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In August of 1972, 14-year-old Marialice Clark disappeared from Omaha, Nebraska. She had left to visit a friend who lived in the neighborhood but never returned. There isn't much known about the disappearance of Marialice Clark, but if you search for information online, you will find her name tied to the controversial conviction of two men who were affiliated with the Black Panther Party and an anti-fascist political group. When Marialice was just 12-years-old, she was named in a federal ATF affidavit as having reportedly seen a large collection of foreign-made firearms and explosives, which she described in intricate detail. How would a young pre-teen know so much about weapons and explosives and to call the ATF? After Marialice disappeared, her name was almost entirely erased from existence for the next 50 years. Fifteen months ago, we set out to try to find any trace of Marialce that we could possibly uncover. 

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Hey prime numbers- you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music, download the today the. I know my great grandmother leopard earth wanting to know what to our daughter Oh no, that she's alive. She could have an emigrant at the table and you don't love. If only she could have been adamant that you know, and we didn't know it was like she. I can walk past her and I don't know what she looks like or who she is. We meet and We need answers from the police department, we need it from whoever is still alive from you know, the atm we need, though, I feel like I'm, not stopping until I get those into every week we pass by the stories I take up your news feeds and bring you the cases of people who are missing and having been given the attention their story is do, but what, if
told you a story about a young woman of color in omaha Nebraska, who was only twelve years old, when she was named in a nineteen. Seventy federal eightieth affidavit, as have reportedly seen a large collection of foreign made firearms and explosives, which she scribes in intricate detail How would you young preteen know so much about weapons and explosives and to call t f instead of nine one one or her local police department. How would she know that she would vanished just two years later and beyond entirely erased from existence for the next fifty years. Well, she didn't and that's why we're sharing her? Never before told story with you, it's like many, we ve shared our true events that really are stranger than fiction. Amerika and from one to read. This is episode. Three hundred and thirteen of the vanished, marietta's clarks story. I,
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If you look up marietta's clark online, you won't find much about her, but you He'll come across some other names, a popup continuously and The only real tie, anyone confined to marry Alice Mary Alice was just barely fourteen. At the time of her disappearance. Having turned fourteen in may threem before she vanished by account she was a typical teenage girl. She enjoyed the company of her siblings and extended relatives. She had friends she liked to spend time with and was looking forward to, the upcoming eighth grade school year, There is a much more we know about Mary Alice, but she sounded to us like any teen growing up in a large family, the truth is, if you choose to believe what we're going to share with you in today's story, maria lose his life in the years leading up to her disappearance was far from normal in beyond being believable every week we search for the truth. Even
its buried in newspaper archives, police records or simply in the memories of family members. There still many gaps in the story of her life and disappearance. But we researched every detail we can find in order to tell her story one so deserving of being shared after being hidden away for so long in would thus to share with you what happened to her, we have to take a look at what was taking place in omaha during the nineteen. Sixteen and nineteen seventies time period when Mary alice was growing up, we spoke your cousin Dennis who was close and age to marry, Alice and who it is when experiences during this time. Gave us a glimpse of what was taking place, two years older than she is an went to the same mom junior, school as well. Things were real tenth around here, because we were still, I wouldn't say. Nor do I ever
a rebuilding process but due to the riots of the sixties or late. Sixty sixty eight sixty nine. There was never ever any attempt to rebuild the area. would happen. The town was say unusual, because I think it was happening in many other states where there were right, there was also killing them deaths and a lot of mistakes, not only by the police department. But I think that in many cases some communities were weren't they advise properly in terms of how the you do a peaceful protest. I remember a couple: people were affiliated with the black panther organization. I too was in. Cases as a young sixteen seventeen year old, I was affiliated to a certain degree-
We needed to understand more about the history of what Dennis was talking about, so did some research in nineteen Sixty six, a local newspaper published an article about the group called the black panthers, first to them as a gang look characterization of these groups as gangs at the time was common in the media Organizations like the black panthers were founded on the mission of providing checks and balances to the ram police brutality that continued long after the civil rights movement. In addition, providing a community oversight aspect. The blue panthers also did compelling work with young people thought quality in schools and other environments and engaged in mentoring programmes, though federal laws have been passed, establishing equal rights for all that was the reality for the black population in many cities, including omaha, Dennis told us what he remembers about this time and were his purse
active on all of this was including his unique experiences. The altered the course of his own life. In a time of Mary allister's disappearance city of omaha had wanted probably bankrupt overnight, because there was a closing of your major industry. Here too, where one hundred twenty five thousand people were work almost overnight around here. swales wilson coda, hey armor, he had always back and plants whose meat back in to close down the sixties, so, comically depressed city as well, was very different. To find jobs in my father had worked for swiss. As an engineer for thirty years and one day He came home and he was out of work. However, we are family. Add some opportunities are either move to stock and how
father ended up fine and job with omaha public school to where we were able to sustain and stay here in the omaha area, but the families, had a move out of the area to continue with some form of employment income, generating argument shall so tell you was pretty tough here, at that time there was a. There was a lot of with the omaha police department, Friends that would be picked up put in jail found hung the next day. It wouldn't an exciting time around here. So we live proximately three four blocks away from each other in time that Mary Alice appeared I had just been allowed to move back to all my heart because in nineteen sixty eight from them baby and strong riots,
