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Justin, Rob, and Wos start by running through some NBA Finals story lines and deciding whether they are fact or fiction (6:20). Then they briefly talk about Quin Snyder’s resignation (48:07).

Hosts: Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney, and Wosny Lambre

Associate Producer: Isaiah Blakely

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I am personally barrier joining is always robber, honing, big wise guys. Did you hear about riley yesterday talk how every week he option with his wife brings back. He back, he runs its yes, that's how I feel about this point. Gas and you guys want you to know that every week I opt in and I decide to come to work with you guys out by this If you feel the same way he does about his wife on. Why do we gotta get hr involved? Some of you know you guys we're just the NBA finals, sir. Was that what was it like? A person give us some on the ground details be finals good,
As it turns out. You know, good basketball allow building ball goes through hoop, worked out pretty wealth case. So this the first time I've been sitting finances. Twenty, sixteen, which I went to the two games in cleveland, where literally by game, for where Cleveland just got mauled, and they were down three one and remember taking a snapchat of this girl who couldn't have been more than like one thousand nine hundred and twenty years old, and she was on the sixers sitting on. sidewalk outside of a bar, uncontrolled We saw a position Have we really big down three one of the guys? I get it light. We loved asean boot. Really
is this: what it's come to? That was not the scene in golden state, even after game, one of course they ended up winning game. Two, and I took the atmosphere inside of oracle, was pretty good. I heard some people say it was like man. I thought it was damn good, but again, as I like to tell people most of my mba in game experience, has been clipper games where the loudest cheers for free chick fillet. So I don't know like or who excuse me chase centred seems like a big step in the right direction. Yeah me, I ve spent the last most of the last two years: my apartment, so any remotely loud building fills pretty pretty friggin loud to me, but was, I think we need to circle back on you're bay area evaluation. You know why you were out in the bay it didn't seem like your enthuse. To be in that particular locale. Look. Look I stayed san francisco to be as close to the stadium is possible.
in the financial district or whatever, which is close to union square close to all this other stuff too. It's not that hard to get anywhere important, and what I found out is that basically it's kind of hard to go somewhere Eight and either eat or listen allowed music anywhere in the city, which is this light as a new yorkers, something I take it for granted. Even in that language is pretty early to arm and that's a problem. Me, and then you know you as people like as a little people just about in these absurd observed and all that in san francisco nature like here, look man, I hate fashion people cities because it comes off So do you actually native new yorker, it's like expected of to save on everything. What's our agenda
we fall into category of what trying exists, love trying to lovey I'm trying to embrace a safe as places. I can't do it and then friday night I want to oakland with mean some may mark spears they have any good will mama jane. Do you black media, illuminati shit, and when this is the exact opposite. As soon as we got up, the damn over, there was paid everywhere was loud as l. These people plan, like music gotta, pull these people play a lot. Music is all it like ten thirty at night module on my guy year. This is this is more speed that dead. I'm looking for, however, still think I'm gonna stay in san francisco because out of their travelling, off again: convenience wins every dies. Every time rob is that you're oakland experienced absolutely media illuminati, don't get invited to this particular meeting is bad enough
either way all that hope, but I think I'd. Look, I think if we come back for game five, I guess we have to go back for guess. I do we're trying to win was over again if we are to get one. Every person who is on this all right now, ass, I say a ban. We all went to a nice ringer team dinner J way. You did not get that invite sorry, I think I must admit for it. I forgot to tax yahoo. I hit europe next now, but We're gonna win was over one meal at a time in, as of that date, their food that ruby inroads history. Chicken was laugh. Tat had source tat was perfect. That was the grub. I did very very much enjoy. I ain't so much stand food in san francisco. Take you spot of fire. We love to hear an answer and even ass, it was a things this learning so much. I underdog it for today we're gonna get into some coaching hot stove cause. The moves are certain percolate certain it gets.
business down on that end, as we turned to the off season, early twentieth teams in the nba does but first talk about the NBA finals, the big event on everyone, sketch of this week. We're going into game three on wednesday. This work on tuesday morning or limiting in between you know. We ve already assessed everything happening in the first few games a previous little bit going into game, three figure will play a little factor fiction, finals addition, and, let's thirty here as a way to kind of maybe just get a grasp of the series factor fiction dream green was right now this could apply to a lot of different things, his dream on her many many things, but specifically in Robert about this yesterday
for game one. He basically suggested that the celtics below average three point shooters would not do so again. Now, whore furred derek. Why marcus march at fifteen for twenty three from three in the first game, to four seven in the second game and obviously they won the first lost. The second: do you think all did mitt we that estimation of like what was going to happen, is re or is there more to this? I he inquired. simply was right right leg just by the box. Score was right, but this, I think, was a little more complex than dray mind up at the front of the class in the tweet jacket, teaching, about regression didn't mean they play totally differently. The warriors did defensively. they changed some of their match up stuff. They wrapped up their defensive energy, they actually clothes
out to those same guys who were hitting shots, sank in including in the first half of this game too. Like dirk whitehead did two theories and then, after that, the warriors are taking them seriously. There is opposition, where I think was dray mind and I want to say Gary Paden both closed out on a derek white three and made him travel. So that's the difference in the kind of intensity and the kind of focus that those guys are getting at this point in the series is now going to double clothes out from to the best offenders on the team. That's what you have warranted in terms of the warriors attention yeah. I dream on his overall point at the oppressor. Was that there's no reason for the warriors to you know, jump out the window and and and act like this series is in hand for boston right, there's plenty of things that
do all that he was right about the shooting part arm those trees that they took in game one. There were a couple of Derek white trees that would like. Ok, this guy's ridiculously open. I mean it made a ridiculously hard shot, but most of those other trees is rob mention we're per level test the wind which a finger take three type a city wishes? She saw tat. He was wrong about them. We're right about then at the wheel supersonic that boss does defences was enough to snuff in this game? And you know in the first tat I tweeted of game one I was nose like. Are they gonna start playing staff currie like he's the best suited ever lived. Are they going to treat him If he's regime randal in sagoth interest, you know his pull up. Three points is ridiculous and I think a lot of us if they did in this game was just bad defensive execution big. I was scared to come up to the level there some stuff in transition again up.
