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Celtics Jump Out to a 2-1 Lead. Is It Panic Time for the Warriors? | Real Ones


Logan and Raja open by discussing Game 3 of the NBA Finals and how the Warriors' lackadaisical style of play has come back to haunt them in the series (1:18). Then they discuss the Celtics' growth and how their athleticism has propelled them (15:32), what the Warriors need to find their rhythm again, and the latest NBA news (37:41).

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Producers: Sasha Ashall and Stefan Anderson

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get to a buffalo, always near you. Two tribe mountain do legend. Please shrink responsibly But father loving word. I'm here ruins project out the morning after the false self six take game theory and that there were there were displays of dominance from the celtics. I wouldn't call it down a performance, but it was a very, very impressive. When considering the circumstances, though, the celtics, when led most of the game was stan golden state, stared quarter run and shut them down for the rest.
It was very impressive fourteen that I always see that are perpetual bag fumbles during during this post season. They played really well in game three and out. I was really happy with what I saw from the celtics. Would you think yeah? I think if fr you're a celtics fan- or you know, you just want to see a a good series? That's that's exactly what needed to happen and, first of all, we talked at one nonetheless episode about one of those two jalen brown that being or jayson tatum coming out and going to work early right like setting a tone and getting boston off to that good start where the crowd can be involved. The energy starts to fuel your run and they did that. Jalen brown came out and he was taking no prisoners in the first and the first quarter. Energy may just great
just great I'm here for the shit's type of energy and so a got balls off to work to a great start. Generally speaking, Logan, I I thought this would play itself out like that. If they were going to allow this to be kind of a physical gritty series. It was just going to take boston, realizing that that that's what it was across the board man for me. If you lined up the celtics vs golden state and said who would you take in it? Not, skill, minuscule right, but in size, athletic ability, physicality. Boston when it most of those matters. So so, if that's gonna be the tenor of the series, then I think Boston really good place definite it's funny, because this is the first the warriors and innocent just wrote me on this arouses
for some. The warriors actually played like the smaller team in the series. If you look at throughout their post season run, they are rebounded. Memphis was a bigger team on paper. I believe out rebounded the mavericks, oh, but this was the first time where you kind of see. Oh, they don't really have like a front court like that. Oh they are pretty small, oh they're, not as as less athletic as we thought they were. Passengers is really take control. The series of honestly, the biggest thing that I saw was though they were boys, but so they were they mark for the sellers will be more aggressive team. They were the younger team arms. They may go to sail away those old washtubs man they look. They they go to state did not look as
as you know, everything that I I thought the series is going to go on so could be a long series we'll see, but everything that I thought the wars were going to be just outsmart them and you can kind of see after that. Third quarter run that that they could er do things. But the response from Boston, I was very impressive- adds just the defense down the stretch know it was. It was great and I would I can say all of that about boston and agree with what you're saying about. No boss in vienna, more fiscal team golden state at times, looking smaller and an athletic, and I believe all of that to be true. And then I also say the golden state, and I sat there the whole game. I I'm a damn a mom, my wife, my kid sitting there and after the first quarter, I said if you're gonna stay your pride, I feel terrible. That's only left Writing a man going into the half I said to my back as it was like fifteen, and I said all need to do- is get this down at night
If they have it at nine at the half, you feel really good and then they fumbled the bag. Mr three and I think Boston hit a shot, so I wound up being what twelve or four twelve, maybe rights, oh yeah, and still I was like it's not crazy. If you're golden state, like you haven't, played well aside from staff and you're sitting there at twelve, watch out in the third quarter- and then here they come here right and so golden state- you know just look really good clay was making shots, staff got in his bag and then in the fourth quarter they just ran out of steam. Oaken knew they were right. There and staff has three bad turnover in a row of a rope, but that's fatigue like that's not step, curry, not being a good play
those are things that happen to your mind when you just you know, you're, just not as sharp with how important this possession is because you're dog, tired- and I think I see that in golden state- a lot like they you're playing a bigger, more physical, more athletic team steph is working for a lot of buckets. There are some that he doesn't have to work for, but when some of the she's working and saw. That starts to take its toll on your legs lateness, third early forth and so it'll, be interesting to see what what they answer is from staff korean and an steve car. I imagine they'll come back with the really good game. I tell you this definitively, though gonna stay just came to office in producers that they cannot. Like a you're, not gonna, be boston like that. So any combination of jordan pool clay and and staff
And then you throw dream on in the midst of a wild card andrew wicked some they have to get multiple people involved in that office. They can't have any one or two of them lay an egg and to await an egg last night I'd like to I want to get to where it gets into, who ate an egg in a second. What you're talking about steps, and just how he played you played a really good offers. A vampire, really good, had some stuff defensively as well noted a couple charges, but there were just some caught and that there were sent the turnover, as you think you said, and he brought up, but also that fowl marcus, smart when you already and foul trouble doing so? What are you doing? There were some place like that where, from this team, where.
