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Wedding Gone Wild

2019-03-03 | 🔗
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Coming up on the butter state of the stocks of such a body of it, it's not your benefits of your job as long as they didn't take expectation gets they'll, get a bright grow theirs, A body of the potter's how's that it's something that happened. I don't know who this is. so by the word about god, said waffle? Why
rather than the everybody greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our lord and king. I am excited that you're watching I believe this message is going to speak to your life in an amazing way. I'm gonna be the gospel of Saint John chapter. Two verse won through twelve, who would have ever thought that Jesus ministry, the power there with all the miracles, the healing and the raising of the day it and all the things that we deal with it.
Vision, five loaves of bread and the one with asia blood that, if it all began at a party, a party had Jesus Jesus had already. This is gonna bless your light because of Jesus gets to the party he changes again. The message is called wedding com,
they come to him in a crisis because the wording has lost his wife. I won't even talk about the many weddings that have lasted a while, still married, but out of why the joy is gone, the thrill is gone, the excitement enthusiasm, the exuberance has gone, the wedding remains, but the wind.
Was gone, maybe this is more of an emergency than I thought it was. Maybe this is more than got feeding and fuelling a frenzy of a wild party that is frustrated because they have no beverages of intoxication god is telling us that if you're, not careful, the will run out of wine that to you. Tunisia, the will wither eager excitement will bring the gleam. We'll go out of the pact will go out of your step. If you're, not if you're doing what you're doing still got all the right clothes still say the right days, but the thrill is gone? Maybe there's a lava crisis that our that our wedding without the? Why? What do you do.
When your wedding has run out of one, What do you do when, when your job, Those run out the word. What do you do with it? Life has run out of why I don't know whether you can understand what I'm talking about. Sometimes you come to a point: it life where you're just going to work, you used to be excited, creature, had a plan and its right to do, but now you're just going to work cause. That's why you weren't, you Because that's where you live or you're, going to tat S, why you get the white walls, Why, when something that should be happy, wonderful, exciting, become obey ritualistic en route. There. You are ad aware that has run out of work cannot talk to you this morning.
The other about areas, many of us aspect of our lives are dealing with something that used they wonderful, but it has run out of keep looking straight. Regular before I'd, like you, I understand what I'm talking about that way. We'll have to discuss this in the car on the way home. Just look good food, I don't know what their baby- I don't know. What visible talking about today, we will cut off today? I don't know I dream Tibet at all costs
admit that you can relate to and you'll get ten thousand questions about it in the car. When when did we run out or why is it my fault that we ran out of why you work over the. Comes along and says, It is something that should be celebrated for the wonderful we have run out of. Why woman? What am I to do with the my hour has not yet come. She doesn't tell him what to do with her. She doesn't answer his question. She doesn't give him another word at all. She just turned to the servants as of what
I'll do it. Might sound still that it might be. It might not make them says, but what he tells you to do it What made her say that he didn't even tell her that he was going to do the miracle, but she had enough saved to believe that if I asked you to do it, you are going to hear what I'm saying the she says. he's. Gonna do something I'm always go. Do something. No he's gonna do something. It didn't tell her that he was going to use the servants to do it, but Mary understood that if god is going to do anything in the ass lab he's going to do it. Do you see that one ama, the.
What's your neighbours harland them and tell them to get involved in this? Your marathon is not going to happen, don't you sit on your knees and pray? Your miracle is not going to happen while you lay in bed at where's. Your miracle is not going to happen just because you dated you, agenda. Do you see what I'm saying system, they would run out of his What about it would do not yet come here and say. That said, I tell him what is this? What you oughta do something here. Why did she turned and ever get ready, get ready, get ready guerrilla get.
The civil war ass, a treacherous bonnet. You have the funds to prepare What why you're worried about what he is the face to get ready for step you're still deal was that one you'll never I understand what you said: the good things and all yeah yeah start giving your marginal wars. You know why son is about to happen something about to happen. I said something about to happen? Something about to happen? Something is about to happen.
You know something about to happen. Tell the other day sudden is about to happen side by side. The sun is about to happen. I want this text. The little woman speaks to people he s around. Who was about to do something more. Because the mold of god is going to do anything for you to do it, she also the words in the middle of an expectation There's nothing a hard at work in it. There are other expectation. Spectator you lose your potential for a miracle
never made from people who don't expect nothing else than. The elements of the stocks of into your body, its benefits that it took so long I bet it has and it took Japan as long as they didn't take your expectation. You can still get upright through the body and the potter's house. That expect something to happen. The. When I tell you there, after your expectations, Wants to its work,
what's out without without but the devil Yeah. Three people say I'll: never accept that I'll, never accept it I'll, never accept that I'll. Never accept I'll, never accept I'll, never accept that I'll, never accept it. I'll, never accept that life has more for me. This may god deliver me from every day. He delivered me from the get me here and settled for this dhamma, as I know who I'm preaching to the set me to wake up expectation.
