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On September 11, 2014, 63-year-old Daniel Farrar left the assisted living facility he resided at in Westbrook, Connecticut. He had $20 on him and stated he was going to get himself some lunch. Danny often left for walks or to grab some lunch. He was one of the younger residents in the home and got bored staying inside all day. Danny was seen that day at a local store making a purchase. What was unusual was that Danny never returned home, and the people who ran the facility became concerned enough to contact his family and police immediately. Where could Danny have gone with the clothes on his back and $20 in cash? More than eight years later, Danny’s family is still searching for the answers to that question.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Daniel Farrar, please contact the Connecticut State Police at 860-399-2100.

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Hey prime numbers, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download. The app today. He was really really sociable. He'll everywhere, you went aegis, deed, knew everybody. We had a story about how we knew that person. He really reading. He read constantly someone out a book was helpful. He liked helping people he spent
a lot of people in a a he was funny to me loved the damn. Shortly after he went missing my hooker and I actually spent numerous weekends walking all through the wood all through west. Looking for him after about, we realized that hey, we weren't going to find them and b if we did find his body that after six weeks, the one thing we didn't want to be the one to find him when they hadn't found him after just a couple of days. It was very obvious that something was off. I never dreamed the eight years later we wouldn't have any handler like how'd. You hide your own body. That makes no sense to me in september, eleventh two thousand fourteen sixty three. Well, Daniel farrar left the assisted living facility he resided at in westbrook connecticut
twenty dollars in his pocket and stated that he was going to get himself some lunch. This was danny did quite often one of the younger residents in the home and got bored staying inside all day. Danny was then seen at a local store, making a purchase, but danny never returned home and. people who ran the facility became concerned enough to contact as family in the police. Right away. Danny was known to leave for the day and walk around town, but he always came back. Where could do We have gone with just the clothes on his back and twenty dollars in cash worthy. Eight years later, Danny's family is still searching for the answers to that question. I'm recital from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and seventy four of the vanished daniel for our story.
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r k you I'll dot com? Slash vanished to get this limited time offer today. Drink see I r k you l, dot com, slash vanished, for we get started. This episode contains discussions of suicide, which can be distressing If you need resources or support, you can call or taxes suicide and crisis lifeline at nine, eight or at nine eighty lifeline daughter work. Sometimes eleventh is an emotional day for most of us. It brings that memories of the devastating terrorist attacks that happen twenty one years ago, but somehow still feel like just yesterday for Daniel ferrari but once september seventh is an emotional day for another reason as well. It's a day that Danny seemingly vanished into thin air, never to be seen or heard from again things were It is easy for danny and he had many struggles throughout the course of his life here
earlier danny had a stroke that left him disabled and in need of care. He lost his dependence and the ability to do things he once loved like reading and even speaking difficult for him much of the time by to those fourteen danny was living at tideless manner in westbrook connecticut, it was facility close to the beach which he enjoyed. He was happy there a bit restless or perhaps board most Other residents were elderly sudan often left him for walks around the town of westbrook, which is a quaint, we'll tell along the banks of the long island sound and that's exactly what did on september, eleventh two thousand fourteen. Just this time he didn't come back. In order to understand what may have happened to danny, we have to take a look it is life We can grasp where he wasn't life at that time and how he got there. D
Early life lacked stability due to alcoholism. Here's danny's brother dennis there was a lot of venus and are an arab bringing unfortunately because of the alcoholism, so in a lot of fighting between them parents, not not a lot of physical violence, but a lot of verbal abuse between the parents because of drinking and things like that and erratic behaviour. Speaking with danny's younger sister Diane, she told us Her relationship with Danny danny is actually the oldest I'm, the youngest, of course out of the younger one. So I remember him kind of going off track. A around, we didn't see him for a long time came back he and getting married, which that didn't last very long. Then they had the two girls. I was probably in my teenage years, one when he was around. I would see him more often. He was divorced that point
I was living with my father and he would come over. You know on occasion It will later on in years that we got actually very close, actually limit me at times, danny was just a teenager when he married and had two daughters, Tracy and jody the mere Didn't last long and danny's daughters were too young to remember this time, but trees. Explain what she knows of their parents. Brief marriage, my mother, what sixteen when she got pregnant women, seventeen. When I was born, she was like a sophomore. I think he was a senior or something along those lines. They were both still in high school. When I came along and then they got married and then my sister was born shortly thereafter. But I have no recollection of my parents being married. They were divorced by the time. I was too so. Their marriage is very shortly Tracy's younger sister jody told us a danny had started drinking, and that was what led to
breakdown of his marriage to their mother So when I was a kid, so my parents, divorce and I was a baby. I was like a year, although it was because of his drinking and he stopped drinking right after my mother left in. danny had lost his family, but decided. He didn't want to continue down that destructive path and start going to a which was if changing for danny. My father was sober for probably twenty eight years, twenty five to twenty eight years. He was sober and did he lived in westbrook, he owned his own business. He was very, very active in the a community. You know. I just remember him going to a lot of meetings. He owned his own construction of people's houses. You know that kind of stuff, home improvement stuff. He was a nice guy, very, very well, like treason. Jody both told us at danny was never a perfect father. He should have been
involved than he was where I saw him now that frequently I see him occasionally he was fond very gregarious. We knew everybody, everybody knew then he added a very long time. Girlfriend boring what's her name, and she had three kid giants seeing a lot more of him when he was with her, because she would come and pick us up, and we spend time there at her house. Danny was with lorry for a long time and was a father figure for her children. We spoke with laurie. children rick and laura and laura was what it was like growing up with danny. He was one of my life
as I remember I'd, never had a dad and he lived with us. They would break up every once in a while and he'd move out, but they'd always get back together. So probably from the time I was one until I was twelve. They were together David with their mom and their stepdad. He had visitation and danny didn't fight with his ex wife or anything like that. So we would come camping with us. We would go to the ventures, day trips. You amusement parks and stuff like that with them. When Judy grew up, she confronted her father about his absence during their childhood conversation paved the way for a closer relationship between the two. When I walk about eighteen or so I had a conversation with a bottom vienna shit GAD because it really was never around rarely mostly lorry. Would sure that we had time with them and a really good, open, honest conversation, and that really get a lot for our relationship and we,
You know we're very close from three years. We talk every week least a couple times a week, Tracy also had conversations with her father about this in early adulthood, It was during this time that they were able to men their relationship. Tracy could see her father, still struggled financially. Life was an easy, but he always kind giving spirit tat. My dad was not present a lot when I was growing up. He had his own problems and though he was in and out of my life a lot when I was a kid. He had long periods of stability and sobriety and those of the times when I would see him when I was little little, you met him, you know, would call and say he was going to pick us up on saturday and we'd get ready to be picked up and then he wins show, and that was incredibly painful and that's followed me a little bit into my adult life. But you know he had periods,
where he was really doing well and during those times he would make an effort, pick us up and take us out. He did well for a really long period of time. He had. You know we had an apartment and westbrook and he had seen Full employment and even doing really really well- and I was a young adults at that time, somewhere between ten and twenty one, and we will actually have some really good conversation about what our experience was growing up without him being kind of present, and He acknowledged his dad was a really smart guy. He did not try to hide from the fact that he knew he hadn't been a really great dad, but he wanted to be, and we had some really involved conversations about okay. Well, how do we make a different relationship now that I'm an adult and he was in a stable place, and so we spent a decent amount of time that was like every couple of months.
