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Mark Brunelle disappeared from Bellingham, Massachusetts, on February 23, 2021. Mark left home to do laundry and never returned. Mark's family quickly jumped into action to try to find him. His truck was later found at a storage facility that Mark rented, and things started to become strange. Nearly three months later, a group of kayakers found Mark's body in the Blackstone River in the nearby town of Uxbridge, several miles west of his home. But finding Mark was not the end of this mystery because the injuries to his body have left his family with more questions than answers. We have followed Mark's story from the time he went missing until now, and it only became more bizarre each step of the way. 

If you have any information about the death of Mark Brunelle, please call the Massachusetts State Police at 508-820-2300.

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Hey prime numbers, you can listen to the vanished ad free on amazon, music download. The app today I feel like some type of foul play happened. I don't think he was mixed up in the wrong crowd. He not a big drinkers, he's not into drugs. He barely liked taking his prescribed. sleeping or antidepressant medication. I feel like there's foul play, but it was could have been like wrong place wrong time. maybe he was sticking up for someone- and you know those he's about someone getting hit once and then knocking the lights out of them. I just feel like there were some type of foul play involved, the lack of resources, and it just doesn't
I as important as the missing child. I will say: that's the one positive, I set out of all this after me, brother died. I became a huge advocate for suicide prevention and, unlike there needs to be some on whose out their advocating further missing adults in the lack of resources and the lack of seriousness Fifty nine year old mark brunel disappeared from bellingham massachusetts on February twenty third, two thousand twenty one more clifton, to go. Do laundry and never returned nearly three months later, a group of kayak found horrocks body in the blackstone river in the nearby town of oxbridge seven miles west of works home, but finding I wasn't the end of this mystery. Because the injuries to marks body have left his family with more questions than answers. We followed story from the time he went missing until now. In its
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what she remembers about their family when. Was born. My mother was sixteen years old and my grandmother took him away, so he was in a forced, a home for the first two years, life, and so my mother got him back. Obviously, I remember that, but he's heard the stories and he's he felt that in some way, Even though he doesn't remember it, there was three of us three teenagers and then my youngest sister was nine years apart, so but a three teenagers. We we hung out all the time with the same friends, we fought all the time with amongst each other. I'm normal sibling. Stuff mark was. He was a little thing. He is short. skinny in not sure when he went up to like all boys school, I'm not sure what each he was, but he did do some wicked. It wasn't like it school was just an old boy school that he stayed out for a while the new hampshire he's had a
the traveller in his life throughout his whole life from when he was a young boy that he's worked himself through he's gotten through it he's figured out how to live with it and it breaks our heart to see him. When he's sad, because when he's happy he's really happy, We also talk to mark sister stacy, who is a completely. for in perspective on mark growing up, but holds We found memories of her brother he's the oldest I'm the youngest I didn't like grow up with him as a sibling would that grows up in court, So he's twelve years older than me. So by the time I really started forming them. He was already out of the house, but I dont, like hall, so much we hope in the same house who said that those memories I just remember him being like you know, a constant and it's always just that marine is right, like you should always like my protector, because our other brother he's only
years older than me- and I was just a pain in the bud mark- would be the one that would be like you know he would be the protector. He would fight Jeff to protect me. The little things I remember like you know them to getting into the argument so leave her alone type of stuff. When I I was a teenager mom I had my son when I was just turn in seventeen. I actually lived with him and his wife and their kid so again protector What are you need? You can say with eyes, will help you and that's just all far as my memories of him, he just does. When I was younger, he did everything firm. I knew needed no question that this is the kind of person, but he was in general, but he super outgoing. You super friendly mark was married earlier in life and he He and his former wife have three children together
this relationship didn't last and the two later divorced. We also have the opportunity to speak with marks, daughter, Nicole, who told us, about mark's love of the outdoors and his other passions in life. So my dad's Dear nine year old man, who is has always been extremely hard working and dedicated to his family. He has a love for the american flag and is often seen in red, white and blue. That's like his get up whether its patriots, red sox are anything red, white and blue. If he's not wearing now its typically a burden sharing that you see him wearing. So, in addition to loving his country, he loves specifically the patriots and bruins. He was a season. get holder for many years over at gillette stadium and has and attended a super bowl
many years we were, we camped. Seasonably campground called echo leak in pascoe, rhode island. He was known at the camp for having the nicest area on the in the campground equipped with the biggest american flag you ve ever seen, and that was his second home. So when he was not the campground, he typically rent rome's from either family members are friends because he just wanted to be there from the second, the campground opened to the last minute he was allowed in their. Unfortunately, the campground was sold snow longer in existence, so that was devastating for him. Here I being outdoors whether its fishing hiking going to the beach most of my memory, like fond memories of my dad as a kid are doing things outdoors despite several bombs and marks early life here came someone, everyone knew would be there for them helena
us more about that. Is someone that the whole family can count on. I feel accused the head of the the might because we don't really have father figures and in our life he's, who we call will we need some help? He's always right. There he's happy go lucky. He is spur of the moment and he can be side too, there was a time that he actually drove his four wheeler blizzard fifty miles. house in the middle of the night, just spur of the moment. I woke up and then the next morning somebody's but on my couch I didn't know We have no but has like how you plan on getting home because the slowest cloud at that point- and he
if the drive is four wheel all the way back. We played a lot of pranks against each other and he would be the first one to come up to me and say we can make them laugh, can't we. He was just a good good guy and I I keep talking like he's gone, but we don't know that yet everybody loved him My kids love grandkids level as we learn more about mark. We want to learn about his career and livelihood. So we ask a call about that aspect of her dat's life, he's a very talented, concrete, mason, currently works further rhode island dealing in fort local forty first, meant masonry any previously own design company called marathon concrete, and he is such a perfectionist and whatever he it is mine too. He can do in that world he's always the first one to volunteer to help family or friends, whether its building something moving anything he can do to london half a helping hand