and the rights that we had with george wallace was running for president tim data? What I thought it's gonna be a peaceful rally in there in town, omaha and many of them people who were there and protest of george wallace in nineteen sixty eight were badly beaten. Let's say it like that by george wireless support first as well as them having been accompanied by some police department, the next the day and somehow another that, on the whole world, Harold newspaper elected, to place me up. Front page of the paper, as a militant who was inciting awry against a presidential candidate. My
further along with a merry alice. You sister Betty they both on the whole public schools at the time and my father I was in charge of building grounds. And training of all of them engineer. Step who maintain that the public schools he would. The pressure to try pressure on me to women into shape because your side shouldn't be out protests them and you you got whipped him the shape. My father's recourse was, you have make a decision to save the family, so I was shipped off to LOS angeles, California, to live with my father's brother. To add some context to the events you just heard dennis discuss the view
Strong riots and protests in nineteen. Sixty nine were dude deep unrest within the community of omaha, they had already seen much chaos throughout the community. The year before, when citizens protested, the presidential candidacy of george wallace appeal, petition, who was in favour of segregation? Vivian fourteen years old at the time of her murder, the sea age. Mary Alice was when she vanished. Vivian was shot in the head by a police officer without any warning or threat. While she was I had to sing dance moves with some of her friends, her son, This murder cause the community uprising to take on a whole new level of outrage. Indeed, Riots followed, as people called for the police to answer for her death in charge, the officer with her murder, in east of nineteen. Seventy two, the key Family lived in omaha, nebraska miracle. Had been widowed in nineteen sixty seven when our has add who had sir
in world war, two passed away from long term health conditions and ultimately, a heart attack, couple had six children together, Betty Faye v linda, who also went by april and mary Alice mary clark, was a talented seamstress, who established herself and well known department stores, Dennis told what he remembers about the family close knit. They were even when he was still in california, interim when we would have a holiday thanks. I would always come home and of course, I would, linda or my cousin bury who live very close to me I am proud that does not affect our he's pretty much all we have done the same street eaten and many many cases that we spend time with them. Mary hours and Ed However, I do it very, very close them
as well as very close today, where most of us keeping kind contact we I grew up in a place. Tat was called. Nellie hear him almost on nebraska brass. It was them part of the city that seemingly, was I'm incorporate and when say that it was pretty much in the heart of the city, but all the roads were still dirt, and on a rainy day you better now I have your car up there, he or in the area Mary Alice dickie how we are our family, we still have a couple picnics every year, so we always were in communication and has I knew you were merry Alice was beginning to data dwayne me also growin up with a peak family, because we are came from the same neighborhood he knew what they were kind.
Up to nineteenth seven b, a I was tour We all know how community playhouse am the way pigs. Brother, maurice peak wheels think of the nineteen seventies as a simpler time. When children were free to come and go throughout their neighborhoods, tend to be found playing with friends near by, but there the growing turmoil and disruption caused by the blatant inequalities among the residents of omaha the head, brewing for a number of years The late nineteenth sixties and early nineteenth seventies were tents in omaha as well as other cities across the united states as a civil rights movement. So many of the same protests and political unrest that we experienced in recent years but Mary Alice wasn't protesting or participating in those groups. Her expense to them was indirectly through her relatives and neighbours at the most. She a teenage girl with a large family who loved her
Mary alice was a unique victim of the events in omaha at the time Did she even have contact with the a tf, even today? How many twelve year olds would know who the eighty have is, how to read them or what to say and with it information from a preteen seriously. You, Dennis mentioned several names that are important to the story and down any news or research. We were able to find related to marry, Alice we're two young men that the clark children knew from the neighborhood. They grew up in an point baxter and David rice, who you may hear referred to as mondo as he has since changed his name. There is also a younger man named dwayne peak, according to call documents, ed poindexter and David rice were leaders in a group called the national committee to combat fascism, which was loosely affiliated with black panthers. Today. Poindexter is imprisoned for the event were about to share with you
and David rice died in prison both having been sentenced to life after a police officer was killed when a bomb detonated in a house in the neighborhood, where the clerks lived dwayne peak managed to escape serving any prison time, but was initially charged in connection to the explosion. Before we tell you the story behind this strange incident, we will. to highlight something important to us: we're not the fight to comment on the guilt or innocence of anyone in this story the convictions of ed poindexter and David rice remain controversial to this day, we want to keep Mary Alice a central focus of this episode, because this is ultimately her story. So when we talk dennis. This is what he told us about how the clark family was acquainted with ed and david this day never knew what the real relationship of of duane married Alice with it, poindexter
and David rice they were much much younger than that to individuals- because I was much here- damn them as well and david rises brother and I are very good friends to all nowhere is one day it was set out- have god man don't worry about the way in was the one that they do Down. There testify against only have evidence, I knew that my cousin was dating help so did Ed poindexter and David rice end up in prison for an explosion in a vacant house that left a police officer dad and held it. Mary Alice tie into this story. Well that in and of itself is truly a mystery, but
