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Kelly "Allison" Whiddon Part 2: Confession or Concoction?


Last week, we brought you the first part of Allison Whiddon’s story, which started with another woman with the same name being mistaken for the missing Allison. She joined Allison’s family in their search for Allison, which included looking at numerous possible suspects, knocking on doors, excavating land, and speaking to witnesses to yield information. Then, there was an alleged confession that detailed Allison’s death- who was involved, when, and where. But was that story believable or a complete fabrication?

If you have any information about Allison’s disappearance, please call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 850-747-4700.

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Hey prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the app today, lol MR goebbels, taking away now. the evil walks. Yours hard said sometimes also the great person to do the work employment adjustment dissolve when she went missing. I will go down there ever waited, and so was some of the reasons for this always away from tennessee. I would drive down there and buy flowers pass out flowers, the search Not many people had three objectives:
she's relating six years, she's, what's important, what happened here? what's important, I am not emotionally invested in any of the supporting characters around Last week we were the first part of Alison witten story. started off with another woman with the same name being mistaken for the missing alison she and Allison family in the search for her, which include looking at numerous possible suspects, knocking on doors, excavating, land and recording phone calls to yield information, Then there was a confession that detailed alison's death, who was involved when and where, What was that story believable or a complete fabrication on the recent from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and sixty eight of the vanished kelly, Alison wooden story, part to confession or concoction.
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calm. Slash! Am I a or text I my eight five hundred five hundred, that's audible, calm sash. Am I a or text? Am I ate a five hundred five hundred to try audible for free for thirty days audible? calm. Slash am I a list week. We told you about how this story came to us, The strange series of events in which another woman named Alison witten had been mistaken for the missing alison answer for media. She reached out us and asked us to cover allison story which with her since the day she received that phone call and even prompted her to make her own podcast about Alison. We also, discussed what we were able to establish the timeline of alison's disappearance and the people that were involved in her life Finally, we shared with you the information we never expected. In this case the eggs since I have a confession tape today, dave deep into those people. We talked about the house and was surrounded by in life, the four
if the person were going to take a look at is billy, whose legal name is william. Daley Billy was allison's boyfriend and they shared a home together as her significant other he's. Naturally, the first person to look at in her disappearance, reggie explained that when Alison and Billy first started their relationship, reggie was happy for his sister and Billy. A good impression. which was not what we expected to hear after he shared with us in the first part of alison story about how we felt as a billy killed Alison one got together. He was really spiteful me. I saw that he was real, respectful dolphin and incidentally, also when they got together they both or can work on them Are there problem. They were gonna watch dont, know about and they went on our job is to highlight these bombs, and I noticed that together will listen to people.
Get together, while here they go? Billy I got a job get to know one in both thousand. What back their account. We laid down the beach house together. Embarrassing there be. Maybe, though, job right under our maybe she was doing the same. The boy: you know that there were no. What do you know law can be doin on behind the scenes that you don't know about. Often they bought the house together. Everything seemed to be ok You are all loved him. For that I mean. How would you say my sister happy and I want- and it looked like she might be out- was just stoked about it. A billion I dont, lotta removed the rear, bow best friend, Peggy had her own thoughts and observations about Billy, who is closed and with her husband and the action that started her friendship with Allison. I like Billy S, funny guy
when he is taking his medicine. He's really is very smart. They can't history bath, but I really just fine played music, our next door, neighbor had a band, and he asked if his band could play in our backyard cause had a huge backyard if they could play in our backyard just to see if they could do like a concert texting until he invaded france item, I print come over and out billy burned there, and when the ban took a break out in a billion, my husband picked up their instruments. The plan, but I mean I like billy peggy also gave us the first insight into the darker side of billy and told him, that, though the relationship between Alison and billy was volatile. She believed that he wasn't the violent one with one. Notable exception which consistent with what we learned about his violent criminal history and erratic behavior. But I've seen her hit him
Her kick him. I've seen her hit herself even at my house, I've seen her swing at him. She went to hit him in the head with a police officer flashlight, but we stopped her from that I never saw billy be violet to her, as I'm dreaded block the flat, but I never saw him hit her, but with that being said, it one time when he was offered his meds and he didn't want out elite, but she was moving then with us, because she was just done with you, wouldn't on his meds and he had bought a gun outside his talkin, like gimme via forgive me liberty. Or give me death what he was saying it in some kind of a weird way, though, like he wasn't quoting it right, he was doing it all weird and I was like yeah. That's a good. A quote really, and he said well
Alison is my life and my liberty and you're taking that so many give you dare and I was like what and he said ah you'd need to leave and I was like oh shit, he, okay and so you know I walked off and got around the corner real quick to where he do any thing and then out and came back ground pick me up and we went back to my house for about fifteen minutes. Had we got one, though he pulled into my driveway, so I called nine one one and I say that this guided the housing. had a gun earlier and now he's at my house, kids and drink it and a guy over Damn you don't get. This guy won't take a lead and then, it was shortly after that that he was baker, acted and not supposed to be like three days, but he was here for a month before they could get his meds straight and when he got out he was good and they moved back in.
And everything was good for awhile years. Actually that was completely years. They were looking for and then they were at our house can reward, for. I think we could doubt I guess Billy, a terrific pete against the fence or something and allison lost her mind that he was exposed. Himself in front of me, I was like what are you talking about. I didn't see anything I didn't even know he was over there going to the bathroom, but that was a. She really was very upset about that, and so she left delhi when he's not on his medicine. He is full blown crazy. So he showed up our house for a super bowl than a few years back and he was spun out. I don't know if he, with others mad or if he was on something, but I said dad billy where's alison, and he said she just left the house.
