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Isaac Seidel Part 2: The Last Ride


Yesterday, we brought you the first installment of Isaac Seidel’s story. You learned a lot about Isaac’s life and the events that occurred in the lead-up to his disappearance. You also learned that Isaac disappeared along with his bike, phone, and backpack. Everything else seemed to be left behind at his home. Isaac hadn’t told anyone that he planned to go anywhere. In fact, it appeared that Isaac had gone about his regular Sunday routine. He had his chicken out thawing, which is something he would do on Sunday to prep his meals for the week. It looked like he had gone for a bike ride with plans to return before dinner. But something happened to Isaac Seidel, and whatever happened to him remains a mystery nearly nine months later.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Isaac Seidel, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police at (717) 567-3110. Missing along with Isaac is his dark green Cannondale bicycle.

Megan has a social media page for Isaac to help spread awareness. You can follow her over on Facebook at Find Isaac Seidel

If you or a loved one is considering self-harm, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help. Their number is 800-273-8255.

If you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form.

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Hey prime numbers, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download. The app today. The whole thing that makes it so hard for all of us because isaac is, is so lake about adventure. You don't thanks, because I mean if isaac was gonna, one day like I'm gonna go to africa, I'm gonna build a mud hut, and I'm gonna live in that motherhood for five months and that only back actually is. do and he was gonna get there one way or another and either with us guys say it. ago, part ways for a short amount of time. I'm like he would always come through and you'd always seem on the other side, and now I am still waiting to see him on the other side. Yes
day. We brought you the first instalment of eyes, excite del story. You learned out about isaacs life and the events that occurred in the lead up to his disappearance. you also learn. The isaac disappeared along with his bike phone and backpack everything. Was left behind at his home isaac hint hold any one that he plan to go anywhere. In fact, it appeared that isaac had gone out his regular sunday routine. He had chicken outfit in the sink, which is something would do on sunday to prep his meals for the weak. It looked like he had gone for a bike ride with the plans to turn before dinner, but something here into isaac, sidle in and whatever happen to him remains a mystery. Nearly nine months later, I'm a razor and from wondering this episode. Three hundred and forty nine of the vanished part, two of
excite l story, academy award nominee, carry mall again emmy nominees a week asean story She said as new york times, reporters Megan, toohey and Jodi kantor, who together broke one of the most orton stories in a generation a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in hollywood and ignited if in american culture that continues to this day. The film co stores, oscar nominee, patricia clarkson emmy winner, Andre Braugher, and tony They're jennifer freely, with a cat the award nominees samantha Morton, she said, isn't,
it now. In mid may of this year, I took a ride out too plain pennsylvania to check out the for myself, as I made my way into the town of blaine, I could see Why isaac love this area and chose to purchase a farm in the town where he grew up? As you say, the town in the distance. You can see all around across the valley, mountains along each side of you blame as a quaint little town we drove through and made her way over to isaacs farm crossing over a covered bridge along the way we saw sermons creek to the right as we drove down isaacs road, and then we can upon white pine ridge, ecosphere, that's it. My eyes, I picked for his farm today, Isaacs farm is overgrown. As he's been for nearly nine months, any lived alone, so there's no one there to tend the farm for him. I could see
the things that people had told us about isaac reflected in what was left behind there at the farm. His and may be boxes were still up along the hill behind us farmhouse. I could see clearly life. Isaac was building here his dream, now visualize all these little stories that people had told us about isaac like this memory Josh shared the twenty. Seventeen Isaac was raising pigs at the time. The deeds were like a black variety of pigs are supposed to be like non aggressive. They weren't like the pink typical farm pigs. They they almost looked like a bore like a big fat bore, but they were pretty docile, but there is a stream. Crossroad my house and he lived out in the country. I have come over and buy pigs to be outrun into the stream, and it's like. Are you going to get your pigs and he'd be like now? They'll come back like he didn't care his violin? I had goals in dreams for himself. He worked towards those goals. and had achieved many like paying
his farm so that he could quit his government job to focus on farming. There was One aspect of eyes extreme that he struggled with, and that was fun someone to settle down with any find someone and fell in love, but that relationship crumbled shortly before he went missing. So when succeed. Del disappeared, his ex friend and her sister were the ones who called law enforcement asked them to conduct a welfare check. And then a missing persons report was filed after they found no trace of isaac at his farm or with family members that state police contacted looking over. ex home his family was desperate. Find any little coup. That could tell them something. What taken with him. What did he left behind and what was the impasse of those things eyes exist Megan told us about the scene at her brothers house him to preparing a strange, though his cell phone, it hasn't ping than the twelve.
