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Case Update: Megan Foglesong


21-year-old Megan Foglesong disappeared from Alden, Kansas, around the end of November 2015. When we first covered Megan’s story in 2016, nearly everyone pointed to Megan’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, David Madden. Megan attempted to leave him in the past and told others around Thanksgiving of 2015 that she was leaving him again. Several days later, Megan sent a message to a friend indicating that she was back at David’s, then she went silent. Around this time, David texted the local undersheriff to inform him that Megan had stolen from him and ran off. In hindsight, that story about Megan stealing seems rather convenient, possibly a way to explain her absence. But at that time, no one thought much of it. They figured Megan would pop up somewhere soon. Maybe she left David and was hiding? Time passed, and Megan’s loved ones became more concerned. David didn’t seem interested in finding Megan. Despite rumors and suspicions swirling around town about David’s involvement, Megan’s case went cold. As the years went by, David went on to commit a series of other crimes that left the community convinced that he was responsible for Megan’s disappearance.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Megan Foglesong, please contact KBI at 316-337-6100 or the Rice County Sheriff’s Office at (620) 257-7876. You can follow the search for Megan on social media at Bring Megan Home.

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Hey prime numbers, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music, download. The today The. we first brought you megan Fogel songs story nearly six years ago, on october. Second, two thousand. Sixteen, early months of the show, rich refresh. Your memory were including the original episode with the update at the end. If you remember this episode, well, you didn't. I It's forward to round the fifty two minute mark where the update begins when I took her to be with her dad you met her dad and her sister in the parking lot. will have been heard to daddy her little sister. I guess it may be felt good thing issue save me sheila go home. She alone. I just that
However, my my I stayed in touch while she was out in illinois and she seemed to be doing really good and I don't know what made her decide to come back. I I don't know she she was young has it. I mean she hasn't experience wisely in a year that she would go back to being a user myself. Statistics show that you know you leave total of eight times when you in a body bag or you make it out. Rumour has it. He had people too scared to talk Later at night, I think what, if, what if I feel the sheet she stopped. Is she torturing? You know that
That's just drive a person crazy. I know who she was with last. I did my own investigating before the police would even touch it. The basque- and why are you certain the house. They tell me that Because she was with him last doesn't give improbable caused to search the house which no sense to me at all. hello and welcome to episode. Forty eight of the vanished my thirtieth two thousand and fifteen, was alive. time that anyone heard from twenty one year old megan focus on she sent him. Spoke message to a friend that day saying that she was back at her boyfriend's house, in all in Kansas,. No one is her from her since and no trace of megan has ever been found. This
is megan story. Academy award nominee carey mulligan emmy nominees. Oh, we cause an storing. She said as new york times, reporters megan to eat and jody canter, who together one of the most important stories in a generation, a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault. In hollywood knighted a shift in american culture that continues to this day. The film co stores oscar nominee patricia clarkson Emmy one andrei brower and tony winner jennifer easily with academy award nominees samantha Morton she's a rise in theatres november eighteenth. I had the pleasure of speaking with megan stepmom dawn for this episode,
She's been searching for megan for almost a year now and has done a lot of investigating on her own she's, not giving up the hope of one day finding megan and bringing her home done in illinois, which has made searching for mega more difficult, because there is quite a distance between where megan went missing in kansas and their home in illinois. Explain to me how megan ended up moving back and forth between the two states. She lived in kansas when she was little I'm stepmom and her. Dad's families here now annoyed and when they were together, he lived in Kansas was her and then, when they split up, he came back to illinois and then when she was I think she was. Exercise seven one day when they go to the war six, I think it was and then when she was nine. She came here and lived with us until after
also her mom is still out there needed and touch with maidens childhood friend, brittany, who gave us a little bit more information about megan well hurry. My story, like really good friends and I used to play- I grew up playing softball with their fate at our house, like every weekend was always with them. talented. She was really Nice always smiling. honey in love playing softball she's is always our now good person, those user. Usa. She had happy childhood If we analyse great childhood, like many young people, megan, had gone through some rough patches in her life. While she was in kansas, her biological mother introduced her to a man named David megan in David, became romantically involved and went on to have a very rocky on again off again relationship. The more that I learned about this relationship? The moors and concerned, I became
in december of two thousand and fourteen. The following information was posted on the great Ben posts, dot com, I'm with hope, in the boyfriend's last name at five, six p m at four sixty four south EAST one hundred and ten avenue. There is a report of david kidnapping, his ex girlfriend megan against her will, and they were in route. Alden advises, subject, had taken her before at gunpoint and placed her in a straitjacket and threatened to beat her. They questioned her in front of them and she told the police that she was ok, don t that this upset her so much because megan would have been too afraid to tell the truth in front of her abuser. Dawn was so concerned after hearing about this incident that she began having the police do daily welfare checks on megan, one of. people that we spoke with for this episode is Angie and she, Megan around the time of this incident Angie is an incredibly kind and nurturing woman who reached out to help she is a survivor herself and did what she could.
how do I make? It was kind of mind about circumstances. We had a mutual friend and there I guess, had finally gotten away from her voice. The one that was beaten, honour and here I had gone through some some things like that and she wouldn't talk to anybody and recalled he asked me if I would come up there and and talk to her and I got out there and there she is. She opened up a little bit that she was pretty frightened. We, I need to just get her back to illinois to her family. So I'd better back to my house. We gotta clean air Just look like she had. No, she tells you ve been crying. She I don't know how to say she just came and she took a shower because I told her you're wearing for a long ride. Honey has to meet her. I think it's check both of the six hours half way, and she just take a shower and who cricket more funner,
she something she looked like she hadn't, while in the shade and he took off and we had a lot of laughs and we cried a lot and I really thought that the assurance from my side with her would make her knows. The importance had not going back and that time and again was that there were two thousand and fourteen took her to be with her dad. You met her dad and her sister in the parking lot when she was they been her daddy, her little sister. I just it made me feel so, its foundation faith he shivered Going home where she along and I just that picture took forever in my mind, and we said touch why she was out in illinois and she seemed to be doing really good, and I dont know what made her besides become back. I don't know she. She was young,
I mean she hasn't experienced life and- and I hear that she would go back thing. You know, after being with an abuser myself, you know, statistics show that You haven't you been followed at times You finally leave in bag, or you make it out. When someone goes missing the level that they leave behind often work together to try to piece together little clues or bits of information that they each have making told for people little pieces of information and once you, them altogether. It paints a picture of the abuse that she had endured. Don told me about what she learned from megan when she came back home in two thousand and fourteen She came back here and stayed with us at one point in time it was December fourteen she came. karen stayed for six months and wind
had picked her up and brought her back here. She told me that she left because the boy friend said they were going to the river, but she was not allowed to tell anybody where she was going so scared or, and she laughed what's the deal you're fell. Producer was like did you ever see any marks? I said, lady, I'm in illinois. She was with him in Kansas. Well when he came. But when she came back, did you see anything as like? No, I didn't stripper and look as I got does gone by what she's told me and what she's All people out there megabits in brittany, saw megan after she returned illinois and said that everything seemed to be fine with megan, nothing. Out of the ordinary, unfortunately, Megan did end up going back to kansas and the abuse of relationship that shit escaped just six months earlier. Don told me about the last time she ever spoke with megan her friend
helped her by a new phone, and she called me with the new number and What is one of those things where She would leave him frequently and though this time there. She called me was the day before thanksgiving and she I stated that she had left him. He was in jail for driving on a suspended license, so he was getting out of jail that day. So she called me and said that she had left him and something about. She was with friends which we ve talked to them. We found out who she was with. She was friends and that she said that she had left because she was scared of something at the house. One minute she was told me how wonderful he is in the next man. She was scared to death talk about her communications with megan after she returned to Kansas, had called me and told me that should have back and with other her moms. One the commissioner and
I had moved away from where I live at the time. Like one hours away from here so I didn't get a chance to see her and I wished. I would have read text a lot and then all of a sudden just nothing. and she told Nathan about the last text that she had received from again and the feelings of regret that she has been left with. she was walking in the rain and she wanted to know if I could come and pick her and that and I wish was in unused away again having recently picked her when was that sound? When did you see that- late november brought him I could have been there. I dont know I I I hope nothing. So that's what the would've could've should've. Just now, I should've I should've hopped in my car. He told me that she is over. In that town and walking around in the rain, and I I should have jumped in my car I wished. I would have just that