I said what out and he said my house. He said she d showed up and we love, and it was great- and I said, don't call me- and he said no- she says you to remember you and I said Allison yeah I'm like to be called alison anymore and you know to think of it. She really doesn't look the same. She's it's taller she used to be what so that's the kind of like he was totally when I pushed him like? It was just somebody else, and he and his mind was Alison or maybe you just made the whole thing up, but I know that he was not in his right mind what I was talking to him and then he got back on his meds and then I think he got back of him when I started going back to his house asking questions here with our ship missing is it was dramatic until I get he dared do it. We wouldn't be looking for her. We were not able to verify all of the things we heard from people we interviewed because they're pretty
did by privacy laws. we did receive records that showed. Billy was committed multiple times over the years under Florida's baker, act, laws, police- its detail, multiple calls over the years concerning Billy's erratic behaviour, most of the time. Those close to billy would tell officers that he was off his medication starting in two thousand twelve. The calls to law enforcement started coming from Alison during one such call? Alison reported that Billy had struck her in the face earlier in the day, the officers told her they couldn't do anything since it had occurred outside of their jurisdiction in another county in July, two thousand thirteen alison stating that billy was acting radically and that he had. who firearms in his possession. She told officer that he had a protection order that states he is not to have firearms or ammunition Alison went on to say that billy was threatening to kill her friends because they kept helping by the house and there he had.
Let go from his job. Teach was unpredictable behaviour. Allison begging them to get Billy some help office then went to speak with billy, and it was clear that he was in need of an intervention. He could. Alison was a train killer for the british government and what the gun she wanted to take from him was in a photograph with lee harvey oswald in the nineteen sixties He went on to say that he was having homicidal thoughts about some lifeguards. He had met in the nineteen eightys. The officer was able to confirm that what allison had said was true, billy, protection order against him that never expires. The officers we'll billy that he had to surrender his firearms They also decided that he needed to be evaluated by a doctor, they didn't believe that he was competent to make that decision for himself imposed a danger to himself alison and others over the next several months, multiple calls came from their home on romance a place one day in september, of two thousand thirteen,
called in, wanted alison arrested. She trying to leave him, and he was following her around filming her that's when she knocked the phone out of his hands, november. There was yet another call this time it was Alison who called the police. She said. a verbal altercation escalated when she wouldn't hand over her phone to Billy, and he, Julie struck her on the side of the head bill claim that he gave howison eighty dollars in cash and she began ripping it up. That's when he said he hit her to get her, stop officers left the home, unsure of who was the aggressor. One thing abundantly clear is that the relationship between Alison and Billy was not a healthy one billion gold with his mental health and went through periods where he was off of his medication and unstable Alice, embattled addiction, the two off and fought. Sometimes sk, leading to the point of involving law enforcement. Speaking too, close to this case we heard
consistent stories about billy's actions and patterns of behaviors. It seems makes sense with what we read in the police file. An audio recordings we received from law enforcement, What else an l told her she had learned about Billy's mental health issues. no one's bipolar and everybody aside like when he was on his man. He was there, could you be around charismatic level, but when he was it and human during new drugs, but he definitely during like a fish. Alison was gay, but she, had been with billy for a couple years. They bought a house together. She was just try. make it work her. She liked him but she was gay and just imagine his. being and he didn't report her missing. That's the thing, whose name was still on the mortgage, the house to Billy, which is why another reason why I could see him being you know that I did that to her
she's. Like ok, look, I love you back, I'm leaving you. This is gonna work and I could see his being light. you're, not leaving me and you're, not gonna, try to take the house. See him leaving his his mind and doing away with her family. There's a motive right there. He is stone my city, he still love that shared with her he didn't for her missing and I'm thinking how can somebody claimed somebody so much in care about them. Even if you guys who are in the process of breaking up. and you didn't report her missing, their own search for answers, alison l and Alison's, close friend, Peggy decided to try talking to billy directly, so they deserve To go to his house this, what else and l told us about that you're, the only person- and I talk to you in the course of all this- then billy Davis, gruber, screamer, odor, sugar, daddy man, she's. The only person that I've met that thinks that he is responsible for her disappearance
she's friend, with Billy. We actually went to believe house and hopes that maybe he would talk to me because I wanted to tell em look. I'm doing upon cast no matter how you I, if the cake you're involved, because you are her boyfriend, he her together for years if one of them here for me, but he said they didn't want to go back down that road. He didn't want to reopen the can of worms and he couldn't talk to me. I know scared by his house in part, one. We Gus Alison's dog winston. Everyone says that Alison never went anywhere without winston. What was strange about this story was at Billy, had winston after alison disappeared and we I know how that came to be. He also allegedly had items in his possession that belonged to her items that she had with her on the night that she stayed with Davis such as, guitar and wallet many of those, most alison believe. This indicates that she returned to billy's after leaving Davis's home on the morning of the nineteenth, and I've never left their alive. We heard
now Billy's history of anger and violence from everyone we talk to, but we also heard it from law enforcement in audio courting we received from bay county we're in Stu eaters conducted interviews unrelated to allisons case, but involved billy. What About two here is an interview with a victim of billy in an assault case had occurred in the months following alison's disappearance. The following statement is being conducted by deputy chance, the bay gonna sheriff's office, the sin of use being the good at at the intersection nearest to romance and delmore today's is eight nine. Sixteen and the current time is eighteen. Fifteen in the afternoon currently present victim regards the situation, sir, please state and spell your fully we a razor. I end you swear that everything about the tell me sure this knowledge in a very serious as you, hey. Did you said you drop your girlfriend of? Is that right? Yes, at which point
you headed eastern delmore towards rwanda and washed up a gentleman of mental arose our yes, sir. The gentlemen you through briefcase act as william dailies array, the user, ok, mr daily, and have come to the drug side of your vehicle. we rolled away down? You asked him: if there was some, you could do. Forms are right, yes, sir, and which point swinging with his left fist you on the rights of your face. Sorry, that's correct the fish, self was obviously closed you're right, you're right, shin urine! after that brief interaction, he added. In a statement. What was a statement verbatim that he said quote unquote battle me right now: choose your weapon: ok at which point you ended up disengaging this situation, leaving him coming back over here over its house where she herself observe that incident as well. Yes, sir and her name. It is our right. Yes,
and as of this right moment, you want to pursue charging as MR davies and yes, sir due to the nature of billy's offences. Alison L told us that he had certain requirements with the court to complete, but she s You told us that this assault occurred because billy was evidently infatuated with another woman, the girl, of the sort that damn you just heard delusional letters to this woman, which seem to indicate that, even though we have not seen billy's comprehensive criminal record or medical or psychological records, he likely those with a mental health issues, so many people mentioned to us all, an owl told us what she knows about Billy's apparent obsession with this woman he's mandate undertaken meds, he asked through anger, management done all that stuff. There is a growing and actually after hours and went missing. She lived in the neighborhood and
he fell in love with her and she wouldn't talk to me until you know she finally message me back and she said I dont think I have anything that would help you, but here too he was my word enamelled wet and he was so. We focused on her eyebrows went missing the letters that shit the police on April. The nurse are august than I when he got arrested. It was over her because was crazy about her and she had a boyfriend and they got it in the neighborhood and that's what you got arrested for billy seem to be spiralling in the months after Alison disappeared. He was fixed it on a young woman in the neighborhood when he was rested for assaulting her boyfriend police. Records. Note that he asked officers if rape was legal or not in florida, when they asked him why he wanted to know he simply stated. I have plans, we found this particularly disturbing, not long.
