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Case Update: Emily Noble Part 2


Yesterday, we brought the first part of Emily's update. We shared with you what her friends and loved ones have experienced since she initially disappeared in May 2020. Her husband Matt was arrested in June 2021, 9 months after the discovery of her remains and a prolonged autopsy. If you have not listened to the original episode or the first update, we encourage you to go listen to yesterday's episode, which contains the original story and initial update. Today, we're diving into the investigation into Emily's death, as well as the strange parallels between the details of her death and the passing of Matt's son, Joey, less than a year before Emily vanished.

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In August of 2022, Matheau Moore was found not guilty.

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Hey prime numbers, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon music download the app today really. The only thing we want is for him to be in jail in jail because he needs to pay for what he did number one in number two. He will do it again. I do believe that he's dangerous person and even though he sitting in jail he has We who has enabled him for all these years, to get away with the things that he has done. He even though he said to me, He is eligible to inherit money from his dad now if he gets convicted of killing Emily. He can't inherit anything from her. Honestly, I is that an he seemed like a very, very nice man, but knowing that day enabled him with his behaviour that they could have warned emily and they
So I have a big issue feeling any sympathy, we're hoping that he gets at least fifteen years. We them to be an old man when he gets out yesterday? We want either as part of Emily nobles update in shared with you, what her Friends and loved ones have experience, and she initially disappeared in may of two thousand twenty two, the time has been met, was arrested in june of two thousand twenty one. Nine months the discovery of her remains and prolonged autopsy, if you of listen to the original episode or our first update. We encourage you to hit paw. And go listen to yesterday's episode, which contains regional story, and initial up de today were done. into what's taken place since Emily was found at the IMF. Negation into her death has continued. Well. Is the strange parallels between the details of her death and those of son, jolly lesson a year before Emily disappear on marissa
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the whole dot com, sash and my eye or text. Am I to five hundred to five hundred to try audible for For thirty days, audible, dot, com- slash am I a after was arrested earlier this year. We went back. Audio archives and listen to the things that he said with a fresh perspective when we originally interviewed him. We gave him the benefit of the doubt and try view him as a grieving spouse who had lost his son less than a year before his wife disappeared. We list again from the standpoint, of hearing a man accused of heinous crimes which you will hear dieter. later in the episode when we share some of what was said in the initial court proceedings but fur we wanted to hear man in his own words again from back into them and twenty when he contacted us for help just weeks after Emily had vanished. These are
the things that he said to us, then that stand out to us now, as just plain strange, regardless of his or innocence you, or let me ask you a or a podcast that dedicates itself to finding missing people. You have happy stories, you have happening awesome. That's really awesome! That's very good to hear I dunno how to summon people are found alive because of your podcast, and you could also listen to a couple of your pods.
Maybe you could give like a a description of emilie to your listeners are are. Are you worried that, like a releasing odd like yours during an investigation might screw up an investigation? I would just hate for anything to be said that would like she's missing. You know, so it's not like if there if it would be hot that detrimental to her in some way. If someone would use someone said something on your show that you know might hurt her in some way. I'm trying to be completely- or you know what I mean, I'm I'm just from an investigator I mean I would. I would have no clue what would could could hurt her if she, you know she's in some sort of situation where, where or something something that could hurt the investigation in any way. I don't I don't know, Mats, unsolicited statements to us made no sense. Why would he ask us at all to him if he was afraid that doing so would compromise the investigation into Emily's disappearance. We
asked him the same questions, we ask every spouse or significant other of a missing person. So when we had the opportunity to ask him about their relationship, we did some comment. Please I really don't know it's just we get to know each other. I I only know that I don't want to miss. I'm really apprehensive of saying something that they can use against me. They, like said city word known for four years, but I really only know for three. You know what I'm saying and I go oh he's lying and I don't even know if I should say that my son died July it'll be here July. First yeah, he died on July first of last year, so the year coming up just been hurt.
