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Tomorrow Belongs To God

2023-06-04 | 🔗
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Coming up on the butter stage? This is what prayer does, for. You is priceless. You have just external extremities, so that you're not always reacting to what can see going on around you, but I'm telling you that god has an expected end for your life and that his thoughts are good toward you and not evil. Whatever comes in whoever goes, god is still going to bless you and you stop worrying about your future.
God has got it tomorrow, belongs to god who about pretence to the father which art in Heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil that that prayer right there he gave them that template for prayer, but the real model is how he lived. Is life not just? What do you see I told them that real pressure is has nothing to do with eloquence. He associated that with the pharisees. They were known for their swelling words and then long prayers. He wants us to know that prayer. Does it in. God It invites
Good god doesn't need you to tell him what's goin on he already knows. What's goin on you, don't prey to inform him. You pray to invite. I gotta hear what I'm saying: I'm gonna drop something heavy ammo drop some heavy stuff on you. You pray to invite him into If I message you invite, if you don't inform the lord, you know the rent is due on thursday. I know that you know I got made up here. I was there. You know that hurt my feelings. I quit my job. I got mad at this one yeah. I know I know you don't inform him. You invited. Come in for my good decision come into my bad decisions come into what I regret come into the place where I reacted out of my motion, rather than your word. fight you into this situation. I invite you into this. I invite you to the job our citizens too,.
The deal I shouldn't have done, the the the place. I need your direction because my mouth gets me in trouble. I need your word to prevail over my word so that I can be better or be more infected. I invite you, let's just take a moment right now and invite him invite him? Let's invite him? Let's invite him, let's invite him see, you got ready to praise, but I want you to pray. Let's invite him. Let's invite him. My house shall be called a house of prayer. You've made it a den of these, but it should be called a house of prayer Jesus bricks have about prayer is evident throughout the scriptures it is. It is ever that throughout this group is very tantalize. They promise teach us to pray, because every time they turned around over and over the visa slips away from the crowded his responsibility to spend time and prayer
River beds are demonstrated through his. Why is Benefits are demonstrated through his life to the point that they proudly say your teaching is about the kingdom. The kingdom of Heaven is likened. The kingdom of Heaven is like the kingdom of Heaven is like it, but what you're not teaching us is every. So often you go apart to the mountain by yourself and had to yourself behind a rock and do something that makes you able to walk on water when you come out. Teach us how to do that. Teach us how to do that right. There teach us how to do that right. There teaches how to do that right. There teach us how to do that right there they had seen him. Do it in so many different ways, and I'm going to give you a few ways that Jesus models, prayer and the benefits of prayer for you to jot down number one. piece of the storm. Please The storm is a result of communion with god.
They are a torrent. May know visas is at rest. This is
what prayer does for? You is priceless you against external extremities, so that you're not always reacting to what you see going on around you. When you have a lifestyle, a prayer, you don't act like the crowd, everybody's screaming and running and jumping off the boat. But when you've been talking to god before the storm, you have peace in the store. All y'all don't hear what I'm saying I got three above football. You got peace in the middle of the store. Is there anybody in here that had unexplainable peace, you'd you'd already know it's? Not even your character is not even your nature that comes from having a consistent prayer life, not a church prayer life, not an old thou god who realised that with the wave had set done eternity and overlooks the corridors of time into died? No! No! No! No! This is where you drive that Rosa Jesus, although what we're going to do about this- but I trusted you about that and if you don't want me to do this kind of prayer that is not eloquent, it is just you craft about a holographic woman who said that who of that book when her daughter was grievously vexed with a devil, she didn't have to be eloquent with you in a fight with the devil. You don't have to be eloquent. We don't need an exercise in your vocabulary. We don't need you to tune up. We'd, be good overview about the benefits of prayer is demonstrated in the storm.
How you were driven storm determines how far you wanna go. We be a leader if you freak out cuba, com ahead in a crisis. Discipline. This report shows that this week we have, we have a generation on top of all of us. All aid is that it is about disabled people. Who say whatever they think, however, they take whatever they want to. You don't have no prayer life. You talk to people when you ought to be talking to god. If you start talking to god, it'll change, how you talk to people come on somebody, the demonstrates prayer for the number to deliverance, for others.
it comes down off of the mount of transfiguration. The disciples have been wrestling with this boy. Fighting for his life he's cast himself into the water he's casting himself into the power. They cannot control his demon. I want to talk to the people who have a demon, that's out of control in your life or that you cannot control it and when Jesus comes down the boy's father embarrasses the disciple that are brought into your disciples, and they could do nothing with him.