I wish I were a figurehead didn't I would have to heard it. I m sure when did not you're from again, and she noticed that megan was not posting anything on facebook. She said, we're doing some investigating actor facebook page on november. Thirty is she had messaged a girl, There is saying that she was back at the boy friends house. That was, though, last day of actual facebook activity and actively log was not the thirtieth even if she was mad at me about something you know and was ignoring my messages, I would still see that she was on facebook. he went to the sheriff and told the share that making stole from him. So this it was like. Ok when she comes back, I need to talk to her well I that message stated that she was there november thirtieth on December. First, the boyfriend
tax message, the sheriff because they live like There is a real small town. He message the sheriff on December first and told the share of that they got into a fight and megan ran off and then the boyfriend turned around can't the story of megan stealing from him and blamed on somebody else. They say you know he could have. just be blamed on somebody else to make people think he wasn't matter her and as like, Is it normal for him? The text message you now. Usually calls me with One told me about david texting and calling the sheriff. I said what that seems like an odd dynamic to me. The dawn plain to me that all in is a very small town. I looked it up population of alden kansas is only about one hundred and fifty people, there is one text that came from eggins found after that last facebook message on the thirtieth a friend. He stayed with
round thanksgiving got attacks, fish from her phone December servant. To strictly saying I'm ok, but even the friend told me they didn't think it was her issue just say, I'm ok and leave it at that. often when an adult goes missing. There can be a larger timeframe between when they go missing and when they are reported missing. This can vary widely due to different routines that people have It is usually notice more quickly when some, unless a structured lifestyle, for example, if they don't shout for work or to pick their child up from school. due to make lifestyle at the time. No one immediately recognized that she was gone Her dont say earlier that she became concerned when she noticed mega, not posting on facebook. That was really out of character for her. That is when she started poking around online andy described how she began to feel like something might be wrong. I believe, That's when I got a hold of fish that mom facebook and asked her hey, you know
the I had it have heard nothing from her and I've been texting and calling her and he'll make like I said after I took her back to you with our family. in touch while she's out there, and it just was not like her to not respond back with a text she just had. Spirit about her. I just I just don't like her. I don't know you could We make was around. She was an artist pretty girl she's. I should so was, I hope you say she is here with us It was all around her. You could just still it in all. Their studies something's wrong with you, contact with some very contact with a lie, and then all of a sudden you saw me His friend Brittany lives in illinois, and she too wondered if Megan was on her way back illinois. Maybe she was on her way down here, maybe she does need a few weeks like get offer brain. I never thought I would take this long for her to come. like. We don't know nothing about her case in it's like no one doing anything. We all want
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Joanne tool, a bit more about how she began investigating online and how she was told a bunch of different rumors she's, clear out there and who are clear. here and I didn't think ass, another for a little, because you know she is old enough to do ass. She was in our christmas wine by and I was closer facebook and the counter get a hold of me and then her birthday, Fine then I'm like something's, not right, because she always. I would phone harder home for her for her birthday and add. A box is therefore required they'll sit there. And then I started trying to find her myself, I went through all were facebook friends, a message. On that. I seen without my area.
was getting back. The fear ass were answered me one girl was like well, I heard any murdered her some day said. I heard he ripped off the wrong people and then somebody else said something about the mexican mafia and common sense. Form ass time went on dawns. Concerns continued to grow dawn had to I even have megan reported missing. I had a fight with the police a few days before they would even flower poor, because you without inconvenience, and if she wants to that's excuse, I got I apology since then, for it, the kansas missing and saw that made the first fire. He gave me of the law and today carry few you unless they know where she's at contact with her and though she's ok, they can't see you need, ask me, and you were her first thought was when she found out that no one could locate megan. Did he
something to after sunday she had told me that he had been to her on our trip to take them back to her family I: u right away. He had done something to her and he was going on everyone will. Nobody have to worry about her again, no way with somebody say that it was pretty expensive adduced. forms. I'd rather not sharing that until I don't drink to jeopardize the king, If something happens, let's just say that is it traumatized her you s earlier about what makes people back. It's like you, search a silver tat signal You know if I didn't eat every day. I felt like it wasn't a normal day and that's sad that you start to show that that's the norm, that you do and you still say, that's what you deserve, and I think She was starting to feel that way. Obviously how many times have we heard some one who went missing or was murdered, foreshadow their own death or disappearance dawn, heard about some comments that make it had made prior to her disappearance.
I've had to girls. Tell me that and told them that if she ever came up miss and that he did it seems like a logical place to start in this case, would be with megan cell phone records, we know that suspicious. I'm ok text was sent on December seven, but her communication before that was november, thirtieth done explain to me why she was told that megan cell phone records are a dead end colleague sailor tried the warrant further phone number, but since it was a prepaid phone, they don't keep accords they told me well, he said they don't keep records. Past ten days after megan went missing. Someone reported that they had seen her in a liquor store back in december. This year ended up being another dead end yeah the lady that saw her. I'm her daughter's friends with megan, so she knew who megan was. It was actually around. he's getting
because there was one friends ass. She was Dan was at that time, and he's got mixed up between the two holidays. Sure the after megabyte missing one of David's friends committed suicide? explain how this led to a search there. He heard that maybe he knew about it. Rumour has it that he told people that for he died that he does something terrible and couldn't live with himself, but he'd awesome into a fight with his dad at the bar that night too, his dad owns a big farm, though we have first arrive. On his farm, and it's right by the river to visit actually search the farm itself we search the ground around it. Ok, like by the river and all the trees and stuff ever found any trace anything of hers or anything like that.
I know the first big search that we did where they had more help and more dogs and thing, they found anything. clothing or anything they picked it up in baghdad and workers. A clothing item or something I know for a fact. She had is hard to say One thing that may shock you is a david's home has never been searched. Foresman has stated on that just because her last known location is his house that does given improbable, caused to search the hand. One time we were out there on a certain. I said. Can't you just go. who his door, come on of door and ask him just to see what you say While we know he's not gonna, let us and if we go ask unless harassment- and I would like ok, the gray here believe. Firstly, that farmed Is that right here we ve searched his play several times:
You tell me every time you go to his door, asked him a fleeting come here that that harassment, as dog ended up dead possibly the dog was sick and he took him out and shining found with the dogs buried close to his dad farm, case is full of rumours donors. And told so many different stories, we don't even know if Megan actually stole something from David or if he just said that to the police, but some uncontacted dawn and told her this one Alleged theft occurred he got a girl. He was with another guy in the other guy called his ex wife, Finally, in sand and about how David was right. A star If you're significant other disappeared, wouldn't you report them missing and participate in searches. David won't even speak to meccans family. I tried the cost to them through facebook, when I first
work and for her and instead of and for me, this block me and I'm all day. He made comments. I shall never be sound and shall never bother anybody again in another. Binge twisted in this case is that cabbie. I has said that her cases possibly linked to another missing persons case. They have not said why they believe us, but I asked on if she had any more information. She said that the other missing person is a man who went missing from that area in may possibly he hung around the same crowd of people. I did some digging and the only man that was reported missing in that area is twenty. Seven year old, Charles Mc Henry, who was last seen getting into a black vehicle in great ben Kansas, the data his disappearance was may six two thousand and sixteen I wish that we knew more about this possible connection. That information has not been released maidens relationships with those around her play, such a crucial role in this story when was working on this episode. I felt
we needed to delve deeper into these relationships to get a better understanding of what happened to megan when you hear about megan from the people who knew her in illinois. You get one picture of hurrying your mind she's. happy sweet girl who was a town to soft ballplayer, but when you're from the people who knew her in Kansas. Tat picture starts to change. You start to see how a troubled relationship with her mother letter to move to Kansas, where she became involved with a bad group of people. If you look at meccans facebook page, you will see pictures of megan and her mother having a great time together in Kansas, but there is more to the story than what you see on facebook people often what they want you to think is going on when in reality there is a much deeper backstory the relations. Between megan and her mother. Pam was very troubled. She didn't know I about this relationship, much with her friends in illinois at least at the ones that we spoke with, but she did
confide in some people and stated that she felt like their relationship, was more of a competition. Angie gave us a really good insight into this relationship and how it shaped maidens. Life. Have you met her mother. Now, biological matter yeah. No, and I, want to meet that woman. I dont I mean she proclaims out with the guys who did it that's right. I mean how could you be buried motherly instincts, and I got three daughters in a case I use the tv from telling him let alone go hang out with them and have him in your home. I feel sure. I think she's not saying in judgment day will come for her on that We desire Oh dear he also sources shovels mothers, daughters. Listen exactly!
