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Logan and Raja discuss what the leaks and rumors surrounding Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets could mean for his future there. Then they look at the three teams that he would be most likely to end up on if he does leave the Nets and award their Real One of the Week.

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Producer: Sasha Ashall

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From those that brought you decoding, westward and westward. The recap apples comes the ringer prestige, tv pie, guest on westward I'm doing around, and then I'm daddy isis and I'm david shoemaker plugging the western season for the prestige tv broadcasts, ain't ever gonna break down every episode of westboro season, for Every monday, the day after the show comes out on the prestige tv podcast feed, wherever get your blog gas but get em on spotify. Getting a deal on team swag? Oh, it's not a matter of if it's going to happen, but when when you remember with american, express you unlock thirty. Two percent off eligible in stock items at n store dot com every time, there's a triple double order during the nba players, starting at nine, a m eastern the following day after the game, amex card members have twenty four hours to stock up on gear for game days. Just use your card and enter code amex thirty, two to ceiling the savings, learn more
an mba store, dot, slash, amex thirty two terms apply Well, it's not like you thought about their browser, but your some apart and we have dropped covered up. I do a man good brother chilling may now, let's see, got kids in basketball, camp, kids and regular camp taken. My two older boy said manning pass an academy tomorrow morning, so we're just or will we do many passengers? Add me, are you going to be? Are you going to be good? Where do you see pain management at the man and accounting? Are you going to be alright? Listen, I keep it very buttoned up gay, have an ability to stiffen up and act like I've been there before we'll continue to do that in the presence of greatness, like that, okay, alright,
ok owes you like. I know, you're guy, that a who's your one person, your monsieur, she goes out. The window allows who I know you are really com cool and collected during normal. Will you see people like people, don't beiju and stop? What was that one person s house man I mean? I don't know, I haven't really had Emily m J. Did that to me when I was when I was younger for sure I would, I think, cried Tom Tom I'll, probably below it would take me a minute. I'd, be I don't know you're. My age sighing were crazy. You know domain, usually somebody older, but times one of those dues. For at least a moment. I'd be like. Oh, this goat shit. This is go. I saw the game one of the finals this year I was like, face to face with magic johnson. I say right now, like oh shit, it's magic johnson by god. At that point I had been watching like waiting times. Over I'd watched the whole season a winning time I had been so, which meant that I was watching a tunnel. Acres docks.
I just had a lot of magic johnson of my life. I walk up and fuck this magic johnson and I just was like kind of quiet cause. I felt like if I say anything, it'd be stupid. Yeah man I, like my magic story. He came to work out what the hawks, when I was in train a cap with the hawks backing he's probably like ninety nine and he was in atlanta and he played. with us, his team, no matter who we had only like one every game in any harm. What does afterwards like in a locker room, and I dont know that I ever spoke to him either logan, but I was just in all of them, for the for the next hour, just being a presence that that that, or as is different, brow, was only go, people that or for sure for joint magic magic holds court in a way that the energy right like you, he everyone's caught him. It's like a magnet so everyone's kind,
one hundred and twenty eight and he holds court and he's laughing and having a good time, and that was pretty cool. As a young fellow to watch. How many fouls did you get called on you by magic johnson? They? How many times did he call a foul on you that but you barely even touched now. I'm a magic know, there's code to that bro again, calling no fouls like Unless it's egregious and I'm going to give you that foul. So you don't have to call a foul, not falling you, okay, I feel like you'd be falling, know I feel like you. I believe that something of money under hacking, I had it in and we're plan d like, but I mean, if you out there call when the fouls over and over again in in summer league then says something about you not me. I am keeping with the theme of party fouls and carrier has now. Here was written in the news lately, apparently according to shops
There has been an impasse between carry irving in and management in terms of a contract, durban reports by one stephen, smith that cairo has been running praxis after practice at basically, this archives of the heels of career as a player option should marry, can pick up or decline and thou know of this. But the nets want down at this is these leaks? Are the mets don't want mama team anyway. And all this is coming out before in other option. Is there they if they want to make a deal for him. Oh no about all these rumours, I don't know what they mean. There have been reports that cavan, durrant, kyrie regard as close as they once may have seemed. Who said that he hispanic fidel nick from also
