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Logan and Raja are joined by Ryen Russillo in his ‘Real Ones’ debut to debate Westbrook and the Lakers’ early-season struggles (2:00). Later, they unpack the 76ers’ issues after they also fell to 0-3 on the season (30:10). Things come to a close as they quickly discuss the early success of Kristaps Porzingis, the Jazz, and the Trail Blazers (42:00)

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell

Guest: Ryen Russillo

Associate Producer: Jonathan Kermah

Production Assistant: Kai Grady

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in a visit K as gambling help dot com in Kansas, one eight, seven, seven, seven, seven, zero stop in Louisiana one. Eighty, seven, seven, eight hope and why or tax open wide four six, seven, three, six nine in new york, tennessee redline, one eight hundred eight nine seven, eight nine one, eight hundred five, two to four seven: zero: zero in wyoming or visit w w w dot one eight hundred gambler dot net in west virginia. was bought it ruins year, marduk out there for the first time to our cielo in the building, ruins debut ryan was popping are, and I dont up a great man. They should do this before you guys. You know that. So, let's do it: let's do it before you came on the zoom ryan me, mean roger, had a very, very heated heated discussion about
one Russell westboro before we get to that our you're in rhine. What's the five and l a around ruts. Is it like full on anarchy at this point or are we? Are we getting to their? What what's the five and l a us a lot more before he played for lotta, a rust defenders. There have been for a long time on the city I gotta get. It was like you know, he's sort you do dude laughed and then you saw like ross was like now he's staying with us, even though I think he asked out before Paul George even asked out so ill. he should be on the team but they're. So bad economies when you of the minutes, but I get to the point with him in his career- were he's worth being on your team, but not being undertaken, I don't know how much further I want to go on this until I hear both of your positions because I feel, like I've, already kind of tipped my hand like I I have to say I've already said a lot about it. People are like hey. Let it go. I dunno how much
I can say I got. I gladly do that here again with you guys, but I thought it was Thus far, I was led to believe all summer was vocals fall, and here we are three games. It ellison there were, I think, vulgar played a role ross played a role, and I think, just generally speaking, rob it could play a role like that? It's not a great fit for us. I am a rust defender. I had an you may, what these gentlemen pre pod, I dont stand all of the slander that rust gets. I, standard in the context of lakers land and then what games in him being part of the problem. The I understand all of that. I just don't understand why as an individual has become so damn polarizing like all these out there doing is trying to benny struggling Do it right now at a really high level fourteen that has championship aspirations by like, I think it's a terrible fate. It was a terrible fate from the beginning.
you're asking him to play a role on a team that he's never played and he's not going to be good at doin, and it's just something that you should let go right like that ass if there were a way to do it. Lets aim is magical world like extract them. For The equation. He'll go somewhere do what he's always done and those who love him can love him and lakers fans. Don't have to worry about blaming him cause. There's a lot of fuckin blame to go around in laker land, and I don't fucking interstate excuse me. Sorry, ryan, fucking heated again, I don't understand how he was someone who you want to stand in a corner and fucking shoot threes, even though that's not his job. How does all this shit follow? Russell's shoulders? There's a lot of fucking blame to go around a lake or lamp well Moreover, it is easy, so it is with this- you caught it, but it was. This was guilty and j carmody got me gassed up as we They are right and guises that question I mean they answered for me. I think, though, my my depends on what the rest is here. Not playing well but he's also
I do in himself any favours right all those times were when he was up against the media and in oakland. A city in washington in Houston. He would go you he would be so defined. In his answers and how he would go about after he was clearly doing a bad job, and you saw that in the aftermath of this game, on sunday against. A blazers right is is rest. Contrite about you know when you get better, I'm gonna do these things I'm going to play. Well, I'm going to be no he's, not he's absolutely not and the same people are covering him are the same people that are putting out this narrative that raja hates, and you know a lot of ways is true, but he's doing himself any favours he's blaming his injuries on. you know what we need is a well balanced she's, an about turn out tat. I found out about something actually I'm at the same time out saying that I want you, please just put a painting or thought, because I want to ask you about that. We talk at this- and I know it was a hard button for a lot of people and everyone,
president all over tv and radio the next morning. But if someone is was the question as to like what happened it looked like you may have come and got tight. How did you get injured and there are general answer is well. I changed my routine. I was doing something that I've never done before inside and prepare right and I felt type if they give that answer, which seems plausible and genuine like why? What why does it? to be that he's like being an asshole I'd. Ask so bogot baldwin. Did you covered a lot of new cover categories takings, you of all borders? gonna stay game right when one step was a healthy partition in the game, not a scratching was healthy. How many times would you say of the hundreds the answer to cover what percentage of time that he not come out at the same time ten and I mean that's over like five six seven I'm only saying that creatures of habit, you learned,
up a certain way had exact same warm up. I came out at the same time I'm talking about seconds on the clock. I shot the same amount of shots The same amount of leg swings. I did the same seconds for stretching and I did all of that and I knew I was- start again right and so that allow me to my optimal to start. The game at source package changed on me. It doesn't have to be like I'm I'm my coach for changing it. But if you ask me why I was tight when I came up the bed and I just say, hey my whole routine change. Man like I've. Never done that before I don't. Well, that's gotta. Be such a bad thing. So my my rebuttals then I do want to do resellers so on this as well. More robust, That is back to what I was saying about him, not getting the benefit of the doubt because to the people that are supposed to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's been shitty to over the years, and I believe that way when, when miss should hit the fan and you're not good, as you once were, that's when all this stuff can come.
