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The Russell Westbrook Snub Saga, Plus the Best Remaining Free Agents


Justin Verrier and Seerat Sohi start by discussing James Harden resigning with the Sixers before getting into the recent news around Russell Westbrook and the Lakers (7:50). Then, they look at some of the best remaining free agents, and decide whether they are washed or not (36:13).

Hosts: Justin Verrier and Seerat Sohi

Associate Producer: Isaiah Blakely

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Hey, it's not quite the delorean, but we're going back good time, with the new pact cast feed full of all my favorite interviews in history, the bill summons pack, ass were coming up on seven years now. I've had it unbelievable collection of athletes. the liberties show runners directors, Madame it that's a lasting adams. Kevin garnett throng tom hanks bill. Filbert Kevin durant, peyton manning the undertaker eddie vedder, kyrie irving yeah. He actually came out Dave girl, Cuervo, Barack Obama. I mean what entire, where that out, I bet Al Pacino with Barry Levinson. I've had people like steph, curry said bateman John c Reilly, Jonah hill. I could I can keep going again wait, there's more whether it's your first time we planning on revisiting some of your favorites, make sure you head to build dot, the ringer dot for com there are five you can search
a genre year and more to easily navigate all your favorite people follow the bill. Simmons podcast the interviews on spotify now This episode is brought to you by state farm. Some fans assume that a young standout player will have pretty good stats, but then they support entire league is an empty piquant tender that can one in the play off. It's like people, that is, whom they can afford great insurance. But then they discover that state far has surprisingly great rights like a good neighbour, stay farmers there get it today, hello and welcome to this special summer crossover the guerriere amnesia. I I am justin barrier joining me today, someone who would never snub me in public, at least so far So what's up justin, I'm so excited to be podcasting with you. I know not the first but
for us as a as a dual? Is it? Is it not the first I was thinking about it today as I was driving home, is it not the first time we broadcasted? I think I've done at least one or two episodes with you and Chris, but clearly they they were pretty memorable for you does more used to talking to you with the mike off, so I'm just excited people get her takes now. It sure sure. So this is the first time what will be a couple, special mix, em up sort of ringer mb, a show podcast where a lot of people are taking summer vacations or you see a bunch of in combinations happening, I believe, they're all going on thursday. You can still check out the mismatch on tuesday, which apparently doesn't take a break, so if you wanted all of your kfc in brno, ex on random. documentaries and music stuff that I had nothing about you can go there, but every thursday, You come here. I, where I'm going days
the n b a. But we have a couple of things to talk about here when it gets to the best remaining free agents on the board. We're gonna talk about the russ conflict, The latest chapters in the rough conflict, but first one to starve james harden, who rather for workers this on Wednesday afternoon, just officially resigned with the philadelphia. many sixers two years. Sixty eight point: six million player option in year, two so, on the one hand, he's taken fourteen million less than he could have, which allowed them to add. Dear female, PJ, Tucker, Yadda yadda Daniel house. Basically all the former rockets, though did the embryo. The hand he has a player option. So he does have some leverage here. Sarah, it's kind of just like your take, from this it was kind of like we knew. Come in? But I guess we had the details now: Obviously it allowed them to have a pretty great off season. good the shadow james harden forward, taking a little less money being willing to say, if I apparently also going to be checked. Edging up his diet as well. He was talking about that
interview earlier this summer, so now james hard adapting to two aging having to adjust in order to. Hopefully, when a title, I wonder if one of his teammates we'll do that as well interest you're, obviously talking about what is former teammates rather okay, and yeah. No, I mean clearly, he sacrificed a little money on the front end in order to add bodies, and I think he deserves a lot of credit for that. I think my my like spidey sense is tingling, or at least my my my bullshit detector, when it's like. Oh he This is actually just the one year pack, so he does have the option. If this word, go south to opt out and find another team and while it seems unlikely considering what he's done this offseason and just like, taken less you know I dunno if you could trust the guy who changed the team. What like every year for the past two years, yeah, let's say it let's, but taking lesson
quotes here, because I dont know exactly who it was that was going to give him more after them forward to you had. This is a think. It's a pretty fair negotiate, she for both sides. Re like for heart in I care of man in him being is bad next year toward the end of the season ass. He was in a play off last year, although I mean it is james hard, and so you never really quite a home, and for this it's not like. They had any other option if it finds it resign him. Then they wouldn't I have anybody to replace him with so yeah. I think it works out pretty reasonably for both sides yep how you feel about the sixers just quickly. Here because I gotta say they look over there sir, now so can pretty formidable I don't have a really good offices, and I think, if you were to tell me that you're gonna take the twenty eight in houston role It's an replace chris Paul prouder player, who, in a kind of I think gotten. wait. A little bit even deleted, find a place together with joel
I'd say: well, that's a really really great trade. That team should be a championship. Contender yeah I mean it's funny is right. After the news got announced, I think it was a second spectrum had a tree that was pointing out that hard, Indeed, despite all the bad thing, that happened last year as diminished his heart and look there as slow as he looked as like without his like explosive step, they were still the best they can. Work both in the nba which just points you. How even a diminished james, it can be impactful, and so if he does change this dialogue? That was actually the big thing. If the gloomy we're just like them in ways that we we can't really describe if he needed to go further. we gonna do we actually know the diet that he did he's taken too. We, though we don't mean Chris, try to investigate a little bit last year and he made the very interesting point that the beacon diet for Chris Paul has not exactly worked in in the policies, and so I dont really does and prevent the over it. Also that, but no I mean