Thirdly, I believe that she told the press a person. I can never. If you stayed with her neck, you texting from a printing in giving interactions terms. Could she stood up for she was statement in it. You know, when I checked megan back to your dad and beyond. All this talk about her mom. She said it should. you too, to be like a party friend mom in legacy. She'd never really been there for her, now the shoe looking at our role model in here, She started to say was about her you how everybody says what about their step? Parents, they just don't get along with them, and you know they try control their removing. I told her said you know I said don didn't have stepped up the stepmother? Do you know what I mean she? She was there for you and she said then she she's the best she could you ve got to respect her she's. that's wife in chile.
Your stepmother and gifts, a better respect than I bet, you'll get it back, and I think we should go a third illinois, is that she had Listen you for started a relationship in I know that negative loved her for biological mother, that she had some herself because her I didn't want to know what I mean she didn't want to be a mother in children. in the brain and helps for that. She says she church. She chose drugs and alcohol for being a mother, and I said well that's why you can be warm more appreciative, it's a blessed with on, and I dont know how that woman. That's it. I really don't pretty high level of wisdom for a twenty year old girl, terrible awareness of our peoples, if you buy a third fall short life, among other things. In common in that, I think that russia and at my I know our friend, the mutual friend it had me
I mean how you get, or I think that's why he called me, because he knew it We did have a lot in common. opened up, and there are some things I wished. I wouldn't hurt bad, I'm glad that she told you because it'll help in we will that megan met her boyfriend through another pan. heard so much about this boyfriend, but who his David. truly a mystery man in a way person that we spoke with that. Even those David is pan. If you go to his facebook, If there are no pictures of him mega, We're told her friends in illinois about him megan for currently posted pictures on facebook, but never posted a single picture with him Nathan, this brittany about this, you ever met her boyfriend that she hadn't candles about him. Now I never met him, never heard about it really never said. One word about him. Never never does seem strange It is then but I mean well, why would she never
they nothing think about him. I usually I want to show my boyfriend off like a hair brush never said. One word about him is ever but her being abused by him. Now Don't call me some interesting information that she found in her research based off of a comment that megan had made prior to her disappearance, he was in the marines when he was younger and him, Two bodies were out in a bar and I guess the two bodies took some guy out murdered hand. Then, he was originally arrested for it too, Megan once told me that they told her that he murdered somebody, but friend was due in time, for it. and you know because I didn't know if it was true or not if he was actually connected to another murder or if he was just using it to scare her, but the article then possible, the two friends left him at one bar and they went to another one and pick this guy. I'm took him out and beating the death,
You know that I had to look this up. The story is true, but if you go by the court documents, it does not appear that David was involved in this man's death possible He did use a story as a way to intimidate megan. We The control plays a huge role in abusive relationships, even though only use intimidation to control megan but dawn then told that he has other people too intimidated to speak about maidens. Disappearance Megan do not have a job at the time of her disappearance Donnelly's out to her former player to find out why she had left her job. She worked Ethel A cafe there and all that at one point in time- and I thought to the owner turning weren't there very long, but she said then made where you can of the way from being a visa and there many many times where, if she was called and the people on the sound. He would break your phone. megan had attempted to leave the relationship on several occasions
we heard about when she went back to illinois for six months the time she moved arizona with her sister, but she went to kansas with David when he showed up in the middle of the night. I Many of you are wondering why someone would stay in a relationship like this or why people go back to these kinds of relationships relationship yourself, what is it psychologically that jars people into the cycle once sunfish delay from what is it? What's the matter actual neighbour to the poor. You know mine was fear. I have three times and he knew what they were threatened to produce them then what is it helped me? He threatened. Then that's one thing I can say with enough abusers and it won't. They could be often they are people in the world and the first thing my ex husband told me where I can promise.
But nobody also ever hurt you, but I can't promise you that I won't I went back or that they also know the things to say the right thing to do. To get you back. They always the same text that I saw her she's young she bought into it. I did several times for. I finally ended up in crises shelters, nine nine or ten so megan was juggling these two very unhealthy relationships, leading up to her disappearance after some attempts nathan was finally able to get PAM on the phone to comment, therapists worker, saw a lot of pictures of you two on there yeah I'm not going to happy. You are going to yeah. We were having a good time look what what kind of she she was one. from. She was always happy, I'm everybody loved her soul. She was back after school after
yeah. She dared Ellen. She went back for eligible for awhile His father was not She had just come out to visit that the structures but she could not do this. Is it last november it was in the summer. Summer before decide, you got it she was living canvas, look down on it ok so How did you find out about that now? Does the news from the EU and nurse that man is we weren't? We weren't speaking at that time. Oh yeah yeah we are at the london when she was out there. She wouldn't talk to me for a while, lunch. I think October it was yeah. It was right around my birthday his heart. very idea. I love you,
go missing or what's what's been, the hardest part for you, not knowing they wouldn't have the police been helpful? I'm not really. Love whereby county when they were investigating a party in touch it can be taken over a couple months ago, and I have heard a word from low. He wanted to build it now. I don't know the little do anything. I saw it on Facebook Billy, don't let them yet he had let the boys last search, I went on with them alive by three months ago travellers will actively searching as far as I know, better any. We really anything that I they never informed me of anything. I wish you through the grapevine, papers, sir,
besides it is yet another victim of all classes. Yeah there I saw that yeah, I don't know. I thought I'd like to. But you learn learn everything off a facebook pretty much. In some other way and on that guy I have it has allowed us to communicate? We didn't we stay here so coming up on the year. Three what somebody has something that does not come about, one that guy job he they was a mission. You yeah She was have in this house, and then she laughed I gas far. As I know, by some people had met David, the jupiter so am I What do you think could be it'd be, but then I don't know I've known him for a long time they wanted me. Then
I didn't mean it, he continued the french ban. I have- and I doubt I've I think it was one of his friends one of Israel's yeah permissible by the way he acts now, though he knows, yeah. How did you feel tat? tell you filthy handy, so, hang out with them now now nobody, even those where he sat now all really? He asked The police are abundantly clear. As I know that as yeah other health situation, The attitude of waste to be doing more. Do I let you go? we could be doing more. how can I really don't know what they ve done, doesn't like yourself Is there no crowd and then yeah? They builders do some some, Where were you something yeah yeah
How are the kids? I'm essentially has the quite arab my miser theories are very said about it, and why? have been out from arizona to help, search though search out. You really decided search, they had crime suffers some calls. An alarm was called, I guess, and the in places to go and they could ever dogs out, and we went with them all this the follow up on leave the obviously there so common in the, however the three months ago. I don't know anything since then sources Is a friend of David's? Is he still around to you or is he gone as well and as it has It is historic day. was gone. I was wondering the the friend now you know the friend is David still, where he's always been a little friend David siller out yeah.