The last day that anybody saw him and we can't locate the form. Now, though he left wallet his idea, his card, you didn't take any of that. It's all in this house we look Here. We don't know all the quoth he had, but it seemed like maybe there's some facts and underwear missing we now and then I had just given him for his birthday, like a dry bag, that you take canoeing and stuff like that. I have just given him one and that we can find that anywhere and like a backpack that he normally takes that one that's gone also. So that's where it kind of made us think oh yeah, you out for a ride around for a trip, something like that, but here other about. I think he is do you know we condemn the whole, cleaning. Your house makes you happy that you will look very into that and he is. The house was very spars. He didn't keep anything that he didn't mean
So it would not surprise me at all if I gave him I back on his birthday and he went and returned it or give it away or thrown away because he wouldn't didn't need it you know, I didn't want it, so we don't for sure. If he had these things and took them or he just got rid of them, he very independent you know you like, I said he lived by himself too. We don't know exactly what's going on, you know in this house all the time. It is the logical conclusion. The thing that I just Finally, the bag- and you know it's normal backpack- is not there so that the logical conclusion, the thing he would take it with him where he went and the bite is also missing though it all kind of added up to a logical way thinking. So his car was left at of the, He just seemed very normal, like his lunch box of there from I think the friday before he didn't clean out. It was just sitting there the key Were there, nothing seemed out of the ordinary about his car or his motorcycle had thing with their immediate how's everything seemed
They do not like canning, preserving food and he had just get back to, they think tomato south, and so all these israel sitting on his lore there waiting to be taken down like a storage area for all food, though he had literally just done that I said before that he doesn't normally know his grasp. He doesn't have like a big yard, but he had just started to mow around his fruit, trees and stuff, like that and back this sort of farm road kind of going back his property, he had started mowing that he had borrowed the tractor from my parents to mow back this road and he had just bought more gas to do more mowing, and so the tractor and the full can of gas was sitting right there. So it seemed like he was just in the middle of things and then just literally vanished. Nothing seemed
they said that of house that the development and in part one megan, talked about how she organise search parties to scour all of the roads near by and also a large state forests, as not far from Isaacs home, apply said he was known to frequent. They were looking for a possible accident, then they to check the appellation trail because I enjoy going there to eyes, exact caroline. Less about searching the trail. We had gone to different parts of the appellation trail and we're looking for him putting up posters. We got these posters made and we thought all could he have fallen off his bite. Could somebody had run him off the road and we we locked up,
where around here and drove and drove and then, if somebody would see somebody on a bike, they let mega now or contact me and I'd. Take off on my on my car to go see where this person was to see if it was him, because we thought well, maybe he's in hiding and doesn't want to be seen, we've done everything we can weave Kentucky the appalachian trail group, because we said, as he goes on the appalachian trail, somebody would surely see him well, then we did get a picture the of somebody on a bike cause. The guy said it was strange to see someone on the appellation trail with a bicycle while they send us a picture, but it was his rear view of this person with those backpack on their back. You couldn't see the face of the person he just snapped a picture of. You thought it was. I but they didn't get his face. Megan continue chasing down leads that we're coming from the trail, which is very,
busy with hikers during the time of year that isaac disappeared but you're not very interested in the appellation trail, though, without one of the possibilities which the digits go on the trail, though people put up, they saw somebody in the short term action trail food, how in hay and high to a horrid through self there on the operation child. Then, of course you know you get there in this person about there and it wasn't isaac anyway and We started calling people along the appalachian trail. You know posting it in hostels along the trail and we can continue to post things on facebook and the earth. What it's been since, just hoping and praying that somebody would see him Frustrations continue to mount as none of these leads were panting out. They decided was time to go back to the beginning and compare Everyone knew what had eyes mention to those he had spoken to. Could there be clue in there somewhere, it's believed isaac disappeared on
evening of Sunday september. Twelfth on that day he had visited his parents and he did one thing that an heinz It seems very odd one of the things that weird is that he had a cat that somebody had given him this cat because they didn't want it. So he kind of took the cat he's not really a cat person. He then I don't think he was really so interested in the cat to begin with, but anyway, the last day anybody saw him. He brought the cat to my parents house and said like hair. Can you please take this cat and I said okay, fine and they didn't really think anything Be because they didn't really show an interest in the cat to begin with, so that's the only thing that you know looking back. Obviously, it's like well duh. Why would he get rid of the cat now out of the blue, He'd only had it for maybe a year, maybe you're at the mouth. When isaac
