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Instant Replay: Anthony Davis busts his bum, Blake Griffin is no longer the bee’s knees, and more changes to the NBA (03:17).

The Main Event: Dwight Howard gets a contract guarantee, and making the dunk contest amazing again (22:28).

Good Call/Bad Call: Can you party too hard in Miami, Dramatic Apologies, Throwing Shade to Load Management. (31:33).

Host: John Gonzalez

Guests: Haley O’Shaughnessy, Dan Devine

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Hey it's us kelly and welcome to the ringer podcast network. When you know events, carter and anythin burg is back in full swing for its second season ketchup unreal episode to guess, like white gloves John who talks about the krona, haiti hip hop as a teacher and performing with a goat, and you can hear from tennessee now cook off unbeaten venus Williams. Had fifteen years old, you can listen to any net on apple spotify or wherever you get your pod you jack, I'm your host young adults join thy another week once again by my producer, Steve allman, hello body, I haven't seen you in a minute he check was off than we had the new
year, Isaac was in for you, as we like to call new steve was in for you And then also now, this the ones they attract the counter again normally on Monday, we flip flogged with another part s run a wednesday, so it's better! Second, through it's been waiting. Long with this a wednesday now we're like far into this new year. Now it's it's. It's insane p a week's it's been years into this, yeah. So I was the reason why we flip that is. I was back in philly for this past wildcard weekend eagles game where my wife hosted a wonderful event in our favorite bar, which went swimmingly and then the eagles fell apart. But here we are that's, ok, it was worth the trap and will return to them the regular schedule. Next week. but I want to say to you in the listeners happy new year, thanks for lessening a reminder to please rate and reviewing don't forget about all the great
and be content on the river com. Dan divine has a story about the eleven teams that could be looking to sell at the deadline. Anti double dipped he's got one on the funders rebuild, hitting the sweet spot. They just beat the nets on tuesday night nets are reeling we're gonna get into that a little bit later in the show. Paleo shaughnessy has assumed about the guide to the western conference logjam in the race for the eighth seed out west. That's a fun one, don't miss that and of course, John has been charged always doing good work. He has one about the big question emphasis on big surrounding zion's, imminent eminent return coming up later in the shovel discussed, white, howard and dont contest, and why Hayley hates fun, but first, let's reviewed latest news from around the league and bring in our regular contributors annandale no, I would have amazing studio what is way across the country and our and why c h, cutesy check coast to coast with alien dan Wang. We are ah
gain anxious and thomson. It's what are and also dan divine cleanly shaven yeah, like skype, definitely a choice and not a mistake with setting on the tremor legislate, go with me, leaning into a new year type situation. I've done that yeah. One time I went and was driven up the old eyebrows, because I've got Peter Gallagher, size, eyebrow, shots to Peter Gallagher in the usa and took out a shown so that didn't go well at all and everybody should be careful what the tremor settings review some headlines from around the league with nba into reply, art, eighty and the lakers. They crush the knicks on choose but Anthony Davis fell hard on his tail. According to what athletics, arms charney. The mri came back clean, but he a gloody s, maximus contusion, otherwise known as a bot, bruise Hayley. What kind of concern first to travel with the team for the upcoming dallas and ok see double dip road trip, but-
he has had injury issues in the past. It sounds like this. One will be ok, but a time you see him go boom, you gotta be a little nervous. No, I mean, I think, that a glorious, Maxineff contusion is something easy to recover from by it could have been much worse. by what that being said, the lakers are in great positioning right now. I see no reason to not let him fully he'll there's no reason to rush him backs. I really actually dont think that their it. This is a major reason to worry dan on your level of concern and as our resident dwight howard, aficionado and fan your excited for the increase in playing time coming. His way. yeah. I read, although I will note we ve sort of that part of the divide. Howard renaissance here has been that we ve had a limited exposure to divide howard, so did the more it grows the day the greater the danger grows with it. So I think there is some reason to be concerned there without with Hayley. I think that the main thing here we talk with us before the lakers have been great, obviously, with both Leubronn and anthony. They was on the floor at the same time
They ve been similarly great with the on and Davis off the issues they ve had our more when the bronze off the floor. So I think for a short stint I guess I'd get Davis some rest and get him back into full health. This should be a smooth sailing for them and so I would have just if this leads to overlying on the broncho early, which we talked about before that load management question, but I think for a short stay here, discretions a better part of AL afraid. I think you're you're correct that as our exposure to dwight howard increases are affection for it decreases. Those are inversely proportional we're gonna get to that later on in the main event has hayley has a lot to get off my chest, but I think that this brings on the constant conversation around the lakers about their depth and whether or not this team, despite the fact that they're playing really well. I've been all season long and you know, tops in the west conference second only to the box in terms of record in the entire and be whether or not they need more- and this is something that has been sort of china