No, they get down really early dames, and you know that was seen this against Memphis. We ve seen this bows. We ve seen this where they can. Just you know, they'll have to they can play a b to be minus day throughout the whole game and let it and then down a strategy when it it that's what ve shown throughout that the policies of the wars but they're playing with fire against this paucity bay of gotten down early, too many times to get back into it, and that means when you're down early, you start writing risk. You start, don't you start? Don't you start com, no smiles at you don't really want to commit. You start pressing. The warriors need to get it together, early on and in the end, these games. Ah, but I wanted about also goes by the name of clay tops who got on really early started making,
that's a nice death is the game war on he started. You know, get tired of the finnish seven. Seventeen now think that goes back to your point of other guys need to step up jordan pool for They even more than that, enable we need more enough jordan for green thirty five minutes. Mr only let me tell you stats, rousing thirty. Five minutes does german. Two points for boards thesis file out snack good. They need more. I need more from their other guys. It can't just be oh we're going to give steph the aw the whole offensive burden and a couple of guys are going to step up in a nice of you more than it's. It's gotta be more than that I thought Andrew wiggans was ok last night, but you know you're talking the team that relies, heavily on staff and jordan pool and to some degree clay when he came back.
But you are really relying on staff and then Jordan pull off the bench like out. Those were your offices, guys right that was wit, Got your engine and your motor running and so if the team doesn't want to have to do in the midst of playoff run, is re relearn how to play or where their point production is going to come from. So, like that's a really hard thing to do on the fly, especially in games of the magnitude of the finals games and so you're. Expecting again, as role guys like you're, expecting these guys to do what they do, and so, if they're not and steph is, but if, if, if Jordan, Poole can't figure it out from night to night in their inconsistencies in performances, then you're going to get your gonna get games like that where you're you're you look around in your down, fifteen quick knows you're, just not getting what you expect to get from someone and then it becomes like are either step has to pick it up and burn. You know the wick. His candle light so early,
he's got nothing left in a forthright or some youtube just playing with fire and that's what that's kind of what you know golden state, the one. At this point and in the draymond situation like I know, draymond is not a scoring and value type of player like that's, not where his value lies all the time, but I felt he was ineffective. Create, and I always find it a show, and I attach ignorance. I love what he does, but I think he might. He got caught a little bit up in what is the the yom back and forth You know what I mean like he's, got lost shit, go unwanted seems like an animal maybe the strap. We talked about distractions bro, like your europe, the media. You know all the time getting into it about different shit like you seem distracted, yeah. I think with the the dream on thing, I don't know exactly where his his his attention level is, but the fact is man
you're, not being he always dream. On always is always the line between out of pocket and like in my back shore, his heart and he always says that he gets at that point. First time I've seen from drawing on two where it's like dude, you come on. It's too it's it's really affecting the game. Right. I am usually when it affects his game when it affects you know the team or whatever he has had the game to back it up. You can be didn't technical rules and found out and we scorn like two points in thirty five minutes. You know you can only do that. Not only the two points but the rested. That's that line wasn't really an effective stat line either, and it wasn't like you gave this virtuoso differ