they do have a lot around him in there definitely more flexible than they were before, and soil must wonder alike. Is this like a sneaky trade deadline. Team two is this: the type of team that can dump tobias harris attach a bunch of picks naturally make another upgrade on top of the they already have what they have, is already pretty good. So yeah I mean if, if you're There are also right now. What do you think they could use? I guess it depend if kind of a jumbo size front court appeared. Dr Tobias Harris hearers, joyless bead works out some of the teams that can go a little bit smaller. Almost wonder if Tucker's best position is at the four, but they do have a lot of orphans around them. I I guess I'm a little worried about some of the spots that we are sure of like Tucker has a shooting season like he had to post, is ago when he basically george Michael's range, like then I'm a little bit more concern there and if Terry's maxie isn't ready for prime time, if he's more or like in every three
game sort of offensive contributor a bit more shaky on this team, but I mean on paper: it looks pretty good yeah yeah, I'm with you. I think. Maybe it just all comes down to backup center again for the for those guys right like and as we'll get to later. There are a couple of those guys available right now job I like the roster. I like the roster. I think you're on the right track, kind of like go through the season and see what's working, see, what's not working and reevaluate yeah, so the sixers have a lot of options, Let's look now to a team that happen. What has options. I don't know if any of them are particularly good. Welcome back to the Russell west saga for the los angeles lakers, most News in the mba has slowed to a crawl, even the Kevin durant and Donovan mitchell sweepstakes. You don't really get much in the way of even even rumors these days, but we've gotten a lot of rust these days. So want to go over with you. The three chapters
this latest saga just to get your take on him, because I find each of them particularly compelling. Let's start from on the ground at las vegas summer league a couple weeks ago, So apparently, during one of the summer, lakers games both Russell westbrook and and james were seated courtside. They were on surely seated occur on the opposite ends of the core from each other and, as is at work, story lays out numerous players. Former Irish coaches agents and executives made there to go, say hello to lebaron james and damp up this list includes jerry stackhouse, James jones, Gary payton. The second Davis and then among his teammates, winning Gabriel Thomas Brian want is gonna there's an entail horn tucker, that's at least eight players not coming a hope of the other part
Different type of mba people who lebron James received almost as if this was his court side, iron throne, one of those people, We we're not Russell westbrook unfortunate who I believe we have to have time didn't say what's up till abroad. Giving an impassioned speech to some of the drastic yeah. He made sure to jump into a hot or for the summer, league lakers, and by all accounts for us, is a very good team. It seems like ever where he goes, even though he wears out his welcome within a year. Everyone seems, I like him, I am well sure, if lebron James is feeling the same way these days. So how are you feeling about this snub? Let's say I think it's fair to call it a snub right, yeah! Well to me it's like it starts with
You know what would what side of the court were they on right like it? Was it like the full ninety six that they would have to go through, or was it just like a sideline to sideline thing cause to me? If it's a sideline to sideline thing? First, you can see each other you're close enough. I that's a lot more unforgivable, but wanting us into it is we don't really know as we get into the other chapters, we don't really actually know what order the chapters are in Chris yeah Christine's reported that russ a d in the brian huddled up for a phone conversation which he's gotta start here in the year twenty twenty two when there are more than one people talking to each other, I just don't know why you're on the phone, it is confusing in the best of times like you're, going to kind of be talking over each other. I would say like: let's get some cameras in there may be a group facetime you can use whatsapp like you just get the group chat going essentially ripe. You can. You can be on zoom like we are right now that,
apparently happened before the summer weeks, According to your want burma who said there on the lead again ba show yesterday So if I been before. I don't really know how well the conversation could have gone or the conversation went so well, and they talked for so long that didn't even need to acknowledge each other. The next day they just went over everything to the point where there was just nothing left to say. So why buys right right there wasn't any like ill will. It was that they cover their bases, their work. Friends, you know they value. read everything out as far as what was on the schedule for that week and then just about their ways going to take this back to you, and I, for example, right like I would never snub you. If I saw you, but I also think that if you were a kind of
in on the other side of the room, and we have just had our weekly chair. I might I might let it go. I think I would still be upset about that one other. I know that I won't do that globally, about this. Yes, okay! Well yeah! I, Knowing when the conversation actually happened is important, it does. Im a little curious because they all seemed to be in the same area at least over this weekend. I don't remember seeing Anthony Davis as summer league, but I'm sure he popped up is because every mb, a type debt makes their way down to las vegas. During that period I'm also like wondering, as you are like what type of technology was at play here. I personally don't even know how to do a three way call my phone so did someone set this up for them who's to say, but even within this panes report, it couldn't have been reseda, you set it up and we'll get to them. Is that, but even within the report itself, It didn't seem like the
recession, whenever it happened, was like very productive. So the specific text from means report is the conversation? Was organ as to make sure all three were on the same page as long is there joined together in their pursuit of a championship. Sources said so as long They're, together, they're basically willing to figure this out, but that say like that. Everyone was on the same page and ready to figure this out together, and so it's not sounding great Answer to question right and we already knew that there was something lingering there, because everyone is reporting that russia's avail including, as you now mentioning his long time at age that for shame, waterman, which brings us to the third bit of of rust news that we ve gotten here Ross has been with wasserman since he was drafted and by
accounts he in in had a very close relationship for mentioning that he was also, formerly that are going in russ's favor. Fortunately, in a bizarre twist, it seem like fu shea, broke up with ross before he was going to break up with him and did so in a very public, in bizarre manner, issuing ask meant to woes where he basically admits that the thing that they disagree, it over was the fact that russ isn't real I need to accept a lesser role on the lakers and his bet in fu shea thinks that his best route would be to stay with the lakers this figure things out next season. But russia does not believe and then, as a result of that, they have severed. Relationship this is weird to use it is to me, is exceptionally strange for us all.