about an mba circles, the athletic and the sacramento- be both reported was the exact same language, which has been very interesting. Whenever I see almost the exacting language for two different media outlets points me in the direction of a this a similar source, but in this particular instance, both of them reported that the kings not interested in the rumoured kyle coups. For bogdan bogged, of its swap, and both outlets said they value the kings value bogdan, obliges versatility and they are comfortable having the right to match in restricted free agents this summer. But I ask you: do the lakers, need to make a trade yeah, it's necessary to look ahead and anticipate what issues might come down the road when the team is tired in the latter half of the seas and if you think about their starting line up and guys off the bench, their run by order players in injury prone players and what they need all along is a guard and that's the hasn't changed its just been that leubronn is capable of so many things. Unfortunately, the guard market for exactly what they need is pretty small
Swine. So we ve heard a lot about, may be cow coups, Madame being the guy that they want to move. Now he may two million dollars. The season he's out three point: six million next season, which complicates things because that means I can't take back. Ton of money. Now, if you started, asking some of these other contracts like democracy, cousins. Cook who essentially on expiring that would work I too, like eight and a half you could take back a hundred and seventy four percent of what you send out. So that could means that could bring back, maybe thirteen and a half. But if you start out multiple pliers like say three, here's the receiving team. We need to create room by either sending more players back which sorted defeats the purpose here or waving somebody or working with thirteen. So there's all these different kind of complicated factors, but my guess we'll just try to simplify this for conversation purposes is, who's, the guy to move to the does. He have a long term future with them. What? If what you know he didn't even start, season with them. He doesn't play much defensive
not scoring he's not adding a lot of value like what are you getting from kyle cosmo, whether you keep him a move em. What? First I have to give you shut up for that one hundred, seventy five percent of what you take out what you said I was coming back. You can't spell ganz without c b, a fake. You said I was pretty impressive. I really enjoyed that yeah I accuse may is its less that he's the peace that they would like. One to move and more colleague, the last bullet left in the gun. You know they sent out all of their young rookie scale, kind of assets and valuable pieces in the everyday trade which obviously well we're tattler gangbusters, but to christmas sort of like the lasting, you can flip into something. Else financially. It is the big question of what you can get back. That's in that sell your age, but I think the bigger question too, for four coups milk, the guy you can create his own shop and in place here we see that a series go on and on. If you can't do something on off and you can't stay on the floor, you can't defend. You can send the floor either, which is kind of a tough line to walk, but the idea that you might
once you have another shot. Creator makes some sense to me that a second unit, you know the initial. it or somebody that can they can. This gets him. What some points go in a hurry, but that the question of what is highly pointed like what they would once in that role, what the last piece of their puzzle that what they view it as is fascinating me, because if they decided to play making guard, maybe you try to move that to Detroit like Derek rose right. If you decide its defence wing defenders, somebody who can go up against Paul Georgian collated and series maybe used our continent and see if you can move that salary range in for Covington. You know that they, the of or if, if this you know, if you say we want to build the whole plain, guys they can shoot a bomb threes off the passes it. Maybe you keep no knocking on sacrament s door about by going to which I had the idea of what they think they need is. I think one of the more fascinating questions but look at that, don't know that they need need anything but what they see as a problem. It is sort of a big big, an interesting puzzle box again also aiming as you mentioned, you know it's
one thing to say: okay, we need something we're going to send me out, but kozma by himself to me doesn't feel like you're going to get a ton for him. As I mentioned that complicated salary things and then, as you mentioned, that the lottery picks they don't really have any to offer because I once owns their entire draft from now until the end of time, so that's gonna that make things harder for them and then also maybe the return that they get back if they decided to go that way, wouldn't yield, maybe as much as they would otherwise hope in a similarly difficult spot, although for much different reasons in terms of what they might do with their friends as the detroit peasants wholly Hell. I dark days in detroit shams again reported that blake griffin, underwear, surgery on his left me in and will undergo extended rehab. He is out indefinitely we presume. This means he will not play again. This season play just eighteen games, so the worst numbers of his career he's Seventy five point: eight million dollars over the next two seasons I mean