and he'll do mark's. Sister Stacy told us about one aspect of mark's work that he was particularly proud of from one of his jobs that he had like his pride and joy. Was he worked on that? teams temperature in rhode island both my brother's actually worked on it. They both kid concrete work. He on his own business fur a long time before he ended up just working for the union, the local out here. He so many years a guide, never dry by or over that bridge without thinking of him, because you see and you just now, I got me a market that he lose, I would say the best in the field, but he was definitely he lets me being partial, but I would say who bosses, employers would probably say the same thing. They all said nobody would ever quite a skilled in his hard working as he was when it came to his trade helena said that mark was an innate worker and had one
found a project to work on their work. The young kids, we were out of the house, pretty young. He was probably fifteen sixteen years old on his own and he built her marathon concrete form he's still doing that now he's in the union now he's got about two years to go. or you can retire needed he's preparing for that. He must go live off the land. He talked about going off the ground when he retired, who want to live up in new hampshire. It now mainly the hermit, just live off the land. Have water and all that stuff, you know my daughter, nicole What does about her fathers living situation, which was different than most so he currently renting a room on self main street and bellingham with a friend. He had rented from her previously around the time when my brother passed away and twenty
team. He was living with her in a few years after that and then he's lived with family, members and friends, he was kind of like a no mad, during the winter months, when his campsite wasn't available because he didn't want to purchase anything, because he didn't spend a lot of time there during the summer and in addition to that, he was saving money for his retirement. He wanted to buy either up north in maine or new hampshire, or go down south to florida to wear his. on marian uncle bob live around that area. He was totally with it and again he wanted to spend his son. At the camp ground in that's was what he chose to do. It's not like you didn't have the financial means to buy, have his own apartment, or live on his own? He just didn't see the need to pay an extreme amount of rent for a place. He was only gonna be out four months of the year
While speaking with another of marks sisters sheila, she explore that mark chose this lifestyle when it was warm and spent cold massachusetts winter, with his roommate elizabeth magua camp in the summer and bacon we base from may told September thirty year and for the off season months. He would just find somebody, the womb reanimated with me. A couple of years tease roommate it with us the only friend, and then recently when he went missing. He was removing with another friend Elizabeth who was his personal friend. would live with her in the winters and then camp seasonably in the summer months. So at the time he was living with his friend Elizabeth, they had a great relationship and then I assuming he was gonna, go camping from may first of twenty twenty one enough for them camping season just prior to marks disappearance he attacked
positive for covered nineteen, but Family wasn't sure how severe his case was He didn't seem to have more than the unusual fatigue and common symptoms of a more mild case. Nicole told us what Dad said to her about how he was feeling so he had I'm cold then tested positive for club, on February eleven he had text my sister and I could he was simple Stu pick us up from the airport, because we had a florida trip planned with our mother and he was poster dog and how apartments it for my sister. So he had texted us to. Let us know that he had tested positive fur covin in here going to be quarantining in the his bedroom that he rented and then after that, I believe he tested again on the twenty first, which of February witches was a sunday other family members are reporting than he still
the positive diagnosis. I just know he was feeling like his body was not the same as what it's you to be. It is like sore. He was feeling lack of energy he'll. His family was understandably very concerned, and mark didn't want to suppose the woman he was living with as a roommate I don't really know Elizabeth he. He was a good friend of hers, I don't really know where the only time I've ever talk to after he went missing. So I know Seventy one years old and she's got some daughters because they ve been helping with search and there was a granddaughter- that china gave my boy. some grief that there was covered with he was sick with covert. he did mention mention that she was a guess worried that that he was with co vision that her grandmother could get covered. When I talk to him, I had to amend that monday and that's when he mentioned that to me, but he also-
for me. He wasn't leaving his room very often he was staying his room. He felt uncomfortable go into it. Through our going to cook himself from food, so he really tried not to expose her like the week before there was no storm up this way. My brother was out there shovelling before Elizabeth in him and then the granddaughter was upset that he wasn't shovelling her out, so they were thrown snow at his truck that's all I know, according to Elizabeth, that was, it was my new ones big deal but from what I understand rose, color, pretty upset about it over there the granddaughter in that little there only thing that I know of not mentioned thing you would eventually, on Monday, when we talked the only one he mentioned was the granddaughter he know so many people, people who have showed up for these searches. I don't even know a very well known person, area, and I don't know anybody that would have
the hurt him You told us that, as a family found out that they hadn't heard from mark in an unusual amount of time, they also realised that they didn't have a way to contact Elizabeth. I family, very, very, very close, and we have frequent conversations with mark in each other very regularly, and I had taught him on a saturday sunday at the end of february, my sister had talked to him on the sunday and Monday. He had been sick with Colvin and he had a family trip going to florida to that aunt and uncle that I spoke earlier, of which he had postponed because he had gotten coven. So he postponed it to the following saturday on tuesday and wednesday we started calling him while I didn't personally, but our aunt and uncle were calling to find out about his flight and how he was feeling he didn't respond, and it wasn't like him to not respond
He looked forward to this trip every single year every year. He would go around this time, I'm it was usually between his winter and spring season. so he would go there, spend some time with them and then come back up. It would be time to go back to work for the spraying, then, from there our family started, calling him and checking to see why he wasn't. Drawing on friday. I believe it was February twenty thick, my sister Helena called me, and she asked me if I had heard from arc- and I will not since saturday, and she exclaimed how are noble, had been trying to reach him. Is he wasn't responding, which would not typical from there at the time we ought to talk of shop, and I was to heading two: the talk was shop, so I had offered to go and look for him after I got
out of the talk shop. Unfortunately, we didn't know, elicited phone number and she didn't know are either so at that point. Lena really became nervous about the fact that he had received did to ask Sheila son was the relative that lived closest to Elizabeth house, so he
by to see. If mark was there or if he could reach Elizabeth, when he got there was a bit had explaining that she had seen him fence tuesday and that she had text at him, but he hadn't come home and had been then at the house and to day when he laughed at around noontime. She personally did not see him leave, but she knew he left because she was home, but she was sick or south. At that point we got really nervous, so my son thought it to go around to a storage area where he kept. A lot of bark construction equipment is motorcycle. Things like that, I'm in there were other construction businesses or awed overpeer businesses that also rightly states at this storage area. When he went there, he found my brother's second vehicle at the storage area and the truck was locked and he had asked around and no one had seen him since they said wednesday, but they weren't really completely share of the day.
