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Jarrod Green Part 1: Retribution


On September 30, 1994, 20-year-old Jarrod Green disappeared from Searcy, Arkansas. Jarrod had indicated to his family that he had plans to meet with someone that night. During a phone call with his girlfriend, Jarrod was clearly upset but wouldn't tell her what was wrong. Jarrod had previously given a gun to a friend and retrieved the gun, saying he needed it for protection. Jarrod never made it home that evening and was never seen or heard from again. Days later, Jarrod's car was found abandoned in the parking lot of a local store. The car doors were left unlocked, windows rolled down, and the keys were on the floor. Jarrod's case went cold, his family didn't hear from law enforcement, and it felt like he was forgotten.

Meanwhile, dark stories continued to grow and spread through the community like a cancer. Not even a year later, someone else in Jarrod's circle disappeared. Another one took his own life and reportedly confessed to playing a role in Jarrod's murder beforehand. Years later, some rookie detectives decided to take a fresh look at this cold case, and there was finally some movement. 

If you have any information regarding Jarrod Green's disappearance, please call the Searcy Police Department at (501) 268-3531.

You can follow developments in Jarrod's case on Facebook at Justice for Jarrod

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Hey prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download. The app today the. he was fun. I mean if I were going to sum him up in one word. It would be fun. He was the light and life every room he went into because he had a great sense of humour. He would of joy, always laughing at you ask anybody that'll be wanted it that. They remember about images laugh because it was just infectious and he was just and to be around fund to have any or lie in long term. It was like delight to sort out the joy that laughter, one out of our lives, airs
These connections all these people, but our list of people. We can talk to the new something is getting shorter and shorter and shorter, and that's why time so important right now and until we find gerrard's remains. We really can't do anything. We can never have peace until he had a direct effect Andy someone, as one who found, because if he found it open with Pandora s box to all of the other things that were going on in that why we need help from the people that I listened to your park ass when the people there, still have information. they know what happened in them. Keeping silent is what is keeping Jared hidden and who How many others march of two thousand and seventeen a man was arrested and charged with capital, murder and abuse of a corpse nearly me. Three years after a twenty year, old man named Jared green had mysteriously disappeared from sarcey arkansas,
only generates car was left behind at a store with adores unlocked the windows world down and the keys on the floor. Jerk I loved ones have been waiting decades for answers and peace to come you're wondering what could have happened to him and who would have wanted to harm Jarrett. Had the police rested the right man with their prey. is finally be answered this time. With those answers continue to elude done, unrest in from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and sixty nine of the vanished part, one of Jared green story- wretch- fusion and and the. academy award nominee carry mall again. Emmy nominees a week cause an
storing she said as new york times, reporters megan to iii and jody canter, who together one of the most important stories in a generation a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault? In hollywood needed a shift in american culture that continues to this day the film coasts I oscar nominee patricia clarkson anyway, andrei brower, tony winner jennifer easily with a cat you wore nominees, samantha, Morton, she's a arrives in theatres november, eighteenth. ninety ninety four was the year of the lion king, which went To be the highest grossing animated film of all time, base was at the top of the charts with their hit the sign it was the year that Nicole brown, simpson and RON Goldman were murdered. an OJ simpson took police on the infamous police chase for the in family nineteen
