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Logan and Raja unpack the back-and-forth between Klay Thompson and Devin Booker and what that means for the brewing Suns-Warriors rivalry (17:40). Along the way, they break down the situation between Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards as well as their thoughts on NBA player dieting (38:27). Later, they discuss whether Anfernee Simons and Pascal Siakam can take the next step in their respective careers (47:38). Finally, the guys close out with their Real Ones of the Week (51:33).

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Associate Producer: Jonathan Kermah

Production Assistant: Kai Grady

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I his father, Logan Murdoch browser bell, roger where we get started tat just would like to say you are in a special back on I just would like to say that it is realistic to the audio from Monday morning and dog. You are one of the best speakers that I know, because you can be in sensed and in yellow and doing all these things. However, your grand, and you're vernacular is perfect throughout all those states, protect, gonna, say There was one moment during the pod: you guys go listen to the monday pod with a wry ourselves, a really good episode, but there was a moment We were talking about the lakers and you said there I'm paraphrasing, but you
defending Russell westbrook eddie said the broadest played defence and no disrespect to the broad, and then you go, oh it to a whole diatribe. You said, Anthony Davis was who there were many. What I believe is whether the power worry. I thought that was great is when you talked about tattered beverly. You said he over us to base, I subbed the long lines that he overestimated his ability to play on this. This type of a type of season- and I was like oh, my god- rises at the bag raja- is that a bag so good shira, you know you're good at that low. You know: you're good at lake keeping grammar certain structure in the midst of yelling, when you yellow alot, and so I'm gonna try to work on that. I'm still a work in progress. It's been a lifetime. I'm trying to achieve then, and I haven't gotten there he had so I've got a lot of france.
the net space man. Ok, yes, let me highlight that eggs lakers lost again. I don't want to get into it What would I be gets on the family? Let me just say this because I I I know I get a little push back and I thought about What I said in- and I just want to clarify what I'm talking about what brought on meeting different kind of team around him at this point in his career. I not saying that he doesn't need shooters. Clearly, if you watch the game you know last night or any of the game. So the season any and be a game in general. Shooting is really important, like you have to have shooters, I'm not saying that he does. need any shooters around him, but he needs a better balance of people who can shoot and people who can be primary creators? There is a lack of them, one that lay Christine there's a lack of them Doesn't even really do that anymore. I mean
so I am opposed up early in the game and everything else he gets is like a lab at the rim. Worry, you know we rim run or shall I see a another lab to Anthony Davis? now ever gonna. Wasn't I like her game for the restless season, because I've been so sick of the throwing loves me. Have you nobody Even when you look at when you look at a team like denver their multiple people out there, they can can create their multiple april that have the ability to do that, and so I just think you know, Let me clarify that I'm not saying he doesn't need shooting buddy. I think at this stage is career. Where its did you see, if you saw game. I thought you crews through two quarters right. Roost a third quarter. You know that what happens, if you get older as a player, you you start to try to find that time to imprint on the game, like I'm gonna my time and then here it is so he he that run in the third? But I mean after that, like he was gassed. You can't do that. He doesn't have that in four four four four quarters over the course of eighty two, so he needs help that space man, other people taking
individually singularly breakdown. There may get a bucket or create for someone else at an plan on talking about the lakers bullets, stood for a quick. I think that it goes back to discuss since that we had in the past not just about leubronn balanced with star players in general of a certain age they- and this is an even like disrespectful or anything, but they crews through games, because they, like no one plays heart. A hundred percent. Eighty two game: straight road was eaten games all the way through four forty minutes, you, just can't it's unsustainable, you there's no way you can do that right bright. But I, when I see the lakers, and I see it all Leubronn, abruptly play on. You know stats last night, but I think they started again put the lakers, particularly where the biggest thing with the lakers right now. Is they don't have good enough players to help? Carry them
when leubronn has to go through the law or has to go to ease himself into a gay these twenty years in they don't have. Those are that that's the difference between this lakers team and lakers team, the nineteen twenty lakers team, where you could at least have somebody go off or a quick spell and just get you a quick fifteen or you just have reliable dude. They don't know where their points are coming from right, like lahti, walkers been really really good, but if we see the line with the roster every type had been takes. It ray I'm just like it's not going it. It takes away energy. When the brown is going to the cup, did she now to a wide open man and he misses a corner three and it's not just pat benefits everybody that they get it. moralising, this demoralising a watch when you know that that is that they working hard to get good shots there's a really getting good shots, but did just now. going in, for whatever reason investors demoralize into a team when you continue to see shots, not though in from the other guys, yet that's tough.
