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Kelly "Allison" Whiddon Part 1: I’m Not Missing, Am I?


Around April 19, 2016, 44-year-old Kelly "Allison" Whiddon disappeared from Panama City Beach, Florida. Allison was in the middle of breaking up with the man she had been dating. This man had a history of violence and threats he promised to make good on. The two got into an altercation in a restaurant, and her boyfriend claimed he never saw her again, changed his story later, and subsequently refused to cooperate with police after they started investigating her disappearance. No one reported Allison missing until the end of May. Why did it take six weeks for anyone else to realize she was missing? What has occurred since then is truly extraordinary. However, Allison Whiddon is still missing, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance continues to deepen.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Kelly Allison Whiddon, please contact the Bay County Sheriff's Office at (850) 747-4700 or CRIME STOPPERS at (850) 785-TIPS.

Tune in on October 24 for Part 2 of Allison's story.

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Hey prime numbers: you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon music download. The app today The. Well, we'll clubs grow that by clubs not a day goes by without take about you. Not fire what I been her debate. oh her more than one again. It tired, because I know what will happen to doubt. Just so that no justice for and she just down beijing there's nobody doing, gave very hopeful It never left my heart like what happened to her and she is to be found, and I stayed in touch with them over the years that would just like, update just anything,
you know tell me to go. I tell me it's an application and don't say anything else, but they would not respond at all. Nothing dates in five years. and april nineteenth of two thousand sixteen forty four year old kelly, Alison Whiddon, disappeared from panama city beach, Florida. Circumstances were frightening enough had been in the middle of breaking up with the man she lived with and had been dating, who had a history of violence and making threats he promised to make good on. The two got into an altercation in a restaurant and your boy claimed he never saw her again changed. Story later and subsequently refuse to cooperate with the police after they started, investigating her disappearance, but no one had reported alison missing until the end of may. Why did you take six weeks for anyone to realise that she was missing.
what has taken place since then is truly extraordinary, but kelly, Alison Whiddon is still missing, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance continues to deepen I'm and from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and sixty seven of the vanished kelly, Alison witten story, part one, I'm not missing. Am I and and and the. Academy award nominee carey, mulligan Emmy nominees a week cause an storing she said as new york times, reporters megan to eat and jody canter, who together one of the most important stories in a generation, a story that shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault. In hollywood,
knighted, a shift in american culture that continues to this day, the film coast, I oscar nominee patricia clarkson anyway andrei brower, tony winner jennifer easily, with a cat you wore nominees, samantha, Morton she's a arrives in theatres november. Eighteenth. In two thousand eight teen alison. Louise Whiddon got a call from a woman asking if she was the woman's missing sister named Alison widen. The missing woman's name was legally kelly. Alison Whiddon, though she these went by alison to avoid confusion. Throughout this story we will to the witness to receive the phone call as alison, owl and miss person simply as alison the Alice. now on the phone explain that no, she was not missing but she was entreat alice His family was from the same region of the country she held from and she had he's been interested in genealogy
the possible that the two were related and she had a missing relative that she had never heard of Alice an was the first person to reach out to us about this story. Having done her own research on Alison's life and disappearance, and for help giving her name and story a larger platform. So we alison to tell us how this all started for her get, the call from her sister actually Rhonda was the first one to contact me on facebook messenger. This was to you after outcome, witnessing an rhonda reaches out she's like high. You don't know me my sisters and their thing. Her name is alison within and there's a guy named John brown he's going online and saying that you're and you don't wanna be found. I you know The most burst into tears because I can't imagine number one having a sister missing but now to just the fact that you know does. The whole thing was crazy and having to reach out and do this, I can imagine it and I was like then I know who he is
he's an army, bad he's, an odour gentlemen. I don't even know how he found facebook, you flip phone. I power. that, he's causing any problems but if you know what we know that what happened to it as unjust shocked that here the same name for the most part for she goes by and I said I'll call, whoever you want me to. I would calling back the day county sheriff department and they said whose john brown, who are you. I told them the story. You know its german. I take care of. I have no idea how he found this. I'm sure there was nothing malicious about it. He was probably just to protect me because he thought it was me for whatever reason and I notice that I don't want to be found right now that I am you know in santa Rosa county, in fact trying to stay off the grid, so it was just honest to god, mixed up I am Alison. L got this call. She was understandably shot, not just that someone else had the same name as her they were missing.