obtained a copy of an atm affidavit filed with the federal court for the district of nebraska on July, twentieth, nineteen, seventy and we're going to share some parts of it with you. One thing we noticed right away is that the plaintive named in the affidavit is the federal government, which is to be spectre, but the defence is listed as two story: white frame dwelling on three five: zero: eight north twenty fourth street omaha Nebraska. Can a house defended. We We have never seen that before the affidavit reads at the special investigator with the atm swears to the following there on July, fifteen nineteen seventy a violent interviewed Mary Ellis clark, a nigger, a woman whose address is in omaha nebraska that clark said she had a sister named Linda, who was a member of the black panther party being twenty two years of age and be
girlfriend of ed poindexter, who is known to a violent as a proud, member of the roma group, sometimes known as the black panthers, or the united front against fascism, or the the coalition against fascism, miss clarke stated she had been going to the black panther headquarters for four or five months being near by and by the place where her sister often visited. In recent weeks. She said ten boxes that she observed to contain machine guns. She's six more or less machine guns and each box with three boxes and stack in one talks, standing in a corner, marking had been scraped off all of the boxes missing. Said. The guns were black and brown and color with a round thing in the middle, with straps things you through a lampshade, shaped thing. At the end of the barrel, she said that
If they were set down, they would stand upright in wood, follow over. She drew picture of these guns for a fire ant quite accurately pictured a machine gun defiant is familiar with of russian manufacture having all features described by miss clarke. She, she had seen the guns in the basement of the above described premises and had seen them fired there. She said the boy all seem to go off at once. Mister I said in recent weeks she had only seen dynamite in a box that there fifteen, more or less bundles of twelve sticks and a bundle wrapped with cord or wire that this we're about twelve inches long in one inch in diameter. Brown in color,
the statements made in this affidavit seem completely impossible to us. Mary Alice had just turn twelve in may of nineteen seventy and in July the atm says that she was able to describe weapons of war in detail and she distinctly remembered how many sticks of dynamite there were, but That seems, unlikely, listen to what comes next. Clark said she knows ed, poindexter, David rice and others to be members of the black panther organization she said she recently saw. Other members put together a bomb of dynamite which they pay east in a wooden box which in turn was placed in a cardboard box and that all of these people worked on the bomb miss. I said she saw a picture of a room where the bomb was supposed to have been planted, showing bomb in place and that bomb was in the corner of the room and let them also had in it a cabinet table. And share that the picture
shown to her by the makers of the bomb the affidavit ends, with this request for a search warrant foregoing constitutes a science probable cause to believe that is concealed contraband, to wit, machine guns and dynamite, possessed in violation of the gun, control act of nineteen. Sixty eight papa the above described premises under favourably- or maybe not in this case, this for it was initially granted. However, the fbi, notified the department of justice that the David had been fabricated, based on their own intelligence and the euro turning office quash the warrant before the search was executed. We still don't know how the atm allegedly came into contact with Mary Alice or spelled her name repeatedly as Mary Alice. We don't know if she contacted them or they contacted her or if they ever. Up to her at all, I did some one else use her name the question
of the warrant should have been the end of the story, but it wasn't and on august seventeen nineteen. Seventy early morning hours. A call was made to nine one one in omaha, the color said that they had heard a woman being dragged screaming into a vacant house. When officers responded a suitcase filled with bombs exploded, killing officer and destroying a sizeable portion of the house. We also both to marry alice's brother ad, and he said that he knew the house where the explosion happened. Well alone, the people who were named in the affidavit, but remember them being violent or trying to pick a fight with the police work. The back of their. It would like I do like the one you know, lower duplexes on the main thoroughfare what we ve been twenty fourth street we stood on our part. For dialogue between the have nots The ground is on the east side of the street in the back of their house, the beggar there do black, oh, just about everybody body, Canada,
in the name of the kind of around there. You know surmount out with the misdoubt I mean I mean It was never anything. You know, trying to recruit anybody or anything like that. You know it was the black panther party, time, and now they would, They are rare. You know I mean with other. But there was a member party was harassed but you know hanging around their meal rarely used to sit on the corner. There brought about three duplexes away: from there then the police would just come out there and shine a light and run up on the porch and feel the flags and stuff all kind of no nonsense stuff. You would expect out of a teenager's again we didn't talk like that. I mean they'd, never call no problem in the in the neighborhood in the city that I really know of, and the pillow that of the place of the gun, in the house burma there. You know,
if they did, they would blame it. On there they were there black panther party. They were by the end of the ever believe world radiation, the men maybe the combat, passes the moon. I mean that they never demanded, they never buy. Anything firearms are not like that. You know they never try to get. You I guess the police are not like that. Any any law enforcement like that that I know- and you know pretty much round their everyday my mom would go around me, some tat, no one of my system with them. One of the guys there at the that how we started me and my sister still not had a bigger gone gone over there. You know we use them. It's what he knew about these events. Involvement with the black panthers was that in lausanne,
list of san bernardino county area. I help them with their breakfast program. They never talked about violence. They only talked about The second amendment allowed at times and how the second amendment and certain communities actually help the black community. Because it allowed them to in a sense police there committed, an animal at times there's were Engage them. Oh several conflicts with united soul, as well as the fbi an hour, a ringers group united, so to wear them Babylon the campus of you see. I lay the university california los angeles, where individual were killed in a battle with the black. At the recent united so but given back to a hop I often times because I lived in such close proximity.
