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On November 25, 2019, 29-year-old Daniel Reoch was in the custody of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Squamish, British Columbia. They picked Daniel up while walking along a rural road in temperatures just barely above freezing, and he was not dressed for the weather. Daniel called his uncle, but something didn’t seem right- his demeanor was off, he was in the midst of a crisis- and the police and Daniel’s family were concerned. But they couldn’t hold him, and he was released from custody that evening. Twelve hours later, he’d vanish into the dark of night, walking off into the darkness of another road in a rural part of the Squamish Valley, never to be seen again.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Daniel Reoch, please call the Squamish Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 604-892-6100. You may also call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-(TIPS). 

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Hey? Prime numbers? You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music, download the Today- the. My own personal opinion- I can say this We know daddy loved his children. Personally, I would do anything for his kids. Do you know that We know that we spoke to him the day that he went missing. He was unhappy. You know that Did any veto believe suicide or was suicidal. It'll believe that for a second and like that, can we discount it right away, in spite of the fact that everyone seems to be on board with tat, he was. I wanted him man. Yes, he had sometimes, but he has a very, very confident man and he knew
the people he loved and people loved him We don't know, november, twenty fifth two thousand eighteen twenty nine year old Daniel react was in the custody of the real canadian, melted police and squeamish british columbia for the majority of the day after they picked him up. Walking along of rural rode into but you're just barely above freezing here dressed for the weather he didn't the jacket on only a t, shirt Daniel com his uncle, but something didn't seem right demeanor was off. He was in the midst. of a crisis in the past, as well as the union's family were concerned, but they hold him. And that evening he was released from custody. Twelve hours later he'd vanish into the dark of night walking into the darkness of another road in a rural part of the squamish valley, to be seen again
I'm recital and from wondering this is episode three hundred and fifty two of the vanished, Daniel reacts story I the The. academy award, nominee, carey, mulligan, emmy nominees. Oh, we cause an storing. She said as new york times, reporters megan to eat and jody canter, who, together one of the most important stories in a generation, a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault. In hollywood, needed a shift in american culture that continues to this day. film co stars, oscar nominee patricia clarkson anyway, andrei brower and tony winner, jennifer easily the cadmium war nominees samantha Morton. She said
it isn't theatres now. Daniel react had not gotten an easy start to life when Daniel was just ten years old. His mother April was tragically murdered on christmas day in a hint crime with little motive, but before that daniels life had been choppy, he was off between relatives houses, seeing and living with his mom intermittently and with any idea of who are where his father was. We spoke to us ro family members for Daniel story and started this cousin sonya he considered a sibling and they were or to each other, as brother and sister Sonya told But the early history of Daniels life was like. so my dad's bro, bill he's from material. He can out here and he met and your grandmother cassie, and they had a daughter together
poland, so April's action, my first cousin, danny's, mama's may first cousin she got pregnant danny fourteen gave birth to him, act in ontario, where her dad as for my uncle is, and then I came back to be sea with him and she ended up on the east side of vancouver, which is pretty much skid row. She ended up palm into the drugs and then danny was raised by family members from his indigenous side from the squamish nation April, ended up back on the east side and then, but we met A few times throughout the first nine years of his life, but not too often cause. He was usually with the others the family, any force on east side and then April end up getting murdered, but she was trying to certain make her life better see trying to get off skid row and unfortunately she was murdered and put in a dumpster and after she was found,
a funerals there, s funeral downtown vancouver. There is a funeral with us where's nation as well, and then danny at the time was in foster care and we started having over for visits like as soon as it happens. We start having more for visits. He was ten at the time visits turned interpretive week, long stays and then eventually my parents ended up taking him in to raise as there on that same year. So he was ten, so he basically was raised by my parents in the age of ten until he graduated high school here very intelligent. Really really smart. He went through a locked in his early childhood and course losing your mom and he didn't know who is dad was at the time he handled it really well, when he was younger, he was very musical as well. My dad's best friend, and it ended up me him. A guitar and
he started. Guitar. Lessons in EU is extremely talented with form the guitar severity is called very intelligent. April was only attain herself when she gave birth to Daniel and though we don't know much of her own history, we do of it. She ended up dependent on drugs and without stable place to live, It was uncle rob and his wife ended up taking Daniel in at first just temporarily, but he quickly became of their nuclear family. My brother with gardens grandfather April tat his mother was my niece was mother. She had a little. She had the devil said she was dealing with it. Many difficult for him in that regard, people staying Can you be so to staying with other people on the other silence, One time to the best situations he's dialogical Father was never unseen at all.