for was the year that change the trajectory of their entire lives David and share in green, had three children, two sons and a daughter Jim. It was our middle child, a boy full of energy and jokes by Eighteen. Ninety four jared was twenty years old and finding his way through young adulthood. He had a friend, name, shannon been together for a couple of years. Shit unless spoke to jared on September thirtieth. Ninety ninety, four, the two: It plans to hang out that day, but their plans fell through here shannon laura last that I spoke with on Friday September. The thirtieth is nineteen. Ninety four! couldn't remember exactly what tom it was, but I knew that it was dark you that had to be after five thirty, but why It's all right, because I had gone to our local county fair with some brand, both of us. Go with him. That night
and we had gotten into an argument. So I didn't go with him and I never saw him again. Unfortunately, that was all I time that, but the phone She had no clue that this would be the last time she would ever speak to her boyfriend, but you tell by his demeanor on the phone that something was wrong, but he will tell her. What it was, I think, the campaign fourth and put the go you little rock that morning and I came I remember I had seen him the day before to make those plans or if we had verbally made those plants. So he was supposed to come by the clock, I let friday and we were gonna, go to let her out this than the day and he never called like. He. Never com Texted me at all until that night, and he had gotten to where he would do that fairly often so that, my sister and her her remain come over to the apartment where I lived and they were like come you know, come to the fair with us and, I said,
no they were there. When I was on the power tat and he hears begging me please I mean who depend He I he was crying and was so adam about me down his hand, and you know how that bad, but he was so bad that I asked him What is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this? You know I told him I said you know just but I'm going to the fair with shelley and heather. I said I'll call you tomorrow, call me in the morning you go do whatever you know, you're gonna do or whatever and I'll talk to you tomorrow and my so that the phone she hung it up, sometimes shortly after this call with Jared that he ultimately disappeared. He was so special person in shannon's life and life simply would never be the same without him. I met, dared willing, altogether, I met him when he moved here and I believe it was the eighth grade.
and I was a year younger than him, and we were friends, but we didn't start dating until high school and we had a class together and we just got closer and closer and closer until he asked me to prom, and we just- actually, I guess started dating a whimper inseparable from the next, basically to two and a half years until he went missing. I can't how wonderful he way our there is a real flighty paper and you know I was always a one on one law term relationship and we got in whatever we work, that's good bread and yet he had the bad. personality, and he was so funny and just is laugh like I can feel hear his laugh to this day and they have been that and here the kind of person that would you know you could overtake a room. You know by telling a story and have everybody laughing. He had an incredible mall, the most beautiful.
and let's suggest he with amazing and he was very attentive. He would me letters that were just so kind and he would make me homemade cards. You know, and this is a t I got you know we used always there. me. I mean always this the private then, and now emma. He bought me jewelry and and give them things, but just financial small thing can I be the kind of person that would spread out a blanket and we would display and talk, and maybe he was amazing. Was so amazing in it. It's just so are breaking. I can't we tell all the good thing there aren't enough words. The thirty years later. Shannon's pain is still palpable. She is We wondered about all of the what? If what, if had gone with him. That night would ease, he'll be here today. Would shinin have disappeared to be
Unanswered. Questions have made it difficult for she and into work through the stages of grief, though she she moved on and has a family of her own. These lingering thoughts and questions have never completely left her mind. I have I thought you know what. If I had gone with him, what would we have gone to little rock, or would he not have gone wherever it was that he that he went? You know, and I dunno I mean it's tough. I've had so many but what they say. Oh thank god, you didn't. With him that not you could have been too and I got that is the way to look at it, but you know, I think what if I could have weighed him what if he was supposed to go wherever it while he went in, and I could have said no Can't do that. Are you not do that or I don't know it just gets a conflict. I guess never to be the one. When she spoke to Jared, he was clearly upset and scared about something it will.
