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Justin, Rob, and Wos present their overreactions from the first week of NBA play. They discuss the impressive play from Damian Lillard and the Portland Trailblazers (01:48). Later, they debate whether the underperformance of teams such as the Clippers (16:12), Nets (25:14), and Sixers (38:13) should raise any concerns. Finally, they highlight the level of talent in the league right now compared to previous years (56:50), and give some love to Pascal Siakam (63:05).

Hosts: Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney, and Wosny Lambre

Producer: Eduardo Ocampo

Additional Production Supervision: Benjamin Cruz

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eyes. Only great rights like a good neighbour, stay farmers. There get a critical today. Although I welcome the group chair, I am just barrier joining me as always big, wise problem. Only gentlemen, one week of mba basketball is in the box, rob feeling I've got thoughts. I got no see studious over here, I'm trying to get back into it back slowly, but surely we are getting back into regular she's in form. I gotta say I think this is most exciting time of the year. For the m lie Everyone has their specific holidays that they like having this first opening weekend, where I just sit in my power. men do nothing but watch low level like spurs verse
as you type of games is really where I thrive. Those those are summit best teams in the lead right now, let's trip you watch it with the low level is true it sure we're gonna go over all of that stuff today, because The little edition of group chat show intel we're going to call this the first week, org taken, so what we did is we ask all of our participants to come with two or three things that really stuck out over this first, we at the twenty twenty two twenty three season Why don't you start because you're gonna led off with the best team, currently in the nba a year. I want to start with dame lizard, and the poor in the chair raises remains mainly dane because you know the rumours of his demise were greatly exaggerated, honestly he was dealing with some nagging injuries, not just last year but the year before as well, and he finally took the time
last year to just take off in heal, and I said it before and I'll say it again. Dame Lillard is a model and be a superstar. He had to be begged not to play not to show up, and you know- and he shows up every single time in his presence- lifts the team every time and to start the year he has been dominant. Like I watched the laker game, where of course he does the dame time thing at the end of the game, but it was the entire game he just dominated. The lakers could do nothing with dame lillard, and you know, of course he had his late late game heroics, which we've come to expect, but that game against the nuggets. My nuggets, as you know, up
was, was a movement aiming to me because in the second like in the second, have every sign is comes out and just goes in saying he makes it six trees and a role in the third quarter on these twenty four point core: it's ridiculous! In the whole time, dames doing nothing but just passing in the bar click guys commodore screen digs like here's a chest bears and on my guys, like I want it to be to start again, dame was in the pain he was hitting is getting to step back. He was just shredding denver to start. He got all that time. The russian as a man, this games,
because as soon as Simon sits dame's just going to go back to doing what he was doing before the hot streak right and they dominated the the nuggets, particularly the nuggets defense in that game, and just you know that just leapt off the page to me it's like we kind of you know it's been a while, since we've seen dame to be dame and to start the season, he is fully. back and he's as good as he's ever been to start this season or part of the whole day time experience is that he's always been a guy who was such a great sense of the moment, and that includes knowing when to set up guys like simons to cook, knowing when in our past duration, scarlet, guys acceded to cook the keys, always been good at seeding that spotlight in a way that other, like volume shooting high shooting hes going guard, sometimes aren't so the fact that is able to balance the best. of his own scoring self and empowering isaac, simons simonds
making room for gallic grant to come in and in a basically a role. That's totally new to this team and thrive in his own way. At the same time, it's been really impressive. I mean we cannot talk about like what's sustainable here, but when the office in the defence there they're kind of singing and in getting on all cylinder right now. I think that the fact that dame is playing at this love is really the thing that matters the most. I guess what gives you hope in the fact that this can be a team of serious import going through the season. Yes of forty one. Forty one, thirty one over his last three games, twenty the first against the kings there heavily someone keenness to these early results, it depends on like who you're playing are like watch team is on three games and in four nights or on a back to back, but I mean the difference, no out of these games, have been dean and like when you look at a time like the lakers who have been in some of these games that they found flat on their face on, like the difference between the lake
being one in three or two in two is a night like dame apply dame staying like stepping up and taking the throw, but they came by the throat and just claim victory, whereas, like you not get that from the these days, eighteen, not the same guy that we should talk about sustainability because they are for now the only for no team in a week. I guess do we see this as more of result of this schedule, just some hot nights from dame wise or do we think, like the blazers, are here to stay as like a adopt your team? I dont think there as good as the sons the warriors necessarily ah or the
gets to be honest, but they're not they're, probably the two year right underneath them and the reason for that is they ve never been as athletic, particularly on the wings of round dealing as they are right now. Ah, and that's guaranteeing the dirt guaranteeing the second excuse, he hasn't even plate yet, but you know what they ve done with with awe jeremy grant. Ah little, of course, you know dane talks about how competitive the group is right in that, and that starts with a guy like
Josh Hart was just like a crazy person. Every time he touches the floor. I just think that tenacity and the overall athleticism is is is finally surrounding the game limit in a way that just it just didn't happen when they had CJ. Where is this like all right? You have these two small guys and you're, not even buttressing that with complementary players, particularly to to deal with stuff on defense right now. Obviously they could carry offense and they have they've always been a quality offense, but I think now you know Simon's essentially replicates what cj could do and they're just way more they're just way younger, springer and and quick twitch, your around dame and the stuff that he's done
one, and I think it's gonna make a difference. We need to dwell for a second on the absolute lunacy of Josh hard because reddened like look look at the starting line, up, get damien lowered and every simons you got use of new jeremy grant that's one of the best red funding teams in the leak right now now and the reason is because Josh hardest rebounding like ie, seven, six, like he's pulling down everything and chasing after every may, maybe seven six is to talk, is used to mobile. For that blake he has been a vacuum in a vacuum of effort in terms of chasing after that stuff. to the kind of guys you need to make these sorts of lineups invitations work. I think that's why he was quietly such a that big for them, even in limited form, last season, but obviously not have even more talent, even more guys to work with he's gonna be the glue of so many important blazers lineups yeah Natalie. these try, hard dies or high level try hard but they also have just an inordinate amount of youth. I get some point they just because one of the youngest like fastest, most vibrant
young, like team, that we have in the league. It's like it's not just the guys you mentioned shading sharp coming in, lucky in already looking like you guys, are really really liked him shot at he's got a wise all judar mozilla little. If, if you know you know all star, they have all these guys from the reigning summer, led she had been portland bright, blazers run in like I don't know how many of these guys will ultimately stick on roster, let alone be high level. Players like if you get a key and johnson is irregular. Contributor, like by all means I don't know much about walk urgent watford like there's a lot of easier? I don't know who's gonna stick, but it like all of a sudden, a team that seem like had a pretty high. Like low ceiling to what they could do. All of a sudden seems like a has a little bit of a one way. I guess that the question is like for this season, specifically to rethink like