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Monday February twenty second talk to him on Monday, for like forty five minutes, we talked about all kinds of stuff and we had even talked about here You spoke about florida, the following week to go visit with my aunt and uncle. He does this every year they pay for it get he goes down there. They love him anyway. I talk to my monday. He said that he wasn't going because he didn't want to expose them because they're older there in their seventies as well, he had gone for. Another poet test the sunday prior and he still haven't gotten those rules inspect, which I knew he was gonna, come back positive cause still wasn't feeling good, but he I told my uncle that wasn't going yet and that wouldn't have been like He would never have left him hanging because they were paid for the ticket for one and he just wouldn't do that. A few days later, helene found out that our uncle wasn't able to reach mark when he was superb.
To be heading to florida in a matter of days now this was tuesday friday, I got a phone call from my uncle from Florida who had asked if I heard from him if had been trying to contact him all week, long emma was responding, which was unusual because. He was supposed to be going to Florida, which my uncle pays for that trip, because money those things for him down there, what monies visiting they do, this every single year. They had already put after the flight once already because morocco sick, so they moved it ahead. So he had asked me if I had her from new immediately son was wrong because I know my father wouldn't leave him hanging. There is nothing that we stop him from talking to So that's what we found out. We found his truck at the start of june. It in his home was in this. In the truck charging on the charger truck was locked,
This was when marks family jumped into action and reported him missing too the bellingham police department at the time of the police, Report was made the family didn't too much information to go off of. However, Helena soon found out exactly what happened just before marked vanished one day when we talk and talked about bunch and efficacy, if you I'm going to do his laundry, was young had one set of sheets. We talked about his appetite, which was good, but she was still feeling really sick, heavy chested and tired, and my brother was he was always doing something. Always on the go just I mean he worked, contra concrete. He would work till two Three o clock in the morning to that country is done. So I know by him be in bed. Written was affected his mental health as well as he just wasn't used to do it
he went missing on February twenty third and he had been said, probably like twelve days. At that point, I to him the day before on the monday before tat, we talked about wait and how he didn't want his roommate to get it is that he was very cautious. We, I hadn't seen him since october of the previous year he had talked about sunday. He had gone for a ride, just to get house, he was feeling a little better. We think he wouldn't harrison. Which from what we're seeing with his his credit card and then on monday. When I talk to him, he said he was feel about again. He was still in terrible, so he was stolen tuesday, eleven o clock. In the morning. His room went to me them that she tested positive. He got upset. He threw I go laundry in the back of his truck, didn't take his. Why didn't take his idea? He took his phone and he laughed
You heard it mentioned earlier that it was sheila's son who found marks truck at a storage unit, and that was why The trail ran cold sheila, told what happened next. We thought it to make a list of all the hospital call, the hospitals we knew he had had covered. So we were thinking. Maybe he checked himself into a hospital. We called all day area hospital than he hadn't checked in or then there at all. There was no history in the last couple of months on ever in some cases, so we were really getting nervous. At that point, I called his daughter, nepal, who, with taking the dance classing, couldn't really talk so when she left there, she went over to the storage and she's broke into his truck and we found his cell phone and that's when we really started to get very nervous went his way. old and his cell phone had been accounted for. True phone data, the gps pings of marks phone showed his last movements here,
selina on that now we can see through. things on his farm tat he pinged certain area and black so that we know pretty well and that was like at one thirty in the afternoon. He paint a different places, so you can kind of you how he traveled, which he knows that area very well, wasn't anything out of the ordinary liquors. I said just call for a right for me it was killing time on that day. He felt terrible that his roommate tested positive ended up. She wasn't very sick. He made a couple of on clause or text messages to a cousin. Let never went through. They never connected the last phone call. We know that happened was like three thirty in the afternoon and that was at his storage in it, but he had a big storage area. He was out of storage unit, hey pinged there. He had called his doctor his primary care doktor from the time stamp on the phone call. It was a very long and we spoke
doctor, he never spoke with him that day he gets, they have an answering machine. A bigger man just hung up. That's the last time we pinged him the last time anybody heard from him was at that moment. What could have happened to mark After this time, did you walk away on foot from the steward unit leaving, vehicle and phone behind or could something you ve heard at the storage facility that caused marks disappearance, helene, who told us The storage unit has been a point of interest for her since she learned that was the last place that mark was seen alive. I know there's been issues at the storage unit that place concerns me when he first went missing. The guy's undecided him immediately came up to us and said that he had cameras and peace
see anything the night before on that tuesday there was nothing there on his screen and he thought I was asking him well, how far out can you see? Can you know where? Where is the last point that you can see and stuff like that? But supposedly he erased all the video from that timeframe, so he never did get that video. He has a mechanic that works for him. These guys work out of these tents or trailers and they're doing car work, they're doing bodywork they're fixing cars. One of the mechanics had come out. He told somebody that he was working that tuesday in he heard allowed commotion hidden. It was fighting arguing just said it was really loud. It was loud or nothing yeah. She came out of his tent to look and he saw my brother talkative somebody in the car. He said initially he said that my brother in the car and law-
but he couldn't tell us what color the car was or what kind of car it was later. He retracted the part where my brother gotten the car. He took that back, there's been several instances that We were polynesian and they'd, be somebody over my brother's storage area in this stuff taken his stuff. He had gotten into an argument with one of the guys. A few weeks before prior the guy was taken. Some of his would that he had stacked up to over there, her brother I had some words. Were him marks, daughter, Nicole, who immediately went out to the store juno disk? to us that it's not the kind of self storage facility you might envision friday. The twenty six is one way notified the police and