I have never seen anything like this happen and, second of all like that, for sure his name is not one that you'd think would come up in a conversation like this, like there are age, there are agents out there like. I think we're fans know who he is because of his client list, but I don't say I think that he overall still has a pretty low for profile. Compared to some other agents like he's kind of a behind the scenes type of guy. So that was interesting to me. So you think the future probably broke up with russ and you know kind of wanted to get his side of the story. Oh my read on it was at russia. Be fired him. Because of these because these differences, and then who shake. I wanted to get his side of the story out about it, even though, it still doesn't necessarily check out that. Well, because I think everyone kind of knows that that's that russ's value. So I don't know what like he really needed to do too much pr work,
A boy like to me. The thing that stands out is just how stubborn russia's been throughout. This entire thing and that's kind of just been the story of his career and work I have yet were now at the at the point where it, oh it like things, can turn out real. Really ugly for a player like russ, when, They are on the decline and they don't exactly want to face it like. It keeps giving me a kind of like ALA, Alan iverson, vibes and, and you you see, we know, we can kind of you know spin the urine go back and flake over and over again, unlike you know that double edged sword of Russell westbrook, but it's kind of just it to me. kind of hit its logical conclusion- and I just wonder you know if ever going to be a moment now where he faces the music, because if he can, then I look at like I look at Darvin ham has said and he's been incredibly calm. entry? He said he'd he's wanted to start run, which I mean honestly at this point is a little bit farther than I would go. I think I guess with a player like him,
has to be a logical starting point, one intended, but at the same time, those three guys on the court together and like the while, the lakers got younger. They didn't add any spacing so really see the story being that much different on the corner, I feel like the best encore configuration is still going to have to be like russ starting in like playing more of a staggered role, and you could figure something that way But right now, if it looks like Russell westbrook, just wants to continue to get triple doubles for of career. I just don't know that that's going to work worked very well for him. I don't know how many teams are. Are that really want to do that, like it's not like in any deal for russ? it's not like considered as a player on the floor it's more of like a salary dump like it's just his act and Russell westbrook is the name on it, which is like a pretty low place to be in so career for him. So if you can is that then we can talk but
This is russ this. This whole breakup, shall we seem to underline the fact that he didn't want to accept lesser version of himself, which is a bad sign, because that's really seems to be the only way that this works. with l, a and m was wonder if it works for any team like I was at honestly generac. My brain like which team one can even trade for us with basic, like a handful cut, the obviously you would be in the running for them just because they have someone who makes a lot of money and kyrie irving who is also a riddle with problems but like even if he would say gets traded somewhere and they work a buyout like us on a minimum could be? contagious for certain teams, but again your kind of hoping that he buys into a lesser role or best scenario that he buys in what he does, but as a second unit type of guy and I dunno
We keep hearing that the nets don't want to do. Straight up, there would have to be a third team involved which is interesting to me, because the nets seem like the only if the team, where this would work, I think like. If you look at a team like utah, for example, we don't really know exactly where they're going right now, but if they are going to go in rebuilding direction, why would you want russ to come in and add fifteen wins to your team for no reason ray who's he's a fan. If so, I'm sure the utah crowd him to him is in, but no it's funny that, that's actually the exact type of team. I could see making that if it wasn't utah because maybe there's a team that tanking ross obviously isn't going to help them win. More games and thus see a draw for the home and fans, at least like when at the gay, as opposed to in the you think here fortunately helps you win just enough. How could he adds like come on? You look I've, not a rustle, westbrook fat. I think everybody knows this, but I think he adds ten winds,
do a twenty win right. And ten july tenement players, pretty good team is pretty good, it best to varying of him even in the past couple years, even when he was still close to his peak was bringing out the best of average. like that thunder team that he won the mvp on was not great, I mean they finished with. the playoffs, but I think there are lower seed. I can remember think they were like six or seven and but everyone said Oh great atee may Russell was they loved playing with them, even though he is literally stole three pounds away from stephen atoms and a man of scandals of the world, but No like I'm looking at a lot of the the really bad teams are also the teams that are trying to reset around it. core and so like your land, it was probably out the detroit are probably out
thunder. Maybe as like a come home, russ sort of such but even they have all a ball handlers now give me the keys air in guinea future mvp based on his summer league performance, so now you're talking the rockets like the key these are the other one franchise that might be crazy enough to do that. But again They traded away tyrese haliburton in order to empower deer and fox not allowed options. Yeah No. I did like your your buddy hield note there, because I had the same thought of like yeah. You know what the kings might do it just to just to get get people through the door, and yeah this- it's not it's not like in great for that for a guy there, and I I thought about the thunder too, and I think the problem there is that, like you know, for a guy like rush to embrace a different role. I think it'd be really difficult to do that in the same Setting where you kind of ran the place, do you think the thunder could actually
pathetically work if it wasn't his former team in a winner, a weird way right right, because he would basically have, to be like the guy in the mail room for that team. Right we are he would be the wise sage passing on advice, but also like I not playing in the fourth quarter or games like if he's weird? to do what we did in his last year with the heat when he got traded back from the cavs back at work right. Maybe there is an angle: there were ok russell, not play a lot on a team like this under, but you know, he's going to be respected at the same time so like. Maybe that's what he's looking for yeah best case scenario. Would he would accept some sort of secondary role, some, like second unit role on a contender after being bought out. I was light. The the box option a team that can use it as men.