I'm just living here in Westerville. He never wanted kids, it was not their thing. She was so small. I think she would have been a little apprehensive but about having children because of that she, as she just she love my son and they get along very well and they had a great relationship. At one point, we asked Matt tell us about Emily's personality and career. This what he said. He unlocked conceptual photographers who takes photography and photography all over the internet to go to a web page. If you go to facebook, but mostly her photography and it's all outdoorsy stuff trees and she loves sunset-
sunrise, it I'm sure, there's a place called the scioto mile. It's a place, that's in downtown columbus, it's written down to the beautiful arizona and she'd love to go there at sunset and sunrise before she'd go to work. She works on her and she would take pictures of the sun coming up and sun going down said she would sit and sit and grass you could see her sitting by herself just taking pictures looking around. That was her style. She works for the department of medicaid. Don't quote me on that, but if I I don't know if it's federal or or if it's er. If it's, I think it's ohio based. I think she works for the state of ohio, even though initial observations after interviewing Matt were that it was odd that he didn't know where his wife worked. But there were, things he discussed in great detail, one of those subjects
was about the search for emilie in his role in it. There's a lot of conflicting information on the internet and I have a family web. Facebook page now called fine, Emily, noble torn by the family. That's where you want to go we're in touch with the name of an a m: u s and we're registered with them. We are also registered with
couple of other groups that look promising people, I'm there's a a flyer that was made by the family and it's turned into some, it's something that we shouldn't be using. So I'm going to start using their official flyers blog, because this just happened so now that now that I'd literally two days ago, I think I got registered with them or yesterday. Maybe don't quote me on it and that's what are my family's been saying? Okay, this is the new flyer, for we have to use the official flyer from the official groups. Don't make up your own flyers and what we didn't know what to do. We rent, we didn't know what to do so. We just said: let's make flyers and the person that made the flyer, wasn't me and it was. It was kind of a weird thing and there's a lot of people out there, making strange comments and I'm trying not to pay attention adopted
we had a flyer with a with a with a website on there that I do that. Someone made a friend of hers and we used it. I might think this is great and there's so many people joining up how much this is fantastic and it went rogue. I don't know people just also wouldn't just I read it here, but there are other people out there. That are, I mean, saying things that are liable. Like there on the internet trading horrible things and I just their most, some are strangers, but it is decided to say all the worst thing you can pass. We think a person one day I want someone goes missing at it. I don't want to have anything to say to them
I know, and I'm going to say that, but I do have something to say the people that note the want to help, but aren't there just sitting there like reading this and listening to this one help, but don't do anything come help me pass out flyers come help me post on the internet, help me get the word out all tv stations. I dont know how to do this. I don't know I'm learning as I go. I need help. I've got. I bet missing person, posters at the postman in Westerwelle, naxa, kroger's, she's, a real nice lady. There all their go, there get signed and go post Help me look for instead of sitting on wine criticising and been on her Well, I know I know you want to help and I- and I hope you you put this out there- you let people know that she's the she's out there somewhere and we have. We got to find her and we have money if you can help this binder. Who got money for you or if you want.
like gave a description over and I'm sure you're gonna get a lot from her friend the left. Is it like her best strategies? Those we just short I'll. Give you a lot information. if the people that are on it, I do have good intentions and want to try to find her. So it's still an avenue for us to use. But it's gotten to the point where I mean there's just so much weird disinformation on there that- and I was told by the etiquette that signed me up with neem us to start your own. Just just to start your own facebook page and it's working. We've got three hundred People know it's called find a noble, and it's run by me. I'm the administrator and my family is helping, and if that's what's best for you, need to go for actual information. I just hope. You're listeners are smart enough, not focusing in on those people cause they're, not helping at all and see irritating beyond it truly harmful.
Ironically, Matt blocked us from that account before we were able to see what the actual information being posted was now have to wonder why he was so adamant about people spreading false information when everyone Whilst we spoke to gave us very consistent stories, but we do. observed that there were many posts and comments on social media that seem to be speculative at best Emily's his friend sue told us at this drove her away from the social media aspect of the search for Emily and late honouring Emily's life online. I just think it really interesting that in the course of the year that transpired, everybody was very close. Knit anybody being an now. Everybody is very distant and tight worth. At least. I know that I am. I had to leave that group because
It was a fury aiding. I got tired of the of that and I got tired of more get in there and seen his face now. It's like, but focus this isn't about him. This is about Emily. This is are for on to the share memories about her and leave her and celebrate her. remember her. It's called me numbering Emily, noble I've. Just noticed a lot of in the beginning, people claim to know her and quaint. Then I would meet the sermon talk with them and that they would eventually say I will I never better in person or I didn't were that well, ok what, then, why are you speaking on her behalf and I found a lot of that and it pains me
and say this, but unfortunately for a lot of people she's, just as other dead girl on the internet and urges crimes. Lou thing I mean I was being harassed by the black psychic, who thought she was gonna break the case that it reaches hours of nonsense. Ramblings She would literally be in her car speaking, I would say, hold on Emily wait your turn. I got unholy somebody else version that aren't always, but after a while, I made the mistake of try again saying. Ok, you got just knock this off. None of us are interested. This is clear to me that in the year ahead, and she and several her friend just had a field day in the com. Its actual about the now I'm here what I'm death and I didn't even know, Emily and blah blah blah at first. It was hurtful to read it, and then I just realized