after the assault, a neighbor called the police to report that Billy was harassing his daughter, sending strange letters. This man was concerned by billy's behaviour in the house. Harm his family. He had seen in putting up strange signs and running up and down the street with a flag screaming war. consistent with Allison elles opinion about Billy's involvement in Alison's disappearance told us about an encounter he had with Alison's grandmother in alabama after Alison vanished Not their calibre emma and he took it fuck up there one night and he went unto alabama and with a working hours and grandmothers house, thousands grim, a pretty much raised her. and a lady that you know with the same property. She said I found skulking around town and he showed up one day at air. He showed up at my house daddy afternoon and he was drunk and he was looking for out his grandmother and she was like you know, out his grandmother,
she's, not here or whatever. She doesn't wanna talk to you. She said she was five of them cause she knew he was drunk and he was like insisting to talk to her and eventually he went away. Well days later. He shows that late at night banging on her door. In addition, you go and drunk again and she was like Billy what happened to your truck? What are you doing here? Why are you being on the door? He said I've got, then for grannie, it was I hope it had belonged to Alison that she would never get rid of and he was like. I want to give this to granny and she was like one allison want that you know, and he goes no she's not going to need it she's not coming back and he was in a different vehicle and she civil where's, your truck. I believe, as you know, three or four days before that he was in his big brand new truck while his truck he. and that same night, that he showed up trying to bring the quote back, but he got. stayed in Houston, county alabama, which has witches then protect the at the police department. This was an astonishing piece of allison story to hear
but we were even more surprise when reggie told us that he went had a conversation with billy's mother and that she actually talked with him all work vault of butter, the boy. Would you allow me I always said without for several hours exley, and the woman all, but it made me we all she did. She go She said to her husband and she is wages, are death by a evil ass mine I'll bet you re ugly, but she's not going as if overturned whatever, but she she goes with your billy's big, committed, free cab, the defy correct, because he is a danger to society. alison's friend jennifer had concerns about Billy all long, but He too has mixed feelings like peggy. They retire billy came across as a likeable guy jennifer, spoken to billy before anyone realized alison was actually missing. The conversation was really bizarre. I need I was then, and there lay a cup
I knew I was away before Billy analyses, where's delay. Anybody was not the same if the sparser enemy, he had a lot of mental issues and stuff and ideas. Se, I'm afraid, alison and eagerly as time went on and comments that he would make you know was Maybe uneasy and arthur yeah. I know they were broken up and she is supposed to come to my house at one point, but then again, or breaking a band aid, it is going to be an issue because of sadness. It he had made in the past background that you might snap believe it. Call me during the time that she has made that way to him. I didn't realize you, because I because, in a different area and summit, his eye tracker and I think that he was I think It's very bizarre. Everything lad to wait a man Is that right and then see what senior lab, but working
good for him either. Maybe he has acted out everything they talk about an impasse like how hatred the mining away, where than anything If feeling, I were good rare, I I had become friends with our the late hour I thought both in hamburg, then and now, using isn't that in the past and is made up alchemy and sad, ok, jumper I think you here. I am I wait a minute, whereas of nowhere she's not coming back. What? How do you notice? I just know she's not coming back, so you have to this is our broke out. You know that I was so bizarre because should not then five right as a living person. At that point and my mom, dying at this time, so far, I have been speaking a lot, but I had lost complete contact with our citizens at the same time, I live complete kind at world the storming. So I guess that pilot six out of my mind, the mouth and then
before my mind, I got a carbon popularity. She said: hey it's always with you and I find you yeah! He has no staff, I mean you, don't know how you know what they just saying. I said to Peggy allison's on and tat, you now say that won't multinational, MIKE now when I went to find her and it was, I agree with the conversation, was delayed or at that time the meda pressure on me. That makes any sense you told us about an encounter she had with Billy shortly after Alison disappeared, but for anyone was aware that she was actually missing. She didn't get the field like Billy was hiding anything one night. I haven't. I were over friend housing and I didn't want be there so work and home and I was calling out and calling out and shoes are you gone, but I didn't know that it can get home So then I called Billy and he came and got me and drove me home, and I actually billy. Have you seen Alison these? Like now? I haven't seen her and I said you have a doctor. You like
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the. Billy's involvement remains in question, but we ve Did you take a look at other people, Alison new as well? Then person we need to discuss. Is the man the allison spent the night with on April eighteen herbert screw her, who we ever to his Davis throughout this series, Davis was The last known people to see Alison. We else, an owl to tell us what she knows about him His career was in his early seventies. Sadly, he passed away in two thousand honey. You know they never officially named any person adventurous. Unlike source s back by the first. people that they interviewed were billy. He was paper and she was living with him- had bought a house where the dinner second person was Herbert Davis graver who The sugar daddy flash drug dealer that lived around the corner, billy work. sure her boyfriend and when
He was out of town out and would go over and she would hang out with Davis, This was a much older gentlemen and people fail like Mr Byrne, from the sentence by it, He would give her whatever kind of drugs that she wanted and he likes people around you know, and I wish him was outgoing. She was fine spontaneous. She was talented and play the guitar. I she was just amazing. from what everybody says Then you found out about her being around Davis. He had like it Davis new and they were just you know, poke at each other genitally Davis, has since passed away after a battle with cancer, but do have his interviews with policed refer to in the weeks peggy reported Allison, missing investigators caught up with Davis and interviewed him at length. The needs. the relationship between Alison and Davis seems complicated and centred mostly around drugs. Somebody, referred to him as Alison's sugar daddy during his