You guys just to get them through the regular season as possible, because the probably is a point, despite all the bad from that is probably underrated to a certain extent like if he is operating your second unit and like you just start him and pull him keith bogans style, like that's, actually, probably a useful player on a minimum contract. Yeah. If he is willing to embrace it. I think there's a lot of things you could do, but if he is willing to brace it, then the later are pretty damn good option for right, so we should. We should talk about the lakers options here, because, as I see it, there's only really four. So one you play out the season with ross you're, stuck with them You can have to attach too many pics to any sort of deal in order to dump him just play. It out, keep the pigs that lebaron james signs, an extension which, as a whole other element to this now we don't even have to get into, but that's one ripe number two before we move on to so jimmy buses can have said
their pretty wary to attach to twenty seven and twenty nine picks to that. And what are you? What do you think of that? I get it from both sides. And it's kind of how I felt when lebron his last year with cleveland one hand he does completely dry. your franchise of any future, and I think that's. Especially when it seems like there's been hurt, feeling it now in both destination. Guess, like all three of the teams that he's been He bought the miami cleveland. And now in l, a that he exerts so much power that you're really giving over everything to him and in a situation like this, where, based on the lakers knowing of the situation. He was the one pushing for us to begin with, and so I could see it where it's like, and no actually I don't Two in twenty twenty seven when you're playing
for the calves with brawny james on your farewell, tore like having to basically be the nets from five years ago right and having to like have spencer, Dinwiddie or the next spencer, or did my franchise. on the other end, your kind of pot committed when you have lebron James and so I've already given over. So many draft picks. Is it that bad, deal, the hanover one or two more. You have a window and when the broad is is on your jeanne, you have a chance to win the championship. Every year, like, I still think, a team with a health the a d and engaged a d plus plus functional reserves could still be pretty good, so I'm kind of split. Where do you fall on that? it is tough and it kind of brings us to the second option, which is trade trade him to the nets for kyrie irving, like that's what you're doing essentially like you are attaching picks to to westbrook to get kyrie irving in return, which,
when I I dunno about attaching picks to get kyrie irving in return in a vacuum. But when you look at what that team could be hypothetically, which is like I am putting the most quotes around hopes that a goal there, it's pretty good. I guess really well balanced, like you got, carries as as your crunch, I'm closer. He is like the dead eye For that you need, when you need a bucket. Lebron is your all around guy than you got Davis defensively they d really getting each other's way. They do different things like it's a good super team construction, which we've kind of weaved. We talked about in the past hypothetically right and he had he adds spacing he had spacing and then, if you get a little lucky and Davis, you know kind of reduce his shooting form. Like that's a really good team that I think, is a genuine contender in the west. That's a ton of, if so, yup Yeah, it's kind of wild that were in the situation where the lakers could trade for someone that basically
every other franchise wants nothing to do with it and yet could instantly catapult to becoming the favor it's because kyrie lebron, a d two years ago is like a n b, a two fever dream. Like that's an incredible big three, they all work in concert, and it would be really hard pressed not to them. Is the favorites in the west really use it? You take them over the warriors if we're just assuming that kyrie is, is functional. Kyrie who's going to play throughout regular season. Yeah is the biggest problem pictures of really had here is getting lebron to the playoffs healthy and still not sure that at a team healthy eighty healthy la bron engage it, He and gauge carrier bring lotta if they know is still not really fuckin good. I know it. Now my kendrick perkins now talking about like the early aughts celtics like oh, they actually have never lost a series and we're all healthy. But, like I mean there's
gotta be another like error, another chapter to the eighty story, right yeah, don't I think his his values bob not be the lowest. It's ever been re and I think that's probably it's got to shoot up on our though, if that's going to come from my kids Winter is shooting improving, again or fitch is going be health or if it's just be effort. I don't know, but I keep when I think about eighty I just go back to the bubble playoffs and what he actually look like when the stakes are really high. Lucky Voids physicality like the plague, although in avoiding the plague is really a thing I guess. but that's regular season, injury like maybe you justify that a little bit. If you know when the playoffs and you're going to get that version of him, because that version of him then kind of becomes the best. In almost every series, yup, so number three option. You trader us, but you
I get somebody else here now the names that have been thrown out Yeah buddy, hield, Eric Gordon, both guys who make sense healed, is memorable the player that the lakers almost traded for before the ended up creating a lot of their players for ross two years ago. How do you feel about that option? A man The rockets have no problem trading for an aging point, guard garden, I'll playing him If it's an option Does she had retired one soldiers this is kind of the issue right, and maybe this is where this all emanated from it looked like in a lot like three weeks ago. It looked like he was on his way to allay in I saw a tweet where you know he was sitting in the stands and someone asked
like hey? When are you gonna be in l a and he was like soon like it looked like it was all going to happen and then so maybe it didn't necessarily matter what the relationship with Russell westbrook was like. Now that that seems like it's not the case. One is kind of scrambling to patch things up and I don't know, is even an option anymore. It s kind of like a question if its, if its own option, I do that ok, just kind of I grew my teeth and I do it because its products are most hounded player gonna go back, but I also just don't know. So I see it right now because, as long as Kevin durant's not immediately getting traded. Then. I don't know that I am in such a rush to trade kyrie irving and for the nets the calculus changes to. If they want to convince katie to stay, then they need to get talent back for kyrie and you're not going to get talent back for kyrie. Right now. So not just seems like it's at an impasse or maybe when the middle, maybe the window is just gone for that there is a world based on, like scuttled,
out there, where that, maybe they could do both. That may be the price for kyrie dropped so low that only takes one draft pick and then, you're trading russ, for kyrie in a draft, I can and using the other draft back to bring it and other senior judge. kind of like photo shopping. People in some makers shares these worthwhile there. Let's go realistic I'll come here and while I actually think like more sit on it. The lakers offseason wasn't half bad like they're. Definitely younger, the lot of players who are, gauge and want to play basketball. Sorry, because a lot of players who they surrounded Lebron James last week is going to be in our second segment of players who have yet to be signed. It. They somehow still don't have a lot of shooters yet, which is curious. Lebron is still the best shooter on the team. I'm serious