Come out that Jared had learned a friend a gun and evening of his disappearance. He asked for the gun back door, stated that he needed it for protection from some one. It was cool The chair it felt that his life was in danger, danger must have been real since Jared was never seen or heard from again jeered, left his parents house at evening stating that he was going to meet someone at a local country club for joy, its parents David in sharing, they were immediately aware that anything was wrong, jury twenty years old and he still lived at home, but like most young adults. He spent a lot of his time hanging out with france, but when you come home and they couldn't reach him at any of the usual places. They started to realize that something was wrong and they needed to contact the police Jared father passed away several years ago, but we opportunity to speak with his mom Sharon, who
spleen how this all unfolded for their family. Didn't come home and we started looking for it recalling around calling colleague gets nobody, and then so we waited. We could send him to go and tell you guys think like that. But finally We realise that he had been missing because I just couldn't located anywhere there, I knew him. in my walmart parking lot, we were to find it We brought it home in such a horrible It's your turn. Could be a number of things in our debate. Will you keep hoping
primarily boy, come back, but he just for a while so long a time you know now? We will never do anything like that. You do, We know what was going on here is just not on not knowing what to think and gary. but you thought well, maybe the did go somewhere and you will give The call now you tell me what's going on. If he had that he had to leave a lot, but heard funding. They never heard anything. I am sure anybody ever heard from him again, even though I basically We share the letter. Do something like that. Lot content, Is it all There is too much about his family and october. Fifth, nineteen? Ninety four david Green
reported his son missing to the saucy police department. Told them that he had last seen Jared on September, thirtieth around eight p m journalists. meet someone but never came home and leave. They found his car in the parking lot of a local walmart super centre. doors were unlocked, the windows were rolled down and the keys were on the floor board He also noticed that a gun that Jared usually had under his seat was missing. We also both to Jared sister, who was also named shannon and he told us that it was difficult to get the police to take her brothers case seriously. At the start, I think called initially the thirsty police. I think like he had been gone two days and we called cause. You know the tanner like well, yes to begin twenty, twenty four hours or whatever, and then there are like were eastward he's twenty he could be
love doing what everyone who maybe he doesn't want to be found when they absolutely did not care. They were not interested in investigating. They were not interested, they had no urgency around his disappearance at all cause. We're like well he's an adult, so you know he just wandered off and were like. No, you don't understand. He would never ever ever do that. They were not in the so called state police, and I bet we gave us the same thing. Basically, everybody told there really nothing. We can do and it wasn't until we ve his car on. I believe it was october stacking somebody told us where his karla. They had seen his car up at them surfing the super summer. It was parked up there. So my dad and I went to go, get it and found it the car. That is where all the power windows were rolled down. The center it was open in his keys, were thrown up under the front seat. Anyhow, the junk in the trunk and also like all of his personal belongings. that will with him were he had the conflicting
worry about. He had one or two guns. We knew that he had one gun that he had with them. At least that would not found not in the car and like his driver's license, not in the car, so that was You know that was it, so we call again- and we had to basically insist that the circle he's come a fingerprint his car you're trying to explain to him. He did not just throw with keys under here and walk away with no money, nothing at many years old when he doesn't have the skills to know how to just walk away and started life over Surely the cop came out and fingerprinting the car, but they did a very cursory job of it? Surely can you at least fingerprint the keys and tell us if you would be if he drove his car himself back the first thing, from wherever he had been, they were out, won't be able to pull anything him may was just we were so frustrated.
At the time we didn't understand how corrupt it was right now, looking back after all this time, the things we ve uncovered. It makes perfect sense to me why the things happen, though, they did at the time we were so did you know you're you're, so strong. You cannot think straight don't know what you should do. You have no idea who to go to for help. He felt lee powerless and that, because you are, there was no movement. Aren't you? case in it it moved around from investigator investigator on what we were told was. Essentially Meat humbly had a new person that they brought in, like a rookie investigator they'd fly jarrett case over and Ok, here go work on there the. Dr cosmetics makes high performance, beauty and skin care products with clean skin, loving ingredients.