God, the persons are in a in a bad spot, he'll be thirty one march blake griffin. Let's just start with this. How bad was that trade? Ok, so I would like to give an update just so we can see currently for what they got. exactly what the clippers got. So, ultimately, trading by griffin got the clippers shy doors alexander, which was part of the trade for Paul george Landry, you back, wasn't jailer green and gary temple, who are all uninspiring. Twenty twenty four ashram pick from Philly, which they flipped last year for the twenty seventh over I'll pick two draft cabin get cabin golly, but amateur that account isn't this weighs haven't over I'll pick two jeff cabin galley to second round picks and on twenty one and twenty two and three which they still have and twenty twenty one. First, pick from miami which is also part of the pall, george trade, so they paul joy Landry sham it zoo back again, eager who I dont know will see. Maybe two saigon pigs picks and a ton of catches. The peasants have blake griffins
yeah, the peasants have the office, a dam which, like I look at them, and this is this- is stopped, and I know a couple people over there and one nice things for the persons. I think it's gonna be difficult, though The owner tumblr said that is open to new directions. Yeah no shit, I would hope so they ve got Andre Drummond. Who is one thousand percent opting out this summer, which means that their proper going to try to move in with a deadline of the problem. Here is one what is actually Andre german is a good stats, bad teen guy, as you like, I slightly better version of a son white side. What could you get back from him Surely because teams know that he's probably going to walk so like what are you? What are you gonna get there and then also in this, way that we were saying that the layers are sort of handicapped and what they can maneuver the peasants have a ton of cap space. They don't have like this cash so they can go in and build upon and you know hopefully build through the draft. and then they dont have a single player. Who is a young player that they absolutely no will be a star?
bring forward how bleak, as this. not gray guns you I fit, but I think you're right, you're right to note with the andrea drumming question, both the fact that he's, probably a rental or your trading in to apply a team. That's gonna, try to go to the greek state will resign him the summer you're, probably not like refilling the coffers off of that. That's it and expiring salary and may be like a protected future first or something like that. The returns not gonna be great. That kind of doesn't matter because you just have to start getting returns like, bigger anything. That's not under twenty foreign and hell mailed down to the court at little caesar's arena has to be on its way out for something that you can then build into something else. The bummer here is. I still like I get why detroit did what it it was to the stand and gandhi era they were like. It is not just stand for see this job and also detroit net,
we're getting a guy even as good as of injured and older blake griffin. They had to try something it look. I get busy live in or get busy dying kind of think the upside of it was last year, blake written the legitimate all nba player and you make the playoffs again. The downside of it is the The all of the risk of the needs in the injury stuff comes to ruth and now you're left cannon where, but you are sort of nowhere already. So at least you tried something, and now you, sir you it's going to be a take a while, but you kind of have to try shit. You know will end but My one concern is that previously they had tried shed and then screwed it up as well, because they stone samuel, Johnson and Henry Allison. They took lucan on one pick ahead. your guide on mitchell and big they actually they got. They landed on Chris Middleton and spencer dinwiddie and then upon khris, middleton and spencer dinwiddie. So I worry about how what will happen if they do try shit and then actually, you know screw it up anyway, but good news for them.
They beat the cavaliers on tuesday, her a forbidden clue things, not going so well in cleveland, either Imagine they lost to the pistons Kevin love. Kevin love threw a temper tantrum, and then apologize without his temper tantrum. He said that he was, he wasn't, acting, the thirty one year old. He was acting like a thirteen year old. He told the media that I fucked up. I showed my actions on a national level that was childish of me, and this is the interesting part now go to you here first and I don't care if I'm here for five months or for five years, eggs, I'm going to try to do my best by the guys and by the coaching staff he clearly wants out, then do you understand his frustration because, on the one hand, he took all their money, but on the other hand I it's fair to say that he probably didn't think it would get this bad yeah. I five how myself laughing at that, your father it's five weeks or five months, but definitely not for years. Definitely not the remainder of this contract, no doubt about it, which, by them I want to stop you request. Therein.
