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29-year-old Lonene Rogers, or Lonnie, spent January 6, 1981, working as a maid at a hotel. Afterward, she stopped by the babysitter's house to pick up her two young children. Lonnie made it back to her house in Hayfield Township, Pennsylvania. That evening, Lonnie's husband claims that the two had argued. His story was that he last saw Lonnie around 12:45 AM when he went to bed. He awoke in the early morning hours of January 7 to find that Lonnie was gone. Missing along with Lonnie was her coat, jeans, and boots. Other essential items were left behind at the house, including her car, keys, and purse. But this wasn't a night that someone would choose to walk away from their home or take a casual stroll around the neighborhood. It was freezing cold, and a storm blanketed the area with snow. What could have happened to Lonnie? Lonnie is still missing more than 40 years later, and her case remains unsolved.

Any persons with information regarding Lonnie's disappearance are urged to call Pennsylvania State Police at (814)-332-6911, TTY/TDD (814)-724-2985, or anonymously contact the Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers at 1-800-4PA-TIPS (8477) or online at https://www.p3tips.com/tipform.aspx?ID=107.

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Hey, prime numbers. You can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download the today, the. So many people have died, not knowing I'm next and I I guess I believe that that I'll go to my grave, not knowing either there take Their time of need a week said so many times so many witnesses, people that died the old age. But thing: nothing seems to get their attention.
I would have walked her home without her hearing it. She never would have left without her purse. Those were like automatics. She never would have left without her blackbeard. So all of those things were left behind. Her car keys were left behind money. There was nothing that was with her. That would help her to function in society. Twenty nine year old, runnin, rogers or lonnie as she was known to those close to her spend january six. Nineteen. Eighty one working at her job as a made at a hotel. Afterwards. She stopped by your babysitters house to pick up or to young children. Lahti get back to her home in hayfield township pennsylvania tat evening. Lobbies husband claims that the two had some sort of argument: Story was that he last saw Lonnie around twelve forty five, a m when he went to bed. He awoke
in the early morning, hours of january seventh to find that Lonnie was gone along with her coat genes and boots. Other important items were left behind at the house, including her car, but this wasn't a night that someone would just choose to walk away from their home or take a casual stroll around the neighbourhood. It was freezing cold and a nasty storm blanketed the area with snow. What could have happened to lonnie more than forty years later? Lonnie is still missing and her case remains unsolved, amerika and from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and twenty seven of the vanished lonnie rogers story.
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This case has some unique aspects that may have impact it. How lobbies disappearance was investigated? Lobbies family has been devastated by her disappearance for more than four decades. We see tony sister Glenn Owen, who goes I glennie, glennie told us about lobbies. Early life she was and fifty one. I was born in fifty seven. She six years older than than I am Lonnie with was born my mother labored with her. Oh I dont know how many hours Forty, some, I guess, Then they had to use force and her deafness was considered nerve, deafness weather. Is caused by forceps or prolonged labour. I dont know, with that many years ago, but ones He was all a little over, probably a year old, my group. Mother on my father's side
to my mother maxine, that childcare ear and my mother was all put off penal and upset and they ended up taking her to a specialist in my view this is back in nineteen fifty one and but she was tested and they determined. She was profoundly, So at that time why don't wanna say strongly recommended, but a lot of times parent, put their child in a border, school. Am I well we're not willing to do that so, she ended up going to that was young tone, ohio and I think, from age of about two and a half she went to classes what was called the hearing and speaks centre? Then, with streamed in two. Indeed there were four or five gap children that had a unit Own class, but then for math reading things like that they went into regular.
