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Coming up. Father stage The crowd has ass, the woman who I got a fuss. No one is willing to give something. It will prompt the off that releases. Everything she ever wanted. Wait wait, wait the fall! The seek of sets. The father seek the father's secret, the father seeketh, the wanted to sit by the whale. Yeah. tat way By the well.
For this wagon. Jesus wanted a woman who had settled for less. Then? What's she should have accepted. not recognising that she was valuable She had had five husbands ever Situation. Jesus wanted. Jesus wanted Can problem with the notion that Jesus watch. Thirdly, problem with the motion. Jesus cares about. Jesus would hold this schedule. As. And wait. The water walking Jesus.
And the lazarus raising Jesus. and the man healing Jesus said in a confusing place, And waited to bring reason. To end senate. Rights is this to add collar. Restoration of frustration. Sits by the well. The way was she brushed her teeth, come here back into a bun. He way. While she gathered her water pots and put on her dress and decided to wear her sandals
one will I, where Jesus down there, she's oblivious, that she has an appointment with destiny, like some of you sitting here. Right now are oblivious to the fact that you have an appointment with this today, but all the while you were getting ready this morning. He was sitting by the well. Waiting on you. Get articles appears to the novice reader. Can I preach this this morning about the workable feeling like preach it? It almost feels like to the novice reader that there are two stars in a multiple seen play and that one star is Jesus and one star is a woman, but that is not really the truth. There are actually our stars in this text, and neither are they the woman nor the master for starters, validate the war. Hunting right
This appetite of god who chooses to wait over walking And since his disciples to take a walk while he waits, he will It's you don't wait on. That's not important. Jesus, a city. Anyone can therefore star than the tanks one of them Is water. The other one is the whale Third one is the word and the fourth One is worship. The water we must start with because its if it it dates the fathers seeketh, in d, it seeks the
the moral of it all is amazing, because it is contradictory in the nature of the statement itself that the father seeketh for the father already has all things Are you, and yet he seeketh is is almost a contradiction is like out tomorrow is like hot ice Jesus says to her: let me go backwards, The conversation emission aids, not with her thirst for water, but his thirst, He says to the woman whose shackled up ever had failed.
Marriages. Jesus. the holy one of israel rule? Have you got the principles that everlasting flop? the of god himself said to this girl give me to drink with me. The conversation starts not with what she wants. but what he wants he says, give me to drink And while she goes like you I'll, do it offered tabs decide whether these were drink.
Not realizing that he's asking you for what he's already fuller. I've always excuses like she did for not responding to what god walls, Eddie he says he says to the woman at this start of the off. The fabric, the water, the who I gotta fuss, knowing that, if she is willing to give something, it will probably up. That releases everything she ever worn, wait wait, wait. The father seek of sets the father seek at them. the secret, the father figure, the father, whose
Tournament begin from the beginning, the same Jesus, who said I saw you when you were up onto the tree, the same Jesus who said: go yonder and there's a colt tied up at the other city and tell the master tell him the master has need of him. If he knows where quality is. Surely he knows where everything else here and yet the far the secret? Do you understand the profundity of those two words? A father seek up at Jesus, comes down to the well and asked this thirsty bear. It feels isolated, manipulative frustrated warband. He asked for a break what's right about that, that Jesus taught me about in sunday school that Jesus taught me about what had been a help for this woman. Minister woman. This woman is in need, if you don't the water city therapy, she got five husbands. What is enough to drive you crazy? She got five husbands and etc. Why I said Jesus is asking for it yet something else.
what do you do when life has cost you everything and now, at a time of your post, pleaded stayed? Life was asking you for something else, talking to the police. and then Jesus says to her, give me to drink, in the same breath says hulu, who I was you would be asked. Me for water, for free the water that you have. You will first together, but if you drink The water that I have you will never thirst again. All of a sudden, I begin to realise there are just two people in the text.