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shipping at Veronica shoes, dot com with promo code vanished at check out bionic shoes, dot com, that's Veronica, with a b as in very comfortable and very stylish The. jerry case went cold for many years. Leaving us wants to try to seek answers on their own jury. clearly seem frightened of someone before he mysteriously vanished, but who and why we will, explore the who and why, in this case further in part two, but for now we, to take a look back at year, its life. So we can gain a better understanding of what was going on in late september of ninety ninety four it's mom, told us about her sons, early life and personality. He was my oldest son
then I have a younger censure was the eldest and he was the middle chop, and then I have a younger son. He was just a job, they fall joyful boy. You know as always laughing always. A very happy the everybody never met a stranger, a better kid, always happy go lucky diagnose it. the eleven? We know but there were no. There was something wrong because he was extremely mark, but he didn't show it in his good work and by no diagnosed remote attention deficit, this water, it's almost like he didn't You know he never thought anyone was to hurt me. You know what I'm saying when he was younger a course that changed when we got older, but he was just kinda hard it reaches never a stranger then everybody basically,
gerald ford you, I could tell you well beloved by all these screening. and then his relatives a cautious. He was just the joy and ass. My joy he was a high energy are very merchant extra bird, but he was also around just normal people but he could be. You know he was share in certain situations. I think, like most children are people highly active because of attention that the two it was just like in a little monkey around the house should not be just why Sure I got that to me, but that was it's the way he was he did was full of energy, always a thing and liking you'd laughed ass. He was always so funny, but he couldn't That's right, like a normal childhood. You know that's. Why one so they put human ritalin. Problem with let alone inquisition.
You know why you used to garner. It would not let him sleep but his great the only time you there were only on the wrong with me this deadline. It would not let him sleep. No, you can't have. I live in euro boy not able to sleep, so that was appalling, so we just had to taking off with it, and then there was really nothing today. How would you sad to note had to live with it and he had to do the best we could in school and he did do ok, but it was just all is that trade shine? You know that it could happen to ensure that unity could have. We spoke to some of jerry friends who met him during childhood, and there are years one of those friend is Greg fond memories of Jared after meeting him in middle school, madam, I think in the eighth, great
we graduated nanny teresa guess why? What that they, like eighty nine. Ninety, we point baseball together, allies, really funny guy and its water fund to be around. personality- definitely extrovert, I mean yeah and then just he would always make you laugh. I mean he was kind of like a a committee and also those natalie, I'm goin. I mean he was a shy by any means. Then school. We would like to go camp, abandon It's about every other week and I would say we would go out the weekend baseball we played on the high school baseball team together, so that took up her part of our time take it back to increase them was a big deal, I think they're doing more black eyes your car, on the weekends and drive around up and down the streets. who is always at my ass. My mother, she said We, likewise your boyfriend added. He what nobody knows his eye
sure there I was at his house where he was a my ass. They demand two core group of friends that became inseparable, one of them friends was bow, I move, Firstly, in the eighth grade whenever I met him. The man we had our little quickly, I'm out together, should make great on graduate school we ve seen before, but you know the five and you ve turned away from their budgets without going on, be around always joke in vienna. Were jokes yours you like one of the universe, we haven't found great, explained that it was after high school. That trouble started for some members of their friend group, including jared after our school. We want. Yes, you baby the cycle junior college. I guess and baby arkansas
one year. So I guess ninety three and ninety four- and I moved jonesboro arkansas after that to go to school and he stayed there. disappeared, savage came into play. I guess really none three and ninety four and it was just so ramp. It back then everybody did it. Is still be that way. I don't know I haven't tried, but It was not uncommon. From my circle of friends, I don't think there is anybody hadn't done it now they made we do every day or anything like that, but a dried it honestly. I think it was just a bunch of board kids who didn't have enough sense. Not to do it. I mean it was just like you were not there, sounds really naive and ignorant you gotta remember we write sixteen in seven doom, whatever was, and it was night