it was rare, the sea staff do a hard knew no job step into the pay stepped back, pull up three over a guy creating space which is right, As far as energy consumption noted a heart is things to get off in the game is ready to do that. Most it's on these common office, nice and com is greener, frickin plants, a guy so he's wide open. Any issues like look I've been doing. More light does Zizi, so you No joy. Mom was not worried about that year before a pivotal to what bottoms do not events in the wars or do not often to do on a like addressed some of what the words are doing defensively first year, because I do think this fits into my kind of follow up. Question robbie brought behind the two key aspects here. Was it like the physicality that jumped off the streets of europe sure from home like I was just because dream on was involved in so many kerfuffle. Let's say near technicals should been technicals wherever you want to call them?
or was more like a schematic thing and kiss like AL. Has been made in the aftermath of the physicality improbable we because it so I don't know it. Just like it's easy to talk about. I think, because most of all day and you cannot get out of my mentions about Dan cause. I hate reft right away, yeah right, but I mean you guys were there so like how much did the physicality there dream on in the wars play with it. It really like you think, affect things I wanted to start tracking potential technicals. You know we tracked potential assists. Can we can track every post confrontation kerfuffle dream on then just to get a running tally of. What's going on you just just to check the twitter, oddy and the celtics claims against the facts, but I will say this to just briefly that the non double check with german brown was pretty increases
notice of a group of sea egregious implies that we care that he will. We wanted him to get ejected. I would rather all things being equal. He not get ejected bother. I I was sitting next to make duncan for this game and he various stuteley before the call is even made use light, zags armor doesn't like the top people out and that's what ended up happening like zags. Almost like probably not tone is do doubt first quarter that damn game whatever it was for this regular play off little shove. It nicely. Although I thought it was hilarious that he used as the autumn in cages, rested legs, do that's. It was so funny, but you know I don't want to see guys get kicked out again to that kind of stuff. Does the nba Finally, manage should be decided on the core You have your ref, that's the reputation you want is the zags arbour rep, you wanna, be the guy who doesn't throw people out, don't ruin the game yeah? No, I,
I agree with you guys. I just think like I wonder if dream is almost finding the loophole here where he knows. If he gets one tat, you can kind of doing ever, he wants, because nobody's gonna want to throw him out and like he seemed to even up is aggression after he got that first deck, and so I don't want to give him an advantage at all. I think that's fair, and he certainly I mean he is habitual line, stepper dream on green, so there there is a history of that kind of behavior. Absolutely I think you're right that his physical lady, his energy put a huge role in that game. I made a dictated terms from the opening possession. He ripped the ball release, jump ball, lightning, locked up our hoffered on the very first often supposition for the celtics that was kind of who he was threat this game into. people challenging people pushing holding doing everything he could get away with and that changed a lot of They were doing in terms of their match up somewhat. There are able to do defensively like when you,
the line. You shift the battleground, like that against a team that is talented. The celtics you're gonna win some ground doing that stuff, but as far as like is it his physicality or was it their strategic decisions? Is a team that kind of swung the defence about this game? They seem kind in extra. able to me, because the decision to put dray mind on jail and brown, for example, which is a big match up change in this game That allows you to get into jail and brown more, because clay thompson isn't on him anymore. kind of like treading water and holding on for dear life? So when you change that match up, you put yourself in a position to be more physical. If that makes sense, yet there was to speak even further. To that there were some, strategic changes behind a play like even when guys we're getting penetration. You know few lay out a quarter and stuff
great as owning up these guys and jason tatum had an incredible floor game in game, one yet thirteen says so what they did was They take time, there's zone upstate time this, which is the day time their helps. You know, jason say them. God bless him. He's gotten better drew out his career at play. Making a fine if you re not in goddamn judge, and you know a couple he threw into some turnovers and stuff like that, like they were smarter about their deepest whereat. Didn't think boston is getting like horror. looks at all like you didn't feel that way. In fact they came out and they were winning. This came something like twenty three to twelve or something like that,
to start the game like I said I thought it was, on the other end with a sort of lost the plot, and I think you know, like jason tatum. He think smartly, with china draw cards, that china gives some files trying to get to them, and I think he did it a few times and soundly batching till I stop a couple. A runs right light was a guy cool emigrate to fritos here to stop the bleeding, but often zones is dislike yo, these guys, a kind of smaller than you just rise and fire over these dude. Your great mid range shooter, your great does that back to you love to shoot over these cats? I feel like that's a direct knock on our friend the men. I mean I mean I think it's unavoidable, but the maiden minutes made a difference. One might say someone saw this coming going into this area. Here we go
I didn't know where you come in here do we is frigate, rick flare struck and take a victory. Let me first game: aha referred in his fifteen years, reared as happens. The make sixth reporters most he's ever made. What what did you do have to call? What are you doing? Game too? That's why we didn't read the part, what is the question was specifically, who is the most important player in light of the fact that he didn't play so well, One might argue, means that his effect on the game one very important whether or not they win or lose anyone know. But I do wonder if, like those sort of rotational adjustments help to like, I guess it would- I was just Yet again, I gotta- I don't really know, what's going on with him, but just not having of there and having someone is active. and is is like defensively capable as our friend.