the search began for him around six o clock tat evening on the twenty six police showed up to his residence on self main street, and I met the police there and no sign of hope from there we went to a storage unit which is an when socket about five miles away from his house, and that is one we noticed that of his vehicles. Where accounted for that, we could see- and that's when I found his fallen, which was plugged in in his vehicle at the storage unit. So the storage unit is more like a truck yard people. Rent shipping containers from the landlord. So it's not when you think of a typical storage unit, with like the garage doors and the security footage and the brick buildings or the stone building. it's not like that, it's more of like a lot where people can rent
shipping containers, or they have car ports there. So my dad had to vehicles. One is a grave ford s two fifty that was the one that was found at his unit and then the other one, is a navy blue honda pilot and that vehicle was found at his residence. in addition to that, he had a motorcycle. So the next day we cut the locks on storage unit, cause that's where he, upset, and we found the motorcycle that was there and his pedal bike was accounted for as well. It's not like my dad to not be in contact with p My initial got reaction was like something's wrong. This certainly seemed suspicious a witness. Where did hearing some sort of loud commotion and also Did we saw mark talking to someone stories were shifting somewhat, but we do
here. Any real motive to harm mark helene a mention some people that sounded like they were worth talking too, but she asked who told us that the police hadn't really done much at this point in the investigation. I dont know what the police have done there was one day there myself, my other sister, my cousin, went to all three. The poet police departments causes three departments involved. Because of the location and where he lived, he had gone to each police department to find out what what their plans at this point, what they thought were where they were going with this blackstone police. I spoke with the chief, he was willing. Do anything he was waiting to hear back from bellingham. Could they will? I guess the one in charge of the top is willing to do anything. We knew them to do and he was willing to work with the bellingham police department when socket they had their was true detective.
just gotten back in when we got there from walking a certain area. Trying to look for my brother did a lot of home, people in that area, and they again was they that they were waiting for a him in to see where they gonna, go with it. At that point now we went on him we sat with detective kirby for maybe an hour, and we just asked questions she when I thought about what might have happened cause she was feeling he was suicidal and said now. I don't feel that I feel is more of a foul play here. I don't feel to be just because you is depressed it mean he's gonna kill himself. Everybody goes through depression.
And he's been doing that his whole entire life. Why? All of a sudden? Would he decide? This is the time when he's got so much to look forward to these next few months he had so much stuff. Coming up is going to alaska going to florida, so I felt that they feel it was more that he, Sweden committed suicide and they're not gonna, do much to form that he's a fifty nine. your old man, whose missing the not a searching for him. I said kitty following the silver or they will make known to young. So the family has been doing most of research. training anywhere out there. Every weekend china and whom we look in places, and I don't think he is where get made off as a possibility. Nicole, told us that having multiple police agencies playing a role was a blessing and a curse from the start. Its was a little difficult at first because we are dealing with
spelling him and when socket, police and one is in massachusetts, as in rhode island, so we're dealing with two states to police departments. So the first night labelling police came out and went to his residence. The bellingham police officer then followed meat his store, junot and was helping me by like searching immediate area. It was dark, I think, seven or eight o clock at night. We were, searching around the imf the area at is storage unit with flashlights kind, looking in the various areas getting his fallen in trying to open his phone numbers please showed up thing kind. I took my aim for me she's got a description of my father and then one of my first we members went down to file the official missing persons report with bellingham and while I was with the other police department,
The storage unit, where my dad lives it's right on the border of rhode, island mission to that is also because of where the storage unit is located and also a botz another town in Massachusetts, which is blackstone. So at one point you are dealing with three different police departments. At first, it was like kind of their both were working. Their issues so like the phone for example, was and in one socket, so we had to give the phone to one socket police in rhode, island and when socket police was trying to get into the phone, I unfortunately disabled it because I tried so many frank codes that family members were having me try so trying to get into his phone. It has been very challenging. We still have not been able to get into it, but now bellingham is like the primary police
department, that's handling it. The state police has started to help a little bit in massachusetts. His computer, an phone, is currently with the state police forensic lab in mass. It's been challenge I feel like bellingham definitely cares. I feel like that they have been doing the best that the small town police department is equipped to do. I don't think, there's lack of heart or lack of trying there. It is frustrating for my family because at first it was the lack of communication between the departments like we were told that when socket police was handling getting video footage, we handed over a list and they never followed up on getting video footage. So then, when they started being taken more seriously, we tried to get that footage and it's been re recorded, are recorded over cause. A lot of the local businesses. Keep those videos,
a week and then they record over it. So we lost potential footage that would have given us clues, so that has been frustrating cause. We. would have taken care of it as a family if we would have been told to do it, but we handed over a whole list of both home in business cameron, and the general area of his storage unit and the police never followed up on that and just ass the general tone of the first forty hours after we reported him missing was you know, he's missing man. Maybe he doesn't want to be sound. He has history of mental health, so maybe he took his own life like it was those I feel like where the two main theories based off of the police. so that is kind of the direction the investigation went, I believe and again like without them.
