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The Warriors Are the Most Fun Story in the NBA


Wos is joined by Ethan Strauss to talk about the Warriors. They start by talking about what makes the Warriors the the most fun story in the NBA this season (3:58) before getting into where the Warriors' young players stand (14:53). Then they discuss what makes Draymond Green so important to his team (20:41)

Host: Wosny Lambre

Guest: Ethan Strauss

Producer: Carlos Chiriboga

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I'm here, thompson, longtime, ready with the atlantic magazine on tech, culture and politics. There is lot of noise out there and my goal is to cut through the headlines loud tweets and hot, takes in my new podcast plain english I'll talk to someone smartest people. I know to give you clear viewpoints and memorable takeaways plain english darts november: sixteenth, listen for free on spotify or wherever you get your podcast. This episode is presented by state farm. When team has there best players sidelined. It seems like their play. Our chances are in trouble too, but sometimes a couple of key young players turn them into the hottest team in the second half When you assume a series is over, a team surprises you with a whole new level of game. It's like people that assume that they can't afford great insurance, but then they discover that state farm has surprisingly great rates like a good neighbor state farm. Is there get a quote today? This episode is brought you by uber, think of a job,
When were you dont have a manager or don't punch o clock where no one tells you what to do or where to commute or went to start and where you can get paid up to five times a day where you can work other jobs at the same time, a job where you can build something like your own business is tough to think of this job because not a job. It's a gig and it's a great one. You can make it whatever you wanted to be star driving start earning with goober go to over dot com. I start driving to sign up. That's uber dot, com, slash start driving. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, said the Sunday edition of the ringer nb a podcast, I'm your host big logic. He was the lamb brain. I'm joined by my great friend, one of the best journalists, an mba media, and so he retired
runs a highly successful, highly highly educational. Some steps, all the house strauss, Ethan strauss, welcome to the show my brother, I'm very We'd be here, I'm a little nervous because I was supposed to be on a few weeks ago. We got hit by the atmospheric for in the bay area which not things out but study up, I actually looked at the bill. Simmons reddit page add. Oh my guy hours, monroe Sid, aristocratic tell it it happens. I I about the way they do it We are at a page because they just it's, really shut up. Nerd, here's your reggie, it's not precious like sitting on nba, read it where I don't know their offended about substances, it's just some shut up, nerd stuff, so I go on with trepidation. You know so am two precious about my psyche: seamen, traverse and waters.
Ready, ringer, ready, simmons, ready So you went on bill Simeon sort of sub ready whereby simmons fans go on and talk about the show in the gas and all around, and you looked up the one your own, no no donors. I actually did but I saw that this is what, his classic things where they were Eighty and if I had taken a shot at bill, was something I had said, which I hadn't and it was no honour, is already go and left go on a bad. That's actually ito. Our friend amino has in this as many years ago is practically a decade ago. It might be a decade ago. I blocked him on twitter. He had alleged at that moment that I had taken some shot, exact, low and added zack low back then, and that was why those back when they're, like forty eight people on twitter, so really felt almost like a slack, governing slag ages. I can't even I can't deal
let's do it. I got a block it then got mad and then through an intermediary brokered some conversation in our great friend, so yeah, that's it. Awkward, because even if you never meant it as a shot at the indebted target, you just sound defensive and like your bullshit and where trying to say? No, that's not it wasn't about that is about something that no god, oh no I tend to always have the experience of whenever I'm new somewhere in people are really used to my stick for lack of a better word is usually a lot of you know give back great, where people like who is this dude? Why is he's you know hot tags, blah blah blah doesn't know what he's talking about, and then eventually people realize that pretty much ninety eight percent of the things that I says kind of tongue in cheek- and I don't mean it- I don't know to be as acidic as it comes off. No like new yorkers. We talked with this sort of