ass from this particular who did not approve of sign language, the death. They thought that it was to teach children how to speak and that there is a lot of controversy about it, but Bonnie could communicate weed with people that could hear You know you would have had a hard time understanding her, but she felt very trouble with hearing people areas good thing. I think for her she's very popular in high school. My sister god. Damn we, my father used to dance with her. You know slow dance. He did with all us girls, but Lonnie could tell the beat by their vibrations, You never had anything loud enough that it by breaks the floor, she was good dancer. Shit, but on lessons there's a little sister. I had a heck of a good time a general jason around after the baton, my father got it in pennsylvania and we move their money still had one one year left off. School, so she
stayed with my grandparents and completed high school during that one year. By the way it was About an hour's drive and she would always come home on the weekend. We were still very close what use them with school. She moved back with us. He had a boyfriend. and for all products, with three four years. They were just if you about each other, but I don't really know what happened. They did end breaking up money two moved to pennsylvania to be close to her family, they in western pennsylvania about ninety minutes, north of pittsburgh and forty minutes south of eerie. It was after this time that Lonnie met a man named Clinton rogers who went by the nickname, bud. Glennie told us how this transpired. Let's see she met bud I don't remember that you know the months or anything, but a couple of the deaf p but she was introduced to in the
meat will area belong to a deaf club. harry silent club and they wanted to take lonnie and introduce around in cheap. That's where she met bud. Her husband and I decided to get married with quite soon my mom especially, was very against that she didn't like bud. she bit is almost done he's an upset two by launching a car, marry again will buy your car I worked, but Lonnie wouldn't have achieved. Looking back up, which I've done many times. I pick it, she does. to be married. She wanted to have children and but with big guy good lookin. So long story short. They got married. My mother sobbed in the wedding pictures her faces. Reddened swollen, crying- and I remember my grandmother. Her mother
again. My mother, you know back and say maxine you you'll need to stop this You know this is ridiculous, but that The way it was. Lonnie and bud got married on october, twenty first nineteen. Seventy two at little corners, methodist church. People often talk about a mother's intuition and long. His mom seem to be onto something from the very beginning with her concerns about bud, not long after their wedding. Things took a turn when bud began, getting into trouble a couple of months, after they were married bud I don't know which order he got in trouble, but he ended up. Breaking into a woman's car and the woman was coming out of the grocery store and saw him and went back then called the police while the police came in, he ran and chased him down in and bud said I you know, Brain I don't know what happened so Lonnie well
it too, for he had been in a very bad car accident when he was a child, and I had a point in his head. I don't know any more about it, the man, but you know given forget and then he got in trouble a few more times. a brief and my sister was a the very black and white person either yes or no good. We're bad and had never been in trouble, never even probably thought of it and she was embarrassed money, stuck it out for several years, but she was unhappy in bud. had done numerous things that were major red flags by law. nineteen eighty lonnie but had two children together five year, Alison and three year old, Erin Lonnie was working as a made at a local hotel she had had enough and told, but that he had to leave. He decided to
but but anyway it came. The thing giving of. Nineteen Eighty she came, could the cabin me and my local, and she was just her and the kids and- told us, then that you know she was gonna. Let button come back to spend, miss with the children, but then he had to leave again. She said you know, she'd had it with him and well then That was the last time I saw my sister she did, him to come back with a kid but P. Used to leave again. There was a man that she worked at all at the end of that time is a clean rooms in holiday in and there was an, tradition that work, I believe, He was employed by the holiday and speedy their way he took an inn. the skin, hurries married, but Lonnie was very flattered by him. I don't know exactly how the relationship went and it wasn't
the cheeks she did not leave bud for him. She too had it with. My brother in law. It seems like it's never easy to leave a relationship, especially when children are involved in an hour of kindness lonnie. Let bud come back to spend the holidays with their young children, but when the holidays were over but wouldn't leave during the first week of january, the situation inside the home was tense. side. It was frigid with snow in the forecast on january, sixth, nineteen. Eighty one lonnie left work at the end of her shift and picked up her two children from the baby. Sitter then return to their home and the little corners area where they lived in the upstairs unit of adieu. Plaques bud, at the home that night and here It's that the two had an argument. According who pennsylvania state police press release, lonnie communicated with her baby sitter visa tt. Why or text telephone after she returned home
glennie told us what she knows about the night that her sister disappeared evening of january sick, they had an argument. according to what bud said and he went to bed and when he woke up Lonnie was in bed with him and he just rolled over and thought minnow. She problem we sleeping on the couch. It was a blizzard that night to that. It's kind of in the snow by a very bad winners there well He got up looked on that ouch Lonnie was nowhere to be found, so he got the children up alison, would have been five at the time iran with three The children ready made their bed with Never in a million million years. What he had made a bed, but that's what he claims he did the house with spotless. He took the chair into the babysitters. She was a deaf woman also and he told heard now- this is about three o clock in the morning. During a blue,
third, and he said, lobbies. then he's gonna. He wanted to go, find her and he bought the blanket from them left the kid. any went out according to him. Looking for his wife well about an hour later. He came back and said he couldn't find her, but he was gonna go to work, that's what he did something didn't seem right about all of this. The baby sitter knew that she had to alert lobbies family immediately that baby his daughter with a hearing child the be sitter. Her name was sandy told her daughter to com my mother at work tell her that in all lonnie gone well, my mother got the phone call at work was upset, and she said you know thank their call. My father and told my father and my grandparents live. The coroner category, we're, lonnie and bud lived and they went to the apartment. It was locked
my father jimmied the lock contacted the police went upstairs the police said they couldn't breaking the door. You know they Didn't have any reason to the cops look the other way and my dad jimmy the lock and the other. It meant with spotless, which one was very neat. It would have been very clean anyway, but, like I said that the beds were aid, not a dish in the think. It was perfect. Back in the day. I'm gonna blame it on the year. Maybe he wouldn't have changed a diaper if his depended on it. You know in his head, it was woman, cooks, the man goes up to work, the woman does everything else. I could ever get over the beds being made came home from work and explain the cop. You know he didn't know where his wife was. He got up and she was missing and that's kind of how the search the birth cop way
his name was John marin and he said that she had been gone long enough. Well, my pair convinced her if, if by chance, he decided to walk out, might make and parents lived right on the corner. They were very close. My grandpa during those days did not lock the doors lot. Lonnie would have gone there. Of course she cheated They had many searches. Mani's family members were convinced that something was wrong and she wouldn't have just left in the middle of the night in a bad snow storm and she most certainly wouldn't have left her children behind them other things that were left behind at the home, that her family believe she would have never left without my parents They acted on it right away. You don't knowing that morning was deaf, knowing she would never have left her children. She left without My sister was used to wearing a hearing aids, both ears and with uncomfortable without them, so
her hearing. Aids were left at the house, her glasses blonde, never went without our glasses and her key, she had a car now her with a mustang at the time and the weather. We ve been bad enough that she wouldn't have gotten So far in the vehicle, but his shield The only thing missing were she had a navy blue p coat. And me I brown boots and there was a large king size, pink, blanket been a wedding gift and it was well I used to spend the night there. Quite often my boyfriend or whoever and it came in handy and I dont know how but sandy the baby sitter discovered it was missing and, of course, but you know question. Didn't he never knew anything? He always I don't know. I don't know that was, but the most they got from him.