Family and law enforcement believe she might be the missing person and who was this missing person who had the same name. At the time, Alison l had been laying low herself trying to stay under the radar after escaping a violent relationship. The possible someone, maybe even her abuser, had reported her missing and was looking for her, but the details. quite match alice, in wasn't in hiding, and she wasn't using anyone else's name and she's. at the same age as kelly, Alison Whiddon. In fact, the two. Women are more than a decade apart in age. So when we talk, to Alison owl. We asked her how this mix up happened. I actually was like a home healthcare carried for a gentleman who he was a veteran he'd serve our country and was probably in his. I guess made the late sixties carbon and lived with him for forty five years
and could not breed afoot phone, I mean he barely knew how to work a vcr, but I was then taking care of me. I still remain friends with them and one day. I got a call from they county, sheriff's office. Why didn't answer? Because I thought maybe they ve got the wrong number. I didn't even know about alison at the time and Then I started getting messages on facebook from wonder who doubt and sister Anne reggie who, without these brother, and they were like do you know this man named John brown. He saying that you're system missing and I was like what somehow or another. He found his way onto facebook, I'm sure with of somebody who you know to this day. We still don't know and John since passed away, but he most certainly found his way onto the missing out within facebook paid and said she not missing she's here in favour of the county, and maybe she doesn't want to be found which, incited a whole bunch of craziness an hour.
just like all my word, I mean I had no idea because I wasn't on facebook at the time in any way, shape or form. So when I actually got on there, it still hurts my heart because still on alison's. You know finding out and page the post where he went on air and said that and it it hurts, They were I'm, oh, my god, and I got the word- will because I can't imagine, but at the time I had just gotten out of domestic We abusive relationship and I really didn't want to be found. I wasn't on facebook EL said she believed it was a genuinely innocent mistake, her employer with someone, elderly and unfamiliar with social media. He didn't realize the gravity of what he was saying when he said he knew where allison was he also didn't seem to notice the difference in their names as alice in has only one l and allison, and the missing person has to hours
In the hell told us she felt compelled to stay in touch with Ronda and Alison's other relatives and was drawn to learning more about who the missing alison was. So we asked her to give us the basics, My real name is Alison wit in hers was kelly, alison women, but she went by our thin you know, that's how she find her name. That's how everyone knew her. I've never heard anybody car Kelly ever not family, not brands. Me she slowly when by alison, There is a big difference in their eyes and that's why the whole just the holder, I've always crazy, because if you look at ice, aside, which I never had. I never got to meet alison, but we are can down the line somewhere. From the winning name and being from Alabama south out pino in the south. We We are going to genealogy people, library working on it, but I haven't been that lead We are related somewhere down the line up. She was somewhat,
Sweet all add on five put on a good day. We it's nothing alike, which is just even more crazy about the fact tat we. We know this whole online mixed up happen, but I guess it was mentioned. So all this would happen. You know so that kind of how that happened and ever since then, which that was due to an eighteen. Stay in touch with our sins family and they just dennis. These people- and I absolutely hate it because there are so many similarities between that Alison and myself, and I I feel, like you know that could have been me and I wanted to do anything, I going to try to find her They live in alabama, rhonda lives in dosen and MR reggie lives in ramer witches couple hours of nord threat. Story. You will hear the names of many people who had different relationships with alison and roles in her life We will delve into the most important people in part two of alison story, because their roles are pivotal to answering the question. What have
the alison widen and when but question of when Alison disappeared was the one we wanted to determine and answer first. So began to explore the timeline of alison's disappearance, because one of the initial observations we had about her case was that there was a nearly sixty day, disparity in reported dates. She was last seen on April the two thousand. Sixteen william who refer to as billy throughout this story and allison were out at a restaurant billy Allison had been in a relationship for some time, but they were. Openly on the rocks and were arguing on this particular evening. Billy has an important role in this story as alison, significant other and possibly the last person to see her, and we Look at him specifically impart to after she reported missing, Billy, told the police at the evening they had the altercation of the bar was the last time he saw Allison, though later in his initial police statement, he said