There are some things you have to bring the regulator Jesus, you don't need an appointment with the bishop. You need data appointment with a counselor, you don't need an appointment with, but a subsample you've got some daemons you've got to take the Jesus, never mind the pride that the boy got into power, but they get burned up and got in the water they never drought see. This is already present, but you're, tired of going through the struggle and to fight the war for Jesus says bring him to me. Afterwards, the disciples earthenware were wrong and I respect them for that. Because no failure. makes you a failure and tail unless you will not examine what did I do wrong. If you learn from it, it can't be a failure.
You didn't do anything wrong is what didn't do this. Come about burma prayer and pressed it, so Jesus is gradually teaching them about prayer number three Terrorism submissive for the process, Through prayer thesis that when it gets to submit to the press, and it often does, and it even did for Jesus, so stop trying to sell me this bill that everything is easy for you. He forgot a heart for Jesus. I know it got hot for you so shut up the that's why our favorite sapphire shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, you allowed a great deal. that producers, his circle garbage a cemetery.
Just so that he will be, I pray you his way into submission to the press. Yes,. probably it'd. Be that we'll pass this bitter cup. For me, sometimes god's will would carry you to roads. You don't want to ride or here to talk to. Somebody sometimes god's will will carry you to roads, you don't want to ride or roasted pig roast suited for sea rotated, design and, frankly, road zero lag, but it's still god's will, because god is not in your life, for your laughter, yoga derby was so good. God is not in your life, for your lacks the Jesus This goes into the gardening assembly, as if this is how you submit to the park, you don't like.
because got Wilson what you don't like to kill your flesh. You know the problem was designed to Cuba, flesh. the first will always scream out when the males go here. Let's go to the garden and praise, so you Grace for the cross. I always thought that we more attention to the cross than we do the garden The cross is, worthy demonstrated. The power. the garden before the pardoning guilt and see in ITALY. this'll prayer when the man, sickle pausing is carried by poor people and they had to climb up the wall abandoned carrying a man who is a sick palsy parallel? Has
the wall across the room with poor pay, Ignore him down into the presence of Jesus and Jesus says to him. Son Sins are forgiven me and then they got it. then he had the right to do that. He said what is easier to say so that seems, are forgiven me or take up your bed and walk Is there a correlation between the policy and the sin because Jesus I warn the forgiveness of sin over the plain that brought him to Jesus. Could the patents have caused the paralysis Are you carrying give that you can't get rid of to the point
It has shown up in infirmities in your body, too much that you're, not even designed for. Do you go to god and prayer. Do you God improve out on me like you down one one. I read it on a daily continual basis. The plus is your soul of the city. You so careful about what you eat to a pescatarian, I'm a vegan. I read this email, proud that you are so careful about what you put into your body. But are you careful about what you put in your soul? The number five prayer, israel secret weapon,
praise, the secret weapon Jesus teaches in the texts that will you pray, don't be out in the streets, praying like the pharisees. He said, but go into your secret closet and shut the door, and he says the god who hears in secret will reward you in the open. If you want to be a public success, you gotta be a private prayer. All y'all go help me. If you are going to be a public success, you gotta be a private prayer warrior as we prepare to offer up before god in the spirit of thanksgiving fullness of heart, my into that We now come. Oh you. so activity,
explain how good you blueprint everything everything ever lift up, something before you I realise that whatever cuban does not compared to your every day, but I want to To have reciprocity, I cannot let you be this good to me, while I nor my responsibility to reciprocate back to you. how six is not about search. Lord said the most interesting thing to me when I was founded. I want you to understand. The prayer is a part of self care. You are talking about you, gotta, get self clear. You gotta hisself kid.
you got itself clear. So clear, is so clear. Prayer is a part of self clearer you, prefer college colleges of the psychiatrists we're here they would take. Journal. The holy spirit says Where is journaling with god,. the prayer wheel,
The scales in your free prayer will tip the scales in your favor. Your daughter needs to see you pray. Your son needs to see you pray not just when you are in front of people. It needs to not be strange that come into your house to hear your mom praying friend your house, that we call our house of prayer. You gotta bring prayer back to your house, the opera house flag, the ballet where the atlanta housewives of actors and a half why the movie stars get down on your knees and start calling all the probably the scales in your favour
problem about yesterday, cause there's nothing that can be done about yesterday. You got to come out of yesterday. Does not nobody do about. Yesterday, you don't see anywhere in the bible where everybody is prey and about yesterday I get goddamn. You gotta microphones crime about yesterday, your history, Come out of your history, no matter who was right, no matter who was wrong. You got a double in front of unified. You can't fight the devil behind you and have your hands free the devil in front of you, who am I talking to the I gotta hurt her ukraine's there? If you dont like them,
rescue. This worry, mellow, fast prayer, Over and over Jesus says, do not worry it's not a request this command. Do not worry worry, nullified, You can pray real good, but if you're worried better than you pray, you nullify. What's grateful, worried nullifies, prayer cancels out. Prayer worry, is to have faith in the negative. worry is phrased. Turn inside out work Responding to the negative boys louder than you do the positive your life is infected by war. You can't make sound the season when you worry. Anxiety is myth really worrying about tomorrow, worried about. It hasn't having a where we're gonna stay, what we gonna do, what the ever.