like I said they, they had searches, helicopters at one time, people rode horseback through. Lots of areas there had dog, I mean did they search immediately, which would have been difficult because there was quite a bit snow, but then sprang they several more searches and now were found a thing. We any disappeared. She didn't take her car where which have gone that night in such severe weather got someone have picked her up. Could she have gone for a walk to cool off after an argument glennie I think that this would have been possible considering the weather that night, I know there's not a chance that the chief alive on that blizzard of a night, my uncle work for those highway. We depart you know he plugged snow and a body coworker of his. Everybody knew well
at night they were ploughing snow and after fund out that money disappeared, they talk to the to the guy that right one. Ninety eight ninety eight, which is where they lived and did you see anybody? Did you see anything and he didn't see a packing- so the the idea that she just decided to go for a walk on. This is out in the country. You know, there's no europe we're here to get shelter so that that just out did not happen. the.
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in this little as six minutes at progressive commercial dot com, progress, if casualty, insurance, company and affiliates discounts uncovered selections not available in all states, are situations. The. When her sister went missing. Gleneesh concerns turn to launch children because they were left behind living with bud who launched family suspected was involved in her disappearance, somehow glennie, feared for their safety and tried to convince bud to let her take the kids. At the time I was in toledo, ohio and do you know what my mother called and said we can. Fine morning in what do and mean Lonnie. Well, As I heard, we did, suspect bud. We had a good relationship with, but pretty much but I'd
Drove the pennsylvania, and I dont know stayed for three or four days, and I wanted the children back with me, but review at first, but in do I talked for a while. He he agreed- and I brought out in an era and back with me, and they were here about a week and allison. I just she had just got none of the shower and her hair with wet and I was common it out. Somebody things on the door in it with bud extremely mad novices? This is you. Toledo is a good for four and a half our drive any said get look. get me. My kid get am I you know what what's goin on here. He was, streamlining angry grey. the children, the kids are crying, I'm crying. I ran outside the I had a hold of one of them and What attracted my neighbors and I'm scream and call the police, but got the kid in the car and peeled out. I was the hysterical
toledo police came and after I told them the story, you know he's illegal parent. There was nothing, they could do. So I ended up calling bud's mother, bud's mother lived in eerie and I was getting ads. I mean I was terrified. You know he was angry at the kid and all probably a week or so after that I was trying to get custom. I wanted custody the kids, and we ended up going to a moderator he had. go custody and what It decided was said the children would live with his sister, a lorry and that that's what happened. Honestly, I was not prepared. I was this single young mother, they agree that lowrider husband would be better. the children, although with buds decision all the way they had no reason to remove the children from him at that time. Many reasons came up later with These kids in the care of buds, family, glennie,
some relief she still had no clue where her sister could be, but at least for now she didn't have to worry about the children while simultaneously looking for her sister, but this situation wouldn't last Glenn told us about what transpired in the years that followed it's abusive. He got away with everything but mother hold me now. This would have been one Alison would have been about say at least eight. But eight or nine years old they were living in a. I call what a farm house I'm not sure but alison had gone to a neighbours and said it's no heat there are no electricity in the house and no, Then she was scared. Her dead hadn't been home in Bluff. Three days were this neighbour woman took care of it. Green, called the police their children services and at times. I was notified, I think, but mothers,
on that called me. First and she said, Diana the show was called me glenda, She wanted me to combat erie vainer can adopt buttons dogged, they had a poodle. There was. Ben o esther kept saying I work expensive. The dog was an eye say, and what about the kid she want me to come down from the dog. Well, I down and they had a meeting I'm not sure what the word was was in front of a judge, but it was like there was a panel or about five people when I was very young, very upset They went on and on about how poor bud you know poor but doesn't have a wife has these children, nothing ended up changing I mean anybody you know you abandon your children for three days, and there's no no repercussion the the thing that happened that got throw out of the court room. He
not allowed to own another dog or an animal for x amount of time, and I'm just out over this. You know, oh, he gets punished for leaving a dog but not leaving his young children. Which really they do. I wasn't really the started been his life, poor buddy The situations that lonnie children were put into after her disappearance were harrowing. Each thing at heard about was more distressing than the last. This is the most difficult one for glennie to discuss one at that that. I can't even talk about without crying. Is he had a pickup truck allison had to ride in the back. This is october. Fourteen with chile, He drove. I don't know how many miles, but you drove to the station alison into the police station and said now you know, lesson had to interpret goes up
the desk- and he says my daughter, I dont want or anymore- and and has to repeat this in the car said. Well, can't leave me here thin signs- stuart bother camp, me here, I guess come said to? What's the problem and budd said his bad and Allison is repeating this insane, I'm bad! doesn't want me anymore and the cop says well can't leave you here go by here. Who does that help and Allison had the phone number of her school guidance counselor I have her the phone number and said if you ever need anything call me and Allison pulled out. phone number and they called Judy didn't dinsmore with her name and she Alison end, but you know what the thought of I am having to to interpret that