Cascading affect my mom. How do you feel about that were so? Do you think that that has a part in it, because for years he's been defined and this is what he was good and he is dead. Now is expecting to get them if the doubt now. What do you think about that? I have a lot of thoughts. I have a lot of thoughts. I'm glad you guys went for a bit cause. I I I need to or the space a bit on this one russell. And be a player, because he stubborn russ, is a bad and be a out because he stubborn Roger disagrees on who russet player now I would agree, there's is surely plenty blame to go around the lakers, the rest, the roster, the roller asking to do, but I look of it almost like can only child and away were westbrook was allowed to because they were so happy in oklahoma city that he stayed and took the contract after durant left. I also think that played in the storyline how they can be cheap loaders when it with it that way. Words like look at the sky, like the team, was another good. There's still play off team as a triple double. state, is the airtight ran like it was
all celebrated and then he started digging in a little bit more near like what's this motherfuckers usage rate like this is. This is like over forty percent Oh, this is why he's got the ball more than any other players ever had it like the history of the league. Controlling who gets the rebounds to what the thermostat set out, so they bailey? him do everything he ever wanted them to do. He was incomplete control that franchise any stark online Oh all right. Will the numbers are awesome in the effort in the energy that he plays out was awesome, possession good at basketball because then they were losing. I thought too, that inferior, utah team of Donovan Mitchell there's no way. Westbrook and Paul George should have lost that a scenario like wait. Does this style play actually hurt you winning and then, when you look at, He goes to Houston. They had to get rid of their centre to try to salvage the guard liner and then that didn't work, he goes to washington and you know there are some five hundred team, second scare, anybody and then he's in allaying. So
looking at a guy that at one point I mean he's, certainly going to be a hall of because the numbers he's an empty p that he's on multiple teams every year, because when you watch it, when you watch it every night, and I'm telling you I'm surprised, were people that our on this but his his stakes are so fuckin bat, the gambles defensively, but there the toronto wizards game that when he was on Washington, where I was watching him, there's two minutes left as a close came. Every thing he did was wrong and it wasn't just a miss sharp- and I feel, almost like, I was tricked into believing that he was a better player that he was any can't figure out how to play with. He also roger when you're saints iraq system, the only system that exists, is If he's allowed to do it, every watson, they win forty games and who gives a shit and bonds. That's what I think of him as a player.
Look I'm not arguing. That is a that is a good player right now, like I've said like russia has not played well in in and allay it's a terrible fate, and I agree with you I have also said when it's time to move in that they're not it seems that were taken because he was will welcome the three fishes that deal they were buying out he's those hyper players. Don't. age. What but he's not the only one that played like that and I'm not gonna colony. but Durban's a real high level, Mvp hall hall of fame taper players. They can only play one way, giving the ball and let him do their think, so he ate the first and the aid can be the last to do it like that. He is not a great fit there and, I would say, like while, yes, it's hi, usage, rape and all that stuff like that, so you do you go out and try to trace triple doubles. I don't give a shit if you are chasing them. You know well chase triple doubles me. You know us chased them, for steve NASH, knowledge was euro, nor should I am I what we re roger nobbut, but but I'm talking about just getting ten rebounds, just getting tennessee like I should, as they should have
We really difficult and I get it they created. Us was created to fit a void in Oklahoma city. I'm not saying that you can plug him into any championship team and win. That's not what I'm saying. I am simply saying it if he is certain type, a player it was good in that leaned while it was good and now it's not good any more and it certainly doesn't fit in a late. I don't understand how it all gets rolled up and tied around his neck. I dont get it. I dont understand every morning it becomes a rust. I don't understand how like does this last night was initially showers I was except retired. I was very different civil because when you really watch him, knowing your like, what are you doing? Why are you leaving the baseline? Why you doubling out here like his instincts, are so it's worse than an auger covered up, because he was putting up these huge numbers in Oklahoma city. We were celebrating it so like when you say: hey, there's a lot of hall famers it do this. He can't you
be on a bad team roger, he can't be in a bad team that has draft picks in the last couple of years, because we're like what are we going to do? Develop our young guys or have this guy come in and fuck it up and iso for forty minutes, I think therein lies the problem in general, with rust and the arrests experiences that on a team lebron James and anthony Davis, who is everybody trying to cater their game towards right? Now it's to get Russell westbrook into the fold every single time. You hear a story. about the lakers its? We gotta get Russen bought the brown, We criticise, whereas pulse game, because after agreed just shot thirty five seconds left and there are one the layers or a born, his shirts, it a dumb ass shot and dame who hates it. Three, that's inexcusable browser you. I know I know you would have hated than on and I let that happen, I'm not defend in that and I have never defended russia in terms of being better than people are saying is in in. no way. I've only said that he'd like last year with what was given like it's not that far off
what are usually does now. If ryan's going to say, like hey he's, never been any but a high volume usage guy who gets numbers because that's fine, like I can agree with that, I'm just saying like yeah, that was a porsche not defending that and I'm not defending I'm I'm begging. The question because I am through an I'm watching gains to elaborate fucked up on defence. Now, the bronze, I'm not saying anything about the brunt anthony This is a shell of what people thought he was gonna be fuckin pad bath. Is growth, we overestimated what he means to winning, and none of that shit gets talked about. First of all on the broad fuck somebody events. All the time like I mean, there's been going on for years in its history little secret, but I'd know you know like as a sign of blame on like this is the way to prolong the correct that you have a lot of stuff. You have to do it, but I think it's that the westward part like Davis's excuses, his injury leubronn, can give