abrasive style, but we really serious spirit of kindness to it is what I would say: there's a warmth. Do it. One hundred per and which just having and funding being said, let's have fun because I think the warriors are probably them funny story in the nba so far, this season, which is kind of crazy right because it was twenty fourteen fifteen was seven years ago now, when the warriors phenomenon starts, phenomenon started. In earnest and to be seven years removed for them to be a feel good story. Again kind of crazy to see nea, which makes it and better story. If it was just constant success. If it was like those patron, Its runs of your were there always in it. You see him lurk in, but it seemed like this whole thing was was dead and that's what makes it so enjoyable, there is an element of absence, makes the heart grow, fonder and also just clay being in the wilderness. For
A few years now and there's all this anticipation about him coming back can, I think one of the reasons are really comes through, as he cares so much. I mean the herring. Carry is contagious. I know that sounds. That's probably cornea thing has ever been set. Your party iceberg, why we care about staff. Setting that record, that's not a record be traditionally care about, and I don't remember where I was and reggie miller set. That record, where I was in reality, we did it didn't know it was cool because it the staff and It was in this very genuine way. It was obviously the benchmark that he had set early in his career, targeting it as something that he could potentially do and just staff. Being so, and do it made a bunch of other people get so and do it and I feel similarly about clay coming back. Nobody loves basketball we're than clay thompson. Does they might love? It is much Damn martinez you who is second in command array, ridder, the pr mice
of the warriors once said to me notice that on media day, media for those who do not know its. That first day of training cap take the first day of school. Every vote shows earnings. Eads vernal, oh yeah, unless ear the early warriors are the warriors from vienna. Before the good. Were people just sniping at each other and Dialysis say: no. It can't work with me and staff. He was right, but anyway It is on media day, players show up in their jerseys and they take their photos. They do their photo shoots and clay was the only one year after year he would grab a basketball, go to the corner and just start shooting and just start he he couldn't wait. He just needed to do something, and so it so It will do as life. You had that moment recently where he was crying one side and just taken at all in, and so I mean really the stage the stages sat and there I don't. I don't know I don't know, there's a lot
to there's a lot of doubt in the league. Right now was, as games get canceled one after this there's a lot of variance. I don't know if they did it's the season's going to happen one way or the other. I think the other season's going to happen. I think this spike in stuff is going to pass cause. No that's the nature. I understand right like this. Isn't like is I will give you your committee and you glad untreated eggs, something horrible can happen to you right, like you're gonna get cove iD, and then it passes that wasn't a mixture of this thing like it comes in goes like people you're gonna get sick, they're going to give better and we're gonna kind. Move on with things so yeah did to Clayton is going to be really dominant tickets. Most of the nets. Important is something tat you and I have talked about ad nauseam, but dig, it's enough airs is in the public. Discourse is like youtube.
While Clayton ass. He cares about basketball, Steph curry's. Three point record is about basketball, This story is about basque people off like the nba more so than any other major sports league so How often does story rear. A way veers arm from basket. All we ve always getting moved its leubronn in china. It you know mba solving police brutality. It's it's blake all this crazy shit. Always the nba is very often and offered us the best stories. The stores that generate most inches or the gay wow you're crazy, isn't it crazy- and I don't know if that's a consequence of the spurs devaluing the regular season, or maybe the calves doing it by winning and twenty. Extending congrats them. They won a hell of a serious, but it did It's the legal lesson that you in
Seventy three games. That's just going to be a mallet to wap you with. If you don't actually come through so Maybe that's why it's gotten that way. I just think it's my general theory and there are a lot of different components, but I've written about it is that the nba they went off. And on twitter, not incidentally, because too certain agree. Every institution gets a twitter account tweets. They really made it a strategy there. These annual conferences without em, silver and jack dorsey talking emerging their brands, and they pushed it. They tried to incubate it and at the beginning it was great. Remember the old mba twitter was wasn't a great, oh, my god, this league there was great abuse follow you were having arguments and you know it s getting. It was born with you didn't reach. Twenty eleven twitter was again It's great and you didn't. You will be on your permanent record or anything. Be he honestly. There was no. What's that called freezing cold takes, there is no sense that anything will be held against you. You were just talking.
