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10 Predictions for 2023 That Could Change the NBA


Michael Pina is joined by James Herbert, NBA writer for CBS Sports, to share their 10 interesting predictions for the NBA in 2023. From Karl-Anthony Towns getting traded (2:26) to a possible Ja Morant vs. Zion Williamson premier matchup (50:52), 2023 looks to be a very interesting year of hoops.

Host: Michael Pina

Guest: James Herbert

Producer: Brian H. Waters

Additional Production Supervision: Ben Cruz

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hello, happy holidays and welcome to this super special edition of the ringer mba show I'm your host for the day, ringer senior staff, writer, Michael the pipe pina and I'm sure on the other line by my good friend. Cbs sports is very own James Herbert James too soon to say happy new year. Personally, I think it's fair from twenty six to the thirty first, which it, which I call on that twenty six seems a little early to me where the twenty ninth. Now it's fair think so it's ok right now. I can say happy new year to you here: you are still seeing merry christmas on the twenty six. I think I need time more. Ok with that and happy new year, if that that might be weird but yes, so I'll, say happy new year to you happy new year to our listeners, there's so much going on in the nba right now we have the unbeatable brooklet nets, sizzling and BP race, absurd, comebacks galore, but on today
episode. I thought it would be fun for you and I to make a few predictions about the new year we'll gaze into an imaginary crystal ball and tell our wonderful listeners what's going to happen around the nba in two thousand twenty three each of us has five interesting quote: unquote, predict to share as well just tell each other what they are and follow this conversation wherever it leads us. Does that sound good to you james? That sounds awesome. I amaze I like the court. The like you know interesting, maybe it'll be interesting. I hope so well. When I behind the scenes. I texted you that I wanted interesting. Predictions out of you and you gave me a hard time. So that's why everybody in quotes stood the air. While you can, let me you going rate how interesting my prediction thereafter, each one! Ok, do you want to go so, do I meeting of rest areas. You shall go ahead
beautiful! So my first one- I I don't know if this is interesting. I think people have talked about it for the fast past few weeks. I'm not a hundred percent certain middle happen. I think it should happen, but it's the minutes the timber wolves, we'll trade karla anthony towns, I think you knew where I was going without when I said minnesota timberwolves was karl currently out with a castrated that he suffered almost exactly one month ago. He can't be traded until the off season since it when gon shuddered to the kelly, the timber, was rank fifteenth in often a rating fifteenth and deepen rating sixteenth in that rating, before he was injured. There are seventy that fence. Fifteen diversity that ending the point is like when you make this big trade that they did for really go bear. They should be better and were now passed christmas and
I just think this isn't necessarily in indictment on Karl towns is more an indictment on the really go. Bear trade, which is just that it's dead made it. The timber was in a lot of ways decimated their future. They need to recoup some day equity. Here they need to get players that better compliment, Anthony, edwards and really go back. I think that's the do. Oh, you need to build, is so sad to even say that out loud, that's the deal you need to build around right now, if you're the timberwolves. What do you think about this? I have a few fake trades or potential trade partners, but what are your? What are your thoughts on this one? I think they have to do something if they can't salvage this season with a different trade around the deadline cause. I I think we saw enough of a sample early on to you like this is. not just normal. Like hiccups and growing pains at the beginning of the year, like I I think, if the towns go bare, pairing is going to work, then the cast around them needs like need. A pretty specific guys there. I think they needed more spacing
around those two, I think you know they have some defensive versatility, but I think you still want more of that. I dont know if the perfect trade is going to be out there before this year's deadlines, so I think you know it it is surely within the realm of possible they'll be looking into something like this in and the summer. The tough thing is, I think, The trade almost has to be one of those challenge, trades that almost never see because I think they should be trying to do if your keeping would you go bare in trying to build around this this different duo and is trading cat for, like you know a you know, training a a dollar for a bunch of quarters or Even I think you would be sort of a rough luck if they were trading him for, like a huge draft pick hall and young players in kind of trying to do it. That way, because, like you, have gilbert like your time line is now now being already sort of said that, should they have done that the sugar
I might be. No I mean there they didn't have to every edward is super. Young cat is still pretty young. Consider how long he's been around like they had a lot of runway? I just I think this sort of I am to hear what fake trades you have come to me. Like what you are looking for is to sort of trade like for, like like trade superstar for another superstar, or if you don't cans. cat as superstar alleys and all star fur they're all star or something like that. To make these pieces kind of work better by it. I think, if you points on the guy, who is opposed, be your franchise player, because your big all in move didn't work out at just kind of a bummer it is a bummer. The challenge shade. I think that you might be thinking of when you said that phrase is cat. Fur trade, young, that's at least the most popular one- that's been going around the
a couple of weeks, I am person I mean you know my thoughts about trae young m, a. I think it's still a little too soon to pull the plug on mad if you're, the atlanta hawks, I'm still the last person who thinks he is really good. I guess- and These are usually really good the bid, the problems we ve laboratory. you're not like he's, not really good, it's obvious. It's just you know them. There's been spinning. Improvements. People have wanted to see for a long time and ideas and pessimism about those ever happen. Am I wanna, be patient with him. I pray, they would not do that. One I'll show you a guy who's, not significantly older. But what for? five years older, I wanna say than then tray. If you, if you go for cat witches, I don't think, that's necessarily what you want. Isn't it the atlanta hawks, the other. I mean that the most popular team there would be interested is the new york necks
the team that has others picks has some young talent has salary. And has these yea a connection that everyone loves us to talk about when we talk about players. wrap by sea air and then mix being interested in them. So the team, I guess- and now we don't need to go to deepen into that one cause. It's kind of been well tried territory, but I guess that would be fine I don't even know honestly like if you, if you, if you're, that symbols, excited by getting out a bear it and like who else would even be in that deal deal that's attractive, like Obi, talkin, was great grams is cool yeah, it would be and he would compliment and edwards and gobert really well. I am really high on him and he's played really well before he got hurt recently, but I yeah I'm just not that