already in a way like, I don't know I've ever seen. Anybody just get his numbers and it's like man, it's still so incredible like it. You can feel at ease, coasting and so get as numbers when the westward it is bad in your actually like focusing on it. But this This is like something else that if you don't mind me kind of like thrown back roger here, this is this disconnect. That's been going on for a while, like reggie miller, is on the broad cast, bringing up how, like russia, eighteenth seven and seven, and now I call them like the eighteen, seven, seven guys because they'd just be like man he's still got you. Eighty seven and seventy two like that last season was a disaster. I always wonder if it's disconnected players in the non players because I'd admit to roger? If I, like, you was on a podcast of guys, never sniffed any game that anybody cared about like I'd, have a hard time We're taking anything I'm saying seriously. So I don't know that's. Why there's somebody former players that stick up for us. I also wonder if it's a bit of no honour that one last thing: I wonder if it's the former players
being like. We want to stick up for one of our own, because we're so sure we're so sick of how nasty this has gotten over the last year or if there's another part that I want to bring up is that those of that actually ran around the court with this guy that was so damn in I've. From the great exactly that I've ever seen plain an mba again that it is p it was so fucking incredible that you do here for many of us trying to go back retroactively and discredit what does Guy was, which I have also done here, which I'll admit, yeah. Ok, all of those lot of I it is stuff, but I'm I'm glad you touch on the more because every single part of that has some some truth right, like when you're talking about I'm not one of those guys who sits here says because you didn't play ball, you came, understandable talk about coach ball. I will say that appreciation for someone. what someone is doing on a nightly basis can't be what why someone who was there in the moment with him doing is because you you see what it takes like again. I know what is
like to say, hey man, I got twelve points. Seven rebounds I never had any assist, but I'm just trying to double double. So let me see if I can run down three: abounds over the course of twelve minutes and not be able to doing so. When doing that shit night in a night out, of course, ryan. Like there's gonna, be a part of me, like man, it's hard for you guys. I understand how hard that actually he's right. Russia is a player, did is not who he was I am not arguing that I'm not saying that he's good. I'm saying there has to be why you ve got touch them washington team, and they did scare. Anybody they didn't like they weren't good enough this scare anybody, but there is a will there. at least there was a couple years ago like he was well I remember that you like him and bradley beal Again, high usage rate, like probably ugly analytics and all that, but you can't discredit the fact that their they sat like. After that it was an act. we should show somehow they figured it out and he, like. I don't know that it would be a great fucking.
Analogy, but it's like three yards in a cloud of dust. Nobody likes to watch that shit until there is an a seed sitting there. Looking at you and it's gonna get smack, because there's no. You know it's gonna low ceiling that mean hi ceiling and a will allow whatever the fuck. That thing is, but you know like I'm, just not a high floor. Low ceiling Roma not going to do anything, but he wills them today in Seoul. Everything that you touched on rings, true to me just a little bit, it's all a part of the package, and I don't I how big picture laker problem gets home on russia's had now, I'm sure there's some were Logan's talking about. He hasn't done itself any any favours with media and and that's fair right, I'm I'm new to the media. So this would be something that you guys can educate me about by yeah man, you shoot a terrible shot coming down the shock clock like you're supposed to get reamed. That's a bet! That's bad right! You're blown I'm doing dumb shade going all cavalier looking for steals and it's costing us Absolutely brokers was called out on that, but
when you pick out when you problem you're forty, seven million dollar player option any videotape yourself in your car, basically sick, and you can't tell me shit and and it's like that's a great song, ryan, budgetary, a great, a great song. Ok, a real positive vibe come From that give myself, I'm not ruled against him getting his forty seven million. But what I'm saying is when you like it is now become a cycle of l lay in the city and a fan base. That is his passionate is any fan base ivory. I didn't understand a time of year. Lakers are there with any other city, any other baseball team northeast football down south anything? You want to put it up against its that real. But when you, play well and that its like, ah fuck your and then it's like vogel was the problem which was always bullshit. I don't darwin hand from showing up as the new coach. Outgoing ain't going to figure this out. The figuring it out is getting him on the bench of that closing group. It has to the lakers weren't good enough for you
come. The issue that it was gonna become and if the lakers gonna pretend their stolen headed for, while the propaganda have to go with that at some point, there won't be any different. I think now it's caught in this vicious cycle, where it's just really nasty and I actually do feel bad for westbrook on some of the stuff like because he's not from the tat, our libraries from close by enough that it's this dream come true play for this team and his families deal with all sorts of shit at the games. Like that's why I think this has gotten so bad in the cycle. I'm the dude who's, like look. Man put him on a bench like like bring him off the bench. What at rush should be at a point where, if they can help in any capacity if a coach, tells you like an articulate that you will make sense, then you need to be willing to do that and, if he's not, that, I'm not apologise, informant more about that. I'm just saying you know. I saw watch the a dude hanging. Or decide. You know yelling hey man, your ass at him, like you, know again in families and my family was worse subject to harassment in the streets of away like you're talking about people's welfare and safety, and
to health and shit like that, and just because somebody choose Give somebody forty seven million a he doesn't hold up has ended the bargain. It's not for a lack of trying like I think he tries It's on me he's not out there working and he's just not he's not what he was, and so that's what bothered that's? What gets me a little bit as a former pro right like dude, you think, anybody wants to go out. There is the whole booing shit like dude. this is my livelihood. I've worked my whole life at the opportunity to try to really change my fate his fortunes with this. Do you think I would be actively out here trying to be batman? I am. I would never do that, though I think Russell westbrook on the lakers. It's not even, I think it's a byproduct of something big which is the lakers inability to get out of their own way and over since that bubbles. They ve systematically led by rapid lincoln. By the blood and wherever you want. I want to call it have system ethically broken down that team It had a whole bunch of shooting and maidens