how far they can get because they are ninth on deviant. But I look out there and sometimes I'm like maybe you know like. I don't think this looks like a top ten events, maybe if they just get by that's enough, but it's hard to say. I guess I don't believe in turkish overall, as is someone who can begin last all season, let alone be back for, like you used to be one that area where the depth might come into play right. Is this the size We're talking about like oh, this team has so many big wings. Now, obviously, Jeremy grant could plug in at the five some that'll be an option for them in a lot of high leverage games. But when you're talking about, can they be an elite defensive, the course the entire season. They not only council knowledge being good but being healthy food for the long run. I want this, what the wait and see on that part of it, but games in, like they ve done enough to kind of the line on what they can be. I think, in terms of a team that need be taken a little bit more seriously. They ve earned that kind of credibility. That's not to say they dont still had the same burden of proof in terms of
if you want to get into those conversations with, as was laid out the nuggets, and on the warriors, and I mean who knows if the clippers that category, I guess it, theoretically, the clippers them out very pointed omission biting they ve gotten themselves into that mixed with the maps and the grizzly, and potentially the timber wolves like that next class, a western covered seem there they feel closer to that right now than they do the kings and the lakers yeah and and look they're still starting to six foot four guys who like on their best days and dame Lillard right. So the the that, at a certain point in the mba physical matters, you know or being short, will matter at the point, but they are out everything teams- and you know, dana- tells the story of like first for some sort of meeting.
Josh hart in in like having a time with him, and then they played some pickup game and something goes wrong and Josh Hart is like kicking balls into the states. It is like breaking thrown chairs and stuff and he's like yo this guy's insane, but it it sets a tone for how hey, you know, they're gonna approach. Things in these guys are going to play with extremely high effort level, and you know the executing in a way that ages that the big they couldn't or they weren't able to for whatever reason last year, but they're doing it now and it's cool the watch. I've always thought of just in his arms short, like after five years of your punch, unwholesome walls, a jacket and after it not actually all that talented on paper. But you put him into a propaganda, then we really gets andor it all One of the themes you didn't mention we're talking about comes here is the pelicans. I feel like that. The other team in the west- that's really just popped off the paper
narrowly goings, here was our you more bullish on the blazers or the pelicans, based on what you ve seen their foreheads. I would say that I would say the pelicans, because the thing that there were led at they have multiple way to kill you with it where's the blazers. You know simons much as I love him again, another This is our record. I I got receipts for silence. I've been on him for two years now looking quite hobson but the other night it was insane he'd be, but he could be a big streaky he's a big one, dimensional in how you he attacks, you, you know so, the blazers? This swiss army knife doesn't have as much tools wanting in that's their thing. Is the office so their? the researchers the need all that stuff right where, whereas I feel like warm words, is very diverse and how they can punish defences.
between the eye of zion and dog fur jones it seems able covers whose but even a valid shoney's if you'd shouted the dew, yellow small ball routine on him, he's leaving your little centre. If you put a small ball centre or found, should cease I worked at dude large man scorn is getting to the line like this guy is so physical at the five. So that's what I mean about them like they have multiple ways to kill. You with places still feel a little dame heavy. You know. Even if I do love science, will you had a great counterpoint? on that with the pelicans last night, with their there went over the mats where no Brennan ingram knows I'm williamson, I'll, probably no problem and has some of that is like that with a classic. We ve seen that, basically, that exact dallas loss many times
That is a way that they have played. Many games in Turin enters a blowing leads in exactly that fashion, but you have to have guys stepping up from every corner of your rotation in your roster, and that's where we'll see what shading sharp can do eventually down the line when he has his huge moment in the middle of the season where he has to really stretch and play big minutes is where we'll see. All of these role, guys we'll see like can justice winslow be an incredibly important rotation piece for you for a two week stretch when Jeremy grant is out of the lineup or whatever. Those are the things. That's all left to be determined, but I think the fact that we've been asking us questions, that's a great sign for where the blazers have started. Yeah the pelicans just look incredible right now and it wasn't just last night against the sun. It was actually do what to me was when they forced overtime. Against the jazz, we're all those guys were out, and basically there like we're just gonna play oliver bench, guys, switch everything and the absolutely shut. on the jobs and now, let's take a step back, it is the job we all expect us to be when the worst eames leave, but just
in time and thus far, and they are credible, mba deem lot of high level veterans and they basically whittled down the jazz, often it's too Jordan clarkson, just like vomiting left and right shots up, and it was just like I've never seen a team just like can be completely just shut down like they were and, like that's a credit to the pelicans, but in the picture I do feel like they have almost up opposite problems where it's like, I know the pillow it can really nail. This sort of like aw? Try hard like this, like spirit, is verve we're that teamed underdogs, we're gonna. Do that actually have a question about. They're not they can marry that with dominate, zion lead. in grim, were deemed about get against the nets, but has It's two shortly here about an over to announce the nets do whereas we know that
team can lead a top level team like he can read. It seemed that was fine as he there can be that team, and so I have more confidence because I've seen it happen with the blazers. I guess so, but let's pivot, to earn our next topic here. Just because we're of on it. I have written down. This is one for me, I'm officially scared of de los angeles clip herbs, who I guess quiet urges doesn't play anymore, he's coming off the bench first and foremost not, in back to backs and then all of a sudden. Yesterday, on tuesday, we get that he has this in his knee shrinking, didn't play against the thunder the first night in which the coopers got out We blown to smithereens by stakeholders alexander entry man and then he's not gonna play later in the week against the thunder and so I get some deja
who here and I'm gonna, get some bad vibes, and now they have all the depth they have Oh george shoe looked incredible against the kings yet, and I think he had forty anders I'm just you know. I've in this before, and I just I would just like to enjoy clippers basketball. In the climate and error, but I just can't find myself in some I'm a little bit afraid rob. I mean yours like your saying, haven't one of the worst offices, an mba so far is not ideal yeah robin up against the lakers. That's not what you want. I will say like this is probably as far as the too many guys axiom that we did, we talk about this team a lot. This is one of them worst case scenarios for that which is, if you start slow and people start grumbling and people feel certain way about the roles? Are you have guys like nor pollen? Reggie Jackson, sick, have not clicked had not been able to hit shots had not been very successful in their minutes. So far, then, you start getting
to some of those vibes instincts thing startlingly dredged up in stoke no no. There were there yet, but there's there's, for concern it just like with any of these injury cases I am inclined to wait and see, even though quite exceptional example like robbing him up, probably is smart in like that's. Probably, that probably, is what they need to do. So I thought is the team that we're gonna be checking in, december and january, and that will be kind of the real test of where they are at least kind of what they're going to be for the season. But it's not that great. You know it's not not a spirited start say the least for a team that I, like you know you would love to see them.