mom told her sister carol about the cat carol immediately thought that this was a major red flag. Brenda told me that myself Brenda? Don't you think that was a red flag that he gave you his tat cuts headlong need like this cat and shit all? He just said he was tired of it in the house and he didn't want the cat anymore. She said we didn't think anything of it and I said well, I guess you want, but to me that was a red flag. The reason that this is such a red flag is giving away pets is a suicide warning sign. everyone seems to have mixed feelings about this, something that isaac just wasn't a cap. Listen and never really bonded with the animal, while others wonder if he gave the cat away to his power. it's, because he was making plans to end his life at the time of isaacs disappearance. He had one pig at us farm. That pig was left behind and everyone wonders why he would leave the pig behind at his farm if he was planning to,
his life or disappear? Why wouldn't he give the pig to his parents too Josh is the person who had given isaac that cat and he's, sure what to make of this himself? He had a dog and dog fell ill some time last year, and we actually gave me a cat tat dark, but he actually did pretty good. I can't The ironic thing was, he literally took that cat live with his parents, those parents farm, which is, I would sailor and three miles away, but he took this cat to go live with his parents the weekend he disappeared like before he disappeared, so kind of seems, sort of premeditated but maybe not cause. His sister made the comment that he hated cleaning this cat's litter box cause. I can tell you from experience it was it was pretty now he cat even more confounding than giving the cat away but leaving the pig behind eyes
family notice that all of his books were missing from his home isaac, loved learning and spent a great deal of his free time. Reading books one day Isaacs father was looking around the farm when he discovered what The had done with his books. He had burned all his books prior to leaving all the books when he had read over the years and all of his books that he had he. He took all this stuff out and burnt them out behind the house. I'm not sure what the significance was of that, but his dad didn't realize that he had done this until yeah. They were looking around around the house and they saw this burn. So so they just kinda took a stick and moving. You could tell was books were then they saw that all his books were missing in the house when they were burnt. So we no exactly the time frame between
I'm leaving in the books disappearing for when they burn them, but I don't think they realize the two after he had laughed, but he had burned all these got so it could have been. There could have been that weekend before he laughed that he had burnt them well had been a short period of time before he took off so whether he was preparing to do this and we don't know what would be the significance of burning your box was he upset over the break up of the relationship because they just seem to have their interests were so alike. I don't know, I just thought for somebody that really chair those books then and bought these books on how to do things that he would. He would burn them eyes. It burning his book, shocked his family and they still stood to understand why he would do that if he was play to end his life. Why not just give the bookstall or donate them
and there was another odd thing that isaac had said to his parents when he was visiting them before. I. And Emily broke up. They had been working together to build a canoe canoes over Isaacs parents house carol, told us isaac said about the canoe, the ex girlfriend. They were building a canoe to gather. Well, apparently, he was down to the barn or whatever, because it was that my sister's how's that they were building this canoe and it was gorgeous. Henny suggest barnett. That moment, isaacs, mom and dad thought he was just upset about the break up in that canoe was a reminder of Emily. They idea that they would never see Isaac again, but adding All of these things up giving the cat away burning books and sanctity spurned the canoe concern. screw. The isaac possibly had gone out for bike right on the day. He disappeared with the intent to self harm. The days and weeks can
new detect by with no word from Isaac and no new clues surfacing dan told us about special event that he Isaac and another friend held each fall. It was set to take place twenty twenty one a month after isaac disappeared when Isaac didn't show up Dan knew this extremely serious isaac and myself and Paul we actually went together, bought an apple fighter press make real apple cider, so we bought apples and we pressed the apple. We went together. You know and went found this copper kettle out and facebook marketplace bought the kettle, took it somewhere and had it fixed, because it needed repaired,
and then we brought it back and we cleaned it up and then in the fall would have been three years ago. We got this press and we got the kettle and we made apple butter. So we bought all this stuff and it was like the three of us. Did it as a friendship thing, but something to preserve the apple butter? We went to an orchard. Actually, the first year we went to an orchard, we bought it. The apples process, the apple, so you took the apples and run them through the press made cider, and then we took the cider and you put it in the cattle and you cook it down. So this is like a two day operation and it was like we were all like, really excited about doing this, and then you add apples to it as you process it and the next day you build a fire and you cook it all day long and then we chart it. We made one hundred and fifty pints of apple butter.
