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How Will Kyrie Irving’s Early-Season Controversy Impact the Brooklyn Nets? | Real Ones


Logan and Raja discuss Kyrie’s most recent polarizing actions and how this early-season distraction will impact the rest of the season for the Nets (2:00). Later, the guys give their flowers to Cavs general manager Koby Altman for the team and culture he’s helped build in Cleveland (38:00).

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Associate Producer: Jonathan Kermah

Production Assistant: Kai Grady

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Yo. This is rob arbela from sixty saws that explain the nineties, the world's greatest whoopi and perverse in inaccurately named music style. Japan cast we're doing ninety saw now, because there are too many songs, Earl jab, jazzy, jewel you to share hooty. These are just some of the native people yell at me on the internet, because we're back more great saws, more red special guests, more lupi perversity join us once more on sixty songs but explain the nineties every wednesday on spotify. that was bothered about argue arousable, their roger came on the programme. He is a proponent of mid day maps.
The feeling right now, or are you just you just you just you just got about when you got on the zoom? I thought that I thought that you know the west coasters on Monday usually the ones that are kind of getting back into gear and stuff, and you come on. The platform you over here like was sir, is popping right, how you doing yeah? No I'm good. It wasn't mid day. It was mid morning and I had taken my kids to school and I was up Can I just trying to catch up on some of those games? Are you not? the watch them all alive because some of em are hella late. So I went to sleep, and so I was up. I was up, Late catching some games that I hadn't caught, the end of I was sitting just take a map, our not an hour ago, willpower up, I woke up and a low grog here than I thought I'd be. I thought it would be more like rejuvenating I'm just the I'm just slow to a right now it up, I think I I got a topic devil rejuvenate, both of us bit of a weekend bore
the brooklyn nets, and I said I you he last the sword or the episode before didn't really want to talk about the brooklyn. That's right there, not they're. Not, as you know, we don't know where they are as a team right now, it's early in the seas in was taken a basketball linz towards the brooklyn, see. Now they they haven't. They haven't. You know the lotta off sees it changes zenos turmoil to get over. So it's not it's not the right time to judge them. and then and then you know kyrie first, he tweeted and then he stepped to the podium raja and first he tweeted some some have a film with some anti semitic topics in it and then oh no. He they went played a game in. He was asked about his tweet, which, which drew the ira is even the owner of his basketball team and
In so many groups, and then he went back and forth and all these things this is my thing roger I don't want get too much too likely topics that he treated about, or you know we get it too. His response to said things, but my thing would with Kyra. Is it's always something and a good away. It's always just here is one of those guys that when that is all He always heavenly, like one of those guys on your team right is a young guy, you know, but is it's always something with this person? Why? What? Why is it always have? Why does kyra always have to to be that guy? Then? Where did the network of appear raja war, what are we doing right now? Where do they go from here? An interesting question. Because it's really early and I think even nets ownership and
and management knows that this was gonna, take it at a better time to the jail in europe, he's coming back off of whole seasons missed in multiple parts of your team. Joe recent events in london, and so the jury was going out on them for a huge chunk of the first half of the season right. I think that would have been uprooted thing for for the people of importance in the brooklyn front offices two to think we're. Gonna have to make an we're. Gonna have to make, the determination on this may be a quarter of the way into the season. A third of the way into the season it'd be too early at any time before that, but it's because it's a recurring theme with this now with the d fraction of this and again, I think, you're right. I want to touch them the car tat necessarily bitch just becomes ever
year, there's something going on and their their distress science and in the past, at times they, an insurmountable and so just throws a monkey wrench in. The way you look at evaluating this t, because that now has to be a factor. You are hoping that wasn't a factor this year you were hoping that this could be purely about asked the boy about on court chemistry purely about a ready to affect winds and losses, and I think, You know now, when you ve got your you got your own or having to come out to bigger stretching than I think even we're making making it out to be this early in the season for four team that has has been just disrupted europe. here with distractions, infer a player quite golly who always seems to be at the root of