he will inside the only time he came back into it. Life was one tiny, was gonna talk, but he had absolutely no contact and people living. Do you even knew his his name until later on his mom. She was murdered He came back into our lives in iran that period since we of course it was a scene of the family and we could see that even so, he was in fact at the moment. The boys would we're gonna have to enter. From her and he was there. tell care waste. Determined, came over to the house a lot more I went on. He does seem too like hand in glove with the other siblings ever hear. The other kids will be. You have here and he just became part of our family and it was very natural organically. You're very easy, and so we are we talking about you. You're just gonna stay here. So we we met
It's just a little boy. He was never in foster care when he was here. He was just well you sound like so We took him on ass, a family member so that that's essentially how he came to Fine, as time goes on, he became he became more comfortable and he one of the kicks here, but because he was I found the members with us made it a little bit more streamlined getting him to stay here. He was so damn happy. So diabetic danny when humans, that's a very, very normal life and he was never treated. as an outsider you could see, was our for job training, simple, even for a child and he was. He was well loved here. Orleans our son and he knew that
initiate about. He said if you set it often that at the moment, as we would say, if you are so, we wanted to support him throughout his life so that that here, reaches his or its potential, as he had so much potential because she was so bright. We wanted hint to educate himself to be educated. We want him to have a good future his mom passed away. We re later we couldn't discussing because of dying to help her darwin. Danny came into our lives, We say about you know anything. We can help this profoundly. we can honour april by helping him as well into a house with three children. So he thought he had something in the house so to speak. It was quite a musician. He was a big time. Football player and skateboarding
We had him in music lessons it. We had a heard piano lessons then that will go to the top. You could with his first love, ultimately and tat. He was very, very, very, very a cock. Shutter Sonya remembers, April's horrific death and the aftermath when daniels future living situation suddenly became even more uncertain. awful and we we haven't spent much time with him in the sort of a couple of years preceding that, though Some remember seeing her. She had showed up at the house with Danny danny was like he'd, be seven and she just showed up in the eu at night and kind of all over the place, but she excites me see my dad. She called me that uncle spot that was his nickname I remember my mom kindly calling us back a little bit causing you that she was likely under the influence, but then- is there and he was really excited to. You know, see us, and I remember him. it's been like. Oh, he saw q and hope he's ok and blah blah. I knew
and quite well and I'd seen before, but wasn't until she died that they're, my french colleague, okay, should the funeral they noticed that he wasn't there and never liquors Daniel. Like oh he's at the foster recently. The meda was a cohesive, Asked Arafat mean ok, so they ended up. My dad went to the foster house and picked. Up and brought him to the funeral, and that was kind of like our first, like real interests to him at that time. I him walking in and looking really stunned and like really kind of lost and that my mom was like okay, we're gonna start having him over. Can I have them over for visits, and so she got permission to do that and then he started coming over for visits on weekends and then she'd pick them up from school and then you'd walk, it's my brother's home from school men. It sort of just turned into than him her being like. Okay We're gonna, we're gonna. Take him in he is going to be freedom reason as ours that he doesn't back in foster care again- the foster family that he was at the time was was great. They were amazing people, but I mean you know you.
stay with the same foster family for that long and bounce and there are good surveillance and there's not so good, foster families and made as for just like, we just want him to be with family, where he doesn't have to feel like. Ok, I'm gonna be moving again, are going to be going to another family or whatever, like just want him to be a family, and then they became the Google guardians. Daniel was surrounded by so much love a strong support system and positive role models, but so, told us that, as the annual came into adolescence, going to struggle with some of the negative aspects of his life that started before his birth and could you attributed to nature or nurture, as he older. He got a bit more Oppositional was link alight with it in life a bit and so he, you know drank What about the crops in it are bringing back home time, so it is ten years and
her. Parents always took him back in, of course, and they had a pretty good relationship. It's a cop gives usually the same cop. That would bring him pick him up and bring them home so a few times that they brought him home and my parents kept them and there were a few times when he ended up staying in the drunk tank. Basically for the night and then calling my parents in the morning and saying you can come pick them up now, but he was really really kind and he was really giving and really thankful to my parents and like he called my parents auntie and uncle the form of affection, and then we when he was my cousin, but we referred to each other's brother and sister, and I also have to younger brothers as well, and there were very, very close with him I am especially the youngest when closer and age, who so spoon really heard. him, especially my youngest brother, though he was just our family. He was my brother and then, when a couple of after educating high school, like my mom,
determined to get them to high school, and she managed managed to do that. He graduated he started working laborer here and there and then he had a year we didn't know the time of. If you was getting to the drugs are what was going on very kind of eta, a little bit of a mess, break and he took the bus. He decided to leave his place in squabble. He was renting a basement, sweet the commission he jumped on. A greyhound bus and took off because he said the report. After him the he ended up. Getting off the bus getting kicked off the vice in in october, because the bus driver he was just, he was just a little bit off and the bus service like a key, have to get out. We can't go any further, so he got off the bus and he ran into the woods and he ended up finding you found a cabin, broken, and then I think he friend himself into the police or the police found him or something I'm not sure, but I think he turned himself in and so he was brought, to the jailing when a peg, his ground
my uncle from thunderbird terrio, flew out, take them then then bottom back to thunder bay, where he lived for a couple of years, actually, several years about three years where he saw does seem to me getting his life's back on track a little back, and then he that are coming back to beastie explained that the family wasn't entirely sure what drugs, if any daniel was using. Besides drinking alcohol, but that some of the behaviors he exhibited resembled the effects of other substances who started using subsidy to sir august to resort experimenting with that sort of thing. Alcohol. There was talk of troy For the most part, he he had a very, very good life here, very, very happy life here he did have that baggage. He was still wearing a lot of that that stuff he did use other substances. He gives me later on in life. He was using a baby. Thank you enough, but we don't
we're not quite sure what that guy was but yeah yeah. He was he with onto onto other things, as well became very paranoid and that led us to believe that it may help him that he would so using apparently that's one of the year, that manifest paranoia. It's real a robber of dreams. You know when you get involved with that sort of fur, those sorts of drugs, anything about was like he. He was so bright, huge above average intelligence when he in school. He was he a gifted musician. He essentially had everything going for him and anything education, postchaises that he wanted, we were encouraged. to go in there and above all, talk with so yes like when he was using substances the bottom of all that
