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How Do the Celtics Salvage the Finals? Plus, an Important Zach LaVine Update | Group Chat


Justin, Rob, and Wos start by discussing the Warriors taking a 3-2 lead in the series, and they try to figure out how and if the Celtics can get back into the series. Then they discuss the news that Zach LaVine is expected to re-sign with the Bulls.

Hosts: Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney, and Wosny Lambre

Associate Producer: Isaiah Blakely

Additional Production Supervision: Benjamin Cruz

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Hello and welcome to group chat. I am just the barrier joining me as always big wise rob mahoney for game five right data, so you wanna tell us about the here: the properties of the oceans and seas experienced at first hand. I would second clay on the healing properties. And I would not endorse the healing properties of san Francisco bay, water. That's a whole different I dont know where he's coming from on that one was, of course, does not none notion. Guy, I mean an ocean guy. I've always go to the beach back when I was living in the north east is basically wants this after July fourth amount of freight to get in there
mix it up the warrant warm out there. in the summer time, of course, in a tropical setting. Obviously you guys know one you know are related to haitian immigrants been the places like jamaica dominican republic. You get me in the caribbean. I'm going to live in the ocean might well call me poseidon, In conclusion, the seas dub south We're we're gonna get into small season stuff later on, but first we'll try to turn. The page is slightly to game. Six. We're gonna talk about how the celtic, can salvage the series or if they can have a couple thing on the agenda, but I want to start with jason tatum first, so one of his better games, statistically of the finals, with twenty seven point, send rebounds forces course a couple turnovers in there
when you get into the other staff, create williams you now some like robber Williams, all the william. I all all the defeat nurse, you are getting enough shot. Help the now but with tatum. Specifically, I wonder If the series rob is ultimately coming down to is doing enough, but maybe not the transcendent stuff that he paused we need to be doing in the series that staff curry has done in the past to give them the slim. Margin that you're gonna need new series like this. It's what flop and all over the place in downtown if the margins in order to give them the edge and others a lot. We can discuss in their body thing about that. Just as a kind of a thesis for this year is right. Now yeah. I think that's true at in weirdly enough. It's not because he's not hitting tough pull up jumper there a turnaround fadeaway like he is hitting some of that stuff. He just can't hit almost anything in the paint tough tough finishes in the lane into the warriors credit. I think they ve especially
their wings in their small andrew wigand. Harry pain. Those guys have done a great job like walling up contesting shots and helping on those drives dream on green, of course, but somebody's like just the way tatum plays like playing for contact to try to draw fowls that he doesn't get trying to go like sideways in the lane and not like going up and through people to try to go to the basket it have to watch. It is hard to know like how much of that is lingering issue With his shoulder, how much that it just jason, tatum being jason tatum, how much of it is due faculty, inherently in the nba plots and enable finals, especially this a heartless hearts, have to do so I have some numbers down here so tatum is Nineteen for forty from three in the finals, nineteen for sixty two from two point range, yikes, Why do you think it's like injury? Obviously, the shoulder thing has been like a lingering like whisper like? Is you her what's going on, or is this just like kind?