And so it was cool, it did seem like get supplemented the popularity of the sport, but After a while, it seemed like a just became part of the bull shit and did a created. A bit of detours. So I think that they might over social, social media. Could see why they did it. I think that if you were a smart executive and you saw what was happening in early on look at him silver did, we probably all would have pushed it, but then I did create a world of distractions and it was to the detriment of the game itself, but we shall see. I mean, I think this war warriors storylines, call me a homer whatever I do think the best story and sports right now, and I cannot I mean it would be in credible if they came back and had clay come back and he's good again and then you get you get a finals warriors nets, you know or warrior locks online jobs as yet ben topsy mad at me warriors box. You know, I mean that's, that's exciting, top of it happens,
yeah and those stories? And I think that's what the league is kind of been in the wilderness the past few years, because there hasn't been a story: get behind and you ve talked about disallowed on your part, gas. You talk about it. A lot in your articles. About like people think in turn, a story. Yes, I am. If there is no story, did cell like it's like those dwarf, these things so obvious is like this: do you know great. They went incredible historic run they lose, to Gaza injuries. They lose katy to free agency. They absolutely stink up the joy The first year at ungainly loses last year was like media, and then this year there, the seem in the nba. So far they don't even have their guy back. Easy professed for first followed at story. Tino faintly some of that. Some of this stuff there we're tracking, whether it be like this cell
Six like not like inquiries attitude, adjustment or just some of the craziness there which is in the following as a league, rather than what's taking place on the freak in court. Again legatee there's been to the detriment of love, a butcher. The new guys in the league of course, like the yolk itches and the bookers and the Donovan mitchells, and the Trae young's, like these younger. Of course, Jan sees a two time. Mvp like these young new generation, guys are interesting people they're going to be. Want to follow, but we do have to develop these stories. I I don't know that Did you for yoke ich? Maybe it's gotta be enlightened, extravagant w w e type intro where he comes in on a horse because he loves horses so much I may that would be me that's one way to catch the attention of this house voted. I suppose my boy yeah, I mean I'm definitely culprit in this whole thing. I'm a hypocrite, I run a website where I don't talk about the games at all, so I'm I'm definitely part of problem. I would think by
it seems like you need a pitch things through story and that's what I mean. This is where we get derailment nostalgia, but that's what was so amazing about the indian embassy and the in truth, is I mean those interests are great because their great with market, Albert or Bob cost is doing an irrigation, but there also fantastic because they're telling the audience there telling the audience is important. This is, important. This is an epic battle, this is why you should pay attention. This is why should be into it. Contrasted with either the experience of doing this. Podcast with the river, the calves, how's bloggers, she's now black eyes, who are looking back at the twenty sixteen finals, and I never watch those finals as a tv product, because I was there covering them on the ground, and I came
wade, disgusted with resignation of it, because my experience of these finals, it was so epic I'm here. It was no more glad about those files. When I just remember myself and quick in loans arena and they start with, Phil collins in the air of the night intro, and I'm watching the concession years bill, the lyrics singing in unison to it, as the crowds jumping up and down and really feel in the energy and its for that game. Six and it's just the hair on the back of your neck is standing up, and then I watched the tv version and the commission, the roots, and I like the routes for the commission, the routes to do some sort of weird intro. The motif is the number two in its like too.
Two games till gave seven key areas. The number two out of even remember less, but it's just now. What is this through? Not explaining? Why is there? No narration are used in my brain, whoever it is due to present this to us, because this is an atlantic battle between two opposing forces. They show we glamorous bay area versus the gritty, I'm just a kid for mac random riley. You know even eventually playlists versus the rest about play. It up man, and it's just sitting there for you and for some reason, the product there just not them aside and doing it. It's not like pale. NBC separatists, Alec? Those guys were geniuses. They just obviously quote one he has been employed, gave the people what they want so be it they gotta get back to that. I think the supposed brought you by over think of a job when were you dont have a manager,
don't touch Clung where no one tells you what to do for where to commute or went to start and where you can get paid up to five times a day where you can work other jobs at the same time a job or you can feel something like your own business, this tough to think of this job because not a job, it's a gig and its great one. You can make it whatever you want it to be star driving, start earning with go to hoover dot com last start driving to sign up That's were dark, carbs last start driving. Listen. I do want to talk about the worries. While I have you here, because I think do something interesting happened with happening with the young guys wise men. He had a rough rookie season, there's no other way. To put it these, the as an add much of a showing this year, yet because of injury, whatever you'll be back soon and coming as you know in spain, is spurred sustained shown. Flashes is not like he's gone out.