I'm out of the gate in this rotation, just click and work and everything kind of fall into a natural place. It certainly does not feel like that. Yeah I've I've been skeptical of the clippers sinister kawhi injury question from the start. It's just such from twenty seventeen on the guys, injury it and his injury stuff has been just omnipresent. It's been part of every single team and situation that he's been a part of since so that's five years of this now got five years of evidence that this is a real thing. It's a chronic thing. It's not in you know, you tell your acl, you re a bit and then you come back a year and a half later in you. You know you kind of mostly back to yourself. This is not that this is something that was is going to do with till the end of his playing days. And for me
you know my late. If you can't handle the intensity of sacramental kings game in October right, why I'm gonna? Did you can handle the intensity of a play off series in june or may or even april like? How can we expect from the beat it seem like the warriors or whoever in the western conference at the highs intensity? You know with a day of rest in between, and it's not like a wise,
is going to be like you know, kawhi can be cream on the showtime. Lakers kawhi can be shack on. You know the miami heat with d wait. No, it's quite take us home dryness, one every single night. I don't understand how we think he can do that, like I just don't get his his body is just not up to that task. You know and that's why it's hard for me to believe in the clippers cause. Paul George look, I think, he's a great player. He will be a great performer in the playoffs when he's called upon he's not going to be the engine that takes this team, to a championship or to the conference finals, he's going to be complimentary to what kawhi leonard is doing. If he's doing it at all his. So you know, I'm I can't say I'm worried for the clippers, because this is what I expected of them. You know, but I think the reason we can at least try to expect those things of calais in April.
in may, when he's not doing now is because we're talking about a timeline, that's six and seven months away. You know why I wouldn't I wouldn't even begin to say what you're going to be capable of in six months. Who know who knows what could. effort between now and problem with tat rob. When did this guide play before this? He has not played and for ever and so, if the ideas rest peace had raised, the forward these wise this rough stones to be different at all. I dont longer rest, it is a longer rusty. How pathetic this is. As you know, these aren't invoking found its use it for a couple more months and see what we can do wasn't. This might be the prudent path. Why did they give him his at the time, especially early in the season when none of that is as as important as relaying out, but the problem is that they always take the prudent path, and it's just so joyless like I just would like to enjoy,
the cool I paul george clippers in a way that I dont think I ever have. Maybe the playoffs actually like the dallas maverick series that the good time, but that you put to the next everything I'm getting her issues like these short windows, but I keep thinking about how much the clippers makes such a big deal like wine and make an impact now lay like take the city from the lakers and the stuff. Yes steve bomber. The titan drawn during their intro video like to my mind like looking around his new beautiful stadium, even though it is in there in screen like I can episode of of salt where's or something I just. I don't know how that ever happens because they're just like tat but like I don't know when these guys are ever playing one john, walls and applying and backed backs now, even like reference. When I know how which at this is, I think was on the broadcast, though, that Paul George played
Nay, any had heavy minutes and he might not play the next night because it was a back to back up what what's wrong with Paul George. Now like it just like it, it's just not fun, and I guess That shouldn't concern me as much in the long term under title I but she's like, whereas the joy here. No, I disagree with you. Why shouldn t son, you long term about the title odds, because when you like the Paul george thing is a shark. the clippers do not take the regular sees a seriously now right. They think they can show up to play offs and kill people how their work out twenty twenty! This is exactly how to manage the regular season that year and also how that team all freakin year and I swear to god? There was not a single person in that organization who did that? No, they were gonna win the championship honor, which is gonna, win the chip. Clearly for just one minute of it. We got worse when we got all this
But the leg is our job with the arrogance was insane and in fact or two years and we're doing the exact same thing. They got pants than the bubble they gotta barest. That was crazy. What happened to them again, seven against the nuggets in and tell you I would submit to you that part of that was that they didn't build this continuity in this trust. With the group. It was just as I did it. We got the players, we don't have to build these
great habits in the regular season, cause we're so damn good, kawhi leonard is you know, baby jordan and all of that, and they flamed out and they're doing the exact same thing again and you could call it prudent, you can call it whatever. At a certain point, you gotta put the work in to become the team that wins a championship. You know people could like the warriors caputo regular season. That group has been through so many freaking playoff games, so, like so many comebacks, so many like ridiculous. The amount, Thanks to these guys have come, they lost kevin directed smoke, the freakin, the the frigate places right afterwards. I, like we ve, seen this team. Do so many things when it mattered the most. What the hell are we seen the clippers? Do it's like this thing? Do you know and, and they treat the regular season like? Oh, you know where the clippers were we're just going to we're going to breeze through everything that is going to be great cause, we're we're so above it alright