and this is a missing a cairo bash session at all, but it's just it is, It is some people or magnets for stuff, like that. their polarizing. In that way, they ve they ve always got something going on and so on feel bad men. I wash my man led the tunnel, the other night interest or frustration and slave. I know I know steve no steve a long time. I've known him a long time when I saw him blow up the other night at that official and lose his mind the way he did. I know That's in him see he carries himself really well and People don't see the super fiery competitor, but trust you don't become a player. That's accomplished the things now he's accomplished unless you're in goober competitor right so for anyone say: oh my god, my god they they cite the fact complete out of character for him, the care that much, but he
usually under control enough to not let anyone see it any end. any hides it and when I saw him loses stuff me and I was like damn dude that debts and then I had. Then there were the cliffs. I'm coming out of the tunnel may look really frustrated in an. I don't know where you go, I don't know. I just think it's it's messy and admit that this is gonna, be a headache that we have to worry about run into the year. It's just messing up, and I know I feel bad man. I feel bad for your budget. I feel bad, its fist, roger we're not even in november. Yet that's that This thing man, it's high. We man it's how we do like water. We I just because we are- we talked about this just in general with early since you're trying to figure yourself out as a basketball team, you're trying to work habits in
you're, trying to do your job to just figure out what you're gonna be this season right and become a team, and I say this, and it's not that it's not just the. What just happened would carry just now as like the route of his. Shoes with this team there's also like we gotta, swept descended. Again, we didn't want to talk about the net. To too early this season, but you see clips like cairo himself. China hold other players accountable. I've been summoned, sell him to shoot the bar. He can't fell out. How are you you act like? How did you big uk be a leader like this when you're doing other shit, that's distracting from the common goal? You know- and I know that the net said the set of players meeting following their last game, which we players meeting the first month of the seas and just isn't isn't
no matter how you slice it in those things, never work. But my thing is this, though, when you, when you. Hmm I'm just gathering a lot of thoughts here, but when you have these many problems early in the season, the root of it is one guy. You could say all those things like how katie has said this is an effect locker. Mrs an effect in it. I'm not in the large role, but it is definitely affecting there's. No one knows a year one hundred percent, and now it might not affect the locker room on surface level not walk into their locker room. look around and be able to feel a different energy coming from different people because of these type of incidents, or this specific in it that's not how it necessarily affects a locker room, it's not as superfluous who is that it's not right. There but everyone has.
Everyone has an amount of emotional bandwidth rate like theirs. It there's did did you was that you can absorb of emotions that you can give out and take in vibrate off a view when there's only everyone. It's like an odometer on a car. Every cars is different right there set number, is no set amount of shit that you can take before it's too much re so well. Walking around with these varied degree, of emotional bandwidth and an organization, any sport organisations, especially you know, Professional leagues, there's so much Things that are trying to be sorted out within an organization are so many players there. So many said if members there so many moving parts, that a lot of a coach or a general manager or coaches emotional bandwidth is spent like an ration portioned out so that they can get by you know what I mean: I'm not got ten percent for logan today. Hopefully his problems. Are it s just on average, to write vessels on accelerating that's enough,
the team, and so I would make the case that in brooklyn because of where they are as a team in this process in coming off of last year, you ve got more, going on the normal that that every one is kind of expanding emotional bandwidth on in its natural. It's not it's nothing to two point, a finger at it. It there's, no blame game going on with it. It's just that the price of doing business right, but when you have to do now, start spending, some of their head on, situations like this and dealing with the they fall out of yes and now we are rushing people to media sessions, and now we have to shut down media sessions and now, as a general manager. I gotta call stephen and say I d: do you see what happens I read it hiv and the media into it again? Just just be aware of your asked. The question here is how we want to approach that if they ask x Y and see you shut that. That's just making emotional capital out its
