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Coming up on the butter stage, he will just show you just because your curious, he will just show you, because you are fascinated and interested. He won't just show you, because you take the class or religious studies. He will show you because you think you're an intellectual, and you want an experience of the things that god would only reveal to people who believe any gap,
you need to do is wait till you get a photo with god, a real encounter with god. I'm not asking you to give god your heart at shake my head, it's not as bad as the presence of god. Wait all the authority of the holy ghost the choices, but the disciple either get out at the fellowship, be kill or stay in the role. They were locked up in the room by themselves. Jesus was crucify. There were little room was so Al Qaeda rulers, summits that they had stolen his body. The body was the body it turned missing. They came,
uninstall rolled away. The place where Jesus lay there was no There are some said: from those about said it was a trick, a prank, what kind of world whether they were mister that isolation and the business of collusion that comes seclusion and Jesus comes into this Now I want you to see this, Isolation and seclusion are two different things. Let me look at that moment. Isolation in seclusion are two different things, to be isolated, their isolated, so that they might be insulated from the possibility of anything happening in their life. But the isolation gradually turns into seclusion. So that Jesus can come into their seclusion because
this is designed to have a private moment with them. He has given up on public displays so even when Jesus rose from the dead, he did not seek the crowds. he also may sought those who knew him. He always those that move because a babel said the sick, the lord is with them. That fear him, and he should show them his covenant. Now you re at the last summer. He said that the new testament was at his word, so he's. Not gonna show is covenant to the world because he has come. to his own, and his own has received a lot It's already leaped over the remember all drawings of jerusalem. How else would I have gathered you as he heads together to chase and ye whatnot? Ok, I'm through with that he's turned his back and he's always showing himself to believe as I was then so, is it bad?
I that god will always show people that really is If we want to show you just because you curious, he won't just show you because your press evaded electricity. He won't just show you because you take my class religious tat and he will show you because you think you're an intellectual, and you want to understand that there are some things that god will only reveal to people who believe any gap. Who were too much room every day now: strategy going up it visits. So for those forty days he visits, Take a moment ball, thank god for his visit. Because that I must admit it's is not that he talks to me every day. You know it's not that it does
every day is not that I feel anointed everyday. It's everyday is that I feel his presence everyday. It's not that I speak in towns every it's that I feel is power every day, but I want to thank him because visits from god, change your trajectory. A visit from god can change how you see your life or visit from god can change how you deal with your children. A visit from god can change your attitude at all. This causes that a lot of you watching me that you say that you have breakfast with him everybody, but the truth of nobody has ever died that god stops bad visits he Abraham?
for so many years, god would visit him and it will change the trajectory of his life. He moses, god, has a way of visiting you and his visits way the different he visited the two disciples on the road to him. As change the whole conversation they were having a conversation until Jesus visited them and walked up from behind them. They included him in their conversations and then he included them. It is about So for the next seven miles, he unfolded himself to the scriptures With the seven mile trip was over, he made as if he would go on and they invited him into the room because they wanted the visit to continue the only thing about Jesus visiting you is you never want him to leave.
If you have a tasted of the holy ghost, you don't want it to be over if you've ever really talked about just goose, pimples or Juba, but I made a real visit from god makes you want him to link up with us and the environment. I man and as say, bro, the bible They saw my lord, the breaking a bridge. Some of you don't know. I don't have a clue what I about, because all you I visited the church and you ve never visited Jesus There are moments in your life that Jesus will visit you. They do not have to be at church. He'll come into your house and visit to he'll come in a jail cell and visit you, you can be driving to work with tears, running down your face and he'll visit you he could wake up at three o'clock in the morning and give you a visitation that changes. How you see everything around the question of what I'm talking about, but everybody got visitors, when he visits as they turns our fear,
removes that doubt and all of a sudden we go into a different state of existence. We in isolation just because we're in seclusion it's a different tend to the world. We may be, as close it waiting on a time become, without not in isolation. So the disciples that we meet, who are locked behind the doors for fear of the Jews in isolation. Typos hurry above the upper room, I'm not in I of fear there in seclusion variants is it there's still nobody else in the room but they're not in isolation. The the the the the the the the reason for them being bag This clause is no longer the fear the Jews, but there are now waiting for the holy ghost
chill out man they're still behind closed doors. The situation is still the same goal and the chain was attitude where we see them at first they're behind closed doors, for fear of what the world might do, but I see them, and they are there behind closed doors, waiting to see what god is going to do. Then, between these two polarities, all that chase sadat was he visited the. If we are true, this situation may still look the same, but it will be the same because because the visit changes, the attitude of the stay over and all of a sudden, you might be in isolation at one moment, but then you go into seclusion because you're there for a different reason,
hospital by a different reason, live in the same house with its a different reason, go into the same job, but as a different reason, married to the same person, but is a different reason. Driver the same carbon is a different reason. Have only one man. Let's do it appears as it is on the same day. You know it's not the same. They because you have a different expectations before I was locked up in here because of what I was afraid but may hear here, because the one I'm waiting or something else is going to happen. If I stay here a little while longer something is going to happen in the I will say that he he led them out welcome twenty four Sport is seven that he led them. as far as birthday, and he bliss and it is the thing in the world because kid you What it is to be in love with Jesus to the point The john has laid his head on his breast to the point that they have given up everything to serve