Like, I do think it made a difference, plus fifteen and twenty five minutes and, like you know him, aid in open three, which is like all you can really ask for him, and you know they went to him. A little bit more than they did in Jordan. Pawns earns its situations and, like I think it's it's really porn to have another wing defender anti. That's like not getting pete play in, like doesn't really have any one to turn to in that role. Aside from, like, I guess, sensibly, Andrew wiggans. Yes, you here's the difference, tween, andrea, would dollar and gary peyton, andrew dollar, brilliant basketball player. Still, I think, played pretty well incidentally, in his arms and invited the things considered, so I may get blown by a few times. There are some problems, but she is here on that into the courtiers who is on office, and we saw in the third quarter of game too when the warriors are going taken, role, bonanza and the celtic for doing everything they can't hide our hoffered from staff to skin torch in the pic unroll one of the things they do is they put. They put hoarfrost on gary patent,
challenging the warriors to use gary Paden as the screen or in the pickin role, and guess what they did it and it worked you put onto the doll in that situation, he's rolling down the middle, the lane We tell you item one eye on the scouting report, Andre good, I will not attempt a lay up. He won't do it. He refuses to do it is not a threat rolling down. The middle of the floor is not a threat. Movie for the basket and almost any scenario unless he's like a hundred percent sure he can dug it. It's it's tough to plug him into some. These really dynamic offensive situations. at his age and with his current injury in expect him to be a final level perform. Or the andrea Guatemala. He used to be he just not that guy right now and I like why what gary pay in the second enough as I've had let this conversation three times this week. Why is he not a junior? I dont know
we gotta get. One of our intrepid report is on that I like what he does in transition. Might there was that phantom call on german brown would she had gone into the line, mr darker, whatever, but he also put pressure on transition on IRAN. Rob mention he's a lab threat when he rose to the basket he's just more dynamic? Even when he's not shooting it's just you know, she's gonna plan, a guy on the sound screen, tease want the jason. Stop here, you can shoot over. But if you get the guy's airspace and No, the way the game is being called, you can be more physical
normally be expected. You, you sort mitigate that advantage that that that day them you, if you would just all up in his grill right, so you think he did change things that's defensively and in what matters is like this, not just how good he is is to drop off from him defensively and his counterparts being poorly clay. Like that's, why it's you just like! drop off is so significant. We're like the subjects have it in their mining. You could tell whenever jordan pool of sources, this is like this. This is less time. You know me We gotta go to work on this kid. That's just not going to be the case when you're facing wigand dream on or guarantee the second. Yet that jury when they are on the floor together was the best. The warriors have looked offensively I'll series so far, no surprise, but the fact that those lineups could also key big offensive runs at the same time now
huge development. I think that's kind of the line up to watch right now is wiggins and peyton and dream on out there with staff and insert weathers a porter clay, wherever you wanted to that fifth spot. That's kind where the warriors are headed, I think, while its men time who saw coming, we're on gonna, subject already, when we talk about clay verification, there's something wrong with clay. Why do you think flag, health, wise or just sayin psychologically? He wants torres fucking acl and is achilles back to back. There is something What to do like he's? Not a african. You know applauding big men he's a guy that needs to play with move me, quick, twitch, an explosion. And hear those are two of the worst injuries in the damp sport, and so now We doesn't look like a ballerina out there. The way you used to get us a fact,
his lateral movement is not what it used to be. This is a guy who again I'll bring it up every single time. Twenty. Sixteen that series sondra clay thompson put the damn clamps on westbrook. The most explosive Let us take quick, is fast, is guard. We might have ever seen a deposition clay thomson. It's one sixty just put that man in a strait jacket he doing any more right. An income we on the offensive in please when he put the ball and foresight. Oh my god, you stop it already. Just this, don't even think about it, What these damn tarantulas, that their boss thing got on a team likely This is not the search for you to be planned with the with with this dribble jumble drivel stuff, so yeah he's not they got it used to be, but he still has the right right. We talked about in transition with Gary payton to do with the rim this guy.
