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How Will the Last Eight Games Affect Playoff Seeding?


We discuss how some of the lower seeds might get shuffled in the final eight games of the regular season before locking in the playoff matchups (10:30). Then, with no show scheduled for Friday, we dive back into the mailbag early this week, answering your questions about players from the last four drafts who we haven’t given up hope on, biggest underachievers in NBA history, what games we’re best at, and more (37:17).

Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor

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Hey seven o connor before we get to today's episode of the mismatch, I wanted you to hear the trailer for the rangers new podcast. It's called the camp chronicles spout cameroon and avail quarterback in its hosted by our staff. Writer tyler ricky ties. Here's a clip from the ringer until our times when I spoke to any fell star, cam, newton and J. Where is mass It was clear who had been a sharp, can I'll be given their wish. He was. these by the carolina. Panthers Marge com is a complex figure, interesting and goes far beyond its exuberant smile and transcend style play camera. last ceiling in american athletics, a sentence will places. Sportive few black quarterbacks were reached, making his fall. That much more dramatic
over the past year, I have travelled a country, speaking coaches teammates, prayers, a family for borders, and even briefly set a man himself trot gravity, indignant at enigma. That is kamloops I'll cover judicious at every turn. How can a hard at work on the tv depicted as a bad leader? How a franchise icon with Annabel. BP, as superbowl appears on his reason may be so abruptly. Cast aside, the ring a bell show presents, can chronicles series for monday to laughter team.
Under the renowned ba show up cross border and join me, she does every tuesday prolong about com is given organise a governor bomber. Governor conflict has given a climber. Governo candy went governo camera, given our coasts, Europe can learn what's going on tuesday morning body, while we some news we are going to get too. We will also get to a mail bag today, as we will be off on Friday as everybody in the spot. If I family is going to be off at the end of the week with the July fourth hollow they right around the corner. That being said kevin, I did watch some basketball for the four. family law died this week it on Sunday night, the two thousand and one the NBA finals.
were on, and I will say like during this whole quarantine thing. I have watched a lot of these old games. My son was in the room with me and we ve put down the game is the two thousand and one game, one of the founders of the seventy six hours in the lakers. the iverson stepping over tyrol, Lou game, the one that the sectors, one that went to overtime this it was foreigners held a watch back and somewhere along the way. In the last twenty years it has been lost that they won that game. I was a one off. He stepped over lou but Eric snow hit two of the absolute biggest shot you get hit in the abbey finals, about regular and over time that stood out and then you will love this. The funniest part was there's a moment and I think the four quarter and she colonial goes to the free throw line, and so there's all that time in the talking about this and ended flashes up on the screen, she colonial in game ones,
thirty, eight point: seventeen rebounds per game and my son looked amigos or doses, stats, as ideas work. That is our it's, that that is what he had average in game. Ones, and it was crazy to see like a little seeing that aren't tv he's iq average added game one a play. Also: yes, he's unstoppable these unstoppable thirty, eight and seventeen. It said I might come off, People forget shack was a bucket, my god, thirty eight point, a gay and then the crew, The first was marv albert and dug college or on the call, and they are, I think it's ninety four ninety forth into regulation. You know iverson get nepal, but they can't get him. The ball gives their double at him, so the sickness bring it up.
Court, they get up wild shot off the buzzer. That not note no chance of making really andor anyways, as are coming out of the time out, more vow bird and I'm just look it's a two thousand and one broadcast I go I can look it up, but more of albert, as I Allen iverson who's been great tonight. has never had a game winning shot in his career. Going all the way back to high school, and I was like what the hell The true to guide me. It was so body that I wanted. I almost want to go back and look up a stat to see if he was right. I mean I'm just I'm taking it for what it's worth, but if you, if any saw this or, if it ever on again- and you see it, he does say that, right before the law shouted the gay and I'm like. How is that possible? Our The ball is here is a bit player on everything we played on from the time he was seven years old. You could write any to fit each at the game never gave winter, at least until now
point core anymore Robert? I'm gonna knock it now. I want to look it up by adopting a variant same here that live in the broadcaster oblige. Your son was an old. It was set up by the call experiencing. What were you talk to your son at all, but like what he thought about? How style has changed It was just not nothing. There came up yet after you utter you weirdly as you are watching it. I don't think I'll say this: obviously I notice the lack of three pointers taken and the difference in spacing, but you know, kobe gets appalling, goes and iverson gets the ball. And so you see a lot of the star level basket all that you see in the play off right, especially coming down the stretch, you still see that in in the games. Now I didn't see some kind of massive contest, the biggest thing,
shack in there and mouton in their yo those two guys there and really it's when the ball comes off the rim it feels like now. The ball goes the other way there are so many possessions where amiss does not mean your possession is over. I d I've never looked at the numbers on this, but it just feels when you're watching it. It feels like there's a lot more often of rebounds and the possessions last a lot longer than they did. look that's almost twenty years ago and obviously we don't have anything. It looks like jack, but the iverson thing he's as electric is new Upham in today's mba any be his electric and athletic and ease doing the crossovers and you now.