believe she stopped by the house to pick up some of her things on April. Eighteenth, two thousand sixteen and was the last time he saw her ten days after the evening, they had the altercation This was further corroborated by colleagues at the tax preparation. Business were Alison worked. Who would later, police that she had worked on April, eighteenth and that they were Bertha state specifically because a signified the end of their busy as part of tax season. This is Alison l told us she learned in her research about the timeline, if Alison's disappearance, okay, so out finish date- that she supposedly will lie was last see was April. The eighth of tuna, sixteen was the narrative from her, then boyfriend Billy, but the law stay. She was actually seen. She finished I see the english you doing, taxes for liberty, taxing them off any reach, and she finished I see them, which was on the eighteenth, our sins but
for an peggy use, the one they reported her missing. She was reported missing for six weeks because nobody knew that she was missing the day she was reported missing was made thirty first to dublin. Sixteen, I think, like seventy four days after she went missing the last person that was credible and you never charge, never been in trouble with the police would be. Sandra strange. He was her boss at liberty. Tax in panama city and she swear and gave a sworn statement to police at alison was there on April eighteen, the nation at the last day of taxis, Eddie may thirty Her best friend, Peggy went nowhere. Reported missing because she was like this is right. I can normally track alison down in a couple hours. Often had planned after she got her last paycheck from liberty tax the town, because she was not afraid of him and she was over it. Billy is tat my friend are soon to be actually friend she. Never. Picked up her last paycheck. Nobody,
I saw her after the lasting impact ceded to it. They April they take its import. Two separate credible witnesses from others in this story for several reasons month what stood out was Billy's, almost immediate contradiction in his initial statement police. when he said that he saw Alison on the eighth and then the eighteenth. There is also an interview in the police file with the person that Alison went to two by drugs from this person was candid with police, and she said that she saw Alison on the eighteenth and spend about twenty minutes with her smoking. A joint together while we were Normally consider a drug dealer to be a credible witness her candle. the police about her own illegal activities on this day, get more likely than not that she's telling the truth. We felt like I kept hearing April the eighteenth. Despite the fact. The official missing persons report gives a range of dates from April eighth through may thirty, first
media outlets flyers and missing persons, databases say April eighth, so what that that was so significant about April eighteenth, well, it seemed odd that Billy changed the dates from the eighth to the eighteenth in his interview. Other independent witnesses seemed to corroborate his story. The alison was not missing as late as April eighteenth, there was another man and Alison's life that we will cover in depth and part to this matter. Is now deceased, so we have to rely on the accounts of others and the records we received on him to establish his role and alison's disappearance. His is herbert Davis groove her in the people we both to referred to him as any of these three names. So you may hear him refer to as Davis or gruber throughout the story. We will. For to him as Davis Alison L told us that, from what she understands, allison spent the night of April eighteenth at this man's house in this
where the woman who claimed to have smoked a joint with alison on the eighteenth, says that this happened She was over at her. I guess biologists, this her sugar, daddy, his name, was Herbert Davis, grew by a third. everybody call him gruber or Davis? He learned like literally three or four blocks it's from where her belly lived. She stay the night at Davis's on the eighteenth, which was a monday after tax. and was over and since drug dealer even came over and made a sworn statement to the police that he or she had seen. Him are seen. Allison give me a house tat night and then, was, I often dominate winston. She wouldn't have been anywhere without her dog a lottery say. Oh, you know that's their kid. They would have never left her kids. Why She would have never left Wednesday mind like she would have taken, went in to how just she wouldn't go anywhere without him and I was there on the night of eighteenth with winston with the true
billy letter drive down the night you and got up. And Davis got into it because there was no drugs whatever from night before and Often got angry with him and she took her laptop. She took up his rug. She took stan and she left his house the morning of the nineteenth of April, two thousand and sixteen to be best every day. You need proven quality sleep every night, so This proves your best. Sleep is vital to your mental, emotional and physical health. That's why If you choose proven quality sleep from sleep number, did you eight out of ten couple say, one of them. Sleeps too hot or too cold site tells us regulating your sleep. Temperature leads to higher quality. Sleep, discover the new climate. Three sixty smart bed, the only