The poindexter. I our data, he'll, hear her holiday in after school, but night about get off in the bus routes a broader that certain points after general, eleven o clock I'll have to the police invariably would sit and wait me, no one that I wouldn't poindexter where they always said it. I look then favoured him, and we were always the same high and software, so my mother, often I would have to come down to the roma a police station and pick me up. I won. To apply when I know Alice imperialist away having their debt. Look: I'm fed up with the weighted where around. Here it was just we were protesting verbal treatment. Given back to that. That was my biggest question and concerns because I knew at that time there was another
national group there now MA am, I think they were called the weather underground. Somehow or another it was said here, I am david- had made some in roads with film and that they actually were the ones who manufactured the bar. Was great buying back, I think they're, my some validity to that, but getting back The planning of the bar ideas No, how the omaha police was ever ever able to conclude that Was the wing. From what I understand the hand. How often do we are placing the suit case in a vacant house. She was just doing the way, Miriam was enjoyed hanging out with her older siblings, especially her sister Linda then,
told us at this caused some problems for Mary Alice and their mother Mary ability to keep a close eye on her youngest daughter under pressure, and she also had left, alias so to speak april. I think there was Some issues with the law and I know that because mary. Let me just say it like that data, thing that she could two, mary hours farm following in April, steps? I guess I was couple years, older than hurt my youngest brother. And her were very, very close from my perception, He was quiet from what I knew of her and from what I can see. As I look back at it. It almost appeared is, though lotta there
kids in the neighborhood could never figure out how she got tied up with mondo em an aid, but we always try to figure that out too. Out of beer fourteen in many ways she resemble somebody who was much older and mature The thing was it poindexter, If two blocks from me, I would see it At least as a young person growing up in the neighborhood. I would see it at least four to five times a week. So I know him very well and also David rise very well. I could be at their house because of his other and my friendship. But I never knew where, the winning creek or mary hours had any connection? to them. That was, and still is,
to me the puzzle pieces at that. Point to me. The police were really sure that the way dear that or even one mary alice's part was all No, with that my aunt used to say that mary hours. She wanted to keep her away because she didn't want her walk in the same same line is April was who was always and travel always shoplifting in that kind of thing? So, but do. You know them very alice, the sneaking around with the weighing peak to what degree I don't know don't know how they were able to connect her. I was going to say anything. Data They ran on polish police department our way or no way well then, is distinctly remembers that Mary alice's, older sister Linda, was dating ed poindexter and her brother, it told us the same. We don't
exactly how marianne s fit into the equation. From possibly dating dwayne peak, who was younger than other people involved. Point of interest that we aren't sure is related to Mary Alice's disappearance directly, but could have been. Compelling reason for the community to remain silent. Is this dwayne p was offered a plea in the juvenile court that allowed him to remain out of prison shortly thereafter and another relative left omaha for a new home in another state where he later changed his name? Could marianne has also have been whisked away from her own protection, despite being involved in the criminal proceedings. If that the case, and it certainly a possibility. It seems like someone from her family would now even still the fat. During that time area hours to all of this seem confusing Another odd aspect of this is that Mary Alice never spoke of explosives, weapons or talking to law enforcement, and no one
Her family remembers her possibly having been called for an interview or having witnessed something that would have been very traumatic to a young teen. Maybe was something Mary alice was afraid to talk about or fear, getting in trouble for Two years ago, children weren't talk the same things. They are today about reporting anything they may witness to a trusted, a doll which makes me realises alleged contact with the a tf even more dubious according to marry, Alice's brother, add their family had no clue that Mary Alice had allegedly spoken to the t F until years later, when it Eighteen. Ninety seven mary Alice's mother received a copy of that. A t F affidavit. Mary Alice's grand niece jennifer doesn't think that, if at all possible that Mary Alice actually spoke to the t F, they start earning incorrectly just really over me. I find quite the reverse name like mary Ellen, I think
after eight years agent spelled it that way, and I'm like meaning in that it makes sense in I offered in major third, my uncle you you know he doesn't believe worry. We know what the aid agent, then he put my mind they will have a and it was long mary ellen from a twelve year old child without her adult without had parental is it doesn't make sense I, the appeal for she does have the atm number in her back rocky come on now got ya. Gotta make does make sense. I too believe that everything you go alone by the guy. I without even believe that you people yeah what if you were trafficked into a court or shot nine times or what
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these events took place during the summer of nineteen. Seventy, the following April at poindexter and David rice were tried and convicted well Mary alice- was not involved in the criminal proceedings, her name has been forever tied to the case due to being named and that a t, F affidavit. Then something horrific happened just a few months prior to marry, Alice's disappearance on me. Twenty eightth nineteen, seventy, two maria call the police after escaping a violent sexual assault and in it tempted. Second assault by two adult males bravely got away and immediately called local police from a neighbour's house in the arrest police reports documenting these assaults. Theirs portion of the report designated for details of the investigation and arrest to be documented, tragically its blank
appears that no one even conducted an investigation, there's no record of them talking to the two named assailants, thing is noted about any attempt to help marianne us a teenage victim of a heinous violent crime. A few months later and two years after the bombing Mary Alice vanished, we don't if she ever told her family about the assaults but we're to wonder if their related to her disappearance, the A basis that do list Mary Alice is missing, use the date august. First, nineteen, seventy two, but that's necessarily the exact date that she disappeared, also reports that state that she was seen getting into a blue chevy impala with a friend near a neighborhood lounge. The car had chicago illinois plates, but those type of, it didn't exist specific to chicago at the time. The reality is that we don't know when she disappeared or story about the car is true; indeed,
It seems, do the police, mary club, Mary alice's mother filed the original missing persons report with the omaha police department on september, twenty fifth nineteen. Seventy two, the report officer asked her why she waited so long to report. Marianne s missing and missis I told them that she kept hoping that miry Alice would come home and a couple of weeks when she didn't mrs clark called the police After everything, Mary Alice had been through, we can blame mary clark for hesitating to call the police this what jennifer said her perspective is on the delay and calling law enforcement my grandmother. My grandmother was told anything, I'm not sure what they did tell her. Why she didn't you don't look for her if she did look for her and was a total see. You know she's a kid you, the teenager. This is what they do type scenario