You did the point you write up about how, like you just gave it to irish in any goes, you gave it a cobra. Any goes. That's the one misconception about the game today when it comes to shot distribution, store players in the top volume guys still take just a just as much mid range jumpers, late, mc clock or even earlier the clock has it ever did before and support now at the authentic or a great piece about that. I believe last year that the main change in shot distribution was to the role players. Big men, don't take those twelve foot baseline, jumpers anymore Now they take corner threes or above the baked above the break series. It's the wings and the bigs that are in a secondary players that have changed the way they shoot, but star players. You know whether it's like a a guy, a second tier star like Cj Mccollum, first hear guy like lie Leonard those guys. Still from any or they need to in order to generate a basket.
that sounds like in the finals and play of situations. We ve seen this. We thought with cold. Last year, the wrappers we saw with katy and worry runs. We saw it in another much with staff, but because he so much about three point. Shooter there's guys like him, but for the most part lotta guys will take veterans jumper if there are super star well and here's the thing kept from watching all these games over the course of the past couple of months, just in the just wanting to watch basketball, eighties nineties to thousands of watch games from every era. The dick huge thing that stands out by a wide margin is there is Joe first there crowded, it is crowded from the free throw line down, and it's not it's not crowded. Now right, you football game. Now, it's not crowded and there are always guys close to the paint in those games from those areas and you just don't that that's the biggest everett certain
for a time, worship, colonials, ten feet away from them, even ten feet away from basket view of zion it's just crowded and there there's not driving lanes like there was it's this it not as much to me I don't sit there and go how many threes did they taken? I sit there and go my god where you supposed to drive it so crowded. You do to me like there's no driving lanes. That's how so many three pointers are generated. Anyways yep they attack and get to the paint and then kick it out for a spot up three point: it's driving kick out so much of what the game is today and so like when you're watching and your mind is to where are the driving lance sat on it action today that creates so many you don't have passed the wall around the perimeter. You know, about how those shots created adheres using force, don't shoot anybody. Do it's like fifteen seconds
Yeah, I'm saying that terrible john, alongside jumper yea that chrome alone elbow jumper but like fours generally, there not shootin so thereby the basket to no mean that power for true power forward and that's what ever thousand archetype. That's what everybody wanted. I'm fine watching those old ones in terms of news we got going on now or about a month away. In fact, I think we're exactly a month away. Today. Aren't we were Somehow, yes, I learnt area yeah somehow June thirtieth, so we are one the way. Assuming this all takes place in orlando, we got some unfortunate. news yesterday regarding the brooklyn nets. Spencer Dinwiddie confirmed to have corona virus, as was the Andre Jordan dinwiddie up in the air. Jordan has already said he is not going to be in order lando when there is a return to
I, u also had within the since we last but wasn't chandler had opted out, and so we knew the nets. It wasn't going to be some kind of tough go. If you had the net on your schedule, I think most of the teams there thought or marked down as a probable win but then you know they're not going to have durant the rocket to have kyrie they're, not going to have Jordan they're not going to have wilson chandler mean that's a lot of roster yours that they are a mean una. The dinwiddie or private, though they already had got to their coach and now they're roster is just gonna, be a shell of themselves in orlando for sure any further. That's like they might fall for that eight seed and washing him at the nine seed right now they have to go at least six into or better in order to qualify for a plan gaming, its brooklyn, orlando its highly unlikely. However, I mean there's always a chance and the nets certainly depleted, and if they're not gonna play
a fall to the eight seed and have a first one date to the box. There, probably an easy out for toronto or Boston, whoever ends up with the two seed, The one thing that very interesting about did witty and andrei Jordan yesterday is each of them issued a statement in which they not so suddenly blamed their return to new york city. For the reasons for their positive diagnosis, then what he said in his statement originally where it was we want of the teams to enter into the orlando bubble early, but training camps got switch back to new york and unfortunately I am now positive and then Deirdre Jordan said in his tweet. something very, very similar, final ass. I confirmed again today that I've tested positive recovered wildly back and market. As a result of this, I will not be in orlando, for the resumption of the seasons of both of them alluded to the fact they had to go back to new york and I understand what we saw in the sense that it's like I'm assuming their
flying commercial and maybe there on a private jet. I have no idea, but assuming they were free commercial back. There is significant man being out trapped in a cylinder, twenty thousand thirty thousand feet above the and where everybody's breathing the same air and to be clear, you know the the way airplanes work. I guess there's filters and whatnot that filter out the air every thirty seconds or whatever, but like if you're sitting next somebody close Gordon ever now. I can understand why dj and didn't would would feel that way. you know cause because it is true. Originally the nets were one of the teams that were advised to go to florida early like the toronto raptors were and- and it could have still have there too, two that so, if I am sector you get a flea, can't blame one person, you could gotta from anywhere right, but it sounds Annabelle, why? Those guys feel disappointed about the process of diagnosis like anybody would
and you know they do because it can't be coincidence that both of them mentioned that the signoria right. They mention the fact that they had to go back to brooklyn, so it doesn't what everybody else thinks it honestly doesn't matter what the truth is right. as much as they feel yeah. These two guys feel like dude. If I wouldn't have to come back to brooklyn, maybe I don't have this thing right. I should have been able to go straight to orlando, and so they feel like that, was a misstep right and that they're having to pay for that misstep, and so who knows what kind of team they are going to be able to field at all in orlando, when there is the resumption of play their skin, who was or and though washington at no walkie boston sack the clippers or lando portland I mean it for just being
fair, the only one that they would even have a chance, I think of being favoured in Maybe orlando was a pick em and why she's ten. They would be favoured in every other game. They would be an underdog on this of their aid that they are apply, they would be an eta would absolutely they would be an underdog to Milwaukee Boston, sack the clippers and portland and a pick em at best against orlando. So I mean it's. I mean I don't I don't know if it really ever. But the point is, I don't know if it really matters what thereof with what kind of roster they field, because even with dinwiddie in jordan in the lineup, this team was gonna, be up against it. Now the morphine, sedated thing is ok, but they are pretty sadly play off.