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string circle, dot, com, sash, vanished, drink, see. I r k you l, dot com, slash vanished We, I spoke to one of Alison's friends peggy, who told What she knew about this argument between Alison and her then boyfriend Billy, which we were told, happened on April. Eighth. She told me about her and billy and bury son had gone gone golfing have spent the whole day. Together was a good day, and then they went home and they were talking about going to eat. So she took a shower. Out of the shower billions. We're gone. So then she drove her son to the restaurant, where they were gonna, go any and then that when she saw that her door was locked in the least
but the windows up and she went into the kitchen place and through a big fit broke his truck windows. Then she moved out, and that was ass time night. She lived in that house. Was that day pay. You told us about the last time she spoke to Alison last. I talk to her. things are going with Billy and she said there good. We dont feature I go to the house, and hang out do laundry whatever get. My things are either and then I'm out of here before he comes home. Ok, perfect she's, a guide to great it's a great set up and he's start working off shore again so, while he's off sure I'm going to live in the house and then when he's home I'll go stay somewhere else she said. So it's really much. Are now than had ever been. I should that's really good. That's good night, I told you we were gonna, go kayaking that we gained she's like I can't make a promise, but I'll try to be there, and I said good and
Let me give you two now is that It was right before april fifteen ass, she was still working. It was right, before the end tax taxation. After alison, vanished, Davis, told peggy prior to his death. Now Alice spent the night on the eighteenth with him Davis said Billy left one at far her? How would he now The last person I know that saw her is davis because he said they were together. She spent the night that night and left in the morning. That's davidson's words. She left So what happened after that Alice is unaccounted for after that citing, but there is also another component to her story. governor of her truck abandoned, there's some important to note about what we know about the track in the police force
It's all of the information about when and where the truck was found comes from Alison's boyfriend billy. He said that the true was abandoned at a bar, walking distance from Alison and Billy's house We don't know when it was first noticed in the parking lot, but we do from police records that Billy said it was toad on April. Twenty. Fourth, two thousand sixteen- we found no records within Alison's file that show any outside confirmation of this information. There was no. Record of a phone call or visit to the tell you to speak to the person who told it in order to firm when and where this will come. Again later so, keep it in mind. Billy well police at he picked up Alison's truck, which was registered to him after it was told he also police at he assumed Allison had been at that bar, but we heard her friends and brother that she hated that bar and would never go there It was Alison's friend peggy who ultimately made the initial police report and is not
friends with Alison but mary to tyrants. Bob who was friends with Alison's boyfriend Billy, that's how alison and peggy met and became france when we speak With peggy, she told us about a chance run in her father in law, Tom Bob had Alison's boyfriend, billy at a local grocery store after Allison had disappeared hotel, Bob told me that he saw offerings chalk on a tow truck. And so he went to a grocery store character and traceability and they were just happened to run enjoyment- said so Why would you do have your life truck repossessed good for you, I believe, what are you talkin about Tom said I just I've been told so Billy called around found out where the job was. One guy but home so then I can't believe- and I think Have you seen algerian. He said no, and I could reach the chalk unease. I gather peggy in its really weird. There is nothing in the
and I said what do you mean he like nothing? I remember her hair chides in the chug all of her toothpicks or to face but could also very funny about her teeth so she was almost compulsive about keeping her teeth, She was very, very conscious about all health. Just weird Alfred always have as guarantee aired, ties around the gear shift in the truck and shows had a frisbee dog toy, he's an ex release. She had all kinds of things. It stayed in that truck, so when he picked it up and had absolutely nothing in it. That scared me because wouldn't be without her truck. We also both to Alison's brother reggie, and he told Alison would have never gone to that now closed bar. Where billy says the truck was ultimately toad from, he told us. After you learn that alison was missing and went billy for help. He fell
like was attempting to mislead him. I want them cowan billy over why and he was trying to get me about this Davis gruber when I got down their bellies, Billy's allows was dire. I remember sounds like a baby by berries I, but when I got down there, listen masters decision I'm not asking you find a man I'm here when I went to bed I was amazed at the response that The way you do here, our daughter out of something but my parents are made, was shaking their murphy Mr harbour, some show we articles, you. Don't me the dolphins and was at the beach house. More was It calls from grey just go out and welcome, don't look! Summers death. and he was at the tail. When rob will you must? Let me still very nervous about something you here and now.
