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Logan and Raja discuss the ins and outs of the matchup between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors, talk about how this NBA Finals could affect the legacy of Steph Curry, and predict what they think will happen in this series.

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Producers: Sasha Ashall and Devon Manze

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a finals. Celtics warriors, I will say this it had a inkling. I said this in the beginning of the season, and I just saw something with this warriors team- that pat myself on the back here, I saw a little something after after after the first week I can go to the romans archives. You just go check it out, the atmosphere. That is fair. I would just say, though, if you say that all the time like if every year, because of warrior phantom, you sad! Oh no one, as I had a hearing with the warriors, and I never did I write once or twice does it counts? First of all, the couple points the first law noise phantom here now this will commit itself. Secondly, last year, when talking his warriors talk straight off, there is no war has taught me. I'm talking about
We first started the podcast. There was no warriors championship, talk being spoken, I say I had to say someone in this part had in england, and one of the things are gonna be here. I had no age limit. The celtics were caught. The fat igniting doubted see that if you were to tell me in january we were, we got up in the carbon. Rapture of is jason tailed, entailing the death toll damon bradley. Even now they figured out. How do we were in that boat, but I think it was a lot of people were in. That was fair to ask at the time yeah. That was fair to ask the time when you see this mashup. What comes to mind? What are you thinking? What's what's what? Well it's been a while, since I talked to you so just where's your head at when you, when you think about the finals matchup we got going on here, and I mean there are a lot of things that I'm thinking about whether you mean you've got ops, obviously juxtaposing styles of
An offense rate like which one is going to prevail like the movement, the ball movement, the people, movement or more of the seek, seek and destroy certain defenders style that that Boston kind of employs and should be fun. Principally on both sides. Both teams are really really good defensively. Ye may verses verses. Verses arms. The car you know like steve, has been an effort I was been on at a high level. You may shown to have the chops so far and what that chess matches gonna look like there two things I think of him, then, whether or not. The warriors autumn, We are too seasoned and had been in situation too many times whether it be closed, enough of a series for that to come to play or whether or not because they are it doesn't wind up being oh series, like all of those things, I'm just gonna having stream a catch.
It's alright! Now, but that's all what you know. It's all on my mind about the series: do you have a we'll get to predict seasonal in a bit? but do you have a you- know we're talking about boston and the conference finals and just how we just kindest and have a gauge? What's going on and honestly, I still don't really have a gauge of what transpired and how I feel about that that that heat celtic series- I'm coming to the series: do you have a do? You think you have a handle on like what is going to happen and where we're? What we're going to see between these two teams is it's very fascinating going into this series yeah really is, and I don't have a true guide on what it's gonna look like I mean my basketball brain wants to say that because golden star, has been here and done that they're gonna have the upper hand just an experience. You know like the fight of the final for four teams that haven't been their regular season.
Of basketball. Media is wanting reigned rain there, it's rigorous, I mean that it takes them getting used to. Even we can offer the best college athletes coming into the process from the regular season to play off. You turn that up a couple nazis. That becomes even more scrutinise. The press becomes even more hectic that time demands because even more and take more out of you, but from the play off to the full, north american turn that up for more notches, and so there really does become a conversation to be had about having experienced it and being able to navigate just that part of look at it as soon as you just said about the media scrutiny I'm after this will record in this wednesday morning and right out of his pocket, I'm going to be a finals media day, which is basically a lot of the latter writers that that you know not to say that they haven't seen these people, but there's like every national writer every