in our view, he explained that he had a relationship with allison for about two years and they were good france in her freedom. I'm Alison would visit him at his home. She to learn how to use computers and other technology Davis said that his relationship with Allison caused issues between Alison and Billy dave told investigators about an altercation that occurred during the summer of two thousand fifteen one that he never reported to the police. He said that billy kick his door and beat him to a bloody pop. He beat him the bathroom and, through the shower doors, Alison grabbed a stick and started beating Billy until he stopped. One issue that billy seem to have with Davis, was that he was supplying alison with drugs else, told her friend peggy about this violent altercation before she disappeared, Davis, gruber her drug dealer? He asked away now he was trust fund baby. They had money
David had a lot of money, but he could get the young girls, because here he had the dope and what not I'd? Never. It's been much time around him because Alison was mean, and one day David came over and you just walked in the door and was going on a little bag and financing. Come on, come on should like now david for me, leave me alone Alison told me so when David tangled cry you're mad. That would have was in front of it and I many times she told Davis does not collar not come to her house should be at my house cryin. Do we all Contact information out of her phone, but a river on the corner, so he still to show up one day that we came over and not the door down and beat the shit out of Davis. and then I'll, shouldn't billy, went home and only reading the Davis. Didn't pressed hard is on Billy was so get out and would come back over there,
but it may come up very shocked him through, like the glass shower doors and then he fell in food is caught up in it. having pretty bad when he went on those like the tracks that the doors law line so David had again for Billy, Davis openly admitted that he was with alison on the evening of the eighteenth. He said that she strummed her guitar. He played some music and they danced together. They use Ok, that night and allison wanted to save what was left for the next morning. He finished the drugs and they went to bed, he says they did not sleep together. That night When Alison awoke the following morning, Davis said she was looking for that cocaine. She had asked him to save, but it gone She wasn't happy with him about that, so she passed her things and left This said she left around ten. I am, and he never heard from Alison again several it went by and Davis was wondering where Allison was he.
It was about three weeks later that he was walking round the neighbourhood when he saw Billy out on the street, washing Alison's truck Davis kept Distance from Billy since the last time he had seen him, he had beaten him up. He fell from distance to billy the he needed to talk to him, billy yell, that he didn't wanna talk to Davis as Dave his interview with police was coming to an end. They asked him if he could think anything else. I could be useful to their investigation Davis. the following. Nothing Other than Allison had told a lot of people that she was afraid for her life and that Billy was going to kill her. He went on explain that two to three weeks before the ninety, lhasa Alison, she came for to his home and was visibly shaken. He said she wasn't physically. Hurt, but she was traumatized. She was trembling and she said short of beating her. It was he said. Something that she took to heart like he was to kill her period would have
Alison after Davis says she left his home on the morning of the nineteenth is a mystery and there have been suspicions circling around Davis since the beginning theirs, person we spoke to who believes Davis is responsible for what happened to Alison and that's peggy. she told us about seeing Davis on the street one day after Alison disappeared. It is so I came outside he came. Pulling up brave, faster, like you, I know our union sometimes Will I killed Alison? I get reunion, tell me coming whether she is and he's like. I don't know billy did and unlike billy gettin fear, he was at work, there is, so many witnesses. The billy was at work that day he wasn't at home, and I know that because his job sight was right next door to wear. My husband was working and he did
the people that he worked well said he was here and then like they all went to lunch together and then he was back at work is always the same so suspicious to me anyway we're, yellow each other men, Davis and either guided an out and out that were often I loved Alison and he was getting out of his. and there are other friend came out of the woods I when I asked you like how do you know I was over here. He said Tom bub told me so my father in told Davis, where I was and that our joint people he heard said sir Davis I've got around to whereby the billy killed her and Davis. She was David, your house, I think she was over hey. This is, and I think they might into an argument. He said they fought because he took the less the coke custer off
baby. He gave her a bad stuff, but I think something happened. Davis's and his, but all drug minions did something to this. Of her well. Suspicions remain about Davis and as possible involvement. Theirs. person that was interviewed by police, who seems to corroborate his story. The woman Wood said she had smoked. A joint with alison at Davis's on the eighteenth, she's to know a good bit about the relationship between Davis and allison. She also, Scribe him as her sugar daddy and said that the who did have a sexual relationship Allison confided in her that she felt Davis was creepy and didn't want him to touch her. The relationship was mostly about drugs, but sometimes they would go to biloxi to go shopping or visit casinos. She We called on the evening of the eighteenth Alison was there at Davis's with her dog winston she clean. Alison said. If you don't see me, you know for a while he's done
let me up he's done something to me. She believe Alison was referring to Billy. This will left Davis's that evening, after being there for about twenty minutes the following morning, Davis called her and told her the same story, the he had told police and his interview. The alison woke up angry at him for not saving the rest of the cocaine for her calling this woman his dealer to get more when he got the phone alison was already gone. She did Davis's that morning after he called her, and she said that alison, her dog and truck were all gone from the home. Just Davis had also told the police Davis has a reputation for being a miserable person and a lot of people simply didn't like him. Alice friend: jennifer emits at Davis could be a total jerk, but when it Alison. He seemed to want to help David, History and eva could be the biggest asshole.
