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On the back of another championship season, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr returns to the ‘Real Ones’ podcast. Logan and Raja ask Kerr all about how he’ll approach this upcoming season, how the Warriors plan to develop their younger players and maintain their older players, and of course, they all tell stories along the way.

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Guest: Steve Kerr

Producers: Bobby Wagner and Sasha Ashall

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Is he checking him about trading? So I'm going to give you the honors, and I was going to give you the honors of of of introducing. I guess what's up yet are you you do the israel? I mean this is where I mean look at that we put it behind us. well was now. Where do you behind us last podcast, it's water under many bridges, hot I also have another mb a championship, and I got one thousand questions to ask Steve kerr: okay tours our guest, my first foremost and, most importantly, an eye I probably burned it prepared, but I really want to know, since I've never met Logan right, How fucking I'm doing is loading right wing Ethel, I gotta disease. The curious things just news It felt like a relief when he went off of those
be the warriors and level and left to the ringer were like, I kind of song from afar rather than seeing every day, so it some maybe it's just that in a log in his head, best served wants rather than David, then access absolutely here. I need escargot every night I had not every night yet logan. Are you there, I'm here man, I'm here now, I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that shit Steve. Who is you know a lot of things, but also is a officiate or of weddings, Steve, who did a great violence, you're coming off the hills of official. In a wedding in montana. Is that europe? This is true This is true, nick you're rehn, who is on it in our front office. why I actually hired in phoenix way back- and I thought two thousand and eight, two thousand and nine
as you know, your traded yeah. Sorry my god, I thought, I might add, is actually link suggestion that we make that trade, so my cabinet, ok, make blame him but no net girl was soon came to golden state and fans Fourteen you know when I at the coaching job, and he was on our coaching staff for five or six years now? Is and management and great friend, so he asked me he and his His fiance casey asked me to to marry them. which was a huge honour and dumb pretty nerve racking, I must say so. I did but pulled it off whose last saturday in Montana and all went away. relatively smoothly saw were good, that's gonna, leave, be my question of the addresses that you have you ve had to have given, and the performance is that you ve had to make standing up in front of thousands of people Steve, like how nerve racking was well that an end.
My daughter's wedding, which was a month ago and doing the father, the bride speech, those but do you know the two big ones to the summer, and different from below duenna hosts, came interview with people like Logan here I could rise by the way. That's pretty cool everything is who is really my daughter's wedding night at that sir, my son got married a year ago, which was really special, but there's something about daughters, isna different is different, very, very emotional agenda. the phone, so he has been a big summer logan I get to know them well congrats against deep. But let me they were in their teens when, when we were doing my train a camp out in in san diego and stuff, like that man's chris
The time flies. That's nuts sandy. It goes a great good, spotter training roger. Do you what we want. Air Nelson were to go down into the ocean after practice. For like water therapy, yeah yeah, that's hell of a boy you're ready for the embassies level, cleanse your soul. I love air, in chess man I I I I follow them on on different social platforms and stuff, like that he's doing really good ea. So let me ask you steve about cause. I haven't in around an an mba team in a while how much of what those guys we're doin as a training staff in phoenix They were so like cutting edge in terms of preventative and and the soft tissue work and stuff like that is just normal. Now is that is that just prevalent across the league yeah yeah siphons pretty much what everyone. I believe- and I agree with the other urine and his staff in phoenix- were
cutting edge and kind of at the forefront of what you're saying now and then what's been added, really is some the monitoring. There goes on nominal players, wherein the catapult system were the training staff can keep track of everything, your heart rate and load and all that stuff wheels. the cameras in every arena now so the end of every time you can see, betraying staff will actually look at all this data. Its movement guys covered the speed at which they covered covered. It and how that translates to fatigue and- and you know, potential risk for injury when they might need a day off it. It's it's amazing. The amount of information that we have now that we we didn't have you know back when when I in that. We were starting to get my. Thank you. No one. When you were in phoenix sons, that's for
remarkable? I'm sorry logan, like you know how I get man, but I had in their question about that like He loves you to sleep. He loves you guys. This is what he does during the interviews loves with loves with a man I miss. I miss talking around it a little bit man I do so. I might like how much of what you guys get from all of that information and data compiled how much of it goes into like the plan for ex player and then how? Strictly do you guys kind of stick to that plan versus kind of by the goat and try to win games. You know as a case by case or or truly on the numbers. Like hey man, it says we gotta sidham. So we're said like how you guys approach net while it purely dictate how we practice, and it usually matches up pretty well. I guess you know, as a coach mean it's your job, to pace your team and understand the the rigors of the journey, and so most days when I come in and thinking we need a light practice. Most is one that happen,
The training staff will tell me hey. We need a lie practice or really now the number you're gonna backing up whenever anything as far as games. We we go over before the season even starts. We look yet the load potentially going to be on every player and then there's a couple again said kind of make some sense where it's like hey. This is a massive loads. schedule here over the previous two weeks, now. This would be a good night for someone to take the night off but then it all up to circumstances swinging you. If somebody is mr couple games now: listen the circumstances changes in it. Are you? U readjust on the fly, but we do have a decent. idea of how we want to handle r r four guys, how we want to give them a night off a creature of steve with this integration of the roster, you guys are coming off the title, which you