who tatum is in the wars of kind of played into that. I love it. I think it's a sort of combination, or you know yes, a combination of a few factors, one I think golden state has been allowed to be a certain level of physical with boss in that sort of neutralised boston size of vantage, because if the reps call things tight against golden state, they don't have a chance to stop these dudes. You know arm in arm that somebody who is against not calling things type in a play off in a goddamn every mba fund was I'm actually prove that idea. The physicality is wanting. Tatum seems to have some kind of thing. Bothering him injury. Wise is another thing and Note of warriors are very smart defenders like the great at timing up their helps did great
at disguising their help, did great at you know, knowing when and when not to help like they're really good. At these final details, and so all three of those things are conspiring to make jayson tatum, you know basically look like a pumpkin weigh. he's within three feet of the basket yeah. I thought it was really telling that at points in the series now to especially earlier, I think the words have moved off this a little bit, but golden state was pretty much cool with steph, curry, jordan whoever was getting matched up against tatum, basically around free, thorough line area? I think I'll. Tell you a lot about what they think of you by how they guard you, and I think what the warriors are saying with that kind of coverages. We don't think you can make us pay consistently enough on efficient shots on getting to the basket on drawing free through we trust our help to be there. We don't know that you're gonna be able to make the difficult past ten times out of ten times against that kind of coverage, and
although they moved away from some one, I think they're trying to scram korean pull out of those mismatch a little bit more as a series is gone on. I don't think they weren't early wrong. What jason tatum is a great player, but the numbers bear a guy who is unable to get through the most efficient stuff consistently enough to Chile's to be up in the finals. At this point, the others one play the second quarter. I went back and watch lot of the game. Last night today, crusher tape. I know I know it's me meaning what can happen when I'm not doing like for other jobs could actually do this. What quite well, here's match up against you know like oh yeah, you should drive on many did but then injure wiggans closed on him at the rim. An indoor wiggans having quite the series or to talk about that later from want, obviously very bouncy aptly not so one need not necessarily want to challenge in that role, but with a head steam and chief curry kind of like already you in rear view, I would think that you would
want to try that and he immediately past thou in its just like those type, a please Not only is it just like making the probably wrong vision that scenario, but almost like a trickle down effect. Wheres is just like. I don't need the warriors right. Intimidated at all by what the south, as are gonna, throw at them. I'm just like looking around like where is like the jordan all or someone else. That's just gonna give this often some zip in some juice that it feels like their lacking you just like I don't know I mean it was. It was in golden, say, ash I should point out that, obviously the crowd is gonna get behind the. Maybe that changes in Boston but there's just like there's not, and I feel like tatum- is the one that needs to bring them. You know it's crazy, Man, you saying that evoked images of essentially when the modern era of bomb hunting was invented, which is the twenty sixteen finals, and especially those last three games where it was la branch.
straight up. It would be like five six possessions in a row reads like no. You come set the screen. We want this, which we want this mashup anymore, him attacking it, but the braun, especially twenty. Sixteen as a threat at the basket, is one one he's a bigger threats. Score shoe the team as to allocate more resources to stopping that when he gets there and three like you, just- can compare the level of play maker and you know just basically passer that leubronn is too jason tatum right and I think that's what you see so. Would you have C. Is those moments when you know stuff, curry has two shot a box out or stop outlook for on a block. Any wins. You know same with rob william same with these bigger guys like they have to beat them with dec. All the juice of shot creation on the ball. They got two guys who can do it?
Everybody else is due by brute force and when those guys don't gotta, go in this spray and the ball or all over the place in these live ball turnover of situations, and it has the compounding fact that you don't get play defence and a half court, which is your strength, is so not warriors are playing against. transition defence rather than a half chord in. Like has these cascading factors in you know, you have what happened in the last two games. The moment game. Five, when I knew the celtics were in real trouble, was there's an off its obsession. There was a market smart, driving, kick to Derek white, a Derek white driving kick back to market smart. Who then drove into? paint again and it just like that's the way the warriors are gonna cover these guys because they know what was knows what we all know that there are only two guys: nineteen that have the Jews to really create, as you laid out and that's why you, these situations, where jason tatum jail and brown play like thirty five,
straight minutes, and I guess accepting half time did not get a break basically from the start of the second quarter on or their their first entrance into the second quarter on, because those that have to be on the floor laid against a defence. This good, the celtic don't have that jordan pause, you're asking just didn't have, though supplementary creators. They have these two guys and if they can't get it done, that's that's the ballgame, that's it and again they have to be getting it done, deaf to be winning, because the only way to the warriors are going to change them. coverages just they're beating these guys constantly is like alright man. We got to move stuff in the direction of these guys who are just cooking people at the point of attack, they're beating help all right. We got to change something up and then they're complimentary
