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George James


22-year-old George James was last seen by his family on November 23, 1998. He argued with his mother at her Millbrook, Alabama, home and stormed off. Something seemed to be weighing heavily on George, like he needed to escape some sort of danger. George’s mother, Tillis, was confused by this interaction but never imagined this would be the last time she would ever see her son. As the days passed with no word from George, Tillis reported him missing. And since that day, she has never stopped searching for her son. 

If you have any information about the disappearance of George James, please contact the Montgomery Police Department at 334-625-2532.

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Hey prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today they found the witnesses lay talk pity all they done, so they handed every over two and nothing has happened. Finally, they're getting a little bit attraction now an increase in the real world and hopefully to award will be motivation for somebody to pay fighting. Why not? Everybody is motivated by money appear more motivated by fear. They knew all about money and increase will be bored. Doesn't do anything green that the difficult thing.
Twenty two year old, George James was last seen by his family on november twenty third, ninety, ninety eight george hen argue with his mother at her millbrook alabama, home and storm doff, something scene be weighing heavily on george, like he needed get away from some sort of danger. Georgia's mother willis was confused by this interaction, but never imagined that this would be the last time. She'd ever see her son as the day's pay with no word from george, tell us, reported him missing and since a day. She's never stopped. Looking for her son, I'm orissa and from wondering this episode, three hundred and fifty four of the vanished joy James, a story.
Academy award nominee carry mall again emmy nominees. A week. Asean story She said as new york times, reporters Megan, toohey and Jodi kantor, who together broke one of the most important stories in a generation, a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in hollywood and ignited. If in american culture that continues to this day, the film co stores, oscar nominee patricia clarkson Emmy winner, Andre braugher and tony jennifer easy with a cat the award nominees samantha Morton. She said, isn't leaders. Now it was just days but we're thanksgiving and ninety. Ninety eight, when George James picked a fight with us, other seemingly out of nowhere. It was also like he was intentionally pushing her away. still shield his family from some danger that was lurking. This was out of character for george, who would always
had a special bond with his mother when George walked out door that day his mother tell us thought he would be back. She was fused over the argument, but never thought that would spend the rest of her life looking and advocating for her son. It is rare that we come upon hey, where the reason someone is missing is simply due to something that happened on the day they disappeared. In most cases, you can find answers and mourning sides if you explore the way, experiences and relationships of a person in georgia story is no different silver. To start by looking at georgia's life, which wasn't is easy. Georgia's one of list, James is five cents tell us toward us We're just early life was unstable for several years, their town, whose birth or my boys. I have five boys georgia's natural. They had. He was adopted by my my husband. There just died two years ago when the debate now
before that we were on the one from his there. He was very violent and we were actual homeless and a call for a year So there was no real until I'm very charming came, There was really no no home life from my boy. what little there was was chaotic, to say the least may I can't seem to get better tat. We were all over the place we settled in montgomery and night change. Av sick and once we settled Two years later, we married my husband, young jane, and he adopted the youngest great, my oldest, who wanted it. Their name he that guy and was a good man. You were, we became a faint, my
with permanent housing and food on the table every night and as weird as that sounds the boys did not know how to handle that stability. The boys seem to have more problems after we got married, not because of him. He was a very good man, but because they had never had a settled. I waited parents in the picture in good rules and guidelines, but he was the happiest cared evil goerlitz for the onlooker people still happy. He was the one with my third child and the one that we get up and come to me every morning, metal what I look like he was, I'm so glad take your turn a. He was very, very special and curved loved hugged. He loved the transformers was his favorite cartoon. He did what
in school. He had started to play in grammar school. He started to play football we got into the junior high. He used from those things and the girl just flocked to imagine such a good looking boy and muscle he worked out like crazy. While speaking with tell us she was very honest by how rough their wives were back. Winners, were little and she knows that impact at all of them. I was angry most of the time. during those young years. I must be the bomb and years and years that god gave me sad boys. I had print the handle of the girls and they need pampering quite a bit and there was no no way to pamper our household. I was working two or three jobs, most of the time, trying to