As the robin terms of moving him. You mentioned the remainder of his contract after this year. He is a thirty one. Point two million thirty one wait, two million and then twenty eight point nine in the final season. That is a tough contract to move, but god it's clean, in value as it goes along and makes them basically a positive ass it when you know you think about a year to be great, so our self songs you not within fast that somebody cause he's pissed off here. I think that the he did he did what he knew. The argued secure, the back any figure. Everything else alice out later that basically the idea with Heaven love there. The calves Saying we need something that keeps us basically theoretically relevant after leubronn leaves in actual and be a basketball player, who is a grown up to keep the stick and then maybe a star they do that with Kevin love. They also locked in a price point thinking if he stays healthy, he's tradable because You know, there's gotta be eczema start and there on the market, yadda yadda yadda. I think Kevin love probably figured that it was going to be we,
try to stay competitive held their signing me. We're still gonna try to stay competitive, and then in the short term. Thereafter, it's like oh, no, actually were turning everything over to a dorm room and that's gonna be sort of a problem for me. So we he bears Responsibility for not may be seen this coming or seeing understand. This was gonna, be part of the process but I believe the cows probably bear off a fair amount of it. You for saying like no, no, you were going to be good, don't worry about it, we're going to build around you and then, when everything falls apart, you wind up with some disgruntled parties on both sides. We sometimes you gotta, speak up squeaky. We'll gets the grace I understand his frustration here. Where are you on Kevin, loves, outburst and then the apology tour, I'm always on this. The players, because organizations are never fair and they're just people. They should be happy. However, I think it sure thing that ten days ago, dwayne dead men told the king said he told the media sorry that he wants a trade. Any later got fine, fifty thousand dollars. The Kevin love can say. Yesterday quote
I know I can get a lot better and that can't go on here, but he will not be fined he's Kevin love. Maybe they give him a little leeway because he has still stuck in cleveland, although he he's making many millions of dollars, so that would probably have but a gate any pain their. I last one I want to move on. I guess entire headlines is just going to be all sorts of dark. We've gone through we have one detroit and now the brooklyn nets they lost again on tuesday, they fell to the oklahoma city, thunder seven game losing streak, eight of nine spencer, ditty dinwiddie, MR free technical, free, thorough towards the end of regulation and a floater. They go current irving, no closer returnees at a shoulder injury, no shoulder surgery. For now, but it's not off the table. He took a quarter zone shot christmas eve, he'll, be reevaluated in a month or two. He only feels pain and when he left his right, shoulder to shoot, so I would you just shut him down. I mean like. I know that the nets had high higher hopes. Then this for the seas
but ultimately it still about waiting until katy comes back next year yet and that that's been sorted out. In all season. Long right, I'd also like to note for the record that I wrote about the nets in five was interesting teams like two weeks ago and then, since I think they have not want to get the ringer curse alive and well in its various forms. I think everybody knew this was a placeholder year, but the aid to the hope was it you would sort of develop some things along the way that can be a value when you get Kevin durrant backing you can see, with team, really looks like the injuries to carry irving and cares Laverne, who just came back last night as well kind of imp impeded that so I think If there's a question at all about whether kyrie coming back this year could harm long term vanilla viability of his service, health or whatever than I think, you're shutting down punt. It was you where we go from here, but you. You still want to see what liver it looks like alongside irving, sharing the ball, what a three headed monster with them and did many looks like over a longer period of time how they defend that all that kind of stuff
those things still will matter when you get to pluck Heaven to in, but its ultimately like this might make the decision for them highly. As we record this brooklyn nets are clinging to the aid seat in the eastern conference. They are two and a half games up on the charlotte hornets. There are half game of their lando magic for the seven seas, but there's a path if they really want to do like go hard right. tag into it, which way you go tag reply. I would honestly I would play because the guy, those who are there- and I will be there next year and cares Laverne his back- he was injured last year- is arrogant. Entered this year. Give him a chance to you know, grows and so did when he I have not given up on at all. I think that you know yesterday's a normal struggle for someone of his caliber, always had a really good here. He's had a really good. You are your own island. He has ever tell yet let them ground imply yeah kill their dian tanking and getting draft