I'm a bad kid. He doesn't want me anymore, everything with hard about this, but the child- when I grew up thinking that their mother didn't. Of the many more and I Think of that, and it scares me. It me up How can a child grow up? Thinking that I was such a ban. Kid that my mama left me that's what he did kids- ever turned out terrific to be terrific I'll never know, except there were good people, they came into their lives. I'm very sorry, proper that we also spoke to lonnie and buds daughter, alison, she told us what she remembers from her early childhood being older hearing child of her parents. So first language was sign language and by the age of three, doing a lot of signing the two of them and even starting to suicide. For them to other people to help.
her communicate with the hearing world she did. We are hearing aid to help her, but I believe that with more like when you the and you can hear noises but their hard make out its issue, The hearing aid would allow her to hear a muffled type sounds, but not necessarily enough to really be able to understand so she relied on lip reading, so she would focus and on your left hand we try to combine what she could there. here with she could read on your left. The person sign language than that with probably her preferred mode of communication, but she did try to come kate. She also went to a I'm college edinburgh, yet university now where she was a volunteer student and, you're going to school for speech and language degree.
would work with her on her speech, so she intentionally went to work on her speech so that she could be understood interestingly enough, my father would also death and he was deaf either I of a car accident at. I believe he was three, but he is hearing loss was not born. It was, you too. A traumatic injury a car accident where he was sitting in the front seat. Just story I was told, was that he was sitting between his parents in the front seat. It was winter that the cars for to the car tractors, something like that and the car spun out of control. He fell to the floor and I'm here father jammed on the break, but his head was under the brake pedal cause he had fallen so that traumatic, brain injury had caused. Somehow, I'm not sure all the medical terminology, but somehow
that injury caused deafness and both ears, and I believe that it hard of hearing, what the percentage is, I'm not sure, but it cause that here left for him. That made it very difficult for him to purchase the page and communicate freely in hearing world so to speak, but on the very many memories you know my time with my mother just ignored couple were where one I remember why she heard the mere while she was curling her hair- and I remember, being in awe of of her- and I remember, reaching up to grab the curling iron that she had just sat down from curling her hair and burnt myself probably remember it because it was kind of traumatic, from because they burnt my hand. I remember fining, for them I was their first child and the hearing. Though, I remember just than that, communication and remember kind of talk
for them even growing up. You know my mother, I left my mother at five, but after her. I do recall I was constantly when I lived with them. father. I was his ears, I enter. dead for him when he was argue People had when he wasn't. You know I was caught Sadly, his ears and his voice, and also sharing the voice of other to him Alison learned from conversations that she's had with family members that long had confided in them. That bud was abusive, There were many reasons that Lonnie wanted to leave him. Views, buds, criminal activity and financial issues at college strain on their marriage. Alison told us about the information she's been able to gather over the years about the night that her mom disappeared. Alison was just five when her mom went missing, but she's been
Talking to family friends and law enforcement, to try to piece together every clue she confine so the day before she disappeared. she had gone to her fathers home and said I I can't do it anymore had Her money to help. Leave him this january, and she had actually already left him and they were separated in october. Now my mother in a very soft kind, That woman allowed him to come back for the holidays over the thing the children. She allowed him to come back in december, even though they were officially separated since October after the holidays, she said it's time for you to go and Refused the night January sex again shortly after the holidays. And when she went to her father asked for money to leave him. My grandfather gave her sixty dollars and that that's all he had and she
went home and we lived in a duplex, so we were the upstairs apartment, and then there was a a couple them below us and a couple reported to the police that loud like yelling and banging and again there does so there they are not enough. Thoroughly yelling at each other. With words there more guttural sounds and like thank you. like to get each other's attention. A deaf person would pound on something on the floor on a counter and the a person would feel the vibrations of that pounding to get their attention. So there was a lot of I'm shore pounding and just guttural yells and those kinds of things, and that was in the early early morning. Hours as reported to the police from those downstairs He then got up at three clock in the morning, while I think he got up two, a clock in the morning and sad that my mother was He didn't know what happened that sheila
ten for another man and she was messing. He the children, myself and my brother up and had us too he said, are who was also death, but there were no calling together ready either with no calling to say: hey, I'm coming over here, to their home on the door, she woke up. and came to the door and said what's going on what's going on and he said lonnie locked me for their man. I have to go, find her so three in the morning he dropped so fast at this baby sitter the baby sitter, you know with its frantic because It was good friend, but my mother, but didn't know what to so she took us thin, so that was three I am and there no explanation for his time other than hand saying he was driving around looking for her from, three, I am say I'm when he showed up to work on time and worked his shift now. I will also say that that night. This is a
fairy war. All pennsylvania town, though, whether what frigid and the weather reports for that day were you know high when very frigid temperature and lots of snow with both I mean they kind of termed at a blizzard that night roads were closed, Then highway is required. It was a very difficult whether night so. on average on a good day, drive he drove a four wheel, drive bronco on a good day from the duplex that Well, then it should take him on a good day. Twenty five minutes to twenty five to thirty minutes to get to work. sir. You double that time, because the weather's bad so there's still, two more hours unaccounted for. He made work on time would not late, by any means and really never even mentioned that there was a problem at home. Just did his shift.