this is interesting roger because, as we we, it was funny because we both interacted with the the nets Around the same time, the season right we both saw them at a conversation with Kevin and kyrie, where you know there was a moment in Memphis, where I asked kyrie how long you want to play with Kevin and vice versa. They said they'd be playing forever together and they would be playing in in l a fitness one day and one day, and maybe that might- and I don't know if that's going to be the case. But what do you see from it all these the rumours that are coming out. The leaks that are coming out in what is. I'd say about where the nets are right. Now I have a few thoughts. First, I find really really entry Think that the leaking of information coming out of places that whole game is played where these things that mean that we're happy
throughout the season and no one got wind of them, because no one wanted them to now they're everywhere the right in its it at all? At the same time, not just one rumour, but we therefore different things that people are a writing about I also find the nba star relationship very interesting in a way that, like you just said, those guys were going to play together for forever and the nba star relationship to me seems hit. It seems la moored, turbulent and fragile. just regular relationships like berries words are falling in love and then are not like that. It's really quick time called, but that's it. So that's got nothing to do with that. and their situation, their situation is a little dicey. Thou like it's. You know four fourteen it Came into the season thinking they had the three three of the best offensive players in a league to be minus one of them. Whatever reason and now sitting there staring down the barrel of maybe being minus the second one
and and then uncertainty being around. What would come back for that? I mean to really interesting precarious gonna situation for the nets, because men, if I'm not mistaken, I reckon opt into this rate lake. right- and so I to imagine. I've said this before and I say Isn't this isn't a secret tiree when he is healthy and bought in is as good as skill the basketball player, as as I've seen, you know, I'm a boring maybe m J and and the brown, but I'm tellin, you mean this cat school level in this shit that he can do it abolished. Crazy, haven't said that You have to worry, given recent history about buying an overall, Commitment for whatever reason right and you can have your feelings- I'm not even just talking about you know the. Vaccination in the non backs on past that I'm just talking about generally being bought into, what's being what's being
said there and which mean try which trying to be accomplished like you have to have reservations and concerns about that, and so as great as he is, I mean it leaves you in a really sticky spot as an organization. First off I want to get to leagues first What is it tell you raja when leaks come out around this time? Does it tell you that they've been enormous information a pop just the right moment, is it too. Far gone when a week start coming out what is These particular leaks telling you about our relationship. With a star in an organization while these Adam red mattel leaves I'm alright in fairness like I don't I don't really know, but when These tat belief start coming out and in other there of the nature that they are. It suggested that relationship is on its last night, That's just me! Reading these tea leaves are like. I could be completely wrong. I don't know, but that's what the type of Lee
and the situations that their describing in the leaks would suggest me right like this is there has been a lot of fun duration, all season long between the two parties. There has been way more, that's being leak. You understand what I'm saying may more: that's actually the has transpired than is being leap, and so what we're getting is just as a sin bit of a relationship that is sour ceremony down there, and I would love to hear your experiences on that. it does seem like a very just a tense time. Those are getting over there in late march or mid march right before the play off running. Actually, there went home work on that and the mandate was lifted, thus carry can play again. It was. It was interesting. Man like it It seemed like the team that was, really just centered around Kevin, just going to be frank, not a lot of talent, otherwise, and if there was talent alma, was it like a talent, griffin, a marcus aldridge
It didn't play much and then as the seas and goes on it doesn't look like a team that is forty five for championship right, because there's there's a lot of people. That kind of why watch this team, and especially lassie nearly well, you know if they get other guys back, they might have a shot at it. Now you could just tell I dont know where the nets go from here. Kyrie on the team or not, I don't know where they go, they did it. Trade Tiree get some pieces, I dont know what they do for or if they don't do, that inquiry comes back, there's gonna, be there. and there's going to be that tension there all next season and that I don't think that tension is conducive to winning a championship. Rather, I don't know where they go from here. I don't get paid enough to make those decisions schon, marques and company- good luck with it. I do trust that I do trust that the the they'll work, something out they're, not afraid to leave, to take a swing, here's what I'd say to kyrie coming back and you guys already being when dealing with
fortunately like irey, though the lack of trust it. Probably they are already probably from both sides. I'm not just say in the nets towards Tiree its clear there, for whatever reason, I don't think I really trust the nets. And he would say that while there is no reason we would stress the nets if they leak and stuff like this. He probably this point, but I mean even before this point right, like your actions ass, it may be near there. There is a lack of trust on board, size, maybe that's how trust works ultimately, right like you, both can feel it, and so therefore, no one really trust the other point. By point being so, dude, I think, could bury the hatchet and work in a way the following year? That was you know, healthy and, and you don't have to about a rearing, its head or any ramifications of what happened in the past. We collect bygones, be bygones and lets I don't know that I would put bulgarian category so again