If the performance do that that you would then be able to say well, yeah I didn't have any stats, but man I guarded the hell out of jail and brent like nothing was there and that's ok, like that. You know: hey you go back to the drawing board. We come back in game four and see if we can get it done, but it it was a very bad performance for part of that team that they look to. You know they look to for for stability. You know in backbone, n character in the face of you know. About like challenges and saw when he's missing it puts just puts, in other words by again I'll. Just say like that when you look over nearly all join, employing done. An enforced name was shit. You that dream on you're, like our work, gonna do when it gets. It gets a little baby and I thought they did a great job display all that a crime back and given themselves a shot you just you didn't
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Three hundred and forty two arizona, one hundred and eighty eight seven thousand eight hundred and ninety seven seven hundred and seventy seven or visit cecpd dot. Org chat in connecticut one eight hundred nine with an indiana one thousand, eight hundred and seventy seven seven hundred and seventy stop Louisiana. Eighteen thousand seven hundred and seventy eight hope and wire text hope, and why two thousand four hundred and sixty seven three hundred and sixty nine new york, tennessee redlinerp, one eight hundred, eight thousand eight hundred and ninety nine Seven, eight, nine tennessee or visit www dot, one eight hundred gambler dot net west virginia steve is not playing any of the young guys except for short pole. I don't know what that is he's very tight with this rotation. Is that something it, but he needs to say fuck it just give somebody young guys and because the old heads are some of them are looking washed out. This is what I can't sit here and tell you the Jonathan commandos ready for this. I don't know I will defer to Steve
current company on the right of every day there there every day, but I would say that what you're missing as a team is that type of peace right like that type of length athleticism at youth to counter what boston has in that department and there's a lot like Robert Williams, just looks like nothing that sitting over there on a golden state. Take my enough that I live combined, that making job over phonebook. They get it like. kids, putting his chin on the rim, wonder when our orford stolen loves. You know, jason, Eight on an jason tatum, an end and jailing brown. There is nobody to stays in front of them now. Know not. I miss. The rim were much. Was the to step back by when both of those do is make their mind up that they're. Getting that a rim, no one stand in front of them from golden state. It just seems like the celtics are on the brink of something maybe andrew wiggins might maybe Andrew wiggins to a degree. Yes,
suspect asked them about it. Does it does seem like that? The subjects are on the verge of something right now right where, was to arguments are going into the series argument that eyes had gone in the series: was the celtics do or do they have? You know there that they have been before? Can they overcome back, and then there was the other, because you know my excuses were game. Five against the milwaukee bucks merely fumbling the bag and game. Seventy, the easter cowards files that a heat, those, two things that I saw like I don't know, but lucy other argument that says not that built a celtics budgets that just made them stronger and I think that that is the final argument is bearing out a lot more right. Now it seems like this table is coming of. Age. Is the celtic scheme is really coming of age yeah? I think you would be right in the latter of your two statements seeming to be true,
right, because last night was one of those moments where you're going to see whether or not It has learned from the mistakes. Have they matured just got run down in your own building. Third quarter you're down one. What do we do now where? Where are we at and they buckled down defensively like we can say that steph was tired because I do believe he was cause. Those were some one characteristic turnovers bite, you're, tired because they're making you work and they're less of defensive in pressure and tenacity is high, and so you give boston credit for ratcheting it up when it called for it and then, on the flip side, taking care of the ball. Making sure they guy quality shots Seeing the rim, I mean they double them up on points in a paint. Last night those duties were hell bent on playing physical and, being you know, being the bigger stronger team, and so they dictated all night. So it seems that they they were.