in recent years, Alison has begun to dig deeper into this on her own, a former friend of her father from high school confided in her that they had to end their friendship with bud act but had allegedly committed a horrendous act of animal abuse will spare you, the horrific details of the incident, Another person told Alison that but had been charged with rape before he had ever even met lonnie alison contacted the courts to learn more. We know that Lonnie was aware of some of buds criminal activities in the years after they married, and that was one major reason that she was planning to leave him, but it's likely that she didn't know about all of this, especially the criminal activities from before they met my father had had a very good therefore, in a negative way, past and convicted of ro crimes for breaking and entering for fast. They end
he was working at a bar and he aged a robbery where he shot off through its hat with a gun, and then he broke the glass the door that there was a window pane and the door, so he broke the glass and reported to the police. all money from the cash register to the tune of about seven hundred dollars, but in nineteen. Seventy eight issue, when that happened, that with a lot of money and when it was reported to the police by him they came and investigated, and very quickly urge that the glass was broken from the inside out, and so then it kind of lead to eventually his confession that he had stage the whole thing and all of these different events were very embarrassing to my mother, who was this permanent
proper woman who never really engaged in trouble, her family very involved in the community followed here, firemen farm, then just very well known and respected. The community and She just kept feeling embarrassed and embarrassed and time and time again, my father, volunteering for a fire department. That was where my my Gaza. My grandfather in this kind of work family legacy to help out at the fire station and he broke into the fire cheese garage and stole tools, so that created some animal Said he between the fire chief and my father and then some animosity between my grandfather, my mother's far, because that happened has ended this kind of living in this world of not only
it's her relationship very strange and troubled with him in general, outside of all the trouble, but then all The trouble is making it even harder for heard adjusts some live in and I want to leave him so that kind of lead to this is your last chance type conversation and you know he was arrested breaking into cars and feeling from cars it there were just Malta for when I called the clerk, of course, to get from county to get a raft records I was shocked that they sent me at all in of greece to the public. They sent me six feet, two pages of criminal records on him. So ah from the mall charges, though you know breaking into a car all the way up to the a robbery in far, and he was also rested for felony rape at knifepoint, though all of these
for a little too vague, were huge catalyst to my mother had had learn. About the rape was a huge, shocked glennie before Lonnie disappeared. She had had a good relationship with her brother in law she told us that she had to see these records for herself to believe it with did of rape. I couldn't believe that I'm one that sent for that the seat with my own eyes. I I couldn't believe it when I judge character. I am well wow imagine this way. but then Eighteen, seventy thinking. Seventy two years for money and bud got married, but he only spent about six months in jail, not prison jail. He raped her at nice I think, a lot of it was said. It did not the trial I'm sure these young women did not. Testify. I know back in
nineteen seventy the way it was perceived in alike it with the woman's fault. I know one of the first questions was what what are you wearing? What were you doing in it it would have been intimidating for a young college girl, but either he's gotten away with things his whole life It gets profile on name as it states. The following. Her spend fully cooperated with the first investigation and while he has never been ruled out, he is not a suspect either to the close to lonnie their suspicions have focused on bud from day one contrary to what is written on name s, glennie told us that she believes he was never fully investigated, but also death in this seemed to be a barrier for the police back in nineteen eighty one. This always frustrated glennie because all they needed was a sign language interpreter. He's been gone forty years, I would safely
They have not talk to him more than three or four times and most about with not productive, because the cop couldn't get it through their head that they needed terminator bud says I don't know. I don't understand in the cop say: ok, we're done! It drives me nuts, because through all the years that I have dealt with this and you know when, of course my parents did too it's like had no interest in dealing with them and that where to I believe that, where the This is why they have changed troopers in one year. We're on our fourth one. We get one of these. troopers blame the whole situation, get it rolling boom. Taken up the case and we go start all over there. Been in one year and I think that you know talk to them about it. I m stand they're, gonna, look at this case