see him and I would watch him do stuff like you have always broke even though you with working, he was always broke. It never could seem to get that piece together, but I after being with him one time when we pulled into a dunkin donuts and this guy in a truck, pulled up and he's talking to my dad and he's kind of down on his luck and my my dad always had like very strong friendships or he's just a really nice guy and so, but he knew a lot of people kind of on the fringes of society, and so this poor guy was having this kind of trouble for the last ten dollars out of his wallet and handed it to the sky and said here you need it more than I do and I would like the bad now. You don't have any money Are you gonna pay for gas? How are you gonna pay for food? He says. Oh, he needs it more than I did so that's the kind of person he was. He was complicated that he was complicated. It wasn't always easy to be his daughter, but I did love. My father Danny's brother Dennis had also turned to alcohol.
But he saw how well do any was doing in a and was inspired to make a change for himself to a ball was the wool jos because it was either number. That way the emotional pain for me at that time. was running, is all business as a carpenter was very good carpenter he was doing pretty well had lots of work. He had his own man for the first time in a while that you really seem too enjoy. I want to visit women. ernie loved his place, and that was why I would call him being more, I'll going more happy, go lucky, so to speak, not drinking, really active. any helping other people he inspired me to get over, for you when I realise that you had thirteen years- and I was still drinking instilling, As a matter of all kinds of crap, I realize
there. If he could do it, I could do it and it was part of the reason what part of what inspired me to do that I had reached a point in my wife was just totally unhappy with everything, and so that seemed to make sense and that's why we spent some time together, going to meetings and and was really positive thing for me, and he was in a pretty positive place at that time. It was through that process that I just go back to school. Get it further. My education started a new career was very actively involved in aid programme for food probably a good. Fifteen years I haven't had a desire frank and many years and I were taken, for granted either because I know what you're an alcoholic there's always a risk that you couldn't reached at that moment of compulsion, said disease of denial, as they say in people's gopher. Thirty and forty, years and then suddenly have a drink and think that they can do it until they fall into the to the trap and they get stuck there again.
And this is exactly what happened to danny. After many years of sobriety, he started drinking again and his life quickly spy rolled out of control Jody had no memories of her father drinking because he had stopped when she was so young, but she knew alcohol is a problem for him. Was why he didn't drink. She was when she saw him drinking at a wedding you didn't for twenty seven years and then, as soon as you picked up again, he was just he went straight downhill quickly. He started drinking and then within a year had lost his business lost. His apartment was homeless. He had met up with some some woman that here, started dating, and I guess she was on a methadone program or something he was driving her back and forth for her methadone. My sister was getting married. I think that was in two thousand and at her rehearsal dinner he ordered a beer. I wish like why
ordering a beer, it was the first time I saw him drinking actually remember going into the bathroom alike splash in cold water, my face and having a lot of anxiety about that, and he was like well, you know it's not a big deal. I I drink one once in a while, he was sober for my entire life up until my sister's wedding, you know cause they divorced when I was a baby, so I never new one to drink. I knew he was in a a, but I never saw him and he never drank he just didn't. I knew he had a problem with alcohol and that's why I didn't drink, but then, within a year he had lost his job and he was then living at this girlfriend house with her mother, and that was all very odd in many than that that didn't go well with the girl friend and went to live in new haven and fully one hundred percent believe him to be responsible for himself. However, once he got into that relationship with that one,
her name was lorraine and she was on methadone and he was taking care of her and bringing her that's. That was where he went downhill once she got connected with her, not that I think that she's responsible for that responsible for himself. Tracy also recalls s time when danny lost everything and ended up being homeless, on the streets of new haven, connecticut, with obvious that he had. He was now doing well anymore. He was homeless and I could go down too the new haven, green and then ten minutes there and I'd find him. And I could take him for a cup of coffee and it was very obviously, had fallen off the wagon and was not doing as well as he had been doing because his entire life fell apart. People try to hide it, but it's obvious to everyone around now remember going down to the new haven green with my fun, who he took his first steps down her
was a baby, and I bought fathers daylights. Let's take a ride down and see. If I can see my father and sure enough within ten minutes, Damn hang around the green and took him for a cup of coffee and about an hour with them in them. That was it. Danny sister Diane watched her brother battle alcoholism for years and tried to help the best. She could Diane believes that much of danny struggles were rooted in mental illness. He was dying. Laid line with depression? Now this was years later, but on medication for that, but he didn't always take his medication. So I had a couple view: incidences with him, where he actually attempted suicide. Couple times.