and I don't know the car is not the only one, I'm just saying they got. You know some their people that I like I don't know that that is highly ambiguous representation of what a star player is, just as you know, at the peak of what that is the idea that look I sat in a meeting. I've said this. I've told the story before where you know we had a big blow up as as as media player the coach and end the organization then got envy all right and I sat with the coach and the general manager of the utah jazz at the time and so at, took two to meet defending cairo little bit. Organizations are like this to write like they asked me if I was wanted it I'm going to demand a trade and I told them no, like I'm not demand and a trade like we had a blow up. I can get past it if you can get past it, but if you can you tell me right now- and I I'll tell everyone that I want to trade and all it was locked me right in the face and we're like no were good and I said Okay! Well, then, I'm good like we're good, and they-
We in hindsight weren't good. So you know that goes both ways because, like is funny, because if you look at it from looking look at it for both sides right, let's look at it from the net side. Nets are like you know, prior to the season. This mandate goes in Nikita n Y, where hey you're, a high performer. You need to get vaccinated to play in home arenas or whatever you feel about that that whatever you feel about that mandate, that's what the mandate was and so you know. That's all I hate to her team. Yeah, yeah, good guy backs he's the only one that doesn't get back and then- mrs games makes. The other superstar on the on the team is tbd on how Kevin feels at this point, What makes the other superstar james hearted pissed enough to demand a trade, and you know if you a few seen some
games at least have the illusion that he quit on his team right. That's how pissed off he was and asked for a trade, and then you know you play twenty nine games and I just did the calculations over his last three over his last three seasons, kyrie has played one hundred and three out of a possible two hundred and forty six regular season games. I'm gonna percentages on evidence. Not good. And you come back and then you can only play road games and we put all these concessions for you and is still not enough. And, as you know, the best availability best ability is availability. That's the net side right so like I can see why they're at their wood, sent all the kyrie end of it. I'm just come a case right and become a case. Real quick kyrie's end, hey man, they are set out will be good. Did I thought we held out hope that this mandate that I would be exempt from right, we held out hope
and then publicly you guys said you as I have my back, and you said we were good and you said all these things now. You know after I've committed not making a case it as it is that the cairo yes, I said I'd be here and I said: I'd be locked in I'm committed to this organisation and then all of a sudden these leaks come out honestly, I think the nets case spare is just as it bore compelling case. And a good record a year you guys I'm gonna get out of it out. Like I tried, I try to put We too poles in the gallery. Gazer. You deny that regional out, as we would say, stop valiant effort on your boy. I was right. I said this when it happened. And this was so politically bull rising that no, could see or hear what being said because they were,
turning it into something else altogether right. Every time you talked about his choice to either get the vaccine or not get the vaccine take politics out of it completely out of it and boil it down to you. a choice that everyone else has right in Everyone else says whether they, like it or not. They are going to do it. Because they have an obligation to each other and to this quest that they on You singularly say I down with that. of alienated yourself, no one, done anything to you. You made that choice so normal. What they're saying what there? What are they supposed to say they have no recourse? They can make you fuckin play like they're. Not you know they like there try to work it out, you're one of their store players, like your talent, oozes from the boers every time you step in the building, but they're trying to walk on eggshells, but the point is you put yourself in that position for every
going to be like man. This look at this shit bro we're all in here trying to get it done, and so I like kyrie, I think kyrie the good due at the end of a great heart by you know you fucked up with that one. In terms of in terms ingratiating yourself to the team and to your teammates in that regard, you fucked up. We can have the debate we'll get into all of the the year in that yeah people are going at your sideways and you lost trust. So I've done this before I'm do one more time. I juxtaposed carries vexing situation and about making again light. It is what it is worth so far removed from that, but I too your point about being a t mate and because that's what it comes down to it in the debt write, this has been a t magic suppose it was the one andrew wiggins, who you remember at the beginning of the season, said like yo man, I'm not or even in the last season, y'all, I'm not really down on the vaccine, I'm not really doing it.