it's getting all the next picks would be cool, and then I could, if I was TIM Connolly, I could flip those for other things and those would be attractive trade assets. I think, but I can't get like super excited about the next, and can I tell you so you're you're a raptors person for those who don't know you? What do you think a seok m for cat challenge? Trade would be anything that either team would be interested in or now I it's. I don't think the raptors would be interested in it. I don't think he fits the way that they want to play, particularly, I think Seok outcomes improved. So much that it's not like. I mean, I think, if you would ask this question
a year ago, you people, what is it that the clear talent up great, I'm not sure, that's true anymore, and the difference between the two and defences astronomical haven't nuclear, so it happened. It makes some concessions about how he approaches the defensive side of the bali climate than to answers honesty. Him yeah, I mean I dunno if I'm a raptors, I'll adjust or whatever I dunno, that I'd prescribe that particular trade that that that I don't love it. We talked about this went offline a little bit, but if the rockets signed james harden. the next move is to get another style, and if you had a heart, cat- and, I honestly, don't know who would be left over in this scenario. Who would be going to the timber wolves in the steel? But that would be a scorched earth blockbuster
not gonna rule that out one hundred percent just something to think about for now, I don't know how far that team goes or what their ceiling is. It's just, but that's another one that just kind of percolating on my brain would be some symmetry there in in out once upon a time the minutes The timber well is traded. Kevin love to the cleveland cavaliers to team up the broad james you just to go home and bring a better in our body with him. It would be. I mean it would be hilarious or be super weird. It's kind of hard to wrap your mind around right now, but I do think like yeah like if harden. If we live in a world where harden actually goes back to Houston, I dont think it's just to play with the kids. I think it's I'll play with a couple of them and then you know you leave wiggans out of your score. Jealous added first person, article because he's gone, and I don't know who the wigand is in this scenario of it I mean cat, would a kind of makes sense. I mean the score lagoons,
billion points again. At the other end of the floor, especially when you look like it, if the worcester is going to resemble the one it has now in any way. I I would be worried there, but I mean it'd, be kind of fun, beat it'd be super. Weird, though, can I tell you my favorite, fair trade than the one that Think is I dunno if how conceivable this one is, but I think both sides would be pretty happy with it. It's the phoenix islands, This is basically new owner syndrome. Where I got it, spot a team and I have to make a splash blockbuster transaction. So
oh, the phoenix suns who own all their picks, have no outgoing picks. No incoming pigs, they ship all of their picks, all have a pick swaps, mikhail bridges and landry sham it for Karl anthony towns. What do you think about that? One? What what if it were, eaten instead of bridges and they don't? Maybe because eaton's- I don't even know at this point of eight and has seen as having way higher value than bridges, maybe not, but it's a little cleaner. If you, if you just kind of swat bigs right for females, it is, I don't know if that's clean for the timber wolves. Now I guess yeah, I guess they wouldn't really be interest in that yeah I mean Jeez, like a bridges is like the prototype of the kind of guy would want to add to this
wolves team, especially if you believe that there still some kind of runway, therefore, for improvement. I'm out of here now getting that like here, you see the little like middleton ask, leaning mid range jumpers that she'll pull out of his bag see the occasional like scoring explosion from bridges. I think he was labelled. Indie guy early on his career that label that sort of stock. The usage rate indicates that that's not entirely unfair, but I again I just go back to like I don't. If I am the wolves, I don't want to trade cat for like just strictly roleplayers, but if, if you build
If there's some there still some kind of friends star potential from bridges. If you are ok, even if you don't, if you think this is sort of a two part trade where you get all of these picks, and then you later move them to sort of complete this deal and upgrade your team like our it makes it would make some sense from their backed of it makes sense when venuses perspective in terms of the fact they don't care about the draft whatsoever her. So this would fit with their ethos. I think the kind of the cat booker prophecy you in years ago they were supposed to team up and he's now team. but dealer. Who is the other third of that tram written, but I guess they think Instead, they would all necessarily be on the same team. At the same time like he would he would he would get to play with his other buddy like I, I see the appeal, I think that fit there would be kind of
range as well, but I mean that is clearly a phoenix thinks it needs to inject some more talent into their equation like that is awaited and honestly, maybe maybe the cat aden thing would work Little bit better than the cat go bear thing I mean and is still not like a stretch, beg and he's not like he's not bam at a bio defensively, but he can to which a little bit he can shoot enough that it's a deadly different mix and that then, the one that minnesota had going on at the beginning of the season, and then you know the role player like is a difference. A different kind of supporting cast do, I think it could maybe make sense it's just. It is for me to to see all those pieces bidding when you're losing bridges and the deal cause he's the kind of guy that can make the like cat and another big thing. Work properly yeah,
I think you're you're banking on cam johnson, just you're risking to resign him and you're gonna play him into the starting line up in that same role and you open he can handle additional responsibilities, and I think for eight you would tested out see if that do our work together and I'd be a little bit bullish, because I think there's a little more offensive versatility with ayrton as opposed to go there, but if it doesn't work out, it's not like eight has way more trade value. I think read this point and go bearwood for a minute in minnesota situation like they could get off of an and at some point on the fun max and get, I think, impact players right away, plus, maybe some draft equity so could be just an interesting way for them to kind of bridge
Chris Paul era into something else, but yeah that would be a fun one and it's kind of a perfect hypothetical trade, because it's like two teams that I think a lot of people are just like something gotta change. They. I just want to see something different and even if you look like, I think you can look at both sides, and you can pick that like hypothetical but you're still does I wanna see it. I would like. I would like to watch that more than I would like to watch what they can. I'm going up this up, so it is brought to you by take pick, makes shopping for tickets to your next game carter or show a little easier with tick pick the original, no fee ticket marketplace and experience a basketball game live like nothing else. You'd be a great pity So for all the events that you love and you use zip to shop now and pay later, which allows you to shop at tick, pick and split your payment