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that Danny often worked with laurie son wreck so that girlfriend lorry her son. You know he was like a dad, worked her out our housing place where was remodeling apartments or something, and he let my dad within one of the apartment, and he was supposed to be fixing it up and then, as it turned out, my dad was really just not doing he just whistling living there and just being drunk and that's about the timing and destroy. We spoke to rick and he told us about danny from his perspective and about it's time when he tried to help danny out here with my mother and boyfriend up until the age of thirteen, he was a very giving person like you do anything for anyone, but it didn't seem very happy inside my story with danny is used, my mother's boyfriend on again off again sometime
lived together. Sometimes they didn't and guinea and my mother remained friend and I dropped out of school tat school when I was fifteen and I started working for him shortly after that, the first time that I actually saw him drinking alcohol. When It was probably around twenty three years old, maybe twenty one. He asked me if I want to be partners with him in business, and I said that I did not want to be partners and is like Don't tell me, I don't want you telling me how to live my life. I said, I'm not telling you how to live your life. I'm just saying I don't want that as part of my life and I continued working for him and he started getting less and less work, so I would get work elsewhere. I lost
to them for a while. I dont know how much I was very busy with my own life at the time lion working for the woman in new haven. Like I was per employee age, you paid me very well to manage all of her property and then at some point any showed up. He gave me a call or he showed up he started working for me. He needed a place to live so he asked if he could do some work in exchange for her own apartment, and I told them I would pay for,
cheerios for an apartment to refurbish it, and he would have free rent for a year and after a year and a half went by my employer what's happening with danny in the apartment, though I'd talk to him and he started paying rent they stopped paying rent. So he ended up barely able to work. He would work about four hours a day. That's all he could anvil he. He ended up squatting in various locations on the properties that I managed. While he did the work I had. No contact with danny, probably for five years,
before years I had a wife at the time she got pregnant and then she died of cancer a year later, so I was a little busy. I believe that danny gave up on life by not taking steps to further improve his life, so he was just solving the old problems again or it could be the ghost of the past childhood abuse that lead him down the same road whatever after I had last seen him. He had stroke and he was in aid. Rehabilitation clinic and hartford deniz, mother Dennis explain the danny. He tried some programmes to help him get sober again and pull his life back together, but then Ultimately, when he had a debilitating stroke, he was program where he stopped drinking for a period of time and they told him that he started drinking. They work and support him anymore. They were not going to help him get back on its feet. They were not going up
I resources and they were gonna, just gonna wash their hands of it and he started drinking. So they kind of threw him out of this programme. is about, and I could give a day of salvation army program. If I'm not mistaken, he then left the state of connecticut, went over the line into the state of new york and found another salvation army programme. That would accept him there and there he started to try to put his life back together. Again, you ve done times and while he was there, he had a stroke. That was when he was left with right side of paralysis, expressive of asia till he had that issue, and he never really recovered from that, because in very well because he'd he refused to participate in physical therapy in an all, it would be required to get him back to more fully functional state. From that time he left there
I stay with my sister, he was there for a period of time and actually had an issue were he was threatening to commit suicide. You took often went out into the woods the police found them out there. with a bottle of vodka. I believe it was in a blanket and a bag of chips are something to eat and he He was just gonna drank himself to death as what he was telling everybody. the stroke. Their danny had was life changing in a number of ways tree.
We could see how difficult it was for her father to lose his independence and ability to do the things that he once loved and that really changed his life in a major way. We, my dad had always been an avid reader, who's, really smart and we talked books a lot and after his stroke he lost the ability to read, and we talked a little bit about how you know. Maybe he could listen to books on tape or something like that, but he also lost the ability to recall, and so he said by the time I get halfway through. I can't remember what I: what I've already listened here. I thought that was particularly sad when he went to new haven again. He was homeless. At back my he had the ability to you know he could help all he could do a day's work. He was still able bodied and he had a lot of girls. You a pretty good carbon.
And so he could do a day's labour and earn some a few back after the stroke he was disabled permanently disabled. He walked with a limp. He could no longer you his left arm. He really had a hard time finding word, though, and to order a coffee was excruciating some sometime and he get frustrated, though a minute profoundly changed her life. Dennis had mentioned time after the stroke windy and he was living with her sister Anne threatened suicide tracy explained in further detail what had unfolded at that time and where danny went next, he wasn't going to look like a nursing home in new york as he recovered from the stroke, and it was a far drive, then my sister and I would make the trip most weekends. One of us would make the trip as he was recovering and he was recovering when he first had the stroke, my god we weren't even sure he was going to live through it, and then he slowly was able to walk.
and he could get some speech with some patients. We could understand him and he was getting into rehabilitative services and then my aunt decided to move him in with her. This was against medical advice. My sister and I thought it was an absolutely terrible idea, but she wanted him to be closer to my grandmother. And that didn't go well at all. He ended up falling in her garage and then he finally he took off. He left. One night We didn't know where he was. He had gone and bought a bottle, and we were very clear at that point that he was drinking again, because the groton police found him in the bushes in the middle of winter. They took him to the hospital when the ground we ve picked him up. We told my aunt, you have to tell them he's homeless. Otherwise we are going to bring him back here and so then she told them tat. He had nowhere to go that when they brought him to the facility and hartford. I know he hated
in hartford. He hated that facility was not a great play. That was, you know, a place where people of no means who had some pretty serious challenges ended up. I don't think anybody ever chooses to be in this facility, and he really did not like it just because it was again. Another institution- and he had been in many institutions over the period of his life in an out by all accounts, and he was very unhappy at the facility and hartford. Vainly members had invited him to live with them, but that never worked out jody told us. Her grandmother was able to find an opening at a facility in westbrook cod tied lawn within the facility and hartford and he was getting in trouble there where he would leave and go out drinking and not get back,
curfew and that sort of thing and they had a lockdown unit there and they were threatening to put him in the lock down unit. My grandmother, hadn't heard about this place in west broken new summit. who knew somebody and was able to get him in their dennis felt. Title was a much better fit for danny. It was more like home and less like a hospital setting. He was living in a really nice and what they call a manner here, it's more of a type hi functioning, nursing home, where people are pretty high functioning, but they come and go in and there sir, lies in your managed and their meals of appeared and they managed their money and all that anything with dna. too far away. Dennis was to bring him home on weekends from time to time, but am for neatly. He began seeing troubling patterns again. I live probably an hour away from where he was periodically. We would
girlfriend, and I would go and pick him up and bring him here to our house for the weekend and he would come up here and he'd spend and without any doubt dinner with us and he likes getting away. Some of the thing we were finding was that he was not taking his medications, and I think that had something to do with some of this. He was wanting to take medication, verifying has pills in the trashcan can and we will find empty bottles and also we know he was bringing boughs and drinking up here, because we don't really say much about it. It wasn't a problem. Images are just trying to get him the house for a while once in a while and spend time with him. admit it, but we just didn't know how much and then, when we went a couple of times, he'd come here for a couple of days and he'd leave and we go out to the trash can and find, bottles in there. So we knew he was dragging a considerable amount. I think what he did was wait till we went to sleep and then he would a drink at night and when he was drinking I think he was throwing his pills away because he knew he couldn't take me. Take the pills and drink at the same time he struggled so much