A little operation. This was like kind of a big thing in awful cattle, so that was the first year. We did it at my house the second year. We did it at isaac. How so we invited everybody. You know you all your friends neighbors his family. We all came to Isaac's house. We did made the apple butter at his house that year and then last year we went to the other friends which would have been Paul's house, and now we went to make the apple butter at Paul's, and that was in october, and that was like a couple of weeks after isaac was missing and we just realized that you know if Isaac's gonna make anything isaac would show up for making it
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and passed away on january nineteenth two thousand twenty. Two just days before we were scheduled to speak with her Dan told us that he had kept in touch with brenda on a weekly basis before she passed away. I thought the matter twice and then it was once a week until she had path. You I talked to her every week I was like guy I'm the guy at work. That's call on you to see if there's Any news about isaac have we heard or hear anything for know nothing. First thing I would call her and she'd say nothing, absolutely nothing! Super nice, lady, one of the nicest ladies I've ever met by far you know and isaac was the spitting image of her. It's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He told me his mum got sick,
skin cancer. They send her to the hospital. They determine that it was cancer, they remove some of it and apparently they missed some of it. So then she had to go back and have surgery again. then later what have been probably another year later. Maybe she got breast cancer and then I remember when I was at work. He took heat, you know one day he pulled me to the side. Any was crying in tears. His eyes, and he told me that if they gave us mother six months to a year to live, and that was probably three years ago. So at that point she far exceeded her. What the doctors, told her. She was gonna love or what he had told me that she was gonna to live. Ask him you know how's your mom going. You know when you after he had left work. No, so he had been left
if the didn't no longer work at the navy depot for probably two years prior to now, and then he say well, she don't tell us, because nothing. She wants us to worry and they would never really pride. I know she still going to the doktor and stuff, but I dont know he went away. Will he come back and say: hey how's, mom dillinger come check back in on his mother. I think wasn't a cool mean Type person, either regionally with very loving and compassion. Think. Don't know how much burned as cancer diagnosis had impacted isaac, but his friends had in him get emotional at times, while discussing his mother Josh about his discussions with isaac about his mom. I had known, while still works with isaac that his mom had cancer in it. He moral made it sound like it was a terminal,
and again, Sir Isaac came back again after he had quit his job with me to do another route for me this time on my garage wager cars on the road. Just you take a break him. Sir Isaac how's, your mom dawn. He got kind of still and quiet. Look looking into his eyes and tears were streaming down his face. What his face showed absolutely no emotion, his eyes were definitely cry by ages head and face. Didn't worse judge. His eyebrows didn't make any change. He kept eye contact and I think eventually- yeah, I can't act, but I mean I think I do the part isaac that didn't wanna, see his mom suffer and. I can't help I'm sorry, but I can't help but think that there might be a part of isaac that he didn't wanna witness
and I cannot on earth is die. Like I told you earlier heated review, a lot of us and our feelings- and this is a true example eyes, many would keep a kind of egg other times. I would ask he didn't tell me that the doctors found some kind of medication Apparently this medication was able to stop the cancer from spreading in. Last few times I had asked about his mother up until his disappearance. It seemed like that status had not changed I think maybe he knew that some dark charter was coming about his mom passed away in january, and I couldn't help but think that like isaac, new There's this day was coming in. A part of me got angry that he laughed and.
I felt some anger resentment towards isaac mom had passed and he wasn't here and I think it extremely sad and tragic that she had to pass not knowing four isaacs family. It's been a really difficult nine months. First isaac death heerd and they haven't been able to find a single trace of him. Then they lost Brenda to carol told us. although Brenda had cancer for many years, her death, still somewhat sudden and unexpected she told me she said this. Cancer is gonna. Get me. She said it's gonna, get me a simple, don't give up the fight, she said, I'm not I am not my husband and I, when I await with our granted and even I'm out there I call brother, we talk, it does
Neither where I am. We talked all the time, and so I went to call her. Nobody answered the phone at the house and I thought that's really odd, so I called again well then Dan answered- and I said then what's friend to do and he said she's in the hospital, so I called her cell phone, but she didn't say too much all about so many for fluid than you know. Doin there that's my lover and not about it are well. Then I talked to megan I make it said. You know she's, coming home with hospice, I said No, I didn't know that here I am an eye
I would. Then we got covered and iowa, so we were not fit to drive. My next older sister would go up to Brenda's in the evening. During the day when she on day she didn't work, she would go up and brenda kept telling her carol better get home. We'll probably told me this we'll talk on the phone and she said Brenda cup saying you better get home, you better get home. We got home the day before she passed away and I think she waited for me to come home, because I soon as I got home, I went up and
she tried to get up. She couldn't she quite move. Megan was so upset, he moved. They bought a house down here and hence of being an hour not far from where she grew up in and from the farm, and she said she had hoped that she'd have the summer with her mom. Well, unfortunately, she can get to fulfil that brenda with fifty eight the abundant knows thou areas. She knows where he is now geike up, then give me a fine Brenda. Gimme. A fine well was really strange because the one it was was just a few days after she had tat. I have this thing: glass heart that hangs on my dining room window and it just sort of shaking wendy never shut. Before. There was no earthquake. There is no as shaking- and I said, what are you trying to tell me Branca today, Isaac is still missing, is loved ones