Been scotty Barnes or some of these other you no bigger rookies. What were you thinking? This standing within the organisation right because I get this sense. Tat lay cub because he didn't trade clay thomson for four kevin. That one faithful summer, because J mine is home grown because deaf his home grown at filling lake of fuels. I normally my guys. Are my trading these young dudes, to get some vets in here show up the roster, like I like my guys. What is there standing on the team right now? not sure what the standing is on the team, but it can say that laika B, a he's like those fans who love the young players, almost maybe a little too much and want to do those trades are those guys aren't included. I think maybe because he's got that you're capitalist perspective, he so into having market inefficiency and thinking that, oh, my god, we only pay these guys. So much on the rookie deal
can't you gotta, stop man and we ask that actual sauce, and here we ve got to he resolved the next players grade. Obviously this is a means It comes down to it and you need to get rid of a harrison barnes to get Kevin durant. Yeah he'll do it, but I do think that he is more the mentality that our guys are great and it doesn't just extend to draft picks. I mean he was really talk, up wiggans after they got him and to be sure that was really good trade for them. In the end that you would think that the just gotten scottish. This is right so yeah. I think that way others, more believer, Andy of just reshuffled and reshuffled trying to find the right mix of, behind the scenes. Get those young players flourishing because they had they ve lot of failures- I mean Jordan, poor kind country came out of. Nowhere is a guy who could be really good because before or that it seem like they did not know what they were doing, when so I just know that their
an intense emphasis on it, what the standing is within, I dont know. Personally, I just joy, jordan pools game. I dont know what he's going to be kind, but she's the guy right now other than staff, where I'm most excited to watch totally normal van capacity, was by the way it's not like back in the day or I would be trying to watch it more. I am on the soccer since our interesting tat. My car was as you like a k d. We give it one of the latest one score: innovative katy path, nature year, yet tat mccarthy, who knows that you could be, but by the way I do think that is a way that you get engaged in the game in a way it's not aligned with fan interests, but it still its own drama where, if you're around a team in talking to people that some old drama lake house, these dudes on the fringes how they play games game, might end their career or there in the nba,
de he's: gonna be fine right, he's lying no matter what so you do sometimes find yourself as you get to know these guys me be having your emotions rise and fall with every shot that they take. I mean I amber when just in holiday had a few bad games and adria dollar move some of his stuff into holidays locker and was just kind of insinuating. You know if you had a sofa like I'm gonna, need this locker. They actually act to be fair. I think from audrey's perspective. I think that he believes in tough love, because the nba is a tough place. No can withstand that. You're not gonna make it. I think very whip. J, K, simons and whiplash sort of perspective is the one that Andre had. I mean that was always amusing to look of harshness that you would use, because I do think he wanted the best for those guys on the bench. I know em derailing and to go about it would be in the locker room after a game, and I remember
we just have the staff she'd out looking at it and just say, really loudly man, I'd love to could nine shots and eighteen minutes, and you knew that was he in clark. Indian clark would laugh nervously because these two he's you gotta stop shooting you gotta play the right away, but I mean that's why the season is cools. Having logic and Allah back, I mean it's all the cliche to say that his impact is not his impact that there's more going on there, that he's a coach of the bench and he's almost, I think, in a unique and be a role in that respect, because on teams, you do have veterans and supposed to guide these players, but audrey specifically is like the player coach of the bench of the second unit, and so that's just an unusual kind, thing that he carved out for himself it yet. Another reason why this revived warriors team is a fun one watch this from my projection my green. Is such a unique player not just today, but like ever like
he's never really seen a guy like him who he is six with seven six with a guy who is the most dominant defensive player in Nba he's this could be great. Nectar for the greatest shooter ever their unlocks. So much of what the warriors wanna do want I would like to use my leg What makes jury monetary mind like what makes him so it's a girl to what makes this team tick wow I mean. That's, that's a big question. I mean there's an element of just in g of just a mile into energy always loved earliest created wrench, the ball away with two ads and that disruptive this but it's also with this preternatural. Intelligence when he plays, I Guessing you saw the recent thing you did adores burke, where he was explaining decision making on defense- and I love the way