He was kind of lost, he would come up here and he would watch me work in my yard and stuff because he couldn't do a whole lot to help. I think he was just really envious. I think he really struggled with his own losses. The inability to do anything physically inability to control his life living on the supervision of another home or there are elderly, other elderly folks they just kind of got on its bearers. It didn't give me enough money. Couldn't do it up what he wanted to do. He was always stubborn that way. He just couldn't deal with it. Have you just kept drinking more and more? We noticed the progression of, though just got worse and worse over time and then that come around we were really earned from much wonder, what was going on we'd go down and see him and he wasn't there and he was out walking around the streets. He was a very proud kind of person too
giants are even though he struggled with a lot of these insecurities. He was very proud person and they didn't want people to look down on or feel sad and I'm sure he felt that, especially after having a stroke, he it really debilitated dennis in his girlfriend notice. It danny seem to be drinking more and so. Did the staff at timeline jody spain, that staff members a management or very kind, but they were struggling with how to manage danny. He lived at that warm I'm gonna, say probably four to five years. He lived there beautiful place right on the water and westbrook connecticut gorgeous place westbrook, so small new england town good facility was right. But you could see the long island sound was right on the water. He could easily what he would walk at the beach almost every day, the owners of that their names are Amy in math. They were really nice people they loved. My grandmother in my
Mother had then passed. They were starting to have trouble with my father because his drinking was wasn't like he was just going out and have a couple of drinks. She was getting shit faced and then picking fights with people- and you know he was a nightmare when he was like tat. It had been a couple years where we were starting to hear from aiming at ballet we ve got to talk to him and we we picked him up one day and I was like tat What are you doing? You're gonna send you back to this place. You got a chill out tracy, does it when she had a young family. It was difficult for her to juggle her fathers issues along with her own responsibilities. She went in nothing more than for her father to get his life back on track and be able to play the father role in her life and the gleam their role to his grandchildren, but she was first more into a parenting role with her own father. This country
you during danny's time had tied on. I have no control over my dad's behaviour or his actions ever go when he was drinking. It was hard to be around you, the part, the manage kind of a pain to some degree. My sister and I ended up for the power. I think him in a way because he would do They were, for example, Amy, would call in say all your god is mouthing off to the housekeeper and nobody, and I would go down there and say that you need to cut it out. You need to be better behaved because you have nowhere else go and he would say yeah yeah yeah enable promised to do better. You couldn't do it a couple. fears before danny disappeared, tragedies, once again, Danny's exe life and the mother of his children died by suicide. Tracy, explain,
despite their short lived relationship, they still cared for one another, one area, Were young when they met each other and they were each other's first love and they were very sweet. Actually I mean they had and throughout my life, where my mother was absolutely incense with my father's behaviour other than that they go where Very kindly to one another when they would run into each other at family, a ban their family over the years. They would see each other and they were I'm the one another and I could see them being together. Some people look at their parents who are divorced and thank all I could ever imagine the two of them being married, but I could imagine my parents being married. They had a lot of things in common. They did not hate each other. Even at my wedding, they spoke with one another and they did so with.
respect and courtesy they hateful toward one another. At all I mean my dad loved my mother, and sometimes we would. Complain about my mom dad he would take up like he thought that was to keep up at some of her behaviour for fun and corky. But my mother had her own problem. I'm struggled with multiple addiction throughout their life. My mother was an alcoholic first and then a drug at it, and then he discovered gambling he stopped drinking and then she discovered pill and sheep cleaned up from now and she was actively gambling when she died.
She was sixty thousand dollars and credit card debt to my stepfather dependent tremendous blessing in our life. No doubt he was stable and greeted us as a home. Kid me still does my stepfather, who had been married to her for thirty years, had had enough and he laughed, and that was the precipitating, that he was sixteen years old, deeply in debt and her husband just left her her. She did some research on the computer about what pills to take in what combination and she did so laid unconscious for thirty six hours before someone found her and then she was in the intensive care unit for four days for we removed like the poor, and they died within ten minutes about doing that. I'm choking up here even talking about and now- and it was ten years ago, was awful. The loss of their mother was incredibly traumatic for tracy and jody, but it was around this time that danny was having issues at the home he was living in and
did out in a manner that further traumatized his daughters, who will, still mourning the loss of their mother hears jody. They were starting to say like if you don't shape up. We can't have you stay here. You can't have you being like this here, and so he was getting concerned about going back to the state facility. My wedding was in two thousand and twelve and we went to go pick them up because the house called and said like your father's a handful, please come and pick them up. There was my sister myself and one of my daughters and he was going off and saying if they sent me back to hartford, I'm jumping off the roof and jumping off the roof. This was a of months after my mother committed suicide that he was saying that, and I turned around. I was in the front seat of the van I turned around and I said, shut. The fuck up
shut the fuck up, while the latter would their fears tran, advise you, seventeen or grandmother just killed herself now grandfather think he's. Gonna kill himself as upsetting his danny's comments, were, in that moment, there's some to consider as we move through the story of his disappearance The passing of his ex wife danny continue. Have problems at the home he was living at, but the staff continue to do with it. could manage him, tracy believes they felt an obligation to danny's mother most of the residents. There were elderly and he was on the younger side. He was under sixty at that point. He was very bored matt and Annie. They ran hide lawn. They were very nice people who overlooked a lot of my dad troublesome behaviors. My grandmother had then sent passed away,
and they felt like they made a promise to her to take care of him, and they really felt strongly about honouring that commitment, though they figure Lord, a lot of the behaviour of my father that maybe I shouldn't have been ignored the reality was he had nowhere else to go westbrook two pounds over from me. So while he was outside lawn, I saw him quite a bit. He walked around town a lot he'd get up in the morning and go for a long walk and then he'd go back for lunch, and then click, another long walk in the afternoon. I could drag your town and find him bucking. He didn't really have much to do. We watched a lot of tv, it was bored and longer Tracy's feelings about her father are very complicated. She loves dearly, but he was a lot of work for them to try to manage and attempt to get back on track also trying to keep him from getting kicked out of his home. It was You were never able to catch a break tracy
while the last time she saw her father, which is a memory that still stings today he could be crap and he was kind of hard to moderate. Sometimes it was really not easy to be the daughter. As a matter of fact. The last time I saw my father looked like that just so awful he was walking through westbrook near the pharmacy and I was driving through town on my way somewhere and I pretended. I didn't hear him, because I didn't have the energy to stop and give him twenty bucks. I didn't even have the twenty buck behind me, but he didn't have the energy to deal with him. In that moment, I was trying to I kid from school, and I just I pretended I didn't see him, and that was the last time I did see him. The next thing you knew danny had disappeared, it was of timber. Eleventh two thousand fourteen, the train, had gotten a coffin tidal on, but the first was only about an altercation that danny had been in tracy thought this.