dairy tertiary players can have a lot of space to operate and get these wide open looks and shot. But if you not scoring on staff currie one on one in your jail and rapid adjacent Eightam, the war have no reason to give the rest of those guys any type of airspace. when they looked the best in the most dynamic, was win. Marcus, smart posted up, jordan pool two times in a row like down on the block now is like there's a little something here and then it completely went away like there's only so much example, especially when that is born from the game, but. I don't know like clearly they were searching for stuff. I mean they win a lot with the the Or wing one big line up in it seem like they got some juice from that in the third quarter, but by the fourth when things are really fallen apart and put out the grant Williams at centre line up. About last podcast makeover for enforcement within four. My
by my theory. There, I'm just like wondering where it comes from now, because I think that in the big picture like that, s game they had planned to their strength was probably game. Three, we are like other sizes actually mattering here. Robber waves is an awesome series by a lot of what they were scoring within the pay was a lot of my german brown jason teen him just like driving it into the cup, and I'm just like all. These bigs are now just spread out on the floor and offices and you're not really hoping you at all, unless you get some like outlier three point: shooting performances from our horror for denmark, smartly forgotten that third quarter in so it's like their big in matters, especially the events, but I don't know ultimately, if it's going to swing the game and if they don't know have the wings in office of jews to go small, to really like combat what the wars are doing, and now I'm wondering how is the series of our they thought Why me? What makes it tough is not
they are leaning somewhat into those one big for guard, slash, lineups, but it really only works with rob williams like at this point in the series when they ve, though now hoffered into those spot. He has not had a good time either. You know sheet key and williams were by great wines or both huge net negative sinking. Five rob Williams has been awesome. Probably their third best player in the series, but Much. Can you play like how much can he realistically be out there given his injury situation, it's impossible spot to be in its where the lack of debt, on this team- really really hurts you and had gone by this point with at length with that defence with Cobb things together with seven any man rotations, but I think you're now you're gonna, look at a six point: five man rotation. You know it's dead, quite and whatever you might get out of great williams on a given night- and that's that's a tough place to be against warriors when they seem to be getting deeper. As the series goes railing, jordan policies we getting more confident their finding minutes would be elites of their funding.
It's really good dollar the binding ways for all these pieces to make sense- and I dont see that further through the celtic sincerity with irritation at the same time, men, those possessions where tatum eyebrow just give while away I like to see those baby turning the shots on goal, you know like that yeah improvement. Where'd you just go into the language. Is give the rockaway or you teach it out, and you know you know, Gary pay in the second is, is guarded, guys out on a wing right, like he's zoning up when the two guys- and is this you just watching you kids of slow, this freaking kick out and it is, is like what you might call it. A put return dim knew where he is waiting for the freak ball. Unease is going a transition, like you know, maybe see
those possessions turn into shots all goal. I think that would make a world of difference. Call me. Crazy, yeah they're, also waiting on some of them now to because they know the kick out or comment like almost like when jurymen does anything with the basque volume, like always gonna pass it like, I think, like tat, is becoming a little too predictable when and not to be total J g basketball, culture but tenders free throws brow and ended the name wit when they came in the game and the sick, like the circumstances where it's in the middle of a drought, jason, tatum, his dog, tired, and he walks into line, and mrs too, in a row I matches takes a lot at your team in those situations does wont. Let me throw this out there because I think it's like if we're trying to solutions here, one of their only options would be more peyton, pritchard right, double my hope. Returning to Boston Kevin. who did it? How on the one hand Has it made a shot into games? Catherine,
What can the other, on the other hand, has played a ton and is a plus Twenty two in the series overall. Second, a robber Williams, on the subjects- and now you would say in theory someone who can give you a little bit more stretch. Obviously using it too much for you on the defence of an but like in the games, were like dirk white using giving you anything on offence. Is it really that tough, like? Throw some more minutes on the prey and pressure? Or are we just like the point where, as soon as he gets out there he's I points gonna get picked on. I think pritchard the thing about pritchard is that leg, Jordan poor feels very confident when he's going against him right. It's is different than staffing clay I'm but also play is like york opposed this guy on wakes older than in you know. It's it's like. The temper made of the people is playing against.