this team. That is a great difference of team, but is not necessarily good at anything else, but defence ryan. At what point do you think that this is gonna be a complete should show because we their net, though the next three games. I believe that the wooden lakers, how they have denver on the road and they go to minnesota and have Denver back at home. This could give really really ugly. Yeah I mean there's some argument that the shooting is bad as they may be, designed. There's no way. No indeed, they're not gonna shoot this bad right. They're not going to be this bad. Of course not. I mean it's been a brutal first week forum, so I mean usually the dish idiots teams are still slightly over thirty percent in our. So that's one part of it, I ways held onto my anthony Davis stock, as I just refuse to believe that it's all over, I see a great long term, bat, no other, eerie stuff sucks. Every time he falls down, we're all doing the same thing like he had a fall this week where I was like. Oh man when he landed on his side- and I was like oh come on- so I think, between the
braun Davis, combo, like their certain rights, are they still should be competitive and round at the rest of it. But Man, when you start digging into light there, three through ten, I'm all the story, but I headed ida from skype text me like this. I dare plan on watching the game. He's watched the game. He texts me is like who's. The third best player and I just went shit to islay- is a kindred lying longer is alarming. Walker, I mean it's not pat bev, even though he thinks he's probably the best guarantee results. I team I mean that's some guy, like the lahti walker thing like ok, this is kind of cool, but it also specially some roger was points out like this play, a town guys you doesn't it, Some group, where you get an opportunity like you'll, find a way to get some bucky's basically taken the wrong like I'm. A league monk was last year with the lakers right just like, he's playing really really well little before I did out than than monk there. but like a jungle? Anonymous
war of one of those guys who's. I dunno what his contract situation is, but you know got a chance and the lakers, but I don't think he's a starter in this league. I think the somebody that's really really good. You get them off your bench, good team, but he shouldn't be bland amenities. He's playing right now now he's like a third option: guy closing here, one slight, you know you don't expect. That's all I help, but if you bring it all the way back like I would be, I went back and forth on little. braun window. Think, as I think, he's gonna get a little weird he's super passiveaggressive with this shit. He also find ways, delight after it something you should it complements himself an unbelievable magic trick? Didn't like well, hey like this
Ninety, basically not the ross. Often I have enough shooting totally fair and where is it? Is man of shooting one that constructed a team? Now that's what abroad right would LE brown is that he will always go and criticise the roster that he helped create, and I think that this is the this is what's happening, or I now think that speaks of the bigger issue too to their point roger. Do you think that how much time does leubronn have before he just self combust about his whole, his own doing but Leubronn? Is it m j lateness career right. Look really late, mystery washington still still getting buckets right brought leubronn is now winning, but any buckets like leubronn is a bigger, more physical did bob He then that's all you're talkin about longevity. How long can he put up twenty six points, a game? I don't have the answer that I think figured. How long can you put twenty six. Twenty seven points, a game and have his team viable and in the championship conversation that
another question right like that. That's a better question for me and I have always maintained and I'd be interested to hear what you guys think if labelling is going to have, and I don't know how much control she has or how much input like the word control, how much input he hasn't Iraq's reconstruction aid, how much he has, but I think that he misses the point of what he needs, this innovation of the brons James in years past, when he was in cleveland, he was so but again his shoulders binding downhill that it could be a bunch of There's a bunch of snipers cause I'll, create right, this integration of the brons, shooting nine to ten threes, a game and enhanced changed into more but jumped shooter. Then he was in the past needs more creators. In my estimation, around him and wooden you're told about those some of those pieces over there they're. Not, then our creed, or juny bona fide creators with you like. mercury is always that that that guy that's linked to him and I'm not trying to say you go get reboot. You need players like that where, if it
to be a slower pace, the bronze nepal at his defender forward should step back, and eighty gets in here I saw bag than whoever's with them have to be very capable creators themselves. You dont need shooters, unique creators. What we now know how much they all them. don't get me wrong, they they have to build a shoot. The ball, but you know you don't need just purely three antidotes, because if you are not cool, ok, I was three Andy guy right, I didn't create at all. Could you not durable yeah. I just I did what I was in college men. I have like, isn't a crazy. What happens a perimeter guys in the nba, though words like now, I'm just not a durable guy. It's fuckin crazy my whole routine James ryan, like when I got my first second third year in the leg, when I was still trying to figure out, why was I trained to quote on call play basketball, so my handles? I worked on my pickin role. I worked on everything and then, when I the phoenix I might
entire summer routine, was running the corners and running the wings and shooting, although handling gone like this, is what I become now The goes right and then it's gone and you don't create anymore. So your confidence in a game like in volume you're like an old. I have this. I don't do this anymore, so I shouldn't do that's crazy, but point out, though, like if still nash, murray and force the owl those guys are collapsing. That defence, then or might tony, isn't running me off of the occasional screen here and there to create. For me, I stand out there I can't help you right, and so I want to talk about the brain in in years past. When he's pomona deal downhill collapse in it, you can kick it out, aims, jones and MIKE miller and shit. barrier and who else I mean della dover, like some cash out, but when you're guy can stay, Front of you, like doesn't create for anyone else. So I then think you need more creators around you priscilla how long before indiana you pick up the phone is lacking.
