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We Need An Epiphany

2022-12-04 | 🔗
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Coming out on the pattern. I for the sunrise is seen clearly behalf of the beauty bidding these trees, as man is free of epiphany coming to grips coming, to grips with the fact that all right. And in order to do that. You have to be willing. the down after you have to understand this. That you, your life, another web
The what carbon in both texts. is common in ourselves, sights decided today is the perpetuation of deception. The wise men, you see we're from the east, they were brought. By herod to go after Jesus betty by watching. but they were deceived. the reason that hair deceived them is The herod had set up an power in judea and he This dream of being the the Jews. because on his mother said he judy in, but out of here,
father sad. He was greek. And the jews were not really accepting. Him they leader, because he was, A re so tat they did not think that their king, should be bad ratio. They wanted him to be authentic, the royal, the bidding dynasty that the scriptures might be fulfilled. He was known for building buildings and an end arch, colosseum is and much of the big humongous buildings Were built in the air were built by harry, he was so powerful and so profound that he started dynasty of six This is so that you have to be careful when you read about herod, which what are they talking about here at one hundred to hundred three, They go on down the line. His children
us ring, he created a dynasty over people. Of which he was only partially related was a tyrant as it were because he was not subject to any committee descent. He nobody else, grew controlling. He had the last say he was boss. If we decided to kill every child on the two they would do here. It's kind of power and he had bootless policy right down to rich drawing the second couple that had laid it ruins. That is now call how its temple. You read it in your bible and they came to Herod temple Herodias ideology that he has has has become so strong that he put must controls the region, Reaches out to these eastern magic,
We call wise man. because they were star gazers. Having talked to the puppets, the hebrew Its they knew the messiah was coming, but they didn't where he was reason that hair with his concern about the messiah coming is because he is the the Jews. Now he has competition. So if you kill him early He would not him off before he becomes a threat note to sell
when ever the devil knows that you have great depth in it. He will always seek to knock you off early before you reach the hope of your calling. I bet you. There are many people in this room that have some childhood story. That happened to you early in life, because hell saw you coming and thought. If I don't pollute her that luder or destroy her early, she will rise to the pool potential of power, but the bible said no weapon formed against. You shall be able to prosper and every tongue that rises, a good shoe god will condemn. I don't want nobody to praise him, but people who went through hell when they were yo. He went through hell with the warrior you're still recovering from some of the trauma that happen to you. When you were a child either it was a disease or it was an abuse or it was about. Let's face it. It was something that the enemy did, because he saw you coming all but jump up and down and say, but I've made it the you watch it on tv. You ought to tell god made the head had me on the hit list of ale, but I made it I made it through. I made it through in spite of the deception, in spite of the lies, in spite of the corruption, in spite of those that smiled at my face, and that me and the back made it to where I, in spite of the bad deals in spite of the bad contractors. In spite of that house, I thought I bought and they folded out from under me, steal made it that's why I know I got the big theory about waiting on the big tree. Mass standing here is victory. I had to hide. Sometimes I had to bow down the path I had to sneak through the crowd some time, but by hook or by crook, made it the reasonable basis at relentless. The reason are driven the reason I'll fight you is I've been fighting since I was a child, the inevitable, because I'm different, my introduction.
I but why man thought they were going to plan genes and so that they can go back until it area where it was Herr bob, I have said, so I can go and cuba one and I won't have to kill everyone to get to the right so. The wise men were deceived. why and then the lord spoke to them. because what happened within three days first, they rejoice when they saw the star because they are astrologers, So the stars are like gods, rejoice when they saw the star, but when they, the sun.
they wore shots, there's a difference between being glad breaking the warship, He is the bright morning stop when they saw the star, they saw a connection between their theology and his dignity and they tied into that connection and fell out before him and started worshipping and started. Giving him go frank, incense and murder. To all of you who say, Jesus were poor, you did read the text. The baby was born with Google frank in since he's just a toddler and he's already being given go frame
incense and myrrh, and they opened their treasures. The bible said that they presented unto him gifts of gold and how many babies, you know, got gold, frankincense and myrrh brought to them from eastern ks that Jesus juxtaposed between born in a manger. They now a lot of a major, but in the house, which means some time has gone by from the major to the house. It took them while they get there, but it got there.