easy installments use, promo code ringer for ten dollars off your first purchase with zip at tick pick dot com. eligibility criteria apply loans to California, residents are made or arranged pursuant to California. Lenders law licence, yes first prediction was perfect james. You have a lot to live up to with your first one. Now ha, I I'm kind of wish we had done this well of weeks ago, so it wouldn't seem like. I am just sort of piggybacking off her like some recent stuff, that's going on, but I'm going to go there anyway. I think another buck's existential crisis is coming. I don't know exactly when will happen. Maybe it is after a disappointing loss in the playoffs. Maybe it is after trade deadline and if they don't do anything or what they do is confusing to people. Maybe it is
her into the off season when people are looking at what they have coming back next year in their wondering, what's we on, but I do think that there has been kind of a grace period for the box and their half court, often in particular, and their flaws in particular because they wanted to championship, and then they got far. Then I think people thought they would without middleton last season in the playoffs by it. I think we're starting to get to appoint now world You can see. People are starting to kind of start questioning what is going on in Milwaukee if he were started. to kind of wonder. Like does. Middleton actually fix everything if he is able to come back and like played, be healthy for an extended stretch like what exactly
is, is the plan there? It was it smart, too, just bring the band back and add Joe ngos should the should they have tried to get a little more athletic should they have tried to get a little younger. I think Chris Middleton is one of the more interesting free like upcoming free agents on the market. May they could have negotiated and extension that that didn't have broke. Lopez's is getting up there in age. Your holiday is getting up there in age, and I think that grace period sort of like oh yeah, the boxer, this elite team there going to be there at the end bob lie. I think people space is already starting to kind of lesson a little bit, but I think what we are headed for, particularly if they lose in
fashion. The playoffs is something similar to what we saw when they had ugly losses in play out in years past, where all of a sudden it's it's. This kind of our I like one, who, what are they going to put around your office, is by the right guy for this team, blah blah blah blah blah and it'll be kind of old and I feel kind of recycled. But I think that's that's where we're headed. So I love this prediction. You know me My next prediction was: actually the nets will beat the box and round to so where without it, we were we're right who, on the same wavelength right now, I could just see just I agree with everything that your sang with the looming existential crisis, except they have yours up on his contracts as a little less, I didn't do saying if you are with that organism
and then it was pre. I guess the right when you made the drew holiday trade, which is like the peak of their anxiety but you're right, like Chris monotony. who has proven to be, I guess, justs invaluable ends. You know nothing against us melt anything if fantastic, a player but he's like borderline all star lake. I feel like he shouldn't be this critical to a title contender, but that's just kind of how they are built And their best player, who is one of the best players in the world, has flaws in his game that really require someone like Chris Middleton too, to fill that voice, when they're on the floor together. So I don't know, what's going to happen with Khris middleton and free agency, brook lopez has been also integral to how they want to
play and their identity. This season is wrapped around his strap coverage and his rim protection and he's also a free agent, and you know, there's teams with cap space out there that are, look at this season, they broke up, as you said, and they're gonna want him. I feel like yes, yes gut skills there are pretty rare and that he can predict the rim defensive play the air or an shoetrees? So I can just for sea mammals was rewatching and the nets beat the bucks couple days before christmas before us. I reckon in this, and I can just foresee like exactly what happened in that round two in two thousand twenty one where this this nets team is just like. I mean it's one of the best shooting teams at that
basically in the league- and maybe the league has ever seen yet, I can just see them just pull up jumper after pull up jumper over drop coverage and just but it's just too late to make the adjustments and is not going to take brook lopez off the floor when it's too, and there are offences just in my head, and I feel that could be a five game. Serious honestly. I don't think these two teams are very close right now and you look at the nets and how well they played since Japan's been higher than just like a convenient marker november. First take their offers. A rating with Benjamin's edna claxton is one eighteen point
in eight, which is better than the boston celtics, who have the best offense in the league. Since then, just like, and that's one hundred and eighty one minutes- it's not zero minutes, so I just feel like the nets are cooking and if these two teams, if the season ended today, there's these two teams would be in line to matchup in the second round, and if that were to happen, I just feel like the nets are on a different level. Now. I remember watching that the first meeting, those two teams that in Milwaukee, where the nets kind of dominated the first half the honest, didn't do that much it book, and I remember just thinking like this, a horrible match up for a walk, and now the second up, yonder just came out and scored like a zillion points in the the bucks ended up when you the game, I think NASH, was still a go to that pointless, look pretty early on in the season. The nets were not anywhere near hull. At that point like they are flat out different team. Now a healthier team still not fully healthy and but almost
arr, and I mean honestly, like I, I I'm thinking about that game. I think the recent one I think back to like that playoff series that that they had a couple of years ago, like Bobby Portis, got played off the floor pretty quickly and a lot had to cover hung for the nets to be that situation where they lost assyria. There was, as close as it can possibly get, and also part of their like calendar aunt, had some of the best performances I've ever seen in my life in that series, probably the best performance of ever witnessed in person. The game. Five of that series by his life was really hard and he was kind of exhausted by the end of it in a big part of that was that pga tucker was grabbing and holding imports. I'm just chasing him around the entire game and the bucks. Let him go. And now they have no one like him and they have been a reality, is guarding him and I've seen drew olitic guard kevin variant into play off series he's
as incredible as somebody his eyes can be in that match up, but kid can still just shoot over him, and I am not comfortable with the options that the banks have to guard him. I don't, I think, the drop coverage worked sort of ok over the course of that there is a couple of years ago, because two of the net stars were not there or in the case of arden, was a kind of their but was on one leg: and the idea was there you're going to dare Kevin durant to beat them, and he almost freaking did, but that's not how it would have to be this time mike if they are somewhat healthy, then there are a lot more weapons, their stuff. You can run for other guys, it's not just like when the bucks are selling out and to protect the rim. It's not just the drop it.