as was said, it is unexpected economy reminds me honestly about when you with the ninety six bulls and lengthy next year. Right, you know, you guys have a europe based or two years are basic circumstance. You know guys are going into this season, where you guys are defending the title. May I don't know if it's expect or unexpectedly, but how are you seeing how you're going to coach the season are you? What are you looking to? What do you think this season is to bring in terms of how you need a coach it. Well, I think, it'll be an extension from last season, but with the knowledge of how good we can be. Last year we had plan to develop our young guys wiseman, commissioner, moody, jordan pool and weave? We thought you know we can get back into contention for a title, but we really know new clay, was gonna come back so we fell We could do balls it turned out. Obviously we ended up you'll the title It also this year is really
tension about. We still need to develop those young guys preserve or geyser you there on the back nine out of their careers and but the knowledge of say we we just want to championship. We know how to do this. It gives us a little more confidence in the plan forward, the time as long as we're healthy and functioning well going into the policies, and I we were do this again, so I don't have a lot of listeners, no amount of you guys, even philosophically still do indeed, but like an echo, In our view, as you know, one season would be over you going, you sit with you Jimmy. Coach, especially when you have one of these young players of Steve's talking about, and you know it, would be like hey roger budget. You did ex wines Here's where we see you here is what we'd, ideally like you to progress out and get better at spent span in time, focusing on this in the summer. So as a pretence, to these young guy steve and are not you feel comfortable, but like what do you see each one of them and in terms of their development? What's the next step that you guys like to see them tee
I mean each one is different. You know, Jordan, Poole took a leap last year. He came not really level player and so His is the next step is to become a better to weigh got eyes. It is really dinah coffins supplier. he's much stronger and more athletic than I think people realize I even maybe more than he realized the so can he become a two way guy, like clay thompson, you know that's his next step. and you go down the list in each guy sort has in his things it he's gotta improve upon Four wise men is really about getting healthy missing all last year. It just needs to play in getting as he's at a great summer, he's been new plant a three days needs doing great. There should be no sure progression with him, because he said a big man, but guys used to take longer to develop and he just needs reps, but more than anything needs to be healthy. So that's as for him, can keep going down a less, but we need.
Do all this within the context of trying to win games and trying to prepare ourselves for the I asked you so it's not an easy task. Because there have been nights where these guys you play god there's going to be nights where they don't play as much, and you know we gotta keep it all gone. You taught you reference wiseman and I think the last time you are on the pod wiseman was was in the midst of the up and down rookie year right. He was shell really great spots. I remember that Duncan in detroit, where he just goes full court and he just slams, and it just looks like something we will have a really seen before out of a center on your roster, but right now what what are you was a reasonable expectations for him this season in your eyes, right as he hasn't, played a lot a basketball, but he does show sparks when he can. What is what is in a reasonable expectation from him if you wanna, when a title, the shape, I mean to be fair to him and to to lose your loons are starting. Five I mean he said, is a champion. Larry's one
lt borings he's prove in the play, I said he can switch and guard almost anybody out there. And also has the wherewithal to be really effective, offensively because of his knowledge, his screen setting his recognition of patterns, all that so near realistically wise for backup loom, but why has the capability to do some things alone? Can you your number one being a in our lab threat, so we ve gotta put wise in a position where he can be dive into the room, giving us a vertical spacing than we haven't had maybe since travail was here here, the floor beautifully biggest for four james is some and he has the capability to be at a really dominant defence with his size and speed, but it's it takes a ton of, and also worry me asking him to
the defendant hand around the floor and b that lobby threaten No doubt in my mind, is hidden better and better. As the season goes on and he's gotta, you got a great future. I got to. I have two questions. The first would be like, what about that stuff, the ain't, the answer, wiggans peace. When he came over to you guys, I I actually thought it was ray trade and I thought it was one of those situations where, because of maybe what was in minnesota and how that had weighed on him. I thought that you can be refreshed and with the culture you guys had in place would actually be really really good and it turned out. and he was integral to like the success last season. Quickly. What did you guys see that, like into practice environment? Was there? I was there progression did at or did he hit the bricks injures you were like? Yes, this is the peace. You know that we been
It was somewhere in between that regime in which she played about fifteen games at first year, one we traded farm and then the pandemic here in our seas and get cut short. But during the fifteen games. She was really good defensively and we're just lost all of our wine defenders. You know you get dollar Livingston Kevin, your play was injured, so we had I have very little size and athleticism on the wing, and so he was. It was really a positional trade, It made a lot of sense now, but we were all really pleasantly surprised, how good he was defensively right away? I think for the last couple years. What's happened is he's stood, his role better and better, as he played next to staff, and he played next to clay. Then we sort of our team kind of a reformed. You know, after all the injuries, and then it was really clear to him by the end of last year like this is what I'm gonna do shreck.