From a game. One was another example of why you could, where you can put your finger to Boston, having grown like down one and be a finals going into the fourth, what we do and they just you know they they worked it out there. They did. They had to do to win the game, so I think they are growing before our eyes. I I still think deeply First of all, I would say I think, Boston wednesday series, like I'm I've bought in their daily lives Are you there now yeah, that's where I'm at, and I don't mean to be a prisoner of the moment, but just having watched man. Golden state to beat them and they go how to either be just this brilliant defensive team or are going to have to shoot it there there's anything in the middle goes Boston way. In the middle of Boston's way so that you know I don't know that you do that. Four out of seven games like just continue to spit out brilliant performances on the offensive and defensive end, but I would say
I think golden state hangs in the series. I think they figure it out that championship dna, that type of stuff we're talking about. I think they figure out how to win game for or at least have a real shot it winning game for, and then it becomes do you, have any energy left in the gas take down the stretch. This is stop man, because The warriors are in this place where, at times you could talk yourself in anything with this team gone forward, all the somehow they they figured it out. They're gonna want another title: they could go back on. Another run will see what happens it, but a man when I watch them and as the more I want in this series it seems like there is there. Two factions is T. One is the old heads who are super accomplished. You know who who have the championship dna and you know who are who carried this team throughout the season, and then you have the other team, the other side of this team, and you know
the younger guys who aren't quite ready yet there's just this gap and maybe that they get maybe next year and I'm not saying I'm not giving up on what the wars have this year, but maybe next year they can find that because this team isn't whole you know, I think everybody is is a everybody is looking at the seams if it is, but they don't have wise men. Clay is coming off of two debilitated injuries. Dream on, isn't who he is there a lot of questions here and the fact that they do? I think this shows the fact that they got to the final says a lot about this team. Just a lot of ways, but I just I think I said this. Would it, I wonder, is it I said this during the walk. Ethical was the Milwaukee bar sincere.
There are no. It was a. It was a milwaukee buzzard at that, where Milwaukee just didn't have the legs. It's looking like right now that the war is just don't have the legs for the series, even when they do get in spurts like okay. We did just enough to get it to to a couple of points, at least on the road, it feels like that in this series. Well, I think it's nothing. It's fair that you look at it like that. I would also say there have been times in the series where- and I've made the argument for it last pod- that golden state.
Was running away from Boston like up fifteen drilled to me in in game, one drilled them in game two like so. I want to be careful there, but last night, last night and and the end of game, one where we're kind of the type of situations that I worry about golden state going into with Boston and a support. What you're saying I mean yes with boston and they support. What you're saying when, when boss and can get in in their groove and play the way they want to play. They just have more juice than golden state. Us they get there. They get their deeper. The bigger More athletic, I have this argument all the time rate with people. I really do and it's crazy. If you give me two things that are relatively equal skill, wise, give me the bigger, stronger, faster athlete and it did usually tends to be the people that are smaller than mere honor you, I buy rats
and every balls run soccer Now you need your two big, unlike now, fuck, that as like, if you gave me a six six like two hundred twenty five pound person. They could run around with the dexterity and said and speed of Leonel messi. Give me that no, and so I look it lost in kind of white them gotta stay when they get them in that in that book, when they second destroy on steps ass? Last night? Oh my god. I thought awful. I was sitting there with my family again said Jesus Christ. They got him in the blunder. They just keep fighting. And he had the foul. So what whatever degree of resistance he could put up, I mean he just at that point. Couldn't for family found the hue. Everywhere. Manic have fight. They found his ass in the post. Everybody found him on the switch. Lay hasty have come here you here mark as you mario dominant raimondo, on amid block like it was. I thought that how do you do
What do you think about steps? Health man, because obviously the the there's a sprained foot- I mean he's going to play game four? I don't think that there's any any thing of that but I think, he's hobbled and he's there only offer right now the one that he's the one about that that's true during right. Now, it's that might be the below. It may not even be anything else that that's probably the blow right there to to to to give to strengthen your argument that boss is gonna, win yeah, it I mean very easily could be I don't I mean if he's hobbled at all. In a hopefully that's one of those words, I want it you're scared, because you had that type been driven and and fall before and then, You know you wake up this morning, and it's not bad at all by tomorrow, you like irish, it's fine, but if, if p, is nursing it and, if he's out there, what a little bit of a gap here we used, and we have a problem-
I dunno, let me ask you cause you watched his team if jordan poor by most accounts, it was much better as a starter right. Is there any world in which they can start both of 'em that just try to get him off to a better start. Stephen and Jordan pull together slant to the pool. They have a lineup like that yeah, where they they could start one I mean it's. I think it was called the death pool line of I dunno. If it's the I dunno. If it's it's, it's it's anything like any potent, but what they have done is they could start and take looney out and start well pool klay, steph, wiggins and put dream on at center. To start start the game and only reason, I'm saying it, I'm not sandy it. Your first line up doesn't work, but I'm looking for any way as an insurance policy to step foot to get Jordan Poole in a good role like in a good way.