if I ever met in your life he could just be the most irritable grumpy thing. I know he even has a history that there was one lady that died in his house and and every day he told me that story for you that my land, air and setting at heart and he was. He said that he had a girlfriend and they were all your own eye and she passed out of it. It's a floor where he went to bed and then it got later and she was still passed out on the kitchen floor, like I said he nudged her with her foot, niger again and turn out ass. She was alive and then there was a girl forthcoming talk to me. I know you mouth here anyway Let me read, everything can lead we went to sound anymore. You know because probably went into personal, but he did that now where's that just appointed making the tablet hurling honest, I don't know, Well, I just believe him. I could be we longed for that, but I believe what you were saying any reserve to forthcoming. He was it
your enemy, everything I want to go through it, my very well. I did I'm person that didn't I was not born coming was billy. He told me alive while reading over Alison's file. We notice that one of the first people interviewed was a former coworker. The allison had some sort of altercation with months prior have chosen not to name is person Alison told us what she's uncovered in her research thither personally interview with a lady them the only theory, Alison at the beginning of the year and in two thousand, the chain was working for a big condominium and panama city called the summit. She was bookkeeper there for the homeowners association. and she had a funding. I guess I got her the job there and then some issues that they had was having an affair with the guy who's. I didn't have association, he has serious ties with
the dixie mafia. Already western white man's club mega story short Allison had an answer physical altercation with the lady and she went to him. It was the president of the homeowners association and tell him about where it happened and to try to get the security footage of it and he said she's not getting fired and if you think so, you're crazy, because he would, interfere with her, which could be very damaging since he was such an up and a political figure. While it turned out, she was fired from the summit the day after that happened, he had set out emails, judah minors Do you share been I before telling them what happened and then the next morning, when she inspired, she said the same email to the board, said the homeowners, thirty thanking them and letting them know that she would be seeking. We vote it's incident because it could all you know, for all intents be discrimination, and I found that was in january, that she got fired, but on April the third Alison how to coordinate.
and bay county she had filed for a protective order, which is a restraining order and it was denied, and now a perfect balance right before you nothing and nobody really knew about it. I called courthouse and I with the lady and records. Is there any way? You can tell me why this is I didn't? She said all I know and all I can tell you she said and it's a crazy situation by the way. As a guy now said that there was enough information, but I think it. Very strange that there wasn't enough information and considering who the parties b were had threatened her physical violence and how their tied in with you know, lots of money and lots of political influence, but I thought about really funny that she went missing shortly. After that was denied, and she always sleep, I'm scared and up to go and seek a protective order. Hearing Thou Alison's, former friend and coworker was certainly an unexpected twist. Would it happen,
between them that lead allison to seek out a protective order, did feel that her safety was threatened. The emails that Alison wrote about the incident it was in we january of two thousand sixteen that she went to her job at the summit and this call workers shoved her page. I can Alison's face and claim that it was wrong, woman was very angry with Alison allison I felt so threatened by this altercation that she left to look for security. She said emails detailing what went down but felt like these, the other woman side because of our relationship with the president of the association allison. is accused of altering work hours within their system cause the other women's check to be wrong. alison warned her employer that if she was terminated over this, she would herself and internally, following day. Alison was fired and she That should make good on her promise to seek out legal representation in the police. There is an interview with this woman. They asked her
not what had unfolded and she stated that, since it was in litigation, she wasn't sure if she should really go into the details because of They never really seem to get to the bottom of this issue. With the former friend and coworker. She didn't want to discuss the issues or altercation that she had with alison, but she open about things, Allison had said to her before their falling out Alice. Had confided in her that the relationship she shared with Billy was violent, and then, if nothing ever happened to her someone needed to tell the police at Billy. Probably did it and then find her in the sand dunes so because to check halloween like working check ready for them. Trigger treaters nope. You forgot to pick up trees, Thankfully you have options.
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two percent off up to a twenty dollar value and zero delivery fees. When you download the door dash happen, the app store and enter code vanished. Twenty two don't forget it's code vanish twenty to fifty percent off up to a twenty dollar value and zero delivery fees with door dash subject to change terms apply. If you lie of true grandpa gas. You ve probably heard of foul play crime series. The podcast was one of the first crime series podcast when HO shane waters began at back and twenty fourteen through the
Gosh Jane has also solved a serial killer case and identified three jane doe victims. Policies into was turned into a netflix series foul play crimes areas as adopted one case purses and true crimes, areas podcast, appealing to your morbid and obsess curiosity. If you're looking for a friend a guide, you through drew crime chain will be your new friend in the darkness. Listened a foul play crime series. Wherever you get your podcast Do you the part one you heard people talking about. Having heard a confession tape, we receive the audio recording and though the audio quality is not good enough to actually air. As part of this episode, we wanted a few seconds of the tape so that our listeners could form their own opinions about the strange conversation we
based on previously publish information and through our own interviews with people who heard the tape the Billy the person making. The alleged confession here is portion of what we were able to pull out of the badly garbled audio, name, your blog,
We heard this alleged confession is very difficult to understand. There is a lot of background noise in the recording, beginning, he talks about alison, taking a bunch of pills and then taking her last breath. In his arms on the surface. It seems like a could be a plausible outcome. We know alison history of drug use, but as courting went on and he was question further. He seemed Confused? times he says that her soul died, but her body lived on. She said not that night on facebook, he said she was dead but making a facebook page while drinking a bush beer. Things started to sound more like science fiction than an actual confession. He went on to say that he believes that alison is actually an unburthen kitten inside some cats belly later, he said that he believed she was on watermelon road and test kaluza alabama. But he didn't but her there. She must phone there? Because that's where she wanted to be buried
Billy went on a very long ran about the butterfly effect before stating that he thinks anything audibly that is left of Alison's body probably a stain on the apex of a glass pyramid that was deferred in the courtyard of the palace of versailles in paris. As we were listening, we were wondering if this was actually a confession: wordpress Spinelli was under the influence. We know that he struggles with his mental health and goes for periods where he doesn't take his medication. The record Confession tape seems like a conversation being had in code, more can analogy of what happened to Alison and then a confession to murdering her, but we do no billy and we haven't talked to him. So we weren't shore, if maybe one of alison's friends, knew what he was trying to say Alice. friend Jennifer told us her interpretation of the tape. Today's speakers I am wholly in her why she was dying, and things like that refers in that I haven't