I hear his name every now and then, but I dont I've seen him and I tried to The number I had four men- they won't respond in geographical, If you have anything to do with it, He told me that she ran off to colorado with somebody else respond anymore? You don't buy that are now. Those was on their muskets. Yeah and if she did, she would contact someone within a couple months. I mean it was never this wrong. it covers My question was living of making that you want people to know mmm hmm. Does she live then we wanted to find her. I hope do I really do While I appreciate you take an active part in the sharing our problem already by eighty. Nathan- and I have been reaching out to people on facebook to try to get more information I got information that I had nathan look into this
conversation about that information so earlier this week someone sent me a message on facebook and gave me some information about the relationship between pam and David, and all. I knew that this was a rumour, so I gave you that information to see if you could confirm it, and what did you find? Well, the guys that she and David then involve dramatically in the past we certainly she will involved romantically with David prior to negative, arriving in kansas, first and what the status of their relationship was after that, after maidens rival during their stay there returned Ellen, I alone. Will she region the kansas. That's pretty bad yet, but you didn't
that negative or mother, lessons share a boyfriend, Have any thoughts on that from an investigator? respect, is certainly raises questions. You know that megan child that down very competitive, which are not again, the man but many aspects of our life out of different feelings about that information, I would to discuss at a little bit more as we move into the theory segment of the show before it. About the specific theories, I would like to briefly mention the timeline facts that we do know mega David home on november twenty fifth, which the day before thanksgiving thanks. And fell on november twenty six. That year she spoke with honour day and told her that she was spending holiday with friends, because David was getting out of jail and she was scared. I was
Could you confirm David's release state as november twenty fifth as well? She So texted angie around this time asking for a ride because she was walking in the rain the next the indication that we have four million is november thirtieth. That was it. Spock message from her to whatever friends at she had stayed with over the holiday. In the message she said that she was back at Davis house also the thirtieth davidson, a text message should under sheriff, saying that megan had stolen from him the following day, David again message under sheriff and said that he here Megan got into a fight and she ran off the only known communication from her phone after this point is. To one of her friends on december seventh, that simply said: I'm ok. We do not know if this text was actually sent by megan. Several, the theories that I've heard during this investigation have come from David himself. He the story from the beginning by taxing the sheriff to say that she took off.
things that she took off with a friend of Davis, but she did not really offer any information to support that theory. I Her relationship with David leads me to question her thoughts about David, because It could be some bias there. I wonder if he could be manipulating that situation with her, just like he manipulated Megan Nathan as Angie if she thought Megan would take off and not contact anyone for this long. What is your mother? A couple of days ago, She said something I told her she ran, ran off to colorado with. The guy has had no definite action. something that he got going around that Where is he the one that got that wrong she's, not like her. I thought I heard all, I'm not staying contacted any if she was still alive in April to she would contact someone
There's never been this another time length of time between You contact her. Asked the same question I feel it com somewhere in fuel, very sensible person on facebook always on the phone. I think she would arrive at least let hey, hey, I'm, ok or whatever you didn't tell me where she was, but she was there just call tax or facebook, another theory that David has tossed out there is that the next came cartel took megan. I think serious hastily, and there is nothing to suggest that this is the case. Dawn spoke to both enforcement and a private investigator about this theory, and neither of them thought that this was a likely answer. Most of the people that we spoke with felt like everything points to her boyfriend, David, case had been handled by the race county sheriffs department for many months,
this is a very small department with limited resources under brain trieste, her was one investigating. This is all the person that David been texting around the time that making disappeared he asked happens to be one of david's neighbours. we reached out to get a comment from him, but he never wrote back overturned any of our phone calls. I dont they didn't get very far with maidens case because of the limited resources. there is some kind of bias their due to the pre existing relationships andrew tool, Nathan about her experiences with the sheriffs department. It MR text messages with the sheriff mom and I'm the only one that shields enough to Told me: how did you I got her away from him the first time and I figured it they were and then, if you and me- and I never got interview and like Basically everything we sent your text and I just stop at that. Very that's not appropriate the handle- a case like this are each case for that matter. I feel had katy. I accept that it probably would fill a court case
katy I investigators spoke about. It, tat. I had an interview yesterday. He came to my home and I told him but I knew so listen when I believe warrant relate from the counties, its working in case they wanted. to him. There was a few things. There is some movement on the piazza. Yes, I mean he's all about face to face interviews asked where, like I said, I'd, never even that the sheriff the counties that you know. Nobody has even come to interview me. It's all. There are text messages and that's just in the slot. They have done the investigation now. If I may, I would like to see that there are some expectation, our having a written. it may, even They want a written statement. He was fine, just text messages and there were some things. He probably shouldn't have told me. You know it's just poor just for judgment all the way around on their partner kitty. I have said.
This case was recently turned over to katy. I we reached out to the detective and he told us to contact their media relations department, which we did promised us a statement by friday, but they never got to us. I'm home, that they will eventually get back to us. One interesting point to note is that law enforcement officials have stated that they suspect foul play is involved in this case my hope That can be, I will be able to find megan and bring her home. If you have information about the disappearance of megan focus on. Please come Ok, be I at seventy five to ninety six, eight too zero zero. If you are domestic violence. The national domestic violence hotline is available. Twenty four seven you for one, eight hundred, seven, nine, nine seven to three three for help their website. As the hotline dock work, you can also go on their website and chat with someone that webs is also a great resource for friends and family members again that the hotline dot org
her. She had the spirit pattern, and I dont show that I might make us Only neither she's. she's no longer with us, but she I'm an actress. but their family, then that closure. We all knew tat pleasure. We ve just date from the town I prayed for that. I'm lucky girl no longer in its work. And prepared for the worse the witches with pleasure, leader home. She needs to be addressed. Did you ever knows anything about any of this. Meda k on treatment of the kurds Such things, as you know, call the anonymous hotline in somebody somebody knows
more than just a person at it. She's alive she never eaten got to experience in a mother. She never got to experience being a wife. She never got to experience. Only twenty two that might get trust me. This. Having been through all about myself, I know that when people Why didn't you just leave? You know you? You have to know that you are strong left it you're, not the people that you have the floor. Your abuser says you are you're not. You can make it without him and if you get away- and you can the way safely deal because it's a fortune you like you're, my friend like I wasn't.
Pressure to use the crisis advocates, they are hidden angels and. I never knew that crisis sinners until I happened to be in one go to them. They are very resourceful people. They paid I don't even know how to say at the edges they do their job well and don't understand. There's a big factor even when you started gothic, alighted unwanted, that's not a normal way to live in. It took me a few years time to give. came to not saying I'm sorry ever considered, say something in. That's, not a normal way of life. there is a different light up there in lebanon. At her, I deserved better that he has been
use deserves better. I sketchy, and when I started the page underlines started the pace that page bring megan home and I get on there and I look at it in actress. I got push that moves. Will she won t? You know: inshore fishing, she added, earn everything on an unjust one that made the page like it on, and I look at all the people that have looked at them If you put a shared that do not kid? You know it's just somebody out there has to be something in their life. Suckers, anonymous hotlines, you look for him. This is somebody's bottle. What is claimed on somebody sister, you know, I see post from their grandmother owner the centre grandma at her home. You know they just
You know where she is: she just needs to be brought home and there's somebody that note and sad that we, pretty much rely on psychics the majority. An information on where to look got no help from law enforcement it'll. Now that's somebody from he couldn't go. You knows if somebody with a status, and she person missing. She could still be here she I hope she is still here, but I just make it tells me, she's not budge. If somebody would have thought it could have saved the line. Sure you having some problems, have my own with enough things right What really he just got out a person last month for ten years, yeah. With that, I think that's why this all hit it. So hard with me is, I feel like. I should have
shared more with her about what he had done to me, though I stress the importance of this is this is the result you know I'm lucky. I got away from people ass a fortune I had to have a surgery and my face because my drawing sheep were broke both of them and so Here's changed a little bit and I don't it changes a person, everything about him, and nobody should have that right to take that. Somebody. The anger and violent- I remember
and while the way you treated me was very happy and very clear at that moment to me that he had very deep issue afterward David did my father. I have no doubt that you could have done that to any individual if you're willing to kill your own father, I think you're very capable of killing other individual, and I believe that you'd be here with david
twenty one year old megan focus on disappeared from out in kansas around the end of november of two thousand and fifteen. When we first covered megan's story in two thousand and sixteen nearly everyone pointed to megan's on again off again boyfriend David. She had made attempts to leave him in the past and had told others around thanksgiving of two thousand and fifteen that she was leaving him. Once again. Several days later, megan sent a message to a friend indicating that she was back at David's and then she went silent around the same time. David sent a text to the local undersheriff to inform him that megan had stolen from him and ran off in hindsight. That story about Meghan stealing seems rather convenient, possibly a way to explain her absence, but at that time no one thought much of it at first they figured Megan would pop up somewhere. Maybe she left David and was hiding time went by and Megan's loved ones grew more and more concerned. David didn't seem interested in finding megan and despite rumors and suspicions, swirling around town about David's involvement, megan's case went cold as the years went by David went on to commit a series of other crimes, crimes that have left the community, convinced that he was responsible for megan's disappearance, I'm marissa and from wandering. This is episode three hundred and sixty four of the vanished and update to megan fogelson story. The.
