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The Master Negotiator

2023-08-13 | 🔗
It can be very difficult to reimagine someone after you’ve categorized them, but disruptive thinking allows you to make allies from enemies! To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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Very few people do anything that does not affect them personally something's, only real when they happen to you, you have that doing the same thing and expect things to change those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Those
You can change their mind, can change everything, but I have the power within myself to change things around me, but changing things within me. Your one thought away from the greatest breakthrough you ever had in your life, your one thought away from the greatest discovery you could ever have in your life, your one thought away from finding your divine purpose. If I can change my mind, I can change my destiny. I can change my circumstances. I can change my family is all you need to change your world is a change. Oh my god speak up the texts today. it is not lost on me.
there are only three characters in the parameter, The text file, Eamon, who is a disciple of Christ, who is Also, a convert of the apostle Paul. And only some us who has become a disciple of christ, But was it always. And though only semesters, save now. He has to live with the mistakes of his pants. And though family man is such a christian, bring in cologne. that my research informs me that it is likely that the collapse In church started in the house of finally. From lehman then become central to the theology and understanding of the new testament church.
Living in cologne, he becomes a vital component today Strategy of the apostle Paul to deliver ministry onto them A multi ethnic society. And though the book is small, the problem is huge. And though it only has three characters. It is quite complicated. is about justice. It is, While it is about Forgiveness, it is about mercy, it is about destiny, but most of all, it is about this practice. Thinking. When I tell you that the apostle Paul was in jail and gaiety Are you that it was his body that was a jail?
You see they locked up. His body but they couldn't lock up his mind, a puzzle, the apostle Paul even in prison, is the great negotiator and he understands the power of negotiating settlement against contested rivals and uprisings You ve been a contemporary my day. He would have been at charles, whose You don't get what you deserve. You get, what you negotiate. So crying because you deserve better, will not get you better. If you are ever going to have better
Let's negotiated. It is not lost on me that the negotiator. Isn't it made himself. Negotiating freedom. four sleeve, while at bow. And there he is in chains and cuffs speak. A settlement between rivals who are free, And he could not reach them. Neither only lisa lead me, some as parliament or the apostle Paul are connected physically. They remind me of what I learn: a junior high about all this. primarily being composed of molecules. Our tools being composed of atoms and them
All the atoms that make up the molecules exists from the spectre of understanding that there is the distance between the Adams, a space between them To which all material exists that space, between the animals is imperative. How the money, what you reacts there is, Is the pre only some us finally lehman and paul, I choose to call the gray space it is. The place where a god intervenes spider. The distance in other words at all to be near to you, To change, look like you to help, you out, to be born in your generation or opera
in your gender to be able What brings you out of chaos because lack the Adams? I am operating in a space of grace the It's in my text is operating in a place of grace he is, the progenitor, the writer, the opera, the curator the majority of new testament theology, even tab with his hands behind his back apples around his feet, even With his body locked up in a could not hold his mind. It is my desire, is your father that you keep everything that you were born with If I had to choose the one thing that you never gave up, is
give up your. Your mama is first computer. That was, design with hard drive and software and the ability to process to think for yourself a your car, if you want to give somebody else, if you please, but never give any about my love on with your heart, but keep your mad to yourself because Paul, even though he was all even though he was old, gray locked up. In china. Is the problem? that made him. So potent is that Do you have it's my head. Well: proceeds freedom from a place of bondage. because he has, with this man, influence
And he says to finally, by my character I could have ordered you to do have you oughta somebody in jail, so they Took away his freedom, but they couldn't take away his authority because authority has nothing to do with proximity. I am who I am. I never had to fight to to be myself because, as long as I know who I am I am who I am- and he said I chose not to command you rather to a bridge. He is the mass negotiate creating with family men. Somebody family, is upset with family men is powerful PA, wrong. finally, there is a close, and I don't know where only services.
Because you see only summers is around way slate. he's a runaway sleigh followed me not to over here Runaway slave, who bumped into Paul all the wrong. I've had a damascus experience with the appeal, support as a runaway slave that led to his conversion now only some, as is converted, The runaway slave is converted. He has converted to believe now do not allow your american man nor your efforts, can my get so hung up in slavery that you think slavery started in sixteen nineteen. Slavery has existed amongst many cultures down through history.
and it is only mentioned in the bible because it existed in the bible, though it is not condone by the bible. It is mentioned in the bible as a reality to pronounce the fact that here came to set you free, operated in the midst. Of in its leaves society. only some us is a runaway slave who conversion, experience that is so prone mouse and so powerful awful. But when Paul Rights to family man, he said it's my heart. I love him. Not only do I love him, but would have kept him in your place.
so the one new enslaved is just as gifted as you, but you couldn't see his gifting because you think of him as a sleigh you consider the possibility that he could be useful When Paul uses the term useful to describe family man. He only brings it up because only to describe only some, as he only brings it up, because only summers means useful, beneficial, helpful. The worst things happen to the most useful people. Some of the great tragedies of life are targeted at helpful people.