in a long enough. Haley is about empowering people, except for one specific person who we will get you in just a second, and that was envy a instant replay before we go to the main event, a quick break for a word from our sponsors january here, and that means january sports are here and avail divisional round is kicking off. The college football national championship is set in the nba is getting into full swain if you're as excited as I am about the best sports month of the year then you want to make sure you enjoy all the action on fan. Dual sports book vandals ports, but america's number one online sports work for a reason they got all the bet you could one. I've got a great easy to use up new promotions every day and once you, when they get you your cash fast and if you ve been holding out on trying vandal sports book than now's the time, because right now and all sports book is giving new users there first that risk free. That means you can place,
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I we mentioned Dwight howard at the top of the show, it's time to get into a little bit more dwight howard. Let's go to the main event I saw on tuesday, along with a whole bunch of other players. In the n b, a who didn't get wave, Dwight howard's contract became guaranteed. He'll make the the veteran minimum of two point: five: six million dollars and more notably for our purposes right here- have been the dunk just for the fun first time since two thousand and nine hayley is already shaking your. How to me, howard is thirty or years old hayley. One Happened immediately, took to the old twitter machine firing. following this of the don't contest is the only good thing about all star weakened by the way we're gonna get into that and they're going to. There are thirty, four year old, Dwight howard back in there. I hope jaw moran uses him as a prop for fuck's sake,
I have a lot of things to unpack in this, including your hatred of the olds, but we'll get to that in a second. You just go just go and tell me why you don't like that: okay, a couple of things to prove like as precursors and ages, relat relative in the mba, true ages We're relatives I'm not calling for, like four years old, I like to believe that it's relative in life as well just think more broadly yeah, just just if we were going to pay him back for a second, it's just a numbers, and second, I feel the need to say that his redemption story doesn't feel so heartwarming to me personally, because it is transphobic comments. Last season, however, that now I am opposed to him in the dutch contest. This is a sentimental thing do you remember the last time someone his weight was in the dung contest. It was twenty seventeen. It was the Andre Jordan and after his very first dunk in the first round here, Nothing else to do he looked embarrassed. He looked like. When a b there you, if they wanted to be over, give it to some and who can do some cool shit kid these days?
like all themselves, much as old as you know, they can pull themselves up. Flip sideways, flip, friggin upside down through the hoop they're doing crazy shit that dwight howard will never be able to do save. Sentimental stuff for, like a half time ceremony, saw of these things are incredible and you bring up some very interesting points, our counterpoint and also to my fellow old, let less old but older than hayley god, that's ok. I want you to just be at my age group here, you're closer looking at kind of split the difference between the two of us but Hayley said by thirty four she'll be off the grid, raising alpaca, thus on twitter, and I look or to that day and I'll buy some of your all pack, a fur, but I think counter, We too, this is that give me all the old stand divine. I want an ugly old all star weekend, where it's just like vince
thence carter and dwight howard and Kyle corver mellow Get mellow out there like setting up you can get his creaky ass on the court, gimme all the oats. I mean that would really destroy the sanctity of a competition that, in recent years, has been dominated by people like Hama, duty, yellow and going in the third year had other people. You probably forgot one, the Dun contest yeah I mean, but there are moments where it is cool and that there are things that are combat. Obviously, we remember fondly this act levine and iron, gordon dual, we remember donut, Mitchell had had some moments a couple years ago. I'm sure he'll yet remembers that fondly. I shall but there's also should little Jeremy evans jumping over a picture and stuff. You know like. I don't know that we need we're doing stunt dumping, but do stunt thinking with jealousy. I want to see Kyle Kaliko cock back that thing you see what you can do with it like that it's it seems like at least worth counter programming angle. If nothing else, although I will say miss mild, might like hedge, where I feel like the Dun contest is
better when you're watching it in person, then it is on tv. Sometimes- and I know it's about the very privileged thing to able to say to get to cover it, but when you're watching guys fly you're like oh, that's, fucking, rad, that's really cool it back. I can do that, even if you didn't make it it's a cool thing and on tv boots and that's a little that is something it lost in translation. Yes, so this is the people I mean. I like your idea about stunt dumping, will just like roll out to tie. I'll tramplings and have somebody catapult offer that thing there gilbert innocent there used to like do in that kind of stuff. Italy did. I feel I also like other stuff that what was I was that sport that they had for like a half a second are now am I am ball? Yes, we'll do say about on competition, but to haley's point about the dung contests. Is the only good thing about all star. We can. I went to interrogate that for a second. Is that right? Is that, like There are other things that I think are semi interested like the three point contest luca and try were invited to the three point contest I'm interested in that the skills petition semi interesting the rise