Kay em attention is what they want. That's how they get fans are like, sir. Whatever and that I was I'm just not going to participate in that. So that's when I first started being in the shadows. Now, just keeping to myself people will reach out. I haven't heard from you. I haven't hurt you at all and it's people that I don't normally speak to and they're just calling to get in asian or what do I know we're gonna pick my brain and a lot of people just want to have them name in the paper and one I somehow be weirdly attached to this local mess a corpse rock romeo and juliet story, because her first hot she and her husband were madly in love. He tragically because our life and she ended up martyred. You know: that's like hunk rock fodder for some big tall tail, no local music scene
And I think a lot of people are trying to climb onto that is that so many people loved Emily and we talk too many of those people. But we want speak to those who knew Emily, Matt and Joey best. One of the people we spoke you for Emily's original episode was celeste, who was the first person mac after Emily had disappeared solution. Told us a strange story this time about the call and the events that took place after where I was the first person he had called it was. You know it was that memorial day monday, like around by forty five ish, and he he called me asking me if I had on her phone. If I had seen Emily and I
now- and he is- he said what she's been gone. I've been worse both to go to the party, and I doubt if this was normal behaviour because I don't know, maybe she disappeared for awhile and he said now. I recommended that he call the police right away when she did and then I said alright I'll see you at the house, so I just you know when he got ready and- and we live like less than ten minutes from the condo got in the car. When I pulled up in my car, the police were out there. Matt's reaction was one thing or she is looking at me thinking. I was Emily now I don't know how if he had killed her and hit her, why he would think that and then I got out of the car and he's like. Oh no, it's it's me, you know it's not emily, but you know again. We both have
curly hair and were both the tea. He wasn't vision, vision and all that good he he could have mistaken, but I just thought that was odd, that he would think I'm Emily. I don't know why she would be driving my car, but that was weird. Unless he thought came back to life, I don't know he seemed like he was of sound mine. You didn't say Like he was drunk anything he seemed sober and he was talking to the police to spy. He seemed a bit worried and confirmed that she was gone and hadn't came back all day. The wind, the police, talk tune that day. They went through everything that had happened but the police came back the next day and accused him, and then he wouldn't talk. Please anymore
I seem to be the one person we talk to, that, wasn't convinced that that was involved in Emily's disappearance, but when we caught up with her recently, her perspectives to have changed, I read the autopsy three times and after reading at the body was there is strangulation and there was up, fishing in the face and keep in a mind. She was. She didn't ray a hundred pounds, shoes and very small person. It wouldn't take too terribly much to break the bones and her face or strangled her. I find it interesting that that eggs, one I've had a strangulation incident herself. It seems quite a coincidence.
that both spouses experience that there is nobody else that would have got much anger towards a person like she was such a well. Why individual? You know, I can't imagine some stranger doing that it has to be somebody with some anger. I haven't seen him a green at therewith ones. situation, we had gone. I wanted him to be able to remember what had happened. Although I was hoping- to sit in on a session where he was hypnotized, but he won't let me but and we came back there or on flyers in my car, and he seemed angry that people want putting up the wires should go and find her in in all this situation.
like when she was when the body was found- you wasn't there, there were no searches. I don't know if it's my spouse or were missing I think I may call on the police every day and he was very angry that the police or calling him. Still Celeste seems to find it difficult to comprehend that mac could be guilty, though she did tell us What she believes happened the evening that matt and Emily went out for her birthday dinner, just my opinion. I think a murdered her in right after they got home, because her text messages stopped completely and that's very unlike her or shortly after and then took her and hit her somewhere brought it the body somewhere. I think the body, because of the decomposition without fights tom, here and that I think it getting really tired of all the searching and
weighing on decided to like ring body back or have somebody bring. Who knows. Maybe the three ladys pot, the haughty back in stage it to look like a suicide in the the wooded area, but that's what I think and then, of course, if the ladys didn't actually stage the body than they were tipped off and to say that it was there. That's like captain. I had heard that there is some toxic tax the jewels and that it was a very toxic relationship between the two of them and Emily did not tell me about that. I don't have she wasn't comfortable telling me are into something that didn't come up in conversation, but that's you know again the only experience that I had was a little bit it
anger about the flyers, I didn't see him in an angry state. Any time that I was in his present. I would hope that they ve done a thorough investigation and they didn't just arrest him for no reason now will see what the defence has to say and what kalmar that they in. In regard to the evidence, I think as more evidence, it is the onions jeweled back and more evident just keep out it and then just just talking to people it. It seems to me that there is some guilt there. You know this is something that could have happened. I dont know nobody wants to go to jail. So, of course, you can
cover it up. Matt did a lot better and in covering up and trying to prove his innocence, but you know eventually it it gets exposed. Somebody find something: that's not right, so I I feel like because I didn't feel he was guilty. I mean I, I in talking to him and conversations with them and working with his cousin murray that organize the searches and it just seem, like you know, I'm just looking for my wife. I miss her and then you know the they get this exposed in his his comments. Aren't from somebody I watched their spouse. The news of mass arrests came as a shock to Celeste, who have believed, his innocence and supported him along the way she still seems to be trying to make sense of it. All we
would also like to acknowledge here that, while Celeste theorized about the people who found Emily possibly being tipped off or worse being involved being Emily to where she was found. There's no, and to support this claim the people who Emily were members of the local community who wanted to help with the search efforts. Additionally, Was a ten thousand dollar crime stoppers reward that they received for finding Emily instead of keeping the money for themselves. They donated all of it anonymously to four places in Emily's name, including the civil police departments, dog therapy programme, save our monarchs and to local music venues. Emily loved that were struggling through the pandemic while Celeste seems to accept that Matt most likely killed Emily still seems to be seeking out others to blame in order to somehow lessen the burden placed on mass. In the end