Thought it was interesting to to the broadcast. Where they were saying darby him. What's the team to stay, confident and not lose its confidence, especially in the end the ability to knock down the three right. That's it it's it's! ethical that they continue to shoot law averages. The play cells out. They will not shoot this poorly as a whole. An entire season, so they just gotta weather the storm. Stay company continue to shoot, but I would just add on on on any team, if pat bev is going to be counted owing to carry any the scoring load. We have problem you, one hundred percent and historically a thing it s, not even just him on the lakers that socket about when he was at his best and at another team this! Well, you didn't want that. You wanted him to be a spark off the bench or defence of presence that yes, I dont mean that as a slight to pebbles. If he scores then not just like icing on the cake right by so whatever country you sure you can give their is cool. But if I got
pencil. You end for fifteen a knight to supplement la braun. Eighty. And sometimes the money walker what a bit whatever russia's doing it in a week up. We got problems as it as struck the team and that's kind of where the at now or will it goes vexes roster construction in general because they systematically. Rob polenka and everybody in the staff. Whoever is making these decisions as systematic. taken away the the consummate role play, right, the really really effective role players, you take you, trade away, cow, kozma, You, trade away, th, th I mean I know that we do you see but a polarizing topic on this podcast, but you need scores. You need guys that can create right. If you traded th t I necessarily want to get a pat bev back for that, because you're really missing a tht type of score right that another guy they can get buckets or not, keeping
You know, there's showed us a lot of different things, that you are putting a lot pressure on your star players, and you juxtapose that last night, when you want to do for nuggets, I live a yoke its is it ball? It ok. give it a Jamal murray right or you know, when mp, genuine by border juniors, not injured, give him the ball right or you. You have other guys that could supplement scoring you even guy like bones highland coming off the bench now he was off last night, but you know that's. You saw how off the ball is in his hands and he was shooting, like he wasn't bashful my clearly. That's his job description. He has the ability to do that. Like you, you get that job description because the trust that you ve earned from your team, making your cultures in your ability to do that. So that means you are a creator right leg. You can get a bucket, you can do those things and facilitate, and so they ve got. They ve got them kind of scattered across the room.
stir in a way that that that the lakers just don't I who they got to the point last night on the broadcast. I think it was richard jefferson, I'm not sure, but are like kcp. It three were announced city was that you'd o k, c p was on the lakers in past years. Probably could use of on the rostovs princess. Ets is that's why I like little though lakers ceiling, is just so low because at a point in time you have two great players, but I think, we're getting a lesson that you need other guy. is to succeed right out I saw that in I saw that in Brooklyn Milwaukee game. Last The last night as well, where you have to Net side you have to really really great players and katy a key area, but does not enough like supplementary performances from other guys is now right, like Joe hairs, can get his but can create? I don't know you have been simmons hook:
Europe is still trying to find his way, but you, you need to build out an entire team to supplement, stir cars in this era. That's what it seems like at this point right, even in by any big three, which is the poster child for you know machine, of stars together. Who else did they have right? The head James Jones had MIKE Miller they had re out. You know they had other guys echoed supplement scoring when the big three was it out and also you had a younger lebron James had helped to. But it says it's really hard. What's the lakers at this point, it is to watch. I, like I, like what you want with the brooklyn Milwaukee game, because you're right, like when I watched Milwaukee, play first of all they just move the ball so much quicker on the offensive in then brooklyn does Britain what good, when they got on transition. I had no beef like they round transition, but when they get into a half court set, although
the bomb moves, it doesn't move with the type of pace and the type of energy. That is that it moves with Milwaukee on orphans and so you like that always humming people are moving there. There really do break cuts being made defenders or always being put. You know in this in this situation of conflict, where they're trying to figure out what they're going to do and now opportunities been created. But Walkie has more guys back and kicked and get a bucket I'm more guys that when that conflict comes and I've got this different, and this precarious situation in his clothes and out to me that I can now make a play like a good play. An consists we may place out of that shit. I was a player that can make a play once in a while but I wasn't consistently play making. They have consistent way makers to a degree that brooklyn just doesn't, I think brooklyn You brought in pieces like royce o neill, and he got a little high last night for four for a minute. He had twelve like they ve got a fig,
wow offensively how you're going to integrate some of these pieces and allow them to to supplement right if they can then summoned needs to be more aggressive, I I think your steve- I haven't talked about this, but you should be- empowering him, it's great that he can it off the rim and push it down by. I need you to go. Sit down again in the paint. Don't sit down and immediately flip aid and then were into a pick and roaring? You really really roll into score anyway. So go ahead and attack the basket. Let's see if you can get you twelve, like just on top of the room. Maybe last night wasn't to make as its pianist by that's the mindset. should be in and then everyone else needs to to be able to eat a bit when Erica what times where even the announcers were like. Why ben shoot that ball, even when there were there, even when it led to good opportunities for other people's. I yelled shoot the ball. I think of the the bigger thing with brooklyn and also to a big extent, los Angele. Is there so many moving parts within that organization in some there, so many ross
you're changes outside changes that I dont think either those teams, trust each other. Yet you know it. take time for them to trust each other, and I think brooklyn played like it team, and this isn't even really disrespect that all this time is going to make this happen, but they play like a team who didn't try that doesn't trust each other. Yet right that doesn't know where the cut is going to come from am right, whereas Milwaukee's been playing for years, that roster is by and large been playing for years. You suck you put different pieces, and you know you you do that, but you know what Bobby Peru This is going to bring you on at night at night basis right. You know what other different guys are going to do and brooklyn doesn't have that yet because they haven't had time together and neither has l a with this current. The current rosters. That's a very good point. It's a it's! A very good point You know there was a play, I think was they were sharp. Had the ball, you know you're in the corner. we're kind of set a man up and danced a little bit the backdoor was there, but carry wasn't shorter data can make the play so carry papa. Out to the wing looking to get the ball and and sharp.