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reserve irresponsibly. Did you tell the nineteen tv, Jake's paint and family caribbean crews ceiling? I recall the servants, whatever you tell bill flats up ass, I do it, you gotta, be doing people you'll, be helping people, you will be doing you have to take action. You'll have to get out of your pop. That's all you have to pay, Look like a fool you just about it. You gotta do something they do that,
thing to me is that she said it and left. Whatever you do What about her business. I don't know who this is for, You better word about that. a word, it's rather than the keep telling got the same day But what about bad at once? You speak the lad,
Yeah. Now I'm almost british, but I want you to think about this because after she said What do I do it? She for while she spoke to the servants, so whatever he tells you to do it, he didn't speak to them about why You spoke about water. Why? what you got that comes back water.
it make! You wonder. Did you understand what I was about I sewed a nail, my body, you ads. That was some totally different. Look at this. He says those plots that you have been using in ceremony must become the place of miracles. I'm telling you, if you don't this church for more than religious ceremonies, you're going to miss your miracle? If you know rigour you're cute self in here causes suddenly born in cuba. I sunday after sunday, the same part spot I get. This see
At the same time, the same you're not going to get right through you wanted to this place. It's like big place of pride. That's right out: it is both plants, the true producing for somebody,
it washings are the same pouch through which your greatest miracles will flow, and he sends them to draw water to feel these large caverns of ceremonial washings, and so they go and fill them with water and the bible takes the time to. Let us know how much water that there are six spots feel with at least twenty to thirty gallons of water. That's a lot! That's potentially hundred and eighty talents of water, that's heavy, that's cumbersome! That's more than one trip! That's going to!
to the will of the river again and again and again and again, drawing water handling water moving water, peering out water wishing for. Why while the herman buckets water, cylinder, goin back to the whale and pump and filling up and peasant out the water.
Going back to the well and pumping it again and filling it up and carrying it back and pouring it into the cisterns for one hundred and eighty gallons of water, you will go through a season that you leave wine and you have prayed about it and god will have your handle and water. It would be easy to get this miracle. If, when you drew out the whale it turn the why, but it was feel water? We have the face to tell the sister, if it would turn the Y Y you walking, but it was still want it with water when they drew it.
it was. What were they feel that they have to go back to fall over? over again have nothing but water at the lad tall. tell you that this was not the us back, but there, because if you. It be faithful. While you have led water, there's something classes being committed? what it lacked a lot waiting to why not have the travel is sad where he is a word from god. God was gonna, get somethin, yeah, what's good at them what good is a god just to get water?
yeah. Does it myself, I remember wanna days. but I that's a water, but I want that today then do what god? maybe made fact and see what gods How many trips, how trips, About to feel like preacher, how many trips that they have to make back and forth from the well terrorism, let them but water got the whole sisters. Six of them.
Seal was wal mart. We did want to split, but with no better off than we were when we saw you gotta a facebook statement. The other day. Well then, the members that you also stop preacher fate. She said a body of work. I'm tired of scotland beds at all over the track the boy scout and the more the heart of our life is Well, it's just a yacht was shut up. Well. I hope you pay the threads despondent. That's I'm not about to stop in freedom?
as plasma that the devil I am or what, if your work but forgot, gotta have to face the people wanted the word. Even when it looks like it's not worth the effort, I got to witness the depth that As I said, a price. I was about to get all the pebbles nerves.
Yes, What but I am still, but now we ve been working. This them in all this time Hundred eighty times we ve been working in this dimension- stale, nothing but water. He said I'm ready to take you into the next laments. you're, not gonna have to do what they used to do anyway.
Your pass. The test of writing. This amounts to pass the test wanted with me when I look back how wide mouth power and it looked like- I didn t, look what I didn't look like somewhat less than a magic bags dimension. Barrack give up. Thank you. So much for it is literally unimaginable what god is willing to do, but those that form of fully committed relationship with him- god is not wholly I told you he is waiting for you to be all in an trust him, so they'll be jealous of how he bless someone else.
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God turns pressure into power. The good leadership can take people and make them join together together together, live together with craig grisha anticipating what is ahead? What do you need to do now to prepare for what you want in the future accurate the philips there's a difference between thinking and knowing you gotta talk about what you know. I know what his word says. I know his character miles. Macpherson god is working in everybody's voice. You just need to hear and pray to, god show you what it might be and ceo of the dallas mavericks, Cynthia Marshall is ad from an early age and it's something that I look for at all
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