if people are going to be I'm going to guard the best guy. I want to put pressure on I have learnt a system in length all game and then I'll be secondary score. You don't have to staff after clan and he played a role perfectly him. He was so good and the players and luger, guarding jason tatum. Regarding a job guarding you some of the best players in a league, so lovely, He saw amazing got a coach and a great team made, and I really feel like he's found cotta his perfect roller that that's awesome Did my next question kind of ties into its about clay, obviously, in canada, catastrophic type of injury and I've always kind. I thought that I was kind of a two year you're back in a year, but it takes you, you know another six, nine months to really get back and first of all, as a housing how's looking, I swim he's looking graham then. Secondly, specific to the play off an end a little hot and cold and it looked. Like he was just be russian a little bit, maybe because he had been off for so long as that is is,
Did you guys see that and how you looking out? Well, spinning in orange county all summer, which is his summer home and hand but training down there myself We ve got great reports from him and end up brother, whose on our staff and player development, mikey, everything's going really well, I think, plays in every place with texted job the summer. I know, he's, had a lot of fun watching his brother hit home runs for the dodgers. Like that's that's it. That's a happy family right now. You know a lot of success going on the lot of joy and just still greater clay back in doing what he loves to do, and I with you roger, I think gum. You know now that he's had half a season under his belt anna full summer of preparation for camp. I think
you'll, have a much more consistent year this year. How important was mighty last year for you guys, because he was. I was an officially on but he was, you know, land and pick up game signing a clay back right, and things like that is around a lot. Did that help was just get ease him back into followed midseason the way that you guys are able to move the adjustment when he got when craig out back where we do not want one people out there who were watching? Don't don't know this one what's goin on we now a days is pretty much. three god for I've guys on the development staff who are capable of playing pickup cos. Happens is you'll, see It starts. He got approximate five guys who died play much worn in rotation and on it next day, when europe, united in between games, was five guys need to play with you need more bodies and so we
like every team and we specifically higher development coaches, who can still play mikey aid for santa cruz, far julie team for years he still plays for the bombing and their behaviour national team so you can still play and the fact that he knows play better than any of us are hidden made, made it a perfect higher to bring my keyboard. So That's fine he's got a really good addition and we got other young guys to her out their plan. Pick up, you know, with all our young guys every day and between games in dutch, it's a component to the nba that didn't used to exist and that now is pretty pretty much commonplace. So logan might my pick up. Games listen broke out three. I one three dallas mavericks, manufacture, Steve carbon Our ethics hearts that year san antonio and made like what was it like values as the eu, khartoum them once they must all be. That's lady
no, no, we just it act is we're just gonna asylum is damn zone and let him tortures, let me get somebody had men now has if you do, but our that's what he's talking about is like we in I played sometimes in play other times and you go downstairs. It was like rolando black men. We had we had a staff, roquette still play a little bit, but stay in shape. It would be a pic of game. Would like me papa jones, the avery johnson, to recap: do Awad Ebby, like five, almost and rolando black men trying to get a run it you know, I gotta take one step further raj it because I played in my career. We had to assist coaches, and I was it now and so you don't have any by even to rebuild socio practice would and I'm not kidding. We would actually scrimmage with the media. Mercury spent so used to someone like me down there.
Is the answer then Logan, I would have busted your ass. I mean you would have done so much for my confidence, but we have news now. Bigger games will literally be like the four or five guys who weren't in the rotation in cleveland, in the old richfield coliseum on the fifth floor are practised the media would be there you're not doing postgraduate snub. Nebula. Alright who's in you know the guy who just interviewed me is now guarding me. You know, and that's that's fantastic, but I was sure there were plenty of times where I've asked Steve some shit. I actually little storytime. I remember when I was at NBC. It was before. I think there was the speculation clay. We're gonna come back. I, member ST after the final she was gonna, come bang and play after he think he hurt heard his knee and We are like a sit down and I still lag is: is this? Is click on play city was lying already like now, and then it should be.