You know I sometimes you can invite a team, the post up, a bigger guy, and it's like bad for the team. You know like these. These things that people like Phil instinctively that they should be doing is bad in the case of attack, the bridge should its could now. This is actually like exactly what you guys should be doing, is so less problematic in and yeah he's not in any way making up for it on office. With anything now we play making not which shot making, not with anything so tough em right now when I know Derek white is not really a consistent shooter by any stretch of the imagination, but in what universes p pritchard some now down stretch guy, you know I know eating legs, now like mid thirty, why arms of whitehall priorities a white I mean an exit from greece then reference year
I mean I think that brings us then to one grant williams, who ostensibly should be able to play small ball centre by thus far or has not- and I really dont understand what's happening here, because for so long the season it seem like he was. The next successor to dream on green by in this area are gonna seems I just a pretty poor Similarly- and like I don't know like do you guys see anything for him where he's just like been because he can't guard staff we cover than in the past, for like, I can do understand why cause he's not like he's particularly slow I mean, I guess his letter equipment is in grey, or am I just? I guess step is just unique and he's gonna do a lot of people, but I feel like this is grant Williams should be able to show off his own unique reliance on a defensive it. But this is the reason he is not dream on green, like. I think what makes great williams good is that he pleased bigger than he is. But what good is that
who you against golden state like ease, he's chuck haze with a jump shot right now face if they are not like a defensive specialists against centres, but there's no centre in other there's no yon is to match up with the series. There's no there's no way to use his inherit strength, and so then you notice of this guy doesn't move like dream on me he didn't cover like dream of a good team defender. The warriors are unique challenge that can stretch a guy like that passes limits yeah. I think the problem friend to is that his bad moments again steps looks so bad it. So you understand it's not like there were a lot of on, but when It happened. It looks so bad, it's so obvious. So you understand why I caught you be like I'm going to stay away from this in a way that they haven't done with Horford who's had equally horrible. Looking moments in It is, but he's got more trust from his coat to go out in china figure something out. I just don't think he's our ease, for whatever reason he hasn't earned. It
us or the leash, if he will from email, to go out and continue to do it. I'm not. I don't think they should give up on it simply because I don't think they have the luxury of it. You know what I mean like they kind of got, to bring them out there, and just you know hope that you can go out and execute. That's what I'm coming away with from this finals, which is like a kind of what I come away with from every policies and for the past couple years, honestly, since the war Who's gonna rose the prominent seven years ago. It's like you gonna end up playing your most skilled guys in more more we then not. Those guys are gonna, be wings, and I just wonder if the celtics are just slightly heavy in the front corps that so much of what makes them unique, is those big guy is in the words of just found a way to just exploit them for that they have. All of these guys rob mention a lot of as other digging into now are all skilled guys like, if pool isn't shooting they could just turned to the next one. They turned a gary pay. A news I even though,
he's more of a defence of guy. It has been a pretty consistent, shooter, offensive supplier this year, especially getting out, position in solemn. Just like I wonder if we that, like all razor for all of the nba over that since the warriors rose to providence, which is like you're gonna play skilled guys replay wings in the wars have more of those than you do you, I think, that's where you get to some trouble, though, with the cap and just like the realistic flexibility of ad Lots of highly paid wings on the same roster united. I think the warriors unite my horse. Thus, no, no I'm not going down that particular road, but the look This is the reason why, for example, the sixers have never been able to figure out the back up behind joy and be it really it's like. If this guy is gonna, play huge minutes and get paid a lot at that position, how much are you going to invest in his back up? Basically, and so they decided we're gonna go for Derek white, whose kind of like a split option right he's both the to guard
he's mark a smart insurance that works, that can it covers both bases for us and that's what are really well for them to this point, but again like that with the warriors are daring him to shoot. White has lost all confidence in his shot in his office in its turn kind of brutal on that. But you can see the logic in that, especially as it compares to frankly the astronomical price. You have to pay to get good to a wing players right now. So what do we have here? if you're the celtics like? What can we bank on or what can we turn to right now, so they? Finally, is to games and arouse. I do wonder, for congress is maybe a little bit more shook than it has been in the past on the other you're going back home, you get the dry can crowd late night like maybe get something from that is
Anything was maybe to the fact that staff curry hadn't off game, and you can learn something from that, or is that even like more fools gold, because he just missed shots, they waited sit game. Five according to cleaning clean in the glass with a eighty three defensive rating in the half court. You are stopping this team, you stopping them, and so what fortune which would you gotta count on is like? Maybe you get a few more calls in the paint where those bad, mrs turning the free, throw makes, less turnovers and just may be better. You get more transition up.