off ball stuff- has killed them in playoff series like I think, back to how the heat beat them and running their shooters off of screens on the perimeter and like if the nets are doing that, if Joe Harris, if like, if I dunno, if seth curry, is going to be traded before the deadline or not. But if he's still, there like, he could be a factor and they just have so much shooting and scoring up and down the roster. Now that the Spacing is so much better and even when it's not even in this minutes with klaxons admit that you're talking about like it doesn't matter because their their stars are hitting those mid range shots and even their supporting players. I like tj warren has like vastly exceeded any expectations. I had for him after missing so much time, and I just I just think it's a really deep team. I I I feel like we're hating on the bucks, well. I don't want to dismiss them completely. They are still an excellent team dismissed. I have felt better about and brooklyn and I think even dating back to like when it seemed like the whole thing. Might
fall apart, I still thought the ceiling was like really really really. I like you- and I talk about that alive and I think we are we're starting to see what it looks like like offensively. The the promise of this team was that it could be just as potent as it was when harden and irving and durant were there and then the the idea was they can be like better than that defensively and they have been. I mean claxton, durant and simmons are all playing at such a ridiculously high level defensively and that this this team is like, has just shot up the the rankings on that end of the court, and it makes them look like a viable championship commander- and I to me like they are like the second best team in the east right now over over the bucks who's, the bessie that changes whose who's who's the best feminist I think you know who they are. It's it's your buddies, the boston celtic though I would say, still you're the best
I mean I I came close to making the same. I think the prediction I had scratched out in favor of just a buck centric one was, I was going to say, like it will be the celtics nets in the conference final, and then I was like wait. This isn't even like an interesting prediction anymore, cause they're at the top of the the the standings at this point, but but yeah yeah. I think the what's really interesting about the nets. I know this was kind of mora, a box, centered prediction, but the net more fun to talk about. What's really interesting about them is I mean but now I had, but they have, eyes two way wings hook, also space the floor now and they don't think they ve had that for quite some time, even Joe Harris is an out there you to one another has given them. Fantastic minutes is hit europe basically, like Sixty per cent of histories dj war and has been terrific having
I saw Neil out there is I mean he just like plays so many minutes for them he's he's so critical and and yeah. I just like the fact that they can be relatively big like they don't need to play. Seth curry, they don't need to play. Patty mills I and still be effective on both sides of the ball and still have spacing and still have defensive versatility, and I feel like nick claxton is just like people should be talking about him way. More he's insane he's very, very good and it's he leads the league in field goal percentage, but it's not all lob dunks like if you actually watch him play. He like finishes through contact he's like a really nice touch around the basket. Just get this little hook, shot like he's just really.
really good and kind of the the linchpin of their switch everything defense when they want to switch everything. So I just think that it'll be a really fun and it'd be really fun to see how the bucks could try to solve a lot of the problems that the nets give- and I dont know if they could- and I just also before we move on from this- and you give me your next prediction- I just think Kevin there would be the best player in that serious. Do and that's not nothing. I mean Kevin durant- might be the best way in the mba right now. So I don't that that is perfectly possible and are my next prediction this? This is for you Pena. This is like specifically engineered for this gas sweet I alex caruso will be this year's derek white. I think
pretty likely you'll be debated before the deadline, and I thank you ever gets him. I like it obviously has to be a word now team. It has to be a contender and you play and like any contenders rotation immediately, I think it just elevates them to another. Also, I merely have seen see museum. I want a team, I want a team that is going to get Alex. Caruso are going to pry him away from the chicago bulls, and I mean that may hurt my instant goes It's like my head goes just to the warriors, but I dunno, if that's just because of that Steve Kerr conversation with caruso after the game, I think, like literally any team would work and maybe I mean we're just talking about the nets. I think they could use some Do you like him, another perimeter player, who like defensive, is an absolute
and ass, I think, there's I don't know, do you have a favorite destination for him, I'm not really funny like I'm looking just at the standing, yeah. Every team is like what I'm saying just throw them on any team, and it's just like other better, and I think it would be really fun to see him on I mean Denver, obviously would just be a, but he had of is a duplicate of what bruce brown gives, but I just like you would just be a natural fit and someone who can. Improve a defence that has been taken in the right direction by could always use better personnel around the coolio gets. So that's one, that's really interesting to me. I think he fits the identity of the Memphis grizzlies like to a t former eating us deeper,
there would be a lot of fun him jar and desmond ban like that three guard line up be just hellacious in a lot of different ways. That would be great. The team that I went through that I think as a contender, but I think, could really use alex caruso and would potentially overpaying do something dumb is the dallas mavericks. I I don't. I feel like, if you just had him on the floor and with luca like I don't. I just feel like there could be a lot of small small pick and roll. Stuff and he can dive and make plays out of the short roll. He needs to shoot a little bit more and I think he would in a scenario where his not sharing the floor with Demar and Zach Levine and and vucevic, but that, like if you're Dallas and you make like a dunno, if it's,
An active trade relics caruso depending on what you give up, but that could be like an interesting fit. I feel like, I think, the offensively how that works is really interesting to me, because I think, if you are of the mind that ok, the most important thing for any supporting cast member on that team, as you can hit spot up there, and caruso, but only as not a marksman user reluctant shooter there, especially this year, don't turn down open lets us not that's not in very what you want seek as a bad fit offensively. They should not do it even It is so good on defence, but I think the other way to look at it is if you think that what the maps need is just a little more kind of juice and in their offensive or more off ball stuff, happening, a more side to side stuff, going on a little bit less predictability, and a little bit less just everything is, is lugar creating on his own and if you want look at how they they've struggled
sometimes, when the jump, shots have not been falling further role, players, which has been far too often from them this year, and you think they need somebody who? Maybe it's not about just now bought up shooting at someone that can actually nudge them a different direction. Then, like crusoe's, your guy he's such a smart player, he can play off of superstars. He's made his leg name, doing that in in the nba, and I think actually it is not this convention all sort of complementary player for LUCA, but I do think she could work pretty well, provided that they play a little bit differently, but I think his presence would almost forced them to so my next prediction, is I don't really have a lot of commentary too attached to it. I just want to throw it out there and get your reaction. I either the jazz or the pelicans or when the lottery and get victor member yama with us that didn't belong to them, but don't belong to them from the lakers in the timber boss. I really think that