frames it I love the way he talks about it. Peace defences just so different from off ants and he's really all about playing probabilities he's not always presented it like. I mean this decision, because this would shut it down its. I had it do this, because it sixty five percent. This way, thirty five realized tat way. He needs not, unlike she daddy the way that he would talk about it and that famous article by louis in new york times about how he was the no stats, all star except shame. Batty, just couldn't force turnovers lay drain. I can- and I feel like dream on rule in the league- is a little bit underrated, I mean there's, there's always been switching, that's that's always been a thing and of the things that almost came back and fashion they re. So the story for people who don't know the warriors they ve got there. Twenty fourteen twenty fifteen team there about to figure out their strategy wrong. Adams assisting coach at the time who had been cochin literally since the sixties and a mite
early sixties, white guy he said you know, I think we can be a good red team and with that man, his code because there's differ vernacular lingo in the nba, switching team and people going, I think, there's a guy. I think we can pretty much which everything and so it's funny that switching everything became, seeing as the warriors were doing it with dream on as the centre piece in that, where there are We have six for sixty six foot, seven guys that versatility. It was seen this new fangled thing, but it was really pushed the oldest guy, because he had been doing it when he called back in fresno. In this it's nice and so was getting use. The nba level and to greater. Act and so the warriors really revolutionise basketball. I think staff curry andrei mom revolutionise in their own ways and in some ways I think that raymond's in is more so than staff speed as deaths impact people talk it up, but I don't
really see too many people able to do it. Staff does am replicating at verses there. Guys you're in that sixty seven six foot six range, ban. For instance, in a dream out its centre rule, I I think that that was a huge, huge asp. Two, how defence change in the nba and gain from dream on- and I know that when he I call himself the best defensive player when maybe ever people get backs up and they say I mean stature of a guy like a keen lodge want people are going to invoke that nets can assembled argument under, I don't know I come down on that. I didn't watch every era, but a think for this era he's the most important events: a player, yeah, I'm sorry like the other day, I'm watching them, play the sons and the the warriors come out with dream on guarding Chris Paul at the point of attack in order to preempt empt pick and roll action
We like we got no problems which is actually cause yesterday. My greek and guard dietary eaten Secondly, that this is a in an insane weapon in tat, right like to be able to deploy your defeat. Those centre, slash ass, we defender on to one of the greatest point guards anchors of the game ever and it's just like yeah. This is how we're going to guard this team. If we do know it, it's defences which hearted measure as far as the impact stuffed in offence right, so we're never gonna get the concrete stats about and not just dream on, guard but dream on does individually the ways quarter backing the defence and again, where he's one barkie. Now all your physically move geyser, they need to go. You you'll shut ill gently shove staff in that action. He needs to go. It is like that it is that linebacker cliche, but he is, he is
guy in the defence and of your into defence. I think it's wonderful, the watch as a quick digression, though I'm really india's speed of Chris Paul. If you have a kid If you want them to learn how to play basketball, Chris Paul, great videos on youtube. He does the summer basketball camps annually There are life lessons their speeches, and I was thinking about it because I sing in about having watch dream on rip chris- occasion steal the ball supposing that against Chris Paul teaching lessons on how to be completely confidante dribbling and how know everybody knows not to take the ball from me or try to. Dream on as one of the fuse who's gonna, try it and let us be successful young asher, is going to learn how to dribble from Paul fall. I love that idea by the way, mom we got foreigners into these podcast. We do that What about the stuff of it all, because, obviously, as this incredibly special weak and new yorkers
because I'm close to people like you and markets- and I remember when the this thing like It was a time when he wasn't. You know the pope, with god gather, are the whatever euphemism. You want to use of the warriors right like he was kind of just another sort of guy. If they invested in men when they gave him forty million dollars over four years. You might have overpaid for this dude, because ankles don't work and even that Ty lawson money I mean I dunno yeah. Well, I don't know if we should be paying as much as ty lawson right and you know even after the championship. There was this sense when steps like, to a million dollar carjack was coming up boys like legal feels like staff is solely responsible for everything. That's ever happen, positive for this team and all tat I feel like we ve crossed the rubicon there's stuff is just a maid guy off their yeah. Oh yeah, definitely a mean, There are still people who, at some level, don't buy it or he just visually doesn't look like,
dominance. I suppose, but at this point is really waded out and it's fun. Have him back as a guy people are talking about it at the top of the nba. It's been a little bit of a time a ways we are saddened by yeah he's he's guy in a way that we don't have a lot of instead we don't have a lot of guys who gonna spend all of their relevant career with a franchise you're gonna hop around and in every sport. It seems at me now Tom Brady's, playing for the Tampa day. Buccaneers half of your staff, maybe he'll, be blamed for the word. It's in the you sure I don't know but yeah, I think the bay area he's just incredibly popular as high approval, as you can have, and I think, think he's been the same guy through the whole time and I'm sure Marcus could expand on this. I think anybody becomes in Thirdly, famous developed harder edges, and yet they might start out wide eyed and they get it but more cynical and they get
