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Timing Is Everything

2022-11-20 | 🔗
As you wait to reap your harvest, understand that the planting process is about timing. To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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Coming up on the back. We start on the stand that you have a break. Some sweat you to put some effort in it. You will have the we use the poor, barbara. You can't just bring the waiting, maid bread, it do you push it. It's got to be cross, it's got to be made into a usable, for so it doesn't mean that god has blessed with the bread could mean that you have put in the work to go from sea to two from sea to your listen this morning in the sort we have a certain man
who had a service to so good seed in the frail and while they slept and I used to preach them sleeping until I realized that everybody. Has to go to sleep sometime, impossible for you to stay up around the clock. The it may come the, and while they are sleep and plants, the we or the tear, while they're sleeping in They don't wake up the next morning and nobody enemy has been there because the enemy has planted it in such a way that And they wake up in the morning. They do not notice any change.
notice, the time it was not the next day. But while they did not notice it the evil, We need more so in the week. Everybody who under don't let me go ahead a matter. Anybody who understands is understands that there are important proves to be learned lesson number one, It is not easy to think that the planting of good, since us from the presents a barrier It is like to think that the planting of cool Exempts us from the presence of bad this is important for us to understand.
just because god allows we could be planted, doesn't mean that weeds are restricted. Are you know what I'm saying much like this, miss like this. So we have to be able to produce in the presence of we, so for all of you are waiting for all the weeds to be gone before you produce the wheat. You are not digging deeper into this text, because this text declares there will never be a day that you can be we full without being we fall.
God allow sweet to be planet that doesn't but the weeds are restricted. We is planted with great. To validate wheat is planned great intense reality. In other words, we is not to grow in this ground if it is not planted, it is a natural result of the climate, the soil, the rain and the sunshine it has be planted. Nobody succeeds accidentally
nobody wins a marathon accidently, nobody wins the olympics, accidently, nobody gets a masters degree accidentally, nobody gets a diploma accidentally. Nobody passes a g d accidentally, nobody gets a promotion accidently. Just because you pray does it mean when this is what this is where this is labour, because this is agriculture. Agriculture means that the tension? of sowing the sea. Is that Might have wheat Tension of heavy wheat is that I might have grid.
from seed to wheat to bread is going to take care plan c. red tonight. Because time is so if I am going to be seed full to be patient, the sea to grow first wow. and then up.
You didn't get, there is gonna first road, then some of you us ten and over your life on about. I don't see that that I don't see that, and I keep so. I dont see nothing. The sea rose before it rose up, you're not supposed to see it, but just because you don't see it does it mean that the rules are not growing in the soil, and if you wait a little while it is going to go from see it, we
I am from wheat to bread and there is work in between every stage to see his work. So we work the bread is work. You can not eat any better. Your work.
From your blessing. There's gonna be work when you get to finish about the promise of god. Understand that you have to break some sweat you to put some apprehended you. We use the poor, but you can't just bring the wheat bread it do you push it? It's got to be cross, it's got to be made into a usable, for so it doesn't mean that god has blessed with the bread could mean that you have put in the work to go from sea to two from sea to listen this morning. Tell him I'm born from sea.
wheat to bread might not be voting for consumption right now, but I'm in the process of going somewhere and don't look down at me because I'm not bread, maybe the, but I am on my way to a place that god has destined for who am I talking to this morning to whoever I'm talking to god says hang on in there? I'm not finished with you yet the process and got a tattoo from seed to the grandson offer. It's already done is already done, is already done and it is done on purpose. I want you to get this. The reason it is planted is
because it is not indigenous to the land. The word culture is rooted in the word cults. Call me you're not orthodox meeting Natural, I means that means we. It is not normal to the land. You can't just wish void. You have to make it happen sore. I'm gonna make this happen
indigenous to clear it? Just your wanted. The data planted. You gotta be intentional about it. You gotta work on it, you gotta labor for it, because you were not raised in an environment that agrees with your dream. That doesn't mean you can't have it. It means that you've got to be cultural enough to be on call your neighborhood, I'm the only one in my family, the only one in my neighborhood, I'm the only one in my city, the only one in my house. They don't like me at the family reunion and they don't invite me back to the parties that my friends have tray, because I this them the role that the body that makes make some noise the can I go depot. How many people are getting blessed in this room, the to be willing to be different. You've got to be willing to be controversial, you've got to be willing to be talked about, and the greatest problem in our community right now is that we are so sensitive. We're more worried about being locked that we are being fruitful and you're praying to god about what they said. He said he said that god said the mother, father, sister brother and even deny yourself. You cannot be my disciple, the and whatever you do, whether in word or deed. Do it all in the name of the lord Jesus, giving thanks to god the father through him. The I want to take just a moment of this special time of year to speak.
thankful thought I had thankful to you and thankful to our partners, I want to wish you a very happy thanksgiving and thank you for the village a legacy That we have been able to accomplish together, I want you to be blessed. I want your family to be blessed and I want you to enjoy the goodness of god. Happy thanksgiving this moment. This is war. Warship becomes real, as you prioritize recognises the relevance of your life by reaching it to your stuff. It's not our thinking is not our preaching is not our technology, but what will you with the lower Love is benefits toward make. The information is all the screen, how you can become a contributor to the ministry of the work of the lord, but more important than just that. How you could show got that you have grateful. That
In times like these goddess, We obeyed away for good times like these. You still got something to eat in times like these, you feel feeling as well as you are in times like these. You still got a place to lay your head. Oh don't take this for granted. God has been good to you. You can't stand there. With their bill is had the shadows of about recognise all of your ways, so do what you got to do to be a part of this. This is a good lesson when ever there is great potential for harvests. Iran, they will always mark the spot with calamity where there is great potential for harbours may work here about the spot. I.