paranoid and verified the sheet you ve got the danube that that we know and love in many ways we can only filled with him. It wasn't all used Wait here was an always that pursues who was on on drugs, He graduated from high school, in which things are were fine it's like having he had to open keyword daddy. He was a good. wider for his children and please help I think a tireless heat veiled. Rather you don't you. you're too, but I hate tat. He was not definitely not taking anything like math, It was like doing that, but she below there that's why we They often on the sort of thing we need. graduated from high school you. I know he had some experience we and the way they were great. In these times Daniels uncle, rob and the rest of Daniels family spend a lot of time worrying and wondering
If the annual was ok and then it seemed ass, though he had made a turn for the positive he met a woman in the square indigenous nation he was from and they had children together, sonya told us more met his his growth. at the time and key leyla, and they had having to children together. Both of them loved dearly and he loved his children dearly. He would do anything for those kids and we saw him Quite a bit agreed cm for dinners asked in here, bring key over with side. The kids would have dinner. Family dinner is in there. come over for christmas dinner, in It just seemed like he was. Getting his life together. My parents are really supportive of it. We are all very supportive of him in doing thought like me havoc. Maybe him having kids Kansas, really turned his life around, which it did seem too. He was really
happy was summoned and all that I know you got packages harping again and he was some perform at events further for the nation for islamic nation and gas kind of lived he he lived. mostly on the rest, with his a friend at the time, but he also came back and forth and he would call my dad if he needed something we needed a ride somewhere or something like that. He would come off often if he was just kind of in the area you appear to be doing well and clearly loved his two children family had high hopes of the challenges he faced as a teenager had passing phase. father who had given Daniel a new meaning in life but Jim had fallen back into old habits and the relationship with the mother of his children didn't last anyone could intervene, he vanished son told us about the difficult last memory she has of ever conversation with Daniel?
before that. We had had a disagreement I forgave him of that Emily chatted and look like the last text that I did I eat at him, which I'm happy about was that I loved him and he said the same thing too. Like you said, I love you too, and so I still have that, but then was a little bit later on when he was trying to contact me again and reaching and I was ignoring him because I just couldn't do it myself like much emotionally, I just couldn't handle it and I knew he needed help them but unfortunately, I guess I've been kind of selfish. Just was ignoring texts and then in late november, so he wasn't coming around because of what had happened, but we knew he was around because you would still call and check in that kind of thing it was during this time and in your life that he was couch surfing and didn't, have a steady place that he was living at all the time but Daniel. in contact with his family. They may not have known where he was staying on any given day, but they knew that they would hear from him every few days. They hoped that doing,
I was working on turning things round in order to get his life back on track again, but then the family began to notice that more time than usual had gone by without any word from Daniel waste. go to start hearing from him early december. We noticed that he wasn't calling anything like that and then my uncle billy, his grandpa and passing away suddenly December ten I think it was an dad headed to fly back to on terrio lure, also dealing with the loss of my grandma at the time as well. Who danny loved and she loves and so I think that was also part of some white was. Hard for us to deal with his behaviour at the time. Could she died only a couple of months before he vanished and my dad act on ontario to deal with thea his brother and his house and that kind of thing, and it was kind of messy that poor thing was a bit messy You didn't have a will or anything like at him, but he went by.
Can he was dealing with it and then I m my dad said when he I turned he really. He thought like okay, except when he was in ontario, who was trying to get a hold of danny, because we were trying to tell him like your grandpa died, your grandpa died, but we find him is phone? Wasn't working? We called you started, calling around two different relatives with scotch nation and animals like no. I haven't heard him have heard about. I haven't heard from him his ex growth could there is as yet Then they went together. Anyone but- and she had city of the kids. She No, I haven't seen him either, like nobody had seen him, and so my dad and he was cycle well. You know I'll wait till I get back so he returned from ontario and numb just before. Christmas and he ended up calling his probation officer, who has yet to take was a probation officer every and so after danny it, he was I I can't give you that information if he was checked in or not me that was like. I just want to know if he's around, like nobody's heard from him, I haven't heard from him, is just really strange and
the probation officer, just a sick. I can't tell you and so that my dad contacted dean baker who worked at the office at total power, which is the sum of the mean offices for one nation and I go. I don't know if I've seen him, but I somebody said that she saw him come in to pick up his check cause. He get checks to the nation and he m was like okay. Well, that's great! So someone seen him so he kept trying to figure out it's you know where, where he had seen him but then eventually, like my dad, was getting nowhere with any of this and and then found out that he really had picked up his check we are assuming that it was someone that looked like him, that picture and so someone just thought, ok that must have been him that I saw the other day looked like him, but he didn't pick up his jack. So, he had done that zone. Finally, after care, at christmas past me that was like a kids weird like he always reaches out at christmas. We always see him at christmas. He always stops by with the kids, and we heard nothing from him. So my dad ended up calling the earth
p or calling christine bigger. First was like hey, I'm gonna go report, him missing is out okay and she was like good. Do that so little, people who are like okay. This is getting concerning. Explain that he was hoping to hear that Daniels probation officer had seen him during the holidays or that he had but in before they chose to file a missing persons report we spoke to. Probation officer once he came back the holidays, we got things the again Janeway seven when he forgot No, he had not tackle the pool ass before when he had done love. So they report fighting for breach of its provisions. He needs to check in the gender him miss two december trap probation. You haven't seen what so that cites a pop up. So I found the earthy and filed a missing,
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things seem to point back to the end of november being the last time that anyone saw Daniel, so they to focusing on the last day we that's. Sonya had worked with her family to create a timeline of events, so we asters break it down for us so that we understand exactly what happened Daniel in a time that he seemed to be struggling with some kind of mental health event. back to the morning of the twenty fifth, because last day that might I talked to him once we have like you, know, tat our time, and so this is what we do know because they figured out that you is lasting on new. Twenty six. The morning of november twenty six that was last I'm using cheek. I I should just like a horse ranch up in ever skirmish, which is sort of like a more rural part of the town and its, close to the reservation were here staying at the time she got ranch calls on the morning the twenty fifth.