we'll see alright. What's up with a talk about another team that is prone to not playing players, sometimes not intentionally or not by their own or their own hand. Here it's the nets. This is a bit of a two hander, so I'm not I'm pretty afraid of the clippers less. So I am concerned about the brooklyn nets, which might surprise, I guess it missions. As you can sitting my optimism going into the sea. thereby planets. I don't know here because I do think there's a Ben simmons problem of is there. But there's a thing the bar is so low for Ben. That work essentially asking him to be pga talker right, actually, wouldn't it not even be jack, rasping him to be peach. It took to be peach attacker, but instead of shooting just a pass, occasionally riah. So I almost You, like simmons, doesn't matter in the lung
while they need events, I feel like you could be replaced pretty easy easily, but like Heaven, durrant LOS, incredible, carry irving, has its good and in spades. Joe hairs is back in the except carries coming later this week. I don't know I guess Does the blind belief in character rob, but like other one in two people are already fretting. I just as worried, as I think maybe a lot of other people are They feel like a team where it, when you look at it from a from a bird s eye view guys you're gonna get their numbers then, when you really get down into when you're really doing the inspections like all this foundation is fucked like there's something something very fundamentally off, an encounter, the mechanics of what they're doing and that that obviously starts on defence this is a switch heavy team with bad switch habits, be they change that maybe, like date, they figure out how to like not lead guys on island. They figure out how to get
rebound they kind of finding ways to band together, but as it stands, I would like to give you a number which has broken starting line up features. Ben simmons features nick claxton Peter roy sony off you just Kevin durrant. Those are for good defenders, giving a behind Twenty eight point: seven hundred possessions negative thirty one net rating snuggery, like this team, is deep, but it's not that deep. You do you want to chant, which would have negative thirty one history is made to be grown on it, but it we're gonna, ask you, know we're here for experiments this season now, again, it bears mentioning who would be the god like help fix somebody's holes right in the defence and the process, and you know the game plan in the scheme the guy that they wanted to fire in the opposite? That is those both come in a coach. This group, up, I gotta, say Steve NASH,
Every time they had to a major like cockle did vibes for my He were easy like he gives off the look of from rick morty like we're just lying along for the ride. Nobody respects them. I do think that's. Probably we're heading for here. I wouldn't be surprised if he's like, oh and the next month or two, and maybe that shakes things loose, but I I guess, like unjust, not convinced that this is irrevocably broken. As I think a lot of people are suggesting, based on what happened in ya, sees the defence has been atrocious. lisbon. Only bad, but oddly enough, I think simmons has been one of the biggest offender in that regard. He's been really bad, even though he is only on the court to defend recently giving any resistance in some of these match. Ups right, like he's a big body, he's gonna chasing guys raised, he's he's moving like Ben simmons, but then, when it comes,
So the point where you actually need like give some contact to prevent a guy from driving straight through you he's not there, and none of these guys are there like Team is getting absolutely shredded on the most basic defensive stuff, like this, the things that that better and should know how to do that's. What worries me, if it were just like of these guys, aren't connect iD owe their learning a new system. They have all these new players to turn incorporate, obviously been Simon. is a very kind of unique peace that you have to acclimate. I don't know that is not doing like n b a player thinks they're, not they're, not doing the very basics of of their conduct, their level of professionalism for where they should be. I don't want to say Katie's a bad leader. I just think the nature of his game is such that on an island he can be great. He doesn't really need to incorporate anybody else into what he is doing to achieve greatness, and so I like, how does he lead from that standpoint?
right, like he's not dependent on these guys to operate, and it's not really is job to make the other guys better, either so like who's bringing this group together, if it's not the best player and its damn sure, not the coach, and you know we ve seen what happened with car reach out, to step up and be a leader in the past that you know that didn't look great boston and saw my about the basic mistakes that are happening within a group who's going to address it in correcting like a bull
why should we believe that these things are going to be fixed? You don't think that carry is going to lead like an iowa go circle and everything's going to work itself out. He gonna lead something in a circle, but it won't be that you know it won't be. It won't, be better team connectedness on defense, I just you know in look twenty eight they're better than the twenty eighth best team on defense in the n b. I think we can safely assume that just from the parts that are on the team, but when rob talks about, you know, bird's eye view. What like what is the connective tissue of this team was, was the identity? What's the
What's the point of being for this team, I don't see it and you know Ben simmons. Look I'm! You know. I've never been one to take a victory lap, however yeah. However, you know I was I was on pablo and Dominic's european joint and they asked me who's got more to prove this year. Ben simmons, James harden, I'm, like you mean a guy who's like earned six hundred million dollars. One of the peas and been to double digit all star games and all it is stuff like has more approved the ban since simmons that do has a lot to prove and if you cannot make the circumstances in brooklyn work. All that is shooting all that is ball dominates excellent ball dominance.