just keep us afloat. There were days that women hungry dates. We had nowhere to sleep, so they get with an angry man. Much to their lives, and then they got older, they started getting in trouble. Had I just didn't, handle it well, I get eaten angrier and, needless to say, it pushed the boys further away from me. The trauma of georgia's early childhood clearly affected. His life. Tell us explain that it was, during his teenage years at george, seemed to fall in with the wrong crowd. George found some fire so he met a young man named in an ear parents for religious levels, and I don't mean philip. Ro, the guidelines and a few violated those rules. You were coming The earlier had affection removed from you, so he's dead
I want him to growing, appears in our house and guns your gang and george power bridle on each side in private. Why are you? It was the blood it was just a mom gang for if it were not violent, I think mainly they were all looking enforcement roguery brother. All the boys came from job. every one of them everyone long began. he started getting more and more violent behaviour in robbing places doing things that drugs all kinds of saint George was getting locked up without getting off the hook We tried count finally tried everything embedded time. His mind was that this was the way he wanted to go. He was
Had she been family in a great way. I don't care how He won't do anything he would call inside everybody. Ok, if he ran away to day impeded still com or my boyfriend trite towards me. Then too young to fully understand the ramifications of getting involved with a gang, but it be long before it caught up with him when he wanted Then he went in at seven p. V, four routing for burglary and Ian was with him, and this is where at interstate me he was higher up in gangland hilton and then, when they went to court he was expected to take them, as they say, take the rap for the whole thing And say that he knew nothing and his dad and I looked at him and said: don't you do it has worked it straight up and say it's alive, don t. Do it and you let us down like there and he didn't we
got in the air. He told on his part, and the judge asked him if he was involved- and he said yes, he was, and at that point he stood straight up. Looked at him and said I'll, take care of you for this. He said you'll pay for their and they're, both twenty percent. I went there for three years It's your shout out. Actually he was on the eighteenth. He got out when he was twenty one. He got out nineteen ninety eight in june, before he got out, he had been beaten so severely in prison that they hit him in the primary for three weeks. Not moving the warden actually call me. They tell me that he was okay and tat tat. You can let you speak for george after georgia's. imprisoned and being violently assaulted. He decided Was time to changes life for the better and cut ties with the gang and the members he had once consider to be france. So after this happening
May I ask him what happened? He said I'm now beginning His whole line of thought was, I wanna between I get out. He had been dug from prison, He had paid alive and when he came home he went to work for construction company building the federal court. In the coming alabama he was was court, construction and impact. I still had the heart had that he bore keep it here on my kitchen boy, along with pictures Am I remember that counting the minutes, it's not like your shrouding. It's just I remember well in the day he left. He took everything with him picture. Leather is anything person he took with him. So I would like to try and find Just some pictures are just some person lament the letter.
It was in the days before thanksgiving of ninety. Ninety eight, when tell us, was prepping for the holiday. George seem to start an argument with her out of nowhere. George, I tried to VON from his days in the gang, but they do seem to want to let go of. George George was robbing little, hence about something to tell us She remembers him saying that he knew he would die young as any there would tell us him not to talk like that, but george kept on with it. It was a mandate that was her the twenty third we weren't, making everything up for things, give you coming up. You have issued two days the way he came over, how he was that setting staying in
let's friends, he came out with the help and was just can villanueva and helping us. Then, and I'll tell you first, let me back up a minute. He was living with us when he got out in millbrook and the game started driving by our house. It was kind of harassing his calling They would come by the house and scream out your ever worse, ass. It had on which side, because the police couldn't do anything there had been no been taken. So he said, mom I'm going go, stay with gray and then a friend of his that was not in the game and it was another montgomery cropper to list he had come over that day to help us repair and he was standing at the table
I had chopping vegetables or something he turned around and he said so mom you only have four boys enter said quit no. I have five bullets. What are you talking about in? He said you have a boyfriend acid. Let me couch, call them all. I had found away and he said over and I left him in his hand the game- and I said I have poor boy and he looked at me and said that it so you don't count me in a separate, and he said, you'll never see me get. He had no idea how those words were heard, the caddy stopped and said I believe it and he walked out the door and I ran after him the george baby
