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Stewards of A Chance

2023-07-09 | 🔗
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Coming on the parties. Don't I got it says, say about marriage. I got a trance overcome this cancer. I got a chance to treat this love about breast. I gotta tell you I got a chance. I gotta tell ya, gotta tell how hates would you start talking like that favours hate when you start talking like that, just as when you start talking like when you ask god for answers with a been s, got off answers with you at your own discretion to have the opportunity how you respond to that chance. The key
Jesus is teaching us here is about the transference of chance, the transference of checks. For god, to allow me to have a chance is absolutely amazing. It is amazing because most people only give chances to certain people Text, god has so switch things around, but the least, We have an opportunity to do. We all mine. The good news is: is it got? God says a kingdom is? I cannot do a man who
His servants, slaves together and gave them bags of go wait a minute s color. We. Because you long enough wealth into slaves that that doesn't make sense, that would be the first thing Abu, if if, if you're running a t and t gonna turn to come, over to the two too, to the people who are in the basement somewhere and I'm gonna bring you up to the pin, how sweet and let you run the organization. Not to be little there. My father was janitors it'll get an attitude, but I want you to understand. There is nothing in the background of the slave that prepares into exile
dude on the level of decisions that are necessary to manage what has been allocated under them. So it is a blessing, but it is also a bird is powerful but pray The area stimulating but scary. These three men would be selected is a compliment, but the compliment creates a chaos. We ever got compliment you with a chance. spread a certain feeling of chaos to go along with the chance. You know it's god. If it makes, Since it's not gonna whatever god does it think it
Make it this, since it is. It takes you out of the parameters of what you have allocated as your normative and puts you in a place where you are dependent upon him in a way that you wouldn't be dependent upon him, because god is not just going to give you that which you are prepared to, but often what you are scared of. If god doesn't give you things that you are scared out. Their faith has lost his job, Is it the unemployment line, because I don't need faith to do what I already know how to do. I don't need faith to be a slave, a slave with the story started. I don't need faith to be a slave. I need faith. Will you take me out
my comfort zone and away from that which is familiar to me and put me in a position for which there is nothing on my resume. That brings me to alignment with what you're about to do in my life. I don't know whether you know it yet, but I've prophesied that somebody already. I know I did say yea, I say, unto thee, but I'm already speaking a word to you about what god, with setting you up for the new year to god, he's beginning you ready to shift. He went to a realm that you won't feel prepared for. Looking from us, I got a chance. People have feeling that they have a chance. I become a manageable, the become difficult they become erratic. They become critical.
A doktor king said that right is the language of the herd anytime people feel like they have no chance bigger, radical, they go over the is they get in, say. That's why the is, after your feeling of hope, because of you. Hope faith has nothing to do for faith. It's a substance of the thing that you hope for ever
the thing you don't see, but if you're not hoping for anything if he could kill your hope if he could convince you to stay at your place, if he could get you to shut your mouth, if he can get you to give up on your dream, if he can get you to get so discouraged that you terminate everything that god has in front of you, the faith doesn't have a job, because you have no hope. That's why all the voices are pocketed your head, that's why everytime you get at the park at LA. Are the voices telling you you're an impostor and you're faking your fraud and you don't have no business with Israel and you will never be a good mother. That would be a good wife, but you'll never be a good one, but the devil is only lying to you. So whatever it is, he's been telling you you're the opposite of that. The fbi has been telling you you're stupid, you're smart. If he were telling you you're broke your rich people, tell you you're ugly you're fired up every brutality. You can't make it you're stronger better at so he's a lawyer, so whatever he says, I want you to believe the opposite, so you're afraid to get his job back.
So we go so five to three people tell him. I got a chance. I gotta trees. I got a chance but I got a chance.
what happened. I got a chance. I got a chance transit going back to school. I got a chance about going back to the business. I got a chance about getting my house. I got a chance about getting out of bed. I got a chance to build up my family. I got a chance for my children to grow. I got a chance to be a good wife. I got a chance to be a good husband. I got a chance to say about mirrors. I got a chance to overcome his cancer. I got a chance to defeat this lump in my breast. I got a chair. I got a chance. I got a chair. I got a chair, Hell hates when you start talking like that. Team is hype. When you start talking like that site nervous. When you start talking like that,. Williamson wrote a poem that stuff. Mama- and I wanted to use today to underscore or what is happening here.