Would not to the beach ourselves in the show me whatever you want the only one tat was t witness. Because why not talk to him? I'd never seen my sister. There is no, not really they said, they'd never know where to go there, and I know that I'll the domains. You would never where she would never step foot in there. The point We have know what was her tell to the billion? I want my job and I had the logo I woke up a little bit- was about tail they have fallen lo and behold, the camera per Two men it as a whole, the camera saying that job. The look on his face Are you been there? I was scared. Saw the man my sister. I knew it. reggie told us at this palpably. Terrifying realisation continue down a strange path with Billy. Well. At that moment it was like the holy spirit them away
You know when he wiped out wipe a desk I stood there. That's ok, I guess I told you that watney I'll just go for it or whatever. So we went and off turkey back to his music. I let my plan was to in the morning workers than don't do that more next warning now what lead awake he told me about. He I've gotta go drugs by in case I had done for What are you upwards of one day, while church birthday I will find out about it. Well, I want to work in rome paymaster page. At that time there were only two countries that were tabled. It went too far from certain jackpot, yeah, but those for raised about those about tell me worry, show me alone. I want the wildlife
I will turn the. Let me look at this stage now: the trout with tat from a movement at out there parking I asked you about the pretty little my found the day. The Gaza, I will go back and it is very clear what it is: a baby browser out there you child, what solved the door and everything leave walkin dredge with his eyes. So I don't wanna go by carry, but that's a lie. so they go and look at us over the top to billy We tell them that I want. How have you out, and so this is our time so solid. Told the war. So what I told you, though, after the problem Oh what louse The fate of the person who Oh god, oh god would I they want to talk to you because you don't tell them one thing, but they were like hey who actually bought that. So did I said something about truck. They stood
He said, ah no larger than say it. I got it surprised to hear from reggie that the tow company said they told the truck from a waffle house and not the bar, and also that he had seen surveillance footage from the waffle house with his own eyes, and he saw what he believed was billy on camera, leaving it there there. absolutely no mention of waffle house in Alison's police file, but also no confirmation of Billy story that it was told from the bar, as we mentioned earlier. We will come. add to this crucial clue about billy's possible involvement in part two when we further into Billy and the other people in our life, but this leads us to believe that by that point, Alison was gone for good and the most equally date. She disappeared as within twenty four hours after she was last seen by co workers on April eighteenth and the next day it wouldn't, until may thirty, first Alison's friend peggy made the initial police report after it
starving response when she started calling around to see if anyone had heard from Alison was staying with her friend, leslie and leslie called me. got me on the last? Get me, I guess, the very first and had that her mother left his mother had passed away and she was looking for Alison, you can get a hold of her and when anybody confined allison. They called me because I always draw out come to cleaner, for just use your safe place, and so I started trying to call out and when I fix it Like no one line and she didn't response and at all I knew, was wrong answer Oh, I called you friend georgia, family and her family in alabama and friends in California.