Somebody was telling me about a restaurant that they like up in northern alison and It might have saved at the time, and I said, let me father My thanks go to my phone from my phone, then earmarked as a favor. I have been there yet but your market a favorite, so I could find it easily. I have a big: but her there was potential, so I marked it. I could find when I had. So, where ever the enemy, See potential always market. Calamity,
so they never planted we, report the wind. notice the sequence. It was We've been planted that cause them to plant the weed they didn't plant the weed and then plant the wheat. We tracks that we eat so that the inner ear marked the spot. The devil knew god was god bless. Knew god was going to hell, knew that god had a purpose for your life. He marked it with calamity the. While men slept he came planting in the dark.
Throwing in the soil, don't get to see him planted? get to see what he planted. He is covered by the darkness of might. This practice is hidden. The soil, women, wake up that morning. see no difference. How many of you have gone through something nobody saw no difference here comes. My voting system when them I woke up this morning. They didn't know when they were watering. The wheat, I
they were watering the weeds and infrastructure has now become a system underground for or the weak comes up before. The wedding before the degree the call to ministry the system. fighting a system. Lookup are more shy. You're fighting a system you're, not fighting a double you're fighting a system. All I could see for days and days and days what these tangled up routes. You are fighting and infrastructure. The kingdom of Heaven
slovak, LISA, maple Jesus is saying the kingdom of Heaven is the war is under crown the war is underground, The tangle is underground. You trying to fight on top of the soil, But the system is underground: you'd prime, in the flesh, but this system is in this period is in this spirit. Work is in this spirit. World. It's in this period were somebody since, in that spirit world, so the enemy- brought me to lesson number three lesson. Number three get this corruption and destruction are two different things: corruption,
and destruction are two different things he could. I destroy the wheat. So all he could do the environment in which the we was coming. He could probably from criminal. Wanted to make it hard for you, we know what the system is. We know who planted it. The in the text
he planted. This is an important question. If you don't understand why he planted it, you can figure out how to overcome it. First thought was: maybe the weeds will kill the wheat, but the truth of the matter is The wheat and the weed grow up right beside each other. And if it was sweet, when it went in the ground, it'll be when it comes out of the ground if it was a weed when it went in the ground, it'll be a week when it comes out of the ground. So if the weeds didn't kill the wheat. Why did he planted
The kingdom of Heaven is lack. The kingdom of Heaven is like your parts of our quit Why planted so we ve got to figure out. Why do they planted if he couldn't curse? What god bless, if we couldn't change the molecular structure or what he planted in me. If he couldn't changed, we too, we. Why did he go out at night and swifter and put the we beside the week ten,
I sin is not in the substance of the queen at the weed, but the decision of how you handle it. The come on come on, come on. Don't leave me now, because, if you leave now you'll miss the whole thing, the whole mystery is the question. When answer from whence cometh this the master said an enemy has done this. Should we go here, it is and pull up the weeds
and he said no leave it alone, see the master knew that there was a system underground that even a pew poll, only the wiki there was such a tangling in the roof that he said. If you pull up the weeds, you will kill the weeds. Now I see what the devil is trying to get me to do he's, trying to get me to take matters into my own hands and try to solve the problem, but the holocaust told me that the leave it alone- the I don't know how to I don't even know what this means to you got that you're uncomfortable, but leave it alone frustrated, but leave it alone, leave it alone. For that leave it alone that set up the blabber. Wants you to do something. God said you gotta have enough faith to leave it alone. Somebody give him the master says.
lesson for giving us a mamma, one more to do something. I want you get this wisdom awaiting its opiate, afraid The wisdom of waiting is the opiate of faith. Firstly, since time expensive to spin. The is to wait. It out The master leap leave it alone list While trying to fix it Make it worse. It's a set up. We cannot wait so why did he planted with two?
the what you feel like you're, running out of time, to something nah for your faith is expressed to your silence. The natural battle. The wisdom of waiting is the opiate of the most expensive seed. You can plant this time the money you're going to get some more money, but if you're playing time you'll never have it again. The enemy has plagued you with a spirit of urgency that makes you want to take matters into your own hands. The wait upon the lord shall renew their strength up a wave like eagles run and not be weary. They shall walk and not pray. Somebody holloway, holloway holloway, the
he's here leave it alone. It's not that you're wrong. The time is right
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