already kind of thrown back great low backdoor pass, and you can, I see them. Have the dialogue like kyrie was like me as a good pass. Bro, like I did good pass, but that will itself out there. They will get better than I think. That's a really good call on your part, like they trust, isn't there. It is build. I just hope that you know sometimes you're not always afforded the time to bill because someone else externally cut up the norm You could be internally says: hey we got this needs to be done quicker than that and the pressure starts to mount. I just hope there given the time to figure that out you that's why I really don't want to talk about the nets to early the seas in their work in progress. I don't even think that we have seen them at their best or at their final form, but lie major say that if you would grant me the path, and the inability to order My finals, participants when predictive Y, all burnout, even at a very brother, not even air. While I think I said
I rarely bet against Milwaukee eyes. I think I said that when I was picking earned, I said, I'm usually Milwaukee Milwaukee my what yeah and I want to score seventeen in the third quarter. It was like. I don't know this has less to do with brooklyn, because I think they're going to be really good and more it'd do with do. You know how fucking Get more walkie. Is man ro. Do you know? How do you know I've? I just I just forget rakers default. To like Jonas is great, and this and you're still without you know Chris who's this. six, seven, six ass, he would like they're. Just really big amongst the most about of other great things, offensively indifference. If that's, why pick Milwaukee as much happier in because This is just now getting into its peak and you saw it last night where I think so they that, at a time of the year, like thirteen or something they put the stat line up and, like you know, you're, honest
One hundred and thirty artist is well below a seasonal averages. I'm sure he'll get back like he was not playing well in that first, the first half and then you could just see it in his eyes in that third quarter, where I think you know I I don't. I don't remember I know brooklyn was that they might have been up double digits at that point, but Jan, like just give me the ball. It was just gimme the ball. Often right and there the tower they met were goddess messed up against katy and he did it was in the post, deeper the post ten yards gets, the bar. Does a cab, replied, salad, deference to start and then the honest Bakes says: excuse me cabin hidden, it gets a layup in just by Kevin. It was. It was pretty pretty insane to see goddess in that third quarter. Was this give me the ball and I'm just going to I'm just going to bring us back? Not only am I going to bring us back, I'm just going to win this this this Wednesday night game for us. It's ok, don't even trip it's ours, don't even trip at you've you accustomed things and you taken for granted and
walkie size is one of those things that I took for granted. I was why the game I submit. Claxton is what six eleven headings: eleven samuel, katy movies, easy star guy talk: ok, katie's, stand six eleven, whatever they left him at these added for it is they wanna say they both looked small yeah, they both looked small and an sleight of build. Not to two janius by two to big ass, brook lopez too. and then I go and then they put then they put been seminars on the honest brow and that was established. Disrespectful opens images are really really good defender, but damn browser I mean, I thought he did it he did a good job in the first half, not so he did a good job, so Jamesina daughter your trip. Basically, page, my pick regions with a legal changes. Do you intend to blocking the important? No question? Do you ain't you? it is yeah.
If you will allow me, I will not be shit and change the Milwaukee guy reserve. I want to talk about. Another a mere india to your heart. This was a tuesday match up. I want to talk about the phoenix islands the phoenix suns. Are they have an impressive start at the top at they play tomorrow night at the gov a bit of a break, but the three in one? As we're talking about this coming off a really really really really big went against the warriors aware name started off as a really good play off like game, and then clay tops the stars papa. the mouth to different booker, it was great itself thou hast thou was a turning point out on over. There was a turning point in the game. I don't know what it means like two to two for the rest of the season, but I was expecting I was. I
Oh, are the warriors going to go on a run right now, they're talking pop a big shit they're talking about how they got there talking about, they got four rings and then something different happened around The suns responded in interest ran the warriors out of the building. It's a turning point for the for the suns right now are are: where are they right now in your eyes, because there have been really impressive to start the season? I think it's or early to say turning point, because I mean I don't know that I mean I just started off really well right. So, like it's, it's new start really attorney. they ve started off the way you would hope there are three. In the nba terms, a defensive efficiency milwaukee. My picture to be the final. Now it is in its number one they're, just their long physical, and why not by what I watch a game I mean they could venus can really lock up, they strap up when they want to, and they too have dudes decking ghip get buckets like they have guys that you know the bottle
so they're like Milwaukee in that that ball moves crisply. It moves with an energy issues, finds the person that that's all been and should have the ball and puts them in a position to to be productive. With the ball, I mean these are corny things that old or coaches talk about hey when the ball moves with Jeanne, you move at energy. The ball finds the guide supposed to fight, but there try to through and when you watch phoenix relay that shit and then they got guys they can get back to the camp johnson. He get a bucket mikhail bridges I feel like Mikael bridges, okay, a friend of the show, but could get a bucket and deandre Ayton I mean eat, but, but you know can finish and can get a bucket. Chris Paul and Devin booker are certified when, when you're versatile, like that offensively, we end strap up and defend. You're gonna you're going to be a problem, and I would just double down a triple down now, because I said it season. Marty Williams Jane jones, Chris Paul D,
bachar the leadership and that locker room. They need to be commended for the job that day done last year, with all the distractions and coming into this season, with all the distractions late in the day, like you have to tipp your hat to those due for keeping it bennett singularly focused the blinders on and being about the task at hand right lake, the being able to compartmentalize like that is, is huge when you're in an mba season, vietnam being able to Lock out all the noise, all the distractions, all of the things that they dont factor, to us: winning games really shooting like being able to keep outside or critical, and they just seem to do really good job at that. Here's the thing with the phoenix in I in hindsight twenty twenty, but I think they made it Why they did it and I get it but last year them go For that many wins. I dont think that was the best course of action for this type of roster ticked. I think that this roster is,