Please don't do this. I don't know what that game was. I don't like it come back in a shell and he turned around and looked at me and stood there minutes to make sure I got up and he just turned around and the look he gave me said, I'm so sorry it was filled with giggles. It was filled with emotion and he took off again and I look back now and I never read that little argument psychologically when you're leaving someone it's not that much easier to when you're angry with them. you can justify eagerly in hindsight. Tell us believes that george knew that he was in danger. Some one was after him, he wanted to protect his family, so he didn't get any details when he picked a fight with his mom. Tell us believes at that leaving his family behind a little bit easier for george. Tell us didn't really have much of a clue as to what was happening back when this all occurred. Several days passed after the argument
tell us was looking for george, he didn't show up for thanksgiving and she decided to report him missing that friday. I waited till cry. They hunted boy pit require nobody had subsided. I went down and saw the missing persons report, on the twenty seventh and me, the little cadet sat down away from it all the argument through everything and she said how gets this driver okay? Well, never, knowing when a missing persons report is supposed to do, which is put the police in action to look for them. I just kept looking for assault and I called the station across the atlantic, the books. All of that you know the missing persons whoa what's happening will will somebody get
kill, nobody ever written me december. Set it down here need to know what you're going to find him and they set fire to another. my report and they said the final report no one, all the time that we have been looking for him. The timeline gorgeous movements after he left his mother's home on november. Twenty third is not entirely clear. Till it says that law enforcement in begin. Looking for george, until her second attempt to report him missing on december second, but this is what tell us has been able. altogether from witness statements. Till at last saw george at her home in milburgh alabama on the twenty third milburgh as a suburb of montgomery and just few miles down the road. There is a way who knew george and claims to have seen him at a restaurant. She worked at in montgomery days after it yes, I saw him. She said the georgian with a woman named robin and his former
and in gang member Ian George had a car packed full of. Longings for himself and robin and said was heading south to find work. Had they been looking for a visa If the standard now he was that limit gumroad I've talked to a a woman that said he in in in georgia is actually a frog and they come by her shop the day before he left. That was the day. He started missing persons, the second missing persons, the court had they not lost done away with. For now. I don't know what they could have found him, and you know what I really hesitate to say this sooner. I don't like being the one to say then there is the possibility that simply be took it upon themselves to encouraging during. Besides do they did the world the eu to spend their efforts on george just did not make the correct
this car that george was driving was later found. If you follow our state sixty five south for montgomery towards mobile or passive. Even florida, that is georgia's car was found on December third near the second evergreen exit on sixty five south about seven five miles from montgomery the car, stowed away and never search for any evidence. Tell us was told that the and had died, but its unclear exactly what was long with the vehicle, kashmir at a convenience store nearby, saw a man. They believed to be george, walk up and use the pay phone. She said george waited around for a few minutes and then walked back down the ramp till it was told that george was picked up from this location. but she doesn't know where than information came from Anyone sol george get into a vehicle or if there was any one else with him That seems to be the last citing of george theirs.
he's about what happened to george after this time that we will get into later also learn that before George disappeared, he a visit the woman he had been seeing this one was married and having an affair. George seemed bert to leave the area and she helped him before. He left my hau fat guy in the month preceding or In the weeks preceding he had been having an affair with a married woman, the wife of a man who was large into the drug trade the day before he left town or a couple of days. I guess before he left town, he went to see her. Her husband was not there. and he said I ve got to get out of town. I need to leave. I want to get away from all this on one approach dark. She went in to her husband s, dress her in the background and picked up a war of care.
from what we understand, it was about twelve thousand dollars and gave a cash to george and said: go get avatar and be safe. Now, you, who I am always anti drugs, are not any measure that can now his wife with him. I favor the younger man, his wife had gets twelve thousand dollars at his cash, which we came to find out was bookie money. He was a bookie and she took that and gave the cash to this boy. I'd want to kill him It follows that me, and he has never been to this day. She has been interviewed one time behind protect the falcon for about five minute, never again, never energy, this man when I search and covered bandied about three four weeks ago as well.