straining me, like you're, taking away bandwidth for shit that I could be using somewhere else more productively and that What starts to affect the locker room? Can you dig what I'm saying it put more on edge? It sat people so now a normal, but in conversation between Steve NASH, any other coach or sean marks in any other player that would norma we be like amen. I dont want to really necessarily have this conversation with you right now, but I have more than enough in reserve to hold. my tongue. Let you bout this offer me if you're unhappy absorbed it come back to you in a rational way that would they would keep the ball moving forward. I can't now do that Because I'm fried because of all shit that I've been dealing with in so now I lashed back out to you right, I didn't, I didn't give you the response that would have been best for the team, and now a snowball effect has started right. So now, you're back in the locker room bear with me
you're a little bit on edge. Does this conversation didn't go great right and by an iron, you want some shit that you normally might be like rajkumar with that bullshit manlike weakens, would dont. But now fried, so you lash out at me and now you and I are beefing and that's how it works. So you can't afford for all of these distractions, to be creepin in. And still in emotional bear with broke cause. You ve been around cairo Do you think that he cautiously knows this, because every time it this is every single stop he's been right, where the the emotional bandwidth to some degree, as fried by the end of by the time I don't know, cleveland necessarily, but at the other reports that it austin I mean the emotional band with last year with the nets was just fried. You know just it at that,
when do you think he consciously knows these things that he's doing this are like what is the cycle normally with kyra? Is it I'm gonna go will do so? I'm going to say some wild stuff going to really bad get my teammates in the back of my corner, like what is the? What is yours, we the cycle when inquiry it goes through. You know something like this: korea, is not a bad guy at all. You may or may not agree with some of his opinions or some of his theory or conspiracy theories, but at his heart, don't believe to be amended carry, is very cairo century. So does he do it on purpose, knowing that this not not really, but he doesn't really care if that makes sense. So He's just gonna do what he wants to do when he wants to do it without any real concern.
For what is going to do to the team, and this is leadership mrs, why he he he didn't effect emotional bandwidth include, that way because braun, and this is what the brand doesn't get credit for enough. Leubronn, make sure that any thing is in all people or inland with lebruns vision in the bronze culture. So you're, not there not a ton of a lot of things. You know outside of the scope of playing basketball, they, coaches have to deal with. The general managers have to deal with shore. They gotta figure out the other situation of retraining so on and so forth, but you rarely get talk of of actions that, like that's, what westwards kind of unique in that regard, the brown usually has people kind of you don't want. Same page with him and he and what's that Kyrie was like that, because when you have the broad, if, if, if a young careers mid defer to anyone and be in line for anyone. Who's gonna be going abroad can be
run and so to some degree, he was and then he began, the kind of outgrow that right in his mind and that's all, he started one middle morning believe but he's not a leader he's not he's a bridge, a basketball player, but he doesn't We care this a very long answer to your short question. He doesn't care, so we does what he does with no concern. With that's gonna to reverberate around the organization or what the ramifications are going to be for the people, they will have answer the questions for him every day, because that's what you know that's a thing: what the fuck get up there. I don't want to go on a fucking monday is, as Joe Harris and I'm not speaking for Joe heroism, just using him. His example like I had a great weak how do do shit I was enjoying my time trying to get healthy ready to play some bow? And here I go gonna answer anti semitic questions but in cairo irving. I do want to do that. Shit regime and so doesn't care, and so he's not really a leader, and so that's. Why said, and that's why,