The two dimensions in the tex. This woman is talking on the dimension of the physical and Jesus is talking on the dimension of the spiritual and the only reason he asked her to give me the drink was to expose that what you been drinking would never satisfy you, because you're operating in the physical realm you have to keep making trips over and over again to have your needs met. But if you drink the water that I have, I will never thirst again. So Jesus is asking the natural woman to discover that there is another realm to live on. That will satisfy her thirst and change her natural life because she started drinking from another place. Jesus has the audacity to tell her that if you drink the water, I have you will never thirst again. I want to speak to every thirsty person in the media. Every lead, a person in here every dehydrated frustrated, empty and aggravated person any here. If you want to see rest of the race in your life until all of your gifts, work at all of your organs, work and all of your body works, Jesus came to heal your the heart. Races sees us take quench. Your thirst sees us meet your the, but you know what you come to church budget, don't cut the geezer. You sit up there, a church with your cute threats on your fancy, little pops, but you won't really give a praise to god committed the building won't quench your thirst. But if you open up your spirit, god would give you living water. If you stop worrying about what other people thought, I'd really take that geezer, something amazing what happened in July and don't get mad at the person next to you, because you sit up there, dehydrated and they're well, hydrated they're well hydrated, because they open their mouth. While you sit there and said, I'm not wired that way, they'll get mad at me because I break it and dry. It will trigger the water that you will never forget that there. I want a thirty second praise for people that I get a high grade said Dr Safa yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah praise him if you're not as thirsty as it used to be crazy about as uncertain as it used to be crazy, but not as desperate as he used to be pray that you ate the pool you use to be president when you stop letting other people make a fool out of you, because Jesus has quench your thirst, you lack of, but you don't need a black you used to eat up because you gotta do the opposite of everyday work in this array of flip over into that rail map. If I can't get it in the natura I'll go into the spiritual had my god shall supply all my needs. According to his riches in glory, is there anybody in here that is drinking lemon water from the wells of salvation cetera, go ahead and give up pray the? If you have a hop to mentality with god, you don't understand who, god is? You ought to have a what two made it through with god can do magic about the work there? Will have to kiss you.
if you're going to be married. Where that gets you a lot, I don't know you don't have to, but just both to want to, because love is about giving and love is about soy and laws about love is about understanding reciprocity. It's not just give me, god give me god give me got it. Don't ask me for anything. The real love makes you want to give something that makes you want to do something makes you want to say some as well. Little kids come up with their momma drawing and don't nobody know what it is, but mama and god, but she pins it up on the refrigerator, because love will find something to give. It must express itself or it's not legitimate. If everybody tells you they love you and they don't ever give you anything be suspicious. You might be living in a drought, but you're hydrated. You might have to work with drap people, but you're hydrated. You might have some dry relatives, but you are hydrated. That's why they don't get on your nerves, like they used to get on your nerves, because you don't need from them or what you use to lead them, because you've got another source. You got away alive, your bellaire, you gotta, wear! Let your spirit, you gotta! Well in your so somebody a homage to the doctor to get me excited. I gotta get. I gotta get to what I gotta get to so I get what I gotta get to target get to get to it. So we got to waters
To waters we got to people in a conversation back to work. Worse. living water, Regular water, water, both in the same place as a threat, Lack of hope in pepsi test,
have you ever seen: coke and pepsi tests where they put the coke right beside the pepsi and do a taste test. Jesus god is doing a test at the wheel. He has put Jesus the fountain of living water besides shakeup swell the fountain of temporal water and has brought the woman down to the well which water bill your water. If you drink this water, you won't keep coming to this. Well, the rest of your life, and you know your library, but not the circles. You keep covering a man or man after man. That's only a temporary about how you're going out to water to water, the water you keep going to people who have satisfy you ask them to satisfy you, but I decided that set battle will give you a taste test so that she'll bite on the span that it is possible to live your life without class. And so
Let me move from the water to the whale Jesus it's down the well Jesus, it's down at the well. These it's down Jacob swill geez, Well, sir, being on a whale. Jesus is Jacob soil. Jesus is Jacobs well sitting on drink of swill, giving her an optional Well, she wants to draw from and she says to him- you have draw with women. The matter is, she has nothing to draw with
as long as he keeps coming down to the whale because he doesn't have nothing to draw with he she has. She has something to draw with. She wouldn't have been on her fifth husband, but she has nothing to draw with and now she's shacking up, because he has nothing to draw with your pride, your ego, your arrogance, your anger, your hostility is stopping you from have something to draw with. It's not that the glory has not fallen, that this church is that your mouth is closed when the glorious fall. It is not that god is not delayed in this church, etc. Mouth is closed when the glorious father is not that great shape, the love that its place, but you sit back judging people while they're crawling to the altar drinking from the well, but if you have an inside talk with your mouth and start drinking other water rather than dirty the people you'll be amazed. What would have happened in your life.