I think that they need to be similar how our warriors were last year. I think I need to get to about fifty fifty two fifty three wins right, but makes her you're winning the important games mixture winning the games, like you did to say not against golden state, make sure you, when the games against denver, you know gets Dallas necessarily it would make sure you are just keeping your rhythm, because with this one happened last year can happen happened last year was your top dog. Your leader gets tired. Let's just keep it keep it. A buck right course pau as great as he is getting along in the tooth. You gotta make sure that you guys are healthy and fresh going into the policies and not necessarily chasing that a girl who sees in record gets a fifty two. Fifty three one and then we'll see what happens question for you, because you ve been in illegal long time. What, for that? Fourteen, like two sons,
what does it early season game against golden state mean? What do you think it about going into a game like that? When you, you know, you didn't, have much play off success, but you see the champs coming into town early in the seas and what is your mind set going in to its game? like that. What are you trying to prove? What are you trying to say what time bertone you trying to set I'm sorry statement. Words. Words, words to make a statement. Every game of eighty, two especially early in the season, isn't significant, but when certain teams come to town, or when you go to their town, you're, certainly trying to make a statement, golden stay would fall into that category. You know they buy Boston, obviously, finals purchase They would find that category Milwaukee the butter teams right the better, James, the western conference top tier, It's like, I am trying to set a tone and let people know who we are this year right, we're everyone's jockeying right now for four position and not just on the on the stand.
the board, but like in the. How do I want to put this? in the hierarchy of fear. Indifferent in Bonn I do not, I mean so lying in a certain clubs, fear other clubs more than then than another one, and so we are trying to put ourselves on a topic that list like certain I didn't fear the phoenix signs when I play there, they thought they could beat us they would. They had a recipe that they felt could work lotta teams for a lot of those whom they don't want to see us because we played a temple. The just took them What they wanted to do, and so you're you're trying to say that statement. They're gonna stay legato, you don't wanna, see us, you won't care of your number one in the west or in a white. What the sea you are come to play off like every time. We see you in the regular seeds and if we can we're, don't do this to you in just those seas! In your mind for two players: what did you from the other side of the match up on tuesday night right, because it is the. Where's came a really good, but it seems barrenness our know how to save his life it's you like to early on the seas in orbit it in a bit of us a very slight identity crisis right where they are
lot of guys that are there, they got a lot of questions that are unanswered at this point, and I think I think the dream on J P. Beef is It's a non issue at this point is more so like how we can get wise men involved right. How are we gonna get these young people? involved. How are we going to ease, lay thompson into the fold focus he did. You know cause he didn't much in the preceding, but I think the guy and came to a head in that in that skirmish between thompson this together unless it wasn't a big of a deal, but what did you see from the warriors point of view of that back and forth between clay thompson and devon booker, because clay thompson is going to be effective? darfur rings, which we chillun whatever, but like what see from the what are the warriors tried to say in this match at what what what was their point of view at this point and that game, you think I mean their point of view, was a guy ran out rainwater Jim so that we have what we have work to do, and I think that the team, like all
state after what they achieve last year and all that they ve over this, this kind of window that that that therein could use something like that early in the season, right as as no or coach use that right there sometimes or a coach comes into his staff after a loss like I've been in those room dry like one when David bladder somebody would come in afterwards and and it did go the way we wanted in their light, not all the way disappointed because you, produce that right, like we needed that world were filled low better about ourselves and we should be feeling right now. You know something: your winning games and coaches look at it in and say damn it were women, but we will look into. This. Doesn't look great work despite not playing great basketball and the more you win by tat, the more it gets kind. Brushed under the rug, like players, don't believe it until players get beat the way they got beat, and now A coach I can say to you, hey look. I tried to tell you that we were We were, we were winning or
we're skating, whatever was happening, and you weren't believe me, but now look a bit us and arrests, and so here are some of the things that we need to get back to doing or hear some of the things that we need to start doing or what have you and I think, if anyone, can take that kind of message in rally the troops, I understand that this is a marathon, but there's a lot ask about to be played, escorted state shall not worried about them. You know, and I think it's fine. I do think it too. the good thing to happen. Now I worry low, but about clay thompson. I worry, I worry about clay and when we had we had when we, stable and remember I and I asked him- I said you know, should he and you guys, anticipating after coming back on it next year, you know that he he's gonna, look a lot better cause. It looked like he was kind of russian enforcing and an eye I can say this definitively, but I am worried about what percentage of his self he gets back to this point. And his acceptance of that the. If, when you look you dissect, that better exchanging. I would booker edna
did seem like it had anything to do. A booker had everything do his frustration. in levels come into this season. You know and likes look at the situation you ever guy, like clay who was a pillar that organisation Injuries have have have derailed, his career and a lot of ways right and played really well in spurts, but he hasn't played well consistently since he got back and then you have you noticed kid. I mean J p bald out in that vein, extensive wesley, he was ass. There was something to us ass. He says we get sizzling create, is he's talk, but you have a guy like that who, whose ball and unease that way doesn't shit. There Does she would have all Logan? I'm sorry to interrupt. You mean there are few people in my career. were you watch him with the ball can't figure out how their mind worse. Where you, why? What? How would they should even pop into your head? The data may like Jamal.