He said? Hey, like I'm there's this guy he's been wandering around on the road, was his t shirt over his head, and I approached him and I said: are you ok? What's going on? He gave me this number and said to call you he wants to you and me: does it that's fine I'll talk. Let's talk to him and so danny takes a phone. Is his uncle. How are you doing? He started laughing and my doubtlessly what's going on like a uk here, god, I'm living another time line right, I'm living in another timeline right now does what said might have say: ok, He started laughing again. He was like I love you. I love you Unc and then He could hear the man in the back row thing. I need my phone back so ranch ownership, the phone back and then was cooking european p r here and which I would like just let him take him. We'll figure was going on after and then he was taken it. Custody and then he was released at five o clock. Evening and then he was seen at a nearby tim hearten coffee shop at six,
then he was seen on surveillance at ball markets. five. Then he was after seven o clock again on surveillance had the two hardens again and then he let a ride to checklists witches. Were he disappeared and then the time between that and one o clock. We know that he disappeared no one knew that Daniel was actually missing, but shortly after this time, Daniels grandfather passed away, The family knew that Daniel would be devastated by his grandfathers, passing and wouldn't mrs funeral, and that in that being the biggest coup that day in your hand, just gone off the grid. He was in trouble hears rob forty base when he wouldn't be rushed through reform in this fashion. Unfortunately, who's who grandfather had passed away in December. That day went missing twenty six november. last time, let week we talk to them and not with the day after that he was. He went missing.
But his grandfather had passed away in early december and down. You're trying to get a hold of him because, sir it was It was his grandpa. We wanted him to know what's going on and he will perhaps bring them back to one hundred day for the funeral and we couldn't get through him by any means, He had a parole officer and b b tried going to the parole officer to see if we could locate him and do a while we couldn't. Ultimately, the approval of that he had. We had a good relationship with because we were concerned about their full officer at that it was dinner on christmas, when he went on, he was taken a few weeks off at christmas time to cool off. A source of information for finding out. How, then, is doing it where he was? There was gone, He heard a standing or a placement working the office, but he did not keep us not. had come up with any information or image at all, no help. Was at all in trying to locate damages. He proceeded Confidentiality think so we
We had a space in time globally. Because contact danny and retrain to get him prologues Bobby. We need him to know that is his appetite. That was it at that and road earlier, I saw you told us about how Daniel was due to pick up a cheque from the squeamish nation, family had been told that he picked it up leading to believe that Daniel was alive and well rob explain that this case of mistaken identity trip them up early on real good I told him all, which is the squire, in light of this. It is it they call it we also have their administration, sister and beer It can be so unfair that we're saying that we're cooper looking for danny we've got a family information that we need shared with him. Louis didn't have a great amount of difficulty. Try to find him. They said that, because they perceive checks, they get to get a czech christmas time, we were told that the summit
had seen danny walking in to take up his check So we are talking about here. He he's fine around somewhere still in the community budget. As it turns out. It wasn't him at all. It was a mistaken identity. It was some key laila who is Danny's ex or her new partner. Physically resemble danny quite a lot, and I guess what before I can be in, and this gentleman coming in with her, they assumed it was danny and it wasn't there when they were. There, after christmas bonuses web. So in fact, Daddy had not been seen since november twenty. So to phone calls for him. The last day he was see alive I taught him in the morning and then He called again around my books were all five o clock on cybercrime, He was not unhappy before him talk, he would say He was actually want good spirits both times when I talk to
this is why this is such a mystery that term, presumably at evening whiskey He disappeared. We want I emphasise that it wasn't that no one was looking for Daniel. It was almost as though everyone simply believe that he would show backup justice. Had done before and his mother had done before him didn't come around, and that was what family started to look back at the changes in his behavior. to his disappearance he sort of a m, and we repeat again where he was. He had broken hand and my dad gonna bring him down. He's gonna bring em down ten, or thank you for the operation on his hand and he ended up going in the hospital. But then he didn't he'd call back laughter and said o I'm not having the surgery or something like that and he ended up. I my dad picked him up and so what's going on cause, why not having the surgery or something that my dad was really confused by it, and then he just started going through a really weird period where he
interesting. Trusting people are, he wasn't, he was suspect. That people are after him that kind of thing, but he still dinner was pretty high. like you is a pretty happy guy. He just Something was going on here and back in my parents, neighbourhood and my dad occurred While being there was some lobbying in going on and he went out, the kitchen and notice that danny had kicked. or open the backdoor open at the kitchen use clean what's going on and danny was really confused again He had had just kind of I do not have had some sort of breaker was on my debt. We were starting to suspect that he was on mass I totally sure, because apparently the behaviour and here broken into the next door, neighbours houses well too. He had broken in and was trying to find like. He was trying to find. I think causes best friend, used to live next door, so it was, I think he was stuck. Maybe in the
asked or something like that, like he was thinking, he was gonna, find his friend and then he was getting. You know he was sure why my dad was an answering the door. I dont know exactly, but ended up having to call the police and sailing chance. This has happened and I don't know what's going on and he just seems really out of it please take him Then he was released later on and danny ended This is something I regret light as a regret this for though always her regret this. But it is the first time that I'm admitting it has well really, but he was texting e again and again against whom he knew. What he had done- and I wasn't have bout it. There is some other things that had happened. That I was just like a key. I can't I can't talk and right now I can't it's just now I can't do it united, the time and me in saying you're not trying to get me talking and sing. I try it. I know what I did was real. Crappy and all its kinda stuff, and I was ignoring him. and I was ignoring him and then and then he vanished backward These events occurred daniel