I don't know what bloggers do, but my next point is god's: got something coming your way it's taken a while, but it's going to get there. It didn't come while you were in the major, but by the time you get to the house pressed down shaken together and running over god is going to release everything. That's been held up to you and I came to tell you this morning. The camels are coming. The camels are coming that somebody and tell them the camels are coming. The camels are coming, I might have been born in a manger, might have been born on, welfare might have been born, a wig might have been born off a government ge, but the camels are coming. I might have been born to illiterate parents, but the camel the cupboard I might have been born on the wrong side of the tracks, but the camels, a cupboard that you know exactly where I am and god's gonna make sure I get everything I need. You need to table the line, the camels, the camels, the camels, the camels are coming the camel coming and they will find me if you don't find me in the major you'll be in the house, because even though, but before I got the frankincense at the goal, I was moving to survive that keep it moving. You may be broke, but keep it movement. You may be tired, but keep it growing movement. You may be frustrated but keep it moving. You may be at your wits end, but keep it moving. You may be nervous, but keep it moving. The devil might be talking to you, but keep it moving. You might have haters all around you, but keep it moving. They might say they're going to kill you but keep it the. What is a lag about them and the prodigal son
Both the wise man and the products concerned have been soon give me the portion of goods followed to me And he divided unto them his loving living and the prodigal son thought he could handle something But he had grown up into sometimes as a reason, god doesn't give you what you asked for sooner. It is not your camels are slow. Is that you're not ready,
if you get something that you're not ready for you will lose everything that you get the meantime the blessing gets greater than the receiver. The receiver will lose the blessing because you don't have the infrastructure to carry the weight of what god is about to place on you, it's good that you've been afflicted. It's good that you wait. It is good that it took that god gave you time to grow up and get yourself together, but because the prodigal son was the thief he said operating for it give it to me now I don't know how old was, but the brain doesn't fully developed, understand, consequences until early twenties.
So he's living in the moment. This is where it gets. The problem is, we are living in the moment and we don't think about consequences or future, so everything we get we spin The reason we spin everything we get because we have not part about consequence We are not trying to think about the future because we didn't think we would have. the Well, this is vincent t, d, jakes, of course, and I'm reaching out to you and challenge you and speaking to you and creating an opportunity for you
I have learned over the years that if you have good seat at bad ground, you cannot expect a harps, but if you believe, as I know that the parish touch is good ground, I want to challenge. I want to appeal to you to put your could see the good ground and allow me to touch and agree with you. During this turbulent time, increase for such a were issued a right for harbours. abundance. That said, exceeds writes. Data is all possible through the hands of the positive, so so now to the public and expect to return. But without referring ability, you have a moment of jubilation life
of regret. So the worthy man have come bow Having seen Jesus, they are now eligible for an epiphany that they couldn't have had worship and stars. God, speech to them and said something very simple, and let me tell you something to hold this What good is it so I want to sell whatever you're just so. stay away from the greatest blessing. If you ever had in your life the it won't be deep, it won't be profound. It won't be provocative. Just a simple statement. The simple statement was go home, another one.
Am I preaching to the appear. Like I'm talking to somebody, I feel like I'm talking to somebody. I feel like I'm speaking right to somebody the other day when God told me to tell you that there's another way to live your life and you humbled down to the point that you become open to another way. You will be vulnerable to the hatred of arid Don't you, like the flexibility, Do the Google site another way? you, don't learn about the way. You will lose your opportunity worse deal. You have laws so much.
dublin and set in your way and insisting on it. The way you want it to be. You have laws so much tat, you have. No, we didn't you back. Then we get on track. You you, you you. You have laws so much tat, because europe's values, spiritual things like a pay for this. You're not asking god for a epiphany, because if you did an epiphany for me, you might have video was wrong, as rapporteur the pepperoni, because road strong enough to change.