Yeah he's had some spurts like, but it's also at all. It's always been. There was a. There was a incredible move. He made against old robber williams. Oh my gosh, I know it was dead for and then game to where he you know he gets on what seventeen, but they have a thousand Towards the end, when they were blown amount, that was that was already that was the game was in was was already in the bag pools doing that he's had it been interesting series, but they need him to get. Irl. If he's going to be the one that they say, they're going to pass the torch to, he gonna have to show it right now, that's something that he he going to have to do it, but you you would star Jordan. I'm not saying that I would I'm sick I'm saying that I would explore the option of doing it. I need to find a way to spark him and defined awakes right now. When I see him come off the bench use the word timid and I caught up,
so that it when you said it, and I expect what I thought I saw as being patient and trying to figure out how he could get in the flowing. I ultimately dating game, too but then I watched again last night and it was to a fault. So then I had no wonder: was it timid, miss right lake is he not exactly sure of what his role would be and as his coach I would be tried, to empower him and explain to him and and have him feel very The, but with his role not changing dropped from what it was in a regular season. Go get those working buckets, go, get em, and Oh, don't be worrying about anybody else, don't be tripping about I'd, be and unselfish you for yourself ought to do what you ve done for us all your and saw that meant starting him to try to get him to
like you understand what I'm saying, I'm searching for a way to convince him that that's what we need from him yeah, it's funny, because ah another thing about this team has never really been hall. This season, lawyers had never they've, never been whole. No, the jordan ball as your starting to the first three months of the season, and then clay comes back in atlanta and then he has to readjust to that and then, as soon as clay gets back in the lineup dry months hurt for some months they. Finally they finally get hall. But it's hard to be hall during the playoffs bro is hard to figure that, when you know Boston is a young team and boston just.