police report refers to marry Alice as a runaway, which was now on common at that time, but appears little if anything was ever done to look for her while Mary Alice may have been listed as a run away. She certainly didn't run away for half a century and the stuff absolve the police of their obligation to look for a missing child We have seen a pattern in other cases of missing children of color, that we've covered often there's little questioning of the lack of police investigation, but blame is laid at the feet of family members like the case for not reporting her missing right away. For me realises family there, for many reasons that her widowed mother was afraid to contact the police and remained full that Mary Alice would return home. Mary Alice's mother died, grieving loss of her child and the lack of answers as to what happened to her the emotions she must have felt a being almost completely ignored by law enforcement must
only made her grief harder burden to carry we Marianne S, brother, add what he remembers about the summer. That Mary Alice disappeared, He told us that he doesn't remember the police investigating at all and that he and his mother spent countless hours going through the neighbourhood. They, friends of Mary Alice, if they had seen her stopping places they'd known heard a frequent. This is what told us about when he believes Mary Alice disappeared. Here we go like telling we got up Well, I'm bored around the early. In the neighborhood. I'm around with an omen but she's tears now, but it There are more around the bumpers housing now do everything up I mean we would mama god. Lately, every ban You know they just nonce a lot about it. You know- or maybe she has- you have a couple of days- Nancy, the
person and none was never done about that. They never piled up old man. She read What is missing exactly Go here did it. She had not been heard from me. The amounts levels heard seen or heard from august point. Nineteen. Seventy two trading get around missing in its work. The children bang. And they told me I needed a police report when I contacted Am I police department. Call me that They would have a big take the car me and what they do. It's a month later, though, then It was probably about opera about three years ago. The witness security programme known by most as witness protection- part of a law passed by congress in nineteen seventy two years. Arr to marry alice's disappearance, the golden
program operated by the united states. Marshall service is to protect witnesses and their families, whose lives may be at risk due to their cooperation with authorities a major criminal court cases. When we see two jennifer she said that she's been told by family that Mary Alice was possibly in witness protection and has only question whether or not this was a possibility because of her alleged involvement in making a report to the eighty f, I've heard that she was in witness protection. They didn't tell me like I'm far as where they It's like she is a witness protection. They believe that she, the witness protection and I'm like, but this doesn't make sense why they can't do that with the twelve year old or fourteen year old. Excuse me, they can't do that They had to have talked to my great grandmother, sit down with her and said: hey your daughter he's in trouble, but this is what we're going to do. I was told that the last place tat. She was out. That's life
wasn t very high lounge. She just disappeared I remember my mind telling me, and I might Oh right am, I didn't mean to do disappeared, but she did not have an unlikely. Nobody has had seen her. She in college. He hasn't done anything and mom's like no she's just disappeared, might better the sound right ended? again, I didn't hear later on and so like about the eighth. Yes- and you know it poindexter in I was about I wanna say twenty one one twenty two and I might, but they still the sound believable as far as herded disappearing, because we From a loving family margaret remarks, you loved her kids and I dont see give Mary. I was just getting up because things aren't good at home,
four told us that she wants to believe that Mary alice's out there alive and happy, but with so much time having passed, that seems less and less likely one component he's alive. So. One scenario where one thing that I think after we happened to that she does she let it Maybe you now openly they have helped there alone, because you know with what I read up until now, It doesn't seem like the police, want to hold any responsibility or be accountable for what has happened and that's nothing so. I, like you know, maybe she left with some assistance from the police or the eight year deadline You know that entirely with the black black I mean we are proud by mafia They were strong where very strong will people
and where you know independent people in africa, my family. You know I feel like that Mary Alice could have survived on her own. We don't know where she is here and now that we ve been looking for her. And she's living a happy life with her case. Here because I like it, I don't they. These. Are that but We have a family for how we didn't that. Looking for her and again it stop here. We need answers somewhere living her life. I think everyone that I am I'm speaking of it. And then you I'll I'll apologize but if she is somewhere living her life. I don't think any of us want to disrupt it. I just think we just want to know that she's, okay,. At the time that Mary Alice disappeared, the witness pretend the programme was still developing an opera primarily to protect witnesses and high profile organised crime cases in new york city, because worked so hard to dig up the tiniest bit of information about Mary Alice
considered it as a possibility ourselves. However, we were, able to confirm with the department of justice official that Mary Alice is not in witness protection and that if she had been at least one adult family member would have been entered into the programme with her You told us that sometimes he wonders of Mary alice's out they're alive somewhere, especially after receiving an unexpected message on social media. I used to think that its the bill she could be walking around here, but after all these years, people change, we wouldn't even know who she was we live in writing in omaha knock em. The gate with their family. But how is it that young people just disappear like that without parents and knowledge were became more entry, stood in mass, I was, the internet one day someone named Mary clark sent me a text message,
my immediate response was to sit back and said, are you marry Alice clark? Who is mechanism and the lady said something back see now, but almost tat. It was really her return to reach out. I thought that was interesting. The important mammy, because right now I have Mary Alice's nasty you there so many of her nephews and nieces that I'm sure she will want to know about, but Thank you, whatever happened to her, I just don't believe her involvement was that great to where they had to remove her from the city. And then there's Mary alice's niece chantelle, who we got to meet her aunt chantelle shared with us that she often thinks about her and what she
it looked like now, if she's in the local area, and would anyone recognize her mark on for years from time to time out. Eighteen. Sixteen years ago, mary out with both of them are limited. I there, the somewhere, watching obituary than our home. once she saw my grandmother pay she would show up. I was always my brought in with you eaten up by our candidate, the boy my thing about it is really be the time I mean that you could it be before that happened, but that it will really be the time that you will show up. Didn and I mean I would love to know what she could potentially right now with it by what I asked her. If I didn't know province, that's always been, I would think I'll show hell told us assure members. Marianne says mother, Mary shown tells grandmother being devastated by not knowing what happened to her daughter. So
so that she often chose not to speak about her and you can grow enough because we have this you know about, but that you can put your and my grandmother. She our way prepared. I guess If she got a phone call and go to sleep, we're going out with they found or whatever, so it would really difficult for me grown up, because my grandmother said. I look so much like her and she didn't want anything to happen to me. So I kinda just had me a low shelf it, but I heard the only thing I heard was that she walked away. Sandy with a neighbour. She had not been into it with anybody. Like my mother, my grandmother, any green he'll be back and she never return. There. He really other her. I mean what became the doubt back. A roof is really see the significance and think of the disappear,