She says our deepest figure. Is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. That's what we're it is our light, not our darkness, that most free Thus we ask ourselves who about to be grew yet about a week gorgeous, who am I to be tackled. Who am I to be fair? We talk ourselves back. Go on as they actually who are you not to be. She says you are a child of europe. Small, your playing small does not
serve the world. You're playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing in like me about shrinking. So that other people won't feel sure around. Stop being a martyr for other people's comfort, we were make manifest the glory of god. That is with us. It is not just some of us, it is in ever none of us as we are all we consciously gear. Other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated, what's is as we
Liberated from our own fear, our presence, magically liberates others. I can see why Nelson mandela quoted her in his address in south africa, because it is the inner fear that stops us from snatching the chance. The the the householder gave them the goal, but they had to receive it. If you don't receive it, then the story. Stops with an offer.
I can offer you anything. I can offer you my house. I offer you my car, I can offer you my clothes. I can offer you anything, but You don't receive it now. It takes a lot of pain. Fourth, slight eve: We see the masters well being. He has not see become self. In that light,. Said the image you of yourself I've been reading these it's about how aside an image of wax memory, and if you don't have a good image of yourself is: a fact how you remember yourself so
if there's nobody outside telling you stay in your place, did there's a voice. Inside telling you to stay in your place, because there is an association between side memory. We learn better when we could see it. So can you see yourself what god is trying to give you? If you have a hop to mentality with god, you don't understand who, god is? You ought to have a one two marathon with god? Can your baby come out to your wife say I don't have to kiss you.
We still going to be married, whether it's true or not? I don't know you don't have to, but you supposed to want to because love is about giving and love is about soil and laws about love. It's about understanding reciprocity. It's not just give me, god give me god give me got it. Don't ask me for anything: there's real love makes you want to give something that makes you want to do something makes you want to say some as little kids come up and they have bama drawing and don't nobody know what it is, but mama and god, but she pins it up on the refrigerator, because love will find something to give. It must express itself or it's not legitimate. Everybody tells you, they love you and they don't ever give you anything be suspicious. What confuses me about the text is that he gave it to them. He come over here, that's exactly where I'm going. God will give you something and not tell you.
What to do with it, god will give you a baby and not tell you how to take care of it. Y'all don't get. What I'm saying god give you married did not tell you how it works, to give you a church and not tell you how to run a god, is famous for putting you in situations and then not giving you information. It's not like. He told them what to do with it. Is not likely said, I want you to multiply what I do is not likely tom a word. A break was make the vessel and how to do it because stop talking to them like servants? The moment became sword because ii Servants just follow commands, but
Words have to thank the gods for where he's getting ready to take you, you can't just follow, commands and wait on doors to open. You won't have to take and find creative ways to make the next move happen. Your next move is between your ears with your head chefs. Your life is going this year. Oh god, did you hear what I'm saying? Can I go deeper? Who are my top two I'm talking to somebody? The battle is after you're mad as well, hell is breaking lose, it gets your mind and your emotions, because the enemy wants. You so upset soak up the view, so disturbed so upset that you can't think, because a breakthrough has happened in your head before it happens anywhere else. Nobody told them to make more. Nobody. them make. It bore nobody.
The little boy to give his lunch, no body told one leper. To turn around and go back and yet Is ass to where I didn't. You As for the nod seemed like you, should I told them, I expect you to come back, so the kingdom operates like this. It requires discernment, not commandment. I uber as soon as the lord speaks, I'm going to do it as soon as the law. If it beat the odds, we had a wherever you say, laugh at it, that's what I'm gonna do. But what, when? What do you do? What god doesn't say anything.
As an expectation. Let me see, expects you to think. Because you are stewards of a chance, so you can no longer thick black a slave. You are rewarded for being obedient, but now you ve gotta be creative. Oh come on somebody. Somebody get this because this is go you ever wanted for being, albeit a slave robot reward of a big obedient, but now you gotta be creative and scary, because I'm creative without instruction. That means I gotta stop spending hours scroll into my phone.