if I'm serious the kendrick Nunn could come back and be a shoot up right now, he's just a theory of a layer cause. You haven't seen him in here. Yeah I mean I like I like some of the guys that they got lonnie walker is super young. They have athletic guys who will play defense, and maybe they could be a team that runs along transition like they. They remind me a lot more of the bubble. Lakers than last on that, you say run in transition, lebron James. Maybe he's going to be kevin, love like outlet passing to those young guys or hunting transition. Suffice unitrust pretty well right. get up and down still that's actually is his best attribute. But, like I dunno lebron but this station is career since he's the best shooter on the team lebron as as your trail, five
It is not a bad should it's true what passengers just walk up the floor right, yeah, if they can get some shooting. I think it would be helpful it brings us to our last. Stop and what should be the central home number two its work out their asking too much everyone has leverage. the lakers everyone, smells the desperation on lakers lakers design, but you still have to deal with ross rust want to back down and change how our plays, and so you got a send I wouldn't do that until December least give bid what and it's a new coach to new year. Sometimes Just accidentally work themselves, though, you don't really know why it could be that situation here, but I'm not rethink, considering logic is,
actually for everyone, negative yeah. I would I would would probably consider that if he wasn't willing to change it all right cause at a certain point. It's kind of muddies up the locker room a little bit and it seems like you know if it is in russia's exit interview yeah for a guy has been considered a good teammates. It feels like maybe is too good, teammate two players who are worse than home because like katy- Katy leaves, and it's all the cupcake crab ray, and he just still won't talk to him. When I mean come on guys like it's been awhile, I got sluts, let's keep. Let's move on and with lebron and eat it like an exit interview, just as he did with vogel. It seemed like he kind of just threw them under the bus and he never really felt welcome to the franchise. I don't know that necessarily repairs itself. If we have a version ross, that's not really willing to concede allies. and when you, Also, when you haven't as an area like that, I also wonder if what you,
in, for is, for the other side to move a little bit, which I don't necessarily think that that's a really smart basketball move for the lakers, so yeah. I think that that might be the most likely scenario so you're referring to that in the exit interview? Basically, the one hundred and eighty or like yeah, we were willing to let rusty ross, and he was busy right now they were right guy which contradicts also the framing going into the partnership, which was that they talked to him in dance of the trade and they're like surely he was okay with playing a different role and working his way in here so something's wrong, something is off somebody's lying. I don't know if it was Ross or if it's the decide by both those things capture yeah. I wonder if it was also just the way that the start of the season went for the lakers you know it's way easier to say: hey, I'm going to try to change my game up, and then you know all this in an honest
who's, a couple games in all this and the brown get her, and you know the configuration to changes in you're, goin back to plan your old style, and maybe it's just a little harder than when the team is already kind of on the downswing to shirt you that so yeah, it's a good panel. So so what was the most likely option here? They play out the season with ross trade trading ross to another team or he the new john wall, making gobs of money by playing video games home fibre oh man. I unfortunately, I feel like it's going to be. The fourth option does Russell send him home yeah? I think so. What do you think's going to happen? I think they have to come to some sort of deal here I just don't see him accepting a lesser role, and if the persons are trading way, the picks or sending him home. I would hope that
he would see the value and adding carriage of his team and the fact that, like that, just a cow good that core could be and that that began the ultimate decision, then what kind he doesn't get traded like? Are you reunited Russell and katy in brooklyn. Until him how our basketball team, I don't believe you I assume you'd have to come up, come to a agreement with him at that point now, yeah, fair enough, I dunno. Maybe they can men and is in the same way katy and james hardened did for those couple months when everything was very good. A few minutes there. This episode, the bill, simmons podcast, is brought to you by booking dot com picture, your dream vacation. Do you envision? Beachside bungalows Sweet smell, barbecue, wafting, along a warm salty breeze, or do you see
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the in situation, are you feeling on that? research, restricted, free agency, sucks, they five billion dollars over four years, which I don't know I don't that's necessarily worth also one things. I've heard as being an advantage in this deal is that they we had to sign eaten for four years the year is the best part of that deal right he's in his prime you're, paying like if you're can it be paying him right now. still trying to like develop into the guy who thinks he can be yeah. I get why you might not necessarily think he's like on the level of some of the guys he got he got paid like great, like like in the same boat as like a task elsie. I am, I think, ask elsie outcome is better than a rate, but at the same time I'm looking at it, unlike also what he's doing seven as opposed to twenty eight. That's when you're losing him. That's not really, that's not great,
that the years escalate, but this is just kind of like it. You know sorry, beings are very type a situation to me thinking fences, that's great. I set of a choice re like a cat trade over four drat until january, fifteenth now and by then maybe things are fine, and maybe they give him a different sort of role and he's here happy we'll see what happens by it just seemed like a lot of waiting and haggling for not a of pain of any in the thing is, it could have gone so much worse than it was. Then it did like them. The pace is it looked like the pacer signed aids to the type of deal that they thought that they would actually be getting him on, Cuz, there weren't like a lot of ugly things in a contract that way it's not like. It's like jammed up with player options are like a trade kicker like yeah all that stuff. It looks like they signed him to
contract, that they will want to employ him on, which is not what have right right, which made it easier for the sun's them yet. It is found that you mention how the fifth year should be in advance. with the teams. They literally put that into the c b, a in order to help the home team there to give them an advantage right. Alright, so so that's it and he told me back. I imagine this is the end of all that it did did manage to solve that relationship pretty significantly just for a couple million dollars so The only other quality free agent left on the board also restricted collin sexton like, he might be stuck in a qualified we offer limbo, I don't see many clear options. There are a lot of team of cap space. First of all, I think the the pacers probably the only one left with meaningful cap space I do not see any like pathway there, where he wouldn't just end up back in cleveland.
