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The Principles of Promise

2018-05-27 | 🔗
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Matters tat always says we don't watch your ass good, ass, a delegate live within this house, but I will give it back to you one. Although everybody I'm excited thereby opportunity to show the word of or review there. I believe this word is really going to speak to your life in a powerful, I'm pregnant.
Wait. The message today is the principles of promise. Do You know that every promise has some principles would go along with it or you so excited about the promise of Juno check out the principle. red! Let's go to! worried about for samuel chapter, one verse, forty two, twenty four and hear what the spirit of the lord said to the child. It goes on the top. One should undergo This is what really government deal If she's drunk, she was so crazy. Don't think I'm a or a belial. Might be acting like a heathen, but I'm not. She says I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit. I gotta get this out of me.
So I can receive what god has for me. I've gotta get this out of. So I can receive. What god has got to get this out, so I can see what god I gotta get this out of me. So I can see what god has really got tat
Did you watch her as good for google to still be filled with anger and hostility, or the forgiveness and pride jealousy and envy as we need a good purge of, is how we leave him out of his way to release the gods got supper for you. That is sucking the business while we don't get things from god because
feel once already bill. You can't feel what is all ready, feel it's gonna be out, And the reason I wanted to call all those call the buses first, things first is because gases. I can't give you what you are asking It did you release all about bitterness, bitterness and all of anger, anger and all them that hostility and all of that price and all of them forgiveness, I gotta get it out of the first things. First appear like.
In the summer, I don't even know who it is, but you've been wondering why it's been so long. Have you been praying so long? Have you been asked so long? Have you been waiting so long? When are you going to do it god? It said the same thing to you that you say he said I've been waiting so long been expected. So long I've been looking at too law. Where are you going to do it cause? I can't do what you want until you do what I want that out of you, the. You spoke tour.
and he says the priest faltering says vietnam to you, as you have said, is going to happen, and what gets me about this girl who has been screaming? Color and crime, a german and shaking her head down and make an all kind of noise and acted like a heathen with. she got a word. We ve got a word: she got up
Leave me alone: we must stop immediately out of a boy a promise, all, this word. A word is built on integrity, Of all her issue, that god said is going to happen. It's gonna happen
Sales would be she walks out since their glory the guy. What happened to flee. What does get word: afterward, afterward, afterward afterward, and still, walking out unchanged. how can we hear so much preaching. I still walk out unchanged. She didn't even get it from god. She got it from god's servant, but it was still god's word and it says her child. She didn't even look like the same woman. I don't know who is for the lead here, like the
bible says well now, what's this camera. The bible says: Al Qaeda new hammer, She got home. The. I couldn't wait till you get back all this Phrase god. we'll move men. To set up his promise in your life, he won't do it without them. he will do it through them. What's this gear, it shall be given up to you again good measure.
Or press down shaken together running over. What's his show so mad about the bosom god said you gave me, I'm going to give it back to you, but I won't give it back to you to the he'll. Make people like you, the.
I'm looking for somebody that believes that people want to be like people would suit. People said that he wanted the bad about. Do it. Why do you not think that was that made a pardon? But, yes, it was returned home from certain Kind of like go at all praise. I want you to understand that
The king is in the hand of god the toolbox is in his hand, but so maybe this is that the judge is it. Is that the port, rome as it is? I want you to know that we got gives worded, bless you. We will give people a different attitude about to open doors. You couldn't make ways you quit the merger of how many people putting the case when get ready, you'll bring them amended. Bless me too.
We need that. Like me, I've seen it like my enemies, my thoughts to see that they have a blessed fat. I gotta witnesses of the Bible says well. How come. No and settled up to the. While I was in the process Knowing her. God remembered her. as the tag situation. Can I go on the moon. But god is doing the remembering If I do his part, it won't happen. But must play its part before and it didn't work, but
Maybe this is but the lad remember do it must not be able to meet the not for you. That's the aha moment this is giving you a mindset to move your sermon through, as opposed to an outlying, must first understand in context what the tax law looks like. How would it implicates businesses charges nonprofits, unlike you, wanna control, you're, all narratives, so take possession of a Google page tell your own story. What you can do and what you're gonna do what you can do this at the time for you to see them as are not one clear, because you are on the international pastors and leadership conference were twenty nineteen is headed. You tear bay florida registered today to take advantage of our exclusive ninety nine dollar offer. We hope to see you in temper bay, florida in twenty ninety workers, interests
she has now like she's, got the promise about the real test, a phrase. Is when you don't have it, and you have to believe it anyway. But this is not the real test effects. The real test afraid is: when you finally got it, I did not give it after you went to finally get the bright and you're holding the baby. Now
Give it up now that's a poor babo story, but this is not just Bible story: the relationship but mother, her to read let me talk to russia. There is something about the bomb. Between a mother her child I'm not talking about a woman who had a baby. I'm talking about our mother, a real mother and her child is absolutely amazing. It is that bong between Hannah and her child. That when when alchymic is ready to go to the temple the next sitting, come on. Let's go I've not yet with him.