And because you refused to change you, don't want an epiphany. You want god to fund your dysfunction, oh god, oh god, I feel the holy ghost coming up at this place has come in. Like a flood, see everybody in your life. You have manipulated to pawn your dysfunction and now you'd call yourself spiritual, and now, when you pray only thing you want from God is to capitalize your craziness. The epiphany is an awakening. An epiphany is a sunrise. An epiphany is seeing clearly through an epiphany that Biddy, I see trees as man and man as tree. An epiphany is coming to grips with the fact that I don't see it right. The.
And in order to do that, you have to be willing to come now for your her horse and to understand. Listen. It is that to live your life, another way. If you miserable you, don't have to be. That is secretly the press. You don't have to be There things of revenue, crazy, then I'll, have to its I choice, There is more than one way back home. You go another way. No, you won't go shut when I got to this because the owners and the responsibilities of you, you shall win, the onus is on
automatic step slower automatic step that absolves you from the responsibility of making a great decision, and it takes way from you. The joyful experience, murmuring and complain about what you don't like about life rather than taken. Possibility and making a change
gimme thirty seconds a phrase you play here: yeah yeah for every problem in your life, for every worry, your life or every stress point in your life there is pretty
You don't have. One is you'd, never ask for one, because you think the jugal faker from the smart enough to straighten it out or you'll argue until it becomes the way you wanted to be or you're going to stay out the game till they change the game and found that meteorite europe eu they're not going to stop for you. They don't stop when you're bored they don't stop, wouldn't get back, don't stop when you have a car wreck, don't stop when you have cancer. What in the world made? You think that the world was going to stop la la land with you. We did raise new right, let's go back to recuperate and remember every veteran, let's rewind the tape, and let's start this over to korea, and let you know that you are not the boss of the planet, you don't control the business climate, you don't control the world, you don't control the universe and, frankly, you are doing a good job of controlling you the hour and as soon as you accept that fact, you become eligible to have an opportunity at what Jesus came to do. Jesus in combat you might have bought church. He said I come that you might have more life and have like abundant life, but that life waiting on you. Anybody want abundant life, the beverage for I don't care what you call it. The only reason I'm here this morning after abundant life, the blue water, the better bet on better I'd bet on better and better and better and better and better and better one better people and better, better, better, better, better. Better. That's why I'm at church! That's why I cut my hair. That's why I raise my hand as one study of my work, the night classes going back to school, better, better, better, better! That's why I don't say everything I say: that's why I don't speak every time. I bet that's why I hold my peace with my temper, trying to make me come a bit of better when I say too much mess myself up and I don't have time to take another lap around the same old stuff I gotta have better at. I need it now. It's my money and I need it now is my wisdom. Needed now is my victory and I need it now. It's my power and I need it now. If I got a friend in a house that feels the same way makes up the
Oh my god. Oh my god is seldom from the north to the south, the east and the west. So you You do yourself. don't go to damn to yourself. Don't try to move into the call come to yourself. The victory! Is it
coming more like them. The victory is coming to yourself and the Bible says he was surrounded by pigs, but he came to himself somebody better grab a hotel cause. I feel like preaching the same to himself. He made an internal journey. He made that shape the ball without moving. He didn't start the car, but he went on a trip and he came to the somebody's gotta come to the gotta. Come to the gotta. Come back come back to get out of this by myself, but hey stop that
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men are perfectly about the stage of life. I may give me an epiphany about the things I'm in charge of give me an epiphany about myself. Give me an epiphany about my father. Everything that is under your rule, asked for an opinion Nor is there another way to be your wife Then I miss. Is there another way to be a husband that are missing. Is there another way to be a leader that are missing, and I know you can't give it to me if I'm not open to it, but I lift my hands because I'm open to it, I'm open to an epiphany. I don't want to live. My life would be we're all at waste decades. The buildings to Britain
Maybe I could father differently. Me too yeah, maybe maybe to me. Maybe I need to move a little, and maybe I need to work a little different show women. I humble myself and change. Me too, yeah. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the part of the The.
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