not really- and I think this is kind of why restrict see like sucks right if I'm, the pacers I'm looking at this, in the situation saying I just got burnt. So why would I go and spend, or you know, try to sign a guy like sex into an offer. She, when the most likely scenario, is at the cleaving, like cleaving, just gonna, match it re mom, I'm not making it make sense for the cavs to look sexy in is super young. He is in a very unfortunate scenario for a contract extension. He just missed like pretty much the entire year after having like the strangest eleven games to start off the season and and he's Just not really got a lot of suitors right now, like I just don't really see the market there and and you don't see the market, because, if you're, the, if you're their team, or just saying why wouldn't cleat cleveland bring him back like just because they had this season without him. That was awesome doesn't mean that they're not gonna need somebody like him. down the line. I think they probably feel the same way. So you know to me
I think the only thing I really worry about, if I'm Cleveland is not extending him and then becomes an unrestricted free agent next year and he gets paid way more and maybe you don't keep him or you lose him for nothing kind of like like the the situation, With with the mavericks in an indian bronzy right MA am, I would, as the more this drags on if he doesn't get an offer from cleveland. I kind of just maybe give him what he wants a version of what he wants. I don't know what that is because, if our most, if I'm sex and am also looking at twenty twenty three allow more free agents and a lot more cap space to and saying, okay like well, whoever misses out big guns will probably interested in player like sex in are be able to drum up a better offer, then so I was I was thinking about this, and I just feel, like you know, to two years
the third year player option around like lakes, the nineteen million dollar range should probably do this, do it for both sides and and be fair for both sides. What do you think? active at playing out there. I think my worry with cleveland is: if it's not just a deal to it, in the asset like do you have to, guys any the ball, because you brought on care sliver. Seemingly you to fill the sexton off the bat Sixth man run second unit close games, sort of all right. and so I don't know- I don't see a world and I'm not a big liver fan. I probably would have preferred sexton, but I guess the cavs were going. For in their own little way a diminish them too much hum the cavaliers yeah so like. I could see it too, just like them round and trade and later, but I would be trying workout the version of the lorry marketing deal where its pay, the blaze who's got desperate. Ethel
last minute, they wanted to work this three way: trade. They wanted to get Larry nance in there. All of a sudden opens up an opportunity for the cat to slide, get markkanen I think that's what we need here in order to lie, make this work for all parties- greece- probably better off some I'm way more of a of a sex in person than a curious avert person too, and I almost wonder if it if it works, because sextants, not the play maker, that garland is and they ve got really solid play. Making on that team. They ve got good spacing on their team sections, a good cutter and I think he can be like you're you're secondary score for the future. I think there's way too much on garland right now, with the way the team is constructed, I think there's a world where it works. I get what you're saying, though, where it's not necessarily perfect, and we've heard some things think about, like you know, maybe wants a bigger role somewhere else, but I just kind of feel like it's a reasonable scenario, one one of the teams that been
associated with them has been the mavericks and he would have to? kind of be in a similar scenario. Next to luka doncic, where he wouldn't be, number one guy, but the assets just don't work out like Dallas doesn't really necessarily have anything that Cleveland would want back, but there's nothing that a team like the mavericks could give back that's better than just having colin sexton on a reasonable deal that you can trade him on later or just see if it works out. the only mistake cleveland can make here is, if you know sex and just it comes back next season, completely healthy. Has like another like twenty four point, bird for game season and just like you know, blossom away unlikely to go deep into luxury tax tax to to resign him right, like it's a nightmare scenario for them, but right now it's like they're kind of in a good position, just waiting it out and seeing what he can get which right now it doesn't really seem like it's a lot as all keep an eye on that one so other than sexton. It gets pretty bleak. Pretty quickly here,
And so I want to play a little game of what I'm calling washed or not washed you determine whether or not somebody's marcie names the left in the board so have something left in them, and I want to stop with Dennis. Schroder ties into our lakers conversation, because he's most notable popped up in in the headlines. These days for replying to a lebron James reply, instagram, so shooter atta instagram posed where presumably he was like left and weights, like like doing something athletic lebron said something to the effect of like yeah. That's right, get it and showed her upon himself to in reply to lebron to ask run it back, insinuating like, maybe he would make way back to the lakers which simply desperate, but I guess that's where
our friend Dennis is at right. Now, do you still see a future for our and to turn down memorably a lot of money with the lakers last time he was on the team and then has been struggling to find its place in the since going forward. think they could really use a score. First point guard that doesn't really understand the limits of his role. I know is the problem. In the first place, you have such like a good three point, shooting season with the thunder and everyone's like. Oh, maybe this is the new normal and it definitely wasn't as you see now for two years in a row with three different teams. Yeah I mean there's a world in which router is a more than serviceable player for even a playoff team like he was a big part of the lakers. You know content, I you know championship run in the bubble and but It just didn't really work out after that. I think like for a player like him, I think small guards in general, you look at this year's draft. There wasn't
nobody in the draft that was a drop in the first round. That was under six four it's just kind of a position, that's going out of style like you want quick buckets, there's just other ways to get it, and so, You know, and we're going to talk about other small guards on this on this list too, and like the kind of deal with the same scenario, so you have to, in a very specific situation I think, for this to work, and I don't really see too many of them out there, one that I thought think could maybe work is like nuggets on a minimum just because of his speed. I think you could get a lot of easy buckets would be putting. Around Jokic and give you a little bit of ensure Jamal Murray isn't quite healthy, especially in the front end of the season. I don't it probably is somewhere for him yeah like you got anything for him. I think he could make a credible third guard on a lot of times, but I didn't expect him to be at veteran minimum territory,
at twenty eight years old, yeah, especially considering what he did with the thunder. What was it now three years ago? revitalize there and he seemed to be tapping into a player that a lot of teams could use. You is basically pour me kyrie irving, and that was kind of that trading for a on the to begin with right yeah. He can, and he's also like a pretty useful, swiss army knife type of player or two, because you can attack a lot of guys off switches he's just so quick that he can give a lot of teams problems. So I don't I would I wouldn't say: he's washed he's not on my watch I think it has to be a specific scenario, but I still have I still have. is maybe not I don't think you'll ever get paid the same way, but he's he's got some years ahead of him. Okay, so next person on your list, blake griffin, who is now thirty three years old, I feel very old
seemed like he was on a path to a revitalize career with the nets where he was this backups, type in these small ball lineups. He get shoot, I'll bet, you could take a ton of charges, use based turning into a hustle defender and like I was enough stretch that he would credibly open something's up on off its good passer, very sorry about all that stuff on fourchan it did not work out last year and the nets desperately needed. Someone like him and just playing him spot minutes in the playoffs, where he looked absolutely gas because he just wasn't playing enough. I'm not sure about this one I'm kind of on the wash line here, but how are you feeling about blake yeah, so he was awesome that first year he was with the nets. He was awesome in the playoffs and you know until Yadda yadda solved him, like probably
in five last year, game four or five. I don't exactly remember like halfway through the series you figured it out, but he was pretty much there bessie honest defender in that series and he actually did a really good job on him and the front end of that series. And then the year after he just he had a tough start to the season. I think he just got glued to the bench a little earlier than he should have, I'm not going to say he was asked, by any means, but I think, like maybe, should have taken im out of the shed a couple more times, and they did especially like the amount of rotational changes and that's where having how much could it really have hurt them to just throw blake back into the mix a couple of times there and then that game three. He had it in like it against boston, perplexes me. I get that it looked like. He was tired, sure I don't know why you take a guy who just hit two threes It looks like he's about to go on a heater out because he's sweating.