families frustrated and believed he was possibly using a substance that was causing these behaviors, but looking, now after he's been missing for nearly three years, they can't but wonder if Daniel was having a mental health crisis and needed help whenever a delay in reporting someone missing. It always makes things more difficult earlier Sanyo went over the timeline of Daniels movements on november twenty fifth he had been, tat by the r c m p after he was reportedly acting strange. They later let him go. He was seen on surveillance at importance, a walmart and then TIM hortense. Again then, Daniel gotta right up to the area where he ultimately disappeared, and we don't know exactly who gave him a ride so splain that they ve spent so much time trying to trace the last citing of Daniel
and the last known person they ve been able to track down is one of Daniels ants who says that she saw him around one, a m on november, twenty sixth, two thousand nineteen. They Oh that his aunt katrina was The last people to see him and she's, that is because she's one that was on the back deck when He decided to run off behind the house through the trail to louis drive, and Was there with her husband and she or her husband s. Angling put on a jacket is reason could have was it was really cold evening they put in it. So what are you doing and she likes? You said to me: stick I wish I would have tried to keep him there, but he was just kind of he was totally that. He was saying he was killed. In her dog, his his girlfriend's dog and that he was getting married and all this stuff, like just totally like nonsense, kind of like what he was saying to my dad earlier that day, like how he's living The different timeline so use definitely under the influence of something thanks, I am going to say it was Katrina that saw him last.
How hundred percent sure, but that was the last reported, citing of him officially as well. So no one a clear explanation for why Daniel was behaving radically. That day was a trot. Was it a mental break, we dont the answers to these questions, but we do know that this is where Daniels footsteps and his that's saw. Him run off of a port in the early morning, hours of the twenty sixth into the darkness, and no one has reported seeing him after that time. Despite the they do in your had been seen on foot most of the day. He did car. It's been some confusion over the car and where exactly it was found. So there's like oh bridge, that goes over the river, and so at first we heard that his car was abandoned their at the door. Open was found it two in the morning or something like that, and his phone was left in there, but then and now I'm hearing that it was actually left in a relatives driveway and then they got it, showed
the next day or that morning, or something like that after he vanished his. They called the tow company. In the token He came and took his car, but I still here that is full was in it so and that the cops abbot I've heard it was bridge, but now I'm hearing from other people that it was actually in the driveway of that It's skirmish valley road, so I don't know if you go over the bridge heading north skirmish, road. It's like two houses and nothing else. He was staying at the time. He was house hopping a lot at that time. He had always suffered at house, so guitar that kind of thing. So that's Why was there but was like the door when in his phone in it he left it and some stories I hear it was running and in some series I hear wasn't so I dont know liner percent about that one The situation with Daniels car has been confusing, they ve been told, fr at locations, but
also struggles understand why someone called to have the car toad so quickly, but no one sounded the alarm that Daniel was missing. here, the things that are very questionable about that as well his car. I was out on the road and I believe, someone russia's where the car as well- and this is and on animals and the words and the next day they someone had his car total hey. Why would you talk to this end, I get an individual decide about her If the reservation slot to edo it's it's, it's very spread out, it's good it it's! So you know they are on their nice piece of land, but it's laundry crowded. along with looking for Daniel, family has also been searching for answers as to why this all happened right, told us that he struggled to understand how Daniel went from doing so well, looking back into dangerous behaviour, so had plagued him in the past,
he was with our key. They love. You became more I just have a working diet and a couple of beers from time to time, but that was it and he was very good happy father and then I've got my guest relationship could maybe to two very little use. golden into we'll be in nuts. I think that sir where he was when he went missing on the grass reservation happen cheek. I living looking at a number of places tat he was doing, but without it not sure at those locations too. I think he will. He will maybe do a little bit of couchsurfing insist on one that's right! That's the way his life at that time, and I think she quietly imagination is not a large touching, quite small, idealistic Let us use check, checked, a good that way. He would always
next year old, mother, terrified me stay operative, you don't fall you would do that. He was very thoughtful in that regard, even when he was not at his desk, but I guess hinting also had a bit of a grip on him and I guess that the chips were down as far as his license going. He won't kiss a hard hearted, didn't, have voted. Though canadian law enforcement traditionally has not granted us interviews and didn't case either. We know that they have been involved from the beginning based on what they earn. Your family told us robbed. that he's been grateful for their help and resources. We had got the police involved. They did with we still. They may well, I'm not on a few doors inspiration and they wanted list of friends that to be near danny had a I guess they went and spoke to a few people. That way we were just turning up nothing at all and when the certain certain