I would say something: never What do I don't know that there would be an comes under me? the underlying reason like psychologically you're, social, economics. There was this. I don't know, it's like the air and everybody was doing it. For me, I realise it is like a word. he's gonna leave other than jailer the graveyard by this we down, I don't know, maybe it was just a matter of maturing a little bit, but I knew I didn't want to down that road. Any further Bell remembers this time too. He told so they were just kids getting into stupid trouble and that ultimately lead bow to join the military in an attempt to straighten his life out. graduated high school mandatory shopping, The graduation picture
her senior year yeah we're all standing there in tuxedos new jersey. The middle of us are all just close friends. I mean it was that was kinda right when cell phones were now back when he still had a phone, so we did a lot of stupid, girth, obviously, and one day later, another for fire knew that we needed to do something are. We were we're on the road to no good. Basically, I think we started getting about that time, which was stupid. I join the military body greg, join the military cup. Whether people Dickie were thirty calm down there in my way, he's tried to get a get out the year the mess that we ran, and move on with our love is a winner. Data around and wasn't gonna and welcomed that one thing was thirsty, there's none lot to do in that town fell general,
if you're not fish in high meaner, you not doing some type of activity, the kid usually, The german never had the opportunity to make it out of searching and turn his life around, as his friends have done, because he vanished one night at the age of twenty june, mom Sharon told us that she was totally shocked when she learned that Jared had been using drugs. She felt completely blindsided by this, but also splain that she didn't know much about drugs and didn't know what warning signs to be looking for. I was just so shocked about it. All that didn't now did not have a clue. What does that mean? I trusted you brand! he'll never lose anything. But there again, you know. When I get a certain age, you don't keep tabs on him all the time, terribly, not easy, you're hurriedly anything, somebody with trawling, he never did good that someone lying to the way that sort of thing you about,
hearted there. I think, then, he was lowered in you drive because just did you're alive and he did drug, I think, partly that is Kathy, was a sharp person and you know have together you don t, have a speech: let's go, they might there. He was that very hard on him. Even though the really outgoing no boy by delicious one on why? What brandon? That's what it I remember one time he replied, he was terribly mark images hard on other issues that job You know I never dreamed honestly. The shared would ever even think about taking the drug, and when I get out amongst peers other people. I just feel like that jack campbell type the ban to jail candid used. In a way I know you, I found out that jerry was
In the garage and even carrying the drugs around- and I I was just horrified- I just I- just really lost it- We wanted the amount of that and that women what kind of began, because they they didn't, want him out of it? people that were involved with a whole. an open the door The boy was gone, area I didn't ever think about things like that for. I knew that I would like you to know that they should not lead to any body that heavy The day was Jack terrible terrible awakening for a shop and bernardo do it was were deeply involved in the drug world than his parents could have ever imagined when they jared with drugs in his possession. It seem to set off a chain of events that ended with jeer its disappearance. I went to something out of jet car. Am I told them? I will you had to pull the seat?
back to get in the back a little black the young cartridge they all turning them in it popped out that it was in the court said that there was a little potter thing there and it just popped out, and I picked it up and moved tat it and opened it I knew what it was some kind of drugs and I reach out You wanna call my husband and told him he came home. Now they talk to you about it. You know not knowing we really. You know we got in trouble because of that with something he was supposed to take care of company as to the labour market. tat. In fact, we re truly were in love is to want to do, You really want to tell us you ever was involved in it. We had no idea, no idea at all who loved and These are the
The thing I knew was one time a friend at here, come over to the help them better than it is now more than ever. talking about the social model, but they started talking about. Two boys that had all kinds of moment they were living in house lawyers. Somewhere in the night, I at my son and the other boys as they look that god damn you, but I think you better stay away from my boy and teachers in Egypt. They didn't find anything just agreed. All the while it was exactly the one that we believe that getting hard might have been. I got a budget. That is because you have a totally different person- They ve been low wages. What had strong, then the he's just real lay back mostly, but we both were just.