gonna happen, but I in the nba is a chaotic place in history and adjust the peak chaos. The situation, especially over the pelican that mean that they are kind of. I mean they're, not exactly a juggler, not right now, but there really really good and they have the potential to just do nothing and evolve into a juggernaut as their young guys get better and more consistent and even the Zion round out his game, which is hilarious, cause he's playing at an vp caliber level right now, did you watch their game last night against the timber walls where I lost it was like fifteen for eighteen. In the restricted area like the right handed Duncan rudy, where Rudy pulled, it was like. I want to pick up a foul, even though I played twenty eight minutes, and I have found out anyway like it s just say on. Is he takes off from lake beyond the dotted line through to people
his single play- and it's like- I don't know what we do here with this person he's like a flying brick wall like what, whether it's just you can't do anything and he has like the crazy touch like is one of the like best lay up like he looks like tony parker, sometimes except like when he can't dunk it it's just he's. I don't even know what to do with them, so yeah. That would be totally unfair. Fixed slick out on you, just cancel the nba for the next five years. Yeah I mean I, I love it and also just kind of feel bad for everybody else, because it's not despite I mean think about how long those two guys could be teammates like it. It's insane. Basically like just their proportions as human beings like the complete opposite deal, it would be very funny to look at that. They would do things on a basket. court together that I can't even imagine so yeah I mean I would love it. I would feel very
worried for everybody else in the nba, the jazz. I think that would just be like harmony, hilarious, disney of like what what they have done. last off season. I could totally like imagine happening and everybody being really bad it danny Ange were here. I mean that their future already like to me it's on, However, they do- and this is sort of like when you wrote about the desert here- that some sort of like the point right is like they have lots of bats. None of them are bad, like the there's just so much upside for that organisation over the next. However, many years because way that they ve set themselves up and yeah I mean if they were to get em, Degree of lottery luck, it doesn't even need to be they get lamby. But just some luck in that sector, I bear their just sitting pretty they're going to get luck. As the lakers returned,
yesterday, when the devil booker news he's out a month with a groin injury, hampering I can remember when that news. Given I tweeted semi facetiously there, the there were three teams that should call about Chris Paul, the clippers The timber was, and the pelicans and pelicans fan very upset with were with me first even suggesting this, but I feel I need one and BP a president for the last one that will be there no, I don't even think Cj- would have to be a part of it. I think you could do Jackson divine day and your geiger temple and then the pic compensation would be negotiated in that's where any hypothetical deal dies, probably by you're better with Chris Paul like to be clear. You do you agree with that or were wider wouldn't touch. I know you're because big jose person, but I
whatever use more like floor. Generalship was particularly to navigate through principle, it's a navigate through for play off rounds of just what they aspire to do. This year, I gave my crazy, like perspire, Please I'm going about. I, maybe I'm sorry, I'm just I'm here for the idea of crisp pollen jose Alvarado. Really ship just turning another direction like Alvarado like ye tall Chris Paul, his favorite player when it is coming. To then be like that was a guy. He looked up to a man, you know you know what happens like they have had that play of zero, easy, like first Chris Paul sees the gdr coming in Tells him to get his ass back and all of that he acts than Alvarado gets him. They get chippy. There's all that thing and like Chris Paul does, I say his name in a press conference and this year, like Alvarado, doesn't even want to say Chris Paul's name and like apparently they hate each other. Now I just think like this. It it's like really fast to get to where beverly westbrook like
those union yarns classifies now, but but I think it would, it would happen like, like mediately and I'd they're they're both extremely competitive. extremely annoying in the best way. I would personally love that I am a little less optimistic about how they fit goes of sea. is still on the roster by I mean the talent upgrade of the deal that you that you just described where they are essentially trading, picks and jackson haze because I dont think you know, like seventy, graham and garret temple in a play, offer teacher. I just dont, know if their if they're even seeing the floor so like from that perspective, a gay you go all in you try to win right now. He knew back. I helped you do that, but it's just. I think it's alright
so tricky for willie green to navigate like what the lion ups are and a lot of the line of this year has been detect, the dictated by whose health healthy yeah, but I think like if you are reasonably healthy in a play off series and you need to play Chris Paul out a menacing you to play, see jail out a menace like it's just I don't. Did you know? I don't know that the rest of the rosters like equipped to handle that back court combination from a defensive perspective, but a maybe they discourse on many points are what matter the offence would be crazy. you could figure out ways to stagger. I don't know, I'm not saying it's like the deal that needs to happen for the politicians to make up our from both the push back. I got from pelicans fans was kind alike. Guys you haven't won a playoff series, yet let's just like, take a breath and realize that Chris Paul is still very good and is it my turn now or is your turn with with the predictions here? I think it's I've only made
two. So I may the you issue, I'm going to build build of the jars mention that you had before and stick with danny ange pissing everybody I think there's going to be a kelly, a bidding war at the trade deadline, a few teams that I want to know. I I think if people were mad about like the return the ainge got when he traded his stars in the summer like if he ends up getting some like huge sort of cool for like roleplayers. Now I think people will lose their goddamn minds. I I think four places Kelly Olynyk would fit in wonderfully. golden state, denver, Sacramento and his former team. The mammy heat I think Those team get really use em just offensively because of the spacing, because he, It's their style of play. The passing, I think I just watch
in utah this year he's not doing anything. He hadn't done before I remember when he wanted she stand and that nobody was watching. The rockets need was like twenty something games after the deadline numbers were absolutely nuts and he looked like a star it. So hake he has shown his ability, if you give him the ball and involve him in the offense to just make good decisions and, like things just kind of happen, and neither natural fit anywhere because of his ability to do those like little keepers off a hand, officers shooting has his nuts, I think, he's a smart off. it's a blared even deliver, not great, but like you, you have him on the second unit or maybe in miami's casey, starting at the four. I I think he I think he gives you another kind of dimension, or maybe it's if it's not another.