So what kind of thing do you feel then? And that does matter because all of a sudden you know Milwaukee has a tougher: go there the whoever's to toronto right now? Obviously, Boston would be greatly incentivized to get up to two yep and to be able to like that brooklyn team. That looks like the easiest team you could get in the first round now. That's what I'd say! That's why mars? Well, how closer later they orlando could? They drop their ignorant there, a half came up, and arouse endeavour to drop the wizards. They really need to get lucky the wizards after you're lucky I brooklyn, have to go like in one in seven, our own, eight and washington would have to go sixty two, despite having a really hard schedule to get in plan tournament, game against brooklyn, orlando, so brooklyn
I will be in the playoffs, but the fact is suddenly there looking, I quite an easy out in the first round, for Milwaukee, toronto or Boston, depending on how the seeding you know plays out for the both of them- and you know I'll- have a minor announcement here or maybe not minor, but like it's it's. I personally were I'm hosting a new video series on the ringer called the restart be possible. a weekly video series as basketball resumes over the coming months? Breaking down the game, We do here bring it on guests of you people. I talk david Griffin last week and you know have some stuff from him in this video that's coming out, I believe on Wednesday. So look out for that and the rigour youtube channel anyway, I'm going on ass. I beg me tomorrow, yet the tart let us use this green scream. You know it's behind me there.
Bring it up to say part of the video is just about the plan tournament, and I elude to this and they're like I don't get too in depth the videos about the pelicans and their odds on their side of the bracket, but I allude to the fact that, like first a lot of these teams, the seeding doesn't matter all that much it just it just doesn't yeah. I think, for a lot of these teams, it's going to end up being like warm up games, and that has value because these guys gonna get. How can a basketball shape, but I do have concerns man, you know from the people I talk to in front offices like if their team start slow, they just my coasts the rest of the way, and I hate to harp on this, but like this is why I was so in favour of the group stage attaches the truth. The group stage right now you have Brooklyn essentially locked
the play off so brooklands gonna be there for eight seeding games with depleted roster and no chance of advancing, and then they have to be there for another two weeks for a meaningless. Ultimately, if to be honest, nobody's gonna, wanna watch broken verses lucky but he's gonna want a lot. Brooklyn where's the straw bonnet going to be easy, like it's going to be a four game or five game series, and if you're talking about excitement, if you're talking about like watching great basketball, I just don't think this format was the best choice now. I understand why they did it and I think, there's benefits of seeing it happen. I think there's benefits of not doing such something so dramatic, but the group stage but part of me. I can't help but think that in the ceding aim, stage and then in the first round, like always in the first room where it is going to see a lot of games and aren't that interesting and you know maybe
ok because as a sort of also appreciate him, you know your balancing the two excitement and drama high intensity game verses, getting guys to do no physical shape, the play, basketball, complicated conversation, air, but from an entertainment standpoint, ada betters gimme, a lotta games where it I'm not gonna bother to really see, because I think that, well, you don't feel our way with broken. When a group of father like their team, we don't go out alone for guys, ok, I know, but we set them aside. We set them aside, everybody that further down and eight cares deeply about these games until there until they might be out of it, but air and you have won through weight that are still really fighting. Proceeding and seating is gonna matter, gray lee like especially those teams that dont want to be seven and have to face the clippers
now and in the long enough for large oil interjection say that's where I allude to organise a video from a catholic miami or india. You want to avoid the box side of a bracket, so what I saw you are or in the west is like you, you want. If you're ok see you want to avoid, the lakers saw the bracket possibly but like for the clippers. The two three, the two seed which they currently have in the three seed, the nuggets it doesn't make that dramatic of a difference between those two for the clubs considering the fact that, like there's, no real home court advantage at disney world, if you drop them, two hundred and twenty three or rifle three hundred and twenty two, it doesn't make the biggest difference in the world, bad sort of where I could be worried all and you're a good on your first from match up Boca dependent What happens at the bottom saying that in the end, that could be audio control all day every day, you'd feel differently. If used six, wouldn't you sure the arms. Then three matters- you don't mean it. So I think the brooklyn bridge
the only one orlando's now incentivize to win more. So the network earlier their daughter, don't worry I'll, but there's that there's that, like they now really think. Ok work: we we can move up right and then I just think it's kind of a brooklyn thing in terms of what's not gonna matter. I think the rest of these, because there's only eight games to Jackie this around, I think they will care. I think, there's not going to be many games Don't matter a magistrate is different on that I mean I mean it could play out an assent in a way that, like these seem to go my heart- and I hope I hope they are. I hope that happens, but there's also a chance that, like a lot of these teams, start off oh into owing, Three. Their automatically outcomes are so few games laughed and then it just gonna like coasting. Now there s no way for the final five games in again
This is what the regular season is always like, and what they chose with this format best represents what should have happened in a condensed way in the regular season, we're marching april often times for a lot of teams to feel like a drag and like they stuck to what is most authentic to what the season already was, and I'm that. That's the story, fine! I guess this parliament still can't help it. I think there is a missed opportunity with the group stage format that we talked about before with the group round. By that, I think it could have been pretty spectacular sudan. Besides the sturdy report, I am still stalked like they're still plenty, a great botswana. It's gotta be seen the western conference race what the videos primarily about it's gonna, be awesome. I'm excited to see Europe memphis grizzlies hold off poor a normal and sacramentos antonio in phoenix. The bright future sons. Getting an opportunity.