go writer, everybody you can think of is going to be in the building. Right worldwide, worldwide press just began talking to outlets from everywhere. Man, they're gonna silhouetted, share as a role model here. This is a roleplay they're, going to sit you in a chair and you're going to see you're going to answer questions from people that you've, probably never Somebody would you probably never seen before, because it you said as international press than you gotta see national people, you're gonna get attention that you ve never seen before and that's its they I'm glad. You d brought that because that said, tiggle we talk about when we talk about you know, being there for and what they had. It has a lot to do a basque about on the floor, but a lot of it has to do with stuff that people won't even see where I like the meat that one instance of the media covers also you know everybody know where you stand out when you're in a city during the finals, everybody, you can't go out, you can go outside, but everybody's gonna know what's going on. This is the hottest show and tell your right is have so many
from eyeballs argue with me and without to meet it. It's gonna be it's hard to navigate that some really cares. Had a celtic student yeah it's gonna be interesting old war. Everything you're describing I would put in the category of distractions right and and some teams and players are able to kind to navigate those. You know fairly easily. Other players have different personalities and some of the stretches can be like magnets. You know where it's pull in focus from the task at hand now I think the subjects are hungry basketball team. I dont imagined jason tatum jail and brown mark a smart alfred's event like I don't I don't know, but it doesn't have to be them distracted for it too affect the team in the way that same way doesn't have to be dream on staffing clay? You know it could be it in polar andrew wiggans. You haven't been there, they just gets be distracted by that that affects the outcome so you'll, that's gonna, be interesting to see like on the courts
and we can be fascinating, but you know it's. It's be careful, discounting how much the distractions can play into a serious like that bribed jason tatum. When it about jason. Tatum has really come of age in this post season, really. You know there have been some hiccups out by large. He has been great, I'm going to borrow a really want to get your opinion. This I'm always I was on you know he did yeah mb, a ringer answered survey, and it came out today, so I'm going to win it if you, if I may, I'm going to steal some questions in that one of the questions that came up- and I really want to get your opinion on this- was jason, tatum being the best player in the series. As of right now going into the series, I will say this: I voted yes just for the simple fact that his counterparts- death hasn't play great, I know,
Both the western conference, empty p, for whatever that is, but hasn't play grow, play very consistently, whereas Jason tatum, like I said, has come of age and think about the forty two point game a few weeks ago. Think about you know his performances, spurts against thea against the box and just kind of what he did against city. The the heat of justice body of work ethic going into the series is the best player on the floor. Am I wrong and saying that you're necessarily wrong. They there's ever right or wrong answer to it. Should lay down. I think that's fair, and I think you could make a case as as could I for why jason tatum is This plan the series, certainly with the ball in hand, I need a bucket you and the guy in front of you. She is the best player in a serious ray. I'm still gonna go its staff and its not take
away anything from the brilliance. That's been jason training throughout these players. I just think stuff is still the best player in the series and that's why you ve worked for micro, why what word is what does it come from? What you expect from both players at this age, or, I think the fact adjacent tatum hangs up huge numbers and stuff like that. Not only has to do with how gifted he is offensively but like they play that style right like they play a style, if he's going to have it and he's going to be dancing in it's in his bag like steph and golden state play more of a free flowing type of you know, offense at times you know you're, not the boston doesn't, but, but I think jake his relied on more heavily to just get pockets for his team, and then stuff is at times even though still has to provide often score. I just think when you factor in more than just
their physical ability like you're, going into the experience you get into being in the situations you get into all of the things that staff has working for him as well. I think I would lean towards staff yeah. I I it's it's it's one of those things where at feliz for me, just looked in the body of or going into This particular policy now look another as a man be talking about this particular policies and honestly staff gave. It is really not, as is my I've been here before, and all these things I want talk to to us about bosses, defects which has been really really good throughout the playoffs and I believe, as the number one defence versus the number one offence, if I'm wrong sash mac. Please call me on that, but I believe that the two best unison in the play us there in the post season I usually I'm usually, a believer that often it is gonna, be great defence, but like this boss in defence, is on another level in terms of length,