The shark in just one, just albert camus, fear gotten involve people that dealt in, toys is just a horrible shocked the gear yeah. We really didn't all we could think to do. You know you just have to get out of this. You know you just have to quit during that Jared was threatened and his family feared for his safety. They went. As far as to send jerry to stay with relatives out of state. Until this cooled off insurgency and it was safe for him to return well, he would strangely said that we found out about it that I have found it and I thank them algeria, which I found it, but I did and that's just the first thing you think I do. stop doing that. He can't do that in more ways than one that guy in the person who gonna get killed. You know every bad thing runs through your mind. Try really hard to get him. That is just how are you?
the thought that would have been begin desert, but, unfortunately not threatened, yeoman it I'm just a little They do thing, then, what everyone. We thought everything's gonna be ok, and had left home my brothers in Houston here that one from someone that only the member who was he talk to it. Why to him course and that everything ok and then he could come back certainly I'm not sure, but that they would lead him pay back the money and now we would have given him the money, but he tell you the day would not pay it back. I don't have it clearly called him who just plain lied to and then intimidated, and he didn't wanna tell us anything. I think the coffee beside it. They will kill in it. They found out
we did not know anything about anybody until you have disappeared did your family. They believed that this was a trap set for Jarrett They believe he was lord and coming back home and told that everything was okay now, but things were Ok and then Jared was gone. since and never had the opportunity to redeem himself and turn things around a chance to grow up and out of this phase of his life, like his friends dead, grateful jerry. Legacy has become defined by this but told us that there is so much more to share. It was all about the euro. Unfortunately, is why were here, but he was so much or maybe it's a great guide. Our green around him is, it breaks my heart This is what it needs reminded arab remembered by now. That's not Why was I mean that was the last year I sure whatever, but he was.
a guy. He wouldn't even a good friend I mean you never had had to worry about. I'm talking about, you're anything got a mean is athlete a. make anybody laugh roaming, driven away the day was somebody would want to be around. I do brutal and talking to him, but how we wanted our kids. We hope the girl up around here. They're. Like Sunday, I mean Smart guy, get a demo. Everyone, it greg remembers a time shortly before Jared disappeared. When he came to visit him and told him about troubles, he was having with some guys that he owed money too, I'm the jones about eating wrong on the dates, but probably a week or two before he went missing, maybe on the outer within reasonable amount of time and the first time I saw him in a while still on me that the he wasn't going to pay them for some drugs because they agree
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fully grasp what was going on with Jared and the danger of that he was in in hindsight, it's all so much clearer area, in school for a little while I think he went to college for a year or be nigh ready, ass, the master irritated by many had darted college, but then I would You know aware at the time, but he was slowly getting more and more involved with he gonna get could be, so I did not see him use. Drought like I've, seen him smoke, I like he's the one that introduced me or seventeen. I think when he brought out marijuana- and I I didn't even know what it was or what is that I was raised in a very sheltered home. So I just didn't know, and later in our relationship, but he did not introduce. way to bay mare, but I had no idea that he would using methamphetamine until after I had
graduated in ninety four, which would have been may have monday, for though it was some time I hear our still good. In may of nineteen money for china, whose this, though, if we talk about how you I did realize how there until later in I'll look at picture than I thank god, and he was soon then you know, like his face, had gone really You know in a kind of a little bit skeletal, and I realise that at the time and I get because I was so quo- you know fine every day, I didn't realize how much white he was losing but he did not show me that he was a money hid it for me until some time after some time, between probably june and closer to the august. Now I see better safer and I do remember telling him over the summer after after I do wonder how god do remember telling him. Could we had gone to the leg that was me.