feel as though they know no more than they knew the day that the state police came. Knocking at our door, no significant clues have come in just on substantiated sightings. They thought as the seasons changed, the leaves would fall, the brushwood dieback it may be isaac or is bike, would be found, but it didn't happen winter past, the snow melted in the spring and still nothing we are now. Moving into the summer months and they are hoping that may be a hiker- will spot something but all day, to go on right now. Our theories, despite the fact they have done so many searches along roadways, there's still a passable, de the eyes went for a bike right that day and was in an accident. It could have been an axe in that no one witnessed or an accident involving a vehicle eyes exposed
explain that an accident has been the one theory that has made the most sense to him. The vehicle that was missing from its house was his bicycle and I guess the thought it's maybe maybe he went for a by cried around dinner, I'm like maybe said the chicken out went for by ground around dinner time and then come back. I don't know, that's that's where it gets a little bit. Fuzzy for me, like your mind, can go all sorts of ways with it. Was there an accident with a bicycle from what I've heard they canvas the roads around his house really well that doesn't seem really plausible, just knowing him, but you know you never know, certainly mentally what what's going on with folks, but knowing even for a short time. He did anything just that would be related to like running intensely disappearing. Doesnt seem really ploy
the ball and my mind. It almost seems like it would have had to have been something accidental related to him and his bike. He seemed like a capable guy is very fit. So if I guess, if he wanted to disappear, cut of is a very outwardly type person. Other people told isaac was the type of person who could have decided to just disappear and go off the grid. This is something that they could see him doing any had the knowledge to pull it off here stan. If anybody could survive off the grid eyes, it gives a guy to do it. if I would bet all the money in the world I could survive? Isaac is the type of person that could leave and go somewhere and people he could make friends somewhere. He could work at a farm for two days and move on and take the cash that he they gave him and just keep going and he's he's a guy that could survive, anywhere. I think there's always that down. You know I mean: where is he now? Did he go off the ground
go away. Did he armand south honestly? I could still be out there. I mean he can still be out there. Who knows where judge echoed these same sentiments about isaac. He was it interests, and he too could see isaac leaving on some grand adventure to help him get over? his recent break up so This is a really unpredictable kind of guy because he so spontaneous and I knew that there is a problem with a girlfriend, and I know the past isaac would be always life situation by now going on adventure and images basically do something if some sort of a change in his life to to make it positive? You know like especially when it comes with variety that was the spice of his life and sat on me also, very well on adventure. You now get his bicycle suppose there was the only thing missing and his neck to early
supposedly rated and isaac always had a snack drawer. Every time you went over there I mean we may have a discount grocery store the thomas. On a rear and you'd always have that filled with like discount chocolate, neri, everything and so on, I like he was maybe going to go on an overnight trip, and then there were some reports where people thought maybe the solemn walking along the road. I found a couple weeks later that his mom had gone over there and found what looked like chicken following in this thinking. They fired thought. Well, I'm gonna go out for a bike right and you know it idea. Might strike isaac that well, I'm gonna keep goin like forest dumping on the idea that chicken care about that as little rotten check into eclairs shirt off thank, but he would you're about clean that up,
When you I kidding but eyes, it could take a ten dollar bill and he could stretch that bill to the length that you or I could stretch a hundred dollar bill. He could do it. He was very thrifty, but he was also happy. You use your if you it was a fine towel. It was just something that he he enjoyed doing like. I don't know how else to explain it. He had like a a huge your life and he wanted to get the most out of it, A part of me wonders to like it better. Entertain. The idea that was isaac depressed was one of his hoping mechanisms to get as much suggested. He could go life and that's why he had such a reverence Roy. I don't know, he's so the kind of guy that we're just gonna bike and go further ski resort. Probably about an hour from my house driving distance and he It's like right over the mountain from me, but it still takes forty minutes to get there because of the roads, but he pedaled his bike.
I go the whole way to this place, called ski roundtop and see. I think it was a bluegrass concert and he was definitely into live bluegrass him and I both enjoyed that. But he told us Fifty some miles, I think one way and camped up there. While I accept beside a tree or something he paddled as bike the whole way back on Sunday and went to work in told none of us. And find out about it too, like a long time afterwards, but he just was also offered dewan neat things too. get as much as he could. Life carol told us that one of Isaacs uncles had lived this way for part of his life and she knows that isaac would know how to live off the land. To somebody said to me, I think was so smart. He was very outside conscious. He would know what mushrooms to eat white what he could eat off the land. He was so intelligent that way,
We studied it. His uncle have one uncle live down in the wild and studied out now his uncle had passed away several years ago by his this would go out in the woods he that was his job to study out and he stayed out there for weeks at a time I knew what to live with in how to live off the land and eyes was the same way he could have survived out there for a long time. He knows how to make a fire from whatever, when he would have picked up on our job as he needed to be able to get the supplies. He would have needed, I mean he was an avid by iker. He he had this mountain bike and oh my gosh the miles he could go one hundred miles in a day, nothing for him to travel. One hundred miles in a day to be able to bike like he biked and did stuff like he did. It was, he was amazing,
amazing and that's what sir sailed to lose, someone with so much talents and maybe had plans to just go for ride and come home. I said it could be that the further he got the more upset he guy and then when he was born for so long. I said he, but an embarrassed to come home. It may have felt like one now. I can't go back. What will people think of me, especially if he found out that all the servants were going one? Could he have felt that oh, my gosh, I'm gonna feel like a fool. If I go back there now, so maybe they that change mine. Could he have seen the poster the thing on tv? You know in another state or something in and say all now I can't go back now has just beyond known as the sterile.