you, don't wing defenders when I think about jail and brown, and I think about market smart, who they can put, ought to staff current has success against staff. Curry is that gonna be at that? Think that's going to be a factor, but I dont know to what extent. What is going to happen. How do you feel about this boss in defense of chemical? They remind me- and you were there, so I don't want to. I don't want to like. You can tell me if I'm wrong, but there might be a lot of those four pistons man just real really. Good lotto length necessarily a do not necessarily a traditional big per se, you know cause that that the l four pistons had, ah you know, stretch the fart one of the few stress force in over she wiles than they had the wiles brothers, but that they give me that their vibrant, our up, that's an interesting comparison. I mean
You know they had like that the wing and anti shall prancing and represent was long and rangy and don't think there was as much switching employed back then is. Is there is now so different schematics? But it's an interesting cop. I think Detroit hunger hat on on on their defence and while Boston does there, also like they have do, can can I cook my I like it all. I shouldn't talk myself out of that. I I kind of like that and how that's going to play out in the series is ultimately going to decide the series right. I think the roughing and how they decide. The series wants to be played, and I did choose my words wisely there. It's going to be a decision right. The leak that they're going to decide re like rests. Have me. Things it's not. It's noted finals reps, like what is finals referee might know. I mean it's not it's not like. I want to be a little more careful. It's not like your fixing the games
There are gonna, be decisions made about the tenor of these games like do we have to controlling? Do we think they're gonna? Be chippy if there are going to be. Happy. Are we call with operating in an environment as a crew, or do we want a snuffed out early and keep it really clean like those are com issues that are had all the time and so like you, in that bossed in brooklyn series. That was a physical sir, They were going to a loud and boys put paws on when durant, wherever he went and that kind of you know shaped. The series on Milwaukee was another really physical, physical series. So if boston is allowed to do that and put hands on staff and clay, Jordan, Poole and yeah I think it could get interesting if, if they art and all that is like, you know that we revert to kind of regular he's in type of whistleblowing now they're gonna beginning those type cause, it could be really really hard. Boston is so tough defensively because of their versatility, their ability to swim
they don't do it all the time, but when need be, they can. When you're switching know, you're really vulnerable. If you dont get that really really correct and its much easier to switch the team is just running, you know pickin role or pickin role, or light action, and then those are easy switches. Golden state makes it really really difficult because of the amount of action they run and the pace with which I ve run it, and so you know it's going to be interesting to see if they can carve up Boston barton's, make it to any mistakes in their defence of prince was or if Boston can be really really sound and execute, and then they do have the personnel that would give jordan pool staff and clay in in one on one situations. Without the action producing their personnel would give them problems Oh, that's it using the wires when they are you now we all know about their office and how great it is, and just how potent it is its constant action all the way around. But there have been times in the final vote
I think about cleveland. At times you were you around at him, where that is really really physical. When does not letting him get to their actions, specifically in the finals, when teams do that there it'd be a little lag. How do you get with the office as potent as they are? How do you get in disrupt that? What do you have to do? Do you have to be physical? Do you have to just be, do you have to make it a muddy, slow game, It is feel like that's that's been the four teams that have beat lawyers. The biggest aid has been ever gonna money that the game up just make it physical, very slow.
To be an eighty to ninety range in terms of scoring. What are you have to do to stop a goal to stave off it yeah? I think you have to control their pace right to the best of your ability and most people think that has to do with your defence of end, but I look at it through like a different lens. I think if I need to control my opponents pace and their ability to get out and get quick breeze and transition and stuff like that, it it. It falls on my office to kind of do that right so I can be very deliberate, offensively loose at a rhythm shots. Lake. Just quick, uncharacteristic threes aren't great from boston emissaries. The trees and, and- and all of that are good, but you want him to come off of your action plan, no more that I so given the double Timor warrior. Ro getting down hill and collapse in the defence, so you're, getting good quality in rhythm, looks for your office right, not out of character. Look and then the other thing that that I think boston needs to do is