Where it had the daylight june July and our- we're tellingham. You yourself skinny. I remember, again, ah, They went in a downward spiral. It was so fast, jared seem to mostly keep shannon out of the loop. When it came to this other side of his life. We dont know if he was afraid that she would disapprove or if you wanted, to protect her from those who were threatening him here that joy, ask then gone out of day. He came back can't remember when he left with a couple of weeks. I say a couple of weeks that, because I because I don't remember I've been out. I don't even know where he was that, because one night we were talking on the phone vienna so, where are you and he said then in a corner in winslow arizona, in a way the lab? But you know I didn't know if he was joking syria, but with a laugh about it so funny we
granting. I rarely rocky pop tomorrow, relationship in know gotten to where you would end. show up iD say: hey, I'm gonna, you know, let's go do this and then I wouldn't hear from him I mean he had changed. His personality has started to change cause. Ah, you know in April, and everything was Then on I graduated in may, and everything was still pretty good. So all of this lot collapse in just a few months, absolutely collapsed. I have a lot of suspense and in a lot of things that are pieced together after the fact, but like I and I did know that he carried a gun toward the end. I saw the guarantor and he showed me the rocks I started under ending, but I still- and I know this it's crazy, but I still do not understand the gravel of it because I'm just Can you know high school?
since shannon was mostly kept in the dark and didn't know that chair, it had been threatened. She understand why he was acting so strange on the phone with her that night and then Jared just disappeared, phone call so hans her. Nearly thirty years later, I'll talk to him prodding are here you called me saturday morning and I'm still not thinking. I'm still might not they're from even into the next week? I'm still not thinking that something is wrong thanking ok, while at called share in and on one occasion of europe from Jared, and he's calling me regard from gerrard now, none of it that hurt from journal. I did at now at the time that he was. but to go and meet someone. I didn't know what the green family, no, I just talked to them and he did you know he extremely that not himself back. Far as I knew I was going to go to the
air come home, go to bed and I wanna talk to my boyfriend the next day when I started realize that something was wrong with when they told me that they found his car walmart I didn't know he was missing until I mean I knew he had not call me. It had been four days and call me we were all calling each other goin where's dared, but I'm still on thinking. You know that he's gone for thirty here and tell me that his car was found at walmart with the wind. I was down and the keys in it I knew I knew that he did not leave that car there, because Jared, berry. I mean I've been an apartment with my mom and my twin sister, and there it might have been fifty maybe from where he had the part to my apartment and he locked that every single time I don't carry all wife locked his car doors and when
They told me that the windows were down and he had left his car just worth it. I knew something was wrong I can't let you do, sister shannon explained that, from her perspective is down spiral into the drug world happens so quickly. Her family with certain his disappearance was connected to drugs and later to get help from outside agencies early on, because it two concerned about local law enforcement being entangled in the drug trade locally. Remember I was off at school. I was at home when all this stuff started happening If you don't know what do I get these books like if you ve never seen it before? I close, he don't know what you don't know how to handle it when he died see you're not really sure what's going on and he don't don't know what to do in. My parents were definitely in that position. They didn't know what was going on and I didn't know I was out and Texas going to grad school. I came home because my mom ok. You know,
and they got their stuff going on with garrison it's getting bad. We need to come home and come home. Even then, I didn't understand, I didn't see it and I don't know, because I didn't want to. I was so naive myself, but I didn't know what it was, but he started even in when he was he was about. Ninety had been nineteen and that's something. We're still trying to figure out like a timeline around when actually started using one would be showing signs of use because we don't even know what the sometimes work. To be honest, we had no idea what methods fattening was and then area where we were in thirsty, wish just replete with mass, like math production centres wasn't on drugs. Long enough, you could see the decline. We look back at family picture. You could see the decline. What could have met, I guess, takes hold of a pretty quickly. We could see the decline in him physically,
in his behavior, but that wrapped up in a very short period of time where that became kind of at its peak? And so I would say like to remind her six month. Maybe we're about was happening when that drugs are involved. We called the D I had a friend. that I went to school at her husband, was in the de eye to eye contact at her and said, hey, can we do now? Can we get the dossier looking into this all with the same answer, and he was You want me to do yang, California, so yeah He had not noticed that the corruption and thirsty accounting at the time, so yeah he had now. Basically everybody told us there is really nothing weakening ipad people. Law enforcement people tell me turn their at also told us. This is true that essentially the police force at the time when you're a disappeared was part in part. Of the drug trade in that area, that they are