point that they spent the last three years serving him to the point that they put their lives, risk deserve it and they loved him and they loved him and He's leaving the visitation period is over, forty days a visitation and then it's over and they know they will not see him anymore until they, The clouds are lower taking a loved one down to the airport, and you know thither goin away. It is one thing for you to be gone a couple of weeks, but would you know that I may not ever see you again in this? this a whole different kind of food,
It's kind of the feeling you get when you close the casket on somebody. Now, if you haven't done that, you don't know what I'm talking about, but if you've ever done that the closing of a cab there's a the the comfort there's a finality to it, there's a there's, a pain to it, the ache to it, because you know that you won't see him anymore on this side, and I can remember wanting to bend my head down and pecan for one find a lock it was at. the fact that Jesus leads about as far as president and lays hands on them and blesses him, and
enjoy the time that they should have had a lot of pain. How can god give us joy at a time we oughta have. Other pain is a place of separation. This is the circumcision of the disciples. It is a radical way. It is. A separation is a kind of glows, and yet here messiness as a pain with John, have you ever had god give you joy or a painful place? Have you ever had god give you joy when you had every right to be bleeding, but he gave your jaw a cup of joy. that's what we're looking at our texts, and there is no difference. Between look at acts, are written by the same people. Look road! Look, but he also wrote acts so that's just a continuation of the conversation lou so low. twenty four forty seven, where they lived about. As far as
laid hands on them, bless him and told them gone to jerusalem when he picks up. step one. It's the same right to writing about the same group of people as visible a treaty is about made out the awfulness of all that Jesus. began both to do and to teach it still talking. A judge. things. Will you still talking like you turn the page,
I named the chapter something different, but it's the same guy target these guys have left the presence of Jesus with great joy. They seen him go up in chariots of glory they've seen him come and be escorted on a cloud service and he spent standing there gazing at him. I have to say ye men of galilee was standing here, gazing at him. This Jesus that you see us in Shelby said in like manner whatever happened to the field. There was such joy that they didn't have time to ache over what they lost, because they were so excited about. What was about to happen? Would you stop focusing on what your loss I get excited about? What is about to happen that will change your life, How do I change my two preacher? I've tried to change to try to think Firstly, about it, I tried to feel about a very good job on travel, feel good about it. I keep thinking about what our laws, the
the reason. The only way that because of what you laws as start. Give excited about what you're about to receive is actually visitation. the expected increase in your life. Now, though, I know that sounds crazy. How can you be talking about increase when everybody in the world is talking about decrease? Everybody thought about downsizing everybody's talking about the economy everybody's talking about that, but that's once us apart from their oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah, because we have a god that will bless you. the bible said that, in the days of labour, all the leprous died, but maybe recovered. You wanna be that accepts the rule that beats the It rises against adversity, just because it happens next door does not mean that it has to happen to you, and I want you to keep your faith pololu you, because we are going to walk.
If we're going to walk it out, we're going walk it by faith and it's not going to be by sight, and it's not going to be my that we're not walking according to the press or the newspaper or the stock market or wall street were walking according to the word of god, because we are the people of god. now, we must understand something particularly in the eleven men left, one of them has committed suicide. His entrails have spelt out in the potter's feel his made me is Judas. The unity has been broken by suicide, Furthermore, it has been crucified. Their comrade has committed suicide. The trend, novel the ranks together in the absence of a physical presence of Jesus,
They're trying to figure out who's going to replace Judas, they start casting lots, because men will do many things trying to fix gut problems, but many things won't fix good problems in order to fix a good problem of you need a god thing you can do a man thing fix a god problem. You gotta turn it over to god. While they were cast lots for a boy named Matthias, god was looking for a guy named soul. They pick Mathias copics, so good god almighty. I don't want who you pick, who got picked? So that's what's wrong with your life now you've been picking who you pick, but the next one who comes into your life. You want to be who god picks. Now I want a bit of Mathias. Look like a better deal. Matthias at bit. Around Matthias was on the right side of the track and the guy that got picked at better the enemy of the church. He didn't look like a good deal. He didn't look like a good decision, but when god makes up his mind, he'll take wrong and make it right. He'll, take down and bake it up or he'll take loose and make a stroll he'll take. We can give it power some of you in this room because, god picture nobody else would have today ever been where you are right now, but god pick two out. If you have god pick you out, it'll put run in and you're free to a carpet in your answer. They pick Mathias god pick Paul Paul wrote more the new testament that my path was ever heard of. We never hear of him again. The historian said he built a church somewhere, but he did write an episode. Not one book was added, not one miracle was written, not one revelation was given not one bit mad was raised, not one sick man was healed, but the stone that the builders rejected. Her was the one that the miracles came through. The doors were open, but as we're open that lame begin to walk that the gods were rather be. Gods may be your man. I'd rather be all god said behold, your sad somebody who's been rejected to give god a little bit of praise right there. So now they're trying to figure out what to do.