and release going outside these. There is nobody really like it's you He knows it's like one of his best chances for a title. I think like when you're that old and it's like you're you're coming to the end your time there, your find a little extra in the tank, I just wish they would have kept. That nash would have kept him in that game. Thing, maybe like I'll know, if it tells us like a really get a different story. that serious, but show me enough in that in that game and then like the the game after he didn't shoot as well, but he was definitely a lot more serviceable than the other nets were employers were, and he was actually you know he he was passionate. He was passionate and like that was a lot for the mess in that moment just to have any level of energy at all, and I I think I think he's got another year, at least in the week. I think I think some team should take a chance on him. I would just as you What happened? I wouldn't rely on him by any means.
I wouldn't mind having him in the mix, especially if I'm blow on on front court depth- and I am a playoff team and and in this guy is just looking to win a championship like you know, he's not going to have a problem sitting on the and re like we learn that much from him he's not going to be a locker room answer by any means- and he seems like you know, is no punching that trainer in toronto, aside the ocean that many years ago, like has been a reasonable teammate for most of his career So just taught me punch so stand up individual. I guess that's true, technically no in fairpoint, but yeah I would take a chance, I would take a chance, but I wouldn't be necessarily like reliance on him for anything yeah emergency center, like fourth fifth frontcourt rotation type of guy. I think my quest, is how much is the three point shooting actually legit?
cause. He really only had one season where he shot over if five percent- and that was the all star season in Detroit where everyone was like. Oh my god stretch, blake is new improve. Look at em, just find another geared to amend a, but I don't oh, how true? That is what do you think about ever union back with the clippers or are there to many her feelings? over signing the extension and trading him at the first possible opportunity. Can you go home? Is the question Did you ever go home again? That's that's! That's gonna be the title for that for this by gas. it would be hilarious it would be, it would be yeah. I I dunno. I I think it like on the court. It definitely it definitely works. I don't know if you heard anything about like that relationship.
I guess it is not really one that I think anybody is really inquired too seems like a kind of fell, the back burner. They pretty much havel same people there, so I don't think that part really changes. If I'm blake, unlike like it's hue of zero we know that valet and like your actually avi say, can it be transitioning to the next act in his life, which may you know, being, might help him out for that there before There's a similarity, thrones. Exactly exactly, and you know their contender, so blake at me. I probably suck up whatever feelings I left over about it and do it if you're the cleverest you do it, they probably don't need any guys The problem like they're already so deep with above average players, deeper than probably any team that I can remember in recent history and
I want to use the leftovers spot for young eyes, so they can take full amazon them or, at the very least like try to use This trade trip chips later on private, as it makes sense to be taking a risk and a better. At this point. Yeah there are front court rotation, is a little. I have questions about their their size, at least They are making go small and switch in and be interesting. That way, but I do wonder lake if anything happened, scissor for any number of games are pretty much confined to playing small yeah. It's gonna be robert, the five full time very quickly, they're, very houston rockets. Next next person, the list carmelo Anthony thirty, eight years young had a pretty. he's in season, shooting the ball. It definitely seems like he's flipped to it, final chapter is career worries it is pretty much almost run out of the league, just like gimme, couple minutes, and let me shoot a couple threes and do that thing. Right tat, my head,
at band, and I'm good. You know so like I guess emotionally, unlike from his viewpoint, he is past the rust he's ready to just be your. Seemed man, and so for that reason I think, not washed yeah and so much of this actually comes down to your your role and what you're willing to do. That kind of where I landed on him as well, and I run a glue, a team that really uses shooting out, don't do, as is the one that gave away his jersey number two tribes, Junior eliza was lacking is maybe did it if he will be wearing the pit as he will be wearing number seven, so I guess if melo wants to come back, he'll have to change his jersey number I mean the emphases where he hasn't worn. Seven, his entire career wasn't wearing fifteen with a with the nuggets. I think you,
willing to adapt to new role and sure he's wanting to adapt to new number. I think it's a perfect. Where there are there are, maybe sometimes I can use a little extra scoring point to the regular season, I could use a match. You think cleveland could could be an interesting option offered him he's. They there. There wing depth is not really all away their re lake if a coral doesn't make a job than I think I have questions about who they are actually plugging in there in us just wanna go three guards with it, which is totally fine as well, but that's a team that I think you know could could use a little bit of a punch. You know me or maybe there's another young team. They could use a better in. What do you think sure at this point in history, there are so many people were big fans of him. Let them at the moment as long
they can have watching Carmelo Anthony just like here, are really smooth three, because it's fun, you know, like he's, just not going to get it for that much. hunger, so if he's willing to do it in the capacity that is not can be detrimental to a team. That's that's here's. My question can carmelo Anthony just have the back end of vince carter's career can just be the NBA's new vince carter wear boost every arena. Everyone's high, to see him. The media asked him about his glory days and, like maybe he'll, like answer some some question that you had just spend the nice guy that everybody wants to talk to you. What's the problem with that I think, that's great, and I also think that, like like sure there are a lot of young players who grew up watching him and have a lot of respect for him as well. So. maybe he's somebody that they would hypothetically listen to now that the idea of it was carter. Was nice
Think it actually worked out that well, although the only team that really fizzled out was, I think, was a hawks who you know that young do that young, If the core is just, I don't know that anybody could really wrangle them. altogether. So there is that event, but that's fun, yeah sure it Carmela. Going back to the thunder. Couple more here, Dwight howard, who is thirty six years old, already had that, like last gasp of his There were it's. I thought he was being run out of the league, then Here is on the lakers. The point where he got like picked up by the sixers goes. The lakers. I guess like everybody needs rebounding. It seems like he. His shoulders are as broad as ever so like he's in great physical shape, so that's not a problem but I just don't know who needs a center who doesn't provide much stretch and
