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Thinking Outside of the Box

2018-10-07 | 🔗
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Coming up. On the partner states. One of these days, I will get out of this, but you wouldn't get out get out of this sunday. You We liberals that France has happened and what is that the
Everyone thank you for watching the potters touch. I'm past record jake's coleman. Today we are throwing it back to woman Da Luz, two thousand and one when my father preached a message cause thinking outside of the box. The principles he talked about back then, are still relevant today, open your heart and mind to receive this word from the lord the mind of the lord it is the battleground. It is a place where the greatest conflict is. There are more people in this room having trouble in their mind that there are people having trouble in their finances the then you're mine, What we have people will go to bed tired and wake up time. You'll, wake up feel tired. The reason you wake up what you got sleep, but you didn't get west.
that's my girl, you can live in their sleep. A wall property was wet, evolve to dislike it, maybe five, because it has not requested your body and went to sleep but its field of battle. That's about it is up to you to worry you to pick out the stress. Should it be right about when you think that should get up like you give up your brave ferrets started cheque book, it's not safe. Nuclear power is not only the right, but you ve got to find out. If you look at it, you get women, women you get on with it
That's it myself and thinking. Suddenly I began to realize that the animal cannot use my car. He doesn't need my car, but me and Michal refill it with my car. Wait a minute he don't drive. Since it was my house, you don't need a house follow my job, you don't need a job, but after your mind and what you got The entrance way, then we can do
set your mind. He would begin to work you out. That's why I would rather have peace, have joy happy. I would rather have a look at the man in the mirror and what I say now: wake up in the bible said. The word of god got his promise. I will keep him a perfect. Who is, it has not got real purpose for you to be troubled in your mind, frustrate
your mind uncomfortable in your mind, if, like the bible, says, be anxious for nothing to be anxious to have anxiety about something that has not happened yet a lot of trouble. This problem has threatened, knew what happened. What happened
what's going to happen? Method? Be it happen, but if you allow both thoughts while you're mad, it will succeed. Robbing you up your piece, you rob you just because you got yourself into a nervous breakdown. You got yourself a faded. The scripture say it is what the mind than we serve. The lord the mind is about a row. The fighters you're my touch them. I say the fighters in your mouth. I want to challenge you to waste, no more effort wrestling with other people,
You bet your feature is predicated on the decision of some one else. You wasted too much of your life trying to change people's minds about you. What they think about you, that's what I want, but believe me I'll, never get out of me. I say what I think: out of the box fans,
he's out of the box from beginning to happen, the woman I don't know what I mean. I don't know who follow the words. I don't know anything about a background. I think about the case of flicked. The thing I've been thinking. I know I most she'd been forget because he had to be taken to people.
And still come to church fight you off your penguin church, because you found common and shared, but this woman they even fail lack permanent, shut but much comment, because what you think does make a difference. That's what you think does make a difference. Suppose suppose this woman thought not to come to church.
Well, she thought to become tonight we'll see what is positive about it right now, you're in the right place at the right, maybe as living here. We want to use a says. He started up the bridge and he saw a woman. All thank you
for being able to see you, don't gotta see things that nobody else can see. Everybody else thinks you're all pay, but god can see what is really going on in metal. They fear, but he called now this given that in Iraq, your world, because god nepal, some of you from the background to the forefront rebel anyway.
He had been thinking sunday, I will get out of it. I wonder, will get out of this criminal charges. One of these days- I'm don't get out of the body of a person but two the look at what have been
Some of them will get out of this I the problem of all those say, someday you oh, your deliverance transformation that has happened is that you Son, The woman, To left tat self,
sometimes forgotten, so much better, parallel resources. I went to Jesus, he did he say. You can't be loose woman, you oughta be woman. When you get the Heavens, It wasn't rashly report
what would we do? Nothing central asia is treated, she didn't move freedom sables. Woman brow right now. we lay down immediately.
This right must sell a while and then maybe one day mandolin. But would you just reached right now right now right now, you're gonna feel sorry for you right now
The first ladies out there who go through things that nobody understands. This is an opportunity to find out. How do you know when to speak up when the whole pizza? What should you say to your husband and the way? Should you just take it to the lord, and how do you maintain your dignity when your character is up under assault by somebody who's trying to assassinate you simply because they don't want you to sit where you're sitting they deal with pains and problems and issues that they can't even say a word about, there's a role in an art to being who you are. It defies any category as it relates to black women, brown, women, white women, young women, older women, will all find some reflection. the master class of themselves, doll if you're a woman forwards nuisance, because this leave you with no excuse, you ve got the burning and you get the anointing, but you don't have the structure very few of us.
Ever get an opportunity, the city in the world, the somebody's master at what they do say what it was because of what she was loose from, because unfortunately, back say what you want. The
look about the right now, but it doesn't make any difference now. What about his visitor once when they criticized for dealing the woman on the side of the bed? He said if this one, and I m a stall.
the imo. the only way, The water,
Are you all right, you're right, then? God for what a deliberate wrong. What is right for ways deliver the mckenna, that's not what I want is to deliver delivered me. One thing about women and even better for you, you did they give it away through the wall it because the woman's deliverance is just about, but what he said
the for for your life, That's it.
We want to make other says the same thing when you re right away you right now. You want to say that when we go up old school, thank you dad for that giving way some of you are wasting time and every trying to convince other people of your white. Those folks are only proxy than the enemy designed to save your strength and creativity. Dull, allow naysayers inferior to place limits on your mind. Instead focus your thoughts and actions on how god, its purpose and gifted you went out of the bag. Thinking connects with an out of the box. God you produce added its world results, so get ready. God is about to take your creativity and your power to a whole new level. I want to take another moment and thank all of our global partners system members. Our partners receives special gifts and invitations to exclusive either, but being a partner is really about sewing into this ministry so that we can share the love of christ around the world. For those wanting to become a partner. Just take the lead
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I think one of the powerful things exploded a whole woman thou I used was number one model, a number two, a mailman. I just amazed at how this how much money so many women together in atlanta, Houston, new york and we became sisters instantly change, transform the feel free to reach out to us. Social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life will afford to sing next time.
on the partner. The.
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