It's so impressed by what I've seen from boss a man there. Such a group amazed is challenge. It is from that from a coach you standpoint, smart has been playing within himself throughout that their team, their team that have been playing rural for extended stretches season in a way that goal to stay as it. But it's tough to kind of fine that rhythm right here and there it is going to need some fuck it. It is going to need some phuket. We're just gonna have to go. Do it early doubts, you want it's not that big of a deal. What are you safe? What do you see from them going into game two or game game for golden state yeah? Well, I think that both Jordan Poole and they won't start him of shore. So when he comes off the bench he's gotta be ready to rock, and I would run shit to try to get him going. I'd even put
in some seek and destroy situations with a with an ideal defender for us. You know like in just let him get a couple, looks to try to get him road if draymond, and I need dream to get out of now that the villain role and the antagonist role and and get back to like the facilitator, Andy, the ten to twelve point again, We need right. So I need him to be an attack mole. We'll talk like that not not shoot a breeze. What I need him trying to put pressure on the rim and try to get downhill, and then obviously his passing and am and play making. But I want him to how to get involved offensively. We need to come out and take the fight to Boston in away from, in the first quarter
that we haven't since came one right like it's been staffs, that's been good, but I need the others to do that and then in a place, clays just gotta be there's gotta, be you know what I like. I like they threw a wrinkle and will see how this bears itself I'll make after staffing toward him. Poor gettin sought in the first half as much as they did on that switch pickin role. They started like soft trapping. Epic unroll with James. Brown adjacent tatum, so staff or or or Jordan would hold for a while That primary defender would would come back if they could get the trap they would, but if not, they hold until those soft trap. Primary defended would come back and then made rotate behind it and staff for jordan would find that further sky away from the ball in the week silence run out at that one wanted that might,
have some legs and some teeth that one to choose not boston should hit in the middle of that they're like nah. Don't do that shit? That's that cake soap, Those wrinkles are to be interesting to see if they keep employing them, but offensively. We need to be an attack more. We gotta hit them right in the mouth. And what do you want to see from from Boston because they are at the stage where our team up to one. Haven't been here before again and Have a real chance to take control of the serious and away where you don't they let ivy league of they win friday night. They went it's a rap yeah. I would tell my guy from Boston. I atmosphere would be light. We'd go over some of the mistakes we made on on pickerell coverage ourselves like there were some. I read he may lips on a play. He s rob Williams. Why would you why that would you back up there were
times they were loose on that allowed step to come on shooting. So we got a tight mad up, but, generally speaking, I keep the atmosphere loose. I'd have this field about us like were planned with house money like let's go out there and let it ride? Let's double down: oh what we did stay and attack mode less beat these boys up like they can keep us off the glass you know like we. We had x amount of offensive rebounds, like their smaller than us work faster than there were more athletic like let's get these switches step could be hurt going to continue to seek his ass out and try to make him pay like all of these things that are all positive, energy, let's go out there and and double down on us be bigger, stronger, faster. Now I don't know that is itself out, but that would be my messaging for my boston tea right like let's go get this shit. Man we're at the crib were up to one. You know we got. We got an injured hobbled, starlets ratcheted up. A little bit more if they didn't think they could do what our size and our strength last game. They got it they're gonna, be
Kind of sideways when they see us double down on it in game, for let's go, get the she sits. It's gonna be a rock embarked environment. Like the differences funny cause. I see one when I when I look at the games on both coasts. It's funny because when I see boston- and I haven't been to boston- not in Boston right now, but this seems like the fans are on top of you bro and when they won, what is it seems like a different environment than chase every single away The decision was like the one there on top eu. They are yelling, not know what they're yelling, where they yellows some while shit, and it is a fact that must mess, but you as a basketball players at appointed, it looks rowdy up in awe, threat, is its rowdy in a way that fillies howdy, trying to think of some of the rock environments that are rowdy because to your point about, like chase chase gets rudy,