It has a very long time getting harder to listen to. I had hardly here because traffic in the background there he talks about or being in the car away, went places. Attitude is gone in supply, tat, an author Billy I think he's just playing. I know he was and that he would speak to me anyway. So I have can he buried over here and his heart that we first had shack said. our canoe, their everywhere by night. He would make statements like our two out of time and you know how to use of her buried in the back yard and eva one point. I said: I'm ready, wit, One side of him I was on the other we were trying to you know billy, just tell us what happened and tell us for Alison as long you want to know. I said to him where it was commuted. a part of take Listen my eyes, I was appear
to do that because if you might know how do you explain that situation that it in a back up and locked up have him was a moment in that time. I thought my god he's about data she's about to hear me and he's, or what am I going to do when he dies? You know- and I don't know if that was living with pioneer. I dont know why he did answer well, he just wanted us to believe that is the he has put pieces over the blazers or if he really did or I'm not sure we will. The wreckers we requested from bay county florida, but they seem to be missing a lot of important information We were never able to get answers to what seem like logical questions that law enforcement should be asking. We don't know how much of allisons file we received, or phone foresman simply isn't sharing information as a decline to speak with us for an interview, but everyone
we did interview shared the same sentiment that bay county hasn't done much to look for alison reggie voice this to us with particularly strong feelings, because own arrest by bay county when he did something that some might consider to be street justice by digging Billy's yard himself, looking first sisters remains when he knew that billy wasn't home, he decides To do this with the help of Davis. After hearing the alleged confession tape: here's where on that to this day of that goal, it's not that easy tiger, nothing but does not all the data the mayan edition, You ve heard about the profession wakened by. Of course you don't use it I got arrested for digging up the yard, all that stuff up, I'm berries backyard, yet his ever yard about that. Yes, one of the best day will all without billy that's up, but I just don't get.
Why are they have done anything about it? when I got arrested for digging the yard at the mall at work they were now I had to. I had to. Wipe them and give a job. That's all I will go down. There were a off work friday at Galera stay all weekend. One weekend I went down friday. It was sunday by two o'clock tomorrow night, while exhausted. I was driving home Apparently I just fell asleep at the wheel, went off road How to deal with the global village does penalize the nightgown isley died. But to this day we asked I suffer for as I As with all this happened, I had a bug. Where is ok, god, because Man said the law allows just before. Taking that night work and making it tell me, will buses to worsen reggie in Davis had rented and excavator to search for alison and belize yard.
Two men were later charged with two felony counts of criminal mischief. those charges were eventually dropped. We were too, the during their dig they uncovered burned sofa and women's clothing, jennifer told us she was convinced they were going to find Alison that day, the accident, it was brought to an end I never got internet by a meal with black legal charted who had been out on me for raising Davis their time. the sitting there and he's dead. Good job you're, watching as they set their own political body. her apiece, when I wonder air I've never been. Secondly, it's a long at the same time am I it highlights. We were so commands They will verify what we write. Something there were. I can play. Already over, but we never pass What are we gonna do when we find if we find nothing, we never even that are never when I say we know it. Nothing we!
similarly hey satellite Why do we do now, which is one hundred percent salary? were that it can be able that day really explained that he feels immense guilt. The alison didn't call him we're have ability to call him and ask him to come, get her and help her leave the relationship with Billy and he also holds law enforcement accountable for the things that he says they have not done and cannot be explain the implicate billy and Alison's disappearance, while the other we have. Obviously I had the label bob, as I hope will be allowed. Went down there and got it. Wouldn't there would be no problems. he's down and he had a flock. A bit torrent laptop now the tall laptop the last place she spoke that was published
if you have leftovers through where he had a picture of her with its own laptop now, she's disappeared really had a crook. Well, when I went up to his house, Does it all her laptop argue, ginger forward hey, if somebody The barriers of his daughter stir backgrounds I may know. Oh, I just what you are talking to stir up and down You tell him. I have already well you come here and make it disappear as a wiser my looks like was wash of boxing but good you're. What you're right there I've got some questions answered over you, ve done. It That's exactly the way it is. He heard her staff began kind here, all of her personal stuff
can paintings lead the close by that were buried under fire pit in the backyard, but he ain't safe. It's just Elvis, and you are proud to work with the bike in short, the barber and there they ve never worn down by doing what I've met they knocked down by additional I think they'd very upset Debbie. My sister was missing believe about three weeks before I found that nobody thought the call was saying I get home, also a big ass, a new war to I don't see them for a couple of days. Will wake them up, be like hey. What's going on, is not going to take that long for me to say something We were never able to get any verifiable information about Alison's phone or whether or not police had obtained records from the carrier or social media platforms, but AL in l told us that she had learned one piece of possibly crucial information about the phone, but then
appeared law enforcement didn't follow up on it. I saw that the last place, Allison stone pinged with actually in milton and sandra's county, where I happen to live when all this happened. So no wonder they were curious about you know me and who I was and how, is related to the case and how my name got thrown into the hat. With all of this, they never- question. We again, they ve never contacted me back the lady was really sweet me that it was that does their publicity. You know that in charge of all that, and then That found out what I was asking about, and I just ass treasure need on this by people show me, I mean at a proper channels to go through to contact detective reinhardt upon cast it. I'm doing, and cricket spoke with another officer who, as you can tell you ve, probably a rookie, and he was under desk brokered ham and he took my name any threat, the case down and like ok, I'll, get this message to detect rinehart and
his heart? I never heard back from him again either and I gave him ten days before I contacted them again. How I give my mind, even I think, after that and nothing and I know there are multiple people that I have spoken with throughout europe. It is trying to find out what happened. Alison that have said we reach- alton bay, county we've left messages for the role that they need to look into, or just trying to check up on the case. They don't even return their calls sad, fortunate and I'm not talking about Justino every day right know. People from these people are like executive and people that have money, and people had cared about Alison. We just Thus the mysterious circumstances surrounding allisons truck being considered abandoned in part one of her story, but when we two hours an hour told her. She felt that law enforcement should have done more or done anything at all with the track, including conduct. a forensic examination of it.