this whole thing the start the season and then the next the next day, Steve says: blame logan for everything everything that went off the whole thing of sherry, what it tat it was on. The basketball quorums really wanted to take me. One or one right after that, I would like Remember I usually get in trouble. When I went on How can you go on your part? Gas with you guys were taught you in. I think things just yet allowed to comfortable, and then I end up on the sand something that ends up a headline saw. My my guard is up today to say the last time you got your vote. We got a little last time, we'll talk about that, though, as I haven't got a low real. I feel what matters is that we had a hell of a summer. Was we ve been when talking allotted to southern europe stone, I don't know who he is right now a rolling stone cover staff. There was a different stance,
last year that I've been used to seeing ready. Is it like Steph always talk the little shit, but it was a little bit more. Just like on from steph last year was the biggest difference you saw in an area where it s a row. I want you to finish, but I want to give you your flowers, because you said multiple times in the process that stuff was on that, I was saying not that's not on that, like structures, no locked in when what he does and Logan always maintain those desktop point to prove so I want to be your flowers because it seemed in retrospect, like oh dear yes, thanks what was what was Stefan? He looked like fifty cent he had. He was buffalo. Berry gained a little some pounds. He was in a weight room. What kind of steph was was staff last year well you got understand that guy's a killer, you know he's a killer and and people always look at him ass, the joyful guy you know he, sir down. These have cord shots and chiming, and but he is an absolute killer and like
killers. You know whether you're talking about Michael Jordan, know tim duncan guys and show it in a different way. In order to be able to was a killer. We know that, but he knew no Do you know with Michael, but with staff you, you know, If you don't really know, you may not understand his competitiveness and two years of not being in the play us, and I'll need a multiple years. People said anne. you know well he's never one finals, every piece: You know he used every bit of that to motivate himself great players tend to do and and he was on emission all last year- and I think once the play I started, you know him he realized. Man, we got a shot here. You know and he was especially in that austin series why he was. He was locked him. What game? was that was I came back in five was I came? You gotta, forgive me my game. Forcing was that
one where he came out and he was like screaming at the crowd and shit yeah that was hilarious yeah that was ugh. I said, yeah, that's different stuff for sure yeah. You know we talked about like later. I was on the back nine of their careers right now, not to say that they're, you know by any means done. I'm just you know, they're closer to the end and they are in the beginning steps. Obviously the face of that Where is he in his career like deep? Do you think the final Just a manifestation of him say you. I got a couple more at ease laughed. I got a couple more shots at this thing. I need to take more it. I need to take advantage of this moment. Do you see more and more locked in agnes in him. Where do you see him over I'm going into this season. What what? What is your scouting report? I think you're right women brought with it a having and through the injury two years ago, that that kept him out of season and then your number. the play out the next year. There is no doubt part of him was here. We gotta take advantage of these opportunities when they occur, because there may not be many more
but having said that, the guy keeps himself in amazing shape, he's been in the building working out training he's right. Have another great year, so he's one of those guys. You don't necessarily put a clock on. now what lobo, like our guy steve NASH, like he's a unicorn like red ones, fuck me at all staff did what, Steve, did and and up play at a high level till he was forty years old, but who knows we'll see how it all plays out yet another another kill and it doesn't come across like a killer edison, and I do think, there's something I mean just off the top that I think was was definitely in today's. You know, rehab and and- and and just then the knowledge of how to treat your body and other things they that at their disposal now Steve was also very cutting edge with that in terms of die, and an just prepping and preventative type of stuff, with risks risks.
The brain. You think it was at the time right he's on the warrior staff right very slowly, but the fact that both those guys under the rim to a certain degree like in your not just pounding the way that that that are above the rent. At the point, where I think speaks to some, maybe some longevity there, and I did question man, I lost in my own. Damn thoughts, butter, ok, here it is What how do you manage? How did you manage steve when you're did you ever? burgeoning star in let's say Lonnie, and then you have your coming Psyche is ready and ensured, impose just fantastic fantastic last year, and you got it great these pieces, written from a coaching perspective. There are but how many balls I mean it's just the way. It goes right and obviously it steph and klay are your pr. But what? What is the philosophy of going pick? The temple up? Even more? just ball movement. People movement like how do you guys approach that the only worry, we're all play a certain way,
especially with staff and dream on. Those guys are really unique. Players. And they have a sixth sense between them. So you know they're high pick and roll game they're hidden, a handbag game. You know, that's, that's always gonna be the best thing that we do, but you know which are a wise man. You know that the lob threat in what will try to, corporate more that indoor game commissioner, he's such a dynamic athlete. could be a you know, in the clock, isolation guy, who can be a little bit like kawhi or paul george, who can get the ball on the elbow and create a shot, that's who ultimately we'd like to see J k. com, but he still very young any scatter, develop and learn game learn his opponents learn league all that stuff for me the then is really about understanding. Every players
circumstances because every guy you know this- I garriga comes in maybe he's gonna be a free age and at the end of year, maybe he's on a non guarantee trying to hang onto his career. Maybe he's of curry and trying to you know, play this level that everybody expects all of those things come with china pressure. my job as a coach to understand those set of, circumstances for each guy and help guy can? I have learned to navigate. There are certain answers within the context of what we are trying to do as a team, and that's that's the job- you know it it's more so than what play we're. Gonna run. You know gotcha, whose decades old Jacob guy understands the zebra guy The atkinson has worked with I'm really closely and I done a great job. I'd say it's it's really interesting now under way, though, the little works. Now you get away with.