Alfred had a little bit of that where you watch him and he it'd be no PA plan to be no six mare right now. You can tell by the way he is playing he ain't saying nothing. He is playing like yo. This is this is not only going to be my starting. bottom point is going to be my team one day. That's how he's trying to play right now, yeah he's on another wavelength, create creatively. I mean you know we're talking about skill set in production at all, but in terms of creativity when he's on about his his brain works differ anyway, I you see that don't you see that you see that as for as clay thompson, and you could see how a guy can be frustrated right now and he has to figure out his his new role in this organisation and just how things are going? It's tough! It's tough! My question, to you, though roger is just bigger than goldens eight or or phoenix or any team that matter. I just want to just the art of ease or trying to find your identity within a season for a team. I feel like the stage we are in this regular season right now, we're not even november allotted
That's when you see the standards of colonel walkie right, the tea, the team that might when the titles like tent in the west or tent in the east, or do you know that it's all want you right now. When do you get a sense of how we know Our team is right now. When do you get a sense of what we found? Our identity like what is this time right now when you return trying to find yourself. What is that like, and how do you get through this, this little we're p it of the seas. That's it that's a good question. Before I answer. Let me just tell kyrie into mix of people when their handling the ball. They like dash like bro. What are you doing that's crazy. Who would think to do that? It was like no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, no and then he just has somehow has his left hand go from. It just flick it to the the backward goes hand arm like good its guerrilla. If I'm, you know, if I'm already core rotational guy. Top five too may be seven right
like these six man. You know who you are like: no one really vying for that there they should be a start or on most teams there. The six main on your team like that there really going anywhere, seven is usually kind of pretty saw they too. By late for eighth. Ninth dependent on deep? My coach goes tent, like you know, there's allotted Jackie I'm goin, like players are, are trying to impress upon coaches that they should either you don't move up and be be considered for minutes in it's not of a fight per se, but there is there. Is this element of lay okay well jason- is championship it still early in the season. Let me let me show you guys that I deserve a little bit more than that, I'm getting if, if you're one those guys right if you're feel like a top seven guy you're trying to develop them chemistry, you're, trying to figure out rules if anyone's taken a step over the core of a summer? That is
going to translate the season. Like maybe let's say I don't know jonathan commissioner, for example like baby, but say increases in summer. He showed that he could be a cut primary play maker, everyone's a trusted in men from summer. He did it in an increasing in practices, and now we get to see if it works. In the end, the games the junior said what I'm saying so guys are looking at each other, trying to see if anyone's taken that step by can I relinquish a little bit of this, maybe Logan's gotten better in that space man, maybe logan. You know it gives a little bit more cars on better in this space. Now I get a few more three, so starters figure that out at the same time, you know trying to trying to get out to a quick start because of your bank, a bunch of winds early, I mean you know that that, while everyone else is trying to figure it out, like that's house, money, coaches, to figure out the recipe you're trying to figure it out there trying to figure out what combinations work. What rotations work. There still treated probably hammer home for philosophy, if there's been
from last year makes your cold in place and just make sure more than anything you know, even if its iraq in games, although you'd love to be winning that you're playing the way you want to play that the efforts there, the attacks the details there you were from the ground up, built the right way and then, if you solid and winds will welcome as allies as always. First, our resolution is always a little wonky right. You just see weird stuff, like you see a lot more power. This thrown out about in the first week season. Writer you see just like. Oh backdoor cut comes or somebody's expected, a backdoor cut rose, the ball into guys is not there and I know is that why you see a lot of that to start disease? Well, yeah. It's like that was the play we were talking about with with brooklyn last night, like those are two guys that haven't had a lot of time together. Right, one is one vying for real rotational minutes and trying to prove to culture staff into him fears that he is able to you know, produce. those minutes and the other one is a bona fide superstar innate. You know that
they're, just not on the same page on that and so you know you're trying to work out your chemistry man, you're trying to fire on. all cylinders as best You cannot was what was kind of unique. You know about those the phoenix teams thought? My dear tony did a great job, at least with those phoenix I can't speak to any other team that he coach by we for the most part hit the four. Forgive me for this running, like Nor will we ran, but like we had, we was its seven seconds or less I mean yeah. We were flying and n often was running seamlessly people just kind of fell into roles, but might did a good job of kind of making. You feel really the boy in your space and empowering you to do things, and, and and really we practise like, every day. So when we hit the core, we were ready to go but say a quick break. I want to talk about team chemistry in the art of it. I the to break brick.