is causing the same amount of panic at the three point line when he's fanning out and when it comes off screens. I got it when, in this deficit in screens, for each other, that's just can examine the defects like he's still a threat, but no he ate the same. Guy, who used to be Do you know unless you ain't change, a prescription for your glasses? Anybody to see this will. I think the question probably is even ass. He worked them. Diminish version that we ve seen from clay throughout the season, and I think one of my main concerns. Is he still operating in his mind, ass, the fast clay thomson of old, and is he not Why is he gonna? Take too many shots when he's off when she probably be taken now, should they be like? limiting his minutes in certain sectors,
actions when he doesn't have any given those minister, jordan pool or maybe gary pay inner somebody else, and they won't do that because he's clay thomson it's possible. I think the reputation could come into play at certain points, especially just like Steve Kerr, who do. I trust, mentality, it's hard, not to try clay thomson, given his history, given his ability to explode in potential games like that could be incredibly valuable, but as for whether he's why ass in this series compared to the clay thompson we ve seen throughout the season or employee in previous series, I think he just playing against an incredible defensive team and he smothered by guys. jail and brown all game, long whore, who are making him look even slower and even like even less twitchy, because he's going against guys. You have size and speed who have everything that clay himself used to have, and doesn't it's tough,
I think what would really is tricky is what you identified just like can claim the effective without being full boat clay. All that time hunting the kinds of shots he used to hunt the stuff. There really kills me as this up inside the ark, because its clear is not adding to the basket at this point as we settling for a lot of really tough drifting fading one footed type like pull up jumpers from mid range. So now what you want at a somebody's possessions, and he he just not a guy who resets the offence, does not what he does. You know like it. If the shot, isn't there he's gonna keep hunting for a shot. He is he's kind of an end point to it: russian, whereas some of these other warriors guys will keep working key churning, keep facilitating until they find something else. Clay for better or worse has never really. Been that guy, and that kills me about what he's doing right now May I add that thirty, whatever point quarter that one time all the two fuckin noise coming out of that was
many. Do not my fault travels right, like the he still looks good coming off screens on the catch and when he squares body that shot still looks amazing to me whether it's beyond the ark or inside the art is fully starts playing. Around and doing? Is god sham got impersonation? There I I don't know that this is the right route for these two. It has staff that has Jordan poor just way better on creators there just like buy measures like. exponentially better knew, no is so. It is its sub optimal, framed the bee play in that way, and I hope that he gets it do is heading I got news for you on man, Steve current uk fucking around with defence, you do and all this crazy shit he's going to sit you. This is the finals, I'm sorry, you dont have to play. Clayton
he's running pickin roles. Now I visited a full news. As he's heard him he's It is really just one hundred million a year. I mean you do about a numbers like it's not like they're, not some ridiculously every taken role. Issac is just for the warriors. It's like, oh, my god, they're the most effective play right right now, we'll just before we flip to step your quickly. Do you think clay likes jordan like. I think it's gonna hurt anyone to hate clay thomson, but they're, just like them. lives like permeating on a tv screen. They're, just like emanating from the usual sometimes are alike, No, he loves, like the jordan, bore experience in the fact that, like he's kind of coming out from behind them, I look on play. Is that cyprus? Can you know he is empty ballroom,
amber when they got K d use? I manage this more resource for me. Breaks, I think, that's his mentality. No matter what I don't think he sees jordan pool as soon entity that he needs to be deferential to other. Guy doesn't see us, as was the detrimental to any body when it comes to offer its again shots up I've gotten on decent authority that there has been some awkward attention being that they play the same position and in the same role, but the year you know- I don't know like we would join in poor made their incredible, which is most crazy shots. I've ever seen, like you d, doesn't mean those wild, and old fell from half port. It takes a normal jump, shot it switches that they, let you see, step going, nuts. I love you. Did he added that those vibes weren't emanating from Clayton up? I'm glad it's not just me.
But that must not involve. Do you feel you feel those that kind of animosity towards jordan pull them pretty indifferent about europe, although I do think we it kind of anointed him as the next staff. A little too soon like it seems like a pretty adequate sixth man who could potentially turn into something down the road. Let's give it a little more time and I, but speaking of of the real stuff, here's my next question fact or fiction steph is breaking Boston's defense, like no other player before this postseason, I'm cribbing this from Nate Duncan who said this in the midst of game two and and he's not outright saying that player, other players haven't had more success because yadda set three. Forty plus games butler had two pretty amazing games, but it does feel like the celtics on defence or, searching for answers for staff in ways that they probably wouldn't and I do wonder if you're looking back on this, the first unions that we seem like if you remove the outlier forth,
ordering game one. You look back on your like steps actually been doing some pretty good work. So I wonder rob do you think? Like there's ain't, you too, that a yak he's he's probably is given a more problems than anybody else. Even like a honest or butler, will you just gives them different problems that there? Builds to solve that no one is really built to soften the celtics. Are one of the better switching teams in the nba, and they are still not built to solve the problems that staff creates and when you think about what made boffins defence good the season, it's like spot for spot, they have a lot of really get defender it's the way they position, Robert Williams, around the basket and allow him to roam and block shots? It's like that. Doesn't really matter like he doesn't really matter spot for spot if you're great across the board defensively doesn't really matter if you're protecting the rim. If steph is going to pull up of one screen that can six speed beyond blake beyond the three point line and he stepping into open shots, because all of your big are gonna just get roasted it by him off the dribble. I am no whose
I used to solve that. I dunno who's supposed to have the answers for that, but as far as the other match of the celtics have had like playing, jan as it is a great training exercise for guarding jimmy butler, you know like they. They operate in similar spaces on the floor, they're different players, but like the mechanics of how you do those things are similar. There's nothing like guarding steph. There just isn't yeah, and you know the problem that I have waste for the celtic defense is most found. Money man with the star of has been against big AL, who you know they did they rely on the guy and he has been deftly afraid to step out on staff. He just doesn't have confidence in his ability to stay in front of him, and so he just stays back, which obviously is the death not letting the answer would have. Normally. then the time more, where he's so huge, so explosive, so athletic covers so much more ground arm, but he's not feeling as mobile
Looking as mobile ass, you would normally very so now is this like grab williams has to be the guy that steps up on this is an early on in the series to be honest with you, I'm somebody who's like you need to let steph isolate all the amount of space that he's creating he gets great volumes is not tenable right, like it's. Okay for step to get some level of daylight on his off the dribble one on one step back thing but he's creating, like you know, vistas between him and grant Williams, but so far this series- and so that's what I think the problem is It is like the big men I been able to deal with staff in any meaningful way and there's been times where were offered. You know he switched on Steffy trust is help and to help came stuff.