a lot of these young lottery picks wise was the second pig j k, the seventh pig, mostly replace go. Two teams are rebuilding and so you throw him out there and you let him make their mistakes, but no firm for us here It's obviously championship team and so we're trying to develop these guys and when, at the same time It doesn't always go hand in hand with a lot of plato. Sometimes it means you know, learning so lessons in it takes a lot of maturity for these young guys to have to go through that process, especially seeing their cell. Draft ease from that year- had planned thirty five minutes a night and be a neighbour of the year, and also all that stuff is not easy, so bonnet, side, you're learning how to be a champion, you're, learning our wines from from summit
disguisedly. How is a j k adjusting to just being on this type of environment right because he's he's when he does a normally with a rookie or a second year player like if they have a bad, some really game there, teammate, whose very very popular like dream, green is not like is not properly. Criticising them right or like. If you go on thursday, J K is getting criticized. How does he both like power used to make sure he s tunnel vision. I guess he's the guy that that is the one that everyone's talking about now. How does he? How do you mean? that he has that an stays consistent in his role. I mean it's just it's it's communicating every day. You know it's time having a mentor within the team. Andrea dollar play that role last your. Hopefully, you play that role again this year. If he decides to come back, stanley lesson. From staff
and dream on discussions itself. the resources that we provide in terms of sports psychologist and mindfulness trainers. People well who can help with this kind of thing? I think, has never been more difficult to be a pro athlete than right now because of social media because of Well, the the t v shows all day long that are picking apart. Everything is just so much judgment and as a young person, that's not easy to deal with. So it's our job to try to help them through all that This episode is brought to you by then next time you catch the big game. Twenty dollars when you sign up for venza weather, splitting arrived, the stadium or grabbing snacks with a group then makes it easy to share the fine, as both the bill in the ep set up today with bro wicked ringer nba and get twenty dollars descended. Spend that's twenty dollars code, ringer, NBA, tat the banner to learn more
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now only on netflix? I feel like. I ask you this way at least once a year as my annual fashion for you and I'm asking you this on the heels of finals. It's about you mongering- and you did, you know there were times the first time, I'd ever seen, you kind of have to bench him in a big a big moment. You did bring him back, I think game for the game is deaf. When are you? You ve been somebody unlike the seven minute mark of the six million mark, you brought him back deck, brought him back and he was really good about it and that seem like next evolution of you. Guys is a relationship of having to do that. So I guess my question to you. The yearly question is: how is the relationship with drama groom and how has it evolved at this point to where you can do something like that? He bounce back, be a good alger about it in you guys, go when a title. What is how is it? How did you guys get to that point? guy? Eight years of being together, we built up a lot of trust together.
he's the ultimate winner from coaching, a team trying to win the championship one dream on green on my team, like it's. What he does he wins it brings an edge that is going to be there, whether it's a game, a practice shoot around. I want that and so on. That package includes us confrontation and then the other occasional love- you know argument then, and I embrace- because I think that's part of what allows our team to play with an edge and play with the competitiveness that we need. And He- and I have you know we ve been through plenty and we trust each other love each other. Like I said I will. I will take dream on any day of the week and I hope he plays here his whole career and, I hope, I can coach him for as long as possible. While there was a game for like, though well you eugene,
nobody, you chose to go in a different direction and actually it was best when it, but I would say this, though I think majority, not not. The union. we the question right, but there's a majority from players perspective like that gaining when you are winner, sometimes like an end. I too agree that that day, as a continent which are sometimes you gotta, be big, I have to say I mean, however, that growers, Morocco is what it's gonna take raymond I like, and that doesn't mean the mind's not going to called again by, right now in this moment, when the chips are on the table laxity the guy in the seed. He called them numbered and I gotta live with that, and you know that that's part art they want they work. Did you guys know those two and russia you you loved this and on both ends, but you know you go to you. Go to a group that clicks you stay with that group. You know
and even if stuff couriers on them on the bench of our group has gone. What we're staying with our group and you write it out and until until you feel like the run, is over and so You know when I made that saw there wasn't like I garage said I wasn't benches dream and I was I was bringing loony in they give dream on a couple of minutes rest and bring him back from the stretch run, but we just got a good run. So we we stay. were there in an hour vets understand about the way we do it all regular season, and it's the only way to do it really, because, if drawing a new and you gonna. Do I gotta pee my starters and get him back, and now you lose lose whole team. You have to wars, group sitter playing well that that did not deny skip that did it? Do you got anything You already know the right I'll images. I thought I mean book I I like to watch that in real time and waste once when
he made the move right like in of the EU. Ok. This is this is a pretty significant we're here and then click, and so you know why and I could see why you would have that question, but then sit back and watch it unfold and understand why the pieces removed on the chessboard you're. Looking like as a coach like, I can't speak for units We see, but I was watching the game like in that moment you're in europe to figure out what line up is gonna, get this done like pieces can I move and it, be personal and can't be feelings. I mean we're were greater good, its collective right here right. So when you find working, hey baby, we're we're rolling and then we'll figure it out after the game and come right back in and do it again next time. I would be remiss if I didn't bring this up with you two guys here and we're talking about the robert sarver has been
An investigation is concluded on him and in a lot of different things, have come out in terms of you know: racist misogynistic, sexist things that have happened. Remember steve did you did come out with a quote earlier in the season last season, talking about how you had never seen that now seeing the investigation come out. What is your response to that and And what do you think? What body would? What is your overall response to it? So what has come out from that investigation? Well, As I said, you know back one when I was asked about a month ago- and I was interviewed for for the investigation- I never saw anything that that suggested racism, what I saw was some stuff. It was inappropriate- and I there's a difference, but my perspective, verses. Your perspective is enough. American mailing can be kept two different because in a we are, we are different people. So what I
If you know what I see might be totally different, or we might be different perspective from what you would think, so I just that everybody is in a really differ. Spot, including Adam silver. When you make a decision like this year. The commissioner there's a ton of leave legal ramifications is there are enough? Is enough there to do you know what you did was annulled sterling eliminate somebody from the way out? minder was not less what he said. And I think it I respect what the league the the league carries itself the way the leak handle things. Adam and and our whole league have always been really at the forefront of, of social justice movements, supportive of players and coaches idolized. In the league- and I know how difficult that whole situation was for four hours. saw sir This is one of those were or there's no.