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t F, R, dot com, promo code wondering Everyone hopes isaac is out there alive somewhere on an adventure living. Would a dream he wanted during this phase in his life. However, deeply concerned and realistic about the possibility of self harm. Megan told us her brother seem like he was from a different time and she could see that struggle to find others with similar interests this was something that contributed to his troubles. Finding someone to settle down with she worries at the break. Up of the final straw for isaac. Isaac friends with Emily's twin sister before he dated Emily any text at her sister, the night he disappeared. Well, we don't know exactly what was said. Megan told us that isaac something to Emily sister that made her concerned. So when she try
the reach him on Monday. In the days that followed, she was worried enough to go to the police when she was getting no response back from isaac. Apparently he mentioned it to her, but he didn't say anything to us and she didn't tell us- and nobody told I am and we spoke to you know his friend, whose job everybody everybody says, but things very strange that doesn't like either get all though, and it can apply I know it's hardly like this with every case, but of hard for us to believe for isaacs friends, never had any knowledge that isaac was suicidal and we don't with any amount of certainty that he was, but they find it. setting that he never reached out for support Dan has been thinking. After all of the conversations that they had over the years, trying to spot any clue or hint. You know I'd wicked I talked, and he believed in regarding
and he told me that one day the state will get a farm to me. Those were kind of into indications that I didn't think he was at a point in his life, where a suicide would have been than a option. I didn't didn't think that's I think I hated to think of, that. That life would be that bad. I tried to remember you, in years ago, and that would have been many years ago. He made a comment that, if he ever, if something TAT ever happened that nobody would ever find him so that just kind of sticks in my brain and I'm trying to remember cause it's like some other things. You d say in passing, wasn't one of those things that like jumped out at you at that time and made you think. Oh you know it was just kinda like something like he said to me that the state's going to get a far
I mean you know he was he didn't like the idea that people were greedy and one day he would have us farm and he, if he was going to give it to somebody who would he give it to to inherit because he didn't have any children and that's what makes me worry that you know, could he have harmed himself? I dont know but isaacs the type of person that, if he decided that he was gonna, do that and I think that he would go to the probably the extra a measure of someone maybe never find in him. Honestly, we live in the country you could easily make yourself disappear me and my wife from have run over and over and over her mind. She got a long one.
willie well til, and just we didn't think that he was in a mind frame where he would want to hurt himself. He was sad that his girl that he was broke up with him but not like mopey, said he was sad. It didn't work out and he was hoping for the best, but it wasn't like he pondered on it then either too If I didn't see that, but you know I don't know where he was- that Josh also worries isaac, leave decided to end his life, but he also over what he knows about isaac and some other things Isaac was doing that seem to be red flags, Josh some of those things are things that isaac always dead like getting rid of things he no longer how to use for. I it was a minimalist and lives that way. For many years it seemed premeditated the fact, went missing and he just took this cat to go live a man. Has cancer therefore have a farm boy, the active
He took the cat to live over there the weekend he what nothing catches a seems, a premeditated first, like oh well. If he's going to be gone for a couple of weeks, we'll, of course you don't want a cat to fend for itself, I mean thought it was odd, and I into that a few months ago. Suicide warning symptoms, because that definitely crosses my my mind, crossed my mind there. That was a possibility, but I was also very minimalist kind of got to a point in the last five years is this appearance that, if he didn't have a use for something like he would either sell it or just give it to somebody. He had a born. I mentioned earlier that we all hope and carried out, marrying inside there either soldier gave it away. and he was an odour house and I think it's from eighteen hundred
and there is another half of it added on and in the twentieth century, but isaac tore half of his house down because leaving told me that he thought I would feel money on his taxes, but also thank you felt it a needle at space till he moved is he says, oh, like he used a wood wood burning, cookstoves cook where they didn't have a microwave. You didn't now an electric cook. And I don t live very primitive way and he wanted to have a very simple minimal life in this is also thou weird, but one I came over to his house and I went upstairs using the bathroom and I walked past. What I had thought was, it might have been his bedroom. He just doesn't sleep abed anymore, and I didn't ask him about it because I respect him so much at all. Among the question you know You live your life. The do tell I respect that, but he did
say: hey, I'm fleet up here now, and he goes. I just matches make my back heard and I think the price of matches are so expensive. Disliking came in when I got an idea in his head, come here or high water. You were not changing his mind and he was gonna do it until he thought through, and that was with anything and then told me. time, and this is going back a few years but isaac take me. Call it a deal one time and I don't know- there's like a say until a few months ago- he told Dan one time you know if I wanted to disappear, and no one would ever find me if I wanted to siberia basically said- and I just I don't know, Could I went through his head, but I don't don't know, kills This isaac was very private about his personal relationships and feelings. After
what missing her sister Brenda had a chance to read. Letters Isaac had written to Emily describing his feelings for her. Careful can't help, but wonder isaac was struggling much more than anyone knew how he was the one to open up, but he did said I didn't get to read them myself, but bring their read. These latter is apparently he wrote these very in depth. Letters to emulate brenda said I mean he just laid all his emotions out on the table in these labourers, and so a means of trying to. I guess explain that near his feelings for her it just. I think it's just broke his heart when he could deal with getting warm and he was the one to talk about his feelings. If you,