really try to attack the often glass right make, make those defence kind of hold to the basket, so they hurt you you're, making them stay, and not allowing them to fly ray and sorting to try to punish you on the glass and just beat you up on that site. Foreign, hopefully you either have to take it out of the net where you gotta be in here to buy shout and try to rebound, and that will stop some you're, never going to stop their pace totally, but that will help us control tempo and also that he brought up rebounding golden state's one of the best rebounding teams in the league. Seeing the policies and, despite being undersized in every ratchet up its raises its. How does it happen I don't know how that happens. I mean it's, it's obviously they know what they lack in terms of true size and that's it that's eight. It's it's. Area of lake focus, for they re like they understand the importance of that making sure that it. You know a good events, obsessions
he's got the rebound that happens at the end of it, so we can get that and we gotta go here. I want to talk about her. I won't talk about legged. What's happening, is he talk? Students have some legacy time, my like you're liquid I stamped your legs leg and whose legacy would we be talking about a dharma wars legacy or the war is lost? I was let's get into some legacy. Talk Correct as a collective are we talking call it a steph steph, but also a collective, because I feel I mean we can do both how about that raj? How about that start with the team? Gonna start with the team, so I can't I can't decide if this is like if this team is like the aid, the ninety one lakers or if it's like the ninety and take away the record or a cat, hit the sizes of the ninety one layers of the ninety six bulls. Very aware,
I know what I mean by that what the ninety one lakers was. This is the last finals, appearance and you kind of new there in the last legs and may god they got they played against MIKE and might be to me live right in the night was it for the lakers, as we knew at showtime lakers, I was pretty much ships and then but then I look at the bulls which was ok. Your hiatus and then they go on another run. I can't decide which wanted is right now, because I know like golden state, has the you know they're they have the young the younger guys to be able to if they blossom and we've talked about this throughout on the pod along. If they have the younger guys too, if they blossom, they can probably have a three four stretch. Two five more years right, I Don'T- I don't know I haven't decided yet I guess is finals will do it? Do you do you
where do you see them where they are the ninety six bulls? Are they ninety one, like, I think, they're more, ninety, six, poles and ninety one lakes? and I'd say maybe there somewhere in between the two by like I, I think, they're more, I think, there's more gas left in their tank. A couple of reasons number one and I think klay just gets better right. This is this: is your one remove from two almost? What used to be catastrophic injuries right, so I think he he will look even better next year than he did this year saw Jordan. Poole is on his ascension as a player, and you know what we'll see
James wiseman accompany looks like, but I trust golden state. This is the second reason, the organization right, the the front office to continue to do what they have been doing, which is finding people that fit their mode. Developing the hell out of peace is that in a word, the most coveted pieces in the world and finding players in contractual situations where they have some some leverage with that. Championship window, be an open where they can convince people to come over and and help. You know what I mean like you, and so I think they'll be able to do all of those things in that'll, give it more legs than just this year. That makes sense. I just This final is gonna, say a lot about this team. If they ve gone. This is a team that hasn't fully played with each other, pretty let's until the policies and now they were given adequate credence for that, but ah they're gonna its funding, as they will be in a lot of ways. This is what they tell everyone. They're gonna be whole mixing
for that means are going to behold the leader of that and, to your second question, the staff legacy talk now he's thirty four, and this will be his fourth title is thirty forty, damn I'm old, you're old, you're old to come along, way from you know, and then you down at sprout campagna his man hired areas. It that's the army, it's been alive. You now going to pick up a dry cleaning going to pay by night. He started for now. Three titles staff is just such an interesting place right because I I don't know on a lotta list, as these are topped him player when it's all said and done right but like to look at there is a man who is he beaten, he's been Leubronn he's
In james harden he's been kevin, durant he's, beaten, Russell westbrook, it's per lake, pretty much all of the signature players of his era he's at least beat kawhi pretty much beaten them all. Has three titles. If he gets a fourth title, he tied with lebron. What would the? What is in what this do for him. What would this finals do for him cause I dunno as he, because I am a fair. I don't think he's a top ten player all time. I don't think consensus, the consensus would say he's not. I mean I guess yeah if you're you're, talking consensus and top tens are always really really hard. You know a man like those are all your hard conversations, and so I have staff either just inside of it or just outside of it.