it out, and you know they were playing to other non shooters, and so the defense can look stabilize, but other times we just offer just doesn't seem confident in what he's supposed to do when he is matched up on an island with steph. And I wonder if there's going to be some fixes for that, the is Boston's gonna make some adjustments that apple offered is the guy he's the one who's the the the the warriors have identified, said We are bringing this man a screen of roll boss in adjusting sends another guy puts out on a different guy like say get I pay in and they're like no gary payton comes to the stream like they they want out in those actions and we'll see if he responds yeah, I mean it doesn't seem like the Ethics are confident in him either, which then puts him in a really offer added space. You know like they, they were switching and to your point was like they went to this other. They went back to this drop again. That has just been a disaster for them all.
serious, but it seemed like they were so worried about him. Getting torched off the switch that they're caught between all these different potential coverages, none of which are great, all of which seem to sit around I'll and staff just the destroying him one way or another. I dont know what the answer for that is other than if you want to just trap him outright staff and forced the bottle. Hands and in you're getting into the classic warriors foreign three three to dream on picking out guys situation that that nobody really wants to see if you're playing against them at the. U s name change to the switch, though all because you know that marcie worries. Fancy me, like all, still look at steps. I you know I solution point for protection. Bob one like first of all, that's not on at the volume and skilled in antwerp and about unlike he, should have to do this again, and I understand when he makes a step back all true against www mozilla may. Can we really sustain this after you have to believe in the past?
as an believe in your defender's ability to make him work and do it over the course of a game over the course of a series, and I think that's the only answer this for three ships. But that does there you're gonna die and will you do need to trust in your league leading defense to keep from the front and make them shoot over a guy? That's it! Well, it's going to be an interesting next adjustment for for udoka and, specifically what the celtics Stevens is going to do against them. I think you guys are right the two line up? Maybe we don't see that at all, or maybe just in certain doses, and so I would Imagine they're going to split up orford in Williams. Minutes I mean, will see how many minutes rob Williams even gets. What do you think about this idea? What if it's, the celtics match small for small they don't play a big and they actually go with grant williams at the five, because
saw earlier in game to like the worthy. Wasn't anybody there to protect the rim when there's so much attention higher up on the core, my trying manage that, ballet of of? What's going on with the warriors dad? There were just so many dump off passes in so many easy. perhaps anyway, so I dont know if you're necessarily sacrificing anything at the rim, and I wonder the mobility you get the switch ability you get by putting. I guess it would be williams and maybe, but in pritchard arena who, with the four wings, would be, but I wonder if that is a potential answer. What do you think about that what what what is it solve goes. Williams is still on the floor in a like they're they're, just going target him like they do Orford an attack him in similar away. So unless you're willing to go jason tatum ill and brown at the five, which I am not advocating you do. I think it's a very bad idea. I don't think so. They're kind of stuck playing one
bigger another and the warriors or going to hunt those big, whoever they are and they're gonna get some good action out of it and I think was is rightly, you have to learn to live with some of those outcomes and for staff into high usage uncomfortable situ nations that he hasn't been all season. He she has not been a guy who's, been forced to isolate twenty times in a game ages out only not a thing that has been in his diet and I get it in the times that he's picked this poison and done it in these first two games, its looked great against grant volumes and our orford. But again I submit some people like you have to, these guys do with over and over again, and I keep telling folks like teeth. The compounding effect is that is the exact antithesis of what golden his drilled into every single person on benzene as to what they should be doing? you're, taking them out of the enormous challenges like making wait, he's one of the ten best players in the league, and I mean ever in the in the history of the game. So you just like
It should be doing that is this how I want to die with staff in the fucking machete enchanted, my neckcloth or You know, do I want to force other people to buy them? They may wide open jumped shots. I think this is the better of those options. Something might think I'm wrong, but that is how I feel. Now we got professor laws appear preachin regression to the main brindled eyes. I dont have down more brilliant. We guys you know who appreciates a good low rate, who not errands as stay farm. There was a good man, egregious a transition that that's pretty good, and I here we go. This episode is brought to you by state farm We assume that a team that wins in the playoffs is putting up huge orphans of numbers, but some teams rely. their defence, a gay, the boston, celtics shut
down their opponents, top players in using the full core press was. Is there someone from this? here's mba playoffs, whose put up a top defensive game. That's caught your eye. You know what I would just say: the entire first file series for jason tatum gets katy arm he guarded katy and away on an island that I've literally never seen before, or I haven't seen since Tommy Alan. way way way back in the grit and grind days. Also he adjacent tatum and that first round against the guy was universally recognised as the single best one on one score of this time. Arm jason salem deserves some kudos wet I mean, let's, let's give some credit to these finals, to which to the best offensive teams in the nba and in particular, dream on gas
in on jail and brown. We talked about a little in the pot already that match of his changed the series so far jail and shall five of seventeen and game to look like a completely different or when dream on was on an enclosing out to him. What of just a little change like that, can make a huge difference in terms of how the match ups bear out for give the celtics ability to stay alive in this series. Your gerrymandering deep and on german brown rob it's kind of like people, that Soon they can't afford great insurance, but then they discover that state farm has surprisingly great rates like a good neighbour, say farmers there, the court's day. This episode is brow, Do you buy indeed manager hiring from start to finish with, indeed, indeed, is the hiring platform where you can attract interview, higher all in one place find great talent faster through times rules, like indeed instant match, assessments and virtual interviews. You can quickly find the best candidates with the right. Skills with assessments, if only basketball team had to like this for the draft joint
three million businesses worldwide that use indeed quickly higher great talent hiring now with a seventy five dollar sponsor job credit to upgrade your job post at indeed dot com, slife, rear, nba, indeed, dot com slash, ringer, nba terms and conditions apply was brought up jason tatum, which bring to our necks, probably most important question factor fiction. Tatum, cobby obsession is really fucking weird, so, on the one hand he tex cobby before game one. I got you today which, like not uncommon thing to do, someone struggling with grief right. You ve heard this before, unlike ok process. However, you want a process ripe, then he shows up to what was it the pre game to press conference wearing com these exact outfit from his preacher, half work go let the celtics animals,
This is really weird like it wasn't, just like the sure he wore this the whole on humble he walked the shorts do so I mean you are therefore it was any I'm kind of like, what's going with these guys. You ok, don't forget it. during the cobia armband is wells. I want to give a shot out to my good friend Sabrina merchant friend of the pod cast She said she was like. Maybe tatum is in on the joke in this is a bit because I don't know, I don't know if he has a has that in what the boy he's instagram profile, was like call be laying with the basketball on his stomach and a guy it's exactly like, say them doing the exact same thing like one on top of the other so light this might be.