and when none of those people had seen her or heard from her. I started to get worried. I could usually have heard back from her within an hour had come most. Then I called my father in law because he was around the corner from her and you know it- you see her fear it grocery store, whatever wait there in their neighbor. Had he seen and he said that now by airbus, is looking for. I think she's, fine, had somewhere and laughed but why would you say that actually city, I called vonder answer, I think you need to call a report allison missing. I can't find her and no one has seen her and her truck was told oh well understand what you do it gives your there. So I called
admittedly this is how Allison came to be reported missing in bay, county florida on may thirty. First, two thousand sixteen. we were not able to speak with Alison sister rhonda, but have acted with her through Alison owl and she was very forthcoming with information. She said He acknowledges that talking about her sisters, disappearance is too difficult for her to do everything he spoke to told us. Alison was extremely attached to your dog winston and took him everywhere she, when the woman who says she smoked a joint with alison on the evening of the eighteenth said. The allison had winston there at Davis is home that night Davis that she left the following morning with oliver belongings, strangely after alison, vanished winston, back at billy's, no one the details of how or when he came to have the dog Alice. Also had a cat Alison's family was made aware that she was missing reggie.
In writing stepped up to care for her beloved pets, we can understand where rhonda is coming from with talking about her sister, as we were disturbed by the brutal honesty with which Tom told peggy that alison was dead, but not nearly as disturbed as we would be once we finished alison story, so we two hours since family, for more information on her disappearance to find out what they knew Alice His brother reggie told us how he learned his sister couldn't be found in hadn't, been seen in some time, but or else missing yet what was happening the time I had my youngest daughter. That was living of my mother, the child. May that should be level doors go where they were a mother and then make up a damp come here. Tat looks grey, I out in the middle of a maze, deal with ursa. We thought often, My point four out call me there was born.
their birthday are covered. A body that will go We had a little bit plan form within laser alsthom was both a face yup, no liberty there and though she was gone, stay with me for a while and doubt about. Even she emergence of about power living. Moving with the sad reality that magenta cushion ever tell me anything else. So are you awake Why bother? Here firmer, that's not what I want words. It's just. I had my hands full with the public to show up. You know, so you were a couple of weeks. Go by. I don't hear from her war. I get of moses decided. Somebody down there called asked. If we favour this would all away. Thursday, fires you're friday at lunchtime october, about mass around out here. this was one reggie left to make the trip to florida to meet with billy face to face
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it's. that, for all intents and purposes, Allison simply vanished without a trace. Even though there is a cellphone missing with her no known information has been yielded from it. She never. took her last paycheck and her employer never heard from her after april eighteen o or other belongings, including the truck she drove, remained left behind and it's the as we were able to find in those treasured possessions, including her beloved dog. That's where rope the story of Alison's disappearance in part to first, we needed to know who Alison was so that we fully examined the facts of her disappearance and the people in her life. At the time she vanished first We turned to reggie one real clubs grown up future boy it didn't matter what we were doing. He met foundation at it like I'm here we would. We would be doing some word that my call for some
It would be a race that reform. We will. whirlpool form a female there. One time her and I we were alone watermelons. I believe of traffic back when they work. Kids. so I went by word. We were alone in doubt the truck every couple of fate between them. The doktor. Why? the right job? I told her. Also, don't do that. I told her not to do it beggars was she did it anyway, and she the glass make it in both the war were dave. With his turf and tomboy amount. her back a year, you boy you don't roddy should play guitar. doubtful fulfill the main tags she immersed yourself in the the condition love music. find it all right and sounds here, Do you know she would go a job with the threat of the grammar?
by music and she was just all own version. You know real smart don't real good in go one on the college bob Are you going with once you put listen was approved for you do you he's just a guy. Pershing was Why would you have friends over you know? Maybe the parties and be drinks? I was allowed to the she really was. alison's friend peggy, who made the missing persons report in may of two thousand. Sixteen. Told us how she knew Alison and what true heard becoming friends with her I met. Alison grew my husband. He knew Alison since was thirteen years old. She was a friend of his dad's Tom Bob
but it was christmas eve and we got over his house and alcinous there and we just became best friend right away. We just had a rough justice really great. her said they were playing guitar in, but we didn't like the same people With that I met her and then we just started. Hang it out after that, she just real christmas eve. Seven. He had stolen my, and my camera eyes like where is she out, I'm going to get my shit and she just like jumped in the car and there we were. We were called to look for these people that provide stuff. Just she tried to go. She had a present have my back, and I just like that. She was down for anything but she wasn't one to like go get in trouble. She wasn't going to do anything stupid other than obviously go drive around and try to find these. She loved the lord. She was honest and I like that, so many people fear that beach are fake.