stars game wherever the fuck? It's called now kind of sort of mass. My interest, you tell you love it by based on you saying, whatever the fuck you I don't know you really love it were committed to it. I don't know what it is. I'd also like getting too Kevin hard and michael report in a celeb game, sovereign again, something interesting, so so do you really believe, or was it just a twitter? Take that the don contest the only go part. I give a shit about Kevin heart. while women old, what a little data are not coordinated to, you would find new eyes quivered don t. I mean the share that three point contests is interesting to see where people are against each other. I will say: staff didn't we his brother last share, but he did beat him overall and better three point percentage to finish out the season, so is it super accurate is? Are they the bathroom in sooner, I don't know, there's no defenders if we're here
it's about ethics in shooting journalism here she all she really wants is tat. Is I wouldn't know who is the best dunker and who is the best free point shooter? So if you want us, isn't it fuck it? Who cares If it's not unilateral, George hill this year, I guess who cares forget it. I think I don't know. I think haley's right too, to two point. Three point: kindness, I think that's become like the more marcie events over the last few years. I don't know that. Really I mean that any of it is like so overwhelmingly worth you know canonized, the days where it was dominique and my jordan, and you know like that that the heyday of that thing, vinci's, tat, two thousand unconscious- is preserved and amber. you're. Never touching that again. So, like do something weird, if it meant debate, how would you know what you'd go up? I don't care if you bring the cape out, I don't care if you don't give a pleasing to the phone with that took a long time like go up and slept sticker on the back. We'll go do something we may call call it back. Forest focus taken,
Joseph one of gerald greens, dunks global order. Cupcake up there like lead to labour, where everything is a reboot noddies anyway, why not give it a shot lets you have to wait how we can bring some sparked back to so this is my. This is kind of my underlying point here that I don't think we can bring some spark back to it. I think that done contest is prey well cooked and has been for a while, with the exception of you, know the zack levine annette. Gordon like momentarily revitalizing. It sir Then my idea is go the other way, and we hard into how awful this could be with Dwight howard. I mean I don't expect it to be good. In fact, I expect to be bad and we should like it, we should observe Would that irony we should embrace it. We should wean into a yeah take out the cape, be bad at this, like a bad dunk A test could be good now, you're funny how easy it is to give up on people doing the coolest thing besides chase che soundbites in the nba. This is the greatest display of athleticism absolutely not also. If you wanted to be fun again
telling me that you'd rather have dwight howard doing the same We ve already seen, except for much less springy. young guy, who has way more athleticism fulfilling this is spoken like a story a person who has not yet raising our packages and often for those of us who are post thirty, four like doing anything I've. What it really is an incredible feel like the door. The dwight can do that at thirty four, is mind: boggling limited fence carter- and I mention this on the show before, where the same age he's a month and a half older than me that he still they're playing in the nba is incredible that he can dunk is mine blowing to me for run the other day. I got half way out there. I thought I had a call colleen to pick me up, because my body I started to hurt. So that's why seeing old people do shit like that is impressive to me, even if it is the much
version of what they did when they were young. I actually would approve of and thats a completely different densely incredible vents come do the don contest. One note just took to put it, but not it from Dave. Mc mademoiselle, vs, p, m last night, said to one howard, threesome kryptonite on any ideas, he'd be making a superman returns to the dunk contest in chicago next month. Quote. I don't know where you guys are getting this information from. I never said I was doing the dunk contest. You protest too much. Do I I don't want to tell you the modem, but the more he winds up going like no guys aren't you talking about, I'm not doing it and then it's a surprise. I m doing it we're locked away. one you're right. I think he doth protest too much and too really wish. We had that information before we did an entire saying that guy's he's he's running, don't worry about it here, erotic! That's he check for you, that's the main event for you. Let's go to our Every segment good call badcock want a call here gc bc, so do anyway he's retired.