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on giving visit better help. Dont come to see if therapy is for you, that's better hd lp dot com we. Indeed, yesterday's episode with a horrible state of waiting for answers. Emily's loved ones, are now facing the corpse thus began shortly after mats arrest His arraignment and bond hearing in court tuned, envious, zoom and wanted to share with you part of what was said during that hearing. Obviously, given them drove the charges. Your honor, we are requesting a substantial cash sure by no ten percent. In the amount of three point, five million believed believe it request, is justified by examining criminal rule forty six c actors for the court are the nature and the circumstances of the crime charged obviously with to murder counts. Your honor you can
speculate as to the seriousness of what occurred, but to give it the court a little bit more effectual background victim. In this case, Emily noble was last seen alive, on may twenty. Fourth, twenty twenty celebrating her birthday with her husband, the defendant and uptown Westerville. When she returned home that night, your e, your honor, she was never seen from or heard excuse me heard from again are we now know after her body was found on September? Sixteen of twenty twenty that Emily. was brutally assaulted and suffered multiple facial fractures shortly before her death. We also believe the evidence shows that she was manually strangled that that strangulation caused for fractures to two different bones in her neck. Your the strength of the evidence against the defendant and the identity of him as the perpetrator is strong, we have cellphone france accept, we believe will show. but the last time emily noble was heard from was short
before she returned home on may twenty fourth, and that the law, individual she saw had contact with was her husband, the defendant. the dependent has given conflicting statements, do not aligned with the cellphone forensics as to what occurred when they returned to the home you're under the defendant does have eyes to delaware county, but he's only lived here for a few years. During that time to the states, knowledge when he was married to Emily. He was not employed, your honour, the self forensics also demonstrate a little bit about the character in the mental condition of the defendant to be considered by the court. If you ve ever been. criminal court arraignment you may have, sperience a very short hearing, we're not much information was given. However, in this case, the press, peters, went into great detail to ask the judge to give me a very high bond amount in order spent his time awaiting trial outside of jail. What you just her was devastatingly detailed and Emily
family and loved ones were present in court that day and heard the horrific me tour of Emily's injuries believed to have been inflicted prior to death. and then they heard something they didn't expect to hear at all its clear he thanks to access and that this was a point of contention between him and Emily multiple times where there are references to blacking out I'll, see around or a search warrant was conducted on the residents shortly after Emily's disappearance, at which timed evident It was found a demonstrating that there was an attempt to grow illegal, mushrooms and his deceased sons closet bedroom. There was, other evidence of suspected drug abuse located in a safe. Finally, your honor, the state he's knowledge the defendant he's not on probation community control. There have been two instances. one which was several years ago and las Vegas you're your honor, where the defendant originally from prior to moving out here.
Mary Emily. In that incidents of domestic once this is. The age report indicates finding of denied case, your honor he was accused and arrested for strangling someone else Obviously this concern the state as a potential pattern, and also your honor shows that he could be a danger to society of blood out There is also another incident where the dish this edition shows that he was not convey But it's important for the court to know he carried a firearm into a court building during a child custody matter. Emily sister in law dawn also spoke about what she experienced at mats arraignment. Compare. to what she had expected for has arraignment a couple
people showed up and they had pictures of Emily and they assumed that they were going to be bringing matt in to the courtroom and they didn't it was by video and it went exactly like we thought it was going to the victim's advocate, talk to us all beforehand and told us what to expect, and there will not be drama. You know that kind of thing and told us what to expect and that's exactly what happened. We could see him on the tv. He just got right up into the camera a couple of different times and looked right into the camera, and I think that was his way of trying to intimidate and he all coke it resume. So he could see who all was watching so that may have been what he was trying to do was look at the screen to see you all who who all was watching on zoom, because you know all those months that he thought he was gonna get away with it. He probably talked to people. Somebody else had to know what was going on. It was all,
like it was too much too to take in all at once and then processing all that information took a little bit of time and the prosecutor dead have to explain to me exactly how that bond would work and what would happen if Where to get out because it's like you're sitting there, the tv cameras air and you're trying to hear everything in you're trying to process the information and the thing him on that screen. Is, is trying to understand every step, but you go through in something like this, something you never think you're going to go through and then all the questions for the prosecutor in the victim's advocate after werden. She is very, very good at explaining everything in detail very calm. She will explain it to you if you don't understand that she'll tell you again and then, if she doesn't
She will get back to you about. The prosecutor was also very good about explaining. We talked to them the lady that was at the m arraignment and then for the other hearing to extend the trial. It was a man mark he's very nice heat he explained everything you heard in the audio from the arrangement that man had previously been accused and rested for allegedly strangling someone else. The victim in that case was mats ex wife, A local cbs affiliate tracked her down and spoke with her briefly don t just how she felt after hearing from mats ex wife when she had somehow his hands ended up around my neck. And then at the end of the interview, she's and then they after, while he's the one sitting in jail or something to that effect. So you know she thinks that he did it, and my guess is that that's not the only time he tried to choker. It was probably a bottle He did it more than once. That's how she knows he did it.