Tell me, you saw my may judge jackson's. Truly. Yesterday I didn't When I was sorry, it's a instagram post, just jack said, so jack finally had had enough, and I've been there before add enough and all day on his instagram post somebody sent to him bro we You did traded for tatum or we could have had fox just jackson, but I love do you did, but what you did for ass. I just wish you were more productive, Josh, accents response, your entire organization is unproductive stoutly. twenty year old, kids for fifteen years of subtle. I mean. Is that he's my pay? I arrow might be my error now. I know jobs but does exist with the help of back. There is the beginning of his career and he's out its own problems of the court, but I did. I must say that
By the way it was lost in all this. They did, we didn't have what did they made a solemn inhale, J crowded, they didn't have wings justice. Winslow was her when this whole season ended. Judge action was like, leading score of the team for the last week in a half he had really just started to feel herself and really be in blossom prior to all of this shutting down, but I did think it was funny said: stop blaming twenty year old sphere for twenty fifteen years of four. Nor am I a responsibility taken count ability, manders, dies and part of it. You know you know something happened. This past stand in Phoenix part of that is on him, but situation matters, and we talked about this upon over the years situation. Opportunity environment that play such a big role and well says and failures of players and add to your point
I will tell you that, obviously, with the schedule came out, I view this through the prism of hake and hay conglomerate and make it I was looking for three games can Why are there three? They can win and at Bobby's my answer was yes, they went three because if you go three and five you've got to have two teams go like seventy one to jump. You and for you to not even be in a play in situation and the truth is most of these teams aims have not performed at a level where they ve gone sick into seven and one at any portion of the seas, and that's why everybody's record is below five hundred bids in this spot. The pelicans. Certainly it looks like a schedule. They could for sure go six into with you no end and obviously will see what happens at the kings games right like the kings need to split with them. If you're looking at it from the from the grizzly trying to hold off side, but it will be.
fun in no way around that right, I mean, I think, did when you ve got a three and a half game lead you just gotta be able to win three or four. You don't have to win. Five or six, you gotta be able to win three or four at so. and the other thing is this: it would be unfair. Did the last game of the season? That's the box aid he'll be locked in be tailor. Jenkins was just the lead assistant, putin hauser. If anybody was ever gonna, do you a solid? I got me mad. If you do me a solid right of their friends? The arena, the last The season you gotta, think god would help us guy out. So I am happy that that was the last game. You know that on the schedule, because at the end of it is brutal, they were eight you're right that ended the seas. I thought the pole, the thing was light, which is fail because the other vital angel. I was when I watch what you are saying is kind of my point, two
You know Milwaukee, there's gonna be a lotta games or they like a pianist by twenty five minutes, play twenty manzano play at all. that might be that last game where he takes that the mp off take it off, but again that's what about what would have during the regular season anyway, if that racism for now here you know this and the pelicans I thought look generally either the nba did a very good job replicating. It is only a games but replicating what you had left grizzlies at a very difficult schedule. Left their schedule is difficult in orlando, the pelicans had a very easy schedule. Left and they're scared
It was very easy and as easy as it can be when you're, when you're, not taking the knicks and the chavs down there right. I thought it. I thought they did. A very good job of you know replicating what would have happened even though it is less games, and so looking at the schedules that came over, I just got excited looking at all those games and and thinking about them all happening, and I do think that western conference playoff race could be Fantastic, the it it can be epic, it can be epic, and this is the value of the play in tournament. More teams have a chance more teams, you know, have something to play for more fun. I have something to root for and if you are able to install plain tournament permanently in the future. This is the type of atmosphere you could have every single year with me teams and our out of it in a normal year, like march or April, could be like what we're gonna see for these teams in the play off babo and I'm excited to see hours. Gonna work
yeah, there's gonna be a handful games? Were alike teams might not have the winter haven't sent the play, but Give me a lot of them were well. He likes to play off and there's been so much focus on the pelicans, because I odd- and there was already going to be people out there. That said, oh how's, the mba gotta get zion into the playoffs. What we carefree eight, what we can't forget, what they would like to happen We are, of course, still irresolutely to say, like that's the number one, I think it's silly to say as the number one reason What reason, but They want to buy one way that whenever one recently at more teams as more money just be real here. Why that, aside from zaire and the two days work this guy, like what what who's getting overlooked in this of portland cause portland and I've collins and turkish back in portland. They look like a different tee. Then what we got to see this season, I mean that team was demolished. by injury, and I know they were. The uno arises sit now to whatever, but I mean you get them.