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you here, for this got to do bring their shit, but shit to watch. Him is based on one wonders. What the fuck is. This bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, What's mother fucking good, go home mother, but oh geez, jazzy jade, it we're back with our final two contestants car mother fucking. For and log e g minds work they'll, be playing. What's twenty dollars, shootin sleeve and thirteen dollar gift cards, the lamy flea market, ok, Joe got thirty seconds to answer three god. Damn questions. Thirty car, you ready with the clock
I get this shit started. We got to see fuck him. He was doing good this year right now, let's get occur. Let's get you ready bucket bucket all right. Let's go ok, there's. No, it's suitor, none but lakers finals chances are all things that people smoke. Does it. First of all, you know nothing about going back to back on the nineties warriors. No, no! No! No, you Faneuil, never won. Shit, come on op, all being checks as a check on that day. Okay, one more one, more worst takes in basketball media.
Jeremy giambi? Is it to me jeremy not to be knowledgeable manager? It was my amazement as as yomi is that sasha mac o brasil? We did it. We did that again. There are so after a loss to disperse Carl anthony towns was asked about Anthony Edwards straw. goes, oh and Anthony edward was talking about how he could have been better. Just you know, making sure his body is better on the second out of a back to back and Karl anthony towns, was asked about that and he talked about it. Oh anthea words is comments, but a little our even ovals authority and slip. I don't know what to do. I don't know if it was a just a
message being sent by a veteran on the roster, but he says you know I don't like when asked paraphrasing! I don't like one anthony outwards, come up here and is jokes about popeye's, where Anthony edwards. Also, this has been done very entertaining die since his career. I started you know him getting overrides during the press conference, stuff, spin, hilarious at times or other times is said some stuff on social. That you need to relax on it at his ease trip, but that, but he has had the reputation of just being a very charismatic die for the most part, A lot of that has had to do with his is press conference antics in getting mcdonald's at stuff on overrides after table. Before getting bob lies a giddies dove after games right in front of the media and so careless, tat says he liked best of right and he went on to say that I was too full clip. You know, because this has gotten
a lot of attention over the over the last few days, and I want to watch the fork lip and on the fork live. He did say it's on us as a whole team to make sure you know we're holies other accountable and that we are doing these things and I can do a better job of making sure that his died as good as a leader of this team. But what got everyone's attack and was the popeye's learn roger, and I believe this is my personal opinion and I wanted I wanted she. I wanna get yours as someone who has been in logarithms, but my personal opinion You could have said that without the popeye's I feel, like you could have said all those things that you wanted to say without power. we call them out about the papa, is a bit like you could just did that in house, a cat propulsion. Am I wrong Think better was there tat was. It was a timeframe for cat to say to call him out public my real real real publicly after aunt has already held himself accountable in the press conference before I'm not making as big a deal of it. Is everyone else's? Ok, I'm not did he have
say popeye's pry, not I mean that extra till I come on local biscuit, and married to a couple. Biscuits in would deprive male, maybe lab papaya yea pride it bites by I'm not really trip enough of it. I think those goods are going to be okay. I don't think that that's something that really festers or leaks into your locker room and starts permeating through it. I don't. I don't believe that to be the case. I I I I just that's interesting to me in a way that I did. I just thought that those days a have and passed for mba athletes. I mean I was a terrible when I was a little defied dire of a leader, was terrible man. I would stop it like a fast food but we're gonna get something to eat, no problem, not even in you mean like there was a wendy's by my house in phoenix I'd. I'd, say right by adding an grandson, and behold brow there was there at at outside oracle arena. Makin a day wrote there was a pause yet were teased on and dog very nuts
here's the thing that people don't realize, I'm just I'm David deviating we're going to food talk reserves. I want to get back to this when people don't realize bro after you play a game or after you cover a game. Bro you're hella hungary, your help hungary at the the night around eleven, eleven thirty, because you just been exerting so much energy right and the only thing that our open, our things fast, joints, don't unless you have a chef or unless you have someone like or yet the mill per pop, and I got the mill per pop announced, changed my life but like when you when late at night are only than us around sounds good and you're. Delirious is some popeye's brow sometime this is what it is facts now so I say I say that because I would have thought that there would have been most teams in the nba now really really nice meal set up. You know in cleveland. When I was there, you'd have real meal with salmon in an like bad partake. Was, or rice p, laughing and great,
veggies and- and you know salad and that, but at all the teams got that wrong, sometimes when they come to that when it comes to beta just get the in and out burger bro, they just have the in and out burger on a thing: that's not cool. This was for a home team. This was for a whole team. This isn't this is a away teams and yeah you're not going to get that kind of spread right like unless, unless they're catered by If you're staying in town, you should be able go back to your hotel and get a real meal because you're staying- I didn't you know, eighteen, our hotels, like their memory services open, may get yourself a real meal and if you're going to the plane, you would think that most points have real good catering they have real meals right, so you might get a snack to hold. You or until you get it that, like the in and might get me to the planet? Gravel burger will quickly. bottom oracle till I get a plane, can alone we'll devil after your double devil worth. But but look I played I play with cats. Percival, like I told this story before in utah cause you're right when