Looking at everybody stories, Oh my.
Oh, my god, oh my god. The only reason our prettiness denied is because you got a chance. I know that somebody in this room got a chance at a prayer for the last three days. I didn't know who was going to be here, but I'd say god said who you want to be a isro, and I know I've got a word for you right now. You gotta adult what the doctor said. The accountant said the ceo said: the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the holy ghost said that god is going to give you a chance to turn the whole thing around people put it within your reach within your power to bring about a pastor who preaches to the with the story of the prodigal son is being preached, and you read. The protocols of the younger of the subs came to the father and said, give me the portion of goods that followed me all right. Next verse he divided unto them them not him them. His living. One boy took his living and ran away from hole and the other one took the same amount of money and stewarded. It.
One spoiled one stewarded steward it and what I want you to see both unguarded everybody's going get a chance tonight, but everyone He's not gonna matter situations that they get somebody. The transit is going to make you run out in the street, the other one's going to take the chance and turn it into some gay one. Five he gave the next one too. He gave them all that right. There would have killed us because we would have spent the whole rest So the text argue about what's wrong with me that you do, more, did you gave me?
I don't know says: I've been serving this as long as he had, and why did you give him five bags of gold? You only gave me two and you gave me two one. Oh we got one. Let me see what you got. Let me look at what you got. Comparing yourself with somebody else is not wise. God gave you what you could handle the bible said he gave it to them according to their ability that god doesn't want to give you stuff as to after you stop asking for stuff. Just because you see somebody else with it, you don't know what they had to pay for. What the air you don't know what they have to go through for what they have. You only want what god wants you to be at five two or one can be just as successful with two as you are with fire, because The five, the ted before nice guy,
then about the guy's got for both got a hundred follow return. A hundred forward, I just paid for what you started with. So the five was a good investment. The two was a good investment, but this third steward of a chance, this third stewart over chairs somebody say I'm a steward of the shades say it again. See that such an empowerment thing go first of all, you said tat s all I got a chance, so good of all. I'm a store which reads: I'm in charge that move I'm in charge of my chance. That means it's up to me. That means is up to me. So I can stop blaming the devil. I can stop blaming the devil.
Because most of the things you call the devil, its jus sabotaging way, there is no devil in this text. There is no devil in this text, not the greek, not in the hebrew, not in the swamp healy. I don't care what language you look. It up is no double in the text. The only double Was him me As for the one man that ends up cast into outer darkness says, I did it because I was scared. I knew how you were and knew how you report you'd, also know how your hard man, you know what he's doing he's thinking.
Slave stewards position and what I want you to see is this mix shift requires a change in man said. break this down? Your man set? Will control. your assets. One man says to the master when he came back and when the man came back, I thought wow man, you call them on the carpet because you want to know what did they do with what you gave them and you didn't tell them what to do with it? And god says I'm not going to tell you everything, I'm going to give you a chance, I'm going to give you a chance. That's all I'm going to If you're just going to give it a chance, he said I pass by this tree for three
There is enough signal through why cumbered that the ground you been stopped The same spot for three years, I'm thinking about taken you out then gods Leave it alone acknowledge your big around it and done around it for one more year. I don't know who this is for. You got a year to turn this thing around. This is your ear level. The amount they get this is the year to come, Let me turn around this is your year time
directory of your family around. This is your year for your daughter to see how strong a woman really is. This is the year for you to stand up and be the kind of man that your son wants to imitate. This is your year to break every curse of every bondage. That makes you want to have your gifts, your talents, your creativity, your resources come out come out wherever you are come out, come out wherever you are you better id, you bet at a highly you've, got reason to be afraid. You've been through situations that made you afraid, but god said, in order to receive this increase, you've got cut out a hottie come out wherever you are tell your neighbors have come out to read that I want you to tell your neighbors that you gotta prepare the people around you for you to come out because they have become conditioned to you. Had your resources, your talent and your creativity that they got used to be you in one dimension and you need to warn them coming out.
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disruptive thinking, disruptive errors of fact are essential for such a time, as is shattered experiences, fresh ideas.
The genesis is when we first are introduced to our god. He was a potter and we were the first path, the god it me it's got to be god, because I know that the vessel is the. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the pakistan. the.
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