If that makes sense right and so yeah, if you, if you were to win this. Fourth, this fourth title after the last couple of years that have been going to stay, trying to figure it out with the injuries and plugging in new people. I do think he is a top ten player, what time? But I again, I'm telling you, I think, he's very, very close to that right now, like I don't know, I'm not in the camp, by hey. Neither he needs a final them. Vp you're gonna win a fuckin finals mp from have had to do like. If you, u troika, visit stuff, you know I'm never that's interesting. Because the fact that the final simply peas very interesting, because people don't realize you're goin over six game stretch right, yeah, it's ethics or seven game stretch. So again, man when coming to reign was there when it make sure I'm saying this correctly. You could tell me that stuff
may not have been the best player on that team. Right I mean I I would say I I said that all along okay with your good bite. No it anyone finals. I'm BP and the other year or years you bitch. I tell me that he was the best player on their teeth like like I don't care that eating at the envy peered at other people play great like I've been on teams, were you know our stars may have done like seven Buy percent of what they do, but everyone else stepped up around him and we were able to win because of it in like that, didn't take any way thing away from them or with what they were as a player I mean like they just got the support that allowed them to not have to do it and that's it. That's a good place to be in as a player, and I also of the fact that staff doesn't seemed to give a shit about that, like, I think, he's really secure and who is you don't not always, play, I think, eternally transition among providing eternally. He gives a shit
I really I do think he does that he doesn't. Let us does enabled idle and bp not that he doesn't have a finals in BP, but I do believe that in this thing that I think that would be something he striving for. I think that this up in any sees that he doesn't have in us and is an eye trophy case. I don't. I think that would be a huge mistake I think that would be a huge mistake for him to approach it like that, not a prop, but I I think that I think at this stage. Obviously he wants a title, but I think that leg steph is a guy that suddenly like has chips on the shoulder? You know he may not like pronounce it as much as everyone else does, but he said he's dead, he doesn't have a finals in deep. Its had alike is kind of like when kobe was like man. I don't care about winning without such a certain is a shack and all these products otto care whatever or does it say it in and by the end will be like year. I think it's one of those
Now that you would outright say it, but I do think is on is mine. I do think that something that he is that he is internally you know striving for. I think that something like he would take a title and knock every. Did he get? Finally, let me pay me whatever, but if he got it, I think you'd be really really proud and excited what those are two different things thou like being like being proud and excited that you want it. I imagine everyone would be That's what I want. The final, then BP, by not being insight, you're about that and chasing. It is something different and I don't think he's that I think like if his I think steph realises that his ultimate legacy and where he falls in the list of great can be helped by one thing: winning championships right and
the final envy. P comes along with that, so be it. But it's about the championships right and so again is there somewhere deep down and stuff where, where he's like, damn it be called to get there and like probably, but I think he is secure enough to be legitimate. We just need to win the stamp chip, then, when this chip, the chips, are down for where they may and ultimately the chip is the most important thing to my legacy I may, but you probably know better to me, but that's the feeling I get from. I mean he who doesn't want to be like jerry, west, sixty nine finals and be like yeah. We want, I got the finals mvp, but you know we lost the title. He does I don't. I don't think he wants that. I think more of anything like it. I think it's, I think it's a model, now that a big as a motivation as winning the title absolutely, but I do believe it's like ok, now, I want to get one of those on this get one of those. When we talk about boston- and I like I really like
this team. I really like, where they're going, but there there definitely in the stage of ah you know it there. Warriors right now and like fourteen fifteen, now what go on that run after this raises be seen but they're like the cool there there, the next ever we should have the cool young team, like the twenty twelve oklahoma city thunder type. I wouldn't want to say that douglas they have been battle tested, but this is the first time that they have broken through with the finals very young, guys now very unique, posterity, unique, unique time, Do you go for the lack of experience on this? Do you say? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Do you think that I don't know yet, because I think the pavement battle tacitly they be, then they went and then maybe they went and be jimmy butler and
and in I am not going to say that they don't have. They don't have battled hasn't even before that they had had years and years and years of going through ups and downs, but as that gonna them not being in a final second hinder them, Zack going. I don't know. I don't know that it has to hinder them. I don't owe that it has to, but I am again there is something to be said for not having been here yet in this being your first, I'm on the scene. Although they are battle tested, I think you know they're gonna have to clean Some of their late game isn't greatly. Everyone in the world. We sit there watching came seven other, he game its thinking, the same thing, but what in the fire is going on. Are we really going to check this lake and they almost did, and so like the situations like that have have reared or head Situations like that have reared their head. Don't forget, don't forget game five against the box in the semi finals were they