it really bad her day there was never a body found. There was never entirely. Information to say, hey decision in July. We founder it was a broadway, you always that hope, tat she retired My grandmother kept the same phone for years. She never change, This should never move she kept money yet a train or birth or applying or whatever to wherever you gotta. I was on the table for their families. She really wooden about an hour that no one should be used We knew that you get here than I wish you cry I'll, be my grandmother s really be it around me and nursery me come and go it'll be out that
I wonder where Mariam does that thing off the table, but I guess that, as I got older, I can see that it really bothered her that she didn't know where she would bet my mom when I was growing up. I really don't remember her talking much about it until she started to be contacted by different people. They wanted to talk to her about it. I mean she would talk a little bit about it, belshazzar with them. I I don't know about how she disappear out. Another serious, so I really don't want to endanger my family by getting. Deep into this way the police handle disappear very well? We do anything probably don't have anything that baby You have you dont want to let go the
at this point in the story. Probably won't, surprise you to learn that Mary Alice was not listed in any databases anywhere until a few years ago. When a fellow nebraska learned about Mary Alice's story, she, upon herself to enter Mary Alice into namus and also set out to find out if Mary alice was entered into NC ic. We reached we reached out to the fbi who operate the criminal justice information system, defined who entered Mary Alice into nc ic and when They referred us to the nebraska state patrol who then referred us to the omaha police department. We're still waiting on an answer to that. But billy but Mary Alice was entered into and see. I see as a missing person for the first time in march of two thousand twenty by the nebraska state patrol
for the same person who entered her into name is requested that she be entered. During our exhaustive research of this case. We also reached out to the national centre for missing and exploited children several times, including directly to people in positions of authority, to ask Marianne Alice be listed on their website as sheikh Italy is not, which is it sterling trend that we found in some other cases that we ve covered like rob smith. Teenager, whose story we shared a few months ago. After several emails that went unanswered scene, producer, Rebecca Steinbeck wrote back to us on october thirteenth, two thousand twenty one answer the following regarding both Marianne Alice and roberts cases. Nick make doesn't I have every missing child listed with us. We need either law enforcement or the child's legal guardian to call neck mac and request assistance. I don't know why we don't have Mary Alice's case, but she is currently not listed with neck MC roberts
is listed with knickknack, but we need- specific clearances for the poster to be on the website and we dont currently have the clearance We don't know what is meant by clearance to enter someone with the national centre for missing and exploited children, but right its family told us that they repeatedly asked to have him listed on the neck make website been given various reasons as to why he's not listed, and none of them seem to make much sense included, Robert would be too old today to be listed, but Strangely, two days later, a supervisor at the omaha police department told us that Mary Alice had been entered shortly. For this episode entered final production, a supervisor at the omaha police department finally gave us a nick make idee number four marianne Alice and we learn but Mary alice was entered into nick, makes database on october fifteenth two thousand twenty one, forty nine years and two months after she had vanished
Thirty, seven years after the federal government established, the national centre for missing and exploited children We also learned that ed had contacted nick makes several years ago, but hold him that there was no report on file with the police department. We still have not received an answer as to why it took months of us asking why she wasn't listed. And we never received a response about robert smith, either the time of this episode was produced. Mary Alice was still not listed publicly, though she is very much a missing child. We absolute proof that Mary Alice is missing to police. Its filed with the omaha police department, one by her mother in september of nineteen. Seventy two and one her brother add just a few years ago, because no one could find the original report
We also have the petition that was filed with the douglas county court by her mother in nineteen. Eighty to have Mary Alice, declared deceased listing her date of disappearance as august twentieth. Nineteen, seventy two and yet the police department won't give Mary Alice much more acknowledgement. The knickknack, provide her with the police department, wrote In an email response enquiring about the status of Mary Alice's case with the following, I have Reports regarding Mary alice clarks absence and have discussed it with sergeant shroud, multiple times, confident that he and his officers are working with the resources they have available to try to locate Mary Alice, we aren't so confident ourselves jennifer had a strong response to hearing that the police consider Mary Alice absent instead of missing the point. Something needs to be done You don't want to go one or two day
Absolutely not you'd make us with nineteen. Seventy two, no ma, that's not absent, missing the vandals. Telling you that is making my blood boil more because we did it with your great on what is it with you? there would, if it was your mother, would have it was your cabin I do not want these answers. Did you want somebody to call your family member? Your great on your anti, your mother, Europe has been absent beyond without doubt we don't want to do it like the one we we don't have the resources, we don't know what happened we drop em leading me. Pick up about. We have put the case file over them. I was in the lab and medical egg dark and put it in a back and let about collective or you put the poor report in that in the trash and didn't even think twice about looking for her or helping our family is made them buggies, exclude that she she called atm Biogas. To me, I would argue that with eight here is ridiculous,
money to help this gap. Black unity, and you know you here to listen by if there's someone out there that is asking for you to listen. Why, You listening, because at that you were on the other flayed. Would you somebody to live for your family member. My great grandmother didn't have a voice about it. I've gotten was, I had my grandmother was a strong woman. He would want the shock and women that I have ever met. And I know that load was heavy on her, but our great granddaughter and, as you know, a person who is now hey would be like this, the other people's families it's happening within my own family and I feel like we have no voice It's not about love for the sheep. To be ignoring that a year on the new union, on the new helping other family member would call a case is happening every sunday they wouldn't want a different culture, but this is a thousand kay
I didn't know what my great uncle to go, or my great. I could go for my father to go or my uncle to go, and nobody knows what happened which enshroud stopped responding to our communications in august of this year over a year of correspondence about his work on Mary Alice's case, repeatedly told us that he was waiting on an address check at home in pennsylvania. There was address listed on a social security application for Mary Alice's name and date of birth. He also told us that he had over eight hundred pages of documents to review and Mary Alice's case, but we ve forgotten in response to our questions regarding what may be contained in the file, including him. Questions like what the follow up was on Mary Alice's sexual assault by two men known to law enforcement. He asked us on multiple occasions to cover another missing young woman from the same time period a teenager whose killer confessed and died several years ago when we?