No one knew that man had been growing mushrooms and jellies closet in this struggle, lord with so many people who were attending the court hearing that day, including us, we didn't want, We are hearing about this before imagine how someone who had just lost their wife and only remaining child would do I think so, seemingly callous, and what most parents would consider to be a sacred area. So many People wanted to know more about Matt son joey. After we aired Emily's original story. in the disturbing parallels between his tragic death and Emily's are difficult to overlook for this update. We were able to speak with Cassidy who consider joey to be one of our closest friends and mrs him dearly we asked for but her reaction was to hearing this information in court that
new lose my mind in his dead son. Posits just makes me uncomfortable, like he didn't respect, Joey, that's his dead sons, bedroom. You should respect that not not touch that not grow illegal mushrooms in the closet like why that's weird, I just find him creepy honestly. Ever since all this happened and starting at joey's vigil on July, fourteenth ever that happened. I've just found something really about so me and my mom were very involved with trying to find her. We were on this facebook page and the facebook page announced that a meant was happening on new. And so I hopped on that. I was like I want to see this man, so I went onto the The arraignment, what made me upset the mouse
What was strange about it is they were talking about how she guide, so they were talking about the fractures in her face, and this bruising on her neck and you'd. Think that a loving husband who missed his dead wife would be upset to hear what happened to his wife, but the entire arraignment his face did not change at all. He did not move his face. What kind of creeped me out of the cow that was weird Cassidy, told us at hearing all of these things in court, renewed whom is that an investigation had been conducted into joey, sudden and traumatic death. I feel like they should have done an autopsy. On joey and because Joey was seventy when he pass. You know me. I heard the choice. whether to barrier cremate him- and I don't think that was a coincidence. Thirty minutes after
the coroner's report. He was created, I m sure, that he was the, but I never expected him to kill himself and you know I didn't know how he had died until the vigil- and I thought that maybe it was an accident. I thought that when an accident. Until I told my mom what happened, and I honestly still don't believe that he killed himself. What is the craziest thing about this to me is no, he was sound hot in the wooded areas near Matt and ends condo and Emily was found ha. In a word area near mountain emily's. Condo and I don't know, that's a coincidence or non edges seems too, suspicious to me that they were found in such a similar way, and it was within less than a year of each other that you know she went.
the thing on may twenty. First point: twenty! and he died. The July furnish nine thirteen nineteen the coins, winters to me. Just don't add up. I think it's quite possible that it could have been a homicide. He would have been eighteen within that month. The ripper it's crazy, because I had drawn out a tattoo for him to get on his eighteenth birthday and we had plans like we had plans to go and get this taught to do, but, like I was going to go with them on it Happy birthday, which was July twenty third and he died before and ever could happened. I got the tattoo myself actually, but I just don't think that he would have made plant had plans of other people like after his death. I just don't think he would have made those ants in Emily's original episode. We only mention joey briefly, and we wanted to learn more about his life as well, because, ultimately, what
to him plays an important role in what happened to Emily. Even if we don't quite know. how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Yet so one we asked Cassidy, was to tell us about who Joey was. joey was probably one of the best friends that I've ever had in my entire life like he was a genuine and honest person and he loved literally everybody. There was not a single person, but he hated so I met joey in high school. I was a senior when he was a freshman. I have a picture of me right now and I'm just thinking about him. You know he was probably one of the greatest souls, though I've ever met lake. He was so kind and loving and in highschool he was just like everybody's best friend we'd hang out after school. He was awesome and everybody loved them. He was just really good.