absolutely not humbled by absolutely so, like those things all fall into lake experience, and I dont know that it comes back to buy them in the series or not. But- and I don't know quite frankly, if you've learned your lesson in this short amount of time. Since then, do you know what I'm saying so like your hall of which is part of the evolution of kind of a championship level team, the the flip side would be? You know you could approach that plane with house any way. I mean I don't imagine bosses in that mode, though, because I think Boston really feels like this is where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there see it is we're ahead of schedule. You know so. I would agree with that out again that bite, but I think you could go play really loose, really free, really. Really aggressively, and I were here we we know where young and we think will have an opportunity to do this again, but why we're here, let's just get it and so,
You could make a case for either one logan, and I guess my answer is I'm kind of straddling the fence goes to show you like. I really don't have a great feel for what this is going to look like. I think you know, after game, one will have a a somewhat somewhat of a picture after game. Two you'll know for sure what that's going to look like and but right now it's going to be. Obviously what team. Can dictate style of play and and more often than not stay with the way they want to play? Who can dictate the pace? Who can dictate the speed. Like who can control the physicality all of those things, whichever team checks, the most boxes is going to have the upper hand in its ears. This episode brought you by over think of a job. When, were you don't have a manager or
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I'm going to say that it goes six and golden. Wits. Oh ok What's retraining Y know what he was, your reasoning I dont have a good one year make him he can make a prediction: I'm gonna say that what's ok, here's! What scares me about all the states have said this before is their ability to just get hot. In a way that stretches leads. Puts monitoring which leads four shrinks and correct or grey point but jack jersey, unlike bosses, to type a team that lake Your hang around with Boston, sometimes like, even when their planes you could be hanging around with them and I think the ultimate factored not take anything away from bosses ability scoreboard is how quickly and how long.
Rapidly. Those numbers can be run up by golden state and in a seven minute period they just swings the game one way or the other yeah. I'm gonna go with money, go with the eyes of the document. Thought check out the ringer and being able to call you but the coffee me. So you got another gases document it nice, though documented. I had no larger than a similar. The ways that you do rise by right, those two collapses or one collapse in one near collapse. Like told me a lot about this boston team. And I'm just really we talk about this one boys all I'll play off long, how they play the best know that, and I think the myth series was? It was a great example of them not playing their best, but, turning on at the right moment at a lot of games, and I see that some only with down with this series against Boston, I dont know if the wires are gonna, be just
blow out blow tomorrow. I think they're gonna blow amount, but I do think that if its close the war I've been here before in the wars of shown, time and time again, not over just over the years, but during this policies, and that, if you have them close within five, their providence If they're going to lock it they're, going to lock down defensively and they're just going to turn it on out and they're going to go on that, then that Twelve all run that you did even see come in two minutes, and they're gonna win, and there has been so many I I think, boss since the mortality team. I do, I really think the most talented team when the finals environment, when noise have been there before and there's just been too many examples of boston, I'm going back, there's been a lotta seers where they should adjust one in five over this policy what they a synergy, just one and gotten arrest and championship teams. That is either not a championship tumor here, but
Everyone should teams and know how to close out games consistently. There's that you have and pay off is: when you want to get it out down in four or five: you get it done in four or five. You don't want to get it done. Seven. You know that. That's that's not where you want to go and I've seen too many examples of boston. Gambling when they should be- and that's just use- that's just gonna- let that I think they'll be fine, but in the series they care fumbled a bag and a day there's too much of a sample size them fumbling for me to trust them over a seven game series against a team that has been there before umpteenth times over. So you're going to go with it the wires at six. I have you, ain't gonna, get arguing from Ebola. I mean you just copied. My answer so no my dear hers, were you just want far so if you ran away
In the survey before you got on here, you saw my pay it. Can you said I'm going to go with the bloke and say you got me. You got me how alright man it's it's time. It's time. Everyone, ladies and gentlemen, I is very busy right now. Our guide show me so he found in but why you found it a pack watch. I don't even know always packing up we're about to go. Listen to this in real time with you guys, so our chief Officer who is who is this way to fail, for us now has the lad real questions for Joe meet at eighty will rely. Had rural glass orderly, dizzy, it's ok, it's called Sasha play the tape, hey roger logan. Show me here a brand new pack watch a bribe expect me to do the dallas mavericks. The am he but I've got a lot of special free to today.