It's a certain type of rowdy though, but it's the scheme is sound, awful, but I mean it as a compliment right. I do I mean it. In all complimentary he's right chase has like classy high, Hi morale yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it's like it. It's like it. It's like I abusing like, like energy right, billy and Boston have like a grimy gutter energy. Pushing this in a building. Only twisted those features down autonomy Tender has its values and classifying geodesic dome liar The core re, like the boston pain, is a whore. No, it's another lunch pale table. You know hard hat get caught off the tea at a certain time, a night in this area, type hotel, dog and so that that comes
ruin the arena mainly because a lot of sakharov to find out in boston same with. Would you would you see brow philly. Boston, I'm trying to think of some other cities at naga was when naga. While you don't feel that I miss chicago was like that, but you don't feel that in their in their building, like that, what about like salt lake have been like salt lake? Is there no salt lake? Not there either salt lake is a really tough building to play in for a lot of reasons, and the fans are great, but it doesn't have that feel it doesn't have that fuel and I'm telling you those are two places where the The EU is just of lake gambro. Anything Michael find out at all about my god. Damn that's what you're talking about you, you're, not
where you will be like damn bro, but you kiss your mom with that mouth and I curse ally. Yet I mean we we know well, but they there's an energy in Boston. It's pretty cool and it's it's gonna be an interesting environment and it's it's! It's it's been fun. I I will have Jeremy on here at the end of the series and Joe manner: boston wins. The propaganda is going to be sick. I was just going to be strict chip. I'm going to be allotted to is always with me and it's he's already heartbroken he's he's. I don't think he's ever been a warrior fan this much in his life and now he is. You see that is probably not gonna, all that and temporarily in when is going nowhere, so that's that's where he well johnny. I got bad news for you brother. This was not looking great men
not looking the gray eyes. I do firmly believes that gonna state will figure out a way and hear what I'm saying to you only to be in game for and have a chance to winning If they weren't going for, can they win the series in sixty three and six or seven? Can I when I can, I wanted and seven it it keeps hope alive for women in seven for short. For short, I also think that the deeper this when gets to your point like when you're dealing with youth versus age, the deeper it gets, the more the pendulum swings in favour of go of of Boston enter, are physically mentally. We might have the conversation or we can have a conversation about it being advantage golden state but yeah.
I think they'll have a chance to win game. Four, I think they'll be there. They'll have a real shot, but it's going to be dicey. You will see men will sue predictions dog. I know atman mongol, a boston link boss is going to win game for enrollment boston, got a means. In my god, I think you are correct ban, I think Boston, winds game, for I think golden state is sitting at the in its a nip in tat game. She's, got every opportunity to win and in boston, pulls away or finishes it by for the sake of argument, I wanna go a golden statement.
It's counter everything I believe in it's counter everything: ugly logos, yeah, yeah yeah. I wanted to get your opinion. Oh, we talked briefly about jazz quinn, Snyder AL out his jazz coat treasure yeah he's out yep. I don't. What does that? I don't. I don't know what the tea leaves. I have no tea leaves in in salt lake, but the fact that he is gone. He got Donovan mitchell air. You got Rudy gobert. There's a lot of questions in utah to date, but I don't know what you go from here and also this is the one where it was like. It's not like. He was ousted, he was. I can't take this anymore, I'm not doing this. I have to go like danny ainge wanted him in the building. It's a big blow for the for the for the jasmine yeah. That's a tough, that's a tough one. We talked about queen and all the success that they had had and kind of, You know a casualty of that because you had all the success, but then you haven't done anything and then that mess jeanne kind of getting stay on software. We had this conversation.
But it is interesting to me that he decided that he wanted to step away for awhile. You know like that that was interesting. I dont have a great deal for it, but if I'm donovan mitchell on watch and very very, very, very, very, very, very closely Man I mean I'm Donovan has to have have a car blots and be able to pick his next coach righted thing I mean yeah I'd, be careful, I mean damn yeah, I know dude, but I don't like. I don't love that input. Yes like hey. What do you think, but not carte blanche? when all get into that alone. I don't know the deeds are equipped to take, we should have never won nothing. Has he equipped to pick them head coach, just trying to win, take them to the funds, and any disrespect, but that's bags lake I would definitely want to bend. Is IRAN things, but I don't know that we want to give guys carte blanche to do that, but can be interested.