the sergeant shrouded in person he had young woman, national centre for missing and exploited children poster printed for us to take with us and asked if the interested in covering her story, which we go Thirdly, would, however, we may this trip to talk about Mary Alice in it seem like every turn nobody wanted to talk about Mary alice Clark we left meeting without making much progress. We the national centre for missing and exploited children, poster of the other teen with us, and we are sure if sergeant shrug is aware that may reality doesn't have one herself this. What jennifer had to say when we told her about the meeting when the people came to talk to you about my great aunt we're able to give them information about. Caucasian growth family with no has nation, though, why are you going? since a gear, our them these answers, my of the desired. It is my great uncle lewis
bill here. Am I who is still here they deserve if you don't have any insofar as help us get the answer, How do we ve been under the red because we ve done that already within our family as a black, culture. We don't need there from the police department, because we ve lost something mary out, I lost her life I have known her family if she is alive, and knowing that we didn't or macgregor mother didn't sat looking for heard is the right thing to do. Let me pick out race. Is the right thing to do? Let's take out that she's? a young girl who grew up in a hot and poverty, her mother, you know, wasn't the riches let All of that is integrity. Why would you not want this to show at the other, how police department stepping up after affording one year plus cave of a book? young girl just gone missing. Why can't you just give us felt answers are your hardly the same color as mine you,
they have a heart. You have to have some type of the event the beef, for, so in that way don't have answers. My question the detective wires great unimportant, and I would like to talk to him I wasn't there a photo of or important of her like hey, let's get on it, I'm glad you're here why You guys welcome support our family happy some people closer. He got them. Five year, though, and I'm a dick generation elena If it were detected daughter, why bother or grey. Aren't you You know what happened I just want to tell him put yourself in our shoes It is very clear that these are the areas and that unfortunate, but the voice is a thing like black. Women missing, there's no important the mail
blackmail, missing, bears no important and you guys are supposed to protect those useful to protect. Gender and races I wanted I believe that there are one point in time and then I really feel that they really, though, helpless. We so filed numerous record requests over fourteen month period of time, which came. Repeated denial, citing a different reason. Each time colluding one denial in which there was no denial reason listed only. Template that said, insert foyer exemption. We appeal this decision, but we're told quite simply no given the nature and circumstances of the correspondence from the police department failing to site any statutory or departmental policy, barring records from being released an attorney? specializing in for your non compliance has been retained to help us up. In answers this, is a recent development and will keep you updated with any progress made
So while the supervisors at the omaha police department may be confident in their work confident that no one at omaha police department is using the resources defined Mary Alice and so Is her family jennifer told us that she hasn't ever gotten and answer back about the mysterious address check in pennsylvania, either thing that seems a very simple for law enforcement to check out yeah- I don't know- what's going on with this police department of police department- we have here When I had talked to you about somebody requesting her birth certificate of his of anger, bob waiting here bag? You know what's going on as far as that pennsylvania request for the birth certificate, theirs, We're been anything where is then ok, we need some investigation done. We need
in point of where she is because what the technology? Nowadays, I don't think you should be. This difficult thing were all messed up in, as is the light is I'm gonna go back. The isolated for cover and celebrated What about it? If it doesn't make any sense? We need answers that. That's all I can say. Dennis shared his thoughts on what he believes may have happened and why law enforcement, more engaged in a conversation about Mary Alice or acknowledge her as more than absent. We always Mary Alice was in Y all men are manta could you not remember and have a urge to wanna got a phone call, somebody say: hey, I'm not appear, but I'm ok. How could you not do that? we just have always thought that the summit but tell me now, womack the police department, killed her because there's some
What here who are doing investigative work? Just like you do in america, absurd. They want to know whatever happened to marry, Alice. I am sure, all of our brothers and sisters, one and now I know a lot of relatives would like to know even to be able to see her. I know we were correct in that her disappearance, something just wedding. About that. If you ask up all my own Do they know about many along wound? Would you would have then been a closely related to any the parties that are involved in this year, but most people would problem I think, that she's dead and that the omaha police parliament or some other higher authority. Out of I a murder but somehow owner. It is no longer with us an just listening to you from comments about year communicate, Where are my police department? It almost
like their plan. Because you're getting to some formation that they don't want publicized. I think lotta. That is because they don't have the information to give back to you, because if they do I'll do anything to. You, then add opens The can of worms that they are trying to keep contain apple. For a lot of resolving unsolved homicides in oh margaret constantly critical of them, an attorney, as well as dome police department and investigated skills. Seemingly lacking, but We got a long way to go here. The one thing I've noticed in this town, is that people here do think there above reproach him that you can ask them questions, and I think that
dramatically hear them. All police department has had a luxury for many many years, even going back to william brown. When we allowed protein just come in to the The jail anti, guy out of that the sheriff handed them the keys to open the the sale and take him out. I've always thought that I go back that data george wireless came to omaha how the These were in collusion with him this vile message. It was just unreal. Since his days as a much younger activist first during his exile to California and after his return to omaha Dennis. Retired, from a successful government career and continues to dedicate his time advocating for positive change in omaha.
The desire to find out what happened to as missing cousin has fuelled his dedication to remain active in community service. Petitioning for meaningful change, in this vein, Dennis told us that he doesn't believe that the police department has changed much since the unrest in the nineteen seventies and expressed skepticism that we will make any progress with the police department. The time of our interview with Dennis, we had no idea just how right he was about that I wonder how far you gonna get with them, but people, finding now that some depart, we have made mistakes and may come back and they offer up some. Monetary value amount and people are okay? I do believe that police do have to pay for their mistake. If you continue to cover it up and only gets worse, I think that's what they're doing when they scramble it's just totally.
An effective, an inadequate police work that we're doin here, because I believe this police department has always lived on the concept that nobody can up, stem can give any information that they are above all, and I do think that that's a bad way to poland. Now we have a new police chief here now matters Are they gonna? the low my offer them be a little better, let's say transparent might be a little bit better. Now this she's that we had he come out and say, or even our county attorneys, as things like oh, don't bring me marijuana cases here, but how it doesn't resonate with got better without here as You been collected. That here it says every time they stop at young.