You want to know everything you control freak. You profess. what by faith, not by site. You want to know everything about something that hasn't even happened yet you're making Aye, sir Francis you give yourself sick, you're. Making me so hard to live with, because you think everyone, Everybody has a report to your office. God it's not gonna report to your office. It's not gonna, give you details, you just go up the walk out there Please I will show you when you get, there are going to show it to you and you gotta walk by faith, and god knows you don't like it. I got those who are good at it, but you gotta get good at it. Dig down into your pocket book. They throw weapons out because one of those weapons is resisting the temptation to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow belongs again
say it again. The people on the ground he's done, and these under the tree and is getting ready to go. and all he s got to do is remember me when you get to the kingdom. Just remember me, he'd didn't save me. He just said this remember. It is just remember me when you get to the kingdom tomorrow belongs to god, I'm sure one more. Scripture and then I'm gonna move on. Take me. Take me to jazz, will take me to jezebel and her mouth. Take me to your first kings, nineteen one to eight and get this it's an ammo that just in fact I don't even have to go to aid. I think I can go to three and get it now am told as a bail everything the had done, how It killed all the prophets with the sword. Just about sent a messenger, so just sent a messenger to it.
There's a bell sit a worrying messenger to lodge says about spirit, a worry too, roger it would only work if she threatened. She didn't, kill him. She the threatened him. Isn't it funny how there will always be somebody to bring you back news to worry? You. Listen what I'm saying just about been killing. She sent a messenger to threaten him. Threat menu. What I'm asking you a question. What is You as liberals that message What really serves avail profit, killing
as a praise, killing avail killing a bail comfort. filling says avail confidence disrupt? the bill will always find you a message at this is the message may the gods deal with me, be everest barely it by this tomorrow. Make your life one of them, other prophets are kill. Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. The ladder who didn't run from nothing ran from worry when he came to bear siba in Judah. He left his servant there because sometimes like Jesus in gethsemane, you can.
Nobody with you why he himself, when a days journey into the wilderness, he came to a broom rub a both the king James is a journal. Retreat, sat down under it and pray that he might. I want to speak to every person whose trapped and so worried Did you want to die tomorrow belongs to go. Not did this you worried to death or in pain about yesterday. Yesterday is trust. Two to kill tomorrow, you don't know what a day will bring. She said, if I don't do out in the next twenty four hours. May the gods with me. I'm gonna kill you just like I q of others and he started running. Under the tree, as it ever more gotta
well to to take me I have had enough lord. I want I want an honest answer. How many people I said god have had enough. Came to god and said I have had enough now a days charming in his travels doesn't notice that Joseph is a lawyer for Be allowed to complain is a miracle process. He said
Mara, the caesar by this time. Tomorrow I will pray, go live and he ought to be set up under the juniper tree. Twenty four hours later he's still alive. Let me tell you some of you are worried about stuff. You ought to be certain about the devil had his way he took you out by now, because tomorrow belongs to god. I want somebody, who's liberated a miracle, the gods, the know what I'm talking about
tomorrow belongs to god. God bless. You know devils to which no eggs. No spell no mistake. No failure. No sin, no shortcoming! Nothing can stop god if god gets ready to bless you tomorrow long, the jezebel curse that keeps you up at night is a lion spirit from the pit and I'm not saying you Well to have something to say: you won't go through drought, I'm not saying you're going to get everything you want, but I'm telling you that god has an expected in for your life and that his thoughts good toward you are not evil. Whatever comes in, whoever goes, god is still going, bless you and you stop worrying about your future. God
has gotten more will be long forgot. All about prince Andrew.
I wanna talk to some people who have been there's something. I want you to get ready to re, launch the honest man. That's a latter day shopping writer, your former life may seem pull the trials and tribulations, but never forget the guide has a plan for you for every night. You, wherever you would do for every night, you will serve to sleep, was watching. You watch your gift of any amount of experience. The fullness of your purpose with tv jake's life in reaching devotional, sixty six baneful blessings from genesis to revelation, puts flows to replace the beer in your life with faith, call or click today, disruptive disrupted
I thought since for such a Mrs schaffner, the fresh fresher. Genesis is where we first are introduced to our god. He was supporter and we Were the first part, if there's anything guarded, may god forbid, because that now that the vessel, but the fragile, if you please
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