it's even funnier. When you were talking about lake, I re trying to take the position of leadership. Don't just follow. Just don't just getting lying, the thing is over. The thing is, though, what that is he's in it like now it's the difference. It organizations all right. You spoke about a broad and also that was a specific time inquiries life. He was a young dude rice or might have been easier for him to fall in line for someone else's leadership. For that There is also the nets position where a lot of their quota, coil leaders are passive. People write like arduous we're gonna crowd, source, we're going to we're gonna work today there are they seek? I read a different light. They see him as a face of a franchise and taking all these responsibilities That is a lesson they should not. They should not be decided without, it happens, went but which you, but it's there's a thing now we kite, but it was
by the way that how cairo came to work when he came in I'm doing you as a favor right, so he's almost emboldened to act This way right and you have you know his different relationship that he has with Kevin durant. had then he has with the lebron James right, where some more of a partnership then a now. Man, you too little. How may you tie, but here the little, how me now this is like we're brothers were co workers leading this ship yeah. I mean in theory in a perfect world. Yes,. katy has to be the leader of the team and here's where brooklyn has has come up short and I mean amongst, I guess, a lot of This is where they ve come ashore. With this iteration of the net. They knew they katy wasn't a vulcan leader. They knew that they also
new. They carry wasn't going to lead because I fucking told them that so they have failed in finding the person they can come into that locker room as a a level player to them and lead a character someone they can come into their building and even He is you know, averaging. Eight or nine points a game with the hell defied defensive effort rebounding effort or assist whatever his real job is. He can be the backbone of culture setting and leading and holding people accountable. because he is workable and he's got us steady, emotional state, like you, don't have that and that's where they ve come up short because I dont know Kevin well I don't, but he seems to be a kind of moody and I've heard that he's not the most votes or in terms of leadership, and so, if you ve got to do like that,
a bunch of guys. I mean I kind of know the residence do it. I don't know that their their culture, driving leader type of players than you failed them well. The thing is a rather: they ve been from the mob that they signed on, or this they they signed on. They have been in bold into not care about authority right they when they got there would katy got their haste lines so carry size, and what else could I do? They say: oh, I did our homes, yeah, Jordan, one who gave him pay to you now we want to go, get him pay, get, give give him some bread as well never mind what he had done in previous seasons that would justify. He is not worth the contract that he did right, but I mean you're worth what they give you, but still you get what I'm saying on the shore so from the mo and that they were that they were even step foot on in brooklyn. They had the opportunity,
to make it in their own way, and you could see it's not worked out at all at all. Like we're starting to see and a lot of ways that these two Two stars on the team would probably be more effective in other situations. And have been way more effective in other situations because of what Situations have done for their personality or how they job their personality and now- We were just seen kind of word like what we were. or will the worst case scenario of when they signed together consumer when they sign to brooklyn both kay inquiry there above like ok, but there too, It suggests that they could do something special but when you ran a layer, it back. This thing never really had a chance in hindsight right legates it. They never really had a chance, because you and bold in your ball two players to
make it in their own right and it's not a partnership. This was never a partnership and that's it's pretty sad. Would you would you look at how it's come because no is winning in this scenario. No one It is unfortunate that its played out like this, and I don't mean to make it sound. Like the reason where, where we are, is because of brooklyn brass. That's, that's! That's not! necessarily it I mean they're culpable by you know. Korean Kevin are equally is culpable. so, like you know, in any relationship when you, when you are start, now in that would like From my maiden, my young sunday, for example, would like he's just came out there. Man is no is grown up. Little bit he's out in the world he's got friends, and you know Some of his friends came at him sideways the other day for something he chose to do without them, and I at the I said a man to do it is. Is that are you ok?