actually helping it along Jared, told them that. What we were living at the like the country club on the golf course up there and he told us that you wouldn't believe, like everybody that lived up here, is involved and what's going on until this, the white canny sheriff was involved, at every level, including the judge. including the politicians almost at every level. Somebody was profiting from that drug trade and thirsty, and I believe I know it be the case. I know that's why jerry case was never saw because we know who did it there's no, about it: either they Turned a blind eye or they were actively involved in what was going on, and that's why I say Jared case is that Pandora's box, not one it's all, they did not investigate, then the fact that their castigating now is unpleasant an uncomfortable for them because they are, there is still in positions of power and thirsty some of them and that good
come tumbling down. If you open a pandora's box, and we find there remain some them we beginning jerry. Father was sounding the alarm to the police that he knew who harm Jarrett and why there? two men that you're knew who were known to be drug dealers locally and jerry, It said that he was going to meet with them on the night that he disappeared. He was going to talk to them about this debt that he owed and he was never seen again. In the investigators notes from late ninety. Ninety four: it's so they discovered that Jared. Oh, these men a significant amount of money and that they were threatening him Other witnesses told the police at these men were claiming to be connected to the mafia and that they were heavily armed It seems so obvious who must be responsible for this. Yet no action was taken the green family jared disappearance up ended their entire lives. But was something bigger than just one single missing persons case.
From the very beginning people seem to know who may Jared disappear and why, confide in people that someone was after him for a day. This is equally, why he was so upset when he found his girlfriend and why he wanted to get his gun back from a friend. Jurists when cold his family wasn't hearing from law enforcement and it fell like he was forgotten. Meanwhile, dark stories were continuing to grow and spread throughout the community like a cancer not even a year later. Someone else who was connected to this case also disappeared and, to this day, has never been found then another one took his own life in reportedly confessed to playing a role in jared murder beforehand, but It wasn't forgotten years later, some rookie detectives decided to take a fresh look at this cold case and there was finally some movement in
to work in a dive into this dark underbelly that existed in and around certainty in the nineties. Germans loved ones believe this is something much bigger than a simple case of murder over a little drug debt. This story involves a complicated web of people who seem to have connections within the community that kept them out of trouble and also connections to a series of missing persons, cases and murders. Their secrets buried here that some people would prefer to stay that way for ever, but the greens feel the only way they can ever get. Peace is defined jarrett and they refuse to give up. If you have any information regarding gerard greens disappearance, please call the saucy police department at five zero one to six, eight, three five. Three one, one of the things that I want to make sure that people understand is that this will take this with a very specific case,
Jerry was back home and he was murdered and in people went out of their way to try to cover it up there. People were involved in it. But I didn't want peyton wanted to come the line, but they never did anything the global downturn in the cabin. The funny thing is some of those folks still around, and there are now entire village is black you're going to bleed them out or hopefully they can find No, We had a lot of people. I thought that turned out to be You know there were so many danny and abel, which way we turn it was just how how will we handle and then they stopped because there just weren't, I'm coming forward in nearby lot the tape, what is going on there?
cannot live with me on this thing. Why should you I'll come forward if I need something they been crying legally binding something more Might be boring bringing home, but you don't know, you condemn the bad events, people that now do you know, come in in my view I didn't know the terrible Where are you the people of burma.
The and and the.
That brings us to the end of episode. Three hundred and sixty nine I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case submission form at the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page for discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanish pod and also on instagram, if you like our show, please give us a five star rating and review, follow the vanished on amazon, music forever. You get your podcasts or you can listen to ad free by joining wondering plus on apple podcasts or the wondering app. Please support us by supporting our sponsors by supporting them, you can help us offer the show for free. Another way you can support. The show is by filling out a survey at quandary, dot com, slash survey. You can also support the show by contributing on patriot, where you can get early and ad free episodes be sure to tune in next week for part two of Jarrod greene story. Thanks for listening, the.
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