organized and on the reservation that occurs at six weeks later, by the way, after that, Haiti was last seen the search and oppressors. Nothing turned up. Winter and there was known about, but anyway, tat Nothing was so sure do the space between between them. a fine ma am or lifestyle, and I talk to her between soft and Maybe someone when I play still got the missing persons, foregoing that's that's six weeks No one knew anything, and I was a little concerning to us, because nobody noticed tat. He was missing, even though she was living in a very, very small community. We ve questioned him to which they haven't seen. It doesn't seem to be any logical answers, but I think, it will be quiet on that front. we may be. I feel that request
the report. Now everybody was now trying to be helpful, but by wild he We don't know what happened today. There is our consumption, our area inside tat? He went to the river and found himself There's a major living at once went through the shanghai reserve, and that was the presumption a dog himself and then that I guess I guess gave some people's and peace of mind. Thinking up happen to have an answer, but we don't know cause was never found. It is a very, very active, really busy busy river quite fast moving. While the river slows down when it meets the ocean and that's not terribly far away, but again you know as far as that code. So you know like that, not our line of expertise about you know how things in the river sharper, don't wash up really don't know about that. That stuff leads us to love about that
We want until we do know it said, but on the shore lies and on the river turn that nothing. But again this is six flare. If someone had noticed tat, he was missing, Do you think the alarms would have gone up a lot earlier laugh, but it took us with the task of its kind. Father not leading to get a hold of him. That letter to the following missing persons report in getting the ball going, but, prior to that, Absolutely nothing was done by anyone, not think not a word. rob he's got the impression that the arcy mp believes that Daniel took his own life. Back, actually november night and two thousand nineteen, but he doesn't know what to think since Daniel has never been found. As far as we can and they were perhaps going. We were dining within the river and he had committed suicide that I the prevailing, haven't you but we don't again, we don't know because we have no information on this.
back you up information since that time you don't know I must leave or something better publicity all right now, searches. they were on the river, as well as on the banks of the paper. Try to find anything, on the grounds of their did. You call me too, I think, Far more about a community thing then away far policing. I think it is the petition involved, but from the community budget to be it, are still at the fading posters around the tiny can on it. We admit c, mon population, animal, that's what we're brought renounce the stones, absolute inertia. are things seem to have slowed down, son told us that she believes that is in part due to the weather and the cove at nineteen pandemic. after he went missing, they did the police that an official search they didn't official search of the river at first
was, though, that confusing as to where his cart was found, because his car was found abandoned, but I heard her too of the story. So I heard that it was found on the bridge that kind of connects the upper squamish to squamish, see how they did a search with a helicopter and boats and stuff like that and they went. They followed ever went down to the ocean. that's what we were told anyway and we did a search arson. falls in love january. I think where are we? all said of medical. They had someone from search and rescue common sort of lead it too, so that we know what we were doing. The chief for this conversation and he was there and is he kind of lead us in a sort of an explanation as to where people were going to go, how what was going to happen, and we met at that address where his car was left was This was lashing out. There is a lot of snow at the time we were broken up in
in groups and we just sort of spread out and you are given different routes to take, and so I was with a few people from his family plus, a friend of mine came along and we just basically searched. We were told to follow the path that he was last seen because he was last seen at one o'clock in the morning on the twenty sixth of november. He had left the house he was and is to set, walked off into the woods to this street, extra witches louis drive like I was talking to his sister and she was saying that she was there that night and she was telling him put on a jacket, you're going to freeze and he just ignored her and walked off. So we sort of followed those paths, like any passage, could have taken, but it was really because there was a lot of snow and to the point where we needed snowshoes, but we searched for several hours and came back checked in with them, and so the guy was leading up the earth I t liaison so like an rcmp liaison between the squamish nation and the mp. They searched the river banks think they use dogs these boats
the day had a hard time, because I think the river levels were, and there is a lot of ice at the time looking there is something that was sort of in feeding their search, so they couldn't get too close like the shoreline or something, but they took a helicopter. boat and they went from the spot where they think he was gone in and went all the way down all the way to the sound sort of by britannia beach like. If you look at on the map, the river kind of lead, anti like the sound by skirmish and then it winds up in the nurse britannia beach, which is used to be an old, copper mine, miner. It's now a mining museum and a neighbor. I didn't say kind of went out that far and as far as I know, that's that's what I've done for that. They ve done physical search Well like they ve searched the woods around the area where he disappeared. That's As far as I know, there is a problem with calls for sure. Is that when that, everything stopped and then the focus just.
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meets, we weren't, you told him how which is like their mean hall, and we sat in a big giant circle. we passed around a talking sick, are all able to seduce share our thoughts and feelings about what was happening and what had happened. You know sort of like where we are where we were mentally with it all introducing ourselves. Anything so there is quite a few people there, including my side of the family as all my parents, my brother, my brothers were there. The arsenal officer was there, and then there was someone from victim services. There is well and then, after that we were, we repeated in a sweeping ceremony where fiscal used to elders from the nation and they have equal feathers and incense and the sweet view of so does the negative energy that you have super powerful? that happened and that sort of gave me a lot of hope. Like there's a lot of people out here who love him and want to find him and want to know what happened. You know some people in the circle shared in us into their last.