Listless escape us take tigress off your hands. You know. Is it going to take to the two first round pigs were when do you think that this is take a fever in january. Is it air we are? We are do. Are we gonna, as is gonna leg, is going to come to a fever? in the next few weeks, how long before wreckers addled see rests on the team pass the traitor line it. There's no way is no way that they can happen under these circumstances, I would not true either those picks. I made that decision before the seas started. I thought about it way too much. I I brought a both arguments where you go how do you mess? Will a bronze window here by bringing in you know. Turner will be a serviceable guy to probably protect a d longer term and then he'll to provide some of that shooting, even though I think roger makes a great point on if lebron is out just shock at him all the time now to then what you gonna play, five out and intake. Turnstone around the world here, but in back to the pacers thing, I'm not giving you an unprotected twenty five
predicted twenty seven four miles: turner, buddy, he'll eighties, a good long term, bat lebron be out of league and it doesn't it in a sense you could say well. The lakers will find somebody they went six years without being in the playoffs. That pick. Could one of those picks could be is so. I would wait this out if it I would. I would tell russ hey look play with the second unit. You can go back to your ok, see days, you could do whatever you want like. This is the best thing for you. I think that's why the agent was trying to talk him into that stuff, which is a really we're story. The agent eta go public, saying that basic reason I list and that's a very weird. That happened at a rare thing to happen and it didn't feel like it was some sort of hit peace. Let me get the message out there. It felt more of, like my guys, really frustrating which isn't a solid toll shock to all of us, long term ages, as he drafted yeah right for that debt and The guy has a lot of clients do so I don't know I'm just not. I'm not me
those picks. I'm not gonna. Let this situation I've already screwed it up. I don't want to pay other tax on this and move those. ex one hears a very short amount of time in the grand scheme, a sports and you never know what could becoming your way february. So I'd be more likely to tell him hey just bouts if the second, Well, the thing is going to work for him. If none of this is gonna work for him, be, like you know what it and he gets up, you know, addition by subtraction deal stay at home, exhibition up we'll see if we can fight some sort of weird maneuver before the deadline for teen was dumped. Some stuff off the market can change very quickly there. be a super mad star and thirty days that we only with fuckin think about right now. You may well have I remember what I think. I really want to get out to allay as much to play. Leubronn adding that has, what to do with him thinking the lakers were easily going to give him the four year extension like just bad, no prob done and done yeah. So that's an educated guess. But how does this end rosin?