like do you enjoy being being spoken to nor harass the way you're harassed. Does that make you feel good for haven't somewhat question your decisions like that, and it was like no. I said why this is really early in your relationship. You need to check that shit. You need it Right now- and you didn't make it known that they can either be called you you can continue to be friends and all it up. They gotta respect your boundaries or then you don't need to be friends with them, and now was my advice to him, but that's my advice to the nets to him in this is this is the always going to be? I don't give a shit I don't her like these are our parameters and we're gonna. This is how we're going for as much as the cairo the coming the ranch, the la bronze d, the great want to do things their way. You know what they also respect. Was that structure limits boundaries they
they respect that they may not always love it, but they respected, and I feel like as apparent. We often forget me for vaseline between these two scenarios, like I feel, is apparent. My job isn't to always be you friend and make you feel good until you something that you like. My job is to try to help you It where you're trying to go, and sometimes those are hard conversations, sometimes there's some structure, and in their conversation, then there's some there. Some penalties for the shit that you do outside of the scope of what I told you was going to be allowed to happen. under the roof, and I don't think brooklyn stunt Jobs are now you ve got kind of chaos like that right. We ve got chaos, but I will take it back to this and where they were. It has gone wrong, but I do think it could have worked from a talent perspective, and I know because I had these conversations. You wanna conversations raw everyone does over the years. These conversations were were. before they even
went to training camp for the first time, staff, was being assembled in brooklyn, and we were taught about the make up of the roster, and I headway. more experience with with kyrie and Steve headway, more experience with case when you are like take it about going to the staff they absolutely just a year, and we are just kind of talking out how Steve wants to play what his philosophy is. Gonna look like How exciting some of the pieces are on the roster? What else do you think we would need like we're having these conversations as on pacing, my backyard around the pool I was excited was cool shape and one of the things we came to after after talking for while was the need for that type of players. Names that came up at the time world. andrea good dollar or or pga talker,
means names like that, not necessarily those guys, but those were some of the names of a guy that could come in and had the cunning Rabbits us maybe had a look but a tread left on the tyre where he could actually get out there, because you have to write a catches, be somebody sit over there, to be somebody in the trenches with you, but would would come in and provide that type of steady state, evil leadership, professional, grown up, accountability. They just haven't, been able to find the peace and that's unfortunate, because I do think that that peace would have met a whole lot to this process. more than more than I can even articulate on this package. Would have meant a lot, because they are both brilliant players but they're both individuals- man there these their indy guys. They do you take either one of them and put them on a team with real established culture in and they have to be the one that that answers every question or the buck, stops
them every night and you get a different human being on both I'm sure, that's that this interesting. You said that, because I mean Kevin obviously had that in golden stay inquiry had that to a large extent in cleveland right, but this is that this is what's interesting. Just about. guess, human beings or players in general, some people, just art, saddle I'd with their position for better or worse ride there. Just like I for whatever reason Kevin did not like the structure of golden state, and it was it was. It was untenable for him to stay there right arm and there's always a human nature of Man I gotta get out of this situation. I got it, I got it's going to be better, I go to brooklyn or I go to new york. It's probably going to be better than this. I just can't take this anymore and then or kai recent thinking cause. I don't think ever seen. Leubronn just say to this body to only time were ever seeing the bronze say. I guess he sent his now. What Anthony Davis is now happening, but I've given
the franchise. I want to see you here take this in an take this to your own vision that I think that will live the bramble saying to guy just didn't work out that way, but I've never seen a broad do that right and then he goes like no. I can do is any more can't be under under this end to go somewhere else right goes the boss, it and incomes here. Are we just seen a another example: clark. Grasses is not always greener, yet that's exact that's exactly what what that is. And we all thought humans go through that transition of being a sign or a daughter or a nephew, for me sore grant whatever and an end and growing
and getting older and feeling like I could take on more this responsibility and I can handle some of these things are healthy to yeah for sure. Let me help you. You know some of these bills now our mind to pay like. Let me let me. we carry more my weight around the house. I grow up and do some things for my dad war and then you know you get out of school and you got a job and now now you know that dynamic shifts. You know what happened with me and my dad words more You know my dad and I were both grown men now and you know, and then there comes a point where you know you here, I'm younger my dad's older, like they're, still real reverence and I love my daddy's all like my dad is my everything man by but more of the stuff. Revolves around our family. Now, because, where the younger family, you know, and so that happens, but when you when you were in the the younger
stages in development stages and you have a really solid person and thankfully my dad was Dan. My mom was that for me- and I'm sure you, you know you that is well, but when you have those figures, you have to do everything you can to learn from them and you have to You know you have to learn lessons and take the things that you like about it and maybe change the things that you dont like about it and be always tinkering with what you are going to be when you get the helm- and I don't think I I don't think I really did that in an underneath labour that's what he was just ready to jump ship. Was he just always ready to jump ship? You think I don't know, because I didn't have those conversations in fairness to kyrie bite. But if you know I always talk about what white erin mc keys and eric snows and the de campaign materials in the Michael friendly's in the nick than actual. George lunches and the poppies Oh jimmy avery johnson's what what they did for me teaching me how to be a pro I watched them. I studied debt.