Memories of him from that makes a lot of people did see him that night and then we had a candlelight vigil couple of weeks later, where people from the did, he could come just like skirmish itself could come whose downtown squat mission you had candles and members of the mod squad showed up in the odd. Were there ten of like that vancouver police Well, we were producing this episode. We learn Daniels mother April had been doc And by vancouver police in a film that was made by police officers who dubbed themselves the odd squad and decide to carry cameras with them to capture the real life struggles of those, in particular areas of vancouver where drug users frequented the film created through the blue lens was used in schools across canada. Teach students about the harsh realities of addiction son told us about the odd squad leader, the candidate
with all the odds, god was there. The vancouver police, when, when April, ended up on east side where she was really young and they're like what are you doing down here, you're way too young and she was like, oh no, I'm just visiting, and then she ended up addicted to drugs in, but they loved, because she was so kind hearted and she you just, would do anything for anybody and so they ended up filming her the police, had good intentions, we watch. The film and they were kind compassionate and had what we identified as to primary goals. Those they encountered get out of their situation and into a substance, free environment, and prevent young people from using drugs ever was featured near the end of the film police officer showed her a photo. He first took over about six months prior the film was released in nineteen. Ninety nine. Just one year before April's murder in the a memory we listened to a police officer ask April what she wanted most and she said that she wanted to go home to squash and be with her son Daniel,
She also said she would never want anyone to get into the life that she had fallen into, that it was. a life at all, and she she could go back in time. Try equally. She never got that chance. So told us about how she inadvertently saw the original film in a school class recognized her cousin April. Understandably disturbed but was incurred, By the police forces dedication to following up on April story looting her family in that process? Didn't tell me too much about it cause. I was only sixteen the time shifting sixteen, and then they don't wanna. You know share too much about the trial, but I did ask my parents like later on as an adult, and so they were able to fill me in, unlike what the guy's name wise and how he was found guilty of course, and they have to be Can they get parole every ten years, I think, and so they they attend the pearl every ten years whenever it comes
when he had in his prowled families, but he's still in prison as of this day, luckily caught him. The first one They did. I have she saw that in high school it trump has me a little bit because I didn't know she was in it. They should her, and they were calling her shannon in it because they had like us a different name. For you know a fake name for her at the time and looking at it, and I'm like no that's my cousin. That april that's April like what the heck like. Why is she in here and then who, after she died? They made cheers for April, which was a physically a. up and in it followed her life down there videos of her tongue to them, and sharing pictures of danny with the cops That kind of saying in them they enjoy we're done for it as well- and I remember that day because they came to the house and my mom was like really worried about him was like a cage can be okay like, but he had the
a good relationship with these cops. Can these filmmakers and so Ancillae interviewed him about it, and we actually got to watch it before it was released and it was hard because they did show her like on the autopsy table but blurred out, but you could that she was dead, but there was, after they had found, her in the dumpster, so explain that she believed the motive for April's murder was money and that the purse who killed her new that she had just received a czech two thousand I had the funeral- and I remember going to the funeral the one on the east side- and I was talking with all these people down there late as tons and tons of people had done there, that loved her homeless people, drug addicts, did he know it didn't matter, they were coming up to me are talking and they were like we're going to find out. Who did this we're gonna find out? Who did this like? Don't worry like we love her beloved her forward, we're gonna find out who did this and he was caught, which was awesome. Just gotten her check and that's what I I'm pretty sure. As for the money, stole her money, I think because she had
She, my guess, is that she had gotten in and cashed it and had the money with her something that where he stole the check, I don't know many murdered her and put her duffel bag and obtain the dumpster the police. They were realize they haven't seen her fear few days and of course there was that item notorious case, sheer willie, picton, who basically a he m, is a pig farmer in he ended up murdering alot of prostitutes and burying them on his property in feeding them to his pigs, and I dont know if it, time he was under suspicion or what? But I get like the cops said that they were wondering like did he did she end up with him? I guess is that where she is because they hadn't seen her in a couple of days and then sound her somebody was- was stir diving and ended up pulling the duffel big out of the thames shirt. Luckily before the trash collector came, but was trying to get herself clean at the time and she didn't die from an overdose or anything she was murdered. So, the time that the income for police were filming april, Robert willie picked him,
one of canada's most notorious serial killers was actively. Hunting women, many who were sex workers from vancouver s side, were ro was known to frequent in one video of April she's, recounting to the officers how she was just violently attacked by a man, a narrowly escaped the office, asked if she thought it could be the man responsible for the other missing sex workers when but was murdered. They thought maybe she was another one of his victims, but it turned that she wasn't a victim of robert picton, who was later apprehended a little over a year after April murder? watching the movies produced by the odd squad through blue lens and their follow up tears for April, we saw how much hope the officers had four april. She was so young when she became addicted to drugs, but was so of life and had so much promise you feel how devastated the officers were when they learned that she was murdered, in fact,
was one officer who went to identify april in the morgue in the follow up tears for April Daniel himself was interviewed like his, There April daniel seem to have such a bright future ahead of him. But something happened to Daniel and late november of two thousand nineteen, and when Daniel disappeared, the odd squad showed up for him to and help search for Daniel. esther into Daniels disappearance seems to have slowed down at least in terms of what police are sharing with Daniels family. continues to hold out hope that Daniel wouldn't have harmed himself and believes his children kept him anchored evil when the temptation was strong when it comes to escape its is partial brutal He never had his mom when he was going Here we didn't have a low level of his courage. Mom had problems, as far as other folks, Of him father when nonexistent