they pretend you know she used to laugh at me because I should say you so detrimental, Like other judgment, I'm using my god given gift of discernment I'd like you to. Let me see what the level the Lord god, forgive you like they're, you know they're god's grace. You know that this was god's stuff that I like, but he didn't get his jumped out of my yard, you told us that Alison's outsize personality and enthusiasm about life was one treat that really made her a great friend. Alison was afraid of anybody. She would about us She didn't have fear it would be after down the barrel of a gun where she be like. Oh shit, those people stole my started. She like we're gonna miles, we'll get my gonna like no wages will. If our ends quick, witted, taken now holding fidgeted. Yeah, yeah, you're, right They heard current knee jerk reaction was always like for do in it. She had no fear, she zest rely, they should be out there.
Huge waves on her surfboard, Kayak. She loved life. Very much at no fear of anything shows was amazing, was to round at our search for information about alison in a story that seem to focus more on the people around her. We also to another one of her friends jennifer who was all, friends with peggy and asked her to tell us about her friendship with Alison. I met her in a meeting surface. we really are going, I'm very helpful. First of all, it is had a mind immediately. She bob away ways. Your bright, disconnect you're out, she's robbie, I had ten and then I lost my sat down to my mom and ask them I'm not getting he's a is no excuse that excuse that I wasn't saw him. My problem manner relax but
I should have been starting my program that I was working a lotta hours and I had gotten away from going to meetings and sapphires that so I couldn't cope with. I didn't want to cope with the pain. I couldn't I to Atlanta let us in an eye that's how a man ass colonel, our goal is to get him on. Each other and say farewell: She helped me at times. I helped her I helped me more than I ever help her she does. She is. She was the person Instead, the type of person out and out with stacy cannot and should not set up a quiet white person, houses it had risen in keeping evening herself no way no way. You will remain quiet reform as it was possible to she. Didn't have to shoot, assist to outspoken to two people person to She was to get tat to her people
he and kind and kindness he wasn't as places he could be to her. She could so be one of the most open. an option that people ever when she's our mind to it He saw a man is there, any issue was going to it. I can see- well mean I the years at all times where we, we go. We go at it, but they always work through it. Allison had some struggles in her life, but she was intelligent, educated and had been we're in full time doing tax preparation for several years, while there aspects of our life that point too what possibly lead to war disappearance We also know that our was full of life. a positive outlook and good prospects for her future after she and Billy separated, but Alice had done more than smoke the occasional joint and was known to use illegal drugs, but they are now taken over her life. and she maintained a full time job in relationships with others. We dont
to what extent if any alison's drug use contributed towards disappearance, but we can't screwed as a possible factor, and we wanted to know exactly what alison's relationship with substances look like to those who saw her regularly. This what peggy told us she told me what when I met the way, they were both homeless and using and pretty much further on the beach they would find shells and then sell in that case they would make money and then they cleaned up and- got a little old like for black. They were living in a form when I met her, and he was can offshore. What a job and they bought a house and things were good. She was an accountant, shouted cp, a cat accounting degree from georgia You know had her issues with drugs and I have never done drugs a drink and I spoke wait any cigarettes, but that
and she had her battles with other things. Yes, you have druggist. but that's not who she is like, there's way more to her than that and she might use go after Oh, I wouldn't fear for three four months at a time, and then she call me. code red alert come banana hot and I knew tat she was coming. And she can be there about two weeks while she cleaned up, did you go get another job and she'd be good, once a year and a half whatever, and then she twist off again should be like a band user? I guess not like every day, all day kind of thing. There was one other factor about alison's disappearance that may have been related to drugs, while speaking with peggy. She mentioned a conversation that she had with one of the investigators about Allison. I called, theirs told him what was going on reported her missing, and then he called me back and he
start asking questions about her and I asked him: where was her chalk toad from? and he looked through his paper work. I could hear the paperwork and said it was picked up at the beach house, added a little, surely bar at the bar, where, if you wanted, l, a joy needler of whatever kind of drug you want that like the pharmacy, that's where you would go out. Never two bars. She didn't go to that bar. She got her drugs from Davis. you didn't go to bar she like bar. Why would you go? Spend four bucks on a beer, when you can get a twelve back, you know what I mean it would just she didn't go hang out at bars. The fact that her talk was at a bar does make any sense to me. Then I told brothers in that You didn't go to mars and she certainly didn't go that far and he said that exist. We were MR daily said. Was that crazy
Her car was there and there was also another aspect of allisons life completely out of her control, but something that clearly, affected her deeply. That may have contributed to her desire to use substances and may be related toward disappearance, but weak Be sure. Peggy told What alison's open secret was, she grew up christian and she struggled because you have to love me and she struggled because some of her family and told her she's gonna go to hell because that she was gay. That was kind of one thing like one of our first conversations, because she had a boy red and the boyfriend that she had The daily was a friend of my husband, like they worked together for years, so I asked her. Is it weird for you having a boyfriend when you're gay- and she said yes, it is, denying a huge part of who I am he loved.