It's ugly! Now it's going to end ugly when, when you're up at the press conference and everything Then you are asked in Europe estimation is, is is geared towards a russ com. Did they can catch. You win and use it against you that in and of itself is toxic right, like a bomb at the podium and I'm fielding quest, It's an every question that is posed to me. I'm like, oh, I know what you guys are trying to do you trying to get me to say some shit against russ like it that you have to understand. That is toxic. The info airbus is toxic, its telling you. What you need to know there are in fear of late answer. The question arose way and have it and I blow up in the locker room, so I'm not there. I don't have any one in the building that I've asked its daughter and those don't end well, unless some miraculous thing happens,
We start to run around the deadline or something like that. I imagine it ends ugly cause. It's ugly was sacred break wanna, go back east. And we are back what about us, six is a little bit now: the pie, as always, is negative not only was not well. I am not a lawyer. I usually we're over here about positive out here and histories. I gotta counteract rouses. Ravishing has as as, as roger knows in rome will find out. I am, not a proponent of team, stick in their whole chest out and the us he's a talk about how they're gonna do all these things and how their choice whichever boston players saying you know. I've worked out and I've got into the best shape of my life, and then the season around and they just don't followed or wraps, and I think the sectors are arm are the postage
this year for those types of teams on their own three. I don't. I don't really know where to put the sixers at this point. I still think that is really too early in the season to make a pressing judgment either way, but I'm having some concerns. Ryan woody I think in your eyes, is, is not clicking with the sixers, and is it going to be a long term thing or to the sixers going to figure it out. there's no way, devious gunny this bad? Ah, I wouldn't think but an be regular season defences and always super locked in arden beyond he gets as one post stop again. Many announces get all excited about it as if anybody's running anything to the post anymore. That's a pet peeve of mine he'll have like one nice, post up defensive possession or like how he's really really good impossible, like yeah cause guys are posting constantly, I can run out jefferson champ guys out there so,
what's this, I have set out riot level right in by the way of writing a tooth it in their their job. to be back there. Does it just not going to be bad? I do think harden looks better physically, like the first time in a long time. But then, when I looked at some of the dribble numbers, he had more dribbles than the rest of the team combined after game one and I was like: oh, they had twenty nine points, the fourth or against boston, but I still felt a kind of just defaults in an anybody. That's you know I hate to say anybody that replay played here, but you default back to what you are comfortable with as a basketball player and It's doing this way too long, one way to probably play anywhere different, like he's gonna play them he's gonna play, and even though they had a good point total. I thought they got real stagnant net boss. In game like Hell. What is there which is just solaris gazetteer point logan
we're all summer you're talking about all the stuff. We had doc and harden miked up, but it's like when you do this and when you do that, and then you got a lot of guys like who play with hardened, would tell me like. Oh no he's like way more locked in than you think and he's like brilliant. He sees the game and all his stuff, it's like does healthier version. Him just mean he's gonna drivel shit ton more, just like we used to see with Houston because they have options is team is not built like the houston teams, words, the You think you're doing on the interior, the pic unroll red with capello off those drives which harden was was magic with the spurs game. I thought it was a positive because they couldn't have played with less effort the spurs we're so much more energized later that game. The sixers are almost like. I guess we're just yeah we're not going to play that cars on the road by the way and with no they're they're, not even on the sixers level. It was there that was a hug hard finish to watch that was very hot. They weren't they were outworking them, so bad that my biggest observation was at least on film. You can go. Did you guys know?
give a shit about boxing outer getting any rebounds here for twelve straight minutes, so that part of it, example. Look, I thought: they'd have a really nice regular season a, but there is still a very dangerous play off by and just because a hard and not so much Really I can beat alot ivy league maxie step. harder time figure out where it fits in with this when hardness so ball dominant, even though and hard looks better physically if you're gonna do. If you gonna try on Houston type. Shit with and maybe you know this is another thing, I'm just rambling here, but maybe this this future nba is tough with a big that it takes away your driving lanes, even if that Biggs an mvp and a b. What do you think about the sixers problems? Raw, and you know I can get into the psychology of of of bad about players of athletes of of attired maxie. Let's say who clearly like everyone watching you hear it across to the brought the broadcasts
sixers wrong, but he s at the ball more re, like you can see it. It's it's. It's eventually right, it's coming still gonna shots. You know, but you're right. It feels weird right, yeah, it's its work, but well yeah, because he's make them, go in a way that James hearted doesn't make them go, and I mean in terms of of ball moving. Quick decisions like you're talking about it, subtracting threed rebels purposes and from james harden. You know, take that and add, though, numbers up and how many dribble, how many lives rebels. Are you taking during a game? That's all time where that balkan be moving around touching different sets a hands right then I think Maxie You ended at more and fourteen the game more for me, where huge as a guy, who did The ball is right. It got me in a better rhythm when I was a boy rhythm. I became a better shooter when I was a better shooter. I felt like I was a better defender was about a defender. I had better energy so like just the touches The ball creates so much that mean something to attain? So if you take it out a James hands a little bit threed rebels, four prepossession over the core.
been attire game. That's allotted so I think Maxie brings out to the table right but back to his mind, but he proudly revered change. Hardy may grow. Watch watching it like you, no and he's still viable. You can still see him in practice, getting his shit off a little bit. He still getting your twenty odd points, a game and he's don't think. So. It's not that easy to just say you fellows lake, without the way. Let me get le tasted. I like it's time for you to play second fiddle that doesn't just happen like that and I think dark has to be analysed. They have to figure out a way to cut. Our transition and that a little bit like James and it's hard to your point rut westbrook, is another and what you're not gonna change stripes. He plays the way, ways is incapable of play in any other way? J. according to some degree. You know in theory a better spot. Dude like you have to take him all the way out of the equation, but the ball has to be out of his hands more than it is currently and I use the other think as I do. I know how ryan feels about the post- I actually I'm not advocating for
them to be a old school post up drop it in type a team. But I've said this this pod many a time, and I say it again when Joel It's that mismatch when he went when they switch or theirs. just three minutes that someone undersized our dream on, or somebody like that is trying to guard him. I would bury their s, I would would I would get him some easy buckets and bow trouble die. Would I would try to go into that just a little bit more, not not as a game plan for the full game, but when you get there opportunity and there's the advantage he said wait too much. I saddles problem for measuring the problem with. That, though, is the reason why you settling raw and be a shape. Man- and this is a recurring thing that we continue to see year in and year out this year set off season. It was the planter, fashionitis and other years have been injuries, and he, if those sixers are going to Do what you tell, which is what you want them to do. Raw he's gonna have to get back at shape. There's a lot of time. J he's getting is thirty six, but hazel and I've been here,
in this right. He's law. These logging down the floor when, in the pig in rome, he's just getting losses due in the old shack thing where he just dips into the pain and just given up open shots. I just I just don't I don't like what obscene from. Indeed, even though his staff suggests that he's doing well, one thing now I don't want to. I want to get your take on this ryan when I see the sixers. I see a lot of guys in their positions that have always put They have a ceiling on what they do. Right. Bari has been a winner in this league, but only to appoint same with hard in same with, indeed in same with doc, what little clues or anything that shit that suggest to you that they can turn the coroner this season, because I just I see it to space on the infrastructure. The infrastructure doesn't tell me that this is a team that's. Gonna win a title just based on the the players that I just I just put out there. Do you see and includes say out. I can turn the coroner here. They can actually be a player. Long term can be.