he was a double skater. We would gain around all the time you go to this gate park. We actually is the job at the gate park like You play guitar and saying he was an amazing thing, her just teenage emo kid. So I was going to school before I met him in my first year at that school I felt like. He kind of took me more than I took him in like I went to see her and he was the first man, but you know he loved everybody like he was just open arms to literally anybody, but here I'm sure he wanted to be a singer than guitar player. The hundred percent cast They told us that she doesn't have much of a recollection of matt until after joey and Emily passed away, but she, remember what shall we would share with her and that he didn't like being at home. I honestly I remember the first time I met Matt. I remember joey, talking about
his dad a lie. I know they didn't get along when they came back from vegas. I know the joy was couch serving a lot like it seemed like he Didn't necessarily want to be at home. He stayed at my house a few times. What's my boyfriend, I was currently living without the time. You like to sleep on the floor, I dont know why. But we give him the couch and need sleep on the floor. I don't know. Ah he didn't want to be a home. We never said, but once they came back, from their gaze. He was couch surfing and he had a lot of his belongings and a backpack at the time. A lot of the time like he put on tap, try like hey. Can I sleep under my couch tonight? Anybody want to hang out. I just dont know if he wanted to stay alone. I know that they didn't get along, but he he didn't talk about him. A lot to me many people seem to believe that cassidy and Joe we were in a dating relationship.
Cassidy says that they were just close friends ensured with it's a very personal story of the last time she saw him. I think maybe people might have said that, because the last time we hung out with like kind of a date, but it wasn't said that it was a date we went and we had lunch together the last time I ever saw him. Then we weren't we had lunch together when winter, who with them it was the first time I ever had picked up. Anybody in my new car, and so I drove to them Hondo thy mouth and am we're living in at the time of her death, and I picked him up and he joy came out to my car and we drove round and it was really awkward cause. It was the first time that we had ever like hung out without. Like a group, you know what I mean like I was just me and him. I just can't drove around listen to music and when japan era we had lunch and then we would hoover dam, and then I took him home and the last time I ever saw him
was looking in my rearview mirror and he was waving me goodbye. The last time I ever saw him. He was being like kind of great you're, jumping up and down waving. I miss him like most when people these days, Cassidy and joey communicated via text or through snapchat, and that's how city learned that shall we had passed away castle told us how this happened revealed one more disturbing aspect of mats demeanor much would you have me enjoy, is texting was first snapchat and on natural it you can post the story and it goes away after twenty four hours and Joe we got enjoy first, twenty nineteen on July, spurred twenty nineteen. There was opposed on his story. Duchess said Joe, you loved, he would be messed and then just his birthday and July furs, twenty nineteen
I was confused, I texted him and I was like Joey. This isn't funny. Why would you say this and Matt responded to me, and he said this is Joe, his dad Joe, he died two days ago and I was like. Ah whites and I felt like taxing calling all my friends there like yeah. All matters responded to me too, like you dad, he had always phone like two days. We didn't know he was dead until a few days later on July. Third, after that, he got onto joey's instagram and to my knowledge. He has had joey sullenness entire time because, as on that same day, you started posting pictures of joey. He goes to the exact same snapshot on instagram. the birthday in the dust day and all that and he started posting pictures of we are both of joey's social media accounts so on his facebook and on his instagram
hoping merit, but as far as I can tell you Joe Islam, I dont know Joe. He had a password or furiously got into it in original episode. We share we view that man had two sons with his first wife, Joe in another son who died very young. We asked on what thoughts are on mats role in joey's death. Emily knew about Joe is other son who die before he, school aged in the following dawn mentions a usb cord. That's that was found around Emily's neck. That process yours allege that man used to stage Emily to make it look like she had died by suicide. I know that they rolled his death, a suicide and I believe it is. They said it was suicide. It probably was suicide, but I still think that matter until it because of the way he treated them and the fact that Emily was gone
weekend and he didn't want Matt didn't want to go and he put taking apple jelly all on Emily shoulders, and we do know that he did blame her after Joey died. He blamed Emily and said if she'd been there, it never would have happened and that the way that his friends and his job, his friends and girlfriend, told about the way that they had actually seen and heard Matt speak to Joey telling me was useless and I don't know why you don't just kill yourself. You know things like that, so I would say that we can, but Emily was gone, camping that he probably really took it out on Joey. That Emily was not there and Joe. He took it to heart and he got sick of it for him to get away with something like that twice, and you know maybe maybe he did like. I said I really honestly think he did have a hand in joey's death, but maybe he didn't actually kill him and her death. If they had found her white after she died. Probably would