he had now about, and I said to you, the paper interview had gone. Oh yeah, now about this woman has hold tell us about giving George the money and said that she thought he was to florida or moby all too, remember her sitting in georgia's room in her house crying about much she loved him tell us confronted and asked her if she knew what happened to george, but she climbed up and Discuss it any further till still wonders why she has only been briefly interviewed and why I thought I have not spoken to her husband who could have had a motive to me. george disappear since you having an affair with his wife and had left the area. With some of his money to listen, heard. Many stories about what happened to her son. She has heard that someone a head on him. She is heard that It was murdered by his former friends and gang members. She's been told george was shot in the head or run over by a car. Tell us even been given locations where this allegedly occurred, but
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eventually go on to become a member of the family, when she married one of georgia's brothers becoming we're just sister in law. We spoke to errand and she. Hold us how this all unfolded it above funny story? How I met a long shot He has five boys and they're all their step and after she raised her voice, she was college to get a degree and in that how we met with in school. I noticed she was almost tried that the off my paper. She kept look at my paypal and I will move around the classroom because we had the same major, so we all were the bay, so I would be moving around and and finally I asked her- I said what is it that you want and she said, I'm old I need help. Can I copy your notes that's how we met, so it was probably ninety five when we met the so
known the family. Like half of my wife and then she always said you, to marry one of my sons, and I was like no I'm not going to marry one of your son's blow. Sure enough. I ended up marrying the second to the oldest, when I was thirty five and he was thirty. Six I've really been their lives from the nineties. The word I didn't know george, that much because during that time he was imprisoned. When he got out it was shortly after he got out that he went missing so the way I you george, was really through his brothers telling the worries about hand. Andrew tell us remember me, and telling me about about him. He was a burial, having a very happy person, he loved to play, joke phony people joke around. He loved his family. He also.
This is something that my husband, his older brother, jokes, about to this day, is how much he loved the wonder years and what a big crash she had winnie from the wonder years any There was a re run on or any day. No one could say anything and nobody could change the chair at all and he was private tv watching bad, but he was a real proof joker from what I remember just always playing a little joke bomb people erin- joined the family shortly before George went missing and she's witnessed first and how is disappearances, deeply impacted the entire family, every holland. A holidays are hard for her the whole month about toper. Her birthday is hard for her her birthday in georgia's birthday,
or within a day of each other a day or two of each other. So I colbert hard. No members hard things giving part christmases hard easter tar because he loved easter? I have seen how damaging to lunch let alone and there the family lack of ability to get tourism traction on the tee. How just contain lurking may for lack of a better word and its interest? because I think that the very beginning- let you george and let me say, John specially georgia badge on especially wanted just he one to see who did the their charges brought against them prosecuted. and he really held that all the way until he passed away a couple years ago, but I think tat was probably start doubt that way, but it was.
very long after he had the last say that she was like. I don't care, not that that's not important, but that's not my main focus. My main focus is bringing my boy home, so anybody who has information anybody should how anybody that knows, somebody that knows somebody just tell me where his body is and that that's what she wants just to find him just to have some kind of closure and that's been really difficult to watch her as not only a very good friend but, as you know, a mother in law that she cannot get that she cannot get that closure and his brothers. Can I get that closure, the risk of being in the pyramid? to get that closure, because they're all way, I think the gleam of hope in the back of their heads.
as long as the bodies not out, there is a possibility he may be alive of where tell us- and I have talked a lot about how hope hope can be a positive thing, but it can also be a queer thing in that you can have a hope of something, but I think for her she's not backing off the case. She believed that he god she believed she knows what happened to her and John have worked to this case. from the very moment that what you're saying and these are. She still continue to I get information and do everything possible to keep his name in the media so that, if anybody isn't going to share maybe that they will do it. and I know a lot about how listen persons cases
got any than like that I'd, never experience that must be more, but something that just chemist struck. Me is the number of detective that have been through georgia's cave somewhere above them with tee that feed pretty excessive three. Turn over, I don't necessarily the thoroughly noted the telling overweight or is it the case of getting real fine, because people get reassigned to different departments that has been a bit problem in this case as well, not only we cannot rounded detected, but the lack of documentation and the file