Just going to be another situation she had to deal with and she would have to go talk, some sense into her father again any her thoughts. She called me earlier in the day to tell me that he had had some sort of this agreement with one of the other residents, another young male for a young. I mean it was fifty to sixty year old man, but They weren't elderly, but there was another guy that was living there and apparently they had words. I dont know the extent of it but said you need to come and talk to your father, but ok I'll, be there tomorrow, and then she called me later that night, I thought come up high collar. I gave my husband and I were on our way to a basketball game and she called and said your father went out for lunch twenty dollars out of his account to go out to lunch. He hasn't come back and we ve had to call the police, and I wrote
my eyes, I thought. Oh, my god, are you kidding me was, I didn't, have the energy for this stock and I said you are okay, I'm still planning on coming tomorrow and I figured they'd just find him under a bush somewhere right. Just that he passed out somewhere, they'd find them on the bench. I didn't take it seriously because he had some history. I thought oh boy, it took more drama for thing, could have managed and again. This was the scenario where I thought we were going to have to go down and parent him again and said dad you have nowhere else to go. You need to be able to manage your own doll and you need to behave like a responsible adult to the best arabella, so Amy, the director of tied manner, called me and said that, because he had he come back. They had to make a report with the police that
It did, but after twenty four hours and nothing, we thought this is odd and my sister and I started to walk around town looking for him after Tracy got that call. She contacted her sister jody, who had a similar reaction to hearing the news, and I got a call from my sister saying: hey you know dad is miss. Where alike. Ok, let us know if he doesn't come back by the morning, cos and now mind you to stay facility. We then he would have this problem. I you know they find em drunkenness. in the morning or something cause. He'd come back after the doors were locked, so I said to my sister all right, we'll touch base in the morning and we'll go down to westbrook and go to the house. Even if he has come home. We still have something that we need to deal with. You know with him, so we went to the house in westbrook and they had by then of course called the police.
The police were there doing a missing persons report. They did the silver alert because he met some criteria. First, silver alert because of his medical condition. Audible is the home of storytelling. Let your imagination sore with audio books, podcast and originals audible has an increase. the selection of audio books across every genre as it Google member, you can choose one title a month to keep from their entire catalogue right now. I'm listening to unmask alice by rick emerson, it's fantastic! Let audible you discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or be entertained. New members can try it free for thirty days visit. Google dot com- slash, am I a or text? Am I a to five hundred five hundred? That's audible, dot com.
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whose dot com that's vienna, with a v as in very comfortable and very stylish. The last confirm, citing of danny, was when he bought a bottle of alcohol. He was kept word, on surveillance, Tracy and jody went to the store to see if they could get any further information. My sister and I actually went to the liquor store. They confirmed that he pregnant the bottle. They picked him up on the security cameras, though he did purchase a bottle of vodka cheap. He always drink cheap vodka. As a matter of fact, we found
while we were walking through town where he had been throwing his empty bottle before heading back to sideline manner, and there were dozens, oh, my god, I would think upwards of more than fifty. In this one location. It actually gave us a thinking feeling it was really when we spotted it. It was like oof, he was walking by this one area and he would throw it in the woods. So, yes, it was confirmed that he had walked to the local package store. He bought a cheap bottle of vodka, probably cost him less than ten dollars. And that was the last time anybody for him. You, an initial thought they had was a danny had chosen to leave and try to make a goal of it again in new haven a place. He had lived on the streets previously. Perhaps he was afraid. They were going to send him back to the old facility and he wanted to the decision for himself and wood Are we on the streets than in that place so
what new haven to look for him. There was a lot in the beginning of heat. Probably went back and new haven. We kind of thought that too he probably one because a new haven was where he was living homeless on and off and when he, We believe we didn't go to all without europe from because you'd want money should call our you and miss you can have a cup of coffee, hey. You got ten hours, Haiti have twenty dollars. You know I need money, so we kind of felt like I took on a new haven and then we went to new haven and we talked with all the homeless people who haven and and went in the areas that he was that when he was down in no went down to the green, and we talked of people here that outliers and stuff, and we just get anywhere trees recalls that the homeless community in new haven was very helpful during their search there. They were.
to assist danny's family in finding him one of the first thing we did it. We want the new haven because he had written so many times to just go back to the pre positioning. The homeless community, a new haven, it very small. You know you can go down here I been green and, if you're looking for somebody, you will find them if they're there. It would be totally easy to find him and, as a matter of fact, when he was homeless, I was able to go down to the green I'd, find him within ten minutes to be able to take him for a cup of coffee. So it wasn't like he was among a whole group of people. This is where he was comfortable and this is where he would have gone and we spoke to the homeless people we showed wow didn't see them. They were willing to talk to us right where family members they had no problem talking to our cause. We weren't the police. We were his kids and we were looking for our dad and there was one guy. They said: oh we kind of look this other guy, and then we found that other guy and it wasn't him. We were very tight.
And then at that point that he had not actually gone back to new haven and we did all the other things too. We contacted the salvation army, we contacted like all of the different organizations we contacted all of the homeless, shelters in the northeast and sent his picture, and that's what jody- and I did. This was not done by the Italy is right. We can't watching the news media. We manage to get it on the new one. I set up an account on labour listing him. A missing persons None of that was done by by law enforcement that was done by the family. Jody in Tracy are realistic and worry that perhaps danny had a medical event while walking around town- or maybe decided to end his own life so we spent a lot of time in westbrook just searching and searching. We were searching in the woods for her, so we started to think well when the first of the month comes around he's gonna want a social security money when the first of the monk came and when I know that he was gone
I really believe that use deceased, I believe you wherein the martian westbrook, because even when he did have the means to care for himself, he didn't show would not like all the sudden, this guy's now taking care of himself, not ask the family for any money. It doesn't happen for my sister and I like I say we want In the words westbrook, I may tell you what I learned so much about the wooded areas westbrook he had on a grace sure when he left- and there was at one point I saw something I thought I was taken aback and then it wasn't a great when sure do something else. But that's what I have said to me sister, I I'm at the point now I dont want to find him. I want him to be found, but I knew in that moment when I thought I had found in the. I did not want to see that and that's what I stopped working through the wood jody in Tracy, felt like they were on their own for the most part in their search for danny seem as though the police for doing much.