In your adding those guys that are a massive part of what made that T. May western conference finals teen last year, poor like can't be overlooked, and they have also shown the ability over the last several years to be go on a run, you know, go nine in one: go eight: what this pelicans team! If they do it, it will be the first time they ve done it. They have not shown but once they ve gotten Zion back, they ve been about, but the alarm been much over five hundred I will say this, and this is one of the points made in the video. This is essentially a mini camp. You know training camp for the pelicans to get all some new stuff that they weren't able to do during the regular season when there's no practice time no downtime and your integrating, though, if they had the most games, miss do injury. At one point I was, and it wasn't design it was launched, a ball who dealt with injuries that favours dealt with injuries, angle,
I mean, there's a lot of guys that were coming in and out of the lineup, and this is a time where they can kind of get things set, and I look at I look at once. I am dead in his first nineteen games and think about what he can do. With more chemistry and more opportunity to get into some of the stuff that they didn't pre season that they were unable to do as much during regular season with getting him going on some cuts and handouts going towards the ram. There are certain like gentry cannot of left to the side after some sign away. I look at that and I look at portland schedule. They have a lotta games against teams that have an incentive to win boston, Houston, Denver, philly down. I mean there's a lot of teams on their schedule that have reason to win games, and maybe you get the cliff. on a night in which quite plain his thirty five minutes or something like that to really get himself up the shaman in brooklyn, I mean that you just
what how they struggle. But the fact is that No, that last game. Maybe it ends up being an important one for them who really know so much? You know, don't go there. You we do know that there is a difference between playing aim and a lot for seeding and playing a lot, because if you dont, when you're not gonna get, People are no doubt at all that bad it. You face the package you face the blazers you're going. The up against it. I mean I would imagine you're gonna get home run after after home run effort from those teams better if they want to be in the playoffs and speaker portland. Congratulations to dame lizard, who has certainly avoided himself into superstar them over the last couple of years, in a way that he did not even been acknowledged before because a display of exploits their long run in the play ass. He is there's gonna, be three team in the are three different covers of nba to kay twenty one,
not this morning. Damien Willard is one of them, which is massive amongst young fans off aid to kay story that was broken by a georgian ass as at cologne burn dead. One The award of the major part about the NBA go and our lando was the opportunity for them to participate in activism in a big way, and we had even talked about the march fears article where one of the things he brought up, that I thought was very good. Was chief ding, all the stuff in two k to mimic what's going on in orlando, because you are getting in front of millions of eyeballs, an kids when you do that, but They are going to have black lives matter on both the sidelines of all three, minas, so it is a. It is a message that will be absolutely undeniable to anybody that is taking in any of these games. It doesn't matter what court there
It doesn't matter what time of day it doesn't matter, the team that is going to be installed on the ports as well as teams are your players are gonna, be able to put a message on the back of their journey. in lieu of their last name if they want to, and so I do think that that was it's a major story in terms of hey where there is a level of nervousness, at least by some in the nba that we're going be doing this. We want to be able to use this platform for good and to get the message out about what we care about so deeply amene seems like they are certainly going to be able to do that in two very significant ways already, and I'm sure we don't know about everything that will end up taking place. It's a good start. A can't just be this. Like a rabbit, said his interview. He s been a couple weeks ago, a conscious b, t shirts, and I can't just be social media posts and all that. But it's a great start that this message angle be in your face. I was too
old couple weeks back that you're not gonna, wanna watch him and me a game without hearing the message from players and from the league and as becoming more and more apparent in. My understanding is that for players when it comes to direct messaging on directs specific issues, but that something that those conversations will really escalate as people get to orlando when people are able to be in person together in social different thing. You know, considering that the bats when those conversations are gonna happen with like what do we do to send a direct message that affects policy, and I am encouraged that we're seeing the wheels turning with some of the things that are going to be. You know about messaging to people
I am encouraged to see the atlanta hawks open up their arena for voting in georgia to go and be the bill, be the biggest big, the biggest voting site and it in atlanta. This stuff is, is really encouraging, and I am hopeful that the players able to get a targeted message to improve policy in america and around the world is that that's all the miller gonna be the point of a big big steps here for us as a society to make things better doing it and not just talking about america, that's gonna require law. Collaboration with people in power is going to require continued strong push from us from people come. I'm hopeful. I am hope. I can't help but feel hopeful that
we're gonna come out of a sheer with some positive change for people around the world and seems like the nba could potentially be a big part of that a grasp of orient the days mailbag. Let's take a quick break. The heroine of new pod cast from the ringer mccurry sellers.
I'm so excited to introduce the bikari sellers pie cast in partnership with the ringer, we're tackling the issues of the day to interviews with high profile, gaston conversations with a rotating panel of the country's best in leading thinkers influencers in riders. You know not only an attorney in a former elected official. Sometimes you see me on cnn and I'm a new author of new york times best selling book, my vanishing country, but now we're introducing the bikari sellers podcasting we're going to cover everything from the twenty twenty election to sports in culture to the larger movement formation
equality in the united states. We will have some of your favorite quarterback, some of your favorite politicians and your favorite athletes, writers, singers, actors actresses, the bacardi sell us podcast would debut on Monday june, twenty listen, listen, freon, spotify or wherever you get your podcast Bobby There are also producer our eye. We are going to try to knock out some of the mail bag questions to day because we're not gonna show later this week, and so hopefully, this No is so great that when you is the show on friday. You can just listen to it again: yes, One idea I order you anymore just keep viewing Kevin's video,
it is putting out tomorrow. Millions of times will not millions cause. Then you'll get a big head and leave me so thousands of pine tens of times hundreds of thousands of five years ago. I wouldn't we got Bobby, maybe that extra time everyone can go back and find some old takes. You guys, add and bernard of mail bag. Next, are you serious I'll? I like that idea to bother now I write about old parts from twenty eight in this first question comes from Ed ed with two days. at some point you guys are gonna have to have a discussion on coach of the year ward, mike booting holes or one at last year, and that is the second time he's one it with only eight regular season games remaining. I wanted to ask: what's your current taken on this matter ass, I don't like there's lit, losing collide, leonard and continuing away in play at high level playing amount of weird funky defences that they have an and having at work going with zone.
one to two zones didn't playing box, and why I mean like this guy, what a culture- amazing like how he had this journey to become the kosher he has. You know coaching at so many different levels, so many different places around the world and it it's all come together to make, in my opinion, was the best coach in basketball right now and he shown that the season we agree. I do hope in the attempt to not be a total homer. I do think that if, if the grizzlies do make the playoffs taylor jenkins should give out
He absolutely shit. I mean I've watched it first hand, but that team was expected. The win the least amount of games in the nba. If they become a play off team like the guy should get, you should get a look, but I agree with you for members are here the question from Asher Chad, ford mention on his podcast. The best pre draft work out he'd ever seen was dame willard. He described the ferocity, intensity and flat out determination, combined with skills knife witticism in this work out, customs and jump in the draft you are mentioned as being in attendance. Kevin was this the bed, Work out. You ve seen pre draft, and if not, can you describe another memorable one? I was the daimio lowered yeah free drafts, I was not they think new, vague nurse, I was not fake news is out there.