Wasn't any around his truck or his apartment. There wasn't signs of real signs struggle, so I think that also helped mould their theory. I think the bellingham, he's feels like it starting to take more seriously. We have been organizing our own searches, we ve had four four weakens and earl billina in that at this point, police tapering, some of the resources not available to civilians out to search de, I believe, the master police or called one point in the immediately set up. I sent up a helicopter and we had some drove had dark searches, cadaver dogs, but we put on all of this together. the family. The police haven't done very much as far as I'm concerned. They stole out of things How did I haven't even looked at them easily
thought she saw him walking nobody's talk to this. Lady no police have talked her. We went there yesterday. my sister left her phone number shoot up in new Hampshire, so when she gives Hopefully, we shall call my sister and you get a better idea of what she thinks she saw that day when and who, in all that logistics, we had some video missing there was taken. But for some reason deleted, all the video from two o clock on, which is what we needed the missing time out. No, what we could do without follow it up with something should be looking at some shade care does in the area his family. Was that a frustrating point in their search didn't seem like they could turn up anything. This is witness I told her she and her sister found, but it led to another dead and there has been
So we really nothing it's like. He just fell off the face of the plant, and it's just My biggest frustration and all this is the fact that we still don't know who he was texting. We have his call log and his last call like pink, pinned him at his storage unit on that tuesday. The twentieth third of february, and it was to his primary care doctor, and there were no other phone calls that more alarming. That day, like we accounted for all I never knew all the phone numbers that he called that day. We just don't know if he texted anyone. We don't know if he was communicating with people, social media, so our kind of at a standstill
and our only real piece of evidence in this case so far, is that cell phone, my sister and I just because we had a key to is p o box. We were able to discover that he was waiting for you check from a job in the czech was in his p, o box. We were able to get his health insurance information because of a document in there, so we ve been able to keep jobs on whether or not he has insurance is being used between finding that documentation, help from the young and wrap fur. rhode island. We ve been able to get that We were also able to get into his banking because he was bucking crews for my sister and I threw my aunt, whose a travel agent, so we had his credit card number and, along with when we still had possession of a cell phone, we were able to get the verification code sent.
His cell phone like to receive a phone call, so we were able to reset his password and get into his banking, and there has been no activity since his disappearance theirs. He didn't take out any lump sums of money prior to him disappearing. So there's nothing alarming in those accounts We asked Nicole if her dad was feeling down depressed or hopeless, and she told that, while he had struggled with the loss of his son, she didn't think that this, was related to his disappearance, my initial got reaction was like something's wrong. Since my brother past, he has had a hard time with dealing with that loss, but not to the fact were concerned about him king, his own life. He wouldn't do that to my sister and I saw at first I was like either something happened to arm, or maybe he
went on a cup to day vacation and forgot his phone, but now our at twenty seven days, and that is not if he went off somewhere willingly. He wouldn't go twenty seven days without contact. Being a member of the family. This is what hyena told us about the sudden passing of mark son. Luke look took his own life. It was a shark, nobody expected it. He didn't make reference to anything that he was that It was devastate stating we celebrate his wife, every joy, for that is the holiday. We cause looks birthday joy. Fifth, he took a really hard. I knew he would lose his son, his only son, I think the girls struggled with seen how far He was here, look was while I carry this clown. Active poem, praying for doing some silly mark
Sister Sheila told us about luke's death and held a feeling have their old traditions alive to honour, luke and heal from his son passing and heaven tragedy makes her even more certain that this is not the fate that mark Matt. I dont know that he ever actually really was able to come. will he move on from it? He still suffered from a lot of depression. He always loved hearing the things that he loved to do with everyone else in the family and after luke passed away some of his nephews. Just became almost like second sons to him. They make sure to do things with him. On father's day or go on high syn, then they all we, you know tat, in the memory, but always wanted to just make sure that mark was continuing to do the things that he loved join with luke. But there are a couple of things that make me feel that he did not commit suicide. My brother had
and there is no doubt about it and anyone who no one knew he had depression the winter months. They tend to be a little bit more difficult. For him in the fact that you know the holidays would come on january happen to be the time that look passed away, and then he wasn't working the lot during the winter because he was pouring concrete. So normally he had from downtown and, and then in addition to that, he wasn't doing things outdoors like he typically did, which made him feel good and alive. That made him happy. So those time of year were very, very common for him to get to get depressed or more depressed, okay, but I lived with mark and he was a fighter and he loved life, even though he felt depression, he loved life, I never felt like he was going to kill himself
there were several other reasons why? I feel that way when he did get to the point he knew he had to go and get help. He was. He seek help all the time when he got to those points. He talk to people that he trusted. People knew that he had depression and why? Because he was out bowing with it, so it wasn't like he sat and then saying thing. Despite marks, lingering grief over the death of his son cole says that she does not believe that he would harm himself
and reiterated that he had plans for the coming months. I just feel like there were some type of foul play involved. I truly feel like if he was going to clear his head somewhere and he got weak because he had covered he would be close by if he was going to take off he's, always the one the designated driver he likes to drive. I feel like he'd, take his own vehicle and we'd be able to see some type of banking activity and he'd take his cell phone. He had also let at least one family member know and same thing with the obviously no, because we have as health insurance at first like maybe he checked himself inter butler, which is a mental hospital in rhode island, and we know that he hasn't had any heads on his health insurance card. So my family, it's called a local hotels and shelters in hospitals and he's not there and then the thing about suicide, I don't think he would do that to us, but I also know after losing my brother
that people are thinking clearly when there in that state of mind, but I feel like if he were, he wouldn't do it in a place where he wouldn't be found. We would have found him by now we travel for what stays with us