An elaborate full I've really hold soaking. This is what it is. things were like people keep given this attention and emma supposed to just like being complete. Any idiot interview like here this is totally regular, normal Have you list at all, like the taxpayer just like, I like you join, so you posted is like ok, we're giving you the texting, but like its kid, it's weird man, it's this we're in I thought we would come over the like sort of. you know it's a call. It like it was a kogi porn at a certain point, It's never gonna stop after he. the way. Like me, it was like this the common position of the call by the cuban we relate, everything to calculate that kind of calm down, but would this jason's haven for god to work. Ridiculous level, like me, brow like what is happening,
I think what makes a weird is that it feels so performative that it's not like you want. You want aware the the training outfit that could be war one time in your private life? You want. You want to go to sleep. that? Then I bore the game. You wanna do whatever you want, that's great billy he's wearing it intentionally in front of cameras in front of media members. He's he shut. it's up to game two with a shirt with kobe on it. It's just like all of it and, unlike again, you want to send that text to kobe his old phone, great, as we said, you you're dealing with your stuff in your own way, like no problems at that, but hesitating immediate member to say, maybe don't share, that would people but don't share. That would be something should be just for you can I though, like if you showed up to your dinner with was in the ringer crew. Wearing an entire kogi outfit down like the boston, celtics work out sure in the shorts people will be like that's really fucking, weird and pics.
Even in your private life, is jason data more to do that. I think it's just a incredibly weird lame thing to do, but then it did it's just him being him when he's doing it in this, like extremely public extremely a celebrity in the world kind of way that I should get you. not showing up like ass jason, tatum honouring kobe bryant you showing up in kobe, bryant, cosplay, really weird and for a lot of people were like praising it like a man. He just got to the spirit of co, be coursing through. veins for this finals that, but eventually just became like really kind of creepy he has every last one factor: fiction, kind of it begin early, so uninsured, pointing to talk about it. A little bit more actually be nice. If the celtics had a primarily beholden to anchor. I keep hearing over and over again about like how complete they are as a starting five, unlike what it unlocks as a sociable, defends and like how
The ball movement is with their gwine, yadda, yadda, yadda, and yet every single series pretty much like every other game. At this point, we about the turnovers eighteen turnovers in game to duke o doha, pinpointed yet again, as the sort of like the most information in that the biggest thing that they needed to clean up, and I often find myself wondering like yes, the moon to have everybody. Do a little has like definitely taken the celtics up a notch, but I do wonder if greater. Just like turned the ball over to somebody who doesn't turn the ball over like, and I just don't know of to be able to like actually fix this in time. For like then, the violence, do you think this was their problem oh and game too, because I dont remember a ton of those turnovers that came from a failure to organise. You know like this guy. Try to your shoe much. Does
and being in the wrong spot, and maybe a point guard or a proper ball handler, solves all that stuff. But other then, number. One position early in the fourth quarter were owl hoffered decided to bring the ball up and got ripped by pneumonia, be elite, said half court other than that I dont, remember a tonne, they are. They really need a ball handler in this situation yeah, and for the most part, the ball is in the hands of the right people, and it's not like jason tatum is getting a good spots or children. Brown is indeed in. The good spots is like rob. Set aside these due to don't skip passes, deduce warm friggin open. You know that it's not that they're not get their kidding into stuff, pretty much. Every single possession is just I don't think they're maximizing what it is. Their advantages are, so I'm not gonna go
I'm crazy about that. But again, like somebody like me, yeah, I always feel more comfortable when there's a guy like a chris Paul like a kalahari organizing, every single possession cuz, I know I'm going to get something out of it, but I don't think the wings are doing that awful of a job, especially like I said there are advantages to be pressed when steps garden you, when jordan poole spartan you when clay's garden, you went in his garden, you, and so you know, if that's your start Point would like the guy with the ball in his hands. Kin pretty, like is feasible that he's gone or create an advantage. Is that like clay, for instance, creating or something like that, like I'm mad and what they ve done? But you know get to your point. Just always would like to see a goddamned point. Guard What we did. We did talk about like, if not for the operational fourth quarter.