or document haitian period in the next person picks up the case. It's like they got to start from scratch again tell us said after twenty plus years of george babysitting, she expected the evidence in the case to be boxes, or at least a box when it was like a couple me a compliment binder that with all the information that the file and tell you that she had talked about had given other detectives, they couldn't find. the people that they talk to time line. That kind of thing none of that would bear, though, every time a new detective was assigned to the case, they have to start from scratch and that lost time and losing time is, is not something that you want to do and missing persons cases, and I think what really hard for her to is that
If you look now and see, if you know it's been twenty three years, how much he's less than those twenty three years he's missed his daughter be a married. He missed his brother, big mary he's miss the birth of his nieces nephews, his grand nieces, his graham nephews, his own grandchildren and he's not together than died in which he was so very close to those things I think are things that really way on her, not just that he's missing if he were alive. If somebody were able to do something in the early early hours on a mummy days and weeks of this case. Could there have been a different outcome. I don't know that. he was very young when he got involved again activity. These kids had a very hard up, as she had a very difficult life,
She got pregnant young and she had children. You she was in relationships where there was domestic violence and ass. She was trying to raise all these children on her own, so she was working a lot. The kids were kind of left, the oldest were left in charge, but there really left to take care of themselves and at a young age he became a man then gave evidence. Tell us felt from the very beginning that not enough was done to find her son She hasn't sure if he was viewed as less than worthy due to a criminal. history or gang ties. There have been times at the act of some members of law enforcement? Have wondering if there is more to this whole thing than anyone really knows, tell us explore But this has been like over the past couple of decades. There, Montgomery police department has said, and they are apparently not
picking it up. We had been looking at trying to call him dsp out of because this was a multi jurisdictional case. I last saw him in millbrook Alabama. They sent me to Montgomery. They should have sent it kelly, but they sent me to montgomery p d. I went there and Then his com was found in every going, so it actually spend three counties and for that reason alone is baby. I'm doesn't take it. The alabama bureau of investigation there should have been there. They brought it, never fear in its them gold mass so lightly We have a great detective on his name is sergeant gardener clark he's at montgomery tv, but it's been, will ever growing police department, elmo, county, sheriffs, deportment and montgomery police department bird there
saying he is going across the state line. We don't know that somebody didn't take him across the state line so that that's where it stopped. We were promised the fowl about six years ago, never got it. Then the police chiefs that had promised That up in reside there was one investigator who had georgia's case for a period of time in certain things, that tell us heard in witness seemed fishy. One detective on the case, the kids that worldwide there are probably could somebody here If you need anything, if we can find anybody for you, let us never and when I told them tat. The text was on the case our fear. In their eyes. They said you be careful with him he's crooked, as it gives me an example the over with you know me, I'm just be clarified. It was. It was probably eight or nine kids, young adults who told me that
and so we he said a one point. There are the taper told us. He said those two carloads ago was about fourteen of them and I have a list it's an I'm trying to get up with them? They apparently followed and whoever joint picked up. George, you apparently followed them out to her. George was killed and I've gotta get up with them and have said. Let us hope you find these girls. No, I don't want you anywhere near it no, I didn't say we talked to a message. We can tell you where they're at no. I don't want your help. Okay, so about two weeks later, I called them and said he found the girls he sent out. The list was lost, that's what do you mean the of offsets watching leads? Well, you know things happen and doubtless his hold the main on it. I know that he used toward narcotic and the guy who supposedly could they hit around my son was big in tonight.
I like some drugs going, I'm kind of like a little nick can be sneaky and, and we actually went to a church. One day out in elmore in the Elmore county. People were there with us, ended detective, you showed up and he simply
here's somebody you doing here. This is over, kill me and he said you get back in that car. You and your husband or I'll, take my boys home and will never search for your boy again and I said: okay go go hit home. He said. Why has this not even your jurisdiction and a county sheriff came up to me. A deputy came up and he said ms change and if he did, you call him had no and another county deputy came up and said: I knew how he got here. He said, and he said he he monitors our radios, and I said why would he do that like every county, and they pointed at the top of the hill across the road and said that's where he lives? He was right across the place right across the street, from the place that my son was said to have been killed and left
and all these things together, cones red flags with me. It was a too well that they were going to search. One was in the back of this park and the detective told him no yoga and he searched out when we'll get it tomorrow. Don't worry about it and I said they're here they have everything they need. Certain shows him search and he said not at dinner in her search for- and I look at that tomorrow when we all came back the next morning, the detector come said, I went and searched. It alleges sworn in he's not there we were all. Even the counter you get the dangerous kind, but here you have a man in charge of a case that young people have their. I searched it personally. I dont know how this is: let's go in this case. It is then, when I got another detective on it. I was talking with her and all listen ended, detective retired from the police, the borg,