Did you at all, but not for a minute it's a little guy. his love for him. This very day they are gonna cable like her fears, kids about rebecca, had negotiator, come in Europe? Is mother owners or a father? He wanted be a father to whose children, whose job that's where he was, he loved his kids. So completely it just. Doesn't add up the conventional terry does not add up we're buying that so much? But then, where do we go from here we do. What can we do because you, sir, mobile phone so sector makes it even more difficult in determining what happened. I don't think he dropped the society a mile away. Sir, his bank accounts have been touched, his he left it
but his fallen, I believed was left in the car. He had personal items at different peoples play The story was that he was at somebody's house only was on the deck of somebody's house then he walked down. The stairs walked into a trail in the bush, night time enough, blossoming or some so that its story rainbow danube very, very accomplished guitar, as he has a the time he has extensive guitars. They were left behind his kids. Who were his life. He had contact them at all. In fact who will in the period between the flag. For us, he recalled, and he never made contact with his kid that that didn't happen, and that wouldn't be done. That wouldn't be him and if you did decided upon a society that wouldn't have done that in the in the middle of the night. Wearing that jacket checking certain looting,
and nothing else. You know he just wouldn't have done that. We don't believe it such a tough one, there's more questions and answers. You know, and it's just to ask it: seemed to grapple with the concern. We have no resolution. We are, unable to more properly because we don't know what happened to deliver. Being caught in a limbo knowing what to do and what to think The case is still open, stolen, listening, but missing persons cases Well, it has acted as well. We don't know what, What what's been done by no, I dunno. If they were just waiting for more information, you just don't know That was essentially it can. We got it. I can disappear and new information. tonight, not looking for a loan nonsense, above all the stuff. Still here, how can you come back in a few days oviedo? She. no matter how come so. What Daniel react after he left police custody at the squeamish, r c m p post after they picked
but when he was behaving strangely in freezing temperatures on november twenty fifth, two thousand nineteen we were able to follow his timeline throughout the day, thanks to the police and Daniels family and even doesn't make much sense after leave The police station Daniel went to a coffee shop near by forty five minutes later he was at a walmart in squamish and then twenty minutes. After that, he was back at the same coffee house we got a ride from someone back to the area where he was living theirs. A four gap of time and witness is believed to have seen Daniels car parked off of squash valley, road in a room, heavily forested area of the region, around one a m on november twenty six de anew. spotted nearby on it, of a residence on that same road witnesses say their daniel was not dressed for the weather and ran off on a trail into the darkness of the night. Never to be seen again,
twelve hours later Daniels car was reported abandoned in his cell phone was found inside the car, leaving pull with no way to treat him further. Why Daniel just disappear was Sperience in a mental health event was fraid of someone or something always there's someone who wanted to harm Daniel but we know there was nothing found on Daniels phone which remains in police custody, points to any specific outcome in Daniels case, but it does I wonder if there's a big piece of the puzzle missing, could answer some of these lingering questions. At the time of his disappearance. Daniel react was twenty nine years old brown, hair and brown eyes. Approximately five foot nine inches tall and weighed around one hundred and fifty pounds, Any information about the disappearance of Daniel briac, your ass, to call the squash royal canadian mounted police at six zero, four, eight nine to six one: zero, zero,
can also call crimes suppers at one eight hundred to two two tips or what hundred to two two, eight four: seven: seven, You can follow daniels case on facebook, Daniel briac missing. If you are in the united states and you or someone you love is struggling with mental health or substance abuse. You can call the substance abuse the mental health services administration, which is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, brooding holidays you can reach them at one. Eight hundred six, six to help. That's one: eight hundred six, six to four three: five: seven, if you're in Canada consider reaching out to the canadian mental health association by calling one eight three, three, four: five: six, four: five: six six available: twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, People need to have some of it would be helpful. To close it down would be intolerable that I, like it better, be sure to follow them from a local believe. I don't know
people located. The speaker don't want to get anybody else, have trouble with stairs and conditions opens bummer. You don't know that I will take the hard part. Google seems to be talking what my thoughts are or or speculation as to what really happened it. It's just that I I am by no means trying to point any fingers at anybody, but because you simply don't know- and it is just speculation- it's hard hard to deal with- The thing is when we're talking about it. I've started right now the jumble of emotions and subtypes, but it's a flood of emotions and it's hard and then things come to your mind as you create that It's got to deal with. He would sure like to know the to the he's he's still an earthly clue about. Allow make sure we get angry
though sometimes with which were so frustrated, because if there is no movement on this case than we were not getting a lot of our contribution to some, other people about what happened. It seems like day society was there. It's done caused about suicide, painful speculation. and everyone says it all on their lives, but did too many things said that were there that just didn't, and up to that and that's what were those crazy people? I feel it is with this morning, didn't you see, I live I was his car toward away the next to an end at again, luminous saying anything to anyone by the car, so away totally unknown is asking where Daniels nobody until father, please support now and then and everybody wants to know tat You have questions to this day at that
those it does hamper. The river was very active, very fast. It's good. something in the river volcano You usually things get caught up on tat head that sort of thing. There are states or find a way to the shore about Can you find them by Tom as far as recovery goes ice boy? I really don't know. I really don't know. I The. The. Nothing
as to the end of episode. Three hundred and fifty two we'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story and also the vancouver police known as the odd squad who did their best to rescue april from the throes of addiction and who are continuing to help with the search for Daniel and also the national film board of canada for their films through the blue lens and tears for April. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's the case, submission form at the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanished pot and also on instagram, if you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you're listening right now, we'll be taking next week off to spend the July fourth holiday with our families be sure to tune in on July. Eleventh we'll be back with a new case. Thanks for listening the.
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