There is no easy answer. I have said this before as well. Steve, I was never in a situation with with robert, where I witness any racism or felt like he was. racist towards me or anything like that. I've I've always said not not, unlike what you just I just had a. I had encounters with him that at times we're just a little, maybe tactless like, and I gone. As far as to say, I don't think she's in the minority when you're dealing with a group of like super uber wealthy, you know people who are probably used it like probably gonna run across that you know in, and so Adam suffers in a really really tough spot, like that to your point like really tough spot, and I think people can be disappointed side I heard some people that say they're disappointed in the outcome on both sides of it, but at the at the end of the day, you have to trust the commission and the what he was what a fine legally supports. What what you, the rule,
then he came down with self yards so tough situation, but I will say again: I'm robert sorry I never witnessed any racism. I did witness off color things that I think you know. If I'm being frank in a lot of ownership, not all of them, but like people with with those if the resources and they're used to having their way and shit like that is going to happen. It was tough to read that that had been the findings of the investigation. I will say that, but I don't want to get take on that, I wanted switch gears. Though Steve I did. I do some research while the easy part, the resources that you have four titles as it as a heck of ours. But of the five coaches that have won four or more titles. I'm going to read these names. There's the there. Is there Steve Kerr there's a job. food of minneapolis lakers had to go back into now. One year, pat riley gregg papa, read our back and feel jackson. Now three of those four guys coats well into their
sixties, you are fifty six. Sir, do you see yourself coaching into like the sixties and the seventies, and you know maybe eighties I'll know you in good health. You might be able to do it and how? How long do you see yourself doing this? I love doing it. I mean that stood. The main thing is that I really enjoy waking up and went to practice. Every debate, So, as I said some enjoying it ironic, doing right, there's nothing else. But I would rather be doing. I would not be great, you know retiring and in our sitting around and sleeping in anger, with every day that wouldn't be ideal for me, I love what I do. I love working with people. I worked with I've been incredibly lucky to coach staff streamlined clay andrea. This whole group is whole core, so they're still here and- and you know so am I I feel bless just to be in this position, but gonna go year by year, and you see how everything goes and I don't know think too much about you know, what's gonna be happened
two three years. Now you know I'd known stephen he played, and then you know, when you work, something when I said Joe Ass, when you ask that ours is a fuck man, would you guys what, you paid maternity leave in new jersey and the final date euros immediacy, but they also beat the laggards. They also beat my oath three lakers, which really hurt. They say they biederman six islet near a who. Is may we had to go to the kings that year the kings were good to it. I was like web in vod and pager. That was those only making excuses. I now know that you're caught her decks use. I will make us look at her roger was that a year you guys rubs rio and poor lenin, they tied it at three and you won games seven percent early on that all showers, yes, was outwits. That was, terrifying series. If any hour, I would love to know from you. What did that she'd, like a mean nobody's ever lost three only
and they were in the next three vs obeyed in. I think so I a really hot and cold relationship with nellie in terms of playing time like I was love nellie, but she like, I started half the games and then I didn't lay in like half became so it was like hit or miss. I did not play much in that series at all, Steve saw it. Really it was scary and helpless? just from noon. I was like just the nervous I couldn't get any of that our cause. I couldn't you now, there was. It was scottie was like on his old long vet mode. Just tired stuff together policy was a beast, me and my question. Oh my question for you was like: when did when? Did you know that they know seriously like you, a bunch of great men where's is coaches, but you are in the front office and an like. When, were you like this? Isn't it I want to? I that's what I want to do like I'm bill for that couple weeks into the jam well
yeah, I did. I did not love being Upstairs I like being on the court, beginning with the players are like being in practice alike there, corrado. Either relationships had come with being in the fight, rather than sort of looking down on the fight I wasn I never felt goes with very good at that. I needed a degree into it, and it was you, remember those I came in at a time where the team was really good, but you know me we just just on the backside? You know, and so it was a really tough spot to come in to when I just didn't have Sperience said that I probably needed and ass. I didn't really feel like I was attractive and due to the job and and I felt removed from the team, and so I got a new right away, that this was not a long term thing that I wanted to get into coaching matutina. That's it
I had a I mean I didn't go into, my family was really young steve. I dunno Logan probably knows this, but I took the job with grief when I went to cleveland kind of trying to learn the robes you know of it the scenes in, but try to see where they took me and not unlike, you like? It was pretty quick where I was like you have the same like access, you don't have your hands in the same way it's cool but you're. Not apart the product in the way you're used to be in a part of the product, so recall, I told ya myers a slight when you're on. You go to a family reunion in if you're coach, my dear you're, the dad in the past, We really do not fear the gm you're like the second cousin, if you're gonna now hurts like you're, not really sure that is, and you know that I got shut with endeavoured billing. It like it is It is that you get this
with the side eye when you're around everybody's. Looking as you walk, then nobody's happy to see you know it has like a weird man. That's over there the great moment on the floor like the park a floor after game six will effort where's one where light steve. I'm does not say that you are in a bag. You were to send a slight in a different like I don't know how let you were at that point, but I remember you watching you and bob myers were walking on the floor. I don't know, I know bob I have no shoes on, but I do think you might not have shoes on either I'm not sure, but bob, I think, says something about like bits wrath coming up like oh shit, we gotta get ready you take those wig of he takes a swing of his kind of high and then walked up up up up is I would say that it was so like Siberia interviewed. What he looks like bob is like and then I got a job
Is that why its re better right now for you to be a code that a gm that was that? What is good, good good? You? You ain't, think about it in the way that bob does. it's true, it's true and above an iron best of friends and banned and by the way he is he's the day, is the dad at the family reunion dinner with our for the first time? I realized that was the first time a real nice. Like he's he's right in the thick of it cause he's. You know he really has such a close relationship with damon and and Andrea he's he's been here long enough where those relationships her rock solid, but but I think europe, but ire such good friends. I trust him so much but the difficult of the gm job is that you If you're, the jim you can any move. You want there's a million whose really there an unlimited number of moves. You can make right you can do anything you want is used.