and then meets with the team, and it seems I brought you are a great. Your great What is organization we are trying to get a chance. we need you. We need you grow like we do. We need you go, get a job I quit you never heard any that you never heard of them from andrew Wiggins sets right. He took the shot even know of so we could play. Words were what was he doing last week grasp what was he doing Today I mean doing so then at a parade somewhere, he was celebrated now marcus, shredded san francisco with all the rest of the homies who want a title: yeah, alright, lemme Lemme, lemme, the luggage. Perfect, that's perfect! You know juxtaposition for for for for kyrie, so choosing not to get it. But let's, let's do this. Let's give kyrie the benefit of the doubt cause I do believe kyrie to be an intelligent person with with things going on in his world that that my train like be bigger, the basketball for him right. So let's say
You know, cairo stands and what would he was trying to do was make the world a better place in in his capacity to do so. Let's just say: that's his quest right, like its bigger than basketball for me and I've seen him allude to things like that before right, I got no before did haber like everybody's got their own call in their own path, but even in that, as your employer, who is trying to win NBA championships, you are not on the same pat and track. Is we, who are you really talented, but you're focuses elsewhere, like so I can give you like. Hey man, go! Do that like no one's knocking you for that, but as it pertains to us What we trying to do, you're, not present and you're not available in for that I gotta worry about trusting you right, because these are finite windows, logan these things are open forever and we chose to
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two to four seven: zero, zero wyoming or visit dab, dab, dab, dab, one hundred gambler dot net west virginia. So, let's go to align their some teams that are expected to be interested in cairo gets its traded requirements are into a trade. Those three teams among the outlands will just go down with our opinions, see what see what it is see what's going on so apparently, the clippers are reportedly interested. Oh that'd be a fun team to their kyrie to go play with. maybe gabby cool. I don't know if they want to know if they would wanted above they would win were now you don't know it will be energy carries. Tell you drop him in any maitreya would be very interesting, and I end it would it would Certainly he raised there tell him level here's what I worry about, what the clips up by bad stream of consciousness. We got one thing going for them to tee Lou whose dealt with carry before and is as good a head coach? Is there is out there and has a firm grasp while being a players coach,
also understands how to keep people in line. to control them and also did a really good job. Last year, the tea lou there really good job losses. because a fantastic coach like does not even debatable, but what I cannot what I about with key area times is not having the hand strong enough to control it. Can you do what I'm saying and I don't know they comply or paul george, as stars and leaders of that team would be able to kind of for lack of better way. put a control, what what kyrie can be at times fear you know, but I think ty lue being there till Titi Liu could so see luker, but I think he may have a good point, because even throughout their tenure, like kawhi and pg, his tenure, even from the first season, there have been whispers of like er there's been spent stuff. That happens. That just doesn't happen in a little in a locker room with strong leadership. That makes sense right. Just like teams talkin out just lose. gazing! That's supposed to just allow
stuff that if the clippers maybe had a higher profile in league, it probably will be bigger story, but there has been a lot of lot of. I don't know, I don't know if the ethic highroad but heads with them- and I don't know- I don't know if it's a strong enough of a locker room for it ten to work. I mean that's! That's kind of that kind of where I met, but do you know We give them a shot because the tulip that's not to take anything away from from Paul george and comply, but you have to have very a very strong culture and leadership, yeah! Ok, when you're, when you're talking about treatment, talk about doing which talk about doing yet the new york knicks.