Dimension. It's like another dimension that they didn't have the second unit, allowing the second unit in Sacramento or the second unit in golden state to play a little and or denver to play a little bit more like the way they do. When the starters are out there. He has a twenty nine personal files, the season which leads the nba any as implied a thousand, That's just an absolute legend emphasised by Ellen egg is great. I love that of all the possibilities for predictions. You could make four hundred fifty where's thirty two aims: Kelly lennox potential destinations before the trade deadline made the kite- that's just great stuff, that's why you're gonna the team you said that really pick. My interest is denver alike. Putting him as a backup. For I mean you're just going all in on. I don't think Kelly olympics like a terrible defender, but you're going all end with an offence. It's just gonna, sizzle and cook everybody in the play us and
You really don't even need to change how you play when Yogesh hits the bench either offensively you can a lot of this lots, similar stuff like not identical, cause yoke, itches yoke, and his we're gonna get to him thus boiler in censure, but that's just great and can complement You'll get should be on the floor. At the same time, a sam Jamal Mary, Michael porter, junior space, the floor. I love galloway, that's that's fun stuff. you're such a burden on highland in the second unit. To just like make stuff happen
I want to. I like bones island, but I want to relieve some of that or if I am Denver I am not like. I understand if you just look at like their defensive rating on the season Asher, then I'm out here saying trade for Kelly olynyk like it doesn't make a ton of sense, but if I am specifically looking at what happens with the second unit like I want more firepower there, I want more and structure there and Kelly Olynyk, like the reason Part of the reason the jasmine good and cohesive is because he is the kind of guy who ties the room together and that room is awfully messy in Denver every time yoke it sets out. Denver has the twenty? Fourth best defence? This, and knew tat is twenty fifth, so that doesn't get stuff. Ok, time to bring in the heavy weight here, no pun intended heavyweight prediction time. nikolay against will win his third straight and BP bear it, as I knew it
I was going to make an mvp related prediction I was like. I don't need to. We are going to have this conversation. Please, please elaborate alright. So, despite losing a tough one, last night in Sacramento or yoga, had a floater go in and out with three second laughed he's just the most valuable player in basketball like Harris's numbers, and december. I them for you. Thirty points, twelve rebounds, ten assess on sixty seven percent. True shooting like that is not real life history. As one of the best records in the league, despite the second at their best play, the team being in and out of the line up and not one hundred percent for the entire season. Look at Erin gordon am I may get the savanna really look at aaron, gordon season. Errand, Gordon as having an unbelievable year, is incredibly efficient. There's been all star chatter, that is not real, is not going to make the all star team, but that's just like all Nikola Yogesh, not all but like over fifty percent, because
shares the floor with Nicola colleague Yogesh for basically, all of his minutes Bruce brown's effective field goal percentage is twenty five percent higher with your coach on the court than off the court? Is that it is yeah and like to look at the on off the quick, when yogurt wanna be two years ago, his net point differential was plus six point four points per one hundred possessions right now, it's plus twenty three point: three stronger possessions and my conspiracy theory, when the naked signed the andrea Jordan was there. which uses on off numbers and have people like me just like constantly pumping through every like avenue. I have spread the message that this dude needs to win in three straight and be peace in its work, even those ignacio starting to take some of those minutes all of it. But you
which is like I see cases for other people. I respect other people, jason tatum, look, doncic and and beat has played terrific basketball of lay there's just so many to six, six or seven guys look good our conceivable candidates. We talked about katy Janius issues like yoke, hitches, The kind of obviously the embassy to me and I don't see why this wouldn't pulled up for the rest of the season and it will. I thought if you don't offer him near here, I want to say that we are on the right, I will leave you like ninety five percent of the way. I just think like its we're back. This might end up being one of the more competitive envy. key races. We ve ever seen a grandma, and probably you just named most of them like their and I didn't even stage it candidates. While I was about to get to him, I know I think
that when, when you are saying, I don't see why he won't when it like. I am just thinking well, I think stuff inquiry when he comes back we'll have a word. I think if the nets keep playing like this is going to have a really released in case- I think it s a really strong case right, the second to be envy p of the in vienna the two way thing with him with yoke edge it's a little different. I dont like I don't I feel as soon as I started, mediocre just event. I feel like I'm two things: have everybody set a million times before, so I don't want to get too deep. He's fine she's, not kevin durrant defensively. I could see luca damage having heard on this conversation. After watching his course sixty freaking point twenty one rebounds and just I don't even know how to comprehend what what he did. Some of it will I'll be dictated by like how all of these superstar respective teams do
between now and the end of the year. I think you'll catch the people who were dismissed his chances and saying well, he the bar should be higher than normal or like there's nothing he can do after winning twice in a row and the team like coming ashore in the planned all this stuff, like I think silly he's allergic candidate. Maybe he should be the same, right now, I think there are still a lot of people who would give it to tell them. I think there are going to be twists and turns in this over the next few months, but I I in the spirit of your prediction, And- and I agree with that- although I'm surprised you didn't come out stronger against the olympic idea because of you, go to is on offer numbers, not just the on record number. Then you should be rooting against olympic coming in and making more respectable on the second. That's all I have to say about that. That's fair! But if Where is first in the standing, sir, I just don't. I
they obviously would be by at least fifteen games if they treasure kelly clinic. and that's just really tough to take. Take it away from your courage yeah. I know the defence of stuff. I agree with, I think, he's fine, my keys. The critics of his defence is just a little too much for me. I think the scheme is fine. I I don't put too much weight on the policies and when I look at regular seas, and BP and a lot of voters do an that's fine as well, but is it? I don't think it's fine I ain't gonna word man, I what happened in previous posts? Seasons are like what you're like crystal ball, says about this coming policies and, like just judge the actual like game
if that are supposed to matter for this thing, and I I don't think it's a hindrance or a fatal flaw in their inability to win a championship. I think Yogesh could easily be the guy a guy who leads his team to a ring. I think the window is open four denver so long, as is on the nuggets like that's how great he is, and it's almost besides the point of who else's on the floor with them. He said it is amazing, so I dunno shell md, any n b, a player could watch the nuggets and not think like. I want to play for that team. I want to play with that guy that just it's so different. then playing off of any other star right now and your life would be sweet. yeah and he does the way play it, we could go on and on about yoke and lake, look it is used. it's like, though we criticise it. Maybe it's on fairly so, but we criticise guys who have crazy, hey usage rates in the he listened
nature of how they need to functional offence where they dictate everything in joke? It doesn't play that way if justice if she's is different than other superstars, like that, I think he I want to say is leading them vienna says on this month and he's a centre like I he's one of the better centers alive is easy to catch. He has a yogesh. That's a great way to put it alright gimme year for the next prediction, James or stick with the heavyweights theme, I'm going to predict next christmas, we will see the memphis grizzlies against the new orleans pelicans job verses I on a daily. It will be a play off rematch one of the best play off series. It we ve ever seen in our lives. It features like bow overtime and seven games budgetary. These of I can't say I predict that, but that's what I'm hoping for and I'm predicting the match up, that