I have faith in harden. I just think some some happens with him in the play us it just it. Just is and so bad that history backs all of it up notes on the overall numbers could point to be terrific, but I also think that this is the biggest Should we ve ever seen between regular season, basketball and play basketball, now think that three point shocking jerry you through more months, you can it's almost like that before anybody would spread offices in college football. Were you billet man, texas text, get ten winds again, the you know they get to. When three star guys, but did you still get their splits out, they got these guys all over the fuckin place like in alma. five star linebackers are going to chase these guys all over the place like this, and then everybody started running the same shit. So it's not like we're going to run the stuff really good stuff. I stick to three point shot for a little while was kind of Neutralize are at times, and so wouldn't go like all. Morey has a cap because history has told the sea can only go this far and other chris Paul,
hamstring, maybe away from winning a title and in two thousand and eighteen, and even though I wouldn't wind hardened every year as a great option, so I don't necessarily is that your dad tourism. May I like doc it's tough to defend the atlanta blown led man for that fully team that's another one, he out on their rear, like what. How did that fuckin happen again? I more I'd like to blame them. there's way more than I do that, coaches, because I just think it's kind of stupid, sometimes cause then you can bring in somebody else's, can be completely different and if they brought the Antonia act, and what are they gonna do run everything they did, but than ever beat again beads. Screens and then hard deciding whether or not he wants it floater herb hand off. Like is like that. to be a wasted in bead like I wouldn't want to do that. To hear that you could do that him realistically. So I still feel like their talent there, one through seven there, one through eight, I'm not that I think they're gonna have a really nice regular season, so I'm I be.
Active were sitting here and there below five hundred thirty forty games in the season. I really would be legislated shootout it You see that do see championship at like the same summer. Championship aspirations, though. I must really hard was due for nice play off run, as has been so bad that I'd be knows almost like to be just so. Dismissive I don't like being dismissive about, but I don't like looking at a player going. He is when you say someone can't win. Yours they are incapable of ever winning, but think about that. That's a pretty damning assessment and a summit if a guy that has years to go on a career, but there's a few, I would put in that category. yeah, I don't even really like doing it. I mean look at harden- have won a title somewhere along the way. You know I actually thought the miami okay c series was a pretty cool series, despite it only gone five games I already mentioned eighteen, but I don't think it's you know. What's has put it this way, there's better bats, there's better better.
the guy's be backing. Is your decision maker throughout a plasterers I'd? Look I think. they rise ray. I think they wind up being fine three games, and I told you There's something wondering aid man, it's like holy shit, yeah. I remember I but I died. I think they're gonna be There they'll be what they ve been in the last few years like there can be a really good story. I dont see them beating those those upper echelons, eastern conference teams, I mean, could they'd shore, but I automatically, I think that they want a kind of where they ve been. linking all dear you see a really good team. It wines are being in the final than a beach a quick gaiters and we'll get round about a year. I want to talk about was this go two minutes on he's, guided only on each arm on its subject so, Workers are to one who go arouses first, you buying. It was a start right now it stop. It now started by my buying it. I mean it's great
I'm buying it in like a great way to she sees me by like my buying them is of I will try and the your conference that negative. right. I know you, I know you are you. Are you are buying some o k p stock? Are you? Are you lock in him with the wizard? At this point, I think he looks good I like posing, as is at an incredible sling. I love them before the draft fell. Justified with the nets then it's like what the hell's going on, then you can't stay healthy. That's all the new york got for him and then always actually healthy again provide some kind of spacing defensive silenced up a dallas should actually know he's totally in dutch. His way, although I think everybody's indulgences workers he's a very hard and asked like heliocentric I have to. We can only do it this way, type of thing they get Out of there now averages hates him when he's These are really good player. I dont know that is a really good player on a good team. You know what I think he's a helen like dickie looks healthy. I think he's moving really well he's look pretty active, but I'm
sure beale, as of one may present, still just turned twenty seven I actually like some of the potential dep there, but they did the painters. Did they beat the balls? The pacer ship, so close at a pace is lost to cleave, alas, no devil sing, over time. No right mitchell went crazy missile, a crazy in overtime year was on. The road was a mean that what is our better than I thought they were going to be the seas and, to be honest with you, I did not expect this start at maybe like maybe a thing or two guns, but way. Maybe I wanted to start up. That's that led me to think the wizard at some point: we're gonna go to and one out of three games that are a matter start to see that they started up, and maybe maybe I am I'm a go back to our shadow volturno go to you tom style, arising on this one Do the jazz know how to tank and are they going to eventually do it because they are three and oh at this point season where it all they did. They get rid of