Back in two thousand sixteen, we brought you megan story just about a year after she had disappeared. We wanted to do an update on megan's case now, six years later and nearly seven years after she vanished while there have been significant developments in the case megan still missing today The developments have not led to a resolution. in our original episode. We spoke about maidens boyfriend David extensively, evil. Named as a person of interest at the time, so we didn't publishes last name, but he is he's been officially named a person of interest in her disappearance, his name David. Madame during our original research, several people told us that they were frightened of David. They were not only concern that he had harmed megan, but also worried. He could potentially harm others within the community. two thousand and seventeen. Those concerns were validated when David was arrested.
For any crimes related to megan but shocking crimes. Nonetheless, reading an affidavit prepared by an a t, agent, the cavy. I had contacted the eighty afternoon investigation into meccans disappearance, the age explain that David was a person of interest in the case and that they said The fact that he was involved with explosives and or explosive materials. On February twenty second, two thousand, seventeen david mad and authorities on a high speed chase through multiple counties that ended at his home. There was a stand off at his residence in David was ultimately arrested. It was done that time that maidens loved ones were hopeful. Their search of davits home would yield some clues as to what may have happened to her or where she could be treated after the high speed chase and stand off. A search warrant was executed at David's home unfold, Naturally, we are unaware of any evidence found that link david maidens disappearance
but investigators found other frightening things at his residence. They look the two wooden creates in an out building which contain twenty four separate metal pipe bombs. Further, searches of the home in outbuildings, uncovered more bomb making materials and to more creates full of bombs. A couple weeks later, investigators returned to the property to continue, searching and found it. a k, forty seven machine gun under his bed and a railroad torpedo which is regulated explosive item along the forty five caliber semi automatic pistol David admitted to making and lighting off pipe bombs and said he had been doing this since he was a kid. He also admitted defining the machine gun in iraq when he was in the marine corps, David said that he brought the machine gun back with him to the: u s: David, weapons in his possession that were required under law to be registered and he hadn't registered any of these weapons
a federal warrant was issued in february of two thousand nineteen two years after the offence, In the meantime, David was also facing felony charges locally include aggravated assault on law enforcement officer to come fleeing and alluding and said. Other offences. Most traffic violations incurred during the high speed chase. After February two thousand seventeen arrest David was bonded out in may after several continuances were granted David offered a plea deal more than a year after he was released on bond. by taking the steel David, would not have to serve any jail time, he would be on probation for a year and maybe Most importantly, he would, be allowed to own firearms, ammunition, explosive devices or other dangerous weapons, Maybe that sounded good on paper, but what we or could happen the next time this man
was already a person of interest in the case of a missing young woman have been found to have dozens of bombs and other dangerous weapons. Well, David mad, incapable of and what was planning to do with those bombs, be long before some of those questions would be answered, David's agreement was filed in june of two thousand, and eighteen The federal warrant was filed in february of two thousand nineteen and in April, two thousand nineteen things would come to a head in rural kansas when under share of Chad murphy decided to try to apprehend David matted. After spotting him at a casey's general store and sterling Kansas. At this time there was the federal warrant out for David and also a warrant for failing one of his routine drug tests. He attacked The positive for methamphetamine. present in the vehicle, along with David, was his girlfriend aaron baker and her seven year old son.
When the under sheriff pulled them over david commented that he was not going back to jail as the under sheriff approached David began, shooting hitting him in the neck and shoulder the under sheriff attempted to retreat to safety, but david open fire again hitting him in the back inside. girlfriend said that he forced her to drive away at gunpoint and take him to his house. In alden, David went inside and filled up a laundry basketful of guns and ammunition. Will fire chief heard the emergency calls and witness David at his home, placing the weapons in the vehicle? They got into the driver's seat era now in the passenger seat and took off the fire She followed the vehicle. David was driving vehicle, stopped at the home of david's, father, Thomas Mann, Tom was out in the yard when David arrived any opened fire on his father, as he attempted to run to safety. David up with his father and killed him on the porch of his home.
around this time, David's girlfriend left in her vehicle with her child. The fires, You ve decided to follow her. Passing Tom's residents, David shortages truck multiple times. Disabling is vehicle Another rice county deputy, arrived in David, shouted that vehicle as well. The sheriff arrived on scene and David shot at him to a book. It went through his leg, the state of continued until David ultimately took his own life, It seemed like a miracle that all of the officers involved survived and no innocent bystanders were harm that day, but the murder, of thomas madden was a devastating blow to his family David? girlfriend errand baker, pleaded guilty to obstructing apprehension aggravated endangering of a child, but other choice. These were dropped as part of her agreement. Errand was sentenced to sixty days in jail and eighteen months of probation europe
weekly, wondering where David got the firearms he used to kill his father and seriously wound law enforcement officers. David's mother, shirley loader gave him the gun the he used on that fateful day. She was sentenced to sixty days in jail and probation. Four maidens family learning about this as it was unfolding, was a shock. They all along that David was dangerous and that something like this might happen some day. They were worried that David would hurt someone else as they believed he had done to me again. We recent he spoke with megan stepmom dawn for this update He told us how she learned what was happening that day. While she was back home in illinois, I got it now I'm gonna, love David, shot, an actor. I thought I knew about it before he even got to his dad's house. I think it was Why, out? At that time my the small
Equally, everybody knew. Why am I here? girlfriend at the time and the off for him in the car and pull them over. We went through how our loaded that more weapon and the girl, out there in the car, waited for him, than in the car his father I'm glad you dead and he can't hurt nobody any more. and I dont believe he would ever said poland, where she was anyway after the rampage was the first time ever probably said David. This aspect and why that, because he is dead and nato have them, preheat, oven anymore there. Barely any media coverage for megan you did that. And then there was a big deal when all that happened,
and I believe that's why they made a big deal out of it like because we were entered I believe one he got arrested for that too that he was interviewed out basically told he didn't give up any information. I knew he would never We could have done would leave again no before he shot himself, but families I gotta get off on the fact that their family suffering. You This first happen we had seen some chatterer. Nine people were theorizing. That David's father may have known what happened to megan David decided to kill him too, to keep a secret forever don explain that she doesn't believe that to be the case, there was someone who was enabling David, but it wasn't his father I think his dad would alone something he would. He would have. Pointed at me, I'm pretty sure that that is very much tired with them like what
before all that happened, did you hear that dad nearly one and now and then do it in mind- standing with mama greater one. Now sign whatever even the internal uneasy the shooting she she got over. poor leg Why the gun to a sound in case stalled out with the passing of the only publicly known person of interest. If It killed megan or knew what happened to her that secret with him to his grave. Dont asked us to take a closer look at David to try. gain, a better understanding of what may have happened, dawn acted us with some of David's friends and family members. Reading People have said about David online and speaking with those who knew him, we divide two different visions of david so
people seem compelled to come to his defence, calling him an amazing guy who could light of a room, had a heart of gold, but simply made a few batch choice. Sets then you have this other take on David. As someone who allegedly abused women had us a pile of weapons and explosives police on a high speed chase had two separate standoffs with police over the course of a couple of years. Show several officers wounding two of them and killed his own father it becoming increasingly more difficult to understand how anyone could see David as someone with a herd of gold But everyone is complex and shaped by their own experience. Sets we were wondering if David was always this way or if you change over time did something trigger this in David. One person that Don connected us with its David sister Julie. She had known David, her whole life able to give us some further perspective on things? My relations,