Yes, great bestowing necessarily what else is there was a loud or even know what the situation is still at the let's go, yes, throw him in the garden and wortley ass. Let's go, and I yes noses do it. I don't like, I think, we're on the same page here I don't think I don't think it'll crash and burn. I don't think it'll work out but, like I would love to see it yeah, that's what I'd sign up for. I would the games to go see there. I will just why did that just that to me right like I was so prepare to be like? Why do we say? Yes, let's do it? Why do we get so giddy? I don't think that was that was it okay, For no reason like I have no great, like basketball break out of why it's a yes, they don't know fit, or lack thereof, I'm just too You said that made his wages and messy, and we wanted to see who just want a season sit. What have that's what it was. We just got we borg
a little messy and we will go like oh shit, that's going to have a duh okay, so the next I actually you're going to get deeper into it as good first voices in new york city cape like at its core, I think that the knicks and the stage that is madison square, perfect for an act and an entertainer like kyrie. Yes- and I think that all that comes along with being good and being a star and putting up huge performances in new york here? What I'm saying to you like I'm at saint championship, something performances as if you're on broadway worry or something like that. I think the celebration of that is going to be intoxicating in a way that would keep Tiree at its best. I just wanna be hilarious because the next we're supposed
The cairo govern anyway, just be a larry's doll. If they all the mixed ended up with was kyra at the end of it day after a season like what just happened bad this think that would be funny that would be running, maybe very nix and they would win all those assets that they got all that do. You know they doll the goodwill that they built up a trader for Tiree in it probably just a further forty one season. At best, I'm still signing up. I could do it every day. I guess for our model of locked in the nba today. Every day wouldn't do that What do I give kyrie goes there I'll, just the next mystique to why he would just be gods but so does happen, guys, scholar, basketball, gods, veg destroyed habit, there's one or to mirage there's one more time the child's put out there, which I think would honestly be just theology the best for all. If we went to the lakers, you know we're just gonna alluded to it. I went would show me
on there and she doesn't know this, but I want to bring. I want to bring sasha mac and sasha Matt. Can you come in and let's, let's let's talk? Let's talk was talk shop really quickly, sasha mac, ok, mac well our resident laker fan on here, now. How would you feel if kyrie united, more detail. was a resident leg, refrain right now in this right down this episode. Will how would you feel if of catholic, its traded irina? with lebron. I honestly unkind do he'd be able to play every game in l a he be able to play right now. He should be real.
forget, why not kebby wars and also westward cannot leg, is its obtain answers and where he could be great, listen, it was great numbers, why is he always is, but like it just didn't work out in the the personality that seemed bad too, like he was pissed off by the end of the season? He was like getting in you now talking mad sheer at every like brainstorm, riverlike, okay, like this didn't work out, there was a bit, now the issue there was, you know, an encore issue, we couldn't make it work. Aden also didn't play for like fifty percent of the season and that's a different we're talking about kyrie missing for of the season and the Davis miss been for that season. Two, I I I am. I gonna club with that one I feel like you could have achieved. One say
Yes, gimme carry kyrie without doing the other, was slandering Russell westbrook name, which you know I will have none of Believe me, we are obliged to. I don't think he's. What's that much of russia westward idea I didn't really want of the minorities was on a lamp watching gay and all I knew a little like a part of this is my right. Yeah! Ok! Well, I should give us any more. I like this is It'll be fun in the house, so I'm going be like a fun vibe like it was like the vibes, awful Joanna denigrate him as a player. I think that, like there was a horrible fit I don't know what they were. Thinking of anything I'm talking about the front office. Might what were you thinking like ooh anyway, what are you doing like those in dollars and everybody?