all these pieces and place to let you only do the things that you know how to do limits it as they are, and you still can't drive and provide more men. So he's these all about twice here. Seventeen points on the season. Fourteen fowls he's taken thirteen total shots Now she called him. The engine of the sea, it really best like I just dont no, when he's going to be a regular mba basketball player, because there is a brilliant, player in there somewhere, but just even like when he's on orphans. Like he's an excellent asked her about it just seems like, telegraphing everything and just like everyone knows what's coming nice, because he so scared shoe, yet that one like a iso was scotty barnes on the block and, unlike just like a we're like
floating karim sky hook on him in everyone's like benson. Its back baby, I'm like is a way We note that shot was. It was like something that I would throw up like playground, numb, really bad a basketball. I've heard you compared to Secondly, many scared to shew telegraphs is passed here. He is better at this point as well. a connector than is someone running off and for them into Steve NASH. Is I got in the context of that quote, but in the in addition game, maybe he is the engine for them in terms of getting guys like and durrant in spots actually score versus having to handle, but it still really sloppy and end. There's just there again to our tore larger point about the leadership in the construction of this team that, aren't many people in a position to look at Ben and say you need to do x, Y and z, or looked at dayron sharp and say we need you to be in this place. all of those leaders were either about to be fired or don't want to be. There were almost traded, like that's that's kind of what the top tier of of nets. Leadership looks like right. Now,
and you're, seeing the trickled down effects of that everywhere. In this roster I've coiled view does the adage related to bend simmons and its existential lake van someone's gotta, no brainer max rookie extension. When the time came right, I think we sought like Andrew wiggans she's got. A hundred million is something of his max rookies which is less than he made probably could have got more on the open market, but he's like I'm comfortable here, like winning championships. Whatever you got one hundred mil right now, what has been simmons on track to make on the open market off of a max rookie extension This is unprecedented ya'll someone will give him a mid level. She says cry somebody to undertake to over on that make over over. Really. I think I think this season could be mostly kind
the calamity for him, and I would still take the over it only takes one like it. Just takes won t digs one coach to think I can get something different out of him in our spot yeah, because the It is like we still haven't seen him in why everyone, I think, assumes is his optimal setting which is like being the engine. Not a transition have like heavy team, whereas here he's asked to be pga tougher to work, himself into an existing system with multiple stars, and I think they're hoping he could just evolve into this defensive juggernaut. who plays like a little bit of often just, but I don't think that's like. I don't think that's what Thrive judge, so he'll get an opportunity to give the question should going to. The guy that honest just wait. A just isn't just list, as you just said, is optimal usage is on a transition, heavy team, who are the guys that in April
a team, the beach transition heavy. These are like young girl, more athletic cleaning kind of guys. Great finished are those guys usually the same gods that can sprays of four around Ben simmons, so what the hell, with those type of guys doing it in the half court next to this guy, like the other good aids is for his game, exists, transition wouldn't work either the tag, Gaza thrive and then environment would suck. You may have court makes to Ben simmons this. This guy is, is this a joke? in about a year rob we are. We are three games into the season. That was when he ends up on the kings in three years and they're just the number. Well of and the weak growth euro.
get your look. It look at the kings, though right look at fox. You gotta, that's rookie extension on his next deal. I guarantee you he go make way more have been summoned. oh yeah fox cabals overrun. You see he might not get a max deal after this that's one brow yeah! I dont think you well, I think, he's a computer he's on a completely different trajectory than he used to be right, but he's a way more useful play. It had been semblance, carry it see how the season pans. I think tat is just like in this weird like an both zone, where he's not in actual functional design, is also norm all the rest of his career line up well, ok. This brings me to my My last point of this very elongated section its ever break not that concern our monitors concernment. concern a metres which jean is at the top right now you have- quite long form load management. You have
the new and improved brooklyn nets. You Denver, which is twenty eight on defence, one avowedly something to monitor the brooklyn nets, the timber wolves or two and two against a murder rob, ok, see you talk and the spurs or the philadelphia seventy sixers one in two. I believe right now going for one in three tonight against the raptors rob whose whose at the top the nets are the top for me still don't trust them really at all, but we see we ve given them enough time. I do want to give a quick shot out to the sixers who look if you're playing james harden forty minutes in back to back losses. I don't know I don't know man like again. Another teenagers has a lot to figure out. It was the mechanics of how they actually want to play and how a desire was to work together.
The six years have a lot of questions answered themselves. They just there's just a bit more of a solid base there to build from because of Joel, where everything else can kind of fall into place. I don't know what that bases for the nets. In theory is given to rambling awesome, but we're seeing him beyond eminent, they still are just getting like punked by the grizzlies
if the sixers as scary cause, I think they need to adjust the pie, chart of of ball domination and James needs to really be decreased on that and the another problem and man is so crazy. How this stuff just keeps cropping up is like James, cannot, will not refuses to be a threat when he doesn't have the ball. The ball in his hands, and we talked about his refusal to spot up like the other night I was watching is like was like for opportunities where he could have just caught and fired it, and he just didn't. I'm talking about corner three pointer, the best shot in the game of basketball refused to just catch and fire a corner, three pointer just take it just take the shot, the shot. You know, and and that's not even to speak-
the cutting off of the ball, and you know, making yourself a threat and occupying the the sort of awareness of the defense while maxis trying to do something and in a pick and roll or even in a one on one. He just doesn't do anything in he's, not good enough on the ball to dominate to have dislike thirty. Three thirty, four thirty, five percent usage that we're used to from him he's not he can dribble past nobody. So I think they they. I don't know how to fix that. I dunno how to come. The james when you know his friggin is is is basically his godfather his uncle is, you know their favorite uncle darryl Moore he's in charge of the freaking team. You know I dunno if it's that he can't get into the paint more. It seems like a lot of times it just doesn't want to like. I think he just prefers to like sit back at the top of the ark leubronn, all the bronze style and just like bans a little bit
straight from their support. Where he's now develop, this mid range shot almost because it seems like you just doesn't want engage contact anymore. He is he's averaging six file shots game at this point, which is by far like amongst his current losin. it's been a regular all star player and it just doesn't seem like he wants to get into the pain so much as they can like maybe there's a chicken and the egg thing there where it's just like he doesn't have the burst or whatever, but like yeah. It just seems like he would just prefer to be his hanging back almost like a free safety, I mean, those are kind of the same thing. The right like if its punishing to go inside, because you can't create separation, then yet is every fun to do any more and when you're drawn fritter away, use doing you're just gonna like flail The ball up when you do try to get inside. Sometimes that's a very fun either, so I I do think there is like just in, limited him not being able to some of it, and that leads to some of these habits that were describing, but he should still be able to be ineffective player.