forty years and I pulled most of whom she's been gone longer than you been alive, it doesn't entry everybody, but if you could get care for their young naive what they are, at least if they have an interest. a cop named Nicole and one named josh really had an interest. To the area or it really opt on it and they're gone they in their taken up the case So many people have died, not knowing I'm next, and I I guess I believe then I'll go to my grave, not knowing either in their entirety king their time. You know we ve said so many times so many witnesses, people that have died, you old age, but nothing, nothing. seems day to get there attention, I put in a call yesterday and left a message. You can, and you know, he'll call me when he can sometimes eyes. I let it at other times, I've
down there. We pressed push them I don't know, I think I guess that it too much trouble for them Alison agrees that the ball has been dropped when it comes to interviewing her father and that finding an interpreter continues to be a stumbling block for the pennsylvania state police they continue to say It was reports and newspaper articles day. The police continue to say that we can't force people to talk to us that their classic line. We can't force people to talk to a bot. He said early on my father spoke to them and then review to talk anymore, so I get that, but I was told by a investigator Nicole, ludwig before the one but now that father. I think it was fine years ago agreed to talk to the police for whatever reason they reached out their hand. Somehow,
he agreed to meet with them and they were like, oh ok and, then they had to find a court appointed interpreter to talk to him because if are not allowed to use any old interpreter, though challenge led to then dropping the ball and they never did and never network. So we agreed for the first time and they never did it never had the interview so now. Here we are when I discovered you know that all these things the lead that weren't followed. My father agreed to talk to you and you didn't do it. I just was appalled like could not believe how shoddy police work. Early on that was done, things, followed up people that weren't question and I only know a teeny tiny piece of the story because as an active investigation, so they they share anything with me and what Do you know it's not good, really have very little faith in what they have done now. I have heard
different things. You know different thing they followed up on and they say to me: we ve, we ve been working really hard and the investigators before me a working really hard, but the problem is, I can't tell me anything that they ve done, so I am really only taking their word for our people They believe that you're telling me you're working really hard, but you can tell me what you ve done. Just like you're telling me you can't for someone to talk to you, but the truth of the matter is, as he agreed to talk to you and you drop of all. So how am I both the believe that you're, really, you really are hard. So I decided that I was taken over and I have full force done- everything I can anything. can do to bring awareness to this case to get people talking about her, I will do and you know it finally stirred thumb energy and gotten. Some attention definitely stirred the police.
And now. I believe that we finally have an investigator who maybe it's true to his word and when he told me he is working hard. He maybe, and his level of communication with me makes You feel like you know, maybe they really are trying, but that does not mean I'm going to give up, I'm still with in tears. You know where's thirteen different areas that were never followed out bond with metal detectors, and these are all people from this justice for lonnie page who say Hey. I live in the area. I've got a metal detector I'll meet you I'll I'll. Pew or whatever I got, cadaver dogs, the help, volunteers and all as he is working around the police that keep telling me. You know we're really busy with other cases we have to attend to those first then I finally said okay, but that does not mean I'm not going full, the head. You work on what you gotta work on, but I'm not stopping. I just feel like it went from.
You know my mother's resilience to my resilience to a community of brazilian and we're gonna find her. earlier, glennie mentioned a man that Lonnie had worked with, and the two were very close. Coloni have left with this man on the night that she disappeared, glennie, I believe that Lonnie was leaving bud for this man. She wasn't Plainly shore of the nature of their relationship, but Alison, told us that there is nothing to indicate that the two were anything more than friends who were quite fond of one. Another alison knows that they had gone to lunch together a few times since they both worked at the same place. Lonnie was separated from bud during this time. two chatted about struggles with their spouses. He offered her friendly support during a tough time in her life investigators told Alison that this man has been investigated and rolled as a person of interest in the case recently, Alison is connected with this man's daughter.