Now my game wasn't gonna. Look like there's a me. I was a different person and I would fail in summer guards and succeed in other records in imitating them by how to be always what I was trying to figure out. How does a kid who was never ever given shit in terms of. accolade on a basketball court. How does he figure out how to be. A ten year mba pro. How can I make this work, and so I made it my mission to watch those dude and figure that shit out, and I don't I don't think he'd I don't think he said. Oh god, I might have the best leader than the best culture driver in in ever And let me so call this in and so then, when I am ready to have my own team, I hit the floor. He didn't I don't it doesn't look like he did that yeah. I would
go out? Oh I'm sure we'll have a lot more the season to talk about cairo, but I do want to put a bone of her today. If you're the brooklyn, that's right now Can I just can, I just say something: just before you go as this was chi, chi, centric and everyday, like that, I there's no general beef at cairo. Again, I think he's a a solid human being we're talking about leadership. You get points in the big boy seat of an organization. There are things that you have to provide. In order for that organization to reach its goals, and in that context I stand by everything I register. it's one thing to do so the big boy chair and to do so You know I would especially in cleveland You know- and you see kind of like how an ethic carries alluded to this in the past.
But you see how leubronn kind of carries himself right and he caught it as a leader and will be honest with you, Just a my short time being like I've been around the but but a wound around the brown, but in the times I've been around and you go in your language for a game, and things like that, you gotta make said I shall look easy we're like he'd, but he's it's our guide, is in charge of every single thing that happens in that locker room. He makes it, looked easy to a teammate is like man. I could do that. I could do that. You know I can. I can you know, get the dinners ready make sure I make the playlist good, like get team, diener, outings, n, n, n, n, n n, it I'll just bring a team today I could do tat. I could do that if it was by show you know and but I see would cairo to get he's got to that table where he's a franchise guy, and you can see that he probably thought he could do it it's not, it's not bear it out. Right now is the bottom: why aren't they
and you know what the beauty of this is so change. It. Still change it. I mean I out. Tigers They changed their strikes, but you could you could in theory, you could and here's. Another thing and another wasn't about Leubronn, but let me just say this, like great great people tend to do this. Do to you know just are goober successful people. They don't always care of their the smartest in the rumour come off like the smartest in the room. They surround themselves with people smarter than them they can. They can be found, and to there two to their sole. can help them problem solved in ways that maybe they're? Third, I forgive me can't is an open too you know and then empowering you trust them, and so I have always said that our model,
on fan on the court, I love everything he does, but more of a fan of the the that the the way he moves the core with his brain trust and yeah. They like sometimes they take it. You know rapport, manipulating things and stuff like that. But like that it that in itself is brilliant, being will the move pieces run a chess board of mba that that players, especially young black men, We have never ever been historically able to do that. So that's a win, and so here around himself with willie, really smart laser focused people that help him and help help take a of back to this emotional bandwidth offered him, because very the handle some of that stuff and he can drive and his lean anything in order to stop the falls under his umbrella, and so I just think specially man. I think, aside from the basketball part
when he leaves and he's dying. I think in terms of of leadership. I mean people are gonna, miss that you're gonna, look back and be like Jesus weight and appreciate that for sure I do put a bow on this talented lebron, but I do want to. I want to put a bow on this net situation. I have a question request because of what I would do in this situation, but I wanna get your take first when you, when you fear in brooklyn nets, front office at this point season when we have one one of the one in five they put a pages tonight duties to consider. I was going to trade at both of these gonna trade, both got these guys and just get on with it, and get pigs are bit what I gotta get and just cut back with proven that we are a front office who can when with less talent and just start over now, the now mocha idle, because you didn't prove that with this, this,
integration of your organization there, so many things have changed in that building you you had. You had different people at the top you're different people. So no I I wouldn't I mean I at this point. I would again still see what we what we look like in fifteen, more games no twelve fifteen more games. I want to know what what we're gonna look like before I start doing it thing like that. I don't know what about well what do you want me, which I thought, but I mean of the mind. It's you play wanted is, I think you should I do think why, because I think you should go bait, because I dont think that You might be a little more optimistic than I am, but I dont think that this is getting any better anytime soon I mean I guess it we're not even in november, yet we ve already Had the off season analyses it from