Earlier on, I feel like while they did try to find him initially. They were trying to find the local drunk guy who went missing and now considering him as this person who, really might be at risk and maybe yeah he's the local drunk. I in your town, but maybe he really does need somebody to help him, not just okay yeah. He probably went to new haven. Even at one point somebody told me there was a guy in a local You are saying that they knew the any went to say broke. Don't you think I could find out as this guy goes by job. I didn't find out who's this guy is, I call his house, his wife answers, I said, is Joe there or who is this she's very suspicious, all of a sudden, this woman's con asked for job. So I explained to you, I am she gets her husband. You get on the phone. I said you're telling people
at the bar at bills that you know my father tat he just bolted. It he's like. Oh no, no, I I! I don't know that that was just me say what I think happened. I'm like you can't do that. You kick o o forget about it aegis, but I'd like even did that like search this guy down a called them out on the whole, and that was again just some guy run in his mouth at the bar, but I thought maybe really does know something. So I'm gonna call em up julian Tracy had another thought there. the vacation homes in westbrook in the surrounding areas and danny disappeared. after labour day could he have been heard, out in a vacation property that was closed up for the season, so it's like eventually he's gotta show up so then we went through this whole think of you know, he knew that areas so well and there was calm the vacation halls found the water so seasonal homes. So we would say you know what somebody's gonna go open their house,
the season they're going to find him dead in their basement. We figured maybe something like that. That season came and went. You know- and I kind of started thinking well when spring comes in maybe you will find that he was in the march, but nothing like nothing. It's just so bizarre to me jody. Tell us more about her frustrations with the police departments handling of the case early on. I have a lot of frustration there as well, because they had told me that they were sending the dogs out and then I had heard much much more after several months, like almost a year later from a friend that they know somebody in the connecticut state police department, who said they never did send the dogs out. So I was getting anywhere with reaching the police will actually went on the connecticut police facebook page. I made a post about it and I'll call the next day. That's when they sent it.
exact, put it had already been a year this, like what good is it now? You know they went on this whole thing about it. Well, they were all because it happened. Nine. Eleven dogs ran all of these different morals, and so they weren't really available and finding out that they had never done, and that was really my first. Feeling like they weren't doing everything they could because they did go and talk to a lot of peace what they did go down and new. Even they went to the new haven police. They check the cameras at the train stations. They did do a lot of his thought. That was my first feeling of way. The minute they said they did, that leading. Do it after that happened. Of course, we got more attention. Of course you can, I went on social media about it. I'm at that point. We then had. I don't know one of that You know, supervisors from the missing persons unit and a new officer signed in a case that without tat, my uncle house- and this is.
again we're talkin a year later now, she's cases now changed hands multiple times. I would call them. Every year, like I'm round fathers day the anniversary around his birthday. But now I don't because I don't even ever know who's on the case anymore. I got a call, time within the last year from some Are you saying you know I'm the no? This is better to me now asking me if I had any updates now. I don't have any update Danny had a lot of medical issues, but one we haven't discussed yet is prostate cancer jody expire? and how this led them to a strange search method. After that discussion, there was more discussion about my father's prostate cancer sir, and that he had had those radioactive seeds put in his prostate. It worked for my dad fix them. Then they said, oh well. We have this. Guy who's got this radio act.
detector and he can go driving around westbrook and see if he can get a ping anywhere. That's like will all of this as well. a year later, so they drive. this guy around with his radioactive detector, anita get any things. But again, I feel like all of that stuff we very far after in the months and years that followed danny's disappearance they, up to now on the news reports about any remains being found in the area. Just hope danny might surface and their lingering questions would be answered. Where is she now? You'll learn a lot about how it works and how the system is short broke in. I never knew body parts washed up before something. I ever really pay that much attention too. I guess, but a couple of weeks after my father passed away and washed ashore and the beach and right near where he lived. They didn't identify that it was
our female, so I called the medical examiners office and I said you know my god is missing. Can you please tell me so I could sleep tonight? Are we looking at it anything that might be considered him, and she said it was a female show. Them was another body that had been found a couple a month later and I call the medical examiners office and she said. Let me ask you a couple quick questions. One of the questions that came up with I have his own teeth, or did you wear dentures? I said he had denture. She said not your father so stuff, like that. You know I would call her, but that's been years since I've done that we are of provided our dna to the state. My sister, my uncle, I all have our dna in the state database. So that way, if something comes up, then you know then we'll get a match, but nothing and that's what I find so bizarre that there's nothing Jody is open minded about the possible outcomes in this case, but she d,
I believe the most likely outcome is that danny decided to take his own life. I believe my father committed suicide. I believe it was intentional by believe that he went to buy the water because years before that he was living with that sister Diana. So that time when he lived with her at one point, he stole a bunch of her alcohol and she called the police, and there was I mean it was a hit, well big search party thing. She lived in gratin on the water and he was found passed out right on the shoreline like on the water, and at that time it was believed that he was trying to get drunk and pass out fall in the water and drown, and in the last couple of years when he was at this house and having problems, she made that one comment about jumping off the roof. If he goes back, he said to my sister trust me: if I wanted to kill myself, nobody would ever find out. Nobody would ever find me that's what he,
at your? I think that there was that altercation with the other person in the household. I think that he knew that matt and Amy were getting to the point that they were going to tell him that he couldn't stay there, because there had been other instances at the house think he was just getting to that. He knew to that state hospital. They were going to put him in the lockdown unit and eating. At that time,
if he agrees with jody and points to the times that danny had threatened suicide in the past, people were like, oh you're, probably gonna be we'll meet them were flipping cocktails and, like me, with a disabled man who couldn't speak and he had twenty dollars in his pocket, come on. That's ridiculous and he was depressed. I have no doubt that my dad was probably suicidal a matter of fact right after my mother passed due to suicide, he was having some really intense issues at pied lawn where he was being really rude to some of the staff and most of that involved when he was drinking from what my mother told me growing up is that he was a pretty nasty drunk
I never had the opportunity to see that thankfully, but he could really get mean, and so he was behaving poorly and being very mean to some of the staff and jody, and I went down there, and this is right after our mother died for trying to plan my sister's wedding and we're like we do not have the bandwidth for this right now that you need to just get it together and keep it together, but he had set at that went on just gonna, go jump off an up and bridge and we're like. Oh my god seriously. Our mother just died from suicide. Can you please don't make suicidal threats right now? We ve just through thrill bout, pretty rough and then he had said to me. I don't know at one other time. Well, if I did ever do it you'd never finds me. Are you kidding? I blew. It was hard to take seriously come time. He was very dramatic in the ordinary
Really, within six weeks of building the thing I was pretty sure he was dead. I thought we were looking for a body. I did not think we were looking for my life. Father Dennis believes that there is a possibility that danny is out there somewhere alive living among, the homeless or prison. she was living that way for a period of time after he went missing. Dennis told us about a possible citing that gave him hope somebody solemn park bench, probably waiting for was. There was some rumour that somebody thought they saw, somebody that fit his description. Walking the road in another town here because he walked with a lamp because of his paralysis. He dragged his foot pretty much, so it was a pretty obvious that a deficiency that he had so somebody described somebody at his build in size and the walking like that on a backward