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alright rob. Why don't you go with one of your choices? I would like to introduce you both to the new and improved, and also mostly the exact same just playing on a better team. Christian would yeah. Ah shit here are the superlatives off the top. Dallas has the softens an mba so far and the numbers have been absolutely wild when christian. What is on the floor, I think he's a front runner sixth man right now, and if his minutes get up like we may be think about legal, weird fringe. All star case happening- and I think Lou Christian would may already be the best pick unroll company in a week and that isn't much but do luca than christian would but wash those two guys together and everything christian would can do in terms of being handle an pop and finish labs. That's that's an credit the dynamic pair and were already seeing some of that saying, I'm sure we're going to have like a long conversation over the course of the year by like how much christian wood is playing and when because he only played twenty six
minutes a game right now which is kind of wild concerned. The production he's putting up, but he's he's really impressed for a team that actually has some stuff to play for this year. Yeah I at like for me. I didn't realize that he was going to have the confidence gis soon, as he's over from three it's let it go just take the jacket moxie was going to be the pick and pop threat and christian wood would come in and be the vertical spacing kind of got a lob threat at the rim and he's been both. These are going to take these threes and I'm going to dunk on your head and suck in the defense that way as a lob threat. It's it's kind of crazy to watch now. You know, I think he still leaves much to be desired as a defender in general. That's a caveat that must be said, but I didn't think he was going to be. This kind of you know all around threat in the pick and roll where
if it is apt to make horrible choices when trying to deal with this guy cause, he shooting it with such confidence. At least trees is eating the bottom of the net to say no rattle, and then you know barely got like he is just splashing these trees. If you could keep that up, this is yeah, is scary, crazy, stuff, optimal partner for look doj light up christophe, posing as they have what the best, often of all time, just by mere threat of kristaps shooting, shooting reporters I think he ever was a very good three pointer in the dallas office, but just being out their stretching the floor, lead to them having a historic orphans. What is actually shooting with success? he's catching lobbies or to the two things you want to look at it also like is facing up guys in taking couple guys off. The jubilee still has that sort skill to his game in so yeah ease the perfect fit in theory, The question now becomes, if you give him too,
much, is it too much further christian. What who has worn out his welcome very quickly on five? in franchises whenever it is at this point so like I, I wish I could see, or of the bigger all combination. Though I get why jason, kid is being a little hesitant near. I mean it one way to make free just by finishing every damn. Love they throw to you, you know by getting guys assist, being opened by making them look good, an azure mentioning what the crisps like comparison by spacing the floor in that way, because she hitting an incredible amount of threes. The shah looks great, I dont think teams are, spawning to him on, like a scouting report level in terms of being freaked out by shot yet in vat ever starts to and where their over reacting to the threat of a Christian would three and go
igloos are even more open. All these other roleplayers in dallas are even more open. That's where things get really interesting, because right now, like they're, just like Chris apps they're playing him exclusively at the five, that's the right call yep. I think defensively the best lineups, like the ones that looked the best so far with him and maxi together, like that's, that's two guys who can kind of pop and kind of roll gives you a lot of options, a lot of flexibility and if the defensive cover of that, if they could get something with again with luca maxi and wood on the floor, and then you can plug and play whether it's dorian Finney smith, whether it's reggie, bullock, whoever it would spencer dinwiddie. Whoever those combinations are like that Turning to look like a pretty formidable tina, certain look like a team that could really could restriction people out and challenge them we're coming off of a night where they lost to the pelicans while reserves it even still work in progress? Unfortunately, it is but what's was given now rob you up again here, speaking of introduction it's I guess, reintroductions in this case, you don't turn turn.
Precision. We had some things, say about the young spurs in this core and whether there could be a bit you'll star among them. I remember being very dismissive. We were a little. This is essential, such as those dismissive and was one of the great regret that my life being it I haven't been EL guy was not putting my foot down and saying you know what David vessel could really be, something as I I kind of slotted him as a high level role player to watch over the course of his career and he's just then I'll entirely for scented tonia so far, and I think he's crossing a really interesting threshold right because going from nice young player, potentially a role guy for the spurs Two right now call leading san antonio scoring and minutes putting up basically twenty points, a game Colleen this team with Kelvin johns another thing most crucially right now, is creating exactly half of his shots for himself and that's the kind of paperwork facilities that guy and he is almost everything it was five assists again if he can be that kind of creator
not just shooting threes, any more, not taking spot shots. Right now is getting into the mid range he's run in pick and roll he's. He is busting up switches. I didn't know he could cook like that. Like this. This is a really kind of interesting player to watch and a prospect to who could be much more for the spurs then certainly idiots, like us, laid him out to be an hour. Precision preview wise. believe in the mighty three in one san antonio spurs. I believe that there's not going to be a pushover in the way that I assume that they would be Ah, not in that they wouldn't try our budget to tell it wouldn't be there to give an adequate resistance on a night my basis against the best teams ye. I believe I was definitely wrong about that. Be and resistance of no. I don t believe in this theme
yeah. I mean it happens, pretty much every year where, where one or two or three of these teams just play above their heads and were alike, to be miss something here Are the utah jazz the best team in the nba like which of these team, our for real or not real ends up another. These games are for real to point where I think we were taught but the wizards last year in the same situation near the are three in one. But wizards yet again the spurs and also our friends in utah all teams are we're cheating to start with rob him any faith. In any of these teams to to be anywhere near. They are now in. What's a month from now, did you, literally just to mark this premise and now you're serving it to me, because you have. The question has to be an answer to posterity yeah news, one us on tape, making dumper
since about potentially bad teams. That's what I said earlier, not man! This is what the whole does. I will set up of the teams that we thought to be bad, the right now, our good. I can't leave I'm saying this. I do think what we do to see how teams catch up to san antonio transition, well, there they're playing super fast right. Now which just letting these guys run letting them get out there letting them play and if they've been catching teams off guard and if they can keep doing that if they can play at the kind of pace that teams have struggled to keep up with when it's not just like look the timber wolf slept, walked into their gaming spurs and almost lost by thirty, just like they were not paying attention to what was happening in front of them. Now the teams kind of get the sense of what Don't you is and how they're gonna play, maybe that changes may be it doesn't, but if they can say I had teams, I think they're, probably the most interesting of this group yeah. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, just because of the institutions at play here about a new tar sands,