I love it. I love it. Alot loves love, love jar, jose Alvarado guarding jama rare, If the playoff series would just tell you, I can't even like get your popcorn and strap on the seatbelt. That's just that's a lot of fun, just even thinking about that. I'm getting 'em like giggling internal, especially if it was like. I guess there would. Let me make a play in the coverage finals, its technic I don't know, will see how the standing shake out. I would love furred if you're the guy please, I think, you're a little nervous about german jackson, junior picking up three fowls in the first three minutes of every game with siam just going right, Adam just problematic, but I love you- I love this measure by love everything about it. These are too I mean the nba would be absolutely thrills with this as well and they want
to be the very slowly again they obviously wants. I ought to be. A future face a league araby great elegance. go back to like the draft. Go back a? U like. There's like these guys are poised to have like a rivalry forever. and that their teams are now this good just. Is it such a good development for the nba, and the league just needs yeah the needs rivalries. Everyone loves a good rivalry and right now we're going to have I mean I don't know who would or wouldn't call grizzlies warriors rivalry if think it's superfund, when those two teams match up how much longer this is gonna last. So we in the grizzlies ascend to where they believe they can. I think that the the pelicans could be a fantastic foil and it would just be great it'd, be great for everybody great for the league. So that's a fun one. I love it a lot. I hope it comes true and okay. My last predict
here too I let it is winning his third finals. Bp, you're! Ok, I love it. You know I could now, however yeah I I think here this is a very in a protection. This is you, try you wanna play you flag just a little earlier then anyone else's comfortable doing so and if it comes back to buy you whatever, no one members. Anything you say about the houston rockets later to have been a vote. Can you tell me Is this more based on your faith in kuwait? generally and his track record or, like your analysis of like how it's gone, So far, obviously they have been incredible in terms of their record with him on the court he has had some high scoring games he's had some really efficient games and he has at other games where he,
it looked a little different. I I don't know that the numbers show he's the exact same layer. I don't know that just watching him you're like alright, he is like the same sort of physical force that he was before, but I I I have I've personally. I've been encouraged and I am optimistic about like where he can get to by the end of the year, but, like I still kind of wipe him, I want to see that that ramp up a little bit more before I plant the flag is like the way. The the way that you just did, but so so tell me where, where you're coming from, I think it's both. I have Indeed, like everlasting faith, that kawhi will figure things out from what I've seen. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. He is not getting the benefit of the doubt from people which is just kind of frustrating. For me he's not the frisco. I know that there were injuries before I know he's the face of load
judgment, but is not the first guy to tether acl, unlike need some time to look like themselves coming back from it think people have short, memories when it comes to what he looked like in the two thousand twenty one play off when he was by far the best player, like apologies to yanina apology, stood LUCA, who he beat it beat because see guarded luca and scored every point on the other end in the most critical games co. I was just like that cry in that sphere was every bit as good as he was when he was with the rafters and like putting the team on his back and in the against the boxes and the six years like he was more efficient honestly and is what he did defensively. Was maybe more impressive, although I don't want to shortchange what he did in Toronto either but like not, that was I mean, I think, just because the injury came so soon. Afterward like yeah, like people, don't bring it up all that often I think so from what I have seen so far. I am basically the
thing. That's like really worrisome and not assignment worrisome is the three point percentage lake. I think those will fall is eventually going to get his legs under him and be able to hit those shots but like what is what So now, from my eye when I watch him is like I wanna get to my spots in the mid range, and I want to be the trouble there and I want to be able to create space and he's doing all that he shooting over fifty percent, the mid range so far, he is like that's the vintage collide stuff and what was really telling for me it the gaming in toronto, and you can just ask Joe Ellen bead, like the toronto Others are the team that, like really wants to take the opponents, proposing
star out of the game and like when cool was guarded single coverage on the wing by oji and and adobe who a lot of people think is a candidate for defensive player. The year. Still, I think, like pascal outcome with leave his and and w like it was he finished with eight assists in that game and was because, like the help was just, it was swarming, and I thought, like the respect factor there was, which is like really eye opening and He looked great in that game. He was moving super well, there was one rebound where scottie Barnes side position. Unlike go just like took his arm and it is potentially a foul like he moved scotty barge by like extending right, elbow and scotty was screaming and quite just got the rebate and put it back up like he's.
Secondly, there is really no no one like while entered in terms of how efficient he's able to just navigate a basketball court, there's no one come when the three baltic starts falling. I don't know how you can be able to guard him and I think his team, like on. Numbers are super great right now and the on court numbers, I think, are important. And they're just demolishing people when he's on the court, but like his team around here, is so built. a play off series. I just I don't get flustered at all by what they do in the regular season issues like not what their bill for their bill to be adaptable, beavers at all, they have it
what she loves, making in serious adjustments in game. Adjustments like they're constructed to go through four playoff rounds, and I I think he's going to be in tip top shape by then and yeah. So ps awesome. I think tea's the best player on one of the best teams and that's how we'll view it at the end of the season. I think they should be viewed as a championship contender again now. I think he'd apps It deserves the benefit of the doubt. I'm not necessarily calling the digital one final finals be beak, as I think there's like really stiff competition, we're just a long way from being there, this year, the match up shake out at once, a million things, but the one thing with the clippers like that seat like when kawhi got hurt, I thought they were gonna win the title.
And a lot of the reason I thought they were going to win. The title, then is they were clicking on a different kind of level? Then they they had been because it wasn't just alright. Like you know the formula right, the formula was played on a small ball space, the floor and they're, creating a bunch of three isn't there stretching teams out and then the switching on the other and blah blah blah. They were mixing up the mid range stuff that kawhi and pg do as well as anybody with the drive and kick stuff with kawhi and Paul George, both getting to the basket at will getting to the free throw line at well. They were putting pressure on the rim and reggie jackson. Back then was was putting pressure on the rim, and no power nor power. You have done out in great what I'm saying is What I want to see is like once we get to that point in the play off like I want to see that I'm kind of mix. I want to see that sort of you know
wise ability to like put his shoulder into people and is get easy buckets and be able to like. his best years. Maybe the best like run stopper in the league like if it for another team, is starting to put things together he's just like I'm on their slow this thing down and on either going to get to my mid range and get and make a contested, jumper or like you are going to follow me and I'm going to just be stronger than you or- and I want to see him kind of take over some games like that. I want to see the clippers kind of do that against league competition. Before I'm like saying they're going to win
damage. I believe yeah. I'm coming into the year looking at them on paper like I thought they were going to make the finals like I I picked them. I basically picked them to win every year, so I'm with you in terms like what this team could be, and I so I get I get the prediction I just I out of respect for like peak kawhi like I think we should both be very clear that, like we have not quite seen peak hawaii yet and it's not because of the shooting, like the shooting who cared like he's going to make the jumpers yeah and robert Covington is going to have the freshest season legs ever. Has I get that in there? It is just like mad in the rotation. It's hilarious to me. You just teed me up. Can I do my next production Yes, you're gonna love this. This is more now Isn't the olympic thing? Why process. Six will return to fail it could be covington giving didn't be great b or shot homes not ruling out cagey mcdonald's, displaying the pda right now. So my I shoot you, I think Covington.