in the town of ethics actually, and then we never heard anything else from there. The one of the thought that I had- and you know this is clearly speculation are not now- is that maybe he took off somewhere to go to another city where he could do the same thing in practice there were just deliver that way and the reason I say that is because a week after he disappeared, we came home one day. And there was a massive. We still had our house phone at the time. The landline form there was message on their from directory assistance and it was coming from connecticut it. You said director assistance. Can I get you know in a random number. I believe It was a collect call. I thought if there was anybody ever was gonna call me collect. That would be my brother and unfortunately, we were not even called the police that day and gave them the number and reported and explain to me that there's probably million causa happen on a daily basis like that that it would be almost impossible to track down
I don't know whatever happened with that? Probably nothing, but I suspect that it was my brother trying to reach me at which led me to think that maybe he Is it actually doing that going back and we even thought maybe new haven, and I know his two daughters went to new haven and canvass the streets up and down with pictures and signs and never came up with anything, but I thought maybe he went to. Other town somewhere a week later now, caught. We were in the house in the back room. The phone rang by the time I got to the phone stopped ringing and it was a directory assistance, call from massachusetts same thing and we is the call so it would. There were almost a week apart. Then, of course, the wheels start. Turning in my animator, he was in connecticut and crossed the line into massachusetts, like he did before from connecticut and you're trying to find a place to land trying to settle in somewhere. I mean he was a
to adjust to living in in the streets. He knew how to survive under those kind of conditions in new haven. He was, you know he had people that were providing him food resources. He had people that were giving him money. He had this program that if he stayed sober, they would help him with the medical reason. forces and things like tat, so he was learning to adapt. That way, in an often talk about going back to that, that's pretty much what I believe, happen. What I was about it's been one who thought that he wasn't happy where he was because he didn't like to be controlled, even though they were very lenient with him. They knew he was linking were allowing it to happen to some extent. I think he had a pretty pretty good serve their personally, but I know that never liked to be controlled by anybody know he. You can't tell him anything very headstrong, stubborn determined to do things his way, whose very hard to sway is decision or other people will say. Well, you know I could have done it
You could have done there, so we could have done there. I thought he could also just disappeared, like he has done in the past and I chose to live on his own and not let anybody know where he is. I gotta know whether I choose to believe it, because I'd rather think of that than the alternative, but a big part of that thinking is because of the phone calls that we've missed. Unfortunately, I was kicking myself for not getting those phone calls I feel like, maybe if I would have been able to connect with him for the longest time he carried my telephone number in his wallet and he told me that he did that purposely because if he ever
I think it will happen. He wanted for people to be able to find me and because he had this expressive aphasia, I was always afraid. Even when he disappeared. My first thought was like: if somebody asked him what your brother's name, he would not be able to tell you he would be like an a and so it it's extremely frustrating. We would sit here sometimes talking with him, and he would try to explain things and we wouldn't know what he was saying, because he was not finding the words my fear was that if he ever, if he was out there trying to find me, he was gonna be able to tell anybody out, find me and if they, if he had that number, it makes sense that that he would have called here because he had the number. But then the not the call stopped, and we had our phone for the longest time after that before we had a disconnected and there was never another call. So I was that he made this decision to leave him or maybe not, maybe got a ride somewhere got stuck somewhere and just get no ever didn't ever now. To get back and couldn't explained,
buddy waiting lived. Not my fear is that he stuck somewhere. I can't tell anybody where he belongs at that. Wouldn't surprise me at all They could very well be, do you know he's clever and after a war deep into the woods and who knows where you could arab handle, it tells you know I knew about or something I don't know. I think that's what most of my family thinks is that he that he was depressed- and probably you know, was the suicide he had done it. He had talked about it in the past, so they wouldn't be far touched by industry. Dennis and danny sister Diane disagrees with her brother and think Danny likely took his own life. I think you probably committed suicide here. He wasn't taken of medication, No, that was taken it the way you should have been taken at so and because of the two attempts prior, that's my guess. I would like that he's alive, but I know I really don't think he is, and I know benefits Dennis wants to believe is below that without them,
and every time I hear of something like though they found the body here, but remains here. They're my heart stops, you never got you dont know we ended up earlier you heard from wreck danny had date. rick's mother for many years after is divorced from Tracy and jody mom. Danny was a fall. figure in rick's life and the two would work together. Rick doesn't believe that when he took his own life, but he has some other theories. Danny was a puritan who wanted to live a good life, but because of the struggle that many people have, he just couldn't get down that path. I don't think he committed Let them I think, anyone to new haven oro than act. Then I always figured dang. He managed to get him up a new haven and he got rolled debt in the basement, convened in building or in dumpster
the dumpsters in the city. You could put whatever you want in those thing now the garbage out look in a dumpster a do not care, I don't think any children, so I don't know I think he got rolled. I think that some people saw an old man with the money and they heard him and put the money in had instead of giving them what something in exchange for he went from this place. having a business and having having plans for the future have a bright future to working for me, living in a basement apartment, and then he has a stroke or is talking out of one side of his mouth and he has to go to rehab in earth. One
again and then, four years later he decides to kill himself. I don't know. I think that the animal that fights for life was very strong in him and would tolerate a lot before jumping off a bridge, I think of it as sick dog syndrome, though a dog gets hit by a car and there's no way the dogs can all live, but the dog crawls it's way across the road till it's alive, read as if it's going to be okay, there is no processing like magic that that fundamental urge for life, I think there was a very strong and data as he kept going through. All that line at a stroke, reeks mister lorry told us about the passing of their own mother. Am I he believes the amount of suicide deaths close to danny may have caused him
take his own life. You may have heard the term suicide contagion which refers to exposure to suicide within a family or community can increase the risk of suicide for others during research into this story. We were told about five. people and danny circle who had died by suicide, including his ex if an longtime girlfriend lorry ray in laura's mom. Here's laura my main thing that I wanted to contribute here, because I dont know what anybody else has said about the family history of suicide, the indies ex wife committed to
todd and then jody got my mom and danny. Together again, my mom used to fly up there to connecticut to see my sister and my brother because they still live there. My mom lived with me my mom's husband committed suicide. So when he committed suicide, I moved my mom from connecticut to south carolina to be with me, but she used to go like christmas time. She would go up north to see my brother and sister or the other grandkids and stuff like that. The year it was about a year after danny's wife, ex wife, committed suicide, jody got my mom and danny together, while my mom was in connecticut, so that was the first time they had seen each other in probably fifteen years. That was december of like two thousand and thirteen and then they're being reunited thing went really good. It was you know, really heartfelt stuff and then, when my mother moved back here to south carolina, I had been trying to get my mom into housing for like a year.