nobody gave it was almost none exists, in the past ten years, I had not seen him. In a year or two prior to and murdering my father too. For the past ten years it was basically non existent beside the secure before that. It was very limited, though my Adult relationship with David was promised, not existed. You came back. The military Children we had what I consider very normal relationship. We grew up with our older, their thomas, then we spent summers together doing for each bears go. To the river. Hang it now. We would go on family vacation. Every year we good rodeos as a family, which turkey has the family. Numbing gave my words. have you got it all together, we would alone please ina. Okay, but his personality. He was there hurry, he grew very mean. David. Entire personality was a self entitled. Broughton brat, his entire life David was the youngest and so
when we were younger. Looking back now, there were signed that He was violent, I mean he could be in pet animals, he could be mean the younger people on our camp. At present the thoughts, and there are several examples nor life when I've just had to be like you can't do that him in a lifetime to almost fight right in front of me, and she was. pregnant and I stepped in between them and the like. You can't you can't David could now, with a very violent, a lotta anger and national anger came from the data the very smart college after them in core. He gonna put you through combined county mean because in any one on the case to date he always had a violent anger. Aside to him, I would say: people were probably scared of David. or would step out of David way. I guess I right. Thought him like be mean to our little couldn't make trying to scare them he could be mean the animals and he just didn't, have much of a conscience. I'd say like if he was
Anthony. He would never like be apologetic about you just be like go on. You know, whereas if the normal person hurt someone's feelings- and you know it- you try to correct it, or at least they sorry David had no conscience I mean I dont think ever but david There was a very good looking die. He was athletic, though people ass, a white paper. You know It wasn't like you, went around pushing and shoving people. He just added. I would say a bad boy and too, but he also said good. Looking kid participated in sport, kept great that enable cause any problems and high for after the milk I think that the whole different story do explained to us that she sees warning signs in hindsight dating back to their childhood, but things become blatantly apparent until after David's time and the military in a data. The monetary right. After his boy graduate may winter. The military in june was in the marine corps. He got
Honourable discharge for disability came back about three four and a half years after the military and acid, adding one college and like the first three to four years after the military, we got along fine. He came to family christmas and things were pretty normal here for years after he came back from the military. That's when things just I kind of lost the timeframe, cause it and you just got cut out of our lives They have time in the military. Again all the records show that there was some kind of altercation, Alan carolina that until his buddy bacon, murder somebody out there, it's all very odd that he was involved in something like that. Another way of life played out haven't, had a lot of warning sign. He would come to family abandoning and he man leave many the thought contact with all of us. His health and open the window. Tat aluminum boil on. He did have a guy replacement. in her, and he was
lay in and out of jail company now trouble when I did see him here. act like you didn't want to talk to me, what cambaranian to him like one time he s outright yelled at me another time he would just say, julie and walk by five. Unlike paces when time short, before my father was murdered. He was in the vehicle, my mother, bring something to me, and he wasn't it. Vehicle- and I didn't expect to see him so like I was back home, prevent multiple family gatherings. She was meeting me anyways. I ran out to the car to grab something from her did not expect to see David in the car, and I got there, I'm sure the faith. The look on my face for, like oh gosh and I just said, hey David and he said Julie and he pulled his hood up for a like that. You wasn't done talk to me and I took the item for my mom and I love, and that was then. You know. And I saw him- and I would say, with a year or two before he murdered father. That kind of how it had been lacking
here that I saw him. It was like walking on itself around David, my dad's, how the debate where NATO David came up, help and I was passing- hinder the of people there. I pass him theodora and I said they dave, well. His I owe you know, But my druggie thug lie like ok whatever and are openly the site his mother, secondly, the man sighed had always like clay David, deepen the drug, My grandma had brought him a letter, my grandma dantes house, you know my grandma having a much more time, We all knew you down the path of drug. He would they figure a mere burning a thing. Things like I'm going here, help pick up. from the tornado I set high. If you want to see the jupiter I'm the combat row up my back and I'm going back to work. There are fine. David was Harry angry, very hateful. Just looking at his criminal record our side, Nobody ever saw him all about. Family lived down there and people always say,
your brother and year like now mean either no one thought David. I think his mother did that direct the world did not cd There is a lot of money sign, for Lee David's arrest in two thousand seventeen should have been the biggest warning sign of all he had allowed. The police- and there was a stand off at his home. This was a big deal. Least it should have been and twenty here. I believe that David was pulled over or attempted to be pulled for a routine traffic. Stop in ellenwood kansas. Looking at the court records, it looks like the police officer can pull over david and you fled, so he fled the scene and he just took off one down some country road and
Broke several traffic violations, he ended up back at his house and all men barricaded himself inside and then eventually surrender peacefully to law enforcement. After a few hours standoff, though, a routine traffic violation went bad and then David ended up. You know, fleeing in alluding attempted into a law officer because he basically ran aloft you're off the road and all that in the court document that what he was all chart, the whole life cycle, for thirteen violations and they put it down to two or three men. Might in like again my opinion. I have no idea. There was something in them while he didn't, want the divine going right back to his house. Occasions up in there and maybe some kind of both are better hid, it I don't know the then of course he was, in the jail, and then they serve two thousand of them. in about the illegal gun, the pipe bomb and Nothing else. I think they wanted help with that for about ninety days. Thank you wouldn't want to do
on February, two thousand seventeen approximately, and I know he was released late- may of two thousand seventeen Ninety days in jail seem like a slap on the rest for such serious crimes and also taking into account the cachet of weapons and explosives that David had what was planning to do behavior seemed becoming work stream with time, and you know that for about two years or he committed murder during that three years, use with beyond probation and he said, on probation in january, two thousand nineteen I found out, and they Issued a warrant for his arrest, which was never executed, and then, in february, in the bedroom, indictment came out, and so the day he murdered my father, he had to warrant operator ass. One per probation violin at the moment the federal warrant for owning in the legal gun.
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Long before the two thousand. Seventeen stand off and arrest of her brother and the two thousand eighteen murder of his father and suicide. Megan focus on disappeared and everything seemed to point back to David Julie, explain that she never had the opportunity to meet again. This happened after she became estranged from her brother, but she did hear about megan from her father I never met maidens I knew nothing of megan I He heard in conversation through some of David family, like mother cited them there. David was gazing. Her girl in her but again, but I ever met her and didn't know anything about her prior to fathers, murder and then I looked up some stuff on facebook, but never met her face. The face and knew nothing about her past, I thought then let him with nothing. When my father called me a couple months after she went missing.
and inform me that David had had a girlfriend and that you'd gone missing and they'll baby in the police department was concerned. David S, death so my father, that called me, and let me know about the situation that it was months after it had occurred I do live for hours away from the situation, though, I am not as directly involved in it today the activities of What's going on rice, county where's, my father, that call them we had a you know along conversation about it and after my there was murdered in, I attacked the dawn, megan mom, and then I learned a lot more after my father's murder but yeah here's my dad was pretty big. My dad was a man of few words. He just called hey this one. Let you know that this girl went missing and no one has seen her and she was with David and they had a relationship. I urge you to be aware of it.