now they will every year. So we know she missed the first year. So she has had this channel, but to you. As a long Have a child has a lot of bonding between her and the child. But you see but deal between her and god was this. Oh god, if you give it to. I'll give you back to see will always says stuff, but
We don't keep our little bargain if you just give me this job lol, if I just get a second chair lol, if you get me out of this lol, if you bring me out of this I'll serve you and after god gets you out, you'll keep your end of the bargain. So when I winged him bring him, and so is at least on the second year that she gets an ethos and gets a and starts moving to the temple with her child. To give him back to
Space, you can go back with me, I will leave you someplace. You ve never been before. and I'm going home alone, don't crap. I see from time to time, mama lobby love love. You. This is the hardest thing to do. Took a treat, Russia should go Back home tonight with out samuel. but maybe it is still. Robin around the house, we ve children.
has finally got a child, Go. And she's right back. In the same. it's a waste. She was. And I was gonna say god, I see the boy. Why would you take her through all of it. And she family has the, but she don't have. See as a mother but she's not she's, right back in the situation she was in before,
And they said you don't see it as what he said it wasn't ever about samuel. It was member about SAM. It was about opening up her bringing samuel to me. was first things, first, First, God said: if you see the first, the kingdom of god in all of its righteousness,.
You were out give me We want. but I gave a backdraft I want to get to somebody who had to give up something the give it back to the shaken together. The only reason you don't get it is, if you don't put the first. Got it all you saw was one. I wanted to open up her woman for fast. What come on behalf, but first you
see samuel as the child. But he wasn't a child, he was, the test, sometimes god bless you. To pursue You see, if you take the boy. And walked away. What are you a break I remember at two levels. Deal. Jesus, I don't show yourself to the preach. The day wore deal. Where. walk.
But what about of the first things? First, the girls. I got to go back to the god that made it possible for me to have this opportunity. The lord. I know how to bear the priests right now, the cutback as the man of god heal, but you were made whole the wish. That was the thought. about what my life resolve. I was tested women, from a job that has been tested.
When I had to go up, my mama's has to get water thought I was being tested, only one suit. They call me once subjects about thought as being tested. When a riddle was washing my because we couldn't settlement cleaners about, I was being tested. When I raised my first kiss a week, I thought as being tested. but the real tests is never watched, Dante. The real test is when Open worthy opens a blessing worthy The way we it brings you out. Do you remember. See what. Because I could do nothing about it anyway,.
It was something I have to go through, but It is a proven or what is stolen. Is programme When have a choice. See that wasn't the real climax that But. It was then remember. I'm gonna pass is to us. I wouldn't have this to do if you didn't give it to This is this: is
the principles, a promise. I less people can trust momentum, we who loses houses or less so or brother. If he moves in this life,
I will give it back the one hundred for the fly that is not in Heaven. This is what our laws forbid me. I will give it back to you one hundred, though not when you die in this life that took you through the I'll, give it back to the.
one hundred full pay. Everybody. I've gotta stop debate, but as a real privilege to serve the word with new debate, sometimes can't fill us with his presence at his blessing, because Our current so much emotion, bag and so that we can receive it focused. when you're on what you lost and who wronged you is robbing you of seeing the amazing opportunities god has placed all around you. Let go of all that It's I know you feel like you need it, but you really don't let it go and we'll do such an amazing work and knew that you won't even look like what you been through before we go. I like it all of our global partners. We could not broadcast the gospel. Around the world without your continued support. If you are not a partner and would like to help us reach more people with the word of god, just text the letters
yes and giving them out to the numbers to eight man. You can also visitors had been, Partners daughter, would beg you.
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If, god is the trigger point of my supply, is your need? No wonder he hates a proud look because of look will never admit lazy. If you allow what's behind to become more important than the promise that god has ahead of you, then you will allow yourself to be destroyed before you get to your destination. The screen, the we're so excited to have an idea that we put the idea on facebook before god can even manage the idea. This is a season where we don't post about it. We pray about it that cut through that bondage I'll be able to cut through the blacks that they tried to put me and it's the woman, thou art, loosed master class October eighteenth through the twentieth, a Dallas texas register today, at w t, a l, dot, org.
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