last thing, they've said in the texts with Jesus, even after all of his visits and all of his speaking and all of his revelation, they still were not clear of his direction. So they ask. When are you going to set up your kingdom because once people get something in their head, no matter how they, shell,
no matter how they dance is still. In the back of their mind. I've counseled people took my tongue, turned blue and once people get something in there, man is still in there mad all the way down to the year that they was asking him, but yeah, that's good. Thank you. We gonna ahead the holy goals. Thank you for that. Did you raise? Thank you for the sick you here. Thank you for turning water into wine. Thank you for cleansing. The lepers set the captives free, but where are you going to set up your kingdom? Will you go set up your kingdom? The reason they wanted the kingdom is as if Jesus set up the king number, they were going to build the board. Lord have mercy. Everybody has a reason why they follow you, but Jesus kept on walking as there is not given to you to know when the number is going to be set up, but ye shall be witnesses of liberty, both in judea and samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth, good god almighty. I said to myself: they shall be witnesses to you. Were they not already witnesses to you? They were there on that night with the wind was twisted into the air and the lightning was flashing and you were walking on water. They saw you walk on water, like a ghost who were there when the storm began the arrive, and you will sleep in the bottom of the boater, you wave sleep out or a rescue to the williams and commanded the waves to be steal. There were there, will you stop? The widow needs funeral ran down at the cast theatre and the boy got out the casket and started walking all around. They were there when you stop by the blind man of spare in his eye, and he was still a pool or solo, and he came out to see. Play with the owner will address was titled the tomb or you didn't even go in the tube you stood outside at the door, stood on the front porch. As a chromophore of the dead man came walking out of the uber. They were there, they were there, they were there with a woman with a blood touch, the hem of his garment, and she was married all the way with the crowd fuck you and you disappeared out of their myths. They were there with you, two two fish and five loaves of bread, a beer through the people. They were there when they cut a hole in the roof. At a lay. Man came down the hill and he picked up his bed and began to walk. They were there when they took you from judge, but all the, but all they were there with you and stretch you they were there when the stone was rolled away and you stood up again, they were there when you walked to a solid door, ghost enough to walk to the door, but mad enough to eat fish with you got all the inside. They were there. How could they not be witnesses since they were there? He said old, mole, jakes.
the witness I'm talking about everything you talking about is on earth, but in order to be a witness to be, you had to be there when I was in the porter's of glory, and I rolled up my divinity to it from eternity down into wrapped up in the dressing room of a warm called maria. I came walking out in the flips, you had to be there when I said let there be light and there was light and it was cool. You had to be there when I wrestled Jacob in the middle of the night. You had to be there when I appear in the priory furnace. You had to be there to hear what I'm saying to you that this is not a witness. Yet you got a good memory, but you're about to witness yet you're, not a witness to the witness. Comes you're, not a witness to the witness. Comes you're, not a witness to the witness comes you're, not a witness to a witness comes. I said: how could that be awesome stuff? He said you saw some stuff. I said I got evidence. He said you got evidence but shoot out a witness to the witness comes, a witness witness who is the witness witness witness who is a witness? The holy ghost is a witness, and that's why I said you shall be witnesses. Unto me when the holy ghost has come upon you, he could witness things that you never got to see that you never got to do is a go to Jerusalem. What your people say wait for it, wait for it. You've got to wait in Jerusalem. Will you be a dude with power that comes from omaha, film, old school, stuff, ticketed right now? The problem with the church today is that what everything is that they want a quick they wanted in the area and anything you get it or you'll lose in a hurry, but I remember the old school way to get around the altar and wait for it, good god, almighty here. If you waited around the altar, you didn't let nobody talk you out of that. If you tear it around the altar, you didn't let nobody get. You broke out of that. There's something about white noted where'd! You get it! You appreciated! What you need to do is wait till you get a cuddle with god a real encounter with god. I'm not asking you to give god your heart and shake my head. It's not a bad hannah! I'm asking you to get it the presence of god and wait all the authority of the holy ghost. There is a power that comes from the holy ghost that a seiko drop bolts out of the ballet. There is a power that comes from the holy ghost or drive. Cabs are out of your flesh. There is a power that comes from god. Save everybody, also there's a power that will to liberate you from crack and cocaine the power that will lose the sack also battery of your life or you want to wait for the power that has set the captive free play, is a power that open the prison doors where it for the power that operate. You outta the power that the which capex is a power that break every curse over your life or, what's your grandmom idea, what your granddaddy did the power that a new psu, etc free, wait for it, the power that a break you off for later have the power that operate kobe. It outta yourself stop a power that was that per capita free somebody somewhere, give god praise right, laughs how
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