all of your front office. You you had these trade requested all these things going on. You try to make it happen in the first few weeks of the seas and its. you be in your to do it on the low and then this this thing happens over the weekend, its biggest or in the nba, and nothing from the past suggest that this is going to continue to work. There this die. Can't. I can't argue with anything you'd autumn. Sad dislike would hear about this. This has all the maidens of when you bought to break up with your partner. or something like that, and you there's those little ties where a convict can keep convincing yourself that it's going to be okay, it's going to do good and we're going to end If everyone else sees that the writing is on the wall and you just break up with short, you know what I'm saying as what this seems like, and I just feel like what you going to know in a month that you don't already know now
not only do cairo an extension. After all these things that are happening. You know Kevin's already said that he might. He already has expressed that he We want to trade at some point, what we doing not know. I just see a path to success at dirt, the current or duration of, what's going on right now so that day, fair and- and while I dont have a real argument for any of it. I would just like that's what I said would be. I wouldn't just blow it up just a blow it up now, if the right, if the radio came along, I would it be afraid to move pieces, if that makes sense right. So maybe I should clarify that. I'm not just saying our shit, I quite like, let's, let's gimme, what you are, if you come to view step then be correct. with something that makes a lot of sense for my branch eyes. I would not be afraid if I were broken, but I would be out there. I think, there's time I dont think you have to do that and is tough times and broken come on out of brooklyn fares may feel for you, don't let us take a quick break. We were talking
success story in the eastern comforts. We are back back as you have just for the next this next to last segment. We just went so hard on the cairo stuff. I just want to give flowers flowers to toby omen. Who is europe overseas just stay a just: the motorcycles, renaissance, the five and one right now the dispute in the new york knicks. What do you think about this, this cleveland team, and worth where they can go men at a really good. All season got down or mitchell into the fold and is as it's funny, because we talk about what I always always think about this with teams right who are trying to build they built. This has been like the new age on how you build a team which is we're gonna, get a whole
What's your you know, we're going to do really good in the front office are going to draft. Well we're going to do all these things, and if we get a chance, we're going to get superstar start a co signed this movement that we're doing right in that talking about the nets that how that could go wrong. How was it it's gone just so much better for leaving cavalier so far. I never gets us the guys that you bring it. But what have you thought about? The the job toby opened the stuff. I think I think copies on a fantastic job, and I do think that success through a process like the calves have been going through, while You have to give some to the players for sure it has taken be equally parsed out to management and. the culture established in the building? and or around the town in the law? the rooms, and I call be
I spent a lot of time with coolby when I was on a date. Reference staff there in cleveland and a really good down to earth. Do super bright had basketball and his background on a lotta levels and had a great deal for it and a great feel for people. He was really good people and I think. I think that's part of it and I don't think you can underestimate how much a part of it that is now Definitely, some should move. Some really good draft takes the albania The swooping, when none of assorted, Donovan mitchell to cleveland card being played, but their very wise, and so you know, obviously very good this job there with the active, the nuts and bolts of the job the behind the scenes, management, people making people feel wanted and important and part of the family, I think, is I think it's really cool and then you know he's got another guy,
again see you shout out to my ganzi who was on the staff, I think he was their job league affiliate gm. When I was there, plato west virginia cleveland guy, but he's the assistant gm he's the head gm now, a copious president or something but anyway, I've got a really good staff of guys that are good. That work hard. Their grind, bite, or basketball- guys, please, were round the game and a great people- people forgive us great britain peoples, including that's it the thing to say yes, men. You know I want to give a shot out straight up whose at cancun in love man. Cabin love there has been a lot of movement around there with younger players he's been through he's been through different highs and lows as a calf he's, had frustrations and he's its successes, but he still there. He still stand solid twenty twenty minutes.