so they get rid of go bare and it just seems like Wendy is there for the taking of wages? Does not care anymore? Are they and eventually take roger. I mean, I think, eventually they fall into the landscape where they should fall into. I dont think its in their dna to tank. In Utah I mean I, I obviously was there. Two times I was there was a different regime, so I can't really speak for this. One by their would have never been like take jerry sloan, and and and gregg miller, gale miller, and they would we're playing a win I play on Carlos rural urine and I was at harper and honorary currently go. We had two sean Stevenson Raoul au pairs, curtis borchert light it was the year after storm alone or Stockton, him alone. Let and people wrote us offers. Taken team and we missed the us by one game. We just did know how to do it. We played hard. We scrap image why should the fans for us to come into the building in salt, lake and edges, Lay an egg, so I dont see them doing that, but I don't know you know that their up a lover
to recover. Steamer three and I watched him last night, the good game. A bunch of scrapper like people pride and what they do. Let's go sit and boys down and say, my colleague you guys tell ya wanna, do not play any more than I do not see them. I don't see it I can in any point, why didn't you just gotta? Be good luck This is a crazy, weird start their due to bad java taking thing, but if look at who run out there yo marketing ban on fire. separate, hasn't even really gotta go on some on financial. Apart from some arguments over the resilience of moonlight fought onto virtual guy, get twenty six started be a career, no man unless will hardly like culture the year something, but I have a hard time, believing they're gonna have a, but it's a weird start to the story. That's not a good basketball team. Yet overnight
b, but no absolutely right, one thousand percent right, but a bite if you're. If your objective is to be the worst team in the league. I think some of them Was my play you out in opposition like the pride that that utah hasn't families? I think Why play yourself out of that position, but not a good western conference, playoff team for sure at all last one and I'm kind of I'm kind of binding the dame trailblazers, propaganda ryan am I am I am I out of, or are the blazing are measure. Their starters. I mean I really like the starters energy. I thought when you watch the phoenix aim to like Paul and simons like the way there just kind of viable with each other? I thought that was really cool man cause simons, they ve all kind of life and they get such huge car track your man, in a training, needs aid for him right. Well, I mean they traded him out to pay. Him was what you're san right exactly exactly right now,.
it. Never catch has always been this out if he stays healthy stuff and then the grant thing helped him in a small for position. It had, but also, as I talk to somebody that was in portland during this whole, Same thing I got what's gonna on like do. The injury was real like the shooting numbers or whatever, and I know the small guards or whatever belated people think daimler. All the sun was gonna suck and the portland ice. Call me, they were like do not turn the page on the sky. like I'm, not telling you the extensions were sometimes you know we can. I like the contracts stuff, a law, I'm sure roger hates it, but then, when he gets extension that felt like it was a little like ezekiel Elliott, getting a cowboys extension where it was like. Why did you need to do this and then it then you're like what the fuck is portland, but don't let it get in the way of dame coming back, fully healthy and still be a mother, fucker endlessly and the portland
as you're telling me like I dunno, what's going to have on the team, it is again a previous regime to like this guy is going to come back in and be fuckin trying to absolutely take back what he thinks is his and that's the guy that I've seen at the start of the season. So it's been awesome because it just I dont like okay, he hasn't played, hurt missed a year. Okay is north of thirty okay, fun, like he's just going to suck. Now I didn't make any sense to me what you think raw Yeah I mean I again another team. They miller's fucking great, I mean he's a handful of people they like use, but you can't guard them and with a with a better starting five. I see them as being fine I'd I'd. You know where they fall into that category of like I don't either way. championship, but there can be right there, no you're, not an extra charge of ice player. To you know my shot out. Their battle is ass out of danger. Thirty two, this summer in ours,
stress, not all of us not just now. I know jeremy grasp I'd really well, this. This sort of the season is well. I've been david, really good. I like what I've seen other boys, I'm sorry right, We will resign. No, no, no you're good. I mean they fall into that weird place of like yo they're going to be fine. I like water they'll, be good, I don't think they're bad, but I don't think they are winning a championship right, healthy. They they could take a crack. Forty plus wines, No, I mean the dame back to dame at thirty two like that got carried some not Teams and honest, I mean Simon, says, put up the scoring, but he's not any shots, so we'll see we'll see me, I think someone's for common or may come back any timed out. It was really has a say. Rather yet it is a human It was another edition of monday, real ones who will see you mondays and thursdays, and you will see ryan mondays and thursdays as well. Around priscilla Sharratt monday,
Wednesday, frightened her for burundi with Wednesday friday dern inefficiencies excuse we catch him on the rhine, reseller feed comeback, anytime, rob basement The.
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