people who seek to make a difference, and now he who his main helpful. Is on the run voice like Every perverter offer up before god in the spirit of the steering wheel for sheer fullness of heart and a purity of money into that presents. We now come. Oh,
You have been so good the activity but explain how good you are if you bid my everything, my everything and as I lift up something before you, I realize that whatever I have given does not compare to your everything, but I want to I want to have reciprocity. I cannot let you read this good to me while I nor my responsibility to reciprocate back to you and I believe it is. And rightly so,. Because, allegedly or the Thomas. Not only ran away but stole some stuff, as he went
Even if the allegation is not true, he himself is property. He's I have since depreciated that met worth a fat lemon. And finally, in its functioning at a deficit, because. of your net worth is equated to not only what you own but who So, even if he had not stolen his property, he himself was properly. and the away only some is not just a person or Grace It is a runaway dollar. And for women has suffered such loss. Paul has to negotiate. With somebody who is fast
Functioning at a deficit because that decision now bad subordinate. It is not so that. Finally, the appeal I preach about this is a problem. It is not as though finally and has not survive he has Status a church he has maintain a presence. He is the focal point of influence. He is a progenitor according to historians of the colossians church he has survived. He is valuable. He is posted here. Before he is influential, but there something missing. There is something missing out of his met work. There is something missing out of his ego, because Publicly humiliated
bout, runaway slave, has in some way diminish his influence in his community because if you can't keep what's in your own house,. People always through it up in your face. At the church say man can I have it? Oh my gosh, I just looked at the clock. Just give me ten minutes and our rapid the Paul has to negotiate. without going know how hard it is A ghost aid from a distance. I made out of atoms bombs were made, but they have
The reach a target in order to better. Now. Paul must explode at a distance and reverberated through the heart. A family man And only son this so maybe this letter. He because a settlement Into rivals, without being present for the debate, As he says, to five lemon. I believe that only some hummus is more the ball to you as a brother. Then he ever would have been as a slave. He is so beneficial.
He's so beneficial to me. want to keep it. Formats. But because I neither narcissistic nor selfish, you have the dexterity of thought and the member mrs mann, Be disruptive robbed your thinking, if, if it Let me bring it back if you have the ability to see him as a brother wants, I've seen him as a slave. It is hard to re. Imagine people want Categorize people once you decide because our hurt you and the enemy
people like me, only gets on your nurse and disruptive thinking. Is ability to form an alliance With somebody who is normally am our. This thinking requires that you are willing to shatter how you saw me. to see me in a new light. This little passage and. fills this self preach tents and shows this complicated scenario. This precedent saga to the end that we might learn something that god.
it's nice to understand that how you experience me at one stage should not limit you from the ability and the capacity to disrupt how you saw me and open your mind to the possibility that the relationship that we have now could be greater than the relationship that we have been and are preached this message so that every ex wife and ex husband would stop being angry over an experience that happened ten years ago and not recognize that, even if I'm not helpful to you might be helpful to your children and your grandchildren, and I might be able to help you at the hospital when your daughter has the disease, because I know something about my family history that you might need to know. But if you are too petty to be able to disrupt your thinking, then you will incarcerate the opportunity for me to bring you out upon niche. You have to have the flexibility to let people go, that you held hostage in your mind and let the resentment at the anger and hostility go because he whom the son has set free is free, indeed cannot go a little bit deeper. See. Disruptive thinking is what the bible calls repentance.
And yes, I believe that, in order to have revival, we must repent from sin, but in the bible days, when it talks about repentance, the inference of the word was bigger than being sorry for seeing the inference for the word was stronger than that. It went much deeper than that. It was more copper comprehensive than that. The word is meta talia at what it really means. It doesn't matter how much you cry adult it doesn't matter how much you weep. It doesn't matter how much you lead the altar and feel bad about what you did. That word. Mediterranea means to change your mind, I
close to that pickup supposed to I'm not going to close because of finish, but I'm going to close. So you can go eat, but without explaining your reasons without justifying your decision without feeling bad about disappointing anybody without feeling bad about letting go and what they had in mind for you to three people, I'd say I changed my mind, absolutely changed my mind, because if I could change my mind, I can change my destiny, a package change my mind. I could change my circumstances. If I could change my mind that I can change my reality. If I could change my mind, I could change my family pocket change. My mind that I could change the world and I came here to tell you you don't need an angel to change your world. You don't need another doctor key to change your world. You don't need a nelson mandela that st draw world you don't even need a td jakes to change the world. You know the jfk to change your world, the color, to change your world. You don't need a fannie lou hamer to change your world. You don't need that emancipator the world. We all need ronald reagan to change our world. We don't need Abraham lincoln to change our world. We don't need Michael oher to change our world. We don't be Gabriel, have to change our world. We don't need another god to change our world. All you need to change your world is such a drama that I get ready to close I'll, put a witness on the witness that I don't know his name. We call it the particle sought, but I know he had gone broke. I know his family relationships had fallen apart. I know he was alienated by his own culture. I know he was down the hall bed and about to eat like a homeless man out of a trough at just when he was on the verge of eating with a pig, so the curse theater, the pizza he was raised not to eat the pigs. He wouldn't even touch what he was about to do something crazy. It wasn't that the stock market went up what the economy went up. It wasn't the sees that they want that a new power came in what let the Jews accepted christ as the messiah of santa Maria between his toes I'd, call it a husky this hair, that's flying around his head, it's surplus say, as he pull himself up and bury all pen tablet, the liberal that came into his life. That made him say. Well our reason I'll be here to preach. The gospel is so that you might pull yourself back whether you're sitting on the couch on whether you're a living room, whether you're sitting at a dining room table came tell you if you can tell yourself that, what's out there that hex out there than us out there there's not a team that can haul you want to change your mind. Who am I pretend to be out there, not that the holy ghost and their space flip around in a circle that Dabbagh said about that? You are both clear up a way out, but I'd say that am I going to spend the rest of my life.
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