bad reaction when the trade happened, and then there was like the backlash jeddah back to the backlash of leg, I actually think that russia was broke is gonna, be a really good for the latter. Is like when we learn who were there now had ever, were there and I was like oh, maybe im starting to like this, and then you know the actual basketball happened, and that was a very disappointing season. I think the lakers fans are looking for. I think they're. Looking for Russell westbrook to be gone number one, but I also think they're looking for like big change and I feel like we need, we've been kind of using like point guards like dennis schroder and I've been trying out different kinds of point guards. Rhonda Shrewder renders wash no offense, but then shrewder intruders didn't fit for whatever reason he didn't play. Well
and then Russell westbrook, and that didn't work either like we're just running through point guards right now try one of the most talented point guards to ever play the game. like how bad could it be weeds proven. You know why you're one of your blinkers nor you're under point our dream was era. Because I want to abolish appoint guard. So you don't need a point. You don't need a point You need off guard who guards point guards me, but I am glad that carry no risk. I re carries out its point because of defence we handle. He handles like a point and stuff like that. But he's not like a table. Setting point guard he's score is what he does so leg and he's at his best errors and overall success with with leubronn the brown is the type of la bron. Is a culture driver cry like you,
yeah you get in and you either you get it you get down with the way lebron wants to do it and the way the team is going to run or or you don't, and so he would be the type of person and there are few I'm in the league, where I would say gonna be able to to ultimately we provided kyrie and from everything, red curie say is is kind of understand, being of. how good he had it when they were together and grab the way it fell apart enough you still holding on it's gonna be bristling at every time. The bron tries to set culture, now we got another problem play. If he's it. Isn't buying more. I heard what have you heard you just said from what I've heard, while I've heard I've heard or have read and or cause work Tiree alludes to like the regret of the way they left each other and not being ready to be led you know what I mean in any kind of saying that
grasses and always greener, for lack of you noticed me paraphrase in it, but like I thought it was going to be something else, and I wasn't ready at that point in my career for what the bronze leadership was, and so, if you have evolved and you ve grown, and an buy in you know, I think, is a really good food. I think it's great Do you think it's faster matters? Lockdown ethics is ready to nurse israeli proliferating like I've been like lucky. That would literally be one of the greatest player trip like I would take an maize like somebody was on core product right now. Is it such a high level, and it's so good, but it has like some Personality, a kind of cheers too. Somebody who's encore product is not that good and as a fit problem personality wisely roses unhappy
I was super excited when he came to l a because he loves the lakers and that's awesome, and we were all excited about that too cause. We thought you know what this is like. His team is going to love it and so he'll do what needs to be done and I'm not smart enough, basketball wise to be able say definitively what went wrong there, but clearly there is a disagreement between coaching Leubronn in front office and then brass on like what they or something like that like he fell away. He should be doing this. They felt like usually doing that, and there is disagreement, and so he got benched couple of times and like theirs. It just was contentious like it's time to let go of that dream of like getting Russell weisberger ring in that way. I don't think that's. Gonna branch and people broke chill out front. I now it was like it
at that point already do, as I also pointed out Well, you never see it rather other arab. What when he later days as you ought to see. I refuse to believe that you are all exempts like say like six, exactly how did they get attended with it? No algerian society grind raja, remember now inside it was really hard to watch an employee rights. We were rhine dang. I was really watch? I even did this accident arms. I watch I'd proteins, I'd turn it off. So I'm. I know I know she was tough. I shall just say not ass. She would have been like cured le roscoe of joy gotta relax line on the rustlers exe.
