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Hosted by Golden Globe winner Taraji P. Henson. 

Have you ever had a dream? Something you wanted so bad you just couldn’t let it go? For a group of kids in Harlem in the Eighties, their dreams would change pop music forever. Teddy Riley, Timmy Gatling, and Aaron Hall form a group called Guy that would fuse hip-hop and R&B and launch a new sound. By the early Nineties, the New Jack Sound dominated the pop music charts: Bell Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown, Boyz II Men, and many more. But the rise of the New Jack sound would come at a cost, and not everyone would make it to the top. From Wondery and Universal Music Group, Jacked is a story of friendship, gangsters, double-crosses, and big dreams.

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The new jack swing. Sound. You know the songs Bobby Browns, my prerogative bilbil to those poison black streets dignity from wondering, and universal music group comes jacked rise of the new Jack sound hosting to rise, Jp Hansen. No new Jack's wing group was as successful as Guy Teddy Riley and Timmy Gatling created a sound that would change the music industry forever, but as their songs rocketed to the top of the charts, their manager became more and more dead set on their success. He kicked out ban members controlled there. Every move and created enemies along the way I reached a boiling point at a sweltering summer, music festival when they came head to head with rival Band New Edition during crescendo of their set a gunshot rang out the entire audience ran for the exit. When the smoke cleared. There was a body on the stage. And a man hunt for a murderer at the heart of music biggest seen, you're about to a preview of Jack while you're listening subscribe to Jack,
eyes with the new jack sound on Spotify or join one replied in the wonder, yap to listen and free right now wondering feel the story. Have you ever had a dream, something you wanted so bad, you just couldn't let it go or Timmy gatling his dream was news. Then we were hip, hop and rv. We were unique because we dress block We knew all the hip hop stuff. You like kids, that these little kids in nineteen dangerous and the nineteen eighty nine He made it they're getting ready to go on stage.
Find a forty one, zero people at the LOS Angeles Colo sent in the ground of fly, girls wearing Donna, Karen Jump, Sup, guys wearing leather, true bomber jackets and obsession colognes all in the air. This is the biggest black music tour of the day I was there. It was in LA was bowing Superfans, the Budweiser Superfast, You know, I remember what a big deal the superfast was back in the day honey. It was the kind of show we would get our hair did our nails did our everything dear did in the summer of eighty nine wrapped com or be an empty hammer out one, the bill, Paddy la Belle and Jimmy Gambling's brew guy. Shrimp Blacktop haircut well, dressed Timmy move
The crowd, vips and people recognise that with them. But here's the thing Timmy is planned. with his group that day, and so people ask me why you not stage what's up you're, not performing you Timmy, you not performing, because what they don't know is that Timmy is no longer in the group, what the fans didn't know, it was like a conundrum. People was like okay, wait, a minute. It was confusing and dad was worse than anything. Instead. Timmy watches his former and made as they go on stage without and now he's watching as the crowd at the elections.
Go of guys dream guys. Dreams have come true, but not no other. How can I put it. It was totally better sweet hearing, your song. I take you back to how y'all wrote the songs where you were at in a hood in Teddy's living room, and now they are on stage and you're, not a part of it. For what happened to Timmy's dream. I mean how did this group of kids from Harlem rise to the top of the music industry only to come apart? The story of guy and New Jack swing is a story of friendship, double crosses gangsters to timing and the invention of a new sound that changed pop music forever. And if you
some clothes. You can hear it all in the meat from under and universal music group, I'm Taraji P, and this is Jack Jack seeking to subscribe to Jack the eyes with the new jack sound on Spotify or join one replied in the wonder area to listen and free right now
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