We all knew that and the miami he really want to reinforce that in our brains. They're gonna retire his jersey and give him quite the send off in february a threat day weekend of retirement festivities for doing what which feels like a hell of a lot. I think you could I mean, like kobe, when cold, retired they put out coolby land palo covered this for us for the ringer there were like it was like a fair that they did outside of staple center, but get three days. You got one day, so called he's, gonna be pest about them, so gc bc, helio shaughnessy to them. I m He giving Dwayne waited an entire week, end of retirement god wait. I've been living the life since he retired, and I think this is just the continuation of that the longer a party always the better. This is a good call, dandified the longer the party, the worse, the over the other part of that out- and I feel like this is like by the end of it. You certainly, and also the longer the part anymore you're like a cat. These can just fuckin leave. I want to clean up and go to bed, so
that may balikh sunday afternoon, that's gonna, be the vibe in miami about about doing way. I am stand the idea of he's bent you ve meant so much to the franchise, it's his city, etc. Three days is a lot of time. Stop at anybody. So I'm going to go with that cuz. I like this old man. I want to just go home and go to bed. Take that's fantastic and very own bread, steve three with the the old I'm not of that law of a party that snows miami shit. I've ever heard it is my anyhow, you look. That's a fair point. That's a fair point, though it's a very miami thing. It's in there. They ve got all kinds of fun club drugs that they could do that weekend. I'm sure that the way up the entire time, I personally I'm always. On the one hand I am torn here, I'm torn between might have possession of yeah I like to go to bed early to get off my law. On the other hand, I love a weird scene. I pretty much made entire career out of chronicling, weird scenes and gonna, be weird seen that's easy for me It's gotta dame willard here
that I throw shade load management tool, bleacher report- I don't play pick up all summer- that's where guys could start what their load management. Helio shaughnessy, does dame will have a point. Good color, bad call on just skip all of your summer league for the love of the game, work out and do your look At a time when the offices athletes are different people at different bodies, indifferent injury histories who are different ages, you can't tell someone what's best for them to prepare for a season. This is a bad colleagues should be more considerate, that others are different, that I'm dandy. Load, managing the off season, a good call, if you listen, if I could away with like not simulating writing for three months. That would be fuckin amazing. That any super great I would spend like my gina my july, my august september, just like I don't know pretending to like type no working on my game by like not actually getting out there that be fantastic. Imagine how
your fingers, obey they'd, be amazing, stephen, I'm all about organization, so I would say good call yeah behind what they need to take a little time off in the summer. Gc. Let's go to my man, brett brown. I was home which The reason why the package is now on a wednesday this week, instead of on Monday, was home this weekend and while I was there, not only did the eagles lose, the six has lost a bunch again. At? All, I heard was how awful brought brown was from from philadelphia and the wrong about that, but a brown leading into this red brown taking the heat for Ben Timmins, who hasn't shot a three in quite some time, and I gave this court evidently I have failed that summit. That we're all mindful of- and this is one of These things there is never gonna go away. Attention this is received is remarkable. I guess I helped fuel it hell, shaughnessy, juicy or bc on Brett brown falling on the sword on behalf of Ben seventy this is so dramatic. This is one of the things that's never gonna go away. really only issued a three just yank
like one gave use, ensure three has been summoned, all my god, you think about it could go why, even if only because you didn't shoot a thrilling, do sound like this, do something dramatic. This is so dramatic you're telling me that he couldn't just break couldn't just do then they dramatic as job is already like perpetually on hussy when used. For it I mean come on just like this, a fierce I failed. Ok, then do something else. I love drama. I love a little catholic guild physical got had you should move before A you'd be perfectly happy, and I were the hell. Is that I. This is too dramatic, so let's put out a fire with gasoline. That's the way to to to make this all work. Ben Simmons gets pulled, and I think this. Is a good call for his breath, He has the idea the the he's been sort. in the slings and arrows for everybody in the franchise for this long. That gets, if part of his identity, as somebody who is pet sorry and apologizing to everybody and always pretty sure, I'm in everybody's way. I feel that I really understood
yeah so eyes like about, but my concern is that by the end of this, all bread is going to be like some scrunched into a corner on the train like I do, but I think the idea of saying, like I'm gonna, take all the heat, so these guys go do whatever they need to do. Is there any idea? Also fuckin everybody shut up about that, seventy to so many other things really really great. Let's focus on that for like five seconds. Maybe yeah also just to point this out catholic guilt. That's his thing, don't you stick again, refining that my bare stand divides bet civil man, I'd, say BC only because Hayley was not the publicists that organised a more dramatic apology, so that would have been that would have been way better. I'm also raise. I am also a b c here. I lubber brown is as stated time at all again on the show, and I hate how much she has to take in perpetuity. that organization. Everybody we bread alone is amazing. I tat was good, call bad call I was he'd check. I want to thank steve almond and divine haley o'shaughnessy and all of you for listening, please rate and review us read all of our
and on the ringer dot com. Listen to the NBA show on the her podcast network. He check will be back next week. In its regular monday slot enjoy all of you thanks so much
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