so my mom got back half that shape with being dna. Again she came home and she finally got accepted to housing with like income. He so we get her in their arm. She wasn't there a month and she killed herself that was in April. Then he disappeared and I think she committed suicide in september. So I think Ghana got the idea, the ex wife killed herself, my mom killed herself. I really think a light bulb went off in danny's head and he said oh wow. This is an option I can take my So I don't think gain is alive. I really dont again is alive, no matter what happened to danny everyone just once to find him there soon. its tragedy, trauma and grief surrounding this case, not only with the disappear of danny but the beginning of his life growing up, surrounded by alcoholism, and then his own children had to go through that as well.
Many years trying to manage danny struggles to maintain sobriety on top of that they have lost you people to suicide and possibly danny as well tracy tone. Is that the not knowing has nagged at her for eight years and there's no end in sight no light at the end of the tunnel? Well, at least for me, I live very close to where my father went missing and two towns over and I drive through that town all the time and every single time I drive through westbrook. I think I wonder if my father's body isn't that fond of water. I wonder if my father's body is behind that tree, it every single pint in the wounds that never heal it never heal. It's just always an undercurrent of questioning and pain, and it's awful it's awful, not knowing. I didn't just not being able to have a funeral
they end up and say here was the great things about my father and have only other people who thought that he was a pretty decent human and he had bowed you on this planet. That would be good to know. Some of those people without a funeral was none of that I mean in my search, your library early on, were pretty convinced that he was gone. I don't want to say that jody and I thought everything was hopeless. We just were very realistic having but the entirety of our live with this complicated man disk everything that they ve gone through, Tracy and jody, have found stability in their own lives. Tracy
said that all of the trauma that she's been through have left their mark on her my sister and I when I tell people some of the things we experienced as children and young adults, they're, absolutely astounded that we turned out really remarkably normal, given that we definitely have some some residual issues, while it's hard to be an adult to have a parent who died by suicide. But the reality is, I think, my dad died by suicide too and to have two parents. If I could, I don't know what that says about us credibly painful trauma. Imprints right, I mean, above all, been dug from everything you have heard about danny and his life. This is Certainly not an easy story to take in danny's for the struggle in Eden We make the best choices, but Dennis since the world to remember the good side of his brother, too with a smart guy, he was very intelligent, is its own, most
it just kind of got in his way, but he was smart and he paid attention did a lot of reading. But you didn't know him and saw him drinking or just the same. Probably daddy was a very simple one: For what I don't or define it, but you know I was always impressed with the knowledge that he had. He was a bit had stronger. They say a bit of a no at all. But the truth is we got a lotta research, so he did his homework before you start talking about what it now As I mentioned earlier, his sense of humor. He was a likeable guy and when he was in a good mood, he was very generous and social and it always loved a good laugh yeah. I miss him, terribly, Yeah, I still picture him being in a homeless situation or by now probably growing his hair long having a full beard and all that. It's just a scenario that I ain't my mind. Maybe it's because I don't want to think of it as a deceased brother. The part that concerns me so much is his inability to
Is there any stock from where they might always be stuck somewhere up? Somebody put the effort for the charter to figure out where it came from. It is not asking for help and they're, not recognising fact that he doesn't belong where he is You may not ever be able to tell him we're getting up, and I love. It always said that if he called me right now, I don't care. If I was at work or in a dentist's office over the other night on the operating table, I'm going to pick them up, I'm going to get. I don't care where he is I'll drive to pick him up, but I would give them hell, but I'd pick them. in the same breath that you know what I love you and that's it. My brother I want to. I want you to be home, but shouldn't do this to your family and he knows very well that I come and get on with that situation. happened to Daniel farrar on September, eleventh, two thousand fourteen many. His family members believe that he ended his life that day here, through so much and didn't seem able to get sober this time around
was causing some issues that the home he was living at and they had three that they might send back to the facility that he was at previously a place tat. He hated, he also knew that if you went back there they would put him in a locked down unit danny into an altercation with another resident before he left was gaining worried that he would completely lose his freedom and decided to make this choice for himself. We danny was unhappy and restless after a stroke. He lost. the ability to do things that he loved along with him. independence Dennis believe Danny may have skipped town here if on the streets before and perhaps felt that was a better option for himself, but would You ve gone this long without any contact theirs. the possibility that danny had some sort of medical, then in simply hasn't been found. It also believes that danny skipped town, but feels that someone may have harmed him because he was vulnerable due to his health issues and physical limitations.
today there is no concrete evidence to wait to any one theory All we really know is that he was seen on surveillance, buying a bottle of alcohol and then he was gone forever. If you of any information regarding the disappearance of Daniel forearm, please cunt the connecticut state police at eight six, zero, three, nine nine to one zero, zero boy. No, that jody had tried to call social security to see fuchs china access any of its finances and they said they were is that at that point that was early on at that point, there was no indication that anybody had called, and somebody was told that you know if he chose not to be found. Then nobody's gonna report have no one's gonna. Let you know he's not a danger to any stood the best of our other than the fact that you might be suicidal, just question about, then
He wasn't a danger anyway. It was never homicidal or anything like that or threatening anybody. So unless there is some kind of a significant high risk and we ve got gone out of their way to try to find you, especially if you don't want to be found so well, if you shelter somewhere, and he told them I wanted, but in an hour I am If you call the shelters in the world, but if he doesn't want to be found, are we going to tell you that he's there? He has a right to a surprising, that's my belief. Social worker and understanding people's right to privacy
The. The that brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and seventy four I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story, view of a missing loved one that you like to have featured on the shop there's a case of mission form at the vanished podcast dot com
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