I found out that the truck was toad on when you point of April, so that a few days after either way Look at it. She was laughing and he brought the truck back to his house because it was his truck The police never and they never forensically examined it. They never nothing than ever asked any more questions and he lawyer up they never did. for they never did anything, because billy lawyer that Nobody was in denial about alison substance of these issues and, yes, you like a drink and yes heeded, drugs, but how Was it not debar going kind at all? She would do her shed at home. You know what I mean. She was a home body and she of any bar would never be there. Funny, because the buyer can be seen little. Across the small lake from Davis. the house, dean you drug dealer, flash of your daddy so a lot of people think that He killed her and cleaned out the truck when there and part the chocolate bar, which is
I'm gonna Davis, his house, so automatically that's gonna, look bunny and back home and nobody will ever the wiser and in her trunk, was found their three or four days later and code. call him and said: hey man, you know we ve got your truck at this is your truck is his name was on the title data back in the house. It was never forensically examined, they never looking the toeing the time, nothing, lady, he reached out a couple weeks ago and I have been trying to get in touch with her since october, but she had just seen my thing on messenger and she said one thing I'll say is that they county called me back after I after the initial message when out and we're missing, and they said what would you say If we told you that her wallet and her dog winston were in these custody? And she said I think you know who is responsible because, and in her dog is she wouldn't go anywhere? Was in fact in police custody, along with her wallet and her other things and the truck, that's where they I found
So how did he wind up with a few other responsible? It's kind of my school of thought. One frustration we had while working on this series about alison was home, different stories we heard or read about where Alison's truck was found them? consistent story we heard was that it was told from the beach house bar, but the soul Of that information is billy. Believe, he's not reliable. We also read mentions of the truck being told from an express lane, convenience store and another story about a being found at a vietnamese restaurant then read. He told us a. He spoke to the towing company himself and they said they told it from the waffle house in town. Reggie that he went there himself and they kindly allowed him to view the footage with his own eyes, He says that he saw Billy on the tape, leaving the truck there and walking back in the direction of his home. It would seem a call to the towing company could have cleared all of this up and give us definitive time and place? Alison's truck was found, but there's no
heard of that in the files we received in a story with so many shaky stories and unreliable storytellers, it felt like is one question that should have a firm answer. Along the same lines as alison, owl, reggie exe. and asked why he believes that Billy killed Alison, his belief, Davis is innocent and how questions. He feels that law enforcement has left unanswered hard they would maybe, if it takes a lot of faith in your life but I got all the risk and they will say her or whatever. The boughs bought a baseball bat. By about it at our data, a movie about my flowers. I would never did not come down to us, I would Davis Gruber. His door, and there he point the finger. and I didn't know the man shop dagger, hey I'm born over here.
after his door, the over there and their people. While his wife never look at me. I could tale What was your butter but his maybe it was published in may- was He told me who he was what was going on. He said. Let me show you what I got The reform is complete with any opened up. Everything ever correspond job. buying a viable option. I sat there, listen both by over this watch video file rose. He was What color with everything your time therefore got nourish the billy acted like, oh god, and fifty five of that kind of a girl with fear. Burma was more like t shine, I hope this big mouth, you don't love me, jennifer mentioned earlier, that Davis was very forthcoming about alison and the fact that spent the night together before she mysteriously disappeared. She felt, like you
being honest. But on the other hand, she didn't feel the same way about billy. I for my mom died at night had a couple from my I gotta go. I now I happen so I went down to I know age and I, when I talk to everyone every land that I could can go. That would have any obama and I kind of followed the trail that she lacked. It was like she was just a little bread now all the way. Out of this morning, she led by every track trade had all those people. Everyone was forthcoming and eyes seemed to be in the last profound, went to his bill. and when I got there goes on the things. He said your hide here many times there was one situation where the last person facing those Davis and feel at his house for example via her guitar. In my laptop labelling the line that seems to be mowing loathing or when I talk to the detective sad how they may work sorts.
and he said well, we can't we can't go anywhere, because your lawyer, that I thought you go in there because they like Freely go anywhere. I found out man amplifier found I get in the house. That was alive. When you catch so many I like that higher wait, a minute, you're the No, I like that, I'm catching directly and alive and that supplied and now he being the type of person he was I've seen ballet go off. You know what I've seen him, lose it over little things one day After that I was at his house and some girl I have no idea. What is it about an he does the tv yard. An entertainment sand. I hear round, I will end landed in the battle were kidnapped and by setting the pieces you know from where but my maid fanny, destroying poverty and the other in a split second, I never knew what I was all about. I never asked because somewhere in that at that point in time
where they are, and I am I've seen him leave his temper in times of a split second avenue suddenly be defined ploughing. I can never happen. Alison I'll, never knew the woman she shared a name with, but come to know her through the people who did an who loved, and miss her beyond words, echo the sentiments of what we ve heard from so many loved ones in many episodes that alison deserves to be found, regardless of how she was perceived or the mistake she made in life, whatever twice a state. I wound that being involved. I feel like this was. My purpose was to bring awareness, tourists or because it could have been me elaborate shit we could have end for everybody out there and we all see ourselves. in whichever way the wind blows sometimes, but I just hope that way bring someone awareness to her story. Can somebody has to know something cliched that she did.