look like a suicide also, if it weren't for the facial fractures and the. U s: beak ward was not hanging from that spot. It just wasn't gonna happen, the branch was too flexible and it would have slipped. I just don't see. I just don't see it. The baby I do know that that was one of the things that Emily Emily hated being lied to. She hated she'd rather have her heart broken and he told the truth to be lied to it depends on who Matt was talking to the child. Either died from some kind of a congenital heart defect or cancer. He never could keep historic straight that and I do know that he lied to me about that. I don't know, but I guess Matt told Emily one thing and then mats dad said something to Emily. That was completely different. We constantly told us what little she knows about mats. Other son, only know that he passed within it
where ears Joey never talked about him to his brother was older than him, so he would have passed refer. Jerry was born and far somewhere. That wasn't something He had shared, and, as far as I am aware, one of his close one of our mutual friend she didn't even know either. So I don't know if he had shared that anybody. One reason that so many people have unresolved feelings about Joe his death is that while was ruled a suicide. No autopsy was ever conducted when I looked him over and rolled his death, a suicide based on the fact that there were extension cord around his neck, which eerily similar to how Emily was found with a usb cord There was no suspicion about Joe death at the time so them in depth? Autopsy was never conducted like it was with Emily, which showed for Their injuries, then Matt chose to have joey creed, aid so there's no way to go back and examined his remains further. Its
the scandal that this makes Emily's loved ones suspicious and uneasy Jeff told us his thoughts. about joey staff, the fact that they found her and though the message of a body being found. Was she hungers up so interesting because how coincidental that her than his son was found that way as well? I can't the shit that the cops aren't going to bring that up. I mean I I would be shocked in court if that is not at least mentioned, that the son was found hanged and he was found hanging after he had been reported by multiple people that he was doing great. When you see a pattern, say this happened. Whether or not man had anything to do with that. It happened. His son found hey from a tree dead animals
sound with a noose around her neck and blind. She tried to kill herself as well. That's a powder with him whether or not is connected. I don't know, but how do you not the obvious it like saying you got into car accidents and you your report and in the second act, ensure found drunk driving while the person who knows what is but there's a pattern there or pay this your second, your second act, and so this guy it's something we don't know if that was involved in anyone's death as he wrote, innocent until proven guilty, but there I've been some disturbing patterns of deaths, of those closest to him cast You told us that she never even saw the qualities of man in jolly and though he was much more like Emily, even though she had only been enjoys life for a few years. I feel like he had more of Emily's qualities
You I'll get my mom new Emily and she told me alive. about her and I learned a lot about her cause. I've been leg in this case, and trying to figure out not only what happened Emily, but what happened to Joey from what my mom says and from what I've heard. She's cute well, sweet won't be in who loved everybody you and was just open and honest and kind of like joey like I feel like they were really. more people. You know like they both went to calm fast, unable, like arts festival who hang in our people- and if this was a homicide, were joey. He a hundred percent did not deserve because he would not heard of Why- and I love when I miss them- and I just think that you know just as for both of them- is needed because they are both such sweet, wonderful,
Honest amazing people who both loved everybody in took care everybody in their own way. So I just hope that whatever happened is found and justice is served, my grandma kind of like coal. Not to do it like. I think I have two because first of all, this is closure for me. it also I kind of get. I give Joe your voice, and he doesn't get to do that and. I mean he at see somebody to say something for him. You know.
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we'll Emily's live ones, continue to grapple with her tragic death and the many legal proceedings ahead of them down Explain one frustration to us about her families, inability to proceed with some of the things that they need to do outside of court in order to heel. I think the thing that upsets us, the most is that we can have a proper funeral yet because all this is ongoing, and you know that now they're holding onto the remains which we were told us going to happen, so we expected it, and it should
so selfish of him, which you know that we have an elderly family members who are may not survive to see there to see this resolve and him go to prison and issues so upsetting. Knowing that you'd can't it's not like you ever gonna be able to close the door or find some peace cause. You never really got. You don't make peace with something like this ever I don't think, but it would be nice to be able to have like a family. Gathering of what she wanted to have, what Emily wanted was to be. She was going to donate her body to science and she was going to be cremated and that's what she was and then you know knowing that we can't do that right now. That's one of the things that should so maddening is knowing that you just can't get together with your family and a private setting and say you're goodbyes and talk about things khazars just
much right now that a shift to hard and while saying goodbye, something Emily's family needs to begin their healing, They also now forever aware of something that dawn said she didn't previously see. Much of the prevalence of use in intimate partner relationships. I think our entire family is just we're all shocked at the amount of people are, you know we live our everyday lives, not thinking anything like this could ever happen and not realizing how bad domestic violence is. If you have never experienced it personally, even seeing other your parents her things like that in future, if you're not experiencing it personally, you don't realize how bad it is with. You know these people who are clearly narcissistic in their dangerous, and I don't think, there's that we don't think there's enough awareness. There is definitely not enough awareness of what love is and what love isn't.