it is getting towards the back end and getting closer to forty the one option and that I that I like for them for for him is warriors hm. You can get a little bit of james wiseman insurance, okay, just in case he's not quite ready for for the big screen. I think the warriors got a little bit lucky, not having a legitimate big option in the playoffs. I think it worked out for them, but it could have gone if if the celtics were a year older, I think it could have gone very different direction for them, and you know he can hypothetically still jump for lobs. In play, play like ten minutes a game like forty times a year. I think that's nuts, not to too much to ask for him and yeah. I think I think you can work out. I think the only thing is that, like this might be getting into weird territory, but he already won a ring
He did. I think, like for a lot of these guys, like that's kind of the motivation, to keep keep it going. It's just really hard to care and be consistent at that age and, if you aren't really fighting for that, then what is it that you're actually fighting for, discover existential, very quickly, yeah yeah, I mean feels like we're discounting loony yet again for were western conference finals, envy be given money but sure or like, if a team needs him in a backup role, sure I just don't really see a team it fits so I'm actually going to go washed with with howard, okay you're going not washed you're an optimist, I'm on the fence, I'm aware of it on the fence, it's all that one another one demarcus cousins,
opposite of Dwight howard, that he could barely jump at this point, so he won't. We won't be catching soon, although he is just coming off a playoffs where he scored nineteen points in game. I've first round series against the warriors. There is talk that, like they might try to break off like a piece of the mid, in order to bring him back, but the nuggets promptly. I d and treat your didn't center. I if we want to put on the wash list coming into this off season is wonderful. report moves, and so I was a little thrown by that I mean the they ve changed. They had an cited judgment in the front office with seem calmly, giving way to together booth there. But like little surprise, I guess like they're, just they wanted more defence, they won because they did bring it. casey, p is well, and so maybe they thought like. I will get a bunch of defenders that nothing jordan's much defend. Anyway, I'm a little confused by what happened there.
yeah? I don't know how Jordan always ends up being like the number one option in these discussions I think he's blake. I would actually rather have howard or to marcus cousins over him. I think for the nuggets I get, it doesn't. Cost it's in kind of a similar scenario to carmelo where he can be entertaining and fun and score. You some points and he's like a very smooth basketball player, who's fun to watch, but at the same time like when the playoffs come around, you know that you know we've been, He has like a game or too like he had it is going to matter in the long run, because you can just put him in pick over and over again he's in a blender, and it just kind of over for you overview. Looky, isn't really that playable fur fur contender contender so yeah women, the mellow category, if there is a role where you know, he can be a back up and have fun, That's fine. I don't know that. I would necessarily put him in the category of airlines and honestly fun or or or even a you know, a good presence to have in your locker room or the way that and that he could be so.
Anthony adjacent. In a way, I would guess, I guess I put them closer to washed yeah yeah. A tough one, he's only thirty one, but I agree he's so talented just like even in that play off series, is watching how nimble he is like how magic his hands are in his able to just like still pass as well. we had like. Has such I like a beautiful stroke. Oh yeah, like you, had wonder if outside of the Michael Malone ecosystem. If he's not trying to make good for the lake as with lebron James and the warriors like the guy was really gonna, why we want to be playing on a thursday night the orlando magic, probably not so deftly is hard, to work him into a lot, different last guy anyway, rajon, rondo, thirty, six years old and already seemed like he might have reached the end. He was basically the Cavaliers is last option in order to
the rubio minutes. don't see anywhere for him. So I think I might be leaning toward washed year n, like we mention with cousins, he's a bit of a prickly sort, so I dont think either like I celtics receiving it makes sense that europe is probably want to just like take over, practices but buddy about rajon rondo, yeah. I don't know where the celtics reunions is a sara Lee and order there. It was one of those weird ones where you also hear about him being an awesome teammate to younger player So while I lean on the side of washed, I also wonder if he could play. Alas, plus encore court and Rubio played for the cavs, but more of like mentorship and also just being
people to see certain plays develop for younger guards. So I think that Detroit could be an interesting option for him. They have a ton of athletic players who can run out for lobs. He is still still like an incredible while a I think he's going to be able to do that pretty much until he's fifty. I think it's just so intuitive for him to to be able to do that kind of like the only option, I see on the board for human or like a type of team like that, where you dont net, like they just right, to Jaden ivey. Obviously, but you don't necessarily know, if he's going to be start right away and say that rondo starter at this juncture in his career, but just somebody. To hang out, you know, do things behind the scenes and just be like an ear rags like the other thing you hear about. Rondo too, is that he has some level of interest in coaching down the line, so you know the more experience you can. You can pick up doing doing things like this. still making an mba salary, I'm sure she'd be happy to write. Could someone
ease him into retirement by basically saying hey, Bre 15th man. Basically, coach on the floor and then eventually We'll give you a spot on the staff I can yeah but think what you're saying is like he I did. A version of that was cleveland without maybe like the idea of like him being on stay on the staff, and I think it may be. Maybe it's that say like. Maybe this is the end of the line for him. Well, we'll keep track of that, but that is it for us I don't think I'm back on on the airwaves for at least a couple of weeks here. I have have three weeks off here that I'm very excited for and are are you back? soon. When's, your next ringer mba appearance, I hate to tell you this, as my manager I have I we haven't. Conversation later. Thank you for joining me. Sarah! Thank you. The listener fortunez. Thank you too. I say obliquely and production of we.
Some time off as well tune in next week for a different combo. Until then we'll see the.
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