Cocaine. She led pill, I mean she drank, and you know she was a daily during her but it never stopped her from being productive, and she does deserve gimme the enemy He did drivers, but she was a functioning addict and she was a cph. She was smart. She went college, she graduated. There is no reason why the narrative in america that continues to be, if you have a past or you have a problem with substances or you are a sex worker that you don't deserve They found it's just it's horrible, and I know that it's like fighting a losing battle day. It's just not fair people, don't get it the attention they deserve. It shouldn't anybody less important in law enforcement or any other energy that is responsible for fun. Somebody. This is somebody sister, somebody's daughter, the system is brand new, no coworker, and it's just an error that needs to change. So much
Something can be done, something needs to be done and she deserves to be found. Breaks from art. Of the families. We interview miss their loved ones desperately, but reggie. His pain was so palpable through his willingness to take a criminal charge over digging billy's yard in the hopes of finding his sister, and he continued to reiterate to us just how big a whole alison's disappearance has left in his heart, should have a new ralf walter raw here was a man who a reformer and how, the possible we are not in love with you No, it is bad enough words love you. Should your superiors will ok now, at the very least, it is a day you'd like to know who is responsible for a passport I want to know what will buy up bore you like some kind of life. My grandma bamberger both die
The bird while we hot book wasted, because I tried my best to get at it for about philip- had occurred. My whole baby girl, I have about the guy at the grave urged register. They're all go you. How should still be? Maybe you could write yeah chief battleground before you know better than she gave a guy the very very like yesterday, is your whole life forever? I mean I just know who they were the guy, it's not right, Would you say somebody get away whereby remember you're like while I say it takes a lot of faith the journey right here when they die that did not douglas justice to its very battle, a spiritual journey.
It'll be a year or so appreciate it? What you may have that get these stories out there for the people that are here to stay or because there's a lot of there's a lot of situations like this, and I hope somebody somewhere can convince a bitter herb something or I dunno could make a call for somebody say hey look at the book. It will be like it. So what happened to forty four year old, Alison whiddon around April eighteenth, two thousand sixteen, no for more time line in part, one that whatever happened to Alison likely happened in the twenty four hour spanning from the evening of April eighteenth into the night Stay we weren't, well defined any indication that she was alive after April nineteenth have only a deceased man's word to others that she was alive on the morning of April nineteenth with alison story. There are many possibilities. If what Davis said was true that you if this house angry after
looking around for the drugs that she told him to save for her work to consider the possibility that she went to seek out more drugs and other could an accidental overdose or medical event? We also. to consider billy's violent temper in history of violence. We did attempt to contact billy for an interview because currently in criminal proceedings in an unrelated matter and has retained an attorney to represent him in this case. So we re have to rely on his statements that he gave to the police in the records we received Thing at nearly everyone we spoke to mentioned about Billy was that he had alison's belongings after she disappeared, including her dog, Ellison was known to take winston everywhere. She went did Alison go back to the home. She shared with billy after leaving Davis's, and something happened there and then the possibility that she never actually left Davis's alive. What if he harmed alison out of jealousy.
accident in an angry confrontation or some other incident. But we will never know his side of the story. There is also the possibility that someone else had a motive to kill alison. Maybe she owed someone money or some believe she owed them something and took her life and then there's that whole other situation with her former coworker, We know that Alan was seeking a protective order right before she went missing. There are so many unanswered questions even down to the details surrounding the basic facts of her disappearance that there are so many possible outcomes in this case, but we may never know what happened to Alice and until she has found Alison was loved by so many people and still its those
will continue to hold out hope for answers, and we hold out hope that someone comes forward with information. You have any information about alison lydons disappearance. Please call the bay county sheriff's office at eight five, zero, seven, four, seven thirty, seven hundred but bobo oblong go oh no, no, the lane. I don't know if we somebody somewhere would do sobbed play it. But if this would lead to what happened now available They would be a brazen and no doubt my by I know we would but yeah he's leaving behind him out. I don't know he took the neighborhood, I still would have gotten that, but yeah they bought that house together and both are nice to live in where something might be as special as mustard.
Was wanted more than to navigate the subject learned that I also was going to lie. Judging from the, why did he added with the girl on the street? I've got some stuff here that he had written and no woman gonna that asia it you must have a he was. She didn't ever tell me if that happened. He did tell me they were gonna, kill me one day she did taylor coming but now I guess to her brother and some of these other people. She said. If something happens to me, it was billy. She never said that to me, but then I've never used drugs They have nothing on me,
The and the the.
That brings us to the end of episode, three hundred and sixty eight I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case submission form at the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanished pod and also on instagram, if you like our show, please give us a five star rating and review: follow the vanished on amazon, music wherever you get your podcasts or you can listen ad free by joining wandering, plus on apple podcasts or the wondering app. Please support us by supporting our sponsors by supporting them. You help us offer the show for free. Another way you can support. The show is by filling out a survey at one re, dot com, slash survey: you can also support the show by contributing unpatriotic where you can get early and ad free episodes be sure to tune in next week, we'll be covering a case from arkansas. Thanks for listening, the
the cap is on the way. I know what his legs a medical, bad, one of the great comebacks industry, that's what he seventy hours, allow a beggar put up his words dealers When my whole life was changed in an instant change, their middle linebacker is not getting up. I don't think anybody has seen his legs move since they hit. They said I'll, be paralyzed for the rest of my life that I'll never walk again, But I didn't give up. I understood that that was just the beginning of my comeback from wandering, they don't call it. A combat drought, prodded combat, hosted by me former pro bowl, allow bugger roses. I may zero time pro bawler day damaging in egypt, I will look at the down and I'll moments that led to the magical ones will die deep into what makes each story more incredible than the last so follow. Don't call it a come back on amazon, music or wherever you get. Your pod casts listen ad free by subscribing to wander plus an apple pie, gases or the wandering app.
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