I never saw. I never saw Lillard, that's funny. The best one I ever saw was Kevin love, oh kevin update, look, they put him, they put him back at the end. Now, Kevin love was big when he was coming out of college, but I'll never forget they. They gave him. They put him out of the three point line and the guy hit like twenty of twenty five n b, a threes, so unbelievable then how about this in the work out with them? These are the other guys, joey doors you had played centre at memphis, Javan, Magee D. andrei Jordan- and there is one other got bigger and they read this dream. They threw it into you at the like the elbow right and you had to go, get a bucket against cigar, and if you got a bucket, you stayed out there and if you, if you got stopped, then you got in the line and the guy that got the stop then got to go on often trite. Kevin love went through these guys, six seven times every time with the different move. It was like watching,
Kevin Mikhail. I had never seen anything like it, my life, he d school and they were all way bigger and more athletic than him all of it, and he was did I mean in the post and then they put about it through boy line as this guy. This is on unbelievable can't believe what I'm watching was Kevin oconnor at work, but he was given oconnor without you know I wonder if Chad had said Kevin oconnor like the former guitar jazz executive. While I have no idea what no, that would make sense because we were state, new toys in it. So it stands to reason that debt that that cabin oconnor from the jazz would be there right. I might have told the story before by a couple years ago. I think after right, after I get hired by the ringer, I put an application The nba to get a media grants, offer practices and The gradual came in the mail. I had a photo of care,
o connor executive heads, I have it somewhere. I think it's at my apartment available here, pretty hilarious. You should call the rather trying to make trades crap. You have always wondered. Has anybody like ever call me or texted me think that cabin our corner, but I don't think that's ever happened but the new roads, currently takes me every reviewed all body, all they want from any reason behind matrona get to get his voice to an impression right. I will for the national bobby. Ok hit this one comes from mica the NBA disney member rules about ping pong made me wonder: what's a game you're good at a game, you're really bad at I've gotta call dirty war zone does not count as again sir I had just a game is something you can lay with someone else? Very likely is actually. I have gotten good at this game
just slow start after years away from playing video. Aims, and not only a council, I'm happy with my production level. Now I love you, the helicopter and war zone and gettin wiping people out like that eta triple kill team life, the other day, the video Catherine forest land still pissed about that. I'm gonna put together a helicopter holly at some point and I'm getting with our primary weapons is one that came to love our squirrel, a marvel, Larry Nancy, Brandon clark and call What more of a brain and clark more branding clark, targeting of assumed that the lines he's got upon his like a game that you would be able to do at like this quarantine, ping pong, I'm good a ping pong a tab dominate you, a ping pong video game, wise the only thing that I've spent it
we're getting out of town planning, is hot shouts golf or it's called everybody's golf now I'll play station for ties. Name yeah, everybody's gulf gnats called everybody's got, but it's the same thing: how chats golf but I'd I've point hotshots gulfs. Its first came out one two, three four f a lorry then. Yet this everybody's golf I'm good at that. So I mean that debt video game. I'm ok it that the two k maidens those I can play. I am I'm good at mad and have always sought to came and now my whole life dude. I always of stock. I'm ok, I I'm not good good, I'm! Ok, I'm could play. I wish we had cross council abilities with due care
I love the face. You that'll be fun, yeah, xbox, on your p s, four! Is there anything else? That is a mean. Look, let's be honest, those guys to go play video games and cards. Are you guys going to cards? I mean I don't I don't play with. They play players play blu ray. They play blu ray spades. You know most mostly those and I don't I don't play those. You know I used to think I was good at chess, but when I was, little kitties play with my grandpa staying over his house every every wednesday afternoon. Both my parents were working and mikey, and I used to think I was good. I'm not. I realise that in recent years is all law that I didn't know and it really like It- is an example to me personally highlight how, like their certain people who, like the best basketball player at their high school, their junior high or whatever they think they're hot or like some of the best
hardware, small little town that all realise like that. If it there's a lot of people surrounding them better much much better or just as good, like what chess I've ever really only ever faced my grandpa in my whole life when I was a young kid and then didn't play for years, then played like online. Some of those games played someone at the There's a slants water, lennox converts. I faced somebody who is impels there. I got out and actually not offered that saying that some people are playing checkers. Another bureau pleasure like some people like chess, and some people are really going to tell you that I personally am not bob fisher. What elsewhere gabby doesn't comes from pearson. this one has an easy answer, but it's an interesting question. Nonetheless, would you be more surprised if all of the next ten mps are foreign born players or if none of the next ten m p p, therefore
foreign players. So cynthia is probably know in this year, let's just say throughout this year and start with twenty twenty one. I probably bore surprise of none of them. were all now coming to light, then, all of us, every single Moreover, for ten years yeah? Ok, if it's all all oh yeah sure I guess it was a hard question. What would be the worst thing about the guys, the mp p level ones that we have right now right, not assuming not not assuming this upcoming draft right?
you'd, say for sure LUCA Janius envied? Is there anybody else? They again I'm doing this on the fly. Is there anybody else? That is a forborne player that you think could win an m p p one day now, probably not of those guys. You look above the guys that are in the legal right now, but I am also very hard to believe that none of them would win at least just once put but again what it's a lot more plausible. That three guys don't do something. Then the rest of the league made its way either way by. The fact is as like to the point of the original question goes to show the amount of great players in the league. Our aid. They even have a conversation and let me throw away in a couple of more as I know I'll get hammered for this. If I dont other ones, I think again long.