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the and explain that from all the information that she's gathered from speaking to others and digging through old court records, she has a theory about what happened on the night that her mom went missing when I think about what may happened that night. I believe that with trying to leave him. They were probably arguing because she, she asked him yet again to leave and he review. I would imagine she said I I'm leaving in taking the kids and I'm done and Gas is being that my father, was a very violent man. My guess is he lost his cool, the crime of passion he had Then that known to choke women it was one of them. There were a couple friend that I have talked to that were deaf people. That said that when they got an argument with him. He choked them. My
brother a couple incidents where my father, or choked him to the point of almost passing out and then children services were involved, And- and all of that, so my hunch, based on that knowledge of his behaviour, is that it probably got angry and choked her and took it too far. I have spoken to the police most The tide they say we can't pull you within the in the files because of an active investigation, and we can't talk about it, but we do have is considered, sir. the financial evidence without a body, but when I was- eighteen and I went down to say what happened. Tell me what what you're doing and what has happened, the investing bad lesson. We have it. The thing. We need a these files, a convict of murder, but we can't find a body and if we can't find a body we can't prove a crime was committed, and that was like caught right
through me over the years I've I've learned some of these circumstantial evidence pieces things like you know there was a pink blanket that the baby sitter sad. Where did that blanket go? It was here. You know it was wherever used to be called the couch wherever, but she The way said work that pink blanket go and when ass, he said, I don't know it's missy gonna know and he he got. Ruffled about it and never ever produced the blanket and never had a reason why it was missing in addition, that the baby sitter said when he dropped the fact that three, a m e approach, her home with us wedding, profuse the nervous, anxious and dropped us off and laughed so got. I really do feel like when we were asleep he put her in bronco, I believe she was the whole time. I believe that when he dropped us off at the baby sitter she within the bronco and that's why,
would have all sweaty. I gotta go because he had had a job to do in his mind. It's always been in my got that that problem What happened to her he briefly told us about the unstable life that bud provided for the children after Lonnie, disappeared. Alison told us about this in greater detail from her perspective from five on I, of course my mother was gone, but I was with my father, not with my father in and out of it's care, and that was because he would take on my brother and I and decide he wants to be a dad and then he would be done with it and he would drop us off at his sister's house and then he would drop us off some at at a friend's houses. They can they stay for a little while or he would Leave I mean I was
second grade and children services came and took out the way, because I couldn't tell them when the last I want. My father had been there anyway. food and how that we would be eating at school, nowhere. Meals- and the children services would come in and take us away I'd be in foster care. There were good period where he catholics my brother and I went to live with my aunt, my is that I really reminded him of her and he just couldn't deal with that he would say: she's trouble she bad she's. I can't I can't. I can't deal with her and just drop me off I was fourteen now from five to fourteen. I had been all over the place, multiple schools, because them same pattern of behaviour from him at four teen when I was in the same well system that I had been in when I was in fifth grade that was eighth grade.
years later, the guidance counselor remembered me called me in a new that if I was back in their school system, it probably wasn't a good thing and had said to me. You need anything. Can I was probably just giving answers like I'm fine, I'm fine, Putting in that thing a whole lot just cause. I was so we're overwhelmed and and what nodded probably didn't, really believe that people are gonna help me anyway, considering life, I had lived, she wrote her home phone number on a piece of paper and she said day or night. If you need me anything at all, you call me, and I said ok and put it my pocket and off I went back to class this day, Lonnie sister glennie gets emotional. When she speaks about bud abandoning alison at the police station, alison's viewpoint. She sees us as a turning point in her life when she
Finally able to have a stable home allison had bounced around so much prior to this alison explained what that night was like for her just to avoid confusion. The aunt she mentions in this clip is not glennie its bud sister, while there very day what my brother's birthday. My father had decided that we were driving an hour in theory, to go out to dinner, to celebrate my brother's birthday. Will he drove a pick up the pick up ad was not captain with just then then check that, and he told him girlfriend to get in the truck and my brother to get in the truck and me to sit in the truck bad, and this was october fourteenth. So it was very cold and it was evening there was even colder and we drove for twenty minutes in erie. So I'm crying and I'm banging on the window thing, I'm cold and cold, and and I wanted in he drove Actually, to that you re police station got out,
and I wasn't sure what was going on. But why can go in and finger motion for me to follow him. Though I went again and the police officer looked at me and said. Can you tell me what he is saying? I don't understand so my father then sounds to me tell him that you were trouble and I'm not taking you home. The police officer then tell him. we'll get you some help. We'll get some people involved, but you can't just drop children off, police station, I find them My father and my father says I don't care. So this goes on for a few minutes and we're not getting anywhere, except for my father, saying, undone atwater. So then the police officers is there anyone that I can call that can help in this situation. I say what you can call my hand, that's where he usually takes me. The police officer my and then my aunt says tell them to work it out. We're not do enough again, and I would imagine,
probably frustrated because he dumped us. I don't know how many times at her house with no help no assistance, like he offered or money or anything he just dropped her and though she said now, on the figure it out. So my father again says now: I'm not taking her, so the police officer says to me: is there anybody else? that anxiety, I put my hands in my pocket. I, like I, don't know, I'm fourteen. I don't know anybody else, and I felt that paper, pull the paper out and to him and unlike here a guidance count. Was she told me here by needed anything to give her a call? I gotta need something and he looked at me like and they said, was she told me to call if I needed anything so he said well are at all to try and see what happened. So he called her and she said I'm on my way and she came and picked me up and a few months, they got legal custody of me and there,