Like some of this stuff is so bad words like this. Does it look like championship level? Often save execution in that have court, like you don't belong in the nba fund was play like this, and I know that you know. We suppose that better analysis than this, but I don't know what to tell you want to be just throw the ball to the other team. What what's the solution to that. Yet the adjustment really is: don't turn the ball eighteen times as with alluded to its it look, I think one thing they worked for the war in the worst favour and game five, and it was almost by accident. I think some of it was deliberate was in the first half they really let steph pace himself nan they. He was deliberately ball. She was not moving a time like you'd. Normally would be they working through clay and working there wigand working their dream on in trying to establish these other guys. It basically saving steps legs for what seemed like,
it was gonna, be a second half surge. They just never came you don't get that if your jason tatum magellan brown and so I think, that's the reality of if you're the celtics and you go down big in the first quarter. You're gonna loose like you need to have the margin for error early to move, play from those guys to at least get them some possessions off the ball, where they're not in demand all the time cuz if you're going to play them. Forty four minutes, which I think you have to like we're down to a twenty two game season. Those guys have to play four thousand two hundred and forty Forty six minutes, that's the way it has to work with this rotation. Then you have to find ways with in the game to let them pace themselves so that they're not destroying the ball into the hands of expected warriors. You know exactly where to be near on the self exe I'm really worried that clay is now seen enough shots go in that he's with even more convinced than he probably had before. When it was at times seemed
little bit more like a show of competence, but maybe secretly use worry like goddamn. Do I still have this now? Maybe they don't get some of these performances from pool who was touching gao. Maybe they don't get another they pay day. Maybe trainmen doesn't dribble at all this game as opposed to the wonderful he took in order to get the basket early in the four quarter. I met last game, but like, I don't know man like getting those guys going, isn't really dicey proposition, but I do want to talk about turnovers too there because I think, ultimately, I keep coming back to the idea of like what, if the celtic just had one ball handler, you now like a kind of is existential question of, I guess the season they had post january It's like allworthy team, we're switching, we have an identity were gray awesome, but it's just like I get this thanks that identity, but not having any go to ball, in the situation just a clean up? What's going on here?
really seems to be like their fatal flaw on issues like really tough man, it's so you're you're stuck on his game, the game send turns words basically like. Are they gonna shoot themselves in the far east german brown and literally durable off his foot? Five times are just like Bob catching what nine it's like. now be really nice to have one guy who could pass and dribble and do all those things I mean they're in the finals. I know, but like It's the one thing holding the back right now and I think it further this option Maybe there's like a capable veteran died and make it a plug in their nets. Jobs and they get back anyone next year, but like four for right now, just like god, damn it just so close it. I think that's what makes it feels agonizing is that they are so close because the honesty of this wasn't the warriors. If this was any other style of defence, I don't think it be as big a deal, but though the way there where's, having covering in scrambling between guys. It is hard to see those z, the angles to see the lanes through that now
doesn't help that when the warriors turn it over because as we know it for a while long time. One of the biggest achilles heel for workers was their turn over like when turn it over. It's like the most beautiful mistake ever like can towards their bodies in a way that, like you, ve never seen before, because it so acting as if they have a core of a backdoor com, or I you know it's something like that, like a driving kick. The angle is a little bit of these guys, just like noise of friction picks excuse, yeah right you, you hear the caribbean duty as an teams on like whenever it again and round catches. The hall, just like it really only enhances maybe a fine. Are here, and so is your chance to score big on female sports book throughout the nba, Josephine dual is giving new customers two hundred dollars in free bats care, Indeed, when you place your first, five dollar bet that the money line point
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I feel like this shit is not like. Even yesterday was Steph has a bag and just watch the game. We can drop twenty six, twenty one, twenty three shots by the way. It's not like, he was out there. You know on some on another level like he had a good game offensively, but all the airspace is created by the attention that stuff is getting when wiggins is attacking a closeout on at the end of a shot clock and he's able to operate in a one on one like nobody, even bother sending help his way at the end of the frequent shot clock and he gets to shoot over a guy from seven see yet stuff, curry that that is stuff crusoe. Even when it is not the one finishing the post.
oceans, he has so much influence on all of their success on end, I don't wanna hear nothing. Its status is steph. Curry may like he has been by far clearly. The best player in the series is, is not a contest he's been way better than anybody else better than pritchard, barely you know what be elites. As a case, I told you guys about the loop babbitt effect. go on record here that forbear LISA yeah, that's exactly what's happened. They kept going item because he's a goofy like look. What happened. They must have found out. That's for sure, jason data not try and that again so rob any any counterpoint to this.