we're back. The second time I had seen a bunch of places and and white light places like Dallas did in their places and even phoenix had really a boot and out I'd I'd say I said the Kevin oconnors that we need to get some food in here, Through the game for four hours at least because it is eleven o clock. Salt lake closes early, The place is closing early, my wife even if she were going to like have dinner made and stuff like that. Like an end, my wife was good about that make me play games stuff like that, but she was at the game, so she wasn't cookin when we got home and so I'm kind of force now to leave this place and go fuel. My body I'm starving with something bad at all. If I had to do it in your time, so you tat was canada windows is alligator, though. Unlike my legs, eleven forty five was valuable. Shepherd decker, oh my goodness yeah, but I also Again I played with guys, I won't say names and- and I thought these days were passed
education come so far and the options that teams provide art are so limitless that, then I thought these new. I just can't thought they were in the past. I play with Georgia would get on to get on a bus for breakfast issued around and drink a coat and and too, recent peanut butter capsule for peanut butter cuts to packs, and I believe what what are you doing It's just you know those were our eating habits. We we weren't educated the way. You know how many you know, many diet, cokes I'll, be seeing a media rooms bro and I'm just like yo. What's worse How are you hydrated die? Listen we used to drink after missis. A day and age me like we used to be a more right now we be Steve NASH, myself would be in a hard time, may be granted slide through their dependent on who was what does after a play off win like three three beers before we even light, well, you ve got a shower manually haber. Take my group labyrinth.
We want to get on the bus leg. Let's do we want to get on bosnia over three deep and we're just keep moving dog. You see Michael Jordan in the nineties, brow he's walking he's walking out of it the gym, what a coke in his hand, not cause a great problem. place because MIKE was go, how a product placement pop it, but he was That's right does Michael Jordan like, but when I think I, like also man. You know I dunno ants background. I dunno what he's been doing, but he'd probably be drinking. He probably would grew up. All right is probably that she'll go to a any a eugene gym around the country right. What they got, they got. Fucking, animals bags in the middle of the fucking games and share the eyes out there not eating their, not eating. The healthiest right now is that that big of a deal, but I just as a young team right there try, but my biggest take away from this. The situation was you have a year team, and you have two guys that are trying to fight their way to talented guys that are trying to find a way into it.
new set up in minnesota right. These are gonna, be the two leaders on the team that was a big take away that. I too, that I too, and I'm really Looking at it because I'm like they need to whatever it is, they need to figure it out, because if they figure it out, it's gonna be special in minnesota. yeah. I think they have the makings at the start of something pretty. I'm not worried about a anthony, Anthony which diet I'm not really worried about whether you like pop, I may go, get a pop by sandwich. I ain't driven off of that like that by the lobbying for popeye sandwiches day, like let's fuel our body If you like, a pop, I say, was dog eat up, I say which lay my boys, like Winston, they were just like Well, we might get one day or no, it's not I'm working to advertise. Bro appliers of is around the corner dog and I'm over here like star, I'm looking forward to cage and corps. When I get off the pot, you know and listen, but Now, I'm not worried about them as it as a tandem. As a dual of leadership
They'll be fine. I think that's one of those things that you know. You said something in a press conference. I don't even know that they have to discuss it. I dont think anything yet which is really trip, and often I saw I think, they'll be ok. I want to go some quick hitters really quickly. Works are a direct, quick maroons out there. We are workshopping a name for this. It's called quick caters. Now we tried real or no real, just throw us a name. You know we're trying to do some quick hitters. So if you've got anything you know I dunno hit up carmen, just fled his comments and we'll figure out a name for that. So real real or no real cause. I've read up space, do any good but he saw as ever decides that do bout cousins ball it. You know he against the nuggets has six three twenty two points: twenty nine on the night. The blazes got some things a duke is because dame has as on a calf injury, but are you buying? Are we by an effort, simons stock right now? Are we binational Simon stock as he is he locked in my book anthony Simon stock? I mean I like anthony simons he's a nice player he's
It is a nice player them in a heap. Put it on a last night he had fourteen or five for twelve nice players can have knights, I don't. I don't think that Anthony simons is isn't dame category or in some of the elite player cod. Where's by like any time soon most player? Many of these good player what I guess, what when you asked me, what am I buying? Am I buying what has a twenty a night? Twenty two and a guy twenty three and a guy am I buying him? Has a number one or number two Are you a biomass and over two at some point in his group, because I and I'm like he's a number two and they drifted away, see J in order to pay him as a number two, so is he going down I think he's I think, he's a number two, a number think he's you know, still learning and still getting better and still development. So, like every sums I like every simons too. I think what it is with africa. Simons is because of circumstance he's been put in a position to be a number two, I'm not gonna say he's not ready yet, but