Tino or young black men. The first question is why the first statement, the police, make it a smell marijuana as they approach The first thing they face just another way to avoid profiling is what that basically, is also how strange, just wrote something the other day or facebook, because we started witness witnessing got over forty unsolved homicide primarily in one particular area here in the city of alma county, Is he saw them, because the community he doesn't give them any information. The community also one not accept payment for, was information because they don't want to be a saddle. With the man occurs at the commission and the police Ok, we're there always thought that win salver unsolved
side that shows you're a bit truly police. Continuously say all you know, because community won't get involved in and we want do do further. We were investigate any further, because it's the asphalt you're, not helping us all. Then we really me right now is is proven evidence it there's. No. For excuses anymore. Really, The wine occurred and we need to find out as well We are living at times to where I think that transparency is real, important right. There people eat out, they have to be done. How the closure there, because right now is to open its banal, for years. I just hope that you gonna get some operation unfold, Finally, in the end, we got cooperation from the police department? It appears
to us that no one is looking for Mary Alice. No one cares to and to be frank, we got the impression that everyone we spoke to hope that we would go away, but we do go away and will continue to push for answers, took us nearly fifteen months to bring you the story, because we had to go to omaha and lincoln nebraska to search through old newspapers and micro film. We walk through I'm a terry's met with police, visited vital records and filed open records request with the social security administration, we did of that in three business days in the midst of a pandemic, but still waiting for that promised address check on a house in pennsylvania, the police. Department told us they got a tip on regarding someone using Mary, Alice's name and date of birth in the summer. Of two thousand twenty The time when missing persons are at the forefront of the national conversation personally missing young women. We think important to highlight a few points about Mary Alice's case,
My reality just turn. Fourteen a few months before she disappeared, she had been the vet. Of a sexual assault. Escaped and the police, she police, the names of her attackers, but they were never investigated. We have copy of those reports. When we have the police, about that earlier this year they Thus, if we would be able to track down the addresses these people might currently be living at present, to the production of this episode. We spoke. Italy with Mary Alice's family about the sexual assaults They had never heard about this before and no one from the police department ever mentioned it to her mother before or after her disappearance marilla was also a victim of the federal government's no holds barred attack on the civil rights movement. Actions of the black panthers even if she had actually reported seeing weapons and explosives to a T. F. At twelve years, old wives information made public debate
put her life in danger in the future. Ports that we do have information about Mary alice is consistently incorrect, like her name and date of birth. The reports like the police didn't care about her. Then As they don't appear to now, maria is a missing child. She deserves to be found as much as any other missing child. She. Family with many relatives who passed away without ever knowing, but more importantly, her case deserves the attention any missing. Childs case is given whatever happened to marry Alice, it seems likely that she didn't choose to disappear So what happened to marry Alice clark in august of nineteen? Seventy two. We know from records that she was a real person with a real family who wants to know what happened to her
We believe that it's unlikely that she actually gave the testimony sworn to an atm affidavit or even was aware of the investigation taking place. We know that she was not ever placed in witness protection, and we also know that there is no record of her death on file with the state of nebraska as vital records, division or the social security administration. Is it possible that she's alive and someone hid her for her own protection after the explosion took place? Sending two men to prison for life did someone won her dead? If so, why would someone have wanted to kill her at the time of her disappearance? Marietta's clark was fourteen years old. According to the original missing persons report, she was five but three inches tall at the time of her disappearance in weight, approximately one hundred and twenty pounds with black hair and brown eyes.
If any information about the disappearance of mary, Alice Clarke, we hope that you will reach out to a law enforcement agency. We would usually recommend the omaha police department or the national center for missing and exploited children, but we can't in good faith, ask people to call agencies were not interested in resolving this case. That said, any law enforcement agency can take a tip, and if you have information, please share it with someone. You can follow Mary Alice's case on facebook by joining the finding Mary Alice Clark, facebook group.
Something again is not adding up and with everything going on in the world. Like I said I've always since I've known about it, I've always put this in the back of my mind like I want to know what happened and my congressman John Lewis said: there's nothing wrong with making trouble good trouble and I'm so for it, because my family needs to know my uncle needs to know what happened to his sister. Someone has to know something, and who was on the missing persons report she's no longer alive, and somebody has to compete with belly high lounge back then it was a hot by you know. A lot of people, I pay around there yeah I mean I just like done one thing, something someone do something I lost my aunt on my mom's side, her and her son were murdered. He got found not guilty or both murders. Even though they had the dna evidence and everything- and I just feel like- I have great my way somewhere.
And I feel I will marry. I did the period this exact Where needs to be. I know that they should be interested in this matter. Her ear but from a national standpoint should want to know, because, This is lonely case were something like this happen and this in the only state that this has happened. There We are talking about inclusion, city in every body has arrived, to be assisted, so here you can't put back, there out there anymore the and and I
The brings us to the end of episode, three hundred and thirteen and I'd like to thank everyone who spoke with us for this story: special thanks to justin from generation Y for assisting us with this episode by reading that affidavit. If you have a missing loved one that you'd like to have featured on the show, there's the case submission form at the vanished podcast dot com. If you'd like to join in on the discussion, there's a page and discussion group on facebook on twitter at the vanish pod and also on instagram, if you enjoy the show subscribe now and leave a five star review on apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you're listening right now, do you want to help support the show? There are a couple of things that you can do. One way to help the banished is by supporting our sponsors. You can find links and promo codes in the episode notes. Another way to support the show is by contributing unpatriotic where you can get early and ad free episodes be sure to tune in next week. We'll be revisiting a case that we previously covered from ohio. Thanks for listening, the.
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