It was kind of cool that roads could listen all the way in on that. It was like an early season game. San Antonio and russ put the team on his back in overtime, and I was like yeah yeah. That was, last out those who never fool. You rob before you yeah. I want I played against the warriors. He had a good game late in the season. It was like I mean by that it was too far. Gone was too far gone at that point, but right, alright, alright here, so information I've actually for it. I can then like yours, like a weird purse just like a really weird guy, like wouldn't be friends with you, but like let's go, I would say this again for a personality like that, like le bronze and experience with dealing with that like are uniquely set up to be able to incorporate it like get the most out of it and then be successful
like we totally allows there. There's gotta be love there. They're just has to be. You don't go through something like that and there is a need. Another creator like they meet a guy like Lebron. Is he as he transitions right? And you know a d availability. I mean I guess for recovery to but like you need another create or another person, you can put the ball in their hands and have em create for themselves and others, and he fits in out Greece is good, as anybody in airspace we'll just have to see what happens, man cause. I even when you talk about this. I think best case scenario for the lakers with kyrie. A d and lebron was more like fifty games can be honest. Damn alright bro. I think that's a good time. Thank you so much sasha mac and is a great time for because it is a great time for rwanda. The week is a great time. Did you go into that look from our own
Again, I would weaken it avid awaited a tavern awaken. It are a man never on the weak, roger I have. I need any help at all with this one: who's ready to go we'll go one klay thompson who dislike party, Hardy did like Michael Jackson, like tell thing during the parade he was locked in? He was like walking slapping and slab five with fans. He had his captain's hat on. He lost his championships rings in there and, though and bay, I guess, on the way to the arena and stood care like was like alright, whatever ring spread like a had. No, we ass a terribly shivering too he his hat fluid. His head when he was boating to san francisco and then he dropped. championship ring during the parade like on the ground and everybody has to be like oh shittin, like try to find it.
and when it does an incredible speech where he wishes. By what are you I mean the same thing you hear clayton, disputable, demille. Why are you know mankind about my guy he's just ferris, charming play has like like, like doing it. Speeches like just put such a great day, hugging old lady and then staff in women are obviously drunk as fuck and, like you know, can't stop social media can attest to this, but, like klay, thompson has fully bought into all the bay area. Propaganda he's like I'm, I'm jumping into the water, because it has healing properties, the bay area has he. The bay water has healing properties now, and I just love goin on the boat when I'm having a bad day like dogs, just
just I love it. Okay, he's like I love going into the golden gate bridge. I love like just chillin and just vibe and like he's fully ingrained into bay area culture, it's beautiful, a klay thompson wrote it a week. I dunno that I find that the beautiful as you do. I think your a hater, like owing to our rivers for freshwater webber's would like crocodiles and stuff. That's what do I do? I don't do every other sites like the fresh water, like that I read this all honour by My real one of the toughest is a tough one. I want to go bob myers and and for putting this together and all of that, but I'm gonna go with my ten world son, zen bell I signed zen up for his second season of tackle football three days ago, right he's also in basketball camp all day, and because of the way our family worked out. I don't have much time like working with zen like athletics, as I did with his old or two others right so lake boxes? already checked like for the other ones.
At this point in their lives like we're still working on what zen in terms of overall work ethic and work, you know just all that kind of stuff right like not a bad way. It's just part of in our worries at, but he came home yesterday I got home for best practice. He just got home from football practice and he said that I am my coaches singled me out after practice, and I said well, and then you know like what was there and he said well, they had said to the other kids that, like it was my first night and I was workin harder than anybody else and that I was set in a great example for the rest of the team and as a dad. I was really fuckin proud because that's It's about man like. I was really really proud of my young bugs and bell for setting an example. It is first football practice even though he hadn't been there and and
for that he's my real one or two. We back here do no good job. This body has been another addition ruins thanks for checking us sound. It's been great- we'll see you guys on monday, but in the meantime, in between time Guess I got all our wrote. A ringer slate that is group chat. That is weakens its laws. That is the void with casey That is the mismatch. Rikiu depend get going black or software, but who rather pale town, leginn miss Daniel Psmith at heart. see two with roger prayer layer, legend, the crests icloud ccts, the bathroom in the all summer, man college.
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