and tony I like, we don't know much about war hardy, but we ve heard good things about just what he could do, and it just seems like he's, got a great reputation in the media. Just seems like teams, there are Competent are always going to struggle to tank as well as they should, and I don't have it's too early to worry about whether or not any of these teams will be bad enough, but I do think Three would show that, like the teams that do and a bottom out and getting the high level draft pigs are the ones that are just like institutional, there's something wrong there and so, like. I almost have more faith in the team like the kings. Ostensibly more talented, finding their way, two women now more than a team like the spurs, because they do things almost My third point now stop. Stop for kings are much better than the spurs you I'm talking about the threshold of like. which of these o currently over achieving teams is,
I randomly beat regular season opponents who are on a road trip and not really giving them their best effort, but in recent years the spurs are a textbook case to do that. But the right language radiologists hurdle in a month. I just take the wizards immortality. Did the other two teams on this list and I did their motivated by take. They seem to like really wanna play hard and they put very harshly a coach, and so I do not think the wizards just on its halleck level will be. Able to do it. However, I do want to say man: isn't our system broken in that just Why have we won't? Give you see that on this pod, we'll worry? that the jazz spurs are ruining their tank charts. You know like, instead of having competence at every single cheer up the lean
to where we could turn on our league pass and watch competence, every single night up and down the board. You know we know. Inevitably the jazz are going to. Let go a few of the pieces that are really good players and get more freaking draft picks for it right. We notice spurs are gonna, probably at least some guys. We noticed it's some chicanery with the injury report instead of dues just going out hoping and doing the things that they love and we loved them for it. You know- and it's just as an aside about the perils of our our. Four structure. Excuse me: do you have made more sense, that was a that was a slip of the tongue but yeah that, but you know just so. I could get off my high horse and soap box about the purity of the game and yeah. I do think the wizards are definitely
the best of this group and yeah. I know they also economic actually wanted when I posted the tweet and after the jazz beat the nuggets, I was like look man the price in the smack dab in the middle of the process. Sixers. Not only did they start three, no, they beat the freaking heat in the process led by Michael Carter Williams, like that's a thing that happened totally rotten. You know, that's the other side of the was all stars, the way I had a fetish for tony wrote back in the days. It was weird you can bury those receipts. I wouldn't I wouldn't assume that that's happened. So we see this happen in the beginning of the season, with with levels of talent all the time, but like men, You can compare the process sixers roster to what the jazz roll out every night there's absolutely no comparison whatsoever. Now, while Lauri Markkanen is going to be an all star again, so the finisher is back,
but speaking of other guys, that kind of plain above their heads work is the cell is one of the young guys. I think that is really just kind of power often in an early goings. Here, jailing green all of a sudden, just looking John Maria, but without the springs at the basket, but a better job shot oh, my god, twenty? What has he has given us out forever shed goon, though in genk would have twenty and then the other night do but hasn't played lately. I tried to tell you all about jailing grades April numbers. You weren't, haven't yours here in these forty percent from three just an absolute blur on the core, and now this He is not good and they won't be good already argue with each other. In the band like the defences awful, junior is in there for them, long, haul, it there's a there's a mess, thereby green dueling with moran on what was a saturday sunday night was was awesome and he looks already like we're talking about bar
we're talking about mobley cade from that draft, as class he's right there behind them and any other young guys maybe wiser, rob that jumped out to you to start with. While you know, I gotta bring up ben in my haitian brother, he is looked sensational, go he's already your tracks be the greatest nation in the history, the league, not that the competition is very stiff, literally scale, the beasts yea neural, No well all policies door but no no I've been really is really cool. To watch him play cause he's another guy who you know cause Carlyle was Carlyle. He still has the common offered a bench, but when he comes in here like a frequent that shot out of Hell, he's he's ready to hope and he's in he's going at guys, and so it's been really cool to watch maxima play. His minutes have been a treat so far.
yeah the rockies to jane ivy in jail in turn in detroit, I think of both can apart and I looked, I really get the appeal with ivy right out of the gate. Do just make space gets by people. It's so easily how he could be really high level and be a player dealings? to have as much on his played as just gonna like an eighteen year old big, but he plays with a lot of fun. For a guy who's that thin and that young ass. I think I think he's jumped out pretty early There's that there's been a lotta young guys and all kinds arousing like jail in a well with the wolves whose always had some juice Billig? This is kind of established himself. We should talk about trade murphy already with the pelicans, who has a great with the stars, and maybe better without them like feels like a real came johnson kind of candidate and bobo who is what he's doing real, who knows, but ball is doing more above all things than it ever has before. It cannot love in it kicking amply yeah,
we also want to see a bench. Arrow are already looks like the care of his art is usually don't. Even her eyes were not tell you want I'll tell you twice mine. I learned I caught it. Eventually, I can't
we reconsidered anybody else going first. Overall, he just already looks incredible and but I think that's something that a transition to something was you want to talk about just about the overall talent level. Right, guess, it's crazy, honestly, watching the spurs watching the jazz wasn't even okay, see and that it's it's just at a different level of when I first when I first got league pass in around twenty twelve and either twenty eleven twenty twelve into saw. I could watch the heat play every single game because I just wanted to follow that story right and I was like fuck it. I gotta I gotta pay for this and the dregs of the league back then you just kick perry. Did this
it's no comparison to the level of plague, even at the very bottom of the league right. Even if you want to get cute and say the lakers are one of the worst teams in the league. Lebron and Anthony Davis are on that team. You know like and that's again that's not to speak of the jazz and spurs, and you know even Houston who their young guys have absolutely no idea what they're doing out there. They don't know what it takes to win. they did. They dont really gave a sense of that at all, but they are so talented they can play with guys. You know, like cab. Importer is a supremely talents to do. I don't nodded. He's always got the best intentions when he's gone about his business on the court, but he's so freakin, talented and issues. You know you are certain teams that were homes by its smith over the years gino at we caught and knew what the point it all seems were
which was to lose every single game. You can compare that at the bottom of the lead, this hurricanes legend when clutching it's really cool too, Large, honestly, like these got like in what it means, is that when the jars are up to play your words right, like they're, going like did trying hard there, everything and they're giving it every single thing that they have. You cannot just show up and beat them. You have to actually play well to beat that team, which is just you know that just was not the case, man even six years. yeah we're safe, working that everywhere, like Indiana orlando, against teams, even when they're losing our playing pretty tough like they're, making you earn it in ways that may not even last the entire season, maybe we're having a very different conversation come march, maybe, but later long as season long ass season, but it's good to see this out of the gate. It's good,