Julie feels like her father, wanted to warn her about David. He was worried about what his son might be capable of Calling me morning me new david violent. How and it was Moreover, I believe eva capable with me. I can't speak for my father army, leave it by the tone of his voice and by the conversation it he knew That David was dangerous. I think he was calling We me or maybe a somehow kinder, protect me as the hey. This is a dangerous situation. I think they could be involved David criminal records. He had been a lot of trouble and we all knew he was under a fellow with very person that he could be involved in just about anything he wanted. To hear from him and not here on the news or for have fun. Your call me or say something to me. I believe the david was involved, megan missing, I that David had a part in this,
Thomas Mann had no idea at the time that he would be the person that David would decide to take out with him before leaving this world jewelry explain how she learned that David was armed and on the rhine. So how I learned about the shooting was my sister in law: the older brother thomas. As I called me, it was about five forty five o'clock at night my younger thought, and I had this on manhattan caused as it only this and home from phone rain, and you ve been our health fund. Then I heard someone say Julie. You have then I laughed at the gay. You called me I'll phone and he said having anything and I I thought it was the welcome. I heard anything about why nice, you don't send you anything about by David said no, and she said: we've got to cop I announced that, oh, my god- and he saw you, come in now he went to the farm. Looking can't hold your dad they will go about their own necessary did because,
we we called that cell phone. He won't. You get a hold your dad and I oh, my god, you ok, ok, can I mean with you, I'm coming down headed down, but let me call thoroughly a murmur of peace another goes on and though I hung up The law and I called my mom and he said the same thing check that you I don't know. What's going on David thought, two cops the farmer to kill your dad and I dropped up on the ground, and I clap before I met pick me up in my daughter, the pact, thereby of impact even became a phone call. We took off him, their driving toward that farm, and you know it What college did you can't go barn you come to the police station and I think by I got a phone call from its internal in. I believe my father was already dead. Yeah we living as everyone has done, my dad had a lot of guns around for his own protection and safety, the david throughout their and cutting down behind a building
and when he came around the building David avatars, shooting them Many people, you told me yourself, then that maybe would have been too hard for my father to cool down on his own child, but I dont know Hathaway David my father, I have no doubt that he could have done that to any endeavour. well. If you're willing to kill your own father, then I think you're very capable of killing other individuals. Earlier we mention that there were some rumours online that David killed his father because he knew what happened to me. Dawn refuted that rumour and so did Julie julie was able to provide us some more background on the family dynamic between David and his mother and father. Let me our parents for divorce and david was hey do our mother than you of their father, and He had had her. This is about our guiding the earth and my dad just wouldn't put up with the drug use.
alcohol and my dad wouldn't put up with david relationship with his wife. David, didn't have relationship with this kid. So my father kept a relationship with his grandchildren. Thou bothered when David was mad at my dad, because my dad would go visit the kids and visit his ex wife that my dad was just trying to keep a relationship with his grandkids at one point during David and his ex wife's divorce, David Ex wife contacted my dad said here, would you would you come up here to go to court me and help me get the kids away from David, and he said he had very little contact with them, but when he does have contacted scheme, them, and would you mind, being on paper being on my side in helping me through this and my dad that I absolutely I'll be there? He also my grandmother my group will forget: we want the best interests of the kids, so my dad went to the court house in the county that there were filing divorced and my dad's my dad that their with David that's life than you know like a mere review. You I'm the kid if not in their best interests.
around a violent personnel does drugs and I think that's what David really put on my dad. You know, after that, just anger. He got up the farmer. My dad once before I kept my doubt with a pipe with you left the driveway. He was in opera firearm. I dont know what the trigger factor way, but I. You thank you with one doubt was willing to go to court and thin briskly and kids, but say their relationship had been trained long before that, Julie feels as though her fathers murder could have been prevented. by two thousand nineteen, it was crystal clear that David was a dangerous person. He was erected, imagines disappearance and was known to have large amounts of explosives and dangerous weapons here too DR warrants. At the time we were told by several people that the reason David wasn't apprehended sooner was because he was such a danger. They needed protein carefully with a swat team at a plan.
They didn't know what he may have in his home. He could have been more bombs, so unclear why the under sheriff approach david on his own that day without back up, but unfortunately that's what sparked a series of violent events. I need my by martyr pitted a hundred then prevented how'd. You know and get with justice that David man was walking free and clear in rice, county with two and software address on April. Twenty ninth, I think If those neurons would have been acted on. My father would still be here today we have a cigar. I'm ok, ok behind or a county sheriff bob after everybody was prosecuted, aaron baker and shirley loader the attitude and conversation with us when we asked them that. Why didn't you go to Davis, health and attempt to arrest him? He had two warrants out for his arrest and yo murmured answered. They gave us, oh that the dangers
Wasting David was known to have pipe bombs and we get nowhere walking into he was called over at cases a very public place, the right him on firstmet the permit, though fortunate that no civilian were interned in sterling candle mean they pull David over at right up at a key seed, knowing he had a fleeing in alluding record from two years prior and yet you weren't operas rescue isnt van gogh peacefully. He was very high. The I think area and think could have went so much worse than they did. I feel so serve about law before they got shot. and just spiral out of control from there. David was gonna do thinking and he did exactly what he done through your prayer. The first incident happened with Murphy point David over and david shooting and then David shot saddened and had his girlfriend I marin baker drive you David house, where he picked up a bath, of already loaded up ammunition, gun energy dream, cigarette there, it in her car and told her to drive my father's farm in the basket.
It's still laying on the floor when we are allowed to go back into my dad's house after the kbr released the health to us, the guns were taken, but everything else was just left on the floor. It's been theorize that David could have disposed of maidens body somewhere on his father's property because he had a large farm and David knew the land well julie spain that, while her father was alive, he allowed searches on his land today julie, says a family remains open to allowing further searches of a farm if law enforcement would like to do so in the future. We do you know that our father, let and family or law enforcement search search, the farm and search the area around the farm we have, open to anybody that want to search. We have told the kpi anybody if you wanted, If you want to know where we thank her body would be were we think David would do something we will go with you and that the law enforcement doesn't seem interested
They give anybody gonna know where David would do something. It would be thomas tonight. with him, we went to the river with him. We went to the houses with him. We know the countryside and long for had never reach out to do a search julius. Leaned earlier that now she identifies warning signs in her brother dating back to childhood. but there was also a distinct change in David in the years following his return from the military we spoke former friend of David who met him. after he came back to kansas following his time in the marines. His name is kelly storms. If you remember from the original episode we discuss a nine one. One call that was made by our friend in december of two thousand fourteen. That friend was Kelly. David had violently assaulted, megan and was threatening to kill her Kelly was trying to help Megan she
come to him for help, leaving David David showed up in an altercation ensued. Kelly is currently recovering from a medical event and asked to answer our questions in writing. As that's easier for him, he explain that David grabbed megan when he was in sight of his vehicle and took off at a high rate of speed. Megan was on the outside of the vehicle with David hanging on to her this. Extremely dangerous and kelly feared for making life. He got his gun and followed them. Kelly called nine when one on his way, and during that call he mentioned a few things about David that we thought were interesting. He said, he is a loose cannon, he's ex military. He hates the government. Any hates cops when Kelly gotta David's david was inside with megan kelly. the following in a message to us about the rice, canny sheriff's office response that night. They,
Do a damn thing about it. I had to get her back the first time by myself, because the cops wouldn't help these. They couldn't do anything because he didn't answer the door. That's what, flipped out on them then, is when I realized they were not going to help me at all. With this situation, shares deputies surrounded his house and had a party in the street. Basically, they didn't, would darn thing to help After my nine one one call they worked together for a year, because I, after overnight were dad's place in illinois. the community, knew how it was going to end, because everybody knew that he was going to commit suicide. Kelly's That David wasn't always like this, though this is what they told us about meeting David and how he changed, David as he got out of the marines and was starting to go to case state. just met him through another friend any seem like a pretty good guy at the time. but several years later he turned into pure evil ness
The first time I met megan. She asked me to go for a walk with her. I didn't we His david was right on her, but but he had s gotten her back from arizona snagging, her back from her sisters house in bringing her back up here. I could tell when I met megan, that she was scared and didn't wanna, be their kelly his continued searching for megan in the years following her disappearance. He believes that this could have all been prevented. Headlong enforcement done more when he called nine one one that day after witnessing David violently, abduct Megan or one of the many other times that they were called Davis home before megan ultimately disappeared, in our original reporting on this story, dawn had mentioned that megan said that David told her tat he had killed. Someone in friends were doing time for it. Dawn wasn't sure if this was true or just david bluffing to make himself look. Tough There was a murder that had occurred while David was in the marines into of his friends were doing time.