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The casualty insurance company in affiliates rate excludes travel trailers and is not available in mississippi new jersey or oregon. marks case had start out for law enforcement and for us, as we weren't able to obtain records or talk to the police. Since they told us it was an active investigation and then in homer polina, asked to speak with us again and we gladly obliged being we'd now be able to share his story, sadly this is how our conversation started working initially thought we were just talking about what kind of person my brother was. He was still missing at that time. Everyone he's later they found him in the blackstone river, which was ten miles away, where figure about ten miles away at least ten miles away,
He was founded in an area that he knows that there's no significance to them. Area, there's nothing that connection there and it's pretty desolate where north of where he was found, there's not much there. So this initially went through the balin him police department, which is where he lived. That's why called when I thought he was missing. His storage unit is in another state, one socket rhode island and that's where I think he went missing from the storage unit. Also half of it is in the town of blackstone massachusetts, so a split between the states so there's bellingham on socket and blackstar. Once he was found now the state police to over massachusetts, state police took over when we caught up with Sheila again she told us we're family learned about marks body being recovered. Eighty today that family search, you know, were involved almost every day of the week, the some degree. Some with weekend, we had hundreds of people
that didn't even know mark and then so many people that really did that. Pitched in n, my cousin bob and my son Jim, how to manage the mapping of where they were gonna go to, and they were like literally like one faction away from where we were heading back was when he was found. We had called the area a mile, probably five or six miles outside the area for which he went missing this one particular saturday I'm. We had made a family decision not to go in search for him. It had been weighing on all of us. We had some family members. We haven't seen in from California that we wanted to spend the day with and then also my cousin bob, who was managing a lot of the areas in which we were gonna search and keep track of what we found in those areas he has mother in law that within in and we're just made a decision as the family we work and look that day later
the day we were together at our house, my son got a phone call from a friend of his that work on the extra fire department that tat they found a body in the ox bridge, massachusetts blackstone river, on my son kind of kept it to himself because we were all there and he didn't want to alarm everybody. He call me the next morning. I know around ten and he said mama. I have something to tell you. There was a body, and I had this really form feeling that I think that it uncle mark. At that point, I called the uck. which police department and in several occasions where a body was found, I would call, and the police would pretty much told me right away. Nope. It doesn't match the description in this circumstance. When I called the uxbridge Massachusetts police department, they were very, very tight, lipped and said. We can't give you any information. It is in the state police hand and I'm like whoa,
this tell me anything in the like. We can't tell you anything and he and then he said to me. Are you talking about the massachusetts guy from Bellingham that went missing? I suggest you to watch your relationship to him. I said he'd my brother and they said well. Bellingham police is aware of it at that way. I you said it was marked because they had informed about the bellingham police who was taking care of the main investigation, they were the head of the investigation. At this point, the investigation shifted away from the jurisdiction of several other police departments that had been involved because more had been in their area in the timeline of his disappearance. Helena has been frustrated by that since day, one that was crazy right from the beginning, because we couldn't get an answer from anybody one would say: well, we don't have that one aka hazard, they would say no, we don't have a bellingham, so it was just crazy. Now the state police took over massachusetts state police too,
however, although he was found in another town which was Oxford the massachusetts, so this five different places he had police departments involved his autopsy report. Well, his death certificate is undetermined. So all it just says, his manner of death could not be determined. An immediate cause of death was undetermined. Bellingham police think that he committed suicide, that's what they it's drawn to the state police and, according to the state police, that's all they've done for an investigation has read the reports from bellingham and socket, but they've had meetings with the Amy's office that we weren't you know involved. In obviously The mark had been recovered and identified. Things just did makes sense at all from where he was found to some of the aspects of his autopsy report. The merkel examiners report shows that he had it multiple laceration
As we know there was any one days in the river we we understand that the trooper said that I asked him how long he thought he was in the river. He said from the day he went missing. That was his thoughts. He has quite a few stab incision of stab wounds on the arms. Both arms. He had one in the leg he had a few on the neck and he had a slice from his right ear to the front of his throat on his neck on the right side. He wouldn't cut himself, and let me tell you this to my brother- wanted to do this to himself. He would have done it. He will have stabbed himself twenty times all over his body. It just wouldn't happen. He would have done, he would took a gun shot, if there is no way he would have done this poky stuff, but the only real world was the one on the neck. Although it didn't hear enemy arteries writing. It went through some muscle
always about three inches in length from the ear to the front of the throw on his right side. He had broken highlight born which doing research is usually from strangulation. It doesnt show any water in the lungs. Would you Lena told us these two pieces of information? We were shocked, we know that afraid should highlight. Bone is commonly scene and strangulation cases can also. Sometimes we found in suicide or hanging cases, but that's not how mark was found he was found in the river. And we also know from other cases that no water in the lungs meant that mark wasn't breathing prior to entering the water. This certainly made no sense, especially We thought about the location where mark was found in the injuries to his body, which had not been established as having occurred. After his death, many of the injuries and physical findings were unusual for someone in water. According to an end
for that we spoke to off the record paulina They told us that there is more. That didn't add up, so we have the fraction the high born with hemorrhage- and it also is a fraction of the six cervical vertebrae, and when you look at his clothing, he had three pairs of pants on and four shirt four tops but was cut. It was february, it was cold and he, sick in. He was in bed trying to warm up the day before. I know that it wasn't that cold that day, while it was in the forties so but we're getting through the winter and stop forties is pretty nice.