Why canvas and you get to paint the coach, the moon if the players are there, you look at the you look at the puzzle. A new bar and here's how I'm gonna figure it out so think about the difference in that like as a coach, you have answers that. and find on film and on the practice for, but as a gm you're, gonna guys in college. Around the nba you're thinking about putting a team together That's intimidating your turn to try to put a group together from scratch, when the possibilities are literally endless, ass, a difficult job nowadays? going shot is like going shopping and being like a professional food buyer, but you can't cook it like you, can get all these ingredients and then you've got gotta trust, some other knucklehead to cook the shit here like no. It's like you're buying me food to cook it. It's nights there. I dunno how to do that. But still I you talked about bob and
I know last season you know there was. We know I was going to go, but we you guys also had a lot of guys under contract for this season. Coming up. There was a little leeway of life which aroused there was more certainty which a was going to look like this. This season coming up next year, the rosters, pretty uncertain what some poor guys right, Angie wiggans one and you know it- get into the business of it. But it is a you know: it's is there a certain level of urgency or a certain level of we gotta get it done season, a foreigner when a title verses, ass season. Where was like? Ok, we don't know what's going on we're kind of figuring things out. Do you do you see a different level of urgency? This season, no because we actually did when I type. You know like your recent buddy yeah. So it's really more about let's get greedy. You know like like. I think what you're talking about is really definitely have a thing with that are contending that haven't gotten over the hump. Yet
Someone must have gone over the hum now becomes we're plan with a little house money. We got nothing to prove, If we don't find an edge and we don't have something really dig our teeth into. Then we're in trouble, because everybody else is coming after a certain, slightly different position to be here. But I, with our guys there so competitive. I talk about still plays a killer dream onto killer these guys want to win so badly that they want to get greedy, one another one and they know you know what we're gonna, have to do it again. So Werner, we're gonna, give our best ya think as I have an interest in mix to like usually talk about people's windows. Kind of aligning right and you've got a lot of that, but you also have people with and those windows that have you noticed point you made earlier were like there are different places kind of in their career likes, like clay is going to be hungry in a different way, right leg. you're coming back and that's
infusing me more edge, endeared and you're thinking if the command goes in and the you know. Players like that they're just going to infuse a little bit more edge because of what they are trying to prove. You know me personally within the the collective, if that makes sense I did have a question and I know you ve got no alluded. not knowing that that was a championship team. Is that but like dude, everybody comes in training camp and they're, like our goal, is to win a championship. We're going to do this, and that- and so I want to know like at what point last year, did you guys, like price, italy say: oh shit like we're yeah, we could have something here. This could be more than we think more than we thought it was going into camp yeah. I think, I think, for me was the christmas day game in Phoenix. We went in there and beat him, and I were short handed, I think, we're miss in jordan pool maybe even wiggins. I was covered related. And we went in there and you know a marquis game against the team of the best record and
beat him on the road. There are those such a good vibe game felt like I walked away gone. You know ever we're gonna have to do this and we just after such a good start with later on, in the year we we ran ended. Sometimes I think we lost six hundred roll on point and in march and it, wasn't always easy, but we got off to such a good start that we We gave ourselves a lot of confidence and leeway early and we shall like ok, we got a shop, I'm talking to you. I think, during the all stop it, or like right the game right before the all star break and it just seemed like everybody needed a rest, because you guys what's so hard in the beginning of the season. They had the best record and steph was playing like an mvp, but he was care, a lot of that load to start that season will play out? How do you manage stem this season, what what is your? How do you? How do you go about that? Is it more of a balanced approach? Her is kind of like wherever steph takes her
we'd like to be more calculated in managing the minutes. In over the years we ve been deep enough. apply I'm thirty two minutes most most year, shy than last should have pumped up, I think over thirty four may not sound like much fighting over the course of the season. I think it matters, and so with our with the emergence of jordan pool with clay back all year, you know with some of our young geyser, hopefully taking the next step ma, am we feel like hopefully we can manage just minutes a little bit more and his games and and haven't really freshen and ready for for the blast. The other thing is guilty. You know is going with the plan and then the other line here you go and you ve go, find my taste and you got a plan and then he hits you in the face. You got it I've ever new plan right. like last year, we had we are planning a dream and got her second half of the year and we started that battle