was that emotionally broken down dead? He couldn't come to anybody, get help or support, as if you didn't know, he was going through anything other than this rate job. You didn't realize that he was having that much emotional problems just and just say so. Megan moved from new york back to pennsylvania after Isaac went missing. She was hope. have more time with her mother, and she has been Would it be on the ground searching for isaac whenever a tip comes in or a citing? She too thinks about the different theories One of them seem to completely add up. To me. I still think it's the same possibilities we had from the beginning. I can still see- and I don't have a nice day, but I am a family still think. The same thing is very possible that
I decided to go travel around and work for money as he goes and kind of meet people as he goes like this. This could totally be him and I could totally see that happening. It's still weird to us that he wouldn't tell anybody because definitely can, but for him to go travel around is normal. Like he's done that before where he told us he did like a cross country trip driving like I said he went to look on the red cross. Like he's travelled, you know it. It's not weird. If he were to do that, it's just weird that he didn't tell anybody. So that's totally a possibility. Another possibility still is that he had an accident somewhere. I think still a huge possibility that we just haven't found him yet and obviously I guess him harming himself. the possibility, but it's awfully. Where is he where? Where so? As far as I know, there's no lake- we even have fights with anybody, there's no business do that that we now that would want to harm him. Just spoken to Emily about isaacs disappearance and she
hold him about something she noticed was missing from isaacs farm. It was agreed Sir Isaac had bill and everyone out that it was very important to him had eyes it taken that down before he disappeared. If he did, what does that mean? Why would he do that? only about a month after this happen I reached out- I am I am like hey. You know. I saw you on a hike with isaac and eyes equations beaming, totally beaming like I'm so happy when I ran it. But, unlike I, am I'm josh and urge the guy I remember you, and so we talk a little bit and I guess he had a couple the article that she wanted to return, so she met with his mother at its place. She noticed that his greenhouse was no longer standing like there is no trace of it to give you a background, storylines greenhouse. He basically
this little on this little shack thing bill was like recycled house windows. He had a little stove in there and its basically, you were. He planted his seed in dollars, flower started and to me that was like something very symbolic to him embodied his entire devotion to life, nurturing growing planting. All of that wrapped up in one and Emily told me when she went over there to meet with his bob brenda the greenhouses Just tell me not even there in to me that is just devastating, because it's such a symbolic thing. And I know when I got set up with an idea like you- would try doing different funny things like if you say he was gonna, build a canoe I wasn't going quite the way he wanted it to like out of a log like we're talking, primitives he's liable to cut it up and burn it.
Whatever on the next thing, so it possible that he decided that it was time for another greenhouse with the very have a seat in the winter was coming. I don't know, but that's it strikes me as honestly kind a devastating because I mean my wife and I went over or when we took him and the cat I mean heck, he was given us plants, you know to take home with us. He was all about that thing. That was as consistent, hobby and skill like. If you take all the things that are important to a person. I would say that would be. to its core and to hear that he tourists greenhouse down like it almost to was like a total sign of giving up. If I make sense the principle, you stay. Police have been investigating, leads and isaacs case, but everyone told us that they have not done much Isaac was a grown man who could disappear if he wanted to. There is never.
In any evidence to suggest foul play or that a crime occurred because no hard evidence or like fur leads. I dont know that their that they really have taken the investigations and if there are any evidence is sensitive to the eroded. You know like being outside arrived at this point. What else can you find an I don't know anything about the police investigation, because I have never talk to the police, I know I am only has because she told me, and I know that megan, I believe, has I'm sure that Oh, it's! An ongoing investigation and they're, not gonna just reveal general information, but I can't I get the feeling that it's not being taken seriously as it could be carried. For us at the police did search isaacs property for signs of foul play, but still nothing I mean
I did go out and investigate around the property. The investigators did just to make sure you know they didn't see any signs of any foul play or anything else, and they did not see anything and my brother in law walked his property as much as he could and nothing was found. So then, my sister and her husband of course took the pig to their house, but it was just strange how he had I laughed so we don't know if he left just to take a ride and come home or if he was distraught and just took off and didn't care about anything Megan listens to the pod cast and she told said she has heard other families discuss how they were told that their missing loved one had the right to disappear and not much state of work was done. She still shocked when she heard investigator say the same about her brother, but they said in the beginning, he's a grown man and you it's not illegal to go missing of what they
and I heard that another episode of the whole of your part gas like. Apparently, this is what they say when missing go missing, but he's never gone missing before, though it appears very strange, very hard. You never think it's gonna happen to you in everything that he is here, get him The situation is on the figure screaming and nobody fearing because you don't know who to tell you got a good. Who can you- who can you alert, we contacted pulleys like news, be contacted in out. Nobody listened because there's something missing. People, it seems like a hope or a dream to think that isaac may still be out they're alive today and is just on some kind of adventure. Would he really put we went through months of worry and not return when his mom passed away. Everyone just why to find isaac. Josh told us at a time that he was on a work trap and he thought just maybe here: seen isaac. So my job requires me to travel from time to time,