Shots, but we got a worldly secluded, see outcome, joke ich is another forborne player that you foresee I mean. If you are proposing, is in there Now, that's about the guy that'd! I think that's the list, but I forgot somebody. I know I'll get jump for it, but go bears not winona envy p, market is winning an m p p. Is there anyone coming in Kevin guy or number one picky said: is it forborne? In his opinion, my number one prosper, yeah chilean is going our unnecessary projective as a feature of vp, but of a patent. Oh, very good, high and player great player for shore killing. It is in this year's draft. I
I wouldn't also rule out any idea from a copy tel aviv being of really high level player. He revised shooting, mechanics and thus far with macao, be tel aviv resuming play. not looks better in games, shooting better from the free through a line on a small sample as well, and now is the number one question I had with any: how can he shoot and it looks good- and I did on purpose- leave out your guy dragon bender. I didn't include him. like you, I don't for me either. I need to give you a quick. Congratulations, though, on livable last forty eight hours for just anderson island, yes, you're right, we kids back at work. I saw that he got gets. I said that justice there's an eyelid back open for business everything else. the world's shut down or gonna be shutting down just Anderson island opened up for business,
and is this you in amity, could both wear masks weakened? I usually social, socially dozens Bobby was next year, and wants to know which player from the last four addressed, who hasn't broken through yet might do it next season? their guy you're, so holding our hope for maybe not just an anderson, but somebody else I'm glad you mercury or giraffes. Yet I wouldn't jet jackson earlier, that's one guy who comes about definite for you right chris. I dont think that his destiny is to be a star. You have say, which is what you would expect from the third pillar in the draft, but it could he have a longer more productive career. Then it appeared he was gonna have while he's playing in the g league in mississippi six months ago. Yes, right good, I think you could strike not then have a career. You know remain about. Denzil valentine all that's a good one,
his curve really struggling. But then he had an injury when he had a good second year with the balls, I feel like there's still something there with the opportunities he gets a like a lot of garbage time, but occasionally in competitive moment, games. He's looked better this season. I think, there's something marries a late bloomer michigan stated: bloomer in high school and maybe he'll be a late bloomer. In the nba too, I so like his game, I had. You know I love molly beazley and he got on a new. aim and he was killed in it for the tea wolves right. If I may, god they have do I mean he was just dinner. You I'd, I dont think you said about proper is development. I do think you is it about bought in terms of getting court time because he was just it was on a team that already had it. They already are Gary Harrison. They already had Jamal Murray as guys it. I know that they can get a lot of his these big minute games when somebody was injured and he always
performed well generally fora for denver and struggled at the beginning of this season, but then he was. He was like it up for minnesota before this thing has shut down. So I mean I've still got, I've still got molly beazley stock. I think did he could be. Yeah, but I mean I could see him breaking out in becoming a big time player. I lie I like him. Quite a bit. Somali malik, beasley comes to my mind, more bomber one for me. I really like bomb by the draft. I already him a little bit by ranking him ahead of your guy chairing chasin. But what are you nuts? What's your point it's christmas raised right now, I'm looking out the window either he hear something or he's just wondering what I'm saying totally sure right now, omber, he looks very disappointed. A very confused, ok good did I'm getting that. I'm gonna hit you with another one
and he may break out when there are nor lando, but I still have every bit of by stock. I have taken heat for it, but I know that there are going to be people. They come back and apologize to greatly. In fact, they are going to be grovelling, but the answers marvin baggily he's got the first to seize it ruined by injury when he has played he's been very good and he hasn't gotten not a minute. He has gotten many little inhabited forward. Very good. That's a very careful here! Marble Agri will be an all stark ever longer below We careful with very good. When he's been player, he has not been very good using, as is isabel s, been a save on the defensive end of while not scored efficiently at all, with grief, more turnover Burma has struggled but is also a humane situation when sharing minutes with vukovich encamp parts and air
situation, hurrah for, ran, who picks and pops for three easy. It's not gonna opportunely! Do that all languages. Running five, a big body who protects the ram who rules for the ram who pick some thought for three c- has not gone. That opportunity then went despite that. He's done. Oh ok, the seas and there's been no effort. The problems here and there, but spent saw it in fifteen minutes, forget solid next autumn. mobile number. I here's a good bad with Marvin baggy, here's a good fire from Josh. Who is the most under die, nba player of all time, Jeff Green like you, I didn't really hit within to circulate,
like you, I did a media hid within to send it geez about it? further slowly, she's a mean it seems that dividing them. It will be that we will have another one. I was There's nobody had a couple years represents more revaluing under achieving so it has to somebody that I really thought either was awesome. I was going to be awesome that just never never got there yeah, don't really get hurt. You know yak as that, thing, is fatima
She urged bad luck. Yeah you gotta, give em up you gotta, get it give him a little bit of a break. If they got hurt, that's not necessarily fair, so I gotta think is somewhere. Thought was gonna, be really really good, but then just didn't end up being really really good. Wickham eddie curry. Maybe somebody like him I mean eddie. Curry was that so it's weird spot because he was he was coming out of high school and so usually my strong opinions at that like back, then it would have been about guys. It I'd see like college guys that I ended up seeing and then it just didn't end up paying out for them,