he is now working with the aim of this cooperation. It is an investigator there, and so he wasn't even employed, and I'm talking to you done detective shows that he said hey. I just want you to know. I wish railed and she said yes, sir. Did nothing after that on this case, nothing, years ago, when George first disappeared tell us was told georgia's car was told to a lot near Montgomery. She assume- the car would be kept for evidence and properly searched. However, that did not end up happening took a retired law enforcement officer taking an interest in the case while teaching when all justice course to find out the truth now open university in Montgomery has a whole case class to look over the whole case
data georgia's on and actually kept it for two semesters, thereby finished with it. They did such wonderful work. The guy who was teaching has hit the retarded the guy agent. His name is re buyers such a wonderful job. They are the ones who found out will Georgia's court was actually found in research but he had been able to say that prior to then getting it to sign that which you ve been told about the car being told to a lot and kept a search was incorrect. Unfortunately, georgia's car was crushed not long after it was recovered. No one knows what but it may have been lost. Have you heard of circle yet spelled see, our tee. Well, it's over
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he learned minutes early years an rode on facebook one time and I am a screenshot in everything he said. He said I know who killed your word and he deserved it because he was sleeping with my best friends. Why and that's why he was killed and I'm like oh Jesus, we ve got it. I took it to the police. I called at the call the idea. I took it ever occurred. I said well best, yet you say it's on facebook and his own eye, the boy road day on that he knew, who killed george. Then it was his best friend. He was. Yet he wrote it all out. Why aren't you didn't go talk to it? We can
If I wasn't online in that little whitepages dot com him down the he was. I tracked him. I found phone numbers, I found all for him at one point right after he had put them on facebook. He was in a motorcycle wreck, a car hit him and he had two broken legs. The boy was in bed in his in summary, for three months, but not get out the bed. What do you mean? He can't find it to interview him well, we saw that were trying to work up a turn on that he's available, he's available he's in bed this it's been a recurring theme for tell us she will find someone who can to have information about what happened to her son or claims to have witnessed what happened to george she handed information over to law enforcement and they don't interview. The alleged witness sets tell us has been told that two people who were close to george killed him and one of
People has been incarcerated for many years, but tell us stated that investigators have not gone to interview this person who we heard it. This person present for the last twenty three years and they keep saying they came into view. They can catch up with him, he's the increase in gold I'll bet you ll find here and then there was another alleged witness who claim that one of you just friends said that he ran over him with his car. This person had come to tell us is home to tell her about the conversation she drove this person to the police department and Two weeks later, they were deported she's, never heard from again, when tell us is poor. the police department about this. They simply said that they can't locate the witness when george disappeared till didn't know, but there were two children that george left behind tellest.
Thus how she first learned about her grandson in a way that seemed almost stranger than fiction he left behind to children. We met warner three years after he went missing and was working as a counselor. Then I had just gone the gamut of what I could do with all of this. Going on, I decided I would go work in a cracker barrel am a terrible waitress. This was a bad idea. I just wanted something that would not be responsibility. I thought at the end of the first day the manager liked me and said he knew
master's degree in clinical counseling. Can you tell me why again wanted to do this and I said not to to get him and he went no. He said I'm so sorry. So I went and sat in the break room. I felt like a little failure. There was a little girl sitting there and she she would talk to me. She said it'd be okay, there'll, be another job for us yeah and she said ooh. Let me show you my boy, I said okay and she pulled up this little picture of this three year old child and I at her and said what are you doing with that picture and she said palm he's my boy and she kind of back to her, and I said no, that's my boy. I said that's my son. How did you get my picture whereas myself? What do you know what happened to my son? I just love it and finally, she had quit as son. I said he's missing and she kind of looks like she's. What's your son's name, I said george change. She fell
I said what in the world is wrong here. She said the shade. This is daddy and that's how we found our first grandchild. It was co head earlier. We discussed that a witness saw george before he left with a woman named robin. And he had mentioned plans to leave the area with her. Well, Robin was pray
and and many years later, Tillis found her granddaughter to eight years ago. While you were posting happy birthday on facebook, from her son and my grandson, georgia and derrick call me, and he said nana he's again tasteful now and the magneto. I am not a patient person, he had kit on it. I got on in there with his little girl. He was fifteen years old, her name was destiny, and he said this is my daddy, too happy birthday dad and I thought what in the world. So when robin left to go, sell for george on that fateful day, no one knew that she was pregnant and she was pregnant with his child. So I got to meet her too and gore very close. Signing george's, daughter and reconnecting with robin seemed like it could be a big break. Robin It's have been one of the last people to see george. What this witnesses