and I remember Alison you and they say: Allison didn't love billy. I was in sight o my couch and pride. I wish he loved me, like I loved him, Alison loved her brother man, I'd. Never reggie before, but I know He was very. She bought your brother, got a good relationship out of every when she was- and they all knew she was gay her, but it was the only one that would have anything to do with her. Alison story is a complicated one with many different characters, possibly involved. She seemed to simply vanished without a trace and it took a while for those close to her to realise and report her missing a delay. Reporting always complicates missing persons cases. Those initial days are so important when it comes to gathering evidence. But there is some potentially strong evidence in this case and will splore that with you next week, including accorded confession by a person who allegedly killed allison
be sure to tune in four part. Two on Monday october, twenty fourth we're going explore the people in our life in depth examined the alleged confession. It's salon enforcement investigation into her disappearance and other events that have occurred since she vanished you'll, also hear from her family and friends about what life without Alison has been like and how they continue to hold out hope that there will be healing justice enclosure for everyone who loves her. of any information regarding the disappearance of kelly, Alison whiddon. Please come like the bay county, sheriff's office at eight five, zero, seven, four, seven, forty seven hundred or crime at eight five, zero. Seventy five tips- five zero. Seventy five, eight four, seven, seven elucidate dahlberg, not bogey revival, love That's not all
international la mia, worried about the patient boy compared to don't use it. When I got arrested for digging up the yard, all that stuff that I found buried in his backyard, nothing ever done about that. It won't even most datable one little boy I don't yet why are they have done in a bar? There was so much ever noticed that not enough gas deplored the one. I would really Hey there, the confession of what happened to her and what happened to her body. My turn to confession tape. So he knew he was being recorded, yeah, I'm pretty scary, the following statement is being conducted by deputy chancellor vacated share sums. Today's date is a to those. Sixteen at the current time is eighteen, twenty in the afternoon currently present was a witness. I regard this situation and do me the razor I him
I swear from that everything you're about to tell me, is true to the best knowledge and it'll be okay. As you produce disgusted me, you stated that you got dropped off by your boyfriend here, This residences right, at which point you watched if you both drive down the road to the intersection of rwanda and delmore Zurich which point he was confronted by gentlemen. You know exactly who was at the time. But tat gentleman s coming to the drive side window of your people. She was right that general standing at the driver's side, whether you saw him swing into the vehicle striking your boyfriend face, came when you as you're watching you then realize too. That was you remember who that was william of daily gang and you know www bailey, because you were you relationship should briefly with a design. the and I
That brings us to the end of part, one of Alison's story we'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's the case: submission form at the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, you can find us on twitter at the vanished pod and also on instagram. If you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts spotify, wherever you're listening right now, do you want to help support the show? There are a couple of things that you can do. One way to help the vanished is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo codes in the episode notes. Another way to support the show is by filling out a survey at wonder: ea dot, com, slashed survey. You can also support the show by contributing unpatriotic rican get early and ad free episodes. Don't forget to tune in next week for the conclusion of alison's story, thanks for listening the
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