Will we be looking at in game one or do we believe that steps performance in talking about just how dominant he's been? I think you can look at the operational third quarter and game too for the celtics and say you take this life. Fourteen point blip out. I think bosses office has been really good by and by a large industries like they ve got into the look that they want to sink into they just they ve miss lapse. They missed them open. Three. I process wise, I think they're off its has been really good. What's going on with the third quarter thing like, obviously, the the warriors are historically awesome in the third quarter dating back to twenty fourteen fifteen, but it doesn't really make much sense for the celtics, a team- that's ostensibly well coached, to be worse coming out of half time, and I don't really understand that like can you guys, I think the warriors and then a third quarter team for seven years now. Wait just obviously something like this visit. Some blip
on the radar like it's not aboriginal. Like date, they have been blitz in people in the third quarter, since fourteen fifteen like this is what they do. I think, most teams, when the game is relatively close, coming out of halftime, don't feel a sense of you see in the war is due by guy, like I just think, that's the difference like it's like alright minutes. Three point game you know we're going to get into our stuff is going to be fine and whatever was the worst like. No, this is where we win. This is where we visited zombie game where we actually put folks away and win the game arm in a vessel mentality thing to me more so the nice summit like a femoral was like all due date, a just at half time. It's like I don't know. Do you need to adjust to have tat must have curry splashing trees on your heads up for, like you know the first fifteen minutes of a game. I I don't know
I do think, though, with the warriors there, the kind of team where, if they go back there at half time and their coaches showed them like one tiny weakness on film. That weakness is twelve points you know like that is that you just work over and over and the like step is so dangerous and so explosive. They can take those like minor adjustments and make huge gains out of it. I do I think, that's a factor in the mentality of knowing you can do. That is a factor in that too yeah tim bantam set a good piece on. He has been about this the other day, just like how this has been a consistent issue for the celtics throughout the playoffs. And it's just like to really weird it's one thing that you carefully put your finger on, but I think it speaks about the turnovers things where it's like. You know like robin. You bring a good point, like the margin for error for trying to be the courtiers is just social slim and to have these sorts of issues that are, since we were correct, able better can a dumb mistakes at your beating yourself, like that. Just makes it that much
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I were a little pressed for time here. So we're just gonna limit this to one item on the coaching hostile, agenda? I maybe get to the rest of them down the road. Unfortunately, for you guys we're not gonna talk about darwin ham, butt like just briefly, if we're talking about things there, just like really fucking, where but ham talking about Russell westbrook or why Russell Westbrook, just like loomed in the background of most of them, make sure he didn't say anything about him and he's. Gonna have undone tional comedy moments of the past. The boys anyway, so quince lighter, resigns in utah and allots goin down. As a result of that, with its citizens, Your news first rob: are you surprised that Snyder is stepping away after eight seasons, nita? No, but some of them, annex of this stuff is gonna. Like I camera last, I'm an outgoing coach did a press conference with the front office in ownership, as he was leaving like that. I get that they want a signal that this is an amicable,
let s get that there's gonna value and that for all involved. But what is happening here, I think honest I want to give a shout out to bread, stevens for last summer, come in now and be unlike its wrap this group. me are done, we do everything. We can, with this group like, like my voice dead, tired of it, I'm tired, then, like I love these guys, but the working thing is, is witches were done with it's the end of the road here. You know at a certain point how many jobs are. We will do the same thing over and over again say the same things practice the same things the same ways before suffered somebody to recognise that it's a rap and shouts the bread Stevens for doing breast, even if adopted last summer and hiring He may darker and their subsequent snyder easily look
I'm gonna get another good mba job. What I want one I've done everything I can with this group. I love these guys. What are you people? Let me go out of my family and use of the nose of a fresh start somewhere else. I think this is a beautiful case of new no sort of sports self awareness here, which is you know something that we get an abundance in sport. but like was long ago, we did it. Man is over done, see later cyanide suckers All hearing was, as you talk about people I'm tired of his voice of of your saying the same things over and over and of hearing a scathing indictment of this podcast known and the normal be with you guys forever, though, were slightly. dennis. I read the press conference. Rob as need a fucking vacation. But I want you guys, they still pay me for Isn't that right, yeah, it's like
I want to go away for a while. Neither of us is really happy, but I still want my money and honestly, it's a pretty good gig if you can get it, but yet it is pretty weird. I don't think you see that is often, I guess, like darrow morey, would be another reason. Example plan. We, learn how long that worked out for him to be on vacation in spending time with his family and further economic it's the wrong decision for the jazz in terms of looking for that new voice, moving in a different direction like how involve Donovan Mitchell wants to be, and who decides that new direction, I think, will be interesting. What role rude eagle bear has in whatever that new direction looks like will be interesting, but that just don't have a lot of capacity to pivot unless they want to make dramatic changes like we ve already seen a lot of different, slightly different versions of what the mitchell go. in tandem, surrounded by various role. Player combinations looks like now. We see how committed jazz are to making something that that is substantively different than that. No guy. So this brings us your next.
So almost immediately as Snyder snap down early The news from modes we get the follow up, which is that Mitchell, is in quotes, unsettled honor, it's an wondering what it means for the franchise his future. this kind of centres down a pretty well, The road where you're wondering well, is mitchell necks out the door? Did he have such a tight relations? was snyder or does this signals Jesse James, that he's wondering like. Maybe I need to get the fuck out of here. or as our foreign any larsson from the salt lake tribute mentioned. Is this just wages, slash Mitchell's way of getting diet and more influence on the coaching higher Larsson phrase. This position we see a rap donovan had see a rap woes release that he is surprised and disappointed about Quinn's departure so that
yea, wrapped Johnny Brian, can get the job johnny brain is a new york knicks assisting coach so I'm kind of like all over lazier rob what kind of like your top line. Take away from this giant stew of mass. These guys are so good at this. At this point like there, is there such a wide swaths of people who are interested in sport? but aren't seeing the Andy Larsson level commentary on what is happening here. That will just see, oh, my god, Donovan Mitchell is so upset, so so unnerved by the coach that everyone had suspected might be out after the season being out after this season ages, it really does a mitchell to be shown in a good light. No matter what happens either he's the guy who stayed, and Yes, I've input or he's the guy who was unnerved and gets to leave like no matter what happens. Donovan Mitchell gets what he wants when you can frame it in these kinds of terms, a might be a little rusty machine
spear, but is the line doff protest too much is thus shakespeare. Is that nicky monopoly something I just stall. Everybody would have a brain who follows this knows that down of the mitchell is not long for a damn franchise period. Nobody expects that down of images finish, always career in utah, much less, the duration of the current contracts that he's on so all in all times with Michelin is cared for signal, not happy. Utah, don't want to be loved to do some, those blah blah blah blah quits night. It was certainly the whole time Where was this quince light of gravitational pull we're like so either to quit? By the way? Was all this shit when he's rumours about when we get the fuck out of here it didn't exist for now.