And the team on pack Watch- is us the fans every and be a listener out here today. Has the bastille celtics are in the nba fire. It's just words timeline. To be quite honest with you. This is fun all of it sucks and It's it's truly painful. Listen we ve had to sit idly by as this team. You know went from under five hundred the end of two thousand twenty one to being one best teams in basketball- oh the calendar year, twenty twenty two luscious facts right ever them go out sweep the brooklyn nets with katy inquiry yeah? That's two seven, even though they didn't have chris Littleton at pollio five,
sure it's christmas. There are no local gutters metal middleton agenda, but that's true another seven gang series with jimmy butler, had the legs and makes shot. We're not gonna win this conversation where nobody, I digress, they're in the files and we're all worse for it, This is why this is. This is awful, frankly, rate the celtics, since Nineteen. Eighty six have been the definition of a poverty french ass. They just been bad observed like this- that shark, let's be honest, only to find his appearances since then the only time they won. You know if teresa and and bottom healthy are. We have at the same time I don't think so from cagey from poor pierce
how the greatest team ever assembled and how all You know we never lost doorstone man stop sick that kid can't do it anymore fellows what Are you ship system? eighteen. Eighty six. There are as many topical and signals as this six have championed ships since nineteen. Eighty six- and here we are talking about like- is it a new coronation? How Are we the people, not sick, How will we not tired of listen. I am distraught disappointed and, frankly, just heart that I have to live in a world with a sort of supply in the abbey follows a really it really does take allowed. Out of me,
and I understand that there are still a series to be played. I understand that they haven't won anything yet, but the propaganda still gonna flow still going to fly, and I just I just can't. Do it frank I just I just could not do it and that's why the people us having they hear about the self glory the celtics agenda, the celtics propaganda for the next two weeks. That's why we're on pack watch I think you're what I do. I just love health. It sounded like you is running out of emotional steam and he was just crying- to a halt and then the emotions pick back up, and I appreciate it. I just
you know- had to bring the lakers agenda in air this even subtly. I appreciate that just effort. You know the lakers are nowhere near the finals right now and he had just like that. It'll be what it was? The lakers ain't talking about yeah? This is what it was out of gifts at those gifts. I have a question sasha mac. I just need you to come on really quickly. I know I did not even prep this, but I needed it edited to come out really quickly. I need you to stay answer. Some quiet just answer. So at answer a question really quickly now and the dallas mavericks are out at this very moment sasha. Does that mean that may arrive vindicated we there yet are we got our we vindicated for are for what we said that may I say that vindicated for saying that there definitely gonna lose the to, but they pay. There was a third team
I know how it works, it works and then, like the last episode- oh my god, the baby rolled my eyes because you were like well and now she goes looking stupid because we said they were gonna do good and I, like you guys, didn't even say there it's not like. You really effusively, think ok, yeah. Now now the man was gonna win. It was like we, You said we were around lagging it's vacillation hears us, it's you go from pulled appalling outside really. Was just that they were vastly underestimated by everybody and nobody thought including me that their life, when the finals or something I didn't dramas? What am I Friends that if the dallas mavericks beat the boston celtics finals that they would be my forever number two team. How do you like your number five dream?
well, did they not? Are they still in the rent and even that up top five just say? No, so many wasn't dallas, but then ooh who's number two who is number two It used to be the next one. Is the Angela Russell nets I'm kind of shopping around. I think probably grizzlies it's a good, no court. When does like really do anything so she's kind of, like you can kind of b will put there and the little girl. How could we remember twenty reconsider? we have a high risk hiram. Hirers carver ward number one? You go the save number two exactly ok! I love lying. I love damien. I wish everyone just thumb jeddah labour already we now he is dedicated to leave.