will say that he does have some work to do to get their consistently, because after you score twenty nine, you have to do. better job of plane its teams at her scouting against you ripe. lie and also he's a guy like you, we talked about georgia, pull on the pod right he's, not a guy can ease into the into this role by coming off. The bench is not happening here, I need him to be a number two right now and if I go into the growing pains of that, but I have I bought almost stock in every simons and keep at it. So they got that that's so that's, where am I? What are you buying pascal siakam, taking a leap this year. He is averaging twenty six point. Five points reboot the six point, eight assistance for games and he had a thirty seven point triple double. Are you? Are you buying stock in the fact that he is going to be a franchise pillar for years to come in to rob that's a good question about pascal see outcome fan
you're asking me to take a step. He was already a really good player, but you're talking about of a franchise in and when you were when you say that I was defaulted championship, winning team, which is probably unfair, but, yes, ya- think pass garcia. Come again. that super young, but I like it, I've always liked his game night. I think he's talk so yeah by him taken and taken the next step I by taking the next step. However, I do think- and this is just argument. I wish the school. I stayed in toronto because pascal could be the perfect. He would be perfect in that system. Right as a guy? That is a number two overqualified too. I think you would be a great overqualified to on a tea on a championship team. If that makes sense right, where he's a guy, that not during your game planning for but there's a guy like a lie. That is better than him, but he is still there When he gives you thirty seven, your little shit- ok, you are this- is the team is a team
I think toronto was still ever since kawhi left still in search of that right now and what pascal's adult player, perhaps I don't? I have stock in him being a face of a franchise, not necessarily at this point being the face of a championship. France, sunday, those earlier, let's get to little segment, we like to call ruined the week where we we shot out a person entity organization, that just one the week I am going to go with you, gonna go a pepsi. I just was up the other night for listening to ride dirty and three in the morning came on, and I. all my real ones, a when pimp sees verse on all three morning comes out. He starts off rouser, wit what you see is what the portuguese european sea, become a doubt. Reawake like that starts off of hours. That's what I'm here for what I'm I'm up at eleven forty five at night. I need to hear privacy and he deliver
like you, always does- and I knew this happen on a monday nine, and I knew that it'll be my ruin of the week on thursday, so pepsi. Rather, we are happy that I do Did I do tennessee football already? You didn't do too if I didn't, do, tennessee football yet by I they'll, be my real one of the week. I think that had her off. We think that an off week, though, the sun, the saturday, the week before the retroactive retroactive I mean for them. The way in the shoot out against burma late trying to make sure I give my dates. Rice alone, football. I've been watching, but I like handed a hooker man. I think he's a because it's true eyes me, canada, right there in the re start and end tendency for have fallen or some hard times for a minute like there was sometimes when they were down in Josh hypo. company shows up in their doing they also tennessee river the weak ass. You see, football might mustn t these are winning the natty. So was I thought my see trouser gonna want to marry him, none of it. It's happening there.
they're your way, though there your way there on a move, but two a bow and arrow on the way garage a few weeks ago. my cousin mac was going back and forth. His like because he lives they live on its tennessee area and there, like man, I know if I want to like bodies tickets, you know for it to go to knoxville to go to this this, this tennessee alabama game- I don't our noses, cannot this kind of sad hell, expensive right and so the week later they bought the tickets and they were able to If the game and see the game is to go, see and go see an historic upset, man that is dope shot out, I would have liked to have been in the building for that one, not not because I hate bama, but like that they just looked electrifying in their talk. Want to go to new england stadium for game dog like it just seems like they're, on top of you bro one hundred and one one hundred and ten thousand people down there dog it's ridiculous. There are some places where you got to see a game were going up and dn you're, going up to see the the. And had notre dame game next weekend, So if I am and go check that out, that's one of the places that that we
to see in- and I see a little bit more about the programme stuff like that, but I'm excited cause. I've always wanted to watch a game in there. You don't owe me that's all some, and I'm a u s, c fan so like I don't really like. I can't really shot out touchdown Jesus. Without all I got just how I grow up. I grew up on miami fan. You don't owe me so lake. It was care its first class like the buyer, but us rubber you know I have recognised, only allowed to stay and I was really a headline. A bail out of that was really a rising. That's pretty wild brought our that makes it less who caused. Above me, let's, let's, let's list, what will record at big at this thing? Member? We will see you guys on Monday. I was out there the addition of ruins soon on Monday, we were we're home in we might and guest biases it makes you I'll check it out it ruins monday through thursdays, we'll see next week.
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