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The Raiders Of The Lost Ark

2019-09-22 | 🔗
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The coming up on the matters touch you think hard sugar, but maybe I wasn't supposed to do with what we wouldn't be What about the bliss about wanted about with you pray, let nobody around you make you good luck! Watch you Laughter.
The world did, the children are gonna, be silent from god. Twenty years ago,. If your probably about you ought to call a business persons could big foot. What nobody go looking for them, Thank. so shall be anointed by god and they're, not sick, the heart of god, but he did it. God said I rejected him. I found a man. I found a guy that prioritizes. We.
That's what it is about us about priority are probably the values me from a guy who put me first. I found a guy that won't be satisfied to have position without presents I a guy is tomorrow the guy who poetry to me.
It's all about the dogs to be who dances around with nobody. In my presence, a guy who will date me he flirts with me. He blows me kisses and go to make him king, because he is after my heart, the body text. Today we are watching David go after god's heart. He has been king of Judah, and now he is, he has been anointed three times he has been anointed by samuel and told he was going to be king he's been anointed by Judah, because Judah and Israel have now split. They have separated one from another. The people of god have fallen out without god to hold them together, they fall apart. Without god,
The family together falls apart without god to hold the church together, it falls apart without got to hold the marriage together, it falls apart. Children of Israel, farmer, apart from duty, they've all gone in one way now David has been anointed king over Judah six years later, he's anointed king over Israel. This is a part of his first act of leadership as king of Israel, with thirty thousand people behind him. He now says I'm going down there to get the glory of going after god's heart. I'm going to chase it down and go get it I'm going to I'm going to move every stronghold amateur out every idol. further, the job insights about bring back the glory of the law
the other problem. They brought to him on a little cart. Anything good, ok, we're gonna rather than now you gotta understand you can Go about the right thing. Would you think that if you do the right thing you wouldn't have any hiccups helps about it. I think that if you want your heart was in the right place, you wouldn't have any problems. You would think that, if you mitt will everything would go right what's wrong with your marriage, retarded remit will ever they would go right. You still have problems. You got it It was a little they would have problems. You still got a promise. You thought of. The girl you get over job. Ever they will go good, you're still Gotta problems, problems throughout the EU. Problems for friction
problems of power? build up, a relationship, My wife and are not stronger today, because everything went right for thirty five years we're stronger. Today because of the things that went wrong. We chose to ride over tab and hold it together anyway, so by the outer shouted. This was right I gather. Does you got used to live with this crazy guy up here? out a way to live with this crazy. Without a way to live with her. I. Those who work crazy about by lower about right. Now, I'm all stages.
The whole, so river phrase at all. All look at her about it. We'll get away the blood of Jesus. relationships have dysfunctions. Problems. They go. Do tight places, ministries. take place of business. The scope to take place? You're not gonna, build a business, not have a problem. You have a problem David is trying to break by bong, but you know how to bring it back. It's been gone for so long. He has even experience the heart of god. Why It's been gone since he was a baby, although all the protocol, the route to so he saw that bring about a card? Is it good? Let's get a cart. He heard a couple. the bribe because they grab
I'll give you start cracking the whip? The answers, going forward. The court's judgment it does real good, is worthy of real good is secular, but towards a real good. Is secular but his words. You know who that is secular, but its work in real good. I could go so far in your own way to work real good for a while, but sooner or later the axis game trip the The present trips, Nobody in this room is a trip that place yeah. Your life is tribute right now. It was good a minute ago, but the odd trip and now everything's going crazy and all of a sudden disruption.
David has tried to reconcile trudeau to Israel, he's trying to reconcile god to his people, he's trying to reconcile the ark of the covenant back to desire he's tried to all of: do you really think the devil is going, workers without finding you were your neighbor griffiths apply I, This is a fine tell you. Why
Now I will show what removal will show how water will get this walk away. Do you would not really please this? Oh, my god approve above the brig move the devil got this. Would you sit I wanted but got up. Would you said I want it, but which is what I said: a water thickly studded with water. But again I want to see some folks to war.
some people, what wandering hurts ward Water is uncomfortable want, because disruptive, so unless the size of praying wanting without with atapi. I don't I don't need you anyway, it don't matter to me. I was raised by myself, I'm used to being by myself my siblings, didn't like me. I don't need I don't care,
You gotta put the mercury good to give it. You gotta total mecca, therefore emphasise here: problem comes to prove: do you to the ox trips to prove? Do you care? the trip channel, the governor start slab of the car. As a rich drought, just to touch the god it is up to save what came this I got my only due to say. May you need me to save you I him
right on the spot, the lord he'll over poor. Prime aside. because other trying to say god broke the order, the Does that not only do I have to say we you be my hand. pull up. Please god, Tell them for drivers, certainly David up? this is too hard. I quit take the onto the covenant, which, incidentally, I was hall to bring back and let me reaffirm our responsibility. Toby
Some responsibilities: you cannot really you shot in the balkans. You have the annoying to do this. You can not reassign this to somebody else. God called you to do this. You have the power to do this. You can't let nobody hurt your feelings so bad that you give up your place. The Shabab ba ba ba ba ba ba. You can't let nobody say anything that makes you give up your place. You can't let nobody around you make you watch the
A new style re spend a relaxing in baden family prove with the ones either.
Do you know very well, you know what you wanted. The our purpose, stumbles I don't stops, I don't have a setback. I want it the up on his. This is a day, but god chose I made him change Not because he was killed. Child there was, after.
what we are looking at? A loss of purpose. Its purpose you you can try,
What's the purpose you have lost at roku, I don't care if they still call you robert Robert Robert, a battle of c e, o c, or a b, o c, o d, o c d. Why I don't care what they call you? It is not true title that gives you power is the average woman or the
you love real purpose. teach I can try. I can talk. I can help accentuate. What did I cannot give you what god gave me I remember not told me this major who you are If you had the priest for me, you wouldn't even know about. Many drinks- who he is. He won't come free from it, maybe coolies. So when I come back and tell me, what do you say, Good. If your may want.
make them thereby make one take mega mother one make one house I make a mother, you made me a mega bobby. The truth of the matter is except the law. Will my labor re. Nobody knew what people is that something I got some you David. What's a good man, cable that some of you may want me? May I add a guy on srebrenica. Banning them sit on whom it will be soon.
I want to be fair. I want you to see the new came to reconcile now been separated. Who came to make the connection? has not been dislodged. He has for the continent into the house of all bury them. And now he is separated from his purpose- What the law, the The bible says that the Lord bless the house of all, bury them
whether you would not who I am not going to stop me because you stop be of you. If you won't, let me bless you want at our borders, worry about half of all bad either every now and then I gotta give you somebody else's bliss may prove to be set out. How this I'll give you a bit about it right now is somebody else to say you ve got to worry about you. You don't have to worry about what you got all you gotta worry about three months, precisely what some is really yours, you get somebody else it allowed for you tat I was sick of it would not have had about it. My wits about well about a piece of play that was told that all ready to start knocking at the door. If you want to reply to this law, the law, but you won't see that lie ahead.
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Next time on the part of the the.
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