David was initially arrested along with the two friends, but he was never charged in connection with the murder. David his friends, Brandon and Devon, were stationed accomplish camp in the coastal region of north carolina in january of two thousand three david brandon and Devon went out drinking one night. Brandon endeavoured left a bar with a man who needed a ride home accord, to court records devon plan to rob man and beat him up. They said donna, gravel road, instructed the man to get out of the truck devon retrieved a baseball bat from the truck and began beating the man. Brandon saw whatever was doing and got back into the track. the true later disposed of his body and clean. The truck at a near by car wash face with the possibility of life in prison, Brandon agreed to testify against Devon, brilliantly did guilty to accessory after the fact, first degree, murder and all
accessory after the fact to attempted robbery with the dangerous weapon devon. Convicted of first ray murder and is currently serving a life sentence. Branded has since served his sentence and has been released. We got in touch with brandon to see if he could shed some light on this for us here plain how he met David. David. I weren't ring the other. We were best friend and and then station again. He I was still a skater city park. He would. Country heh, but he wanted to know California and I was like well. I know the area I was like yeah come up with me and yeah We get a lot. In great time I mean was we will do winter training camp pendleton. For one is in. Are you today that led up day well toning. I was, I was a bit hunter, so we would
whenever we are the apparently it was more like the brother. I never had. We had the same interest yet it's not a cable young, so The girls and women here for a week and then for her getting on an airplane going back out to California another that day was. I mean be. For I mean we would be back back in that situation he wondered lloyd, didn't Brandon shared an interest and curiosity in weapons brendan told us back in the early two. Thousands their interest wasn't in causing any harm or Andrew carnegie ordered point properly. There was more like a wooden bloated ground, It was a level of curiosity, none of them both lord rifles, and we did a blog I put to you mathematical, made it worse.
I'm way round will take this up in the pine tree. When we would get at some of their gear like our helmets or jackets and our ceramic plate long I'm apartment get someone who them with our heavy rival when we Discussing the weapons that were found in davits home during the two thousand seventeen search, there is mention of a machine gun that David said he found in iraq while he was deployed there. glance we wondered if some of David's issues stemmed from being in combat during his time in the marines, he could be suffering from ptsd. Due to that, it was an assumption we made. Assuming that with David said was true, will speak with Brandon, he told us that David was never in iraq with them due to an injury that remit inception historic. He never went overseas in love up sustaining or mandatory and he wasn't able to go yet a surgery I want
he didn't go. He felt at about that, but you know I didn't need above Well, we did encounter new emails and phone calls bag. But more than what it was to have. The time the good news, I can agree with. New roommate was seven so the story that David gave to law enforcement about finding the weapon in Iraq and bringing it back was clearly a lie. Britain, explain that David was not involved in the two thousand three murder in north carolina, I've been out with them that night that met up with a girl at one of the bars Devon Brandon left for another bar He was not that bar. He led a day for me. Now with some girl. The three of us that much odd went out in the country. I stayed in my god. Kevin hit him with a ball bat. He was in the back of my truck
every government baseball bat. We were playing softball day, but the whole company, I got out of a job I was working worst them indicted for that. But I didn't tell us tat the body not take the place. I would point to be given but the best I'll do it in court. When I was be on your way. I want all sixty years and the other car one year one month, provided but I ve been talking about, After the murder in two thousand, three david was unhappy that Brandon turned on their friend devon, testifying against him. burning says that after that time, they didn't speak anymore, Brandon into prison and was later released and went on with his life. He says You didn't hear from David or anything about david and Tom hagen disappeared and
stepmom dawn began poking around online for any information. She stopped but upon this murder case at mentioned both Brandon and David in court records dawn, got in touch with brandon moment, mother, that may warning nobody knew anything I didn't I had. Since I will quote was the last time I saw or talked to him after I got off the phone with her. I called him immediately, what's up indeed the guidelines eyewitness. Despite talking to him right after he had put his dog down and a dog boy investment door down about bad becoming oh boy, I dont do. some help. He needed help and begin the mai him and Megan were both on god's and he said that he took off
Brandon didn't have much more to offer us in terms of knowing anything about me again, but he I maintain that David was not involved in the two thousand three murder and north carolina. the david that he knew back in the early two. Thousands while they were in the marines, didn't seem like the same person making headlines in two thousand and nineteen. After murdering his father and shooting police officers, Working on this update. It became clear to us at something happened that caused a shift in David after you, left the marines and move back to kansas We don't know if it was mental health related and he never receive treatment or, it could be drug induced. We simply don't now but those who knew David sought happen bright before their eyes. He became paranoid put tinfoil on the windows of his home. Withdrew from family and friends and became, increasingly more violent and short tempered here became anti police and anti government.
When you at all those things together. There is a clear picture of a very troubled person who was becoming more volatile but time. Everyone, spoke to express that they wished. Someone had intervened sooner and certainly no one should have enabled him by furnishing him with weapons after a felony convictions when he was no longer allowed to possess them megan sprint kelly, witness David violently, abduct her from his front yard and endanger her life by driving away at a high rate of speed well just holding onto her from the inside of the vehicle kelly wishes. Something was done on that day. from against family. They feel like the answers to finding mega have died along with David David, knew the land out there so well, and its vast and rural there's, some places that make it could be they don't even know where to start David was responsible for maidens disappearance, It is still possible that there's someone out there who know something
dont shared with us, that she doesn't hear much from law enforcement anymore and hasn't heard much sense. David died. I bid talk That will be I ain't gonna be a time. Do you think that I was told me? much from the beginning, though yeah I have never heard anything really work speculated that here and put on my phone number, We in our they don't want to do anything I want they get. It can be ensured. On where the word I'm not gonna, why he attacked anybody. After the rain paid in it, and turned over to a different kv. I than the latter I thought you, but now I have never talked to her we don't want make story to be forgotten just because the person of interest has passed away after It took his own life, megan story finally made national headlines for the first time
maidens family was thankful for the coverage but discouraged that it took David's heinous crimes spree for making to be considered newsworthy. since that time. The news coverage has faded, but megan is still missing. We wanted to bring attention back to megan story once again with this update, with the hope that someone will come forward with information. If you have any information regarding the disappearance of megan Fogel song, please contact cavy, I at three one: six, three, three: seven: six: one: zero zero or the rice, canny sheriff's office at six, two: zero to five, seven, seven, eight, seven! Six! You can follow the search for megan on social media at bring megan home, I think, a knew that it wanted end well, one when I asked him what a better world. My understanding that the kaiser blew it peacefully.
the move towards a wall autumn. What even with the army that was breaking up a to murray? That was a major shock. He adored the third game was, hey. He was very good. But when he pulled the trigger, you know exactly where they What was wrong I'll go that again been prevented. the.
The brings us to the end of episode, three hundred and sixty four and I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us if you've been missing loved one that you'd like to feature on the case, submission form at the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the special page discussion, the twitter at the very start, and also instagram, if you like our show, please give us a five star rating and review, follow the show on amazon, music or wherever you get your podcasts or you can listen ad free by joining winery, plus on apple podcasts over the quandary app. Please support us by supporting our sponsors by supporting them. You help us offer the show for free. Another way you can support. The show is by filling out a survey at wendouree dot com, slash survey. You can also support us by joining our pizzeria. We can get early or three episodes be sure to tune in next week, we'll be covering a case from California. Thanks for listening, the.
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