Having dinner resign homes. I think prime trade candidates for the sixers and I think they should be trying to make some kind of trade, because as well as even playing I I think I don't exactly know what that that kind of rotation is going to look like they have not sure they have quite enough search. You didn't say sorry: it should be a candle nice, absolutely I didn't I didn't I could you look. You want to talk about, the marshal resuming his basket martin, I would love it. I miss him. but I think those guys search homes and the obvious one, because I can't believe you're just not playing even on a roster that deep duenna just about the sixers and that's l, a wrap up, as it will give me the elegant billig, what it with which the tent,
chair of the sexes with gimme. Like are you feeling optimistic, pessimistic, terry mac should Terry's maxie start should come up the bench. What do they need before the trader? mine is hardened, going to go to the houston rockets. Just what? What are? What are your feelings right now with Sds he's going to go to the houston rockets and might as well trade him retina eight? I have This is not like hot take anything I just. I have the same concern that I think most like nerds on the internet do like when tyres maxie comes back like he's going to by default, be playing a lot of minutes with james harden. Maybe he comes off the bench First, maybe rivers tries to stagger them throughout the regular season, but once where in play off time I don't think you're, seeing the like, hey Jordan, pull your now playing like twenty minutes again, because you dont quite makes sense defensively. I think Maxie too good for that So whatever that looks like
sixers- must be hoping that its essentially fair, unstoppable an offence and the defence remains pretty good and their nightmare is it the offence? Is you know a little bit jagged a little bit disconnected despite the amount of talent there and that the defence is just like exploitable against certain match up, because they have multiple targets on that they have multiple kind of pressure points the to attack, and I don't know what the solution there quite is because I don't think that's a reason to like do a panic trade of either hardener maxie hear anything like that, like, I just think you are betting on a formula that is a little shakier them some of the competition and the east. So I gotta, whether implying I feel good about their defence and their numbers. I feel great about like harden and am beads like the pic unroll again like it's dead.
it's all cool, I'm not as worried as some people are about pj Tucker. I just think in the playoffs that guy is going to be there for you- and I I heard about when he's like a shoulder issue. That at least makes the their reluctant shooting make a little more sense to me, but long term. I think he'll be there. He's he's been consistent force on that end, like every single year, defying defying age. Every time like that's all good, I just I it's not as a sort of reliable, a two way formula to me as like say, Boston. I think that so mentioning some of the other elite teams and the conferences where I get pessimistic the sixers and their recent winning streak, which ended against the wizards yeah they lost to the wizards and despite and bead going off, and despite a forty, eight and ten and yet the biased media? We are
really discussing it enough, but I will say like their winning their there, the teams that they were beating in that when street, just like you, I wasn't like super duper impressed with any of them. And when they match up in a series against the celtics, because you're gonna have to go through the ethics here, it looks like it potentially and have to go through the nets prison, nets and naturally does not match up. I think like they're, very difficult. Then they mean that serious would like break everyone sprain. I think it would be a lot of fun and I really hope we get it for a lot of reasons. But matchup wise. You want to like carpool to philly, like better back for that. Let's do we go nice, absolutely I'll need a recovery beer after that series I can't drive by the way. So I like you just I feel melted- has played terrific
What our mountains than minutes gonna look like are you gonna have to play matif, stable and a serious where there's somebody I t fire, but it's a great question. So I am also a pigeon took her person, I'm a believer in has, but I I don't How much she can give through the rigours of malta play off series. I think that's fair to say, based on a relative to what they need from him on the defensive end where it's like, I'm just thinking about where he d take- hounding katy forecourt, hounding jason, tatum up and down the it's like. He can't I'm sorry, lake I'll do, begged, to be tackled, and I don't see that in it I e an
as we have seen it, it's less likely that it will happen in the future, is like thirty, six years old, ladys Emily our ideas, but he's played so many like big play off minutes. So the where it is there, but I just think that match ups are really bad for them and they need more help on the wings and, like the you know, it's not even worth mentioning, but I'll say it like. Will hardon knelt down in the second round will feel like criticism of them, be it is fair to a certain point I don't think he's like a lights outposts in performer, I think, is really good but has in recent years been hurt or city aggregate it may sound his of his availability of just kind of wait and see there with him and he basically needs do play. What, like thirty eight minutes, aim at least in the back of a because of what
is coming enough, the bench for him in a play of serious lake wells, hence darya russia, jerry, ok, bring it full circle. Ok, james harden with pga tucker and robert Covington sort of both kind of not playing centre by both playing centre. At the same time, like we ve seen that before I am personally share so, but I yeah, I just think like if access guarding, even just like marcus smart like marcus my posting, Maxie has said: what is your answer? What do you do? I just couldn't break them, so ITALY and that's not even getting like talking about who hardens going to guard in that lineup or the adjustments the celtics can make where they bring malcolm brogdon and okay, who now who's guarding malcolm brogdon and jaylen brown's over here and oh here's tea
Let me just one and BP, like I don't I don't know, I thought yoke is just one of the key. Yes, I've, no rebuttal for what I said, but I think I met now we can we can wrap up. We both gave all of our predictions. We gave ten superb prediction. and this was one thanks to everyone for listening and thanks to you, James thanks to our producers, brian and ban. I will see all of you in two thousand twenty three.
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