if you know he had a a beanie hat on when he was found and his boots his they were like work boots, but they were old. They were like slippers for him. They had no laces on them. And if you look at the clothing, it looks like blood to me and the clothing. The police won't verify that it was blood. He said I can't tell you. That is what he told me and if you look at the clothes that name and flatten them out like like always, there are scrunched up and it doesn't look like tea tested any other one of his hoodies that he had on in the back of the neck is like all ripped and torn like. If he were being dragged, it's all ripped in the back of the neck area. His talks came back pretty decent. He didn't do drugs anyway, the very of that very big drinker and anything that they found on him was prescribed at this point. Getting any answers. They are not doing. Any investigation
We are surprised that this seem to be the end. No one. to. We know that mark drown most likely hang himself and end up in the river and couldn't stamped himself in some of the places where there were deep wounds that really Clean, not self inflicted and occurred prior to death or not lorenzo anthropologist or experts, but leaves patterns in so many cases that we ve covered that this just did. Makes sense to us, so we Another records request, on the basis of the case being closed, that request swiftly denied, citing active investigation, exemptions, leave even more confused shield also left wondering about some of the aspects of her brothers death that didn't make sense to her. I think they fully identified and by his dental records I know because it might dent adopted by refer.
and then I had a he. I happen to have a point in three days after he was found, though, of course it was fresh in that office as well nigh been go in there for like twenty five year, so they know me very well there, so they they did tell me that they sent the dental records over that morning on the sunday morning that the police to be that they did the autopsy it was explained and the autopsy about sab. Flash laugh reason monarch and some of the specific that those I feel like if it was a wound that happened after that they would be able to tell as the medical examiner if it was like from water moving around another strange aspect of this beyond all of the injuries to marks body is where he was found and how he could gotten their marks truck was left the storage facility and his car was, the home he was living at the river. That more was found in you- could walk
when area of the river from the storage facility, however, in there's a big. However. Mark was located five miles upstream. So we would have I do have entered the water more than five miles away from where the truck was left, but the distance and all of the injuries to his body. This isn't adding up for marks family, it just doesn't make sense. A whole suicide thing doesn't make sense because, with the lies, as anybody look for a night recent area that he could have been drunk into that was very secluded and thrown in the river, and that was probably about miles north of wearing. This was found some railroad tracks and stepped back there if he was murdered at this point That's the only thing that seems to make sense, so farm doesn't make sense. Accidental doesnt really make sense, either four sheila. She keeps circling back to the last place. That mark was ever seen alive. The store
facility in the report then one hearing commotion that day and other odd thing that. If, since transpired, I feel way more suspicious about the people at the the storage area, just because they have bad background, we put them.
license plate at the beginning, where we had private detectives and stuff like that, they pulled come to the place, and these people had histories of like assault with a deadly weapon, grand theft, auto and the fact that next door from where my brother went missing, there was a a container without a guy. He goes like auto mechanic that was on the left side of him on the right side was an autobody guy. They both knew each other. I know that mark had had a disagreement with one of the two of them, because one of them had said that they took a board from his stuff. Like a piece of wood- and he said, listen, don't come, don't come and take my stuff. I don't touch your stuff, don't touch my stuff, I don't care if it's just the board, don't take my stuff without asking. My brother was very very forthright. He would not back down to anybody. He didn't even care if they would do something bad to him. He would speak his mind, but he was respectful. This guy, on the left hand, side who repaired car
he said that he saw mark get into a black car which was suspicious because he couldn't indicate what kind of car it was and the guy's a mechanic- and he didn't know who was with him helena- also has her own suspicions about the people at the storage facility. The day after we found my brother, we were all went to the storage unit and this young kid was in my brother's stuff, and I asked him: can I help you and he said he was following a chipmunk, and then he started to talk about how he never knew my brother. He never met my brother, but he knew that he was found, and at that point it was only on facebook, but not on the public, knows just amongst family, so not sure how he found out that he was found, and then he had said he didn't think he committed suicide, which I with strange for somebody who had never met him or knew him so those
was going around it. He had killed himself. I guess he wasn't taken anything, but he did leave that day. Another friend went there after the fact in someone had taken a bicycle, so these people in his stuff- and he has some stuff- there is an old car, are still motorcycle, eagles, mister phillips, where some money, There are many lingering questions about what happened to mark marks for we is learning to heal, while still In answer to the things that don't add up about his staff, they told us that they try to focus on the positive and some happy memories with us. Here's how at the time, the head you wanna raffle is, I think, a church raffle. He called me up, like I just wanna el camino car, and he was so excited about winning this raffle. He was calling everybody he knew to try and get a trailer to go. Pick up this car every person that he saw on his way go and get this car? He told them anyone car use thrilled. He gets there.