at about seeing them all packed up and ready to leave town seem like an important clue. She lived was called a gang mama he's the one who told us that george a war which was known restaurant, where life robin and eaten and there he was taking root. It is clear that if you think it will be over weaker the head and he was going to Florida, his death was in the car. He had clothing, he had a car, he had use that money to buy over. They need you to get out of town. I have cooperated in the years following what do you know about judges disappear and how she would say
I mean he was. They told me not to ever come back to alabama. They told me never to show up not to open my mouth, that the same thing would happen to me, and I said: okay, two questions from there robin who, his day in court sentencing what happened. This was a young girl who never ever did the drugs. She's. What do our part that was it she didn't drink? She didn't do acid. She didn't believe that after she had her baby, my green she thought one day that she saw. Somebody she knew down in florida evidently scared her. Now Take that baby up and went on the one she went to about six different state, those using system that she is never stop
they tell me she's on now, will call them make. That goes. I think she still on mass and she will tell you in a heartbeat. That's the only thing you can get from her. They say he goes and had been when she hears anything about georgia, ask anything about george the script locally, that they don't ask her bonnet and secondly or anyone else and all it should say they told me, nothing was sharp now then I can never. now. The same thing would have. Let me personally believe this young lady saw what happened. and I think they her go saying exactly that scaring the to. I think she knows it. and no one from gummy as ever and reviewed ever so much that hasn't been them still very much. Tell us believes that robin may have seen something or knows more about what happened to george, but that she said
you scared to talk about it, whatever up and seems to have shaped robins life and left. Her in fear recently It was decided to try a new approach and speak to city council about her son to see what they could do to help her. I spoke to the city council about three weeks ago and Montgomery one of the great said be down that got your attention is my son was not a blonde Blue hired to her college girl with no record if he had yet they would have been to search it had been the mere thought that waited for your search had been a policeman or liver. The other son would have been the search they bounced the case around for we've had at least fourteen detectives on the case, some for two months, some for a year irregardless they would get to one point. In the case I mean the exact point every time and they would need to be transferred out of the case they have seen them demoted. I have seen
many things happened to the officers who wanted to the directive who wanted the work case. It's amazing how this is done as if they're actually stopped from going any further. there were. No people think I'm some kind of conspiracy theories. I'm know it, I've watched it happen and I'm not the only mom and dad around. It is saying that it is heading, for me and prove it. He listened the president of the city council
okay. Thank you for coming late and I didn't know all that then kept on and then they said he again said. Okay, we'll. Thank you. We understand the problem and I know you don't, but I just said yes, so thank you. This councilman pruitt stood up and he said I had questions and the councilman said. I have questions and another one. The wc and the president said well, no we'll get to that. They said we have questions that they just started. Asking questions say, ignored this man. I thought this was great
are are actually pushing mail, the way councilman pruitt. He said I've lost a child. He said I cannot imagine what somebody goes through in twenty three years, not to know what happened to that child. He said the hell is so foreign to me and he said for us to have veteran detectives on the case. He said what do we do and they began to talk about solutions to this, and I know that they have formed a task force on the city council to look in of death, so something good come. I came of it. Someone
Listen, I'm won't shut up and, as I understand it, npd is under a tremendous amount of pressure to look at my son's case and do something with it, and I was told that this detective, who has the case now, actually cares little note book around about george in his car when he goes home, he determined to solve it, but not for me and not for george. He wants to be the one to have this on his record that he thought the twenty three your case, and I really don't care. Why use there Yet just do it. I'm going to have him. Their airline is encouraged by the renewed efforts from law enforcement to search for george shale gas whatever we then she just cannot get law enforcement on her to help her and she thinks- and in this case
certainly be true that part of the reason that she's had such problems with law enforcement is because of georgia's criminal history and because when he went missing there be just recently got now proven he will try to need the area to get out all be the entanglements that haven't been in that got him in trouble in the first place, basically trying to start in life again, and he wasn't able to me because that caught up with him, that's what she believes has happened. It seems like the detective that, on the case now have done more than any other detective that's been assigned in the past, at least this protective first time in, I think he's done this in twenty two years, almost twenty four years will be twenty four years. This november was the first time till I had ever been.