Recently, I was in seattle, washington, and I was there for two weeks in the month of march, hours with the co coworker and we were driving through downtown seattle, and we wanted to go and see the pop culture museum and on This parking garage, which is very near their very busy city life we're driving down the street or chronic cry through, and I happened to look over at this restaurant and their seeding where there's like booth- or you know like, or see like at the window, but it was kind of like facing the street. I seen this young man sitting there with his elbows flat on a table. A cell phone in his hand like he was scrolling, facebook or something, and he looked remarkably like isaac, the hair
but the only thing that made me think there's no way it's isaac is because number one he's scrolling through a cell phone like that is not isaac. You know now the last five years he kept a cell phone with him and it was like a nursing, a bird phone. He had a landline for the longest time, but he wanted if money in having attract phone the cheaper option. So he would take it with them some time you take he wouldn't taken were with, and this guy he looks like he had slightly smaller and slightly younger features than isaac and the thing that just blow my mind is that he was wearing a red shirt and on the back of his shirt, it was in white ladders. It said volunteer across the solar played like the whole way across time after isaac, had left the job with me with the government
I said hey I'll go in and he sent me a selfie of himself down a louisiana helping some money. I remember them. The storm. Now there what there was, but you is there doing like an outreach mission in like he helped me a picture the id card, and I'm like what are you doing down there? You know like? Did you move down there? What's going on and he's like nope just on hearing in, but I told this third sister Megan they reached out to the red cross the stuff like a climber. He hasn't been in contact with them, so I don't know it's very odd because I should have stopped because my coworker was driving at the time. I seen this guy and I'd feel like so much better. If I could have just got out, walked up to the window and they're like okay, that's definitely not
but the whole thing with him where, like a volunteer sure, that's weird, though I was so moved and compelled by this after I'm the after I come back home that I shared maidens posed on facebook was missing. People of washington state, but in general is anything it. So what happened? isaac, sidel back on september, twelfth two thousand twenty one. Was he just bring about his normal sunday, routine prepping, to make dinner when So why did you go out for a bike? Ride in a freak accident occurred in no one has found him did Isaac on some sort of adventure, possibly help him cope with his feelings after the break up with Emily, or did I it decide to end his own life and no one has found him. We don't have the answers to questions, but his loved ones hoping to spread awareness that he is missing. They want anyone
hiking in this area to keep an eye out for the missing bicycle or any other clue it feels like? for a needle in a haystack, since the Is so rural and much of the mountain? are densely wooded, but just maybe, if the public more aware, some one will find something or something forward may have seen something you ve The information about the disappearance of isaac side. Now, please contact the pennsylvania state leave at seven one, seven, five, six, seven, three one one zero miss along with isaac, is a stark. Green can entail bicycle megan here. Our data social media page for isaac to help spread awareness. You can follow, who page for on facebook had fine eyes excite out. There will be a in the show notes. If you or love when is considering self harm, please, call the national suicide prevention hotline, their available, new four hours a day. Seven days a week. You can Henry
one eight hundred to seven three, eight to five five not knowing so hurtful animal hurtful. Just sad the last day we were together and we were paynton which would have been a couple days before he came up- he had been my wife carried. This conversation on about people feel im, sad for him. You know, I feel bad for you and he would be like. I don't want people to feel bad for me. You don't mean feel any even for me. I can do it myself, you know, and you what yeah hell, but that don't sound right to me either. You know and we got into that phil soc optical in depth. Discussion like that. You know what I mean that kinda thing, but with the way isaac was that before, or is that, what's always been whenever you talk cause, you can talk about them like you would really deep into things, he was not a damn variant
goodbye, on the day he appeared at sight. We just have it. I can't imagine what the family had bought up by just a meeting all of them from the neighborhood everybody. They constantly Have you got any word on anything and we get him additional searches but yeah? We kind of felt that he wasn't in that area that he just took off I started getting dreamed about. I go on an first during my head and drew his house and he was out in the yard. Does There is a club light shine on him. He like shell walnuts or he was like pressing and animal, or something like that. But I walk up to online, where have you been men and spy on the back of his head, like the flesh was like gone like rod.
And then I was all I remember from that and then a dream like on some kind of amusement park riot like a train like a miniature train, and when I got to attend, they were standing there like looking at me like you is waiting for me like any, was very clean. Looking and our of them- and I heard them as soon as I did, that dream over I've had a lot of dreams of being close to him
That brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and forty nine I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for the story. If you have a missing loved one that you like to have featured on, the show wiki submission form at the vanished, podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanished pod and also on instagram, if you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you're listening right now, do you want to help support the show? There are a couple of things that you can do. One way to help the vanished is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo codes in the episode notes. Another way to support the show is by contributing unpatriotic where you can get early and ad free episodes, be sure
The two new next week will be bringing new a story from wisconsin. Thanks for listening, the the.
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