But until the happened, I had no idea that the number was that high and it's scary to think that there is that many cycles out their running around meanwhile sue his privately healing in her own way. Finding Inspiration and light in art now I am helping to establish yet another memorial for her there's a local art studio and I've been coming music. new here in town, their building. Emily, noble stage aside stage for her and their dedicated yet at an event that is all women, performers and spoken word and poetry and relax. You name it. Don't ask me how
Why? But, as part of my, I guess, dealing with my grief and processing this entire year, I've become a painter and started out. Just as I always grew. Flowers and Emily would always admire my flowers and would take pictures of him. So I started: pictures of woman, posting them or now remember, I will now will page, and I would send them to her stir every now and then one cause. I figure. Feeling down. I know her sister is and so on. We try to like sender a picture or something that would show this reminds me of Emily today, and I would send it to her in us and we stayed hush that way and how I only been really no other than Emily inspired me one night, I picked up a paint brush and just start a painting, the flowers that I had taking pictures of- and I haven't upcoming gallery, show
my paintings now, apparently now, I'm a thinker and I'm helping to contribute to this stage that their building it's gonna, be like an hour, a permanent art installation cannot on facade on the front of it and I'm helping to contribute to that. it's just better really, however, redirecting for male. What do I do now? The weird thing disable what do I do now? I had away navigate life without that person. Something good happen. Something bad happened, something funny and you have that person and you call them and you giggle or you laugh or you cry or you do whatever together and ah she was my person for that. So I've been navigating and trying to, be. My own person had been trying to be that person to other people. It is therefore very enlightening for me to realise just how many people are
are in your my corner and it's better process, and it has been a profound grief. I just I'm glad I got to know the short time that were on this earth, I'm glad that we got to spend some of it together. She changed my life. She continued changed my life, Emily's long time, friend, Jeff has also and healing and art of a different form He wrote a song for Emily that he said has been especially cathartic for him. In his time of grief, alloy was an amazing person of the levels. She had a big laugh shit out of humor that the dark, but she was a level of they get. He was extremely oil we've all lost with her not begin our lives, the pain,
I mean I'll, take a look to bring her into my life into it. To introduce you to all the people in my life is the loss of so painful and brushed so much while to find the truth and gets the just. We want justice for Emily. That is why I wrote that song for her on youtube. I took ah at least four months to write the song. For her I mean the song and the video on youtube in which it's entitled Emily is all about her, and if you look at the video I think the music and the song encapsulates the love of who she was as a person. I really hope people look at that video not for me, but for her, it's all for Emily. I have written a song in memorial pressure, but never I've written, maybe about a hundred thought I'd been most, will ban
but I've never written flying about someone who died the number of times, I tried logging that song with just count what every sentence I short over every work. There were nothing open applied to to express how much I loved her and how much she loved everybody soon knows that the journey to any kind of resolution is not coming any time soon in may and when the justice proceedings are over, but she some very kind words for us and how we have helped her with her own grief I mean I have a whole new empathy for family going through this at a whole new level of respect for what you do. Truly, I mean you. were instrumental in not only raise awareness about Emily,
said her being missing, but also just in helping me navigate. This is its truly. Then you, europe laughing. You are truly a light in a very, very. Dark time, you're emphases. More then translate. I just really appreciate what you do and you're the only listen. He spoke till. We don't know why, and I think that a Y know that it's the basis through very much every other story that out there on the internet about her your quoted extensively I just now that can be a long way for trial and for this to resolve, even then I'd say, spend the rest of his natural life in prison. You now, in fact, provide relief. Now, though,
never ever be what they call closure. I would love to know why we never will we'll never get daddy answer. But that will be the only question I never ask is why, though, Emily has been found and her death was determined to be a homicide. Much for me needs to be determined in the future Emily behind. So many people who loved her and ten you to love her and the inspiring spirit she had and fostered in others. Joey's death, though likely to remain unresolved is also a tragedy in its day to wonder what he was feeling inside that cause such a deep, unrelenting pain. We want to Press that man has not yet been convicted of any crime related to Emily or jelly, and thus innocent under the law we wish I too share all sides of a story in this one One question left unanswered is, as you heard, sue say why,
you can follow the legal proceedings and updates and Emily story on social media. I remember Emily. Noble will be increased linked to jeff song, about Emily in episode notes, if you have, information about the deaths of Emily, noble or joey more europe. Call the westerwelle police department at six one for a two seven, four four for it was your worst nightmare in black and white right. There every site, then you have any amount of help that you might held onto the media were gone. I fear the worst and it was concerned it. breaking no, no one, no one. What happened and I hope that we get justice for her, and
people continue to be inspired to I see beauty in the world, like, I said the biggest mistake he made with miscalculating about how many people love or, if you're, going to take action of someone like Emily. This is a cautionary tale that
I do not want to take out someone or kill someone who would dreamily well, you know, and there wasn't any, that I didn't already that or if I got your white lawn, I mean I'm, I'm friends with her and I I've had a couple of interviews and I've broken down with her and I broke down. How can you not work out just one? The waiting is the toughest part, the pain of having to pull back from, not saying anything but not giving an opinion people. It is a natural compulsion for humans to express remorse, anger, frustration and to assign blame, and we had to. We were told
europe is profit, don't say, don't accuse, don't, say anything about him or anybody until the fact come out. You have the lively turn that all how do you turn off compulsion? How do you turn up? Prostration liberally impossible from them, but you do it, the That brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and fifteen I'd, like
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