And certainly I feel for the utah fans cause cause. I don't I don't know exactly where they're going with it, but you had something good like coincided. Really really really good coach said he might be our marc stein front of the show also said that he might be pop successor down in San Antonio. Oh my take year off and beat pops I like that success, and I might be coming now maybe go to did you see on this committee- would be one way or the other. Did you see that darwin ham was on introducing makers coach and it seems like for the moment your guy rests. Gonna be back you going back next year. They they priest a lot of sacrifice in that press conference. Sir, I don't know if that's going to our notice come to fruition. I don't know what that yeah, I don't know huge darwin have their huge faint. You yeah
just get it right around them? Three? Let's do that you take it. You put myself the bench at that remains to be seen TBD But let's, let's get the recipe right around him in a way we didn't last year, not not just russia from abroad, and I d like: let's get, though the others that recipe correct. I don't feel like it was correct last year and then we can figure out what we look like the cuban people look on it let's get to where we get outta. Here, let's get to a little segment. We want to call ruin of the week and I'm going to go first rogen, but I recently went to go, see a top gun and all the feels, my guy, all of the feels everything. There too cares that there was no really big storyline bear. Who cares. Who cares that Tom whose has absolutely no street with his love interest in any movie. That cares about that. I came see the plains,
I came to see I came, see as came to see me pilots do their thing. And it was, I had all the fields and had everything I needed so the role of the week goes to tom cruise in top gun and everybody in the top going to the staff record label and a crew. That's where I that's, where I'm going, I might go see it again, roger lab to go, see it again. Tomorrow wigs top down and tankers. I might go see that should again to logan some great area, some just phenomena. Aerial scenes, as you know, was going on from a plot standpoint, though cause I had no idea like. I think that they were. I don't know why there was an enemy. I don't know who was the enemy, but apparently somebody were was going to shoot and I had to go now not going to spoil it. Like yeah I was going to. I was okay. I was okay and phenomenal movie, though maybe I'll take the kids to go, see that shit that I was looking for something to do and if you see it alone
would you see. Where did you go to, I told my wife to go say we took we left. We left the boys with the we put the little one to sleep. We told the the older ones, hey. You gotta keep an eye on it. Shit alright, but I fifty now so like a spine she's fine, but still it was role that these are boys. You are like, you know the able there too in around like as soon as you stop talking to them, they lose focus, so it's a little dicey, but we did. It was worth it was worth it great movie. I would love to double down on that, but I'm going to give. I think I just lost my assistant coach, that sucks on air raking newest american heritage school, dammit, breaking news item on his old on his honor home I'll pack, our shit rwanda lot american heritage. We would you dog affair body, armor, he's out there just knock you be heads can be. I really the weak for me is going to go to jail and brown and out
with him because I mean yeah. He was fantastic last night, but he just keeps trying to tell you that he is a dude and jason is a due and there's only really rome for four for one office, I imagine that jason tatum at the end of the day with german brown and a real good, supporting casserole right, but it has turn him with the energy of light, well, this is what I fucking do, don't if you, if it ever my turn, I'm ready for any just keep stepping up to the play any I like his game and I like the way you attacks and I like the way he came. Worried about drama You know what I mean like he's not, and he even got here's the thing that nobody is. Nobody is like that's why I like about this team when draymond wanna staying in the user gets under people skin intimidating. All s not intimidated needs do what's not but like even
grant Williams. What will I get into it with them a little bit? You know what I mean by the only jail in has ever seemingly really had any words with him is after two men put his speed, all honest please other than that. He's just stay in attack mode on it, and I really appreciate that and I like his style. So as my role one of the we are, we go man pretty good career woman who gusty top gonna. Make me you know gotta feel after the matinee houses lets you brought low matinee low things got hit arriving. I would hit me on a text to man like Yes, I really do want to follow I didn't call somebody do that. I'm sure maybe tat use part- and I don't know I mean well we'll see what happens and but who will see you guys on monday, but in the meantime, in between time, make sure you check out everything on our ringer slay. That is mismatch. That is group chat that is weakened was at. Is the answer
and then no make sure you also checkup Kevin oconnor and then let's get the propaganda, go a man. Let's go blackmail, but with who roger bam, town legend homegrown, miss Daniels, psmith Moscow, you know, are to see two with who roger bell, Vallejo legend, the crests, icloud c c, so batty see you guys next week out. Reboot your credit card with apple card apple card. The first credit card created by apple, gives you unlimited cash back every day and every purchase of the three percent you please cash right away to know more. Further redeeming points just daily cash. If news right away and anything cap
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