Down, there will be no one in the words of light in the rajah inflected. There will be no debian lowered slander, the power not floundering in ireland. I didn't I want. I want my team, I just don't understand you know whatever turkey does not subscribe, to the clearer in our empowerment bang he well such as soon as he will eventually. Dont worry. I gotta go, there's only there's only so much there's only so much they could take. He eventually he's got I'm going to go to the brookville picnic and try to have a conversation. Soon gonna, ruin of the weak roger. This essay on the roads have been on my head lately and lay absolutely sure
we have been able to where we are now to show a minute. So I have been able to speak my peace and again transitions perfectly into the role of weak roger. I was on the seller shelf Marcello front of the part. We got him in the pot at some point you what's can no doubt we're gonna get a month. I said, and I was if it was a slip with a slip of the tongue, and I didn't even believe it when I said it, but you know I got the slander well worth it and I was I you can go back and listen to it. I wasn't in my greatest hits fit, but I said that you know Jalen brown is better than jimmy butler. I didn't. I didn't know that I said just kind of came out and I didn't realize it and I'm just going to. I was wrong and I am wrong and I don't think I was right at any time. Wasn't a great take, I was still there was no great, so is going to say. I goes transition to my room, one of the weak one, jimmy butler who I apologize, sir,
It's a status. This is an apology, but he is a ruin of the week. One of the great performances in the n b, a playoffs and it's going to be obscure. See what buy em it goes from here. Man were suddenly like. Oh. Jim he's gonna lose a year older, Callao replayed, really well, but you know was its car. It seem like too many more years left some scarcely with maybe he'd do, but jimmy butler man fantastic and be a player great. All the above policies run of the weak, jimmy butler man, Jimmy butler was a railway may he was just go to any games. You re going on, I'm not not rise and was really glad not be there. He was their tacit go wait. I haven't. I have one more extra when I have one more extreme right, All right is chain from game want. He had a life size, Jesus peace that attacks the jew. After aside and
I don't even know why it was a there was life size head of Jesus that he had on a game one and you can we pull that off their from florida, so fluoride rewarded, like just honourable mention for your game, want peace. Does he know action? tat lord shot afford it, and I don't know why this took me there, but I got asked if I wanted to do in appearance. The other day I couldn't I was. I was down fishing with my kids, so I couldn't do this appearance, was for some were some money like every once in a while, I m an ex mba play I'll get and parents and built, though sure this wouldn't happen to be going out on DJ cowards boat on this boat. He was having and hang out their issue. Some hopes. When did your colleagues, but I found a very funny like you didn't go about, fuck. No wonder no one revive. What's not my vote I couldn't go to those fishing with my kids, but I don't ten eleven years ago. You would definitely
I just want you to know that probably I thought that was funny, though cause you said, fluoride in and a dj called, usually down there by like dj khaled, I might listen, god did. Right. That's his new thing. You see that give us unite syro about it but you know I'm not out we'll find in my area. That's what I'd anyway, my real wanted a week is reserved for one rafa Nadal! I today in yesterday to forty five three o clock pm eastern time to see him in the joker glad it rough. Come off a law for our match in before it out with the young, the young. Canadian, like felix augur, I finally monodist alias m or something like that light, but he's a bad boy too, What about, though, you know Rafa, obviously like he's something in three on clay like one hundred and something at three on clay, but they thought joker was going to put it to him just cause he had and that's all he does is win on clay
He looked good doing it. He moved joker all around made him change of strategies a few times and I have affinity for tennis man. I grew up playing tennis. I loved the joker but Rafa's ruin of the week for that match. Yesterday, yes, sir, I could see buddy, we are you as well, sir yeah man. It's been a minute, dudes wait a minute do so next week we're going to railway slow, loose drum roll. Please we're going back to twice a week. Next week, hmm yummy, the garcia. You know back to the normally scheduled programing. Alright, just a tie for the finals. We'll see you guys next week enjoy the first two games. Man sided. I was excited to see the series bro two and the first two games will see you guys early next week. Man wait, I'm tripping what's wrong with me. I have strip iD wow, keep all this in.
Need all this land, or I am just not right all right. So, let's go man before we get outta here to make sure you check out our whole ringer slate. That is this. That's! That is groups. That is the answer that is weakens with laws while I am wild and but I did not forget to keep the propaganda going, that is or two seats. With who roger bell ballet, alleging the crests icloud cc sabbatical up, make sure you also check out black girl sound book with who roger about town legend is the whole grow. Miss Daniels, Psmith, see, three on the way. Now we leave, I apologize for everyone involved. I apologize bills for almost not aid tale Are you see as those we collar.
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