Do our tailspin stream, dream on its presence is so crucial for us. is in many ways are barometer. We know what stephan and clay you're gonna do. You can watch them lighted up and wigs and jordan, but tremendous all the stuff it maybe recognising that all of a sudden he's gone and you're losing your like. What's what's you know? What's the problem one dream on what shall we start losing its no coincidence so dream on sale, is really tee for us. This year we gotta go. The job of thumb, helping him through the air and helping him be in all ready to go for the for the protoplasm in as good strong shape as possible I want you guys place the right just mba in general, like a lot more freedom, movement less like over structure? I think people don't realize that you guys actually have a little bit more structure than they think you have, but
My question is when you're integrating young players that are getting increasingly younger or training, Wait them into that system. Like did. Do you find them the more open red stuff is easier for them to adapt. To that may be the old, the old school like a or free rein in the lobby, ornament our hawk did like wedge faced or whatever did giving its. Zero. Now, where do you think it would have been easier if there was just more structured around them cause? You guys have a lot of red based playing off. feel like a lot of stuff like that, it's not that easy to teach that overtime, ryan, Brian good question. I beg I remember when I was flying in chicago the triangle you had. It has come in every year and some of them picked up the triangle like that and some of them couldn't couldn't figure it out and even though we don't have an often sets you know immediately identifiable like the triangle is: the same concept applies. If, if a guy knows our planet
slovakia understand spacing, and cutting and movement he's gonna fit in to our offers pretty well. But really, What makes us unique stuffs off all movement in other What teams and have a point guard our high screener all point guard Who then gets off a born starts flying austrians, like he's, judge erratic reggie about right so that's really unique most most guys in the high pick and roll around the league. They give up the ball and a stamp was was a two hour growing up and so between. Ass, unique off ball ability and dream on juny can appoint centre point forward game. There's a lot nuanced that you gonna have to feel, and so some of the stuff we drill every day- and some of it is just The guys who feel like one want to discuss anderson was great example like she. Just wander knows how to play basketball right. Should
and right away, didn't he understood all the fake handbags iceland? Can you set out one more time to this guy right wing, because Russia, without was on the outside J J, beginning and then no no idea, and then we got him on a path that we got him on upon. A bed raja found bout beds. Eighty eight is like cut from his MIKE fell in love with him and he was like he was like no, so just to say that what words are jt, a new basketball. My guy was a fire and he is, he understands. The game is Jeffrey feel. That's all Moses moody is a guy who, if you like you, can watch him for five minutes. You go get a guy's got great feel and You have feel than you start to recognise all those steph curry patterns and you'd understand how to play off of dream on green, and you that's why we ve we ve, always been a team. That's been pretty unique Stephan dream on her very neat, almost Yes, then you learned, you know that
iteration when you guys had young guys, I'm thinking the set. When I at least when I was around you guys, you guys, you know you had the J jordan bells. The pat mc cause the Damien Damien Jones. Those guys all show potential just didn't work out, because you guys were fighting for titles writing at a veteran team, and it was hard to develop on the back in what was the biggest lesson learned during that time that you used to. Have the jordan poor success and the Moses moody success last year, man coming in those guys, what was biggest lesson learned from five years ago to like to now? What does she put in place with these new does just say we ve got. Better organizational, you know, are our between day between game practices are better organise we added does some coaches to our staff kenny atkinson jama leyla guys too.
what we are really good with development. I think we developed a better time your relationship with santa cruz with our g team and saw a player device. My machine has really made dramatic improvements so that, when guys aren't playing much in the game saw there still getting a lot better than between us, where we ve made a long strides. What sounds good man words? I guess for them. Of her golden stated time and degrading, so see how you gonna plays out. I will see you in a couple of weeks to annoy the shit out of her usual I will see you and media day now alone will go from their men and we need to give rise to california to a game or get rousing. When you go to miami, let's get rather too warriors them we're trying to get him to do it. I ok, I've been a one day manila when yeah I want to see so I'm play last year steve because they want to go see Steve NASH, but when it comes to legalise lured by the others, he got that they're, like they're gonna, see too many genes play man. You know I'm like an old curmudgeon like that.
Guarantee right, we'll get you tickets spring break your kids come on. Let's go You know I need a call, the university arizona football, steve car, that's what I need logan. because we got it all off areas of air offer. Well, ok, ok! I got that I'll get it. I'm gonna learn we're gonna turn around. Yesterday I finished my man is no matter. How have you read neuro you keep this. This had been a rolling back. I have a question for you: Steve. Are you as a native quarterback from florida, four years ago is in need of work for years on end. Zero quarterback. If, if he's really good
is this lies are ready and likewise the eleven system right now this last nation in or out chilled shown chill we got a couple, follows reenforce, arizona day show me your twitter, he asked yes, I mean it also. He took his visitor notre. Dame recently is road taxes recently, ok, but that you put on air now, I'm sorry, I time the rising up his kids there's another dismal ruins will see rising, Alice.
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