I also believe cliffs diner leads. I just can't bear, Thirdly, it has any more because of the loss of my beloved goes its absence yeah it's absurd and the bottom line is. Nobody believes that this, though of the culture is gonna wanna play for, If you wanted to be the very long term issues hold guy, did you go, someone will be long term. I want to be involved in the decision. Let's put make me a part of the process of jazz. Live on, give its added roma forehead on would join mormon church let's go Let's ride. Do we all know that this is all this is like, like rob, for these guys are so expert at crafting this propaganda aids? Its comical at this point, so what happens now then, because
if you were to choose between already go bare and out of the mitchell, which seems like is inevitable at this point, there probably gonna have to pick one or the other, if only because like go bears, probably the only way to get something back and return to a kind of like, up the pieces and try something a little bit different around Donovan. If that is their choice, but it seems like Mitchell's, the one who doesn't want to stay there long term or, at the very least, might have his eye on other franchises or like. I think he would be the more coveted asset of the two in southern kind of like backing into a no win situation. I wonder if this gets pretty messy pretty quickly yet with a guy Donovan, it's not like, there's a lot of room to play in such a different way. There would be accommodating to him and want it make him want to state security born his hands a lot. She already
runs a lotta hyperion role. He drives a lot of the action and I guess you could argue you could play him as your full time. Point garden: a wheat had that conversation before as far as, if that's kind of the optimal future, for career? Maybe that's something he wants, or maybe it isn't? I honestly don't know, but as far as what they have now like Donovan Mitchell's play, who creates restrictions for your team like he is who is defensively, he needs a certain amount of help unless you just one upon on defence and trade We go barely going like morven, often first direction, any a play maker. There's that whole whole can of worms zoom bird like say you do do kind of me.
These supplementary structures around it one way or the other whether their rudy go, bear or might commonly, or you know, the erstwhile Joe ingles or whoever it is like you, you need these guys. You are going to do the things that he isn't gonna do and how you find them with the resources that they have at present with wet weather. Their salary situation is much easier said than done. I think one of my questions is: is a team, the next one, is other teams rumoured to be interested in Mitchell. Actually gonna like give up the bag in order to go and get him like they going to pay the premium. It's likely going to take to get a player for years under contract and hundreds Eighty five million dollars left his player optional last year and actually provide him that off ramp. I don't know like if you're the next, especially considering the history they have of making pretty mediocre decisions at best when it comes to electronically
her like, like stars and like ending up a bee level, guys I get it the histories and gray. I do wonder if like that, which is put them in an issue that they ve been before, and so it in that case, like is headed for us. The army, like. I don't know why you see a team that could like really need mitchell or, at the very least, like Mitchell, becomes like the franchise in the way that, like some other freight disgruntled stars have been, I don't think so. This summer cause the all in cases right now- and maybe this is a blot on the part of aids in them- is that they don't want to part with the dude so Basically, that means somebody's going to have to blow them away with an offer which doesn't feel forthcoming at this juncture. So I think he's No likelihood they gonna play out to string again. This season, probably just send a moving,
and then we're going to actually get into like the actual mitchell sweepstakes next summer, cuz, the jazz are just putting out like they're just putting outfit like yo we're. Not we really want to stay with this guy. We want to stay on everything you can fix everything. We could prove that this is ultimately the place that he wants to be so outside of great t saw somebody come in and being like, your will, give you superhighway lottery and a bunch of future stuff like it just doesn't seem like the Donovan shade. Is there to be made right now, because utah thinks tat, you know what the amount of years left. One is new and am again, you can see from the posture that mitchell what his camper taken in our committee, can be like we hated here. Get us out of here. Isn't quid sire
We love them. They did not taken the aggressive posture or tat. You know, as far as trying be moved so neutrons want to move them down and mitchell. Does it seem the yet had the stomach to aggressively make them move him? So I don't think any of these things are going to come to fruition this. Summer, I think we do. Then I think we could stand to be unnerved. More often on the spot gas we work towards a more unnerved energy see another Toby postman man on this one was no was due. Mba players as shakespearian theatre, envy, attires, AL shakespearian theatre as nicky menage, was the four words at our ticket to the top baby. I will be back next week same time same place. The usa, obliquely and production thing event, crews. Also,
action again. Reboot your credit card with apple card apple card, the first critical created by apple, gives you unlimited cash back every day and every purchase of the three percent. You please, cash right away to know more further redeeming points just daily cash. If news right away and anything cap banner, to learn more subject to credit approval. Daily cash is available via an apple cash card or, as a state and credit, see apple card customer agreement for terms editions. Apple cash card is issued by green dot bank member f, I c
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