see even these teams that we have written off and talked about as like as victor weapon, yama candidates having something to play for having some pride in the way they play like trusting some of their veteran guys to show the young players on their team. How to get things done, how to compete against these, and that have more talent than you. But that's that's heartening, to see, even if it's all, www doomed aaron in the night, we're getting the highest traffic? Well, what we think about this idea that, because everything every team, is, is much deeper now that depth matters more because I think coming off of the finals you in a lot of people trying to talk about like oh, maybe that is what's going to be. There cider now, where you have teams like the warriors building out these young core, you have a deep team like the celtics and honestly, I was pretty resistant to, if only because coming out of the finals more recently, but just in general, it feels like people want to jump on the next trend or extrapolate. The results of the final to suggest that, like this is the most dominant force, and this is the key to winning like big men
the key to winning and then they're not- and it is a small ball and then like, while maybe sort of I wonder if this year, a certain amount of work, as I also wonder if, given the take files, will see more running in transition which require more bodies on the core, an orgy light I am wondering rob if you, if you see any correlation there, that a team not only can or maybe just a simple as I could seem camp when with the big three model liken was three days of watching the games with twenty three and internal tony the internet. Was it agent. Who are you to who you talk to me that do they used to do the heat broadcast roger Austria, a kind of did. No doubt he was talking about our yard, mobilizing all eternity, tony douglas liquid inhabiting tony douglas
and the broad gas solely douglas. Soon mixed fads used to colleagues. Only struggle is ourselves he doesn't deserve that on their part. Gas to I don't have a good day out there somewhere leave him alone and he's got an extra everything
I know. I wonder if, like the big three model can't exist any more in the way that we knew it, because there's just so much overall talent that you can't actually just fill in your roster with like these just stop gap, sort of players, they better not be any redundancies in your big three, they better be extremely complimentary of each other in so that the holes don't matter, you know, on your big three better, be able to give you ball, handling, shooting and a friggin rim protection, shot creation. It better do everything in that big three. If that's the case, you know, if not it's going to be tough for you, because these teams are going to be able to exploit your weaknesses, and when-
comes out, shooting your lack of depth, your inability to sort of you know patch up these holes is going to come for you you're gonna. Ideally the teams that we ve seen try to straddle this line between having stars and depth. I think the warriors are probably at the top of our list: the most expensive roster, an mba history. We were seeing some of the costs of that of dream on green, not getting his extension, because you have to draw the line somewhere, financially and you know a dynamic. There is now a great deal more use after watching a game. Last night they now when he shivered our dream on green him, the update, not guarding people without J, my green. This is effects. We also need a guy to just push guys when they go for dunks. A lot of that happened in this season. I dunno know what is happening with remembering to tony. Guaranteeing, oh by the way, is what I was reaching for sledging the or in tee nosey enunciate. I'm proud, I just briefly here before because we're running out of time. I just want to bring up past elsie outcome. I have
officially on our guy watch, because I think the difference between the difference between them. after is being just and another team in the eu, a good team and taking the next step, and maybe even considering, as we talked about in a prison pod, maybe Henry calibrating in building grounds, gaudy barnes is having a topped year. Superstar, and I don't know if the outcome is ultimately going too. that guy, but he's definitely played like that over the first four games for the raptors three nine six, twenty three, eight and nine thirty, seven twelve Levin, I believe, against the nets the shot his just looked incredible of light. The numbers look bad like statistically. Both is Further percentages report presented are not good, but just coming out of his hand, it just looks way. than ever here has- and I don't know you just even playing on another level, and I want to get a shot out because, like I don't know,
who's guarding that dude against the nets. In particular I I know, we've said the nets are a bad defense, but like soon as rolls royce, o'neal gets on him is take him in the post Sonny any brutalizing that waste he's taking the claxton off the durable when he gets wish on two amendments. Simmons comes and he's just like making the path to the next sky and distributing just like. I don't know if I'd I'd, scouted like what more This guy had left in him. It probably because of what a dramatically peace is taken, already in his career, but I wouldn't you have asked him if he does take the next step to like front line. He was already all nba guy, but, like all NBA guy with a bullet, you can count on to go to in the clutch for a bucket he's just a bad ass player, elegance by adding those elements to where I mean he's one of the better, It's match. Hunters we have in the game right now in terms of forwards who can punish people across the board, as you laid out just an across positions, and he plays on a perfect team for that, because the raptors
cause. They have so many like sized guys and because they have so much off ball action they make you want to switch like they are. They are pulling you into that trap and seok m is the one who springs it because he will post up anybody and, as you said like, the numbers are good from three right now, but, like the turnaround in the post is good, like the mid range, pull up is good, like all that in between stuff is therefore him in a way that, like that The star shit like that is what you want of a primary ball handler tron of this season, in particular, there's lots of opportunities for their forwards to really eat as creators, and they were, yeah more and more over the course of the year, as you know, as as barnes, is getting even more comfortable in that capacity. As the outcome is just like, he hasn't even better sense of how to use all these weapons around tim. I think he's in that category. I mean he was an all in ba guy for a reason, yeah. I was skeptical some of their cause like justin, because I was like who's going to be this all star type of player for them on until scottie barnes,
the next july, Leonard. Ah from or not. I do not believe I guess it is driven along is gonna, be it's gonna, be on tat scale and I think in the past the key to the neutral asking him was sort of stonewalling. His paint stuff right, if you could watch more from the paint, if you could put a guy that could just stand up to him. Strength, wise and not let him get to those beautiful hook, shots and scoop shots and all the stuff that he does when he's within five or six feet and like yeah pascal go, do you work outside you can neutralize the guy, but all of that playmaking that he's doing now and I think he's legit feels like a threat from all three levels. You know the way the the ball is coming off of his hands. The feels like you have to guard amounted three, and so you know it's opening all this other stuff up in its cool, like it's really cool the sea, a guy that
was seen as a project when he came in you, don't justified the investment that the rafters put into it and now like taking me even further than that like this is crazy. It's really talk to see, really talk developmental story. It's weird because I feel like the difference between we're stars and just like really good players. Is that all those guys make all the hard things? Look easy, like all of the hard things still look hard first, ah come mainly it it's one of the most like crazy things, I've seen It's almost like he's like a working man superstar at this point, what some of those new they need, yeah, exactly so shouts the basque ass, the grass it around. Don't stop saying, meaning about her. But I guess that's it for us this week. Thank you, too eddie ocampo for philammon on Sudan. We back sometimes employment.
With it.
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