somebody that was like somebody. I thought I saw in college and I thought they were going to be really good, but then it just it just didn't take for whatever reason I get another one. What about like a guy who was a good player, but you saw the talent to be a great or an amazing power like us, too, fond marbury in our four along them, a long list of reasons. You know he never reach that point. But marbury is another guy who comes to mind that maybe he could have been more if he were a bit different personalities. and the situations have been a bit different for him as well. I think that's probably fair. I mean he look. He made more money losing more games than anyone in nba history. S turn You can look up the article he made more money and lost more games than any one. Ever
truly unbelievable, I mean any made absolute fortune. He just played on it was inefficient. I thought he was on his way to start for sure, and not only did it not go the right way. He ended up good one, and after look I I was there his rookie year. He averaged over what he averaged twenty points, a game and go look at the percentages. The percentages were great, it wasn't like it was inefficient, I thought he was on his way to start for sure, and not only
first four years at memphis. Even though, is part of winning his last year on easy, but I would say yes, I would say him I mean, and they tried to trade him. They tried to trade him before he was ever gone duenna here the craziest story, here's a good one, because I don't think people generally notice, so it's a trade deadline of I think his last year here I think so. At that point I probably know we're not keeping him in the off season. They trade him. I'm doing a show on the radio, and I get the text
uh, I think his last year here I think so. At that point they probably know we're not keeping him in the off season. They trade him. I'm doing a show on the radio, and I get the text he's been traded. He got traded for Josh, MC roberts and the indiana pick. Ok, so he gets traded. So it's all report, it should ease done right. They don't get the fat, they send the facts and like the real one, three owe to the backs doesn't get in on time. So, though it.
all reported it's everywhere, mcroberts in the pick, four o dot, J mayo they go and they have to tell o dot j mayo. Actually he hasn't been treated so because they got there was just incompetent. They got all of the like that they got in the chris wallace and the team. They got everybody there making the trade. They turn the facts in late, so the trade gets nicked by the nba. Now you want to hear the craziest part of this story fast forward. It was Josh mcroberts in a pic right. That's why I told you for o dot, J mayo, guess who the pic was kawhi leonard. It was the 15th pick in the draft.
Ooh that's true. That was the pick, the fifty figure that you believe that what I would have lost my mind for them, trade, no j for Josh mcroberts and appear mad. I was mad about that and then In retrospect you will get a day a matter of java, but in order to they wouldn't take it away leonard anyway, whatever gave make one You never know you driving over probably make a good driver big between ITALY and job moran, and so it was over a decade they didn't have a player play passed. His first contract from my calmly to job ran. Look it up so is ridiculous, ridiculous, but yeah that was that pits Then saint, but oh jane. My answer I thought o J was on the track. I just saw somebody sent me
the of him last week he's playing out ideology to I really like gmail scoring talent. I mean how you tell him. School prospect now mean eventually when he got the nba, I'm like those guys can be really good for a long time. Something rather than give us a couple more about it. I asked it just one this one last one already, this one comes from jack. My question is: why do you think that people are making a really big deal about co? Why winning three championships with three teams like it's a huge accomplishment which to be fair, it is, but nobody mentions that with Leubronn if he wins the lakers, it's three championships with three ams to is it more impressive, since kawhi only went to toronto for one year now. I I mentioned that all the time personally, I dunno. I can't speak for anybody else, but you know I understand the argument when people say it's more impressive. You know, I I believe was Jackie. Mcmullen said this on the jump that it's more impressive for Michael Jordan to do it with the same team and the mayor that he did than to do it,
three different teams. I get it, but I disagree in the sense that, whether as well IRAN or whether it's kawhi, if you're able to do it with different organizations, drastically different supporting casts and in the case of lebron basketball, has changed so much the last. You know ten plus years, if you're able to do it with different against different styles of play. That to me is a remarkable, remarkable achievement for player fable are you considering those circumstances, lie or leubronn agitate the reason it's more impressive and This is where you get pot for being the best got. The most famous guy right is that nobody thought they collected when the title in toronto. Nobody, nobody thought I was gonna happen last year, stressing its warriors. Nobody saw that coming right, that he was going to be the best guy on a title T. He went to toronto, any one, the title and the clippers are one of the favourite
Certainly, that's the that's the problem right being the best would have done it in three circumstances in which was not supposed to have done it, and I think that's why it's me differently right away. The that's the problem with being the best guy right anything other than you winning the his. He will have one is an underdog every die unless, of course, gotten the they'd gets the benefit of his he will have. One is an underdog every time unless, of course, I think they pay an underdog de Mille. I think they would so he's one on an underdog. You know when he's done it big underdog pick been their underdog. So I think that's why it's viewed differently
there, certainly once it came back and three one, but I don't know, I think it's a different and people don't pull calls in hawaii like they do Leubronn. Of course right. That's the thing this matter. It's it's gonna, think about what might have happened if leubronn came back to cleveland on a one year deal last year, because the warriors guys got her or is it should I think about what might have happened if lebaron came back to cleveland on a one neared the last year, because the warriors guys got her, so he would have just in theory, had to go through toronto to make it to the finals and, if you think about, if they might have got hurt in the files, I think le brought on cleveland deafening coda handled. Just you know, just one of those warrior stars think that's probably Others are regular reviews. Five stars by stars really helps to talk to you. Then we were gonna talk to everybody next tuesday
You did what you hear. Groups are raging and abuse. Five stars pastimes really helps, and we will talk to you next week.
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