do it bring you until a platform you're not ready for. It'll mess up your life because, If you are truly great. I wonder whether you prisoner from ten people are two thousand people. Brightness cannot be hidden, it will take us head up at a stick, is laying out it has taken us put out the way it is really quite with no business cause. No website well placed to know is the way about twitter. If you really get a sabbatical tell it varies, appoint taxi sat, there is a pie, we're greatness cannot be hidden,
It could be way up the hill from where it can be way down in the valley somewhere it'll be way over the storefront somewhere. He can be the boss ostracized rejected class to allow nobody wanted it. But if you're really quite sad, I don't see it the way, How could no longer be hidden. The Bible says she took the baby and placed in now. In the bull, russia's in the mail number to the has its place. From the hands it hit me too, the hands that place the hands. this budget to rid rayless place.
the hands said you have our role where you are. The has its changes eminent in your life, the hands it miss, ok because you were allocated to another place, The hands the placed him. Then the bosses in the marshal places in the now the handsome place, get happy about the thing about the has didn't placing into his destiny, but it place them into the stream
I see you will never original destiny. Hitler in this house. You have now grown and gotten everything out of that situation that you can get in that situation. I'm going to place you in the street I'm going to put you in the flow The oh, my god, my god, my god, my brother, the preacher but I'll, feel it down in my soul, because I know somebody in here understands that he just finally got into the family got into the flow, and you might not see it yet and it might not yet appear yet, I'm not in the palace. Yet. but I'm in the flow of varying a things happen
the move to play some in the right direction in the flow. If there's any body in here who feels like you're. Finally, in the flow given three seconds of coins is quite wonderful. What's it a baby. placed in a flow weight I a naked sleeping baby less than a fool for queens bay,
the way will feel all the oil over the floor and endless flow. I'm exposed to things that I would have never been exposed to. While I was hidden in the house, I'm in the slow, my god I gotta stop, because if I get the Brigid it does about the flow, I want to thank god for the hands that place me. The The place we in the slow
if the woman is violently to the dinner party is the one who who met with dallas starbucks is the one that invited me to a church. I've never been to before. It was very violently to me to do is, have you ever been in a meeting or what in the world am I doing it here is because god changed what I created for a purpose that that was not revealed by why you started, but I'm going to place you in the flow. Took me from a small points to a large place. Any place me in sudden was big, and I will smart enough to be careful. And I was wise enough to be scared, because, while I could feel the water flowing I could also hero crocodiles
And I knew that it was snakes in the water god when god places you in something bigger, don't get so happy about being in a big place. The big places main big danger to how many mammals would feel comfortable. Putting your baby in. monsieur was alligators its lakes and serpents. And walk away and trust god to protect. and I'm telling you that the hands a place. Also the hands to protect people. for the things that didn't you, It's gonna, be This is one of these places. Don't we About a car
I'm gonna call em, you can move and you had to downsize at all a stupid stuff. You proud about. Thank you for that. These issues are you. I thank him for the diseases you didn't get. Thank him for the children you didn't bury. Thank him for the almost merely calls all the loose. That's what you oughta be played for. other things are going well are going badly weather. Being acknowledged or whether
hidden in your house. You are always all your life in this. you always in his. Instead of feel bad about who didn't common? Who didn't do and who didn't say. It's a little bit worried about whether you've got a lot of money or a little bit while you're eating. Your payment button, jelly. No matter what season of your life your you right now. What are you bring celebrated? Bring ignored a priest
Invalidated or overlooked as a born again baptize believe the thing that you should give thanks for What sort the things a lovely? What's that Things are true. However, things are good report. Is there votes employees at all. If you got any kind of praise at all. Reflects. reflect all these things. For these the things that you should like to warn the
These other things that matter most. Ladies and gentlemen, whether the sisters reflection see it's all about perspective. It's about what you see when you looking out the right sort of lines, as you take time to reflect on, to beg, please remember those that are in need. There are hurting people. All over the world, when you but I'm a gps partner. You help us bring hope to those who need it most. for more information on how you can be a blessing to others. Go tv, jake partner, start work, have a blessed.
You may stop your life, because you don't have everything together. People walking with your scared self. You are not take comfort in knowing we are one for your gift to the ministry of any size. You will receive bishop jakes three methods series on CD. We are one everything the body has a fog should argue about it and when your gift is one hundred dollars or more, we will add the jake's christmas collection. That includes the miracles still happen. Dvd series, don't be afraid of the gift guide, gifts, dvd series and follow the story book by t d jakes, the us, the natural culture. However, when your gift is one hundred and forty dollars or more, you will also receive this eye catching joshua. Twenty four aren't displaying we can go higher than ever before when we realize that we are one.
anxiety is made out of the fear of the unknown, the possibilities and potentials of what could go wrong. I don't know why we have so much faith in the negative and so little in the positive. I want you to take all energy this conjuring up all of these goals of what could be wrong and use it to imagine what could go right. What do you imagine in your head? You manifested worldwide
you'll find that you are much broader than your much deeper than you have more going for you than you think it's a wonderful opportunity to be able to speak to light leaders who are attempting to do the right thing and do it well. So we can go to our condemnation before so that we can give them more make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what gone has installed for you in twenty eighty. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the potters that the
The. You do what others have not done. You will go where others have not been, but if you say and you later and you think that the world owes you so as you I think that you could ride in on your beautiful face and you're gifted whatever it is. You are in for a rude awakening. Hard work pays off, If you go, do you will never get paid.
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