I now call my family, so I was resting by my guidance counselor that night now Brother remained with him and now was a and I do believe in night. It was because it was his birthday fell on my for him he got to say I- and I you know, went to I got home, my brother was so at not as strong and a purpose filters. I won't. I would stand up for myself and I am most of the time oath. I was kind of sticking up for my there and he was so young. You know he was kind of cowering little bed and I just I think resembled so much of the characteristics mother that he just couldn't deal with it. Now my brother, at the time I was fourteen, he would have been like that. I'm leavin something like that. He was my father, often on still and when I say
often on for him. It was, it was more like he would run away and go to a friends house and my father never cared could see. He was not almost at the time and then at the age of teen that my father was beating on him and they about getting restraining order because my father, my I think brother hit em like hit back or something in my father then call the police and said he can't hear you and stay here anymore because he had me, but you know my brother is maybe I can five eleven and my father is like six three and very big and brawny my brother is kind of skinny and not much to him. kind of comical that he would even say that, but unfortunately aaron kind about around. Awful lots and didn't. Have you know that procure home life? That I would look to have Neither one of us will really raised by him just often on
after bud abandoned alison at the police station. She all ties with her father. She didn't anything to do with him and weak I say that we blame her over the years but has reached out to Alison a couple of times, but she has decided that it was best for her to keep that door closed. Glennie. explain that over the past forty one years, what she's looking for has shifted with time. At first she was looking for her sister, some one whom she hoped might be out. They're alive glennie is realistic and acknowledges that they may only ever find a piece of her sister if they can find anything at all. She just currently need. Some sort of answers in through the years there there be. You know they found. A body or remain in new york, say I wouldn't do we got These dental records keep in mind,
so this is before computers. I get lonnie demo male amir mail, a mayor it was emotionally exhausting. Of course you know it one one disappeared. You know we were looking for her. Then we settle ourselves too pretty thinking that we're looking for a body, and then there was a retired detective in ohio that, with the helping me. Oh, this is probably in the night and he nineties, at first we parking and he had me autopsy photos now this was pretty gruesome stuff, and I said I didn't think drawing what was her. I had the nose is different and he said without even thinking, I guess, whether wooden You know the noses just cartilage, and would be no knows it would just be a skull and
with like somebody I mean in my head. I knew that, but it was like somebody kicked me in the gut even met. years later, I'm thinking, I just wasn't thinking your body vision you know just seems like you know. I know at first. You know when you go to too bad you I would keno is she. is she say she hurt? I mean I knew she didn't walk away if she ran away. She should come to me and when we heard nothing and you know you lay there nice and warm in your own bed, and you think, oh, my god is, she cold. She afraid torture yourself with it you the god that she's not dead. for a while. You can handle she is the chief suffering and then you feel Think for feeling that does All of the struggles that Alison has faced in her life. She looks at her mother as an inspiration every single day
was born to to hearing parents, and my grandmother said well. She still my utter and would not accept any excuses for anything never withheld, her from anything never allowed. I can't seem to be an quit excuse for anything That was how my mother grew up and how she lived her life witches. Thing I strive to be like just like mother. I have also been a fighter, I have had some different circumstances. I not hearing impaired, but I had her prey crazy childhood ends. I never accepted any of that would be an excuse for failure. Just like my mother, to work hard and become someone who contribute to providing then writing a book fell october of last.
here. I started writing a book about my mother and her resilience and then leading into my life and my resilience from my mother. So what happened to lonnie rogers after she returned home on the evening of january sixth, nineteen, eighty one, her spend admitted that the two had an argument. claims that she was still there when he went to bed and with you, hours later Lonnie was gone We know that she left behind your car hearing aids, keys and purse just about everything she would have needed to go somewhere. The weather was severe that night and it seems unlikely that Lonnie would have tried to walk somewhere in a snow storm For lobbyists family, they don't believe that she would have left her to young children behind to be raised by, but he was abusive and she was trying to leave him
There has never been a single indication that Lonnie is out there living a new life somewhere else. We contacted the pennsylvania state police to ask them for an interview and request records, but unfortunately they declined our requests. Many people who knew and loved lonnie have since passed away without ever knowing what happened to her. Her sister glennie hopes that answers will come soon as she's getting older herself and fears that she might never know what happened to a big sister Alison has found strength in her mothers spirit and continues to press on for answers and pursue a life that Lonnie would be proud of the kind of life that Lonnie was trying to create for herself and her two young children back and nineteen eighty one when she tragically disappear. If you have any information regarding the disappearance of lonnie rogers, your urged to call the pennsylvania state police at eight one for three three to six nine one one or you can anonymously contact pennsylvania crimes stoppers at one, eight hundred four p, a tips.
I have always believed that she was alive. Just something in me knew that from the thing that I had been told about her from anyone who knew her. She was full of life and she with a joy in human happy, and I hear so many neat brazilian story. She however, would have just left she never would have left her children with him, knowing what If a man that she had married I'm sure she thought one, how you know we'll get married and I'll change ham and may be being a father will change him know that story. you hear that love blind you. You know when you try to find the best in cling to that, but unfortunately the story was not a success story
the hmm? The.
That brings us to the end of episode, three hundred and twenty seven I'd like to thank glennie and alison for speaking with us. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's a case submission form at the vanished, podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook, I'm on twitter at the vanished pod and also on instagram, if you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you're listening right now, do you want to help support the show? There are a couple of things that you can do. One way to help the vanished is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo codes in the episode notes. Another way to support the show is by contributing on Patreon, where you can get early. Three episodes be sure to tune in next week, you'll be sharing a new story from south carolina. Thanks for listening the.
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