The game, roughly twelve points a game, eight boards and You would be naive if you didn't think that his voice and his leadership was playing one and playing a huge part in, what's going on there to join this is a shot out to Caleb. That makes sense. What is this? What is what the calves done kind of say about team building in this in this era? Right like what is that? perfect way to team build if you can draw up browser, is it as its drafting in good guys in the building. If you are in that in that front office, how does that front office go and have what does that say about how you should or should not build a team in the n b, a for the draft process, the one that I went through and the free it- the free agency that I went through at there was a emphasis put on character
and I remember when we took that we took the ocean in the first round of the drafting a really cool experience being in the war roman and sit near watching the pixel. am the phone ringing and stuff like that. It was a really cool experience in chinese playing well at least twenty six minutes, a game prior yo eleven and a half points, but I remember, I think, Chico Chico's ever but was maybe the scout that was on the european tax, Writing was out there too, but it wasn't just all about who we was as a player you know em and it was there there was a lot that went into it in terms of the dive into his his personal, the the the the back story on who was the touching base with all the people around the club that he was planned foreign and they felt really comfortable with him so I guess not only to do this anymore, more stay long enough to really learn how to do it, but I would guess getting them
getting the proportions right of good player to good purpose. It is really really important and if either, if it it's out of whacking, either way. If he's a really good player in a slight shit bird, you might have a problem as a human being I assured as a human being and spend a really good player or, if he's not a great player, but he's just. A great dude. You could be it I will do so. You ve gotta, get their recipe right and we too often in the nba way too often, in the mba. You see, people take this at the tantalizing talent and disregard the human being that you're getting, and what that human brain brings into your locker room and and you rarely ever see the other one. I mean people, don't miss our nay great guy, we're waiting coach, we're to throw a bag at the great guy. They become cautious, right, fair by
Lotta people miss on no young man. This guy can really play, and so we're going to like sweep some of this stuff under the rug, and yet you might get way with its sometimes by it doesn't always work, and I think cleveland gets that right more often than not. They find guys that have that equal parts, great player, or just really solid player in whatever you're asking him to do and really good. Do we owe it just? We always one when I enter. We can end on this, but we always, I think, that's a lesson. We always get tantalized with the star with with all that, because we just want a quick fix. We want to just did get the franchise on the right path and we get the tantalizing talent and you forget, you need the whole package You need solitudes in the locker umbra ass. They might have to restart your lawyer. Yes, yes, because you don't want to go, straight up? You wanna go just a distant, our know what I'm sandwiches,
I just did a steady rise is continually throughout. You know you don't want to just go up and then crash and burning go down yeah by an Even in your in your in your world, like when you're young, but like my mom used to tell me man like it's, not all about outside No you gotta figure out. What's inside, like that, that's superficial stuff. You know that you're lookin for quality in substance there you're looking for your looking for equal parts right of outside and inside? That's what you're? Looking for? Don't don't? Don't fool? Don't fall for that because russia, a lot of be outside too much and it fuck them up We have bows their life. You know welcome to the anita Colby in the cavs kashgar good bowers, my boy, there you go there I meant. Well, you know, that's it. That's the that's the monster for this week I'll say bounce. That's very another addition of Monday ruins
we're here, mondays and thursdays makes you check us out we'll see. Guy stars amen, seawater Yeah, maybe we might have somebody, maybe we will see alright talk to you guys soon, Allah, the.
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