Contact it about a search being done by george. They didn't buy, hammer didn't find anything, but they got a credible tab. Lay went out, ended a search and then called her. to let her know they went out and they didn't find anything, but she was floored that somebody actually did something on the case, because that has not happened in the past It has been more than two decades and george was last seen and no one ever imagine that this would go on for so long that one and that everybody had hoped for is that there would be some credible leader or something before his dad asked away, and I think it weighs heavy until us to get the thought before she something happens to her cushy. You know she reminds people she's, not young, but she's, not all,
So I think it does way on her and wondering you know who will take up the torch. If something does happen to her, of course, one of the boys would or one of the sister in law there some either would be somebody to take up the torch for him. But I think that is a worry for her and in saying that what about all these things? I don't have anybody body that keep pushing nudging and I kind of thing: is it helpful or harmful to keep pushing and pushing and pushing isn't that the police is just gonna, get tired of her She said that few it's been a long road for tell us and her search for george but cheeks in the chileans on her faith to keep her ground it over the last year I have become less panic,
I have become less depressed. Was moody live a burden to my family because I have truly understand and that my son, right now, I know, he's gone. there. He is well cared for he's happy. We have all heard the next stages are definitely notified. Had to do and then the second year, you're scared You know they get have got. Why don't you tell me what my sunday as at the screen it a thousand times? If one tat, I mean ensuring the correct scared at the people on the road, he noticed a car just cleaning, and you get to the point that behind with a just understood it the guns going to comfort me,
At the time. I need him to comfort me and get doesn't mean he's going to go, find george. I believe that god works through feelings with us when we're sad. He is when we hurt he hurts and how he goes beyond and a point where I will call out from the teacher. He feel their future the utter dejection that you'll and become my son he's not stopping me. God didn't take him through the difference between evil good in the world and even I'm sure he could. Reach has need down and pluck united and sitting right, what we need from the bigger find him he's got such a bit player. Then I will never know it gets me. I'm going to stop HOPI.
it doesn't mean I'm going to stop asking, but it does mean you have to still be perfect in your life and he had from that. We used to have family children theater and if he let it change you to the point where you are, but I was a nervous wreck not able to take function. I hid in work. I hid myself from work, I was too busy to think so. I became a workaholic and wanted people to know and one whose mountains and the aunt so the the wives are the children of those missing people to know that all of the craziness, the people. Seven. If not anybody really closer, you do everything and stay another people as much as you care about getting better jobs done enough. That's all you can do about it.
What happened to george james around thanksgiving of nineteen? Ninety eight from what we ve learned. It seems as though George felt. This life was in danger and he wanted to get, The area with robin was pregnant with his child. George star did a fight with his mom and stormed out on november. Twenty third witness believes saw george with robin in georgia's for and gang member in early december. George, Merry that he was leaving the area with robin its believe me. to go to mobile or florida. Then georgia's or was found about seventy five miles away from montgomery on an inter state that would be on the way to florida automobile convey. in store clerk remembered seeing george walk up to make a phone call but no one knows where he went after that time or fraud, was still with him in the car having made it out of the area and all of them years later. Seems too scared to speak about george. This is where
the trail ends. There ve been Any stories about what happened to george, that someone but a hit on him and he was shot or run over by a car. There have been stopped is that it was members of the gang that george had previously been a part of who took him out other stories. we did the husband of the married woman. George was romantically involved with because the way had given george a large sum of money to flee the area, but none stories have ever led to finding george to listen hopeful that, with the renewed search efforts that they will find, some new evidence tell us is found for in her face and the relationship she's been able to develop with georgia's children at the time of georgia's disappearance. He was described as six. What one wing around one hundred and seventy pounds with blue eyes and sandy colored hair george, had several tattoos and was known to use the nicknames caesar and contrast if you have
The information about the disappearance of george James, please, contact montgomery police department at three three. Four six to five to five: three to the cap n bill, miss twenty, going on twenty four years now and doing paperwork and watching that in a month. That, though, I heard something they have no idea, but they just do it, and I hope it is so bright each into that cambridge or that loves it, even if they know a rumor. It's just a way for those who not only are a coward, but there are people who just want to be in the quote: unquote drama, it's so hard for parents of missing children not to,
god are not to blame him, and I did that too. I went through the whole gamut of it and I know that my guy be bigger than the people who hurt him. My god is bigger than the mickey who will search him. My gotten, bigger than any of going over and he's going to compel bring my travel.
That brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and fifty four indicted Everyone who spoke with us for this story. If you have a museum of one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there is a case of mission form at the vanished podcast stop com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanished pod and also on instagram, if you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five serve, you on at the park casts spotify or whether you listening right now do not support the shop. There are a couple of things you can get. One way to help the vanished is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo code in episode notes. Another way too.
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