in the handle of a small box in these thinking is the keys, the car. He laughed so hard, and he just love tell him that story, but he was spur of the moment stuff to mean he wanted to go. The superbowl he chose The game is right. After nine eleven for everything wisely tight. To go and you couldn't get a ticket when he was down there and he started just held in these people from money. Just keep working and they let him get through. He got in the place and he ended up getting a seat. Somebody offered him a scene, I don't know we did it, but you did it and then he was the oil from our area. That was on the front page of the wisdom of time. Go to green bay and watch the patriots green day, plain green day, and he only voice. You heard when patriots gonna first down the whole most quietly, you heard his voice, loves sport
In addition to loving sports teams, mark also enjoyed per day separating and sporting activities state. Told us that is athletic abilities were unmatched in the family. You would never know so he would have been sixty in august and you have never known. You never. Knowledge would have never looked at him in thought that sixty year old man we use the last because we would do we started, probably in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine we were to Be- is worried that which are the obstacle course, five mile five k like races, Everybody would be there'd, be like a bunch of us doing it everybody would be training mark, would show up the day of the week. Literally. It would like he flew by us so fast and just waiting at the finish line, he'd be everybody it. He would
never had the trade will use the last like a good. You circle the track three times before I got to the end and keep win his age group category as greece single year, and not only would he win our category, he would beat every last one of us not around talking by like minutes we're talking the first person or group behind him was easily fifteen. Twenty minutes behind the scene and extra sky features went full throttle and anything. He did it's just his mindset. That's just how he is he's like. Oh, why not as just the editor time and then he'd get doggie, indeed be their music and he just dance go home murray. Nothing can bring mark back, but his family, continuing to pursue answers? Sheila told us about there, plans for that matter. They police has the investigation. Now we are
or at least something up, an appointment with the medical examined his office. They are willing to talk to us, so we're just putting together a time and a list of questions, because at this point we are getting information from the police protective of what their theories are. We want to ask the medical examiner by looking at the staff. In your opinion, does it look like foul play or not? It is an open kate, but it's definitely not active on their telling us that they, basically, I can't tell if it, because it's not acted because you don't have anything to go by or if they just believe that it probably self harm which, based on the autopsy, I really have a hard time believing why they would think that an several people that we have talked too in the professional industry for detective different things like that with resources that we have a looking at it as well. In thinking that it seems a little strange that they believe that, but I will not really sure like they have told us
and they're, not telling us anything. They told us, it was still an open case, but it was not real active and that they didn't have much to go on and they basically told us just last week or so they met with mach two daughters, my two nieces on Nicole and mariah, and they told them that they were having a hard time, believing that there was foul play involved. They don't add up to us, which is why, where were frustrated- and you know- obviously sometimes people never find out, but is it from lack of not pushing? Is it a lack of evidence? and where do you go from here, which does a family, spend the money and the time to look for something to give the police? Is it because the overloaded and they can only go after the cases that have the most obvious sign? I dont know, but it just doesn't make any sense to me and my heart right from the beginning. I never thought my brother committed. suicide. Never so what happened to mark bruno after his roommate said he left to go. Do laundry is marks death. investigated.
Billina says that she was told the case is inactive, but we told it was still actively being investigated and that's why we were able to obtain records if it is investigated, who was invest the gaining it and is it being considered a homicide, and what about marks trick being abandoned with the cellphone charging that, along with a vague some plans that mark had with his aunt and uncle and also with his daughters, make his feet We believe that this was not a suicide and also of the injuries to his body if investigators believed that this was a suicide, does that mean They believe that mark left his truck, walked or got a ride at least five miles up the river then stay himself. Multiple times broke his own and highly bone, and then- up in the river after death since there is no water inside of his lungs in this case, there's a body but no weapon, no motive and no suspect there.
with nearly as many answers as families whose stories we share that have still not found their missing loved one if you ve information about the death of more brunel you're, to call the massachusetts state police at five zero. We ate two zero to three zero zero? my sister and I airs struggling posts. We lost our brother to suicide in twenty thirteen so like. How is this? If I stay here alone, stan. We just need closer at this point, we're having a hard time trying rapid, had around like if something happened,. likely didn't even get to say good bye, and at this point we just want an answer, but we're just Our families been enter a lot. I said yesterday just super challenging when adults go missing versus children. I understand the m portance about a child going missing
indifferent theories involved in that. But I just feel, like you see missing people missing children on the news. tv they're. Getting all the support by both local and state official. And I just feel like everything has been on us as a family for the most part because he's a missing adult because of hepburn privacy laws, fear being sued, there's lack of reason
is out there for missing adult unless there's any real evidence. So it's been extremely frustrating trying to get our hands on on information, for example, has phone records or getting into his phone without a warrant or anything like that The
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