that more better and I do think staff is a bit more of a sarcastic to end, then than meets the eye for the public, but I think he has maintained being a good guy. And it's easy to scoff at that or think it's just mythmaking. And draw a line to the customer. But I do think stuff is a good guy and I do think that it's part of not just his appeal, but his success. Not not everybody can lead in the same way. Michael Jordan could be vicious and be a leader. It worked for. The kind of guy he was, but as a guard as somebody who is sometimes the least physically imposing guy in the team. I think staff does bennett it from being this giver of joy in confidence in. So it's really it's really what to see I've like, I said, I'm just enjoying it like a normal fan drinking too. You beers and watching the show and it's nice given,
It's happened for people in the bay area. Did just pack some to be happy about and isn't it great to not have to get yelled at by dre, monitor more or have Kevin durant's a guy named Ethan strauss. It's all opinion, he'll, even talk to me great to just be rid of that part of the business. Oh man, I mean that's a whole other rigmarole. I think dre mons only yelled at me, maybe twice you know a great credit to him. I hey, I mean not that anybody should care. I thought he handled some of the cred. All things I rode pretty well and in a cordial way and in a professional way in it, something that its on that, appreciated, Katie, Katie's off doing his own thing. I I wish The best is well right. It's I don't think. That's funny, I don't think that their bad guys just think it's it's a game to which your saint, it's the circumstance right. It's this idea of
guys really mad at me, but I he hates me or not. It almost doesn't matter he just hates what I'm doing and what I'm doing something. Maybe I have to do and so the conversations can sometimes shift after it's after it's all over harrison barnes, for instance, didn't like to talk me very much visa, some of the things I wrote, but then afterwards, she comes through chase center and it's all smiles because it's just it was very circumstantial. It was personal? It was, business and I think that's true of whatever I was doing. Hopefully, in I think it's true of them yelling at me as well about her what's being set at the time, but to what you're asking yes, I do enjoy getting a break from all of that. It can be pretty and tat, but did we clear To be sure, I don't know It's like now, I mean that's one of the reasons I backed out in a sort of one of my own site. You might
better than I do. I don't know what it's like to cover an mba game. I are you: do you show up in a hazmat suit? That is, I haven't, been the staples this entire season because it was just like during the playoffs anyway, it was like no access. Gains around zoom like them said the media room was even close up. My I can't even get soft serve was the point of being at these games. If I can't do like, I literally kid do anything, you can't talk to anybody like this. You know this sixty seventy percent of the point of being at an mba game is far our job is to talk to people talk to the relevant points where they be managed. If people, whether it be players, whether it be players, people write like the people closest to the player, like all of that shit is completely cut off, but I think they've relaxed a lot of that at staples anyway, but I think the most game is still on zoom press or from what I've heard you can mill about on the core
like so but you gotta, be wearing the mask him. I think at least attitude, only I'm, I'm pro vaccine anti mask. Look. I don't know anything statistically about with them ass. I know it you don't like. I don't like where that's all I know is going to join zags inside mass. That's reacts to death as far as has headline far as how orient my life. I'm not tell anybody anything on what the statistics are given that I'm using I have chosen a lifestyle. Where I put on a mask less so, or that includes an avoidance of going down there and trying to make conversation with agents and assistant coaches as I'm fogging up my glasses. I don't want it. I don't want any part of me. God bless the people who can do it if you can exude some charisma while wearing that as a trick. I would like somebody to show me how to do it, because I do not know how to do it. I I feel you know what I feel like it's like when you got too high in high school.
College and you're thinking. You know too that joke I made that did they laugh at that meeting. I was joking that come through it is one of the myriad of reasons. Why never became a weed guy? Every time a guy, I just felt stupid, affiliated criminal saying was stupid why? Why would immediate? Even man listen. I briefly the time that you gave us today. I won't people, stand that they need to go subscribes to the house of straw, some stag, not because either my may, but because, like These women say shit about our business, our industry, about the culture of what we do in a way that so much more honest, then nine out of ten to shit that you're gonna red anywhere in this, this business and I think the honesty the candor misread eat the breath Ethan's experience plus he's a fucking. More dude. You need to be second, that shit out. Thank you
if we come in on ease and tell the people would have argue houses. Strauss, dot, sub stacked outcome thinks that was a very kind plugging was I cant do any better than that, but yes, come one come all give for the holidays. It's the ultimate gift. You know you can procrastinate interview clicks away, so there you go Yes, sir, I will see you guys next week on big was discharged, rowdy, a piece, the.
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