after a thousand phoebe, I guess like now. If he hasn't modern ahead. I know I know, but what? If he has a bad game, Considering anybody else. If we didn't do this this, terrible charade with uganda, ready when fifteen. I think that would be a chance, but I think everybody in the media collectively feels like a big old dickhead for having done in twenty fifteen with a dollar, and it's not gonna happen again. I don't know, but this collective response ability it there's a pretty finite number of people with ballots in as situations should it did a story, were they win back and talk to everyone who voted for you go dollar I'd had, I see is like the j f k. Cessation, why we had to kill bats are, as you know, is that deserve because it was that egregious, I guess so. Men average twelve points a game. What are we doing
already held abroad, affording daily lives just effective? That was the point of course, person was, do we give it to a good dollar, or do we give it to the guy who lost on the other team? Who echo dollar guard is right I mean I, I love defence back among us. Why? Why are we? So? Why are we still here? Is my question just or can we just we just give it to staff and move on, at least if, if they win lasting ahead on this game Do you want to talk about the white horse? Comments way? Will talk about so Brian are our dear friend. I guess on a radio- and now I think, is a tv here. He basically alluded to the warriors were out spending most of the ba, if not all, of the nba by a significant amount of money? Basically, the fact well like this? This helps in these situations and he caught a lot of flak for it and
I use. The timing was a little often. So that's why people seem offended by it, but I look down on white. Bore no shit like yeah. That's that's part of it way, so windy, Wendy said that the warriors outspending can be eighteen as far as like like the rapporteur, I I think I think was a deep into the tax here were raised people's hackers, is that the expression raise their hackles sure what irked people, who is, he called it a cheque book win like always, they haven't you drew they have. drew wiggans, no offense andrew wiggans, but the reason they have injure wiggans is because they were willing to pay. This enormous tec is enormous tax bill. Therefore, now Was it a win? It was a cheque book when so it is this diminishing golden states accomplishment because they, their owner, was willing to pay for greatness what they. What are we doing here? We? What we don't want to encourage, seems
to pay for players like this. This seems, like you know, that's crazy to me. I mean. I think, that to take away from me, like I'm busy during this up to you guys, are packages. Work. My way in here and in an due to take myself alike, I feel we should be applauding this age hundred say. If you are the fan base of an mba team, you do not, sure owners operating the way. The fucking crises do very like that. Just sit in say, like the entire point of these fuckin people, why they get the profit of the work that these players do is that they come with money. They do nothing else. They add absolutely nothing else to do
equation. The fans bring the attention, the money, the enthusiasm, the love, the glory, all that shit, the players bring the work, the entertainment factor. You know the scarcity of this skill set the owners don't bring shit. So if they're not spending, what are they doing? They do nothing else. Nobody can convince me that they do anything else product. So why would we discussed stem from doing their fucking jobs and fuzzy ass thickly? At that? I'm totally with you, I'm not even sure what wind horse implication was exactly other than making snazzy line which it was. But, but I agree we should foot this thing like this was not a cheque book when the Milwaukee bucks losing their series was a cheque book loss in letting a guy pda, tucker walk for money, a strictly money, that's a cheque book loss, and I think there are Lotta teams are only could take checkbook elles on a very regular basis. Dumping veterans redraft picks shipping
around the deadline to duck under the line. Like you see this all over the place and in some way tenders as much as anyone else to be honest by the way in a culture where we valorize guys for taking less money, hurting their own personal fucking pocketbook. What a factor we do that to owners about your bottom line is decrease. Ro, you made less money good for you think part of this is like. We live in such a word centric world, where we are constantly hearing about this. Guy makes this or like like transaction game is such a big part of this vote On the one hand, it is good that we follow the money and we cannot understand the nba on a transnational level. We know why decisions are made, but it does get to this point where people are like talking about the the luxury tax. Getting out of a luxury tax as if it's a good thing right, like I constantly here, like oh
You mean reflects why move and the guy the luxury tax. So this is good for them and I'm just like. I don't give a shit about that. I Do not care, and I don't know why we should care as well. Well, it's not like the warriors are grossly out spending every one else. They out smith, the second place team, but the clippers by like ten million dollars in that's, including attacks. no legislation, some stray salary, so obviously there are attacks implications that multiply that and it becomes much more painful. But again I don't care you don't care we'll by the way- and you know what your point is very astute- just sit in the coverage of this kind of stuff. We're teams are considered. Smart quota quote for ducking the tax for saving the lake, saving their oars and there's a way To look at this in a more charitable way towards ownership and say: well, you know the restricted. This of repeated tags makes it harder to do
x Y, see, which then makes it harder for the team that be better within monsieur harder to make fans happier it'll really make it harder. just that, these due to cheap and so is like. Oh, I don't nothing is stopping. It does disorder call cool risk. Nature of the tax is onerous, and so much is these- I repeat: billionaire filthy, rich, fucking billionaires who will get to profit of this team. In perpetuity so long as they choose to or they get to sell the team at a ridiculous profit if they tired of it like? What are we really tough above all, though you know at a certain point of all- is only allowed to spend so much why the fuck do we applaud that? Why don't we fucking limp poor these motherfuckers? For that I just don't get is used.