That's because I want some of that. I want some of that. I want some of their time of watching people get real tired of watching people get blessed apply to watch it. People talking into a pad or watching people walk at a victory about one or two people smile and happy on their way out. Happy on the way here is not just a church, I'm tired of people whose life is working while mine ain't work it and I take the fog and I dress up bar, and I look cuter hoping you don't notice that behind all of this camouflage I am dedicated wretched at blad, and I iD got to do something familiar, and I need him to do it right now, but I don't want to cut down front that got too many degrees to lay on the altar like that is gossip. That was rough with you when you stopped being important and you start getting one hundred of if you get dehydrated bad at up, you won't care what nobody says about you you'll cut down. That is how to lay prostrate out this flaw: I'd cry out to god that scream at your spirit that you all care what ricardo you all care, what you look like, because data from the.
Their number three there's a word and they conversation about the word and It is a conversation where Jesus, suppose this to her. Your normal is dysfunctional. Your people I amount that they know not what what is normal do you doesn't mean this right for you. Until you challenge your normal lives, you not ready for transformation, the disruptive thinking was to deal with the fact. You can have a new life into you.
The courage to disrupt your whole life as long as you pledge allegiance to how you used to be I'd like this, because my mom was like this I'd like this, because my aunt is like this. I'm like this because of the hell I went through with my first husband as long as you won't disrupt what you told yourself, you won't have an opportunity to walk into what god has for you, but I saw some people living here. Clearance, sledge hammers that supported and they read it at tap- submit this bird because they want to break through in their life. What have you got to do to get a breakthrough? You want to buy a sledge hammer things. How wreck this place, that this place that have flipped this place over the floor? How bright, jokes and say that? But, as I got to habits, said that when interpreters wrapped up so I could be constructive. You can't be constructive, you're willing to pay this raptor at the enemies. Got you in love with your traditions,.
your people, water put them out. Do they know not what my people? what's a bitter room, we know, We doin because Those who deserve the Jews but better, Not that. That's a conversation s word, can't you see what are you going to work.
For the bible say you are cleansed by the washing of water through the word, so the water is the physical embodiment of what worthy is wherever there is word, there is water. Wherever there is water there is life, that's why we live by the word of god. That's why you've got to have water. You can't make it that's why you got to have a word. That's why we're putting the word out in every possible way? We can that's why we've got a twenty four hour zone, amazon, because you're not promised they have a crisis at nine o'clock on sunday morning. Sometimes we have a crisis on tuesday night at two o'clock in the morning, and you need to be able to get a right now word in the middle of your situates it. What am I real people at, but true, worshippers, not true worshippers, don't wait till Sunday bought. It too was supposed to wait to acquire see through worshippers. Don't wait for the worship leader to leave water to wash their parents? Will worship god in front of the dishes. While there was a true waterman will praise god in the grocery store. True worship as well: praise god in the car, through a wash of will target tiles in the shower thrill, watching the flow of raids god, while laying in a banta thrill watching as well praise god in the emergency room, troll lots of laughs.
so. The real issue is- god takes us from water to wales to word to worship. and I said to myself- wait a minute: how do we get to worship because we started out talking about water and how did we end up talking about worship? Because worship is we're in the conversation we're not in a sexual way we're not in a synagogue, we're not in a chapel and Jesus is saying none of that is necessary to have watch for him play. That was
I must was not a buildings, not a wires, not a good people papers, worship him in spirit and in truth, to got the courage to be real if you've got the courage to be authentic. If you've got the courage to put your chain, have your pride and your arrogance and your ego away brothers, if you've got the courage to stop worrying about what a man should praise the lord and stagger down to the altar, with your broke itself and lay out before god and sam at Sikar have confused and frustrated and empty, and I'm tired- and I need a touch from the lord god- will give you a bright blue but because you want to act like you've, got it going on. God will not bless people who don't worship pyramid truth. The truth is you're tired. If the truth is that you're broken the truth is that you're lonely? If the truth is that you're hurting your candidate for watching them, I don't care what you did. I don't care who you dated with. I don't care how many relationships you had. I don't care who you are shacking up with, if you're just cup clean, be honest, labor for god and say I need to. God is looking for you at the thirty seconds that crazy plays the volume. It's god what you gotta, do what you gotta watch your breath. God was going to have all of that, but come out of any of it at all. That's a lot to you that, without what plea, but that plan was set for me- that that fake tufted, a lab lab lab, got the
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disruptive thinking, disruptive errors of fact are essential for such a time, as is shattered experiences, fresh ideas.
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