Wendy about this specific example, too, is I'm pretty sure that, when the warriors traded de angelo Russell and a couple of bench players for Andrew wiggans, they'd ducked under the luxury tax. It is You get back check us on that. I'm pretty sure that was the case in which, like I mean they spent half where's. There's no question about that and cats, guys on the roster and extended and resigned players, as is the, as is there want in their right it is every team should be doing. You should pay to keep a core alike accomplish one in modern obey history around it's not so rocket science, and as far as I'm concerned, we should be what we should do. What we should be doing is give him props and praised Joe fuckin laker cause. Why cause spends, which is his job and also he's empowered competent people
within his organization, so their owners who do the one you know hire some competent people get the hell apart it away and let them run the basketball. Stuff and illegal worry about shit? Like you know, corporate spa partnerships in strategic brand partnerships in checks- and you can worry about all that other shit, but getting out of the way of a basketball people and opening up your damn pocketbook, that's a model owner and we should be lifted this man up in the media. We should not be pilloried this guy's efforts in spending to make a team championship caliber. We should be telling those fools and a walkie. We should be telling the crises for latin and incredible exemplary gm leave for no, reason, but for the fact that they cheap as hell. You know like that's what we should be doing in conclusion, vote was for players, associations points like I don't know it,
like you is lobbying for a job from Joe lake about now, but ill. Give me a call, since we have checked books out years. What about the nba off season. Briefly, all allow it. There was a brief update this morning. Actually in breach report, Jake fisher had a big scuttlebutt. Columns tapping into some recent things that are going on here, utah jazz, Lana hawks indiana there's a lot of our favorites honestly, I figured we do a complete segment. Checking in item is deemed, but I want to give us as much space impossible as this one, because Zack levine is open up day here. The waiters intel, according to our friend Jake fisher he's expected to resign with the chicago bulls there real with who did you for them. Still ironing out in your courts some details on the fifth year, whether now be a player,
But all signs point to a deal for in quotes roughly two four million dollars robbed every thoughts. I feel like I've already expressed my in particular. I thank. This is business as expect business as usual I for one who doubted the zen have been was believing the chicago bulls. So let me say this, I think, in a way we are both kind of right. You know, I'm listening, because, amidst this report its alluded to a again and quotes purported desire to be in courts, the unquestioned, often of centerpiece, unlike the set up with the murderers and so not ideal, right and also sounds like the bulls are aware of the fact that they probably need to get Levine some more help, including the one
now get that their shopping to time all star, Niccolo vukovich in a deal that could potentially be the backward eagle, bear they want to give a patch of claims yadda yadda yadda? So I think the genesis of like our what was spurring my my conspiracy theories was just call what was did maybe think outside of Chicago? Was that like the bull? long term vision like I don't know what, if the runway as is, on some of these other teams. That he could potentially count, for instance, saint on his spurs, can we brought up that doesn't dimension, because I, since which time dogma pistons spurs. I think he would be like it. He went to the spurs powers will be way better off, then he would be with Chicago specially after like a year or two down. The road right I think like there is within this report, attaches acknowledgement that, like maybe things aren't great long term with the bulls but to undermine does a lot of money. This is a noble attempt, but I
not accept that we are all here. By about the year n. To me. It just feels like this is always about. Are you going to offer me my fifty or not like that's, basically what the conversation is been for going on two years now, where's, like? Are you going Give me my fifth year. If you want some all we guarantee, for I e g guarantees for somewhere else and I'll need to deal with an organisation that doesn't value me enough to offer me five years when they have the ability to I, which is just weird sort of political dynamics. Tat the max contract in the sea max, creates between teams and their own players, the fit years status symbol and
theme- and you know I was somebody again who underrated the status symbol with the ayton eight and last year, where it's like the status symbol is as soon as we could extend you. We do it because we think you're so great right and you don't you bruce guys. Eagle same goes for guys, like I'm a max guy, I'm your max guy pay me as much as you possibly can for as long as you wasn't began, as anything else would mean that you're, not pat committee with me and and and that's a eagle bruised and these guys- and so you know, object levine goddess fifth year so he's lost day. Young gaudy brought up the serum ass because I think that's like the more interesting ripple effects. As we kind of gun to the off season, like a lot of what's popping up now I mean they're, probably to be a bunch of trade that we don't foresee and will deal without when it happens, but the prime storylines right now seems to be like, in addition to like the jazz and what's gonna happen to them. It's levine
Does he resigned seems like you might in bradley bill looks like he is on course to resign with washington wizards. We talk about with beale, and what I want to talk about now with levine is like. Is that in the best interests for the teams at her signing them, and we talk so much about the supermax. Unlike what a failure it's been of a basketball years, and that was specifically cause players who could have opted into that taken as much money didn't and went elsewhere right, they didn't actually the lure of more money, actually wasn't as appealing to flying with the lakers or a big market teamwork team. They could have a success on right. I do wonder if this completely berries the supermax like thirty feet under whatever, because guys who are worth the supermax actually take the supermax and two three years from now, these contracts are gonna, be absolutely putrid and that's actually gonna be what spurs a big change of that in the next five years.
So you're pivoting from actually I was kind of half right into I'm wrong, but I could have been is ruining basketball. That's where we're ready. I think the owners always find themselves in search of a problem that doesn't exist right and the ultimate sit like. Ultimately, the truth is that human beings are going to adapt and they're gonna make the situation worse best for their own interests. Under whatever rules you come up with a new, not gonna, be able to back these guys in two However, you want them to behave because of what you think is the best for you right and so. In other words, words like I take away take away our teams ability decide guys so long term. Seven, you deals so guys like
she was three deals: ivf reagent quicker, have the security, but does this other thing that add value work? To be more boss, who make mound decisions, super duper early, rightly, is always gonna. Be this given take this push and pool is so with the supermax again you create this war, where this supermax exists and is like year, just cause a guy isn't lebron James as it means that kind of thing he's de la your team and that's when you end up paying bradley bill two hundred fifty million dollars to not be lebron James. You know it so the owners can never get it to their heads that, like sorry guys, life doesn't always work completely and utterly in your favour and people are always going to submit. Your freakin will notice how you use everything. Other fucking thing happening in your life. It doesn't get to happen here, get over it, yet the status symbols you were talking about was they exist, no matter what the system is like this
it's gonna move as your change shape. All that's fine, and this is why every version of the sea ba has all it they're just rife with unintended consequences. Every single time there in search of the problems, as was laid out that may or may not even exist they implements new structure, to try to change it, and doing so. They create new status symbols for players to chase and that these of each and ruin basketball. Poor, keep an eye on that as repaired to the awesome. But next week. We come back. We have to talk about our actual aims, doc about so I will have his off season talk. Can you believe it? We made a full season of this podcast love? Can it chose to at a brothers to do with love. You who's the war fuzzy's weaken it an episode guys. Then let me take the time to think I say: obliquely mayors soldier through an entire season with us on production did. Your idea may put in some like dynamic. Can clapping in the midst
if you'd like that, really up to it. Until then, we'll be back next week. We will see you later. Reboot your credit card with apple card apple card, the first credit card created by apple, gives you unlimited cash back every day and every purchase of the three percent. You use visa cash right away to norway, for in points just daily cash. You can use right away and anything cap the banner to learn more subject to credit approval daily caches above the an apple cash carter as a statement